Duchess Kate attended an ‘illegal’ vigil for Sarah Everard but it’s fine, it was for ‘work’

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There were so many terrible aspects to the Duchess of Cambridge’s blatant exploitation of a murder victim, I didn’t even get a chance to cover everything. Kate went maskless to the makeshift memorial for Sarah Everard, arranged for a Sky News videographer to film her at the memorial while her security stood back, and then Kate absorbed all of the attention which should have gone to Everard and the horrible crimes which were perpetrated on her. All of that was completely awful, exploitative, reprehensible and disgusting. There was another layer to it though: shortly after Kate exited the vigil with her security officers in tow, the Metropolitan Police moved in and began physically and violently removing grief-stricken women from the area. It was appalling and unnecessary. The cops said they had to break it up because it was an unauthorized gathering during the pandemic. So… what Kate did was illegal then, right? Wrong, at least according to Met Commissioner Cressida Dick.

The Duchess of Cambridge did not break the law by attending the vigil for Sarah Everard because ‘she was working’, Dame Cressida Dick said today, as she slammed politicians including Sadiq Khan who criticised her officers for arresting protesters. The Met Commissioner also revealed that she knew in advance that Kate was heading to Clapham Common to lay flowers – but admitted the officer in charge of policing the event did not.

The Commissioner backed the royal’s trip to south-west London on March 13, despite saying she would have personally attended herself ‘if the gathering had been legal’.

Dame Cressida also defended her officers after they arrested protesters during clashes later that night, saying they had faced ‘extreme provocation’ after the policing watchdog cleared her officers of wrongdoing yesterday. The Commissioner described the policing of the event as ‘extremely professional and calm’, adding: ‘People should learn that police have a very difficult job’. And she hit out at politicians who criticised the Met’s tactics that night ‘without knowing the facts’, hours after the watchdog’s report rebuked the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan over his criticism of the arrests.

She said: ‘People in responsible positions should stop and think before they judge’, adding that City Hall were warned the day before there would be arrests if protesters refused to disperse, adding: ‘People should stop and think, because if they comment without knowing the facts, they may – and I would suggest on this occasion some people did – affect public confidence in their police service inappropriately’.

Asked if the Metropolitan Police knew about Kate’s visit to Clapham Common, Dame Cressida told the Today programme: ‘The Met did know, absolutely, but of course we take all sorts of precautions to make sure that we don’t unwittingly draw attention to visits like that.’ Asked if her visit was legal, the Met’s Commissioner replied: ‘I would imagine that, of course I have not asked her this question, but I think it’s worth looking at … just how strongly people felt, what she said about her attendance there…She’s in the course of her duties, she was working.’

She added: ‘At that point people had a whole series of potential reasonable excuses for being away from home, we didn’t all have them. I’ve picked out one that may apply to her but, let’s be clear, there was a very calm vigil to which she attended where lots and lots of people came.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Either the vigil was illegal or it wasn’t. This isn’t hard. If it was illegal – nay, CRIMINAL – for unarmed, grieving women to gather at an outdoor vigil, then it was illegal for Kate to waltz around maskless at the vigil too, and Kate could have been and should have been arrested. If the cops overreacted and decided to violently assault women in a show of the police-state’s strength while carefully avoiding the bad optics of arresting a duchess, then Commissioner Dick should just say that. We know it already. The claim that Kate was there for “work” is pretty offensive, and pretty telling as well. It shows that Kate actually didn’t have personal reasons for what she did. She was just stunt-queening and exploiting a murder victim FOR WORK. For her own PR! To repair her own damaged reputation.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Joins Photography Workshop With Action For Children

sarah everard kate

The Duchess of Cambridge visits the University of Derby

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Merricat says:

    There is no such thing as a benign monarchy. These people are indefensible. SMH.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      What I am find satisfying is the amount of dragging St Catherine the great is getting on twitter. When Meghan said that the RF and their minions are willing to lie to protect Kate and make her look good but not tell the truth to protect her, this is indeed proof of what she meant.

  2. Lauren says:

    Cressida Dick is climbing on mirrors trying to explain why it was legal for Keen to be there. At the end of the day, we know the truth. Keen was there working on her latest PR stunt, with a photographer and her protection officers and maskless. Only it rightfully so blew up in her face for making the death of another woman about her.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Also it was ‘decided’ that the police behaved correctly at the virgil and Patel said that we shouldn’t believe what we see in the media – shocking shocking behaviour from the Tories. Starmer NEEDS to be more forceful in his opposition of them.

