Megan Fox threatens Brian Austin Green with death, responds to open letter

In a recent interview in Rolling Stone Magazine, Megan Fox was talking about her on-again relationship with Brian Austin Green. She confesses to having a “ridiculously bad” temper, and says (via Page Six), “I’ve had to say to Brian, ‘You have to go and stop talking to me, because I’m going to kill you. I’m going to stab you with something, please leave.’ I’d never own a gun for that reason. I wouldn’t shoot to kill. But I would shoot him in the leg, for sure.” I never thought I’d say this, but poor BAG. I don’t know how he puts up with her.

In other Megan Fox news, she finally responded to that open letter written by three unnamed Transformers crew members. The letter slammed Megan as an unprofessional Valley girl, and a “thankless, classless, graceless bitch.” Not only did she respond, but another crew member wrote another letter defending Megan from their attacks:

Fox herself commented on the drama exclusively to EW. “I have spoken with the parties involved privately,” Fox said in a statement, via her publicist. “I am very fortunate to be involved in this amazing franchise and look forward to Transformers 3.”

But wait! There’s another twist. On Tuesday, yet another letter surfaced, from yet another Transformers crew member. (This one, however, is signed.) Below, printed in full, is production assistant Anthony Steinhart’s defense of Fox. He responds to the criticism — both the minutiae and broader strokes — in the original letter.

“First of all, I would like people to know (for those who are interested) the reason why I am writing this letter is to clear my name in any of this Ms. Fox bashing. As someone pointed out in one of the responses, you could narrow down the list of potential writers of the letter by looking on IMDB. I have received a few phone calls from people who have read the letter and they know that I have worked closely with the actors/actresses on the film, so I felt I should at least clear my name.”

“My name is Anthony Steinhart and I have worked on both Transformers movies and have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Fox.”

“I read the letter by the three unnamed crew people and was blown away by their description of Ms. Fox. Especially, since I am the one usually getting Ms. Fox at her trailer. I have personally never been nor ever witnessed Ms. Fox being rude or inconsiderate of people’s feelings or the work to be done. Everyone is entitled to their good days and bad. Contrary to popular belief, she is like us (human) and has both good and bad days as well. Working on the Transformers movies can be intense at times and sometimes intense situations cause intense moments.”

“Some of the examples the three unnamed writers give as evidence of Ms. Fox and her horrible attitude are so ridiculous.”

“It’s unfortunate the grip didn’t want to bring his daughter to set because Megan Fox wasn’t nice and not the fact that we had a closed to set. No visitors unless approved by the UPM [unit production manager]. That is what the call sheets have always said. By the way, Ms. Fox wished my 12-year-old brother a happy birthday over the phone while we were shooting in New Mexico. Not so heartless…”

“It’s also unfortunate that she didn’t attend any of the “15” parties, but I clearly remember her hanging out in New Mexico with some of the crew and watching her get hounded by passers-by as she walked through the hotel lobby and being nothing but gracious to her fans. Also isn’t it refreshing to hear that she doesn’t need to be a part of the party machine that sometimes swallows people whole, only to spit them out on the front page of every magazine. And incidentally, if these crew members were at the wrap party, I only saw 2 cast members there. Granted I wasn’t there the whole night, but I was there long enough to know that the others probably weren’t going to show.”

“I also remember walking with her through the hordes of people lined up, while we shot at Princeton and she signed autograph after autograph. She signed many publicity photos, magazines, pieces of white paper for crew members and their families. Now I know that isn’t the same as curing a disease, but if we are to take anything an actor/actress says or does to personally, then I fear we have far greater problems on our hands.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t always keep up with or hang on to quotes and/or quips “actresses” say, so I wasn’t familiar with the incident that incited the tasteless letter, but none-the-less leave the war of words to those involved. No need to drag her name through the mud and at the same time, unknowingly, bring others down.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Well… I tend to believe in a little from column A and a little from column B. There’s no question in my mind that Megan could use some lessons in how to be more professional and gracious, and I’m just judging that from her public statements. As far as her private behavior, or second-hand accounts of how she acts on set, my guess is that she probably isn’t as bad as the original open letter would suggest. Bottom line – she needs to grow up, and she needs to have a better understanding of how idiotic and nasty she sounds in interviews. And Michael Bay needs to stop with feeding the beast.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are shown out on 9/5, 9/6 and 9/7/09. Credit:

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  1. bros says:

    why is everyone acting like transformers is somehow cool or relevant or interesting? yah-some days are intense!

    they are acting like they were all filming lord of the rings or something for 4 years in australia instead of acting in front of a green screen with 85% of the movie being special effects and CGI. im sick of these people acting like they were doing something SO difficult that tensions were running high because of the ‘intensity’-shut up!

  2. Jeane says:

    I thought that letter was very low and mean spirited, especially since it was anonymous.
    Sounds to me like Megan Fox just didn’t get along with some of the crew members. It happens in every work situation, there’s people you like and people you can’t stand. And sometimes someone you like gets along perfectly fine with someone you don’t like. Big deal.

  3. Iggles says:

    I agree bros! Transformers is a crappy movie. I didn’t watch part 1 or 2. CGI crap offends me. What happened to having a real plot?

    As for Ms Fox. I believe the first crewmembers. Blind items are not blind because people are cowardly. They are blind because “keeping it real” could cost you your job! The studio heads know what time it is. They know alot of their stars are rotten, damaged people. However, the illusion that they all smell like roses fattens their pockets.

    This signed letter guy was probably told to write this letter or is a major suck up. I doubt it will get this person points with Fox. She sounds like a selfish a**.

