Lindsay Lohan is destroying little sister Ali


It’s rather pointless to wonder what’s wrong with Lindsay Lohan anymore. There are people who you can tell are going through a phase, and then there are people who you can tell that’s just who they are. Lindsay isn’t just some careless girl acting out in her early twenties. This is who she is, and I honestly feel it’s who she always will be. Mostly it’s a numbers game: she just has too many issues working against her. And not enough going for her in terms of intellect and self-awareness. But Lindsay’s not content with merely destroying her own life – she’s got to bring others down with her.

According to Life & Style, Lindsay’s become super close with her 15-year-old sister Ali. From what I’ve noticed it seems like they’ve always been fairly close, especially considering there’s an 8 year age difference between them. And technically Lindsay lives on the west coast while Ali lives on Long Island with their mom. But apparently in the last year or so, as Lindsay’s fallen farther and farther into the crazy pit, she’s been relying more and more on Ali – to the point that Ali has dropped out of high school to spend all her time with Lindsay. Technically she’s in a home school program, but no one believes she’s really doing it; it’s just for legality’s sake. And that’s just the icing on the cake.

Considering Lindsay Lohan’s history with drugs and alcohol — including arrests for drunk driving and cocaine possession, along with multiple stints in rehab — the last place the star should be hanging out is a bar. But what made her 11:30 p.m. outing to LA’s Crown Bar on Sept. 4 especially shocking was Lindsay’s companion: her 15-year-old sister, Ali. “I couldn’t believe Ali was there,” one guest tells Life & Style. “They partied until after 1 a.m., and she treated Ali as if she were just one of her friends at the club with her. And Ali was excited to be there. She loved being out on the scene with her sister. It was as if she knew she belonged there.”

The girls’ father, Michael Lohan, thinks Ali’s strong enough to resist temptation. “I’m glad Lindsay and Ali remain so close,” he tells Life & Style. “However, they’re independent people and are capable of making their own decisions.”

But Ali’s already in dangerous territory. Near the end of last year, she stopped going to school, and Lindsay took her in. “Ali is enrolled in a homeschool program,” mom Dina tells Life & Style. Now, despite an eight-year age difference, the sisters are like twins, dressing alike, looking shockingly skinny and sporting plumped-up lips. “Anything Lindsay does, Ali wants to do,” a family insider says. Ali’s also witness to the chaos of Lindsay’s romance with Samantha Ronson. Early in the morning of Sept. 12, the couple had one of their regular blowouts and split up yet again, says the family insider.

[From Life & Style Weekly]

It’s strange to me that in California people under 21 are allowed in bars – even little kids. I thought that the rule was as long as they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian, but I guess that’s not the case or the story would have a law breaking angle to it. When I lived in Seattle I knew a former Californian who constantly complained about Washington’s draconian bar laws. She used to like to plop her kids in a booth with a burger and then try to pick up men. How annoying to put a crimp in her lifestyle. Nonetheless, from what I can tell Lindsay and Ali weren’t breaking any laws by being in the bar, but obviously any drinking would have been a crime. As is the smoking.

I understand that Lindsay wants company and to feel less lonely. She needs some legit, honest friends. But how could any sibling watch her sister smoke at that age? It seems like she’s probably even encouraging it. I’m guessing it gives Lindsay a sense of camaraderie. Same with the dressing and shrinking alike. But doesn’t some sense of responsibility kick in, just out of familial love? I get that Lindsay doesn’t ever feel responsible for herself, but how could an older sister not feel protective?

The entire story is so sad and so selfish. Lindsay’s determined to turn Ali into her. That way she won’t ever have to be envious. If she messes her up as much as possible now, there’s nothing for her to worry about later on. The entire thing is about meeting Lindsay’s needs. Naturally the next question is “What’s wrong with the parents?” but that’s been asked so many times about the Lohans that there’s no point in even thinking about it anymore. No one in that family gives a sh*t about anyone but themselves. Which doesn’t make it any easier to watch them take each other down.

Here are Ali and Lindsay leaving Taverna Tony restaurant in Malibu on September 6th and shopping in SoHo on August 19th. Images thanks to and Fame Pictures .

