Brad Pitt’s team thinks Angelina Jolie is trying to ‘sway the court in her favor’

Brad Pitt checks out of his Tribeca hotel

As we learned last week, Angelina Jolie has filed documents in the ongoing divorce/custody legal case that she plans to provide evidence and testimony of Brad Pitt’s domestic violence. The testimony would likely be from her and (I would imagine) Maddox and maybe one or two of the other kids. We really don’t know who else could provide testimony, but there could be others, you never know. The response from Brad’s camp has been… difficult. Brad is “heartbroken” that “Angelina has gone that route,” the route being… providing evidence and testimony of his abuse? Brad’s people ran to Page Six to proclaim that they’ve never “attacked Angelina” (a complete lie) and they claimed Angelina “leaked” her filing to “sway opinion.” I’ve always thought that if Angelina wanted to go scorched earth, she could. Very easily. She hasn’t because of their kids. LaineyGossip also pointed out the weirdness around which sites (TMZ, People) were NOT covering these latest developments. Very curious, right?

Anyway, Brad’s team wasn’t content with merely leaking to Page Six. They also went to Vanity Fair and Entertainment Tonight with some shady quotes. These quotes are just variations on what Team Pitt already told Page Six, but it’s fascinating to see how quickly Brad’s moving to obfuscate the larger issue, which is that he’s an abuser. “A source familiar with the case” told Vanity Fair: “When they [initially filed for] divorce in the fall of 2016, [Jolie] made similar allegations (about what happened on their plane ride back to the U.S.)… [there] were reported to the authorities and thoroughly investigated before concluding no wrongdoing, and therefore, no action was taken. These have been the same attacks repeated for the past four and a half years.” Same “attacks” you say? And why not just describe the person quoted as “a source close to Pitt”? Meanwhile, this ET piece is a doozy.

Brad Pitt is struggling with the newest revelations from his ex, Angelina Jolie. In court documents that were filed under seal on March 12, the actress and director states that she is prepared during their upcoming divorce trial to offer “proof and authority” against Pitt regarding her claim of domestic violence. The claim is in reference to the previous 2016 abuse allegations against Pitt. As ET previously reported, Pitt was cleared of allegations of child abuse by both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Child and Family Services back in 2016. The DCFS investigation ended on Nov. 9, 2016, while the FBI closed their investigation on Nov. 22, 2016.

A source close to Pitt tells ET that the actor is “heartbroken” by Jolie’s claims going public.

“Brad is anxious to get custody worked out so that the family can finally move on,” the source says. “He just wants to spend time with his children and move in a positive direction. His priority has always been his relationship with his children.”

Pitt and Jolie share six children together — Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, twins Knox and Vivienne, 12. According to court records, Jolie also filed another document under seal on the same day, regarding testimony of their minor children.

“Brad is heartbroken it has come to this,” the source adds. “Those around him feel Angelina’s claims are to sway the court in her favor. Brad has never attacked her.”

Another source previously told ET, “This is just another case of Angelina changing the narrative when it suits her. Aside from the one accusation that she made in 2016 that was investigated and dismissed, there have never been any other records, police reports or even accusations until it suited her case.”

[From ET]

Again, for the people in the back, just because Brad wasn’t charged with a crime doesn’t mean that he didn’t commit a crime. It just means that there were concerns about whether crimes could be proven, or the dreaded “he said/she said” or that Angelina was able to work something out with Brad so he could get help without being charged with anything. The fact that Angelina got Brad to agree to a court-mandated limited visitation schedule, with monitors in place for YEARS, speaks to a deal being hammered out in which Brad wouldn’t be charged but he would agree to rehab, limits on visitation, etc. And the fact that he continues to gloss over the fact that no one trusted him with the kids for years… it’s telling, isn’t it?