  4. QB says:

    Didn’t she hate trasformer and the director?? and now she is fortunate and the franchise is amazing?

  5. ash says:

    Eh, she’s harmless. I like her despite her verbal diarrhea.

  6. princess pea says:

    Wow, I totally thought she was Anne Hathaway in the header pic. Weird, because I don’t normally think they look alike at all. Must be the enormous sunglasses hiding half her face.

    (sorry, that was off topic)
    I believe she has the kind of temper she describes, actually. It fits in with her impulsiveness, the way she says things that she clearly hasn’t thought all the way through and ends up sticking her foot in her mouth.

  7. Zoe says:

    @Bros: 🙂

    this guy is an a$$-kissing fool. He’ll be a laughing stock.

  8. Elin says:

    This whole thing stinks like a cynical and lame PR-trick. They’re using public flaming and the head-line grabbing ‘bad girl’-image as a way to keep Transformers in the press. Very classy.

  9. Firestarter says:

    Well she may threaten to kill Brian Austen Green, but I am liable to actually kill her if she doesn’t shut up!

    I find it odd that people were upset with Kanye West for treating someone bad, but Megan Fox treats people terribly on movie sets ALL the time and everyone says how “mean spirited” the open letter to her was. The people were calling her out on her bad behavior, except I guess they don’t count since they are BEHIND the scenes, and not big movie or recording stars. Seriously, what is the difference in calling Kanye out and calling her out in an open letter?

  10. lisa says:

    Meagan Fox is done, stick a fork in it.

    Michael Bay is not going to let this go, this second signed letter by a dubmbell who sings her praises just proves that there is a war between her and Bay. And in such situations the Director always wins.
    I can’t wait to see this movie masterpiece “Transformers 2”

  11. lisa says:

    I meant Transformers 3

  12. fizXgirl314 says:

    why is there a transformers 3… didn’t the second one bomb? it should have… :/

  13. Enonymous says:

    I think people need to lighten up about Megan Fox (and I am not even a fan of hers), while I belive she has some annoying qualities and at times odd stuff comes out of her mouth leaving you thinking “WTF?”, she is still a young women who overnight happened to became very famous and does not have the maturity necessary to adapt to that fame as quickly as people want her to, but she will in her own time. As for the guy who wrote this second letter, I am sure his primarily concern was to clear his name and distance himself from the first letter and he might perhaps been advised to speak positively for Fox but I do not mind that as much as I mind the first letter were it was plainly obvious by the childish name calling and tasteless choices of words, that Megan’s behavior might have been grossly exaggerated for whatever reason. And I do think Michael Bay might have had something to do with it because honestly, as immature and spiteful Megan Fox might seem, Michael Bay comes across exactly the same and worse.

  14. viper says:

    This is all just PR and we all should be offended if they really think we’re falling for it. What a bunch of drama queens.

  15. hunnybe says:

    Thank you Firestarter.She always goes around saying nonsense.Most people would probably kill to get her paycheck but she seems so ungrateful. She needs a wake up call.

  16. the original kate says:

    i agree – i think both open letters were PR to hype the transformers movies.

  17. clare says:

    I have no interest in the Transformer movies. Or Megan Fox – except to say at least she hasn’t gone the coked-out famewhore route like Lindsay, Paris, Nicole Ritchie (before she got a publicist),and all the others.
    I don’t even know if she is a good actress since I’ve never seen her in anything!
    She does have a big mouth and tattoos like an Angelina wannabe. Maybe soon she’ll just BE QUIET and focus on becoming a good actor.

  18. mxml says:

    the first letter was probably written by guys who were mad that she wasn’t being the kind of girl they want her to be to them. the fact that the second letter says the first one had lies in it says a lot too.

    this girl became famous over night. people take her comments too seriously. come on, getting all worked up over saying she wants to “kill” her boyfriend. we’ve all said things like that at one time or another!! jesus christ, stop acting so sanctimonious.

  19. GatsbyGal says:

    “I never thought I’d say this, but poor BAG. I don’t know how he puts up with her.”

    He’s probably just holding out in the hopes that they’ll get married and then he can divorce her and take half her Transformers money.

  20. Rosanna says:

    The letter from this man sounds way more professional than those other three who didn’t even sign it. Besides it’s nice to see how everybody who doesn’t know her has a nasty opinion about her LOL Some people forget that a book can’t be judged by the cover… I’m positive ANY of you has had asinine moments, rude comments and bs opinion, especially when they were just 22.

  21. iris says:

    Some men like thankless, classless, graceless beautiful bitches.

  22. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t understand all of the hatred towards Brian Austin Green. I’ve never seen anything Fox has done, so I’m not qualified to speak of her abilities. I was never a 90210 fanatic, and haven’t seen anything of his since (including the rap album, I guess), but people are always freaking out about him like he’s Robespierre and we have to hide.

    Am I missing something?
    Is Marat on the loose?

  23. Camille says:

    @bros- just an FYI :). The LOTR films were filmed in New Zealand NOT Australia 🙂 (Yes there is a difference lol).
    Sorry for my off-topic comment but couldn’t not say anything lol.

  24. ABC123 says:

    Mr. Steinhart is the real deal. I just found this interview of Megan Fox talking about Transformers 2 and she mentions a FRIEND PA who runs basecamp called Anthony. here’s the link: She mentions him about 1 minute 20 seconds into the interview

  25. ..... says:

    Couldn’t not? Double negative. Sorry, had to mention that 😉

  26. Brittany says:

    You will never understand Megan Fox if you always take her seriously. She is have to realize that.