Khloe Kardashian issues a melodramatic statement about that unedited bikini photo


All week, people have been talking about the dumbest Khloe Kardashian kontroversy. The kontroversy? It’s an unedited, un-Photoshopped, un-airbrushed photo of Khloe by a pool (not the photo above). She’s wearing a bikini and she’s not really posing, although she is sucking in her stomach. Her face doesn’t look Factetuned into oblivion and her body looks normal. Khloe was so disturbed that this normal-looking version of herself was floating around on social media and sites like Reddit. Khloe’s lawyers have been threatening anybody and everybody who posts the photo, which is why I’m not even going to try to link to it. If you’re on Twitter or Reddit, you’ll see it. Khloe just looks normal in it and not like a plastic Barbie doll.

How the photo was released in the first place, I don’t know. Khloe’s people are calling it an unauthorized leak or something that was mistakenly released by someone on the Kardashian production team. The reaction to the photo has been overwhelmingly positive. People loved how real and un-airbrushed Khloe looked, especially compared to the messy, jacked photos she normally posts on her social media. What I do know is that with all of this focus on legal threats and takedown notices, Khloe has Streisand Effect’d herself and this dumb photo has gotten major headlines. And now, Khloe has released a lengthy, melodramatic statement about the photo and body image. As Kourtney said: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

I wish you guys could see my face right now. GRIM. I get that every celebrity thinks they have the right to present themselves any way they want and have total control over every image of themselves, but this is getting asinine. It’s like a smaller version of when Beyonce got mad at all of those photos of her performing at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show and demanded that the photos be scrubbed from the internet. Khloe even has a better legal argument for takedown because it’s clear this was a personal photo taken on private property. But the rest of what she says… her argument is basically “I have low self-esteem and I hate that everyone says I look hot in an un-airbrushed photo where I don’t look perfect!” And guess what Khloe? We KNOW you’ve had a lot of plastic surgery. It doesn’t negate the fact that you work out a lot, but girl, you jacked your own face and body.


khloe face421

Photos courtesy of Khloe’s Instagram.

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  1. Ariel says:

    Streisand effect. I’ve never wanted to see any photo of that woman until this one.

    She makes me sad though, she seems to hate herself a lot.

    • SarahCS says:

      Same and yes.

    • NTheMiddle says:

      She obviously has body dysmorphia. How sad that she is obsessed with only being shown as a plastic version of herself. Her unedited photo looks great if you ask me.

    • rainbowkitty says:

      I never felt bad for her until now. She really does hate everything about herself and will always compare herself to Kim.

    • josephine says:

      I think it’s manufactured drama, as always. They make their living this way, butchering themselves and then prolinging the story of butchering themselves with this little dramas.

      People have stopped looking human in their social media, and this bunch leads the way. There is nothing good about that and it’s particularly brutal for young women.

      I was hoping that the pandemic would have led us to care more about people who are actually doing something positive in this world.

      • nievie says:

        the photo and silhouette still look shopped imo. Its fake drama for publicity. Look at the curve around her right hip in the water.

      • Nana says:

        @Josephine that was my first thought too.

        I have had two friends suffer major spinal cord injury over the last few years. What both wouldn’t give to be able to stand by a pool or just use their hands… What a society we’ve become. I hope a metaphorical iceage knocks this narcissistic selfie era off the planet soon.

    • Georgie says:

      Likewise. Something in me really almost needed, for my mental wellbeing, to see that photo. Too, I misread the title and thought Good God Kim looks like Khloe. It’s like she spent her adult life morphing into her sister whom she never looked similar to in the first place. She’s not trying to be a better HER, she’s trying to be a second Kim. The body image she has with herself is saddening. Real women do not look like this as we all know. We are not perfectly shaped cartoon characters. The unedited pic would set the example women need. Realistic, not dysmorphic, which is what is beautiful. This is faux confidence if one has to hide behind photo magic. If I worked out as much as she does, I would be proud to show my true earned figure. I’m not ashamed now.
      This is so fake that the only thing to be ashamed of is the phony pic.

    • jennifer bragg says:

      please please stop making these people relevant and richer, geez their disgusting

  2. SarahCS says:

    This even made the BBC top 10 stories yesterday. Wow.

    That bottom pic is Kim right?

    • Michelle Cooper says:

      That bottom pic is indeed Khloe. Not that I would have known the dfference had this website not posted that pic recently and commented on Khloe turning herself into Kim because it’s working. All the things such money could buy.

  3. Cecilia says:

    I hope that when im Khloe’s age i have a lot more self confidence because this is just sad. I get wanting to control you own image but getting THIS freaked out about 1 photo that wasn’t airbrushed or edited is truly disturbing.