Angelina Jolie arrives curbside for a flight at Paris Airport

Angelina Jolie takes family to Nobu

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  1. Silver Charm says:

    The way Brad is trying to control the narrative and paint AJ as the villian reminds me of what Woody Allen did to Mia Farrow all those years. Just bombing the public with his lies until it drowns out her version.

    • Saartjie says:

      Was coming here to say just this. In fact, there are an amazing number of parallels between the two families.

    • Audrey says:

      She really needs to play dirty as him as she let him getaway with a false narrative & smear campaign against her for far too long. If the biased judge will remain in the proceedings, the outcome isn’t as favorable to her and kids well being.

    • Waitwhat? says:

      I’m not a fan of Brad Pitt but I think those comparisons are wrong. Allen’s behaviour towards Dylan was already under suspicion before he abused her (his therapist was involved, and he wasn’t to be left alone with her); he was investigated and *not* cleared, but not prosecuted because of the possible further damage to Dylan herself. Brad also hasn’t married any of his children. I know commenters here believe Brad is awful but there’s masses of evidence (including the movies he wrote and directed) of Allen’s proclivities and abuse, and nothing like the same amount against Pitt.

      • Lex says:

        Agreed with above. Any form of child abuse is awful, but child sexual abuse really is in a category of its own. Sure, there are some similarities, but these cases and these men are not the same.

  2. Liz version 700 says:

    I could be wrong, but I think Brad is about to blink. He is going to settle this case and Angelina is going to get the majority of her requests, especially regarding custody. But, before he does he has to try and smear his ex and his kids some more for good measure. He isn’t crying Uncle because the facts are so bad that her willingness to discuss his abuse could end his career….he is just going to cry uncle because of the smearing she is doing. The truth could poison people against him you understand ….. he wants us to believe he isn’t abusive, the problem is that Angelina talks to much. This guy has some serious sociopath tendencies.

    • Weeeeell says:

      This is exactly what I fear. He will continue to be coddled like a man child because he only gave up because evil Angelina smeared him, not because anything she had to prove was true.

      Ironically, she hasn’t said a damn thing. Which is a shame. Honorable but it also creates the space to allow him to further paint her as the villain while he walks away with sympathies.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        He is really disgusting. Only a sociopath would put his children through this kind of trashing. The folks comparing him to Woddy Allen are spot on

    • sunhine says:

      I think so too. In California, section 3042 allows kids 14 and over to testify their custodial preference. So Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh can all be heard without the parents signing off on it. Since he asked for a custody modification, the courts are going put a lot of weight on the kids opinions. Also, at least in my state, you have to show significant change in the situation for it to be approved. he can’t just ask for 50/50 and the kids turn around and say they aren’t comfortable with that at the moment.

      It sounds like everyone, including AJ, was okay with him being around last summer. I have a feeling that he didn’t them that he was filling a custody modification and that led to a fallout with everyone again.

  3. Belli says:

    Isn’t swaying the court in your favour the entire point of going to court?

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yes lol

    • Riley says:

      Exactly what I came here to say. In today’s “no duh” news…

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      Was literally about to say that! Especially in something as emotionally charged as custody and divorce proceedings.
      None of us know what happened on the plane… but Brad’s PR afterwards is textbook wounded male ego with no desire to take accountability or make genuine comprises. The reality is that the safety of children & women are endangered by the legal system. Because abusive men get some kind of custody more often then not. (Statistically speaking, there are of course underlying systematic issues that lead to this outcome).
      I’m all for womxn using every tool at their disposal to sway the court in their favour when a father/spouse is abusive.
      Again, no idea if Brad was abusive towards Jolie and their children. But literally everyone tries to sway the court in their favour. So… regardless I don’t see the issue in her doing that.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I was going to say! What a dumb comment by Team Pitt. Of course she wants to win her case!

      He’s made such a mess of this whole thing. He should have gone to rehab or gotten help before it got to this point, but absent that should have taken full responsibility and then done everything in his power to make life better for them instead of fighting this for years and years.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I don’t know about you, but I hire my lawyer to present evidence just for shits and giggles. I enjoy throwing money down a hole, you know?