      • Elvie says:

        Yes. This made me boil over with rage yesterday. The report that their behaviour was appropriate, and now Patel and co have made it even more punitive to protest in non-pandemic times.

        The original organizers of the Vigil had a thoughtful plan for crowd control and to maintain social distancing and enforce mask wearing and Scotland Yard refused to participate even when the local council signed off on the plan. If Scotland Yard had helped none of this would have happened.

        Katie Keen hates the royal work, so if she could just stay in her Norfolk Manor like the rest of the aristocracy and never grace the front page of anything again I’d be happy with that.

    • erni says:

      Kate didn’t care about Sarah. It’s not personal, she’s working.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        So all the statements about how it WAS personal to her (“I used to walk about London in the evenings, too”) are of course, total utter bullshit.

        So which is it, BM? Work/Duty? Personal? Police moving in and beating on women only AFTER Her Royal Doucheness leaves the site isn’t a great optic.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Further enforcement of her actions as a duty of office and not a personal visit, as the Met Commissioner was notified that Doucheness Karen would make a public visit but was not warned that it was illegal? So what is it? It was legal for Doucheness Karen to go as an act of duty to her position or it was illegal as a woman that Doucheness Karen had walked the streets as a single woman too? You can’t have it both ways. No matter how many ways they spin this, DK knew it was illegal but informed the Met Commissioner of her attendance in advance with a film crew and protection officers. It was illegal then as it is now.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      This debacle proves everything the Sussexes saidin their interview. The lies in the face of illegality, the PR ops, the invisible contracts, the leaks and gaslighting. This shows how high and deeply entrenched the whole mess is.

      • Lauren says:

        There was a whole article about a yougov poll that found that minorities think that the rf is racist but that they like the queen. That article was deleted so fast that only screenshots of its existence remain. That’s how powerful the contract is. It’s back up know. Who knows what they changed with how fast they took it down.

      • PrincessK says:

        It is all so disgusting. The Daily Fail is refusing to allow any comments on this Kate and the vigil story. There have been two stories in the Fail recently where no comments were allowed. One about a letter Kate wrote to the family….imagine if that had been Meghan she would have been blamed for allowing news to get out about it for PR sake. This is the second article where no comments are allowed because they are protecting Kate from negative comments. What more proof do we need about the agenda of the ugly press and its protection of the Middleton family. The truth will come out.

    • Becks1 says:

      The Kate stans are twisting themselves too. Apparently the new argument is that Kate didn’t attend the vigil, since that started at 6pm, so what Kate did was perfectly legal since she was there at 430?

      I dont know enough about the UK laws and why the vigil was canceled to know if her presence there at 430 was legal or not.

      But at this point, it should be clear to all that she used a dead woman as a PR stunt.

      • Sim says:

        Definitely a PR stunt, no denying that and also the police response has been hugely disappointing. I’m not a legal expert, but yeah the official vigil was cancelled when the discussions with police broke down (the organisers asked us to stay home and light a candle at 9.30pm instead). Prior to that It had been scheduled to start at 6pm… so i guess technically they could argue she wasn’t a participant in the illegal gathering? From what i understand at around 7/7.30pm the police decided that the gathering was too large and therefore ‘unsafe’ which is when things really escalated. Not sure if that gives any extra insight but i think that’s likely how they will frame it. I live just around the corner so I went to lay flowers the next day – this wasn’t illegal because i wasn’t attending a large gathering (even though there were people there paying respects) and because I wasn’t disobeying police orders asking people to disperse.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, it seems they are focusing on a technicality when my understanding is that the concern was the size of a crowd during the pandemic, so Kate going there with so many other people doesnt eliminate that problem, she might have even caused more people to go, if they figured the future future queen was allowed to be there, they should be allowed to as well?

        But when the debate is what time a vigil started and whether Kate was there for the “vigil” or just to lay flowers and pay respects – you can tell KP has lost the plot.

      • Nic919 says:

        The internet lawyers are insane on this point. The gathering was illegal at all times because of the number of people involved. That’s how the social gathering laws are set up in many jurisdictions. There was no specific curfew or permitted time for a large crowd to meet. The organisers of the vigil tried to get a court order for permission to meet despite the laws against large crowds gathering, but the court denied it. So at no point was any part of this gathering “legal”. They simply chose to enforce laws against certain people.

        Besides if this was work for Kate why wasn’t it in the court circular?

      • Lady D says:

        It seemed awfully dark to be 4:30 in the afternoon. I thought she was there at night.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Dame Cressida’s response to this whole thing–by which I mean, the police brutality–is reprehensible. Her weaselling on Kate is just icing on her burnt cake. She needs to lose her job.
      LadyD: it’s England, they’re pretty far north & it’s only now just spring, so days are still pretty short.