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  1. maddie says:

    Nope Lindsay and Ali’s mother with the help of the father is what’s going to ruin Ali’s life.

    Instead of both of them trying to get their names in the tabloids they should be reeling the younger one in before she out of control like her big sister.

    They are just as bad as the Jon&Kate dust up.

  2. bros says:

    is it illegal to smoke? I thought it was only illegal to purchase cigarettes underage…

  3. ! says:

    Independent people capable of making their own decisions, Michael? Have you forgotten that Ali is fifteen and legally you’re not only supposed to be making her decisions for her, you’re also supposed to protect her?

  4. db says:

    I live in California. People under 21 are not allowed in bars. Maybe they thought Ali was 45 yrs. old.

  5. photo jojo says:

    Considering her parentage, can’t we just file this under “DUH” or “Well it was bound to happen!”

  6. Kris says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the parents give a darn about their kids. If they did do you think the would allow their 15yr to hang out with their drug addicted alcaholic daughter unsupervised?

    Linds has major problems and you can tell just by looking at her… Not someone I would want basically caring for my younger daughter.

    I wont be surprised when Ali has her first stint in rehab before she reaches 18.. And the ppl she will have to thank are the ppl that should be looking out for her… What a mess of a family!

  7. princess pea says:

    I’ve noticed for a few years now that if you have attained a certain level of fame, the bars will happily ignore your age. They want to have it known that famous people go there to party, so they won’t enforce the law. You would think with all the evidence available there could still be some consequence, but I guess the police haven’t caught on about TMZ yet.

  8. lilred says:

    How is Lindsay to blame…she’s where she is because her parents are idiots. If you aren’t taught right from wrong how do you know. She’s only doing with Ali what she did at that age. Both Those girls should have had much more guidance from their parents.

  9. MissMara says:

    (JayBird, is it after shooting Herbie that she became a carless girl? Must be hard getting around in LA, seen that Public Transport is pretty bad down there! 😉 )

  10. ! says:

    Can’t blame the parents forever lilred. At some point we have the social responsibility to straighten ourselves out and say “hey, I’m 18 now, society considers me an adult so I better act like one”.

  11. JayBird says:

    I double checked and the law changed about ten years ago – children are now allowed in a CA bar with their parent/guardian only. There’s some wiggle room if the bar is also a restaurant, but only down to the age of 18. Not 15.

  12. lilred says:

    @! No you’re right can’t blame the parents for ever but children do tend to learn by example,and we also know that those parents didn’t set a very good one.

  13. piedlourde says:

    No way!

  14. Alarmjaguar says:

    re the other cover story: I HATE skinny jeans, why oh why are people wearing them (I know not everyone has the same body type, but I really don’t think anyone looks good in them, well, men look pretty good in them, but not most women) Hate.

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sorry, lilred, gotta agree with “!” on this one.

    you can only blame your parents for so long. after a time, it becomes your own decisions that lead you to destructive behavior.

    she’s a full-fledged adult now, and has been in rehab enough times to know good behavior from bad, and to know how to control your addictions. (like not going to places where you’ll be tempted.)

    and she chooses to ignore those lessons. where she is now is nobody’s fault but her own.

    there are plenty of people who have pulled themselves up from much lower than she is, without the resources she has to do so. why? because they WANTED to. she doesn’t want to. she thrives on that behavior. look at her “relationship” with Ronson. so much drama, and she seems to LOVE it to the point that she tweets “private” messages to the public.

  16. HEB says:

    Ali is a minor, not an independent person.

  17. Sha says:

    Hey, this may not be the same thing, but I live in Brooklyn, near Park Slope, and its pretty normal to bring children into the bars, lol… I just went to my local pub’s 1 year anniversary last night with my neighbors and their children. My friends and I took turns with one of the babies strapped to our backs in a sling while we danced and sang with the band. There are always dogs and kids @ the bar, but maybe that’s just Brooklyn hipsters. I have no idea if this is normal anywhere else?

  18. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Sha, it’s also normal in some of the Irish bars I’ve been to in the Bronx.