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Came here to say the same. When I use lawyers it’s imperative they diminish me as often and loudly as possible. I want people to think I’m scum and that I’m guilty.

  4. Myra says:

    I hope he appreciates that we do not need a play-by-play on his divorce. He needs to be saying all this to the judge he paid for. Complaining about a person swaying the court of law by trying to sway the court of public opinion – shameful! Everything pre-2020 is fuzzy to me, but wasn’t she the one to file for divorce and he claimed to be surprised by this? Why does he always act like he broke up with her and she is just a mad, vengeful woman?

  5. FeedMeChips says:

    Man, what a shock and disappointment it is to find out that I’ve been doing it wrong in all my years as an attorney, trying to sway courts in my favor.

    • Rural Juror says:

      Lol I know, right? Thanks, Brad Pitt, for telling us silly attorneys how to do our jobs! Also, I love your user name – that’s amazing.

    • sunhine says:

      lol right? time to go back to the drawing boards!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I was also sad to find out I am doing it wrong lol. Thanks for the FYI Brad!

  6. Sierra says:

    Brad really seems scared and I hope that means victory for Angelina & the children.

    It won’t just be Angelina & the children testifying. The nannies/teachers, staff and bodyguards were all present on that plane ride. Some were so worried and appalled that they called FBI & child services straight after. These people are witnesses and will be asked to testify.

    I want Angelina to get full custody and Brad fully exposed in public as well. I am tired of men especially white men getting away with abuse.

  7. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Isn’t swaying the court to decide in your favor the whole point of taking a contentious case to court/trial?

  8. Greta says:

    I’ll keep repeating myself, the ONLY reason they had this hearing is because Pitt is trying to modify custody, it’s his RFO. They have a custody agreement in place reached in 2018, one he is trying to change. So it’s all him, he’s dragging this out and making it about what he wants, not what the children want because Angelina wouldn’t oppose his request for more time if that’s what the children wanted. She couldn’t if she didn’t have a legal leg to stand on, she’ not God she doesn’t control the California legal system, and she’s up against someone with crazy resources , his lawyer got Charlie Sheen shared custody.

    He’s the reason everyone can’t move on, so his victim routine is something. He lies, Pitt has twisted so much in this case, he twists things to suit his narrative and because the media is doing his bidding, they print whatever lies he tells them, as well as their own. The court documents tell a different story.

    09/21/2020 RFO/MTN – Mod – Custody, Visitation (Request for Evidentiary Hearing )
    Filed by Respondent

    • Weeeeell says:

      Even if the kids suddenly decided they wanted to see him, I would hope she would put her foot down and say, Sorry, but your father is a psycho narcissist. It’s best to stay away.

      Who knows the details of abuse that were filed, but these past couple of years he has been controlling and manipulative. The leaks and comments attacking Maddox and Pax and that terrifying tank tattoo… run children!

      • Gennessee says:

        I hope not. That right there is custodial interference, to which the judge reemed Angie for a few years ago and told her she had to tell the kids they were safe with Brad or she might lose custody herself.

        He has a right to ask for a change in custody if he feels that the relationship has improved. That will depend on the judge and testimony from the kids. Hope Angie doesnt jump in the fray there because that might backfire on her.

  9. Lily P says:

    I love that Angelina hasn’t said a damn word. All of this furore is his own doing.

  10. wendywoo says:

    You know what we haven’t heard from Brad about these allegations? A DENIAL.

    • Emm says:

      Right?! I feel especially bad for her since they were together for years and seemed happy but then got married partly at the request of their children IIRC? Then two years later everything blows up. If only she didn’t marry him in the end. Who knows though if he was being abusive maybe this was another aspect of his trying to control her.

      • Weeeeell says:

        Exactly what it was. He kept telling people the kids wanted them to get married. He put pressure on her through the kids and the media expecting her to do it for them. She looked miserable on her wedding day. I saw a comment the other day here saying she got skinnier over the years while he got chubbier in their relationship. He felt very comfortable. She was getting ill.

