Idris Elba on the Sussexes: ‘You cannot take someone’s voice away’

Royal wedding

Idris Elba and Prince Harry have been friends for years. Elba’s tight with the Prince of Wales too – Elba is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, Charles’ big foundation. But Idris and Harry are bros and Idris attended the Sussexes’ wedding and deejayed the after-party. So it’s little surprise that Idris has been asked about Harry and Meghan as Big Driis tries to promote his current projects. Idris defended H&M:

Idris Elba, who attended the couple’s 2018 wedding with wife Sabrina Dhowre and served as a DJ at their reception, is now defending [the Sussexes’] decision to speak out, as he insists their voices shouldn’t be taken away.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said: ‘I will say that everyone has to have their opportunity to speak up about what they feel, you know. You cannot take someone’s voice away, that’s all we have to communicate.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Idris was also on the Today Show a few days ago and he was asked if he’s been in contact with Harry and Meghan since the interview, and he said: “No, Hoda, not at all. And you know, I try to stay out of these affairs as much as I can. They’re very dear to me but I haven’t heard from them.”

I think these are supportive comments and Idris clearly doesn’t want to be drawn into a larger conversation about the Oprah interview and all that. Which is fine – simply saying that Meghan and Harry have the right to speak and the right to communicate is probably “controversial” enough in Bitter Isle, especially for a Black man who has already spoken out for years about the racism he’s experienced in the British film industry and beyond.

Royal wedding

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Very wise comments from idris

  2. Myra says:

    Be careful, Idris. He who shall not be named (PWT) might ice you out next.

  3. Tiffany says:

    If you have not watched Concrete Cowboy yet, please do.

    It is enjoyable.

  4. NCDancer says:

    This is the kind sentiment I wished Mrs. Obama or Wendell Pierce had expressed. It’s fine not to want to get drawn into the conversation but still respect the agency of the aggrieved.

  5. smegmoria says:

    I could look at him all day.

  6. TigerMcQueen says:

    Started rewatching The Wire last night. He’s a great actor, and, as said upthread, wise AF.

    Love him.

  7. Emily_C says:

    I’ve watched the new Suicide Squad trailer an awful lot. It’s funny and I enjoy it, but I haven’t teased out how much of enjoying it is thinking it will be a fun movie and how much of it is Idris Elba being exceptionally hot.