  3. JT says:

    It was illegal. That’s why all of those women were arrested. Period. What’s even more gross is that the police knew Kate was coming, so this wasn’t the spontaneous visit that KP claims it was. They were alerted to keep Kate safe, and then threw other women to the ground after she left. Notice how things got tense after she was escorted out. This visit did not go as planned, which is why they continue to triple down on Kate’s “heroics”over a week later. And still, Sarah has become a footnote in her own murder.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I agree. It was completely illegal and to make things worse, TOD after getting front page coverage for the stunt which centred HER and not poor Sarah or her family, made sure to leak to the press that she also sent a letter. So while the poor girl’s family have kept a dignified silence mumbles once again just had to use someone’s death for PR. Disgusting!

  4. AVEA says:

    So the vigil was illegal but her being there was “work” thus implying that it was legal for her to he there? How is it both at the same time? So convenient for the privileged Duchess who apparently was the for PR reasons

  5. Cecilia says:

    What kind of pretzel twisting is this?? The vigil was illegal which is why dame cressida didn’t attend herself so if the event is illegal then attending it is illegal by default no? So what kate did was illegal but not really because she was working? Didn’t kp say that this was a “private” visit. Because if kate was working that means that this was a royal engagement

    • Lauren says:

      She was being grilled about that by a bbc radio host. He quoted Cressida saying that had the vigil been legal she would have gone herself, so why was it legal for keen to be there if it was for work. The mental gymnastics she was going through and she still made zero sense on why it was legal for Keen and illegal for the rest.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      This is a vile PR stunt gone wrong. This is why KP’s PR is a shambles. Everything is about the optics. No deep thinking no strategy. Madam had to make sure she was seen hence no mask despite being in close proximity with other mourners. And before someone says she was outside, the same woman wore a mask on an outside visit to a school with her husband. A very shameful exploitation of PR using someone’s tragic death.

  6. Lemons says:

    Dame Dick is not making a good case for Kate. I really couldn’t tell whose side she was on.
    Kate was there for work, so it would have been planned in advance that she be photographed maskless in a crowd of people mourning the death of a young woman who were then arrested for participating in the same vigil Kate briefly passed by, then left. Those are the facts as I see them.

  7. Lexistential says:

    The amount of social support Kate has as the White Duchess has is truly white supremacy in action in the UK: the courtiers, the tabloid reporters, and even the police. And to see them defend her boringcore mediocrity (“honor”) while Meghan was ripped apart and is commoditized for hate is disgusting.

    And “she was working”— WTF? This wasn’t a moving personal gesture? The tabloids reporting this in every which way won’t change that she is lazy and tasteless and milking this for “work” because her work record is abysmal.

  8. Becks1 says:

    Ugh. This was just such a bad move on KP’s part. When asked if the visit was legal, the commissioner had to say “of course I would have to ask her this question” – no. Kate doesnt decide what is legal and what isnt. You have LAWS and RULES over there. Kate is not the one in charge. You are.

    The notion that Kate and the other royals can break whatever rules they want because they are “Working” is very dangerous IMO and is a slippery slope. Here, especially, KP was very careful to say this was a private visit. So which is it? Private or part of work? Private (and therefore illegal) or part of work (and therefore not personal but part of a PR stunt?) Pick a lane.

    as an aside – I did check the court circular and this event is not listed, but damn if Will and Kate dont list every single phone call and meeting they have. Anything to get those numbers up, I guess.

    • MsIam says:

      Whoops! Don’t worry though, Camel Toe, Becky and Palmolive will soon be rushed out to explain how all of this is perfectly fine because “Kate never puts a foot wrong!” Her wonderful Uncle Gary said so. These people are awful and what’s worse is they never seem to pay the price for anything, even though the citizens are told they “just like you”.

    • Lorelei says:

      They need to get their stories straight. Last week Russell Meyers was going on and on about how this was a personal, private visit, since Kate felt so strongly about it. And that it just happened to be captured on film by a Sky News employee who just happened to be standing right there.
      But his main point was definitely that this was something she wanted to do because Sarah’s story had touched her deeply, reminding her of her own nights walking around London.

      Now that it’s becoming more obvious that she broke lockdown regulations, all of a sudden the visit has morphed into “work” so it’s okay?

      So which is it? The more these people talk, the worse it gets for Kate.