    • MM2 says:

      A “source close to Pitt” actually admitted that he did put his hands on Maddox during the argument, but claims he did not hit anyone & no one was physically injured (People, 9/23/16). I guess Pitt’s barometer for domestic violence is an actual cocked back punch & only severe physical injuries count? Abuser tactics 101- constantly change what constitutes abuse.

      • lucy2 says:

        IIRC, the most recent admission was that he “didn’t hit him in the face” as if that makes it ok.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Absolutely!! With his resources if he could get away with a denial he would! That is very damning

  11. JT says:

    If Brad was so concerned about his image as we all know he is, why didn’t he just ram the divorce through? Angelina filed four years ago and all he had to do was work out the finances and custody. He doesn’t even seem to really want custody as he has been absent for years by his own admission. A divorce probably would’ve taken a year or so because of all of their businesses and such, but it could’ve been easy. All of the domestic violence issues would’ve never seen the light of day because Angelina seems to have worked really hard to keep those details on lock. I’m just not understanding what his endgame was.

  12. Mireille says:

    I love how the media keeps bringing up theses latest “abuse allegations” as having something to do with the plane incident and/or him hitting Angie. As if to say that was the ONLY time he was ever abusive, BUT he was investigated and no charges were filed. Whatever.

    I think Angie has proof of OTHER incidents outside the plane — and I’m thinking involving the kids. The plane incident is only the tip of the iceberg.

    His problems extend far beyond that plane incident — that’s what we’re not getting here, the full picture.

    • Lily P says:

      Also Angie didn’t even call in the plane incident – it was someone else entirely so I don’t get their ammo on that one. (not in response to you but the case was only closed because they all agreed to a safety plan which included supervised visitation and drug testing. he wasn’t cleared.)

      • Mireille says:

        Thank you for bringing that up too. He was never cleared. The case was just closed because he agreed to get help, rehab, counseling, and supervised visits. Again, a little lie about him being “cleared” spreads like wildfire all over the media and it’s not even true — but his PR, his stans use this lie to smear Angie and prop him up as “innocent.” Whatever.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      my opinion on the “proof of DV” is also OTHER abuse allegations, outside of the plane incident.

      I think he was physically and verbally abusive to HER, and the kids (or nannies/staff/whoever) witnessing it is the proof she cites. perhaps she also has video from security cameras on their estate. however, I think the plane incident was the first time he was physically abusive to one of the kids and that’s why she left so abruptly and ghosted him like she did. like “I can put up with and/or mitigate it if it’s me, but my kids?! NFW and I’M OUT.”

      all I hope is that she and the kids are safe and happy.

      • sunhine says:

        I agree, I don’t know people assume it’s only referring to the plane incident. I think someone’s testimony mentioned a previous DV incident and his lawyers objected to it. That led Angelina and her her lawyer to file an offer of proof.

  13. ShazBot says:

    F*ck him.

    His behaviour then and now continues to be totally gross.
    He was *almost* there yesterday with admitting his past abuse of alcohol and drugs, etc. He could have just pushed it a little bit farther and said he isn’t proud of himself but is continuously working on righting past wrongs.

    Or said nothing at all.

    But that would be too easy.

  14. kerwood says:

    First of all: WHAT THE FUCK IS HE WEARING? If Pitt wants to ‘sway the court’, he’s going to have to stop dressing like a member of an 80s boy band. The ‘New Kids’ look on a middle-aged man is tragic.

    I don’t know why Pitt thinks this smear campaign fought in the tabloids is going to work. Angelina has NEVER cared what the mini-van majority thought about her. She put up with a decade of hate from disgruntled ‘Jen-fans’ and never broke a sweat.

