Jennifer Garner: ‘Sometimes you just have to walk away from your kids’

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Jennifer Garner is on the cover of People Magazine this week. Hecate covered an earlier article in People about it, where Garner talked about how it’s stressful to try to work from home with three kids. She compared it to working in a blender, which is very weird. I haven’t seen Yes Day yet and don’t plan it after Hecate told me it sucks. I’ve heard mixed reviews, with Dustin at Pajiba saying it’s a passable family-friendly movie. In this second part of her interview, Garner talked about parenting issues. She didn’t mention Ben from what I’ve read. There’s the question of how much he actually has the kids, but she hasn’t mentioned her nanny either. I’m not saying it’s disingenuous, she seems very hands on and probably doesn’t have help 24/7. It’s just that her issues are not the same as a single mom working from home with three kids. Still, I like the fact that she’s being open about getting overwhelmed and needing to step away. A lot of moms can relate to that.

The actress, 48, has also tried to stay optimistic for her kids while her family sheltered at home in L.A. during the pandemic. “I don’t know that I’ve stayed positive the whole time,” she admits. “I think I’ve had a couple of temper tantrums. And I hope [my kids] have too. I think you have to. It’s like, have your feelings. But there’s so much to be grateful for.”

Finding ways to give back has helped as well. “You take a deep breath and start brainstorming about what can we do to help,” Garner adds. “Like my daughter, she likes helping people on GoFundMe, so for Christmas, she asked for a little GoFundMe money. She said it just gives her a lift.”

As for the little aggravations most moms face on a daily basis, Garner experiences her fair share.

“Kids who ignore you when you talk to them five times in a row. When they’re mean to each other. Or when they won’t try and they just like, lay on the floor,” she says with a shrug. “And then I realize I basically do the same thing. I mean, sometimes you just have to walk away from your kids. You don’t even have to announce it. Or you just say, ‘Oops. Hold on. I think somebody’s calling me in the other room.’ You just have to get away.”

When she really needs a moment of self-care, Garner turns to her girlfriends. “And laughing. And a good workout,” she says. “I’ve done The Limit with Beth Nicely almost every day and I always feel better. I had a trainer for 20 years, Valerie Waters, who I love so much. Her saying was, ‘You’re always one workout away from a good mood.’”

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I love that saying “you’re always one workout away from a good mood” as exercise is one of my favorite things to do. I definitely agree with that. People has the video of her giving this portion of the interview and she’s really positive and upbeat while she’s saying her kids bug the crap out of her. I can’t remember her ever being this open about issues at home with her kids. I’ve had moments like this in lockdown with my teenager, but it must be worse with two more kids younger than that. Sometimes I think about how hard it must be for parents who are working from home and trying to homeschool their small kids. I’ve seen some glimpses from friends, but I’m sure they’re putting a happy face on it. Things are looking up for all of us with the vaccine though.

Another quote from the People profile that is getting press is where she says she’s not going to remarry anytime soon. She said “I definitely don’t think that I’ll be single forever, but this is not the time [to remarry]. I don’t need to complicate it; I’m good.” I understand why she’s asked these questions but I feel like they’re specifically geared to women. Single or divorced men are rarely if ever asked when they’re planning to get married.

Garner was supposed to go to Alabama with First Lady Jill Biden last week to discuss the American Rescue Plan and how it will help low income families. Their trip was canceled due to the devastating tornadoes in the area. Here’s a link with organizations that are helping with disaster relief in Alabama.

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Jennifer Garner visits her house under construction before a trip to her office

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11 Responses to “Jennifer Garner: ‘Sometimes you just have to walk away from your kids’”

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  1. Astrid says:

    I think it’s a smart move to pair Jennifer and First Lady Biden together for a cause. They both seem like caring people that can bring results to an issue.

  2. Gk says:

    I like her, flaws and all

  3. Susan says:

    My kids forced me to watch “Yes Day” this weekend. It wasn’t TERRIBLE; it is just a 100 percent kids’ movie. A lot of kid movies these days have elements that entertain the adults sometimes as much as the kids with inside jokes and comments (I LOVED raya and the last dragons). This is not one of them. It is purely from the view of the kids, cheese and all. That being said, she does a good job and her husband in the movie is HOT!

    • Sunnyjyl says:

      I watched that movie by myself. I needed something cute and fun. It definitely was that. And, you are completely correct, the actor who played her husband was HOT!

  4. Colleen says:

    “Kids who ignore you when you talk to them five times in a row. When they’re mean to each other. Or when they won’t try and they just like, lay on the floor”

    This was my daily life until they went back to school on February 15. My first grader would literally lay on the floor under the table while his teacher was talking if you took your eyes off of him for a second. There were several days that I cried. It was worse after the holiday break because he’d been home without having to do school & couldn’t get back into it. It was so stressful to see him regress and struggle and it’s been night and day since he’s gone back, with attitude and being able to do the work. And my husband gets his first dose of Pfizer at 11:20 today, so things are looking up!

    • rainbowkitty says:

      I’m with you. My 5 y/o is in K. If I was not in the room with him he would just leave his computer and go play with his toys. Getting him to do his assignments was awful. Sometimes he would have a fit and cry. There were lots of things we didn’t get done because it was just too stressful for everyone. I cried several times.
      My 9 y/o was better with doing her school work from home, but she’s very social and outgoing so her mental health suffered. She was moody and acting almost depressed. Maybe she was depressed. So I cried over that.
      This whole thing has been awful. And I could have sent them back to school sooner than I did, but I was nervous about Covid. Still am, tbh.

  5. Katherine says:

    This is so true about single men not being asked about marriage, it hurts, I literally have ever only wanted to be married just to have a good answer to this sort of question.

  6. Joanna says:

    I like her hairstyle and outfits in these pictures. Very flattering

  7. AMA1977 says:

    I think she’s being more candid because it’s a little less taboo to admit your kids are annoying when they’re a little older! :’-) My younger one is about the same age as her youngest (8) and my older one is between her older 2 (13). I still love them with everything I’ve got, but sometimes they are just aggravating, and I will say it.

    When they’re babies and toddlers and little kids, they also do stuff that is annoying, but they don’t have the ability to BE annoying because it’s (largely) without intent. A toddler dumping their bowl on the floor is aggravating, but the kiddo isn’t doing it for that reason, if that makes sense. Whereas a big kid or teen will purposefully do things they know you find super annoying sometimes.

    My husband and I will text each other “YOUR DAUGHTER/YOUR SON is driving me CRAZY” when they’re being Too Much. They’re always his kids when they’re getting on my nerves. I’m sure there are times when they’d like to respond with “YOUR HUSBAND/YOUR WIFE is being ridiculous” but they don’t. Yet.

  8. iconoclast59 says:

    Ben’s put his kids through a lot, what with his relapses and dragging them into that mess with Ana de Armas. Then the pandemic on top of all that. I completely understand why the kids might act out now and then, and why Jen feels she needs a break sometimes — she’s always done the heavy lifting raising those kids.

  9. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    I can’t believe she is 48. She hasn’t aged a day since 13 Going On 30.