    • Nic919 says:

      It was always illegal for Kate to attend the large gathering, as much as it was for anyone else. She is not above the law and there is no bs work exception. Going to a vigil isn’t work.
      Kate and her idiot move put the head of the Met Police in a bad position because in order to justify the arrests, the gathering needs to be considered illegal. If it wasn’t then the police were in no position to arrest anyone. But if it was illegal then why was Kate permitted to attend with RPOs and notification that she was attending?

    • The Hench says:

      Well, on the good side, Andrew now has the perfect out it would seem. He didn’t illegally rape a trafficked 17yr old because he was “working” and this incident proves that as long as you are carrying out royal duties, anything goes.


    • ArtHistorian says:

      There have been so many instances lately of the British royals acting as if they are above the law. In a way they are because the establishment actively protects them as we see in this case. However, the blatant “we don’t care about the rules” is a bad move on the BRF’s part. That kind of arrogance has historically been slapped down HARD at some point, especially if times are hard for ordinary people.

  9. Sofia says:

    So will the same grace be given to the people who organised the vigil and were there? After all they too were “working”.

  10. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Ah, Kaiser: you expect this woman and the rotten establishment to have more self-awareness than ‘It’s all about me-e-e-e’, and for there to be reckoning with the establishment, but we’re living under Johnson’s government. The government that says there’s no institutional racism, that the CPS are doing a good job of charging 2% of rapists, who have endlessly given money to their cronies while simultaneously letting themselves off the hook. With the new anti-protest bill going through the House, we’re just one step away from a quasi-military state. Kate and PWT are the face of that. They have no sorrow because they never consider themselves culpable of egregious missteps, no guilt because they are above it. All we can do is be incandescent without words, because we’re largely voiceless.

  11. ArtHistorian says:

    Not only was this PR stunt of Kate’s really gross and exploitative – but KP clearly didn’t think things through since the press had to ask a representative from the police to clarify (and said rep was twisting her into pretzels to avoid saying that a member of the royal family broke the law). If KP’s PR was competent they would never have done this stunt but simply posted something on their social media.

    • Myra says:

      Pretzel indeed.
      The police knew she was going, but the police there didn’t know she was coming. I too would have gone if it was legal.
      So Kate was there illegally?
      It’s legal because she was there for work.
      So police were wrong to arrest/confront journalists and observers?
      *Brain explodes.

      Anyhoo, Kate used a murdered young woman for a cheap publicity stunt. Deplorable!

    • Lorelei says:

      Everything about it is gross. The fact that Kate pulled the stunt in the first place and ended up on all of the front pages when it should have been about Sarah was awful.
      The fact that this is still being dragged out in the press is awful for Sarah’s family (I’d also take offense at Kate calling stopping by a vigil to pay respects “work” if Sarah was my daughter). Then they publicized her “private letter, further making Sarah’s murder about Kate.
      It’s a total sh!tshow on every level and as someone in another comment said, Sarah has become a footnote in her own death. It’s horrible.

  12. PEARL GREY says:

    If the gathering at the vigil wasn’t legal, then her attendance there cannot be legal. The other women were aggressively removed by police as soon as Kate was safely out of the way after performing her Meghan cosplay for the cameras, so give me a break that she was doing “her duty”. She was doing the only thing that family ever put any effort into – poorly thought out PR stunts to clean up after their public blunders. How disrespectful to even try to call her using a woman’s murder as “work”. The only thing she was working at was trying to divert attention from being exposed as a liar who let a pregnant woman take the blame for her behaviour for two and a half years while she benefited from the smear campaign. And besides, doesn’t the Met Commissioner saying Kate was there on official work duty contradict the statement that was put out on her behalf that she attended simply because she was moved and “remembers what it was like to walk around London before she got married?” Either she did it because she was duty bound by her role or she did it purely out of solidarity for women, which is it? They can’t even lie right. If it was an engagement then I take it Kate will be adding this staged appearance at a slain woman’s event to the court circular to boost her numbers then?

    • Ginger says:

      Agreed. Just when my opinion of Kate can’t get any lower, she does something like this. She is using Sarah as PR for being called out as a mean girl. This is so disgusting. This was a work engagement for Kate to clean up her “mean girl” image. She wasn’t there for solidarity ( at least to me). She has never done a single thing for women.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        Also, if she truly cared, why hasn’t she said anything about the women who were thrown down and arrested?

    • Abby says:

      Exactly. This is such a mess, and so gross.

  13. MsIam says:

    She was “working”? Isn’t that what they said about Peter Phillips booty call visit to Scotland or wherever it was? My, my, my!

    • My3cents says:

      Girl has to hustle to keep her end of the year numbers high.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      If they all worked as much as it’s claimed, Britain would be in a MUCH better place re: social services!