    Pitt is the one who appears to be sweating. He knows it’s just a matter of time before the details of his abuse come out and he’s panicking. Luckily for him, he beat one of the adopted non-White children so he’ll probably get a pass from most of his fans. Now if he’d hit Shiloh…

    • EliseM says:

      Exactly Kerwood! Years of Jen-fan bashing , and not one word from her on Jen. Not one. However, not only did Jen speak badly of her, she let her friends *cough-Chelsea-Cough* say nasty things about her. Come award time, it sure didn’t take B and J long to team up and rub history in her face. I am just glad that she has stayed above it all (had to to tough) and said nothing. Its speaks volumes on who is the real d!ckheads in this situation.

  15. Ad says:

    How can team Pitt & his PR be so daft, that is the intention of going to court to convince the court with her evidence to take into consideration inorder to award her on their dispute! He is a crack head! What an unintelligent comment to make!

  16. MM2 says:

    Is Brad Pitt trying to convince us that if an intimate assault doesn’t result in a prosecution, than no assault or crime occurred? Nice try, but that’s not the way domestic violence works. Just because the victim might choose to not contact police (for many valid reasons) or the police decide not to prosecute the crime, does not mean the crime or assault didn’t occur…or didn’t matter.

  17. Whatnow says:

    Every time I read something about Brad and the divorce I just keep thinking to myself a man as powerful as him–a man who can get all his lies printed in all of these magazines and prevent TMZ and People from even breathing a word about alleged abuse–what did he do that he couldn’t get a favorable visitation agreement?

    Is what he did that egregious compared to Woody Allen or does Angelina have one Ace in the hole friendship with someone that is helping her here?

  18. LOL says:

    More gaslighting and belittling of Angelina Jolie by Brad Pitt. When will this ever end .

  19. Nichelle says:

    Wow. Not only was it a lie that his team has never attacked her, it’s a lie that no action was taken after the altercation in 2016. There’s been four years of action, court ordered and otherwise. I guess it’s a credit to his team that so few people know that there was basically a “settlement” after the investigation. People see that it was closed and believe nothing happened or ever happened.

  20. Looks like she continued her pattern of parental alienation despite the court’s earlier ruling on it. So sad to see any parent do this to their children.

    • sunhine says:

      The court never ruled on anything. It’s actually common for victims of abuse to be overbearing and to not trust the abuser with their kids. the court gave her a warning and she followed like she was supposed. Also let’s not forget the leaked emails that showed brad was not following the therapist suggestions.

      She hasn’t had any problems since and they’re still going to their court appointed therapist. They would 100% picked up on it and have the kids removed. This is such a dangerous thinking and you should look up PA and abuse situations into more detail.

    • Weeeeell says:

      Yes so sad to see a parent (Brad) do this (hit a child, allow the press to publicly smear said child, gaslight them for years, force them to see him despite them not feeling safe around him) to a child.

      Clearly the court didn’t think she was alienating them as they said if she was she would lose custody and she hasn’t years later while he has gained no real custody. So either you believe the courts or you don’t. You can pick and choose the argument to your favor. The courts still allow her to have custody, therefore she has done nothing wrong, he still needs supervision meaning….? I’ll let you finish that sentence yourself.

      The children will be fine when they are no longer subjected to see their narcissist, alcoholic dad.

      If the truth ever comes to light and the kids ever speak, all of the Brad defenders will be left covering their eyes refusing to acknowledge the truth while others will be left jaw dropped.

    • Lily P says:

      Ugh I shouldn’t take the bait but I’m going to.

      1. Parental alienation when it does occur is serious but it is more commonly used by abusers as a defence for their children not wanting to see them. (It’s also more common with young children). It’s can be a continuance of abuse through defamation and manipulation.

      2. PA accusation contributes to the gaslighting and undermining of the children’s experience. They don’t have to see their father, don’t belittle their wishes.