  19. Ruby Red Lips says:

    No surprises here, obv that Ali idolises her big sis – a comment made back then ‘I want to be just like Lindsay’ – well she has the best teacher…

    Agree its a waste of space about the parents, they are the worst fame hungry money grabbing excuse for parents around…

    Lindsay should have had enough self-awareness, but why would she when she still gets jobs and appears almost everyday in the gossip colums…to her fame and adoration are the things that entitle her to be above the law and the normal realms of behaviour (in her mind)…far too late

    Very sad!

  20. angel says:

    In Europe bars serve as meeting places for the community. You can sit down with 3 or 4 generations from babies to great aunts and uncles as well as grannies…

    That is in no way the same going out with your 15 year old, worn and used looking sibling for a run…

    And yes, the parents are responsible, or in this case totally irresponsible…

    In fact, the remaining minors should be removed from the home…

  21. Neelyo says:

    db is right. They thought Ali was Lindsay’s mother.

  22. Hieronymus Grex says:

    I’m more pissed that this is the lead story on the cover and Patrick Swayze’s death is a minor corner footnote story.

  23. Fat Elvis says:

    Grex: Agreed. Couldn’t the tabs have mustered even the slightest shred of decency and skipped another pointless Lohan story in favor of Mr. Swayze’s passing? Nevermind, stupid question.

  24. Layla says:

    So Lindsay is only 23? That can’t be right. She looks like death.

  25. Sani says:

    This little creature can do any thing she wants without any one stopping her. So go ahead Lindsey and show your little sister how to be a turd just like you. Show Ali how you can have drugs and get away with it.
    May be Ali will run over and kill someone instead of just running over a foot.

  26. dovesgate says:

    I’m from California, a mere 2 hours or less from Los Angeles.

    The law is that if its a regular bar, no one underage is allowed in the bar. If its a pub (a bar that serves food), underage people are allowed in.

    The only pub we have in town serves only beer and wine, no liquor, and some really great burgers. I still wouldn’t take my kids in though. Its still a place where people go to get drunk.

  27. Madchen says:

    Oh pleez can I have those leopard spotted mocs…

  28. natalie says:

    what the problem to partied until after 1 a.m.??????????????
    normaly i arrive at the club at this time!

  29. natalie says:

    people under 21 are allowed in bars

    SO WHAT???


    everyone knows that kids enjoy a lot of beers and hemp! your society is broken of fake moralism!!!!

  30. natalie says:

    Lindsay is lonely??
    she’s probably even encouraging it?
    what th heel has the dressing way?
    The entire story is so sad and so selfish???

    HELLO!!!! ARE YOU GOD???

    WAKE UP!


  31. natalie says:

    *** FOR 14.Alarmjaguar:
    I HATE skinny jeans ****


  32. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Wtf? Thanks for that outburst Natalie.

    However, back in the real world – I’ve nothing against kids being in bars/pubs, obviously they shouldn’t be served alcohol, nor out til 1am. However, this is The Curious Case of Ali Lohan and her sister so anything goes.

    Vile. Oxygen. Thieves.

  33. CB Rawks says:


  34. 4Real says:

    Life and Style got it wrong, it’s Mama Lohan who has destroyed both of these girls.

  35. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m floored by a lot of things on this thread.

    The fact that it’s just now become apparent that LiLo is a blackhole hell-bent on sucking in and suffocating the lifeforce of her entourage probably tops it.

    But Swayze’s tiny footnote in the corner is pretty appalling too. But it is Life&Style, afterall. Not exactly a crackerjack team of journalists. . .

  36. the original kate says:

    natalie: using all caps is the same as shouting; please stop shouting. thank you.

    back on topic: i find it amazing that ali is still a teenager, she looks so much older. and also she looks like she has demi moore’s old face.

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  38. your tittle is so attractive, perhaps it is not Lindsay’s fault.

  39. However, back in the real world – I’ve nothing against kids being in bars/pubs, obviously they shouldn’t be served alcohol, nor out til 1am. However, this is The Curious Case of Ali Lohan and her sister so anything goes.