  14. Digital Unicorn says:

    It continues to disgust me that Kate and KP continue to use the murder of an innocent women to embiggen Kate – they and the establishment are all complicit in it, with both the visit and the ‘private’ letter Kate is continuing to use Sarah’s death as a PR crutch. The incompetence is just mind blowing.

    Pretty much everyone I know was horrified that she turned up and was maskless – it was very obvious it was a PR stunt. But Cain and Unable have never ever been held to account for anything so its not going to start now.

    Shame shame shame.

  15. bub244 says:

    This is just terrible and I’m glad the media are starting to pay attention to it. She so clearly attended for her own gain, demonstrated by her being the only maskless person there to ensure all the peasants knew it was her. But what drives me crazy about it is that she isn’t just an ‘ordinary’ woman – she has a huge platform and she could champion women’s issues, make speeches highlighting violence against women and girls, work behind the scenes with charities and NGOs campaigning for women’s safety. Instead she passively attends a vigil for a few seconds. Her interest in this issue is so shallow and self-serving, it drives me crazy. The monarchy needs to go!!

    • mariahlee says:

      This is what bothers me too. Her attendance at the vigil was already suspect, but now she’s not even willing to stand in her decision to attend or to speak up for other women that were persecuted for attending? You can’t straddle the fence on issues like this and then expect to be lauded by everyone.

  16. bub244 says:

    ALSO (second comment because I am so mad) the event itself was illegal. So her reason for being there is totally irrelevant. She’s allowed to go outside for work, but she’s not allowed to do something illegal for her work.

  17. OriginalLala says:

    god I abhor the Royals…

  18. Snuffles says:

    The Tory government is circling the wagons on all fronts to keep the royal family from being held accountable for their multitude of crimes, ethical violations and just bad behavior. But the rest of the world sees what is going on.

    It’s short sighted because Commonwealth countries are starting to pull away and countries like Scotland are demanding their independence.

    The more they close ranks, the more they isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It’s getting a little North Korean up in there.

    • February-Pisces says:

      At the weekend it was revealed in the daily mirror that Boris Johnson had a 4 year affair whilst he was married. His mistress spoke out. The rest of the British media completely ignored it. Nothing on the daily mail, the bbc completely ignored it too. It’s was trending all over twitter.

      The way that the Keens, other royals and Boris can just get the press to completely black out any negative coverage about them, even when it’s been covered elsewhere, is tyrannical behaviour. It’s worrying because these people will never be held accountable for their actions giving them free reign to do whatever they want without consequence.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Johnson won’t even admit to how many children he has – so of course this was not reported on.

      • Becks1 says:

        I was seeing something – from the BBC? Where someone goes through the headlines and front pages of the papers, and made sure that the page with Boris’s mistress on it was not shown. He also went VERY quickly past the one with Peter Phillips on the front.

        The protection…..I cant even.

  19. Kentucky Girl says:

    I also read somewhere that she laid flowers from her garden while paying her respects. See, guys?!? She has a garden too! Meghan’s not the only one with a garden… it’s just laughable.

  20. Couch potato says:

    This isn’t just shitty PR for Kate, it’s also a horrible look for the police.
    “…let’s be clear, there was a very calm vigil, to wich she attended, where lots and lots of people came”.

    The vigil was calm according to the police themselves, until the police broke them up. Yes, it was an illegal vigil, but this was for a victim of a police officer. Turning the blind eye to the vigil would have been much better for the police PR vise. Adding these disastrous comments where she contradict herself several times, and claiming Kate was there leagally, because KATE worked, while KP already stated it was private. They knew she would attend the vigil, didn’t warn her it was illegal, and only stepped in to arrest “the plebs” when she left. Or they warned her, and she didn’t care. The vigil WAS illegal, that means Kate did something illegal with the blessing of the police. If she’s off the hook for this by calling it work, the arrested women are equally in their right to call their attendens work. They all work to secure womens right to walk freely without being murded.

  21. mariahlee says:

    The way the entire establishment mobilizes to protect and celebrate her is… egregious. They won’t tolerate even the faintest criticism of her behavior. I’ve never seen anything like it. Did the queen even have this type of reverence and untouchability a decade in?

    • 809Matriarch says:

      No! Remember there was a near constitutional crisis over her strangled schoolgirl speaking. Lord Altringham did a write up and it was picked up all over the place to the point that she called him for a meeting and made changes

  22. Amy Bee says:

    The fact that she went there maskless while everyone else had on masks said that it was a PR stunt.