      3. She lives five minutes down the road.

      4. His family were apparently at her house last year for a party

      5. IIRC she referred to the children as “our” kids in her BV interview

      6. Even if PA were occurring (which I don’t believe it is due to the extensive amount of professionals involved) it does not equal out his abuse to her

      7. She wanted family therapy. He denied it. She wanted independent counsel for the children. He denied it.

      8. Her children obviously adore her.

  21. Nichelle says:

    A popular man protected by his team, the media, and nostalgia thinks he has to do all this to win in the court of public opinion? He doesn’t. Such overkill. We get it! She’s bad. You’re good. I guess she just woke up one day and thought hmm I’m not attacked enough in the media. I wanna spice it up.

  22. Hmn says:

    He’s a weirdo! She is used to him using her to cover his b.s through tabloids. He and his team did it the entire time they were together !!

  23. Sashayingdownthehall says:

    Think these two were over and done years ago, probably at least a year before official divorce filing. They were always doing things separately; that is, she with the kids and he by himself. She rented that house three weeks before the private jet blow-up. Someone said in the previous Brange divorce article that they should have just had an affair and I agree. They should never have committed so quickly. He’s flaky when it comes to hands-on fathering and she’s a very strong personality. I do think she’s the responsible (if a little overly present) parent and he’s the distant, absent (but not abusive by my definition) father. They probably also disagreed on child-disciplining styles. Overall the kids are probably best with both parents in their lives but hopefully these two can do so peacefully.

    • Sashayingdownthehall says:

      Also he might have a 10-year-boredom-sets-in thing going on. He met Jen around 10 years before his eye was caught by Angelina. They got together in 2005 if I remember right and he started getting papped on his solo travels around 2015, maybe slightly earlier. I can’t stand Sagittarian men; great friends but a lot of them are not good long-term material. They like to sample the rest of a buffet no matter how delicious their first plate was. Just my impression.

      • sunhine says:

        Or it could be because he’s an addict who lost control…..

        It seemed like they were doing separate things because he was at the height of his addiction.

  24. Blues says:

    The attacks on her will continue for a few more years. One the media makes money from it. Huvane and Cynthia along with CAA has to keep him and Aniston attached to this triangle for profit.
    Angie knows this. It’s sad that these kids don’t want to live with him at least half of the time. Sometimes you f up so badly it’s hard to fix it. Not to mention these kids have to read the garbage put out there and it makes them form an opinion all by themselves.

    • Ad says:

      By now Angie is immune to bad press I don’t think it bothers ner much, their children are the ones who are more concern & affected of what they read on the internet, I am sure they ask a lot of question when they read all the garbage written about them & their parents. Sad for the kids!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I think this won’t go to trial. Last minute, BP will probably cave to AJ wishes. It seems like he has a lot to lose if this goes public.

  26. Kay says:

    It sounds like their marriage was very much like Mr and Mrs Smith. They’ll both to the end.

  27. Kay says:

    Angelina Jolie always had a hostile press since her younger days. Her early relationships were fuelled by drugs and scandal. I think people were shocked when she kissed her brother and found the whole thing gross.

    There was so much hostility towards Brad and Angelina when they got together it was amazing it survived this long.

  28. Kay says:

    Brad Pitt’s PR has been rubbish – it’s a total mess. After his relationship with the married woman from Germany came out it was just embarrassing. At the time he was having some sort of relationship with Nicole all his PR was talking about was how him and Jennifer Aniston were together again. He was seeing Nicole and other women for years. It was embarrassing for JA and made her look like a fool because she didn’t seem to be aware of it. He left Jennifer for Angelina and now Angelina is divorcing him he isn’t going to go running back to her and she isn’t going to be that dumb to go back to him. All the stories about him and her are tiresome.

  29. Anonymous says:

    @Kay: It did not make JA look like a fool. She was very clear that they were in no way back together. She’s clearly moved on from him. This made BP; and only BP, look like an a$$. He has six children. Dating a married insta model and taking her to his family home is gross. It was insensitive and trashy. AJ and JA are both better off.