  23. CrystalBall says:

    So as long as you’re ‘working’ in an illegal situation, it is not an offence. Good news for organized crime then!

    Also, the palace said it was a PRIVATE visit – you can’t have it both ways, unless you are covered by white privilege as a member of the two-faced British royal family. Interesting how the mafia is also described as a family, no? Perhaps these two familias have something in common!

  24. Harper says:

    For a public official, this is a huge bowl of word salad. She says she hasn’t spoken to Kate about it, but why can’t she speak to Kate about it? She is not some rarefied diety. Get her on the phone and clarify it… was she there working or not? Or maybe only Camilla Tominey is allowed to talk to Kate? Also, she is basically saying that some people at the vigil had a reason to be away from home and at the vigil and others didn’t? For a public official, this is a disastrous explanation and she sounds foolish and completely unprepared to explain or justify the police’s actions.

    • Lorelei says:

      Actually, considering the fact that Sarah’s killer turned out to be a police officer, I bet Cressida is grateful that everyone is focusing on Kate so much. Either way, you’re right that her words were a mess and she doesn’t seem to be the right person for this position.

  25. lanne says:

    They are spending lots of time and goodwill at KP building a shiny hard shell around the Cambridges. the problem is, that shell is about a millimeter thick and won’t stand the slightest instability. Yet they keep painting and polishing this image of the “perfect” royals–how long is that sustainable? All of their efforts are going into polishing this surface–not building a firm foundation, not creating a coherent message, not nurturing relationships, not considering the future. Just–surface. They think they will get love because damnit, they are entitled to it.

    It’s going to funny to see how badly this is going to implode on them. Sharks are circling…

  26. S808 says:

    Cressida and KP lying imo. It was illegal for Kate to go and Kate was there to work on her image. Both look horrible right now. Per usual for KP stunts, but this is the worst one since the flybe stunt.

  27. Chica says:

    Kate is trending on US Twitter over this mess. The crisis is now bEcause nobody is buying the act anymore

  28. Carabella says:

    Oh Laws, Cressida, you really messed that one up. The maskless wonder wasn’t privately grieving with her countrywomen, she was showing up for “work!”

    • AnneSurely says:

      This was an easy answer too, ‘I won’t comment on the Duchess of Cambridge’s security details’.

  29. Jen says:

    I am less mad at Kate than at this Dick person. What are the facts we are missing? A cop killed a woman. That makes women lose confidence in police. Then you assault and arrest them when you break up a vigil? And you are worried about people’s comments?

    That statement is so dumb.

    • Dannii says:

      Cressida Dick is a truly awful person. In the wake of the July 7th bombings when the police shot the unarmed and innocent Jean Charles de Menez she stated that he was wearing a heavy coat in the middle of summer, ran from the police, jumped the barrier at the tube station and ran to the train. Non of which was true, it was all blatant lies to mitigate shooting an innocent man eight times whilst he sat on the train to go to work.
      It was shocking indictment of the metropolitan police and in true British fashion she was promoted.
      So Dame Dick can miss me with the police pity party. Even though they were clearly acting on orders from the Home Secretary, as per the leaked email in the guardian.

  30. damejudi says:

    So if this was something Katie Keen Cambridge feels so strongly about-the safety of women at night-why didn’t she stay and get arrested?

    Will she now speak out about her strong feelings about the murder and the larger issue of violence against women, and condemn the arrests of the like-minded women who were paying tribute to Sarah Everard?

    Thought so.

  31. Digital Unicorn says:

    Top CEO and crusader of women’s rights is currently trending on UK twitter over this very subject – she’s being dragged as is Cressida Dick. However the Stan’s are also out ‘defending’ her with ‘she was working’ and that she didn’t attend the virgil as that actually started after she left.


    Also one of the tweets outs the she travel up from Norfolk specifically to attend the event. Which is about 100 miles. Wonder if she drove or used the chopper.

    • Becks1 says:

      This is what I’m trying to figure out. Was the visit legal or no? They seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on Kate not being at the vigil, but that was still a large gathering of people. And we still have the whole “it was a private visit but oh look, sky news reporter!”

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        It wasn’t as large gatherings, even outside, was still in breach of the COVID rules which were only relaxed on Monday. No matter how they try to spin it, she was in clear breach of the lockdown.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s what I thought. Wasnt part of the reason the actual vigil was canceled because of the pandemic? And it looked pretty crowded when she was there.

    • Harper says:

      Came down from Norfolk? Can you link the tweet? That is a horse of a different color than driving over from Kensington Palace.

      • Digital Unicorn says:


        This seems to be the only poster saying this so who knows if it’s true.

      • Lorelei says:

        @DU I saw a couple of other people on Twitter say she did come from Amner. I can’t remember user names or anything, but it was definitely one of their talking points.

      • Nic919 says:

        They were at Anmer and sandringham filming things for a while. But they were back seen driving in London right after the interview. But still they did travel more than most did. And KP is an hour walk from clapham common so she wasn’t in the same neighbourhood.

  32. Agreatreckoning says:

    I’ll correct it for you Commissioner:
    ‘People in responsible positions should stop and think before they spew verbal diarrhea to more than halfassedly reason away why a maskless Kate with videographer in tow was at the vigil.’

    Waiting for Uncle Gary to mansplain how Kate’s stroll through the vigil wasn’t putting a foot wrong for her but it was okay for non PR related attendees to get arrested.

  33. Merricat says:

    KP: It was deeply private for Kate! Also, that photographer just happened to be there! Also, she sent a private letter that we’re telling everyone about right now! Also, she was working! Also, the women who were arrested after she left deserved it, because once Kate left, it became illegal!

    There isn’t a single part of this that isn’t indecent. This is the Duchess of Cambridge.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Merricat I’m sure I saw this at the time, but I just realized that on both of the front pages Kaiser posted, the photos of Kate are MUCH bigger than the ones of Sarah. WTF? KATE should have been the one with a tiny section in the corner of the front page, not Sarah. Jesus Christ.

  34. Belli says:

    If it was private, then Kate was there illegally.

    If it was work, then it was the shameless exploitation of a young woman’s murder for the royals’ public image.

    This was already repulsive, but the Commissioner of Police desperately twisting to try and make sure not to implicate Kate is making it even worse. And she’s trending again, oops. Gold standard advisers.

  35. February-Pisces says:

    I once again kate has been exposed (albeit inadvertently) for her shady pr ways. Royals do pay respects to the dead officially as part of the job, and if the Keens did something official I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. However Kate went to the vigil, pretending to be alone, for the sole purpose to look ‘down to earth’ and ‘caring’, like she was just wondering around London on her own, and couldn’t stop thinking about poor Sarah. It was entirely to benefit herself and nothing to do with the woman who has been murdered.

    Cressida dick did drop Kate in it, but she either says Kate was their illegally or she wasn’t. Exposing it as ‘work’ confirmed it was just a photo op to Kate which to me sounds worse.

  36. Phoenix says:

    Why I remember that the Met police made a statement that the gathering was illegal hours before Kate went there? I remember seeing something on Twitter, but I might be wrong.
    What CD said made it worse and I just couldn’t care less about Kate anymore. She is embarrassement to all women!

  37. Chelsea says:

    I think what’s bothered me the most about this whole ordeal is that Kate showed up to a vigil for a young woman murdered by a police officer and then police started violently arresting other women soon after she left and she has shown no solidarity whatsoever with those women who are fighting on behalf of Sarah and others. Every single article i’ve seen that claims to have sources close to her all make it about how she knew what it was like to walk around at night as a single woman; essentially centering herself without acknowledging why that is(misogyny) and the abuse of power by the police. Some might say it’s a thorny issue because it involves the police but if that’s the case she should have never shown up in the first place. What happened to Sarah is part of a larger problem and getting an unmasked pap shot for PR without acknowledging that is disgusting. And now she’s got the police twisting themselves into nots trying to explain why other women at the vigil were arrested but Kate was deemed to not have broken the law. A mess.

    • damejudi says:

      Pretty much what I was saying, too @ Chelsea.

      This is not an issue that Kate feels moved by-it was a poorly thought out photo opportunity. She still should address the controversy-apologize for stealing focus from Sarah Everard. Say something!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      It’s also worthing noting that Kate had police protection when she was still a GF, it started after the 2007 breakup. The police themselves outed it. Kate also had a car and was papped many times falling in and out of taxis so I hardly think she was walking the streets alone at night as much as she wants us to think that.

  38. JennyJazzhands says:

    Trying to always look like a good person without actually being a good person, seems much harder than just being good.
    Also, how are you boring and exhausting, simultaneously?

  39. Cee says:

    And yet there will be no actual fallout from this.

    • Harper says:

      Just more articles decreeing her a living saint; style icon; perfect mother; rock for the Other Brother.

  40. Ohlala says:

    Ooh and now guess what all “serious” and real crime comes out!!! Meghan lied and tbere was only one legal ceremony!
    Omg i wish H&M dropped or leaked something big for rf to shut the f up. This is ridiculous. Keen dragged on twittet and Andy pedo comes up soon but hey! Meghan lied about wedding. Crazy

  41. TheOriginalMia says:

    Just disgusting behavior from the top down. A commission that whitewashes the police’s actions. A Dame who whitewashes and excuses Kate’s actions. A Royal who used a dead woman’s tragic death to gin up her press after she was revealed to be a mean girl. I mean…trash. All of them are trash. Sarah Everard and her family deserved so much better from the police and the BRF.

  42. swirlmamad says:

    WTF was that word salad by the Met Commissioner???? Did she sprain her tongue with all that word twisting she did to attempt to exonerate ol’ Kate and her reprehensible actions?

  43. aquarius64 says:

    Another bonehead move by palace PR and once again it’s KP. The idiotic gaslighting works with print and TV media within the UK but beyond its borders and on social media people see it for the BS that it is.

  44. February-Pisces says:

    Like clockwork there is now a negative story about Meghan to distract from this mess. Apparently 4 weeks after the Oprah interview the Archbishop of Canterbury said he didn’t marry harry and Meghan 3 days before their wedding. Funny how it took him so long to say that. Like I said, Meghan has receipts on everything.

  45. Likeyoucare says:

    Maybe they should announce a new poll, the most beautiful wiglet wearing woman as opposed to the most handsome bald man like willie for distraction for racism.

  46. Lizzie says:

    Whomever forgot to blame this all on Meghan will probably be fired.

  47. Nic919 says:

    Is Kate going to pay for the legal fees of the women arrested at the vigil? It’s the least she could do if she actually cared about any of this.

  48. EveV says:

    I have absolutely no expectation for Kate to do the right thing, but it is still appaling that she hasn’t said one word about the women who were pushed around and arrested at the very same vigil she herself visited. She is a sorry excuse for a woman and if I read another article about her being a paragon of perfection, I will scream.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Evev same. It’s infuriating that she has absolutely no spine and will never, ever just fcking tell us how she feels about something. She causes this whole ruckus and then disappears, letting KP battle it out with the press/police.

      Whenever we next see her, this will all be forgotten and her fans will be swooning over her outfit.

  49. Demi says:

    She was there working?? what exactly her role there working as what? positive PR for the Royals you mean?

  50. Zaya says:

    Should we now refer to her as Schrödinger’s Kate?

    The event was illegal because of the pandemic. Police were so worried about the size of the crowd and the ongoing pandemic that they kettle the crowd so that everyone was in closer proximity. Cressida Dick would have gone to the event herself, but didn’t cause it was illegal. Kate went and the police knew about it, but not the police on scene. Her presence was perfectly legal since she was working. But KP said her visit was private because she was so moved by what happened to Sarah. So moved that she made sure not to wear a mask, even though the day prior she wore a mask to an outside event. So moved that she has yet to comment on it publicly and never said a thing about violence against women before. She even refused to wear black dress in solidarity with time’s up, saying it would be terribly unroyal for her to don a black dress, ignoring the fact that she’s worn black prior to the event. It was perfectly legal for her to go since she was working, just like it was perfectly legal for Peter Phillips to travel hundreds of miles for a booty call, he was also working. Pretty sure they’ll say Andrew was also working when he was with Jeffrey Epstein. So if it’s legal to be working at an illegal event, then why were the legal observers, journalists, etc arrested and assaulted? Weren’t they also working?

    Oh, but let’s ignore all that and the a Boris affair, look over there, Meghan and Harry lied about getting married privately. Let’s focus on that!

    Ugh! Make it make sense.

  51. Nic919 says:

    There is clearly concern from KP about this because Jason sent his bots to spew out the exact same “defence” of the vigil starting at 6 pm and she was there maskless at around 4:30pm. It’s pretty blatant because the same account is blasting this defence and it was created in March 2021.

  52. Emily_C says:

    I do not care whether it was “illegal” or not. The law’s an ass. We’ve known for a long time that outdoor gatherings, especially when masked, aren’t dangerous.

    Kate didn’t wear a mask, she swooped in for a photo op, and now her team’s nitpicking over legality rather than what’s actually true and right. The cops were wrong, the Tories are wrong, and people saying otherwise are a bunch of Javerts.

  53. Savu says:

    You know how she could’ve ACTUALLY regained some public support? Not call a videographer, and stayed, and been arrested with the rest of the women. It would’ve been front-page news for a week, and been by FAR the most interesting thing she’s done in her role. Stand up for something.

  54. Kate was dragged to attend that failed PR event. Not because of Sarah. It was because she thought that’s what Meghan would do given the same circumstances. She and her PR people use Meghan as their standard and benchmark for everything they do.