    • Maliksmama says:

      You will. You were blessed to NOT have Kris and Bruce as your parents. And if you think Khloe’s fucked up, look at Kylie. Wait until she actually turns 40. Kris and Bruce have a lot to answer for.

      • Emmy Rae says:

        No love here for Caitlyn but please use her correct name.

      • Midge says:

        This is tricky. She grew up with a father named Bruce who was a man to the best of her knowledge. He was a public figure, a motivational speaker, a man’s man, and also unable to live life as his true self. To erase that history is to erase Khloe’s experience as his daughter. This is a conversation about self acceptance and she was raised in a family that has experienced challenges to self acceptance. Caitlyn was in her late 60’s when she came to this acceptance publicly.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Caitlyn is their stepfather. Robert Kardashian was their father and apart from having some axe to grind with Caitlyn’s gender, this argument regarding her parents is not resonating with me. Khloe is a grown woman well into her 30s and it’s ridiculous at this point to blame this on her parents. She’s been at this a long time and hates being caught and called out.

      • Sarah says:

        It’s not tricky at all. She was indeed all of those things, but her name is Caitlyn and she uses she/her pronouns. So should we when referring to any part of her life.

      • Sparky says:

        @L4 Kris married Caitlyn when Khloe was 7. Therefore, a good chunk of Khloe’s childhood WAS spent with Caitlyn as a second father figure.

      • Midge says:

        Again – this is conversation about accepting oneself and her parent spent > 60 years in that struggle. Caitlyn refers to Bruce in interviews and in her book. Also, I am not understanding the need to clarify step versus “real” father, so what, are we diminishing the role of stepfathers, one in her life since the age of 5? And Kris is the stage mom on crack, the momager who is also participating in the plastics and filters and editing and had her teenage daughter getting fillers, etc. Of course parents and childhoods shape us! It’s ludicrous to say otherwise.

      • Sarah says:

        Caitlyn can talk about her life however she wants, but it’s really not okay for anyone else to deadname her.

      • Midge says:

        @Sarah. This is the type of stuff that makes people hate the left, and I say this as a progressive. This is not a black and white issue.

      • lucky says:

        @midge, this is a good time to practice listening and reflecting. No one is being overly aggressive, just correcting you use of pronouns/name. When we mis-step (and we all do), and someone offers us a different viewpoint, it is just an opportunity to grow. The issue is certainly complicated, but using someone’s preferred pronouns/name isn’t, it is a matter of respect and compassion.

  4. smcollins says:

    Like everyone else I’ve seen the photo and, honestly, she looks great in it. She looks pretty & normal. But, of course, that completely goes against what these people are trying to sell, so….It’s no big secret that she is crippled with insecurities and her response to this only makes it all the more obvious. She needs a good therapist because a plastic surgeon and photoshop are not to going to “fix” any of her deep-seeded issues.

    • ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

      I was going to say the same thing. The unedited photo is beautiful, but she looks like a normal woman. Their empire is built on selling an aspirational look and lifestyle (and I know many people don’t aspire to be the Ks, including me). But No one buys a product just to look “normal” so I believe the impact to her revenue from her public seeing that buying her lifestyle only gets you normal is the reason that she is freaking out.

    • LadyE says:

      What’s so crazy to me is that in the untouched photo her nose looks completely normal and like she didn’t have any plastic surgery!! I mean, I know that she’s always been like “it’s just make-up LOL!”, but the photos she was posting made her look like she was Michael Jackson fifth surgery level. Is it actually possible that she hasn’t had all this plastic surgery????

    • L4frimaire says:

      I saw the photo and what stood out is she’s really tall and her body looks normal. That’s their biggest fear, being normal.

  5. Snuffles says:

    This is actually kind of sad. She’s spent 10+ years constantly being in the public eye, constantly being called the least attractive of her sisters. I’m sure she’s developed a complex. Considering how she photoshops herself to the extreme almost daily, I’m not surprised she freaked out.

    • Watson says:

      Yup. She was told for years she was the ugly sister. No wonder she has self esteem issues and wants to control her image. I feel really sorry for her.

  6. OriginalLala says:

    Khloe and I are the same age and I feel sad for her – all that money, fame, and power and all she cared about is plastic surgery and filtered photos…such a pathetic existence. I’ve found my 30s to be a time when I’ve let go of many of the awful thoughts I had about my body and give fewer and fewer f*cks about fitting in to some arbitrary standards of beauty, and frankly, I think I’m better looking because of it! I’m me, and that’s good enough 🙂

    • Nicole says:

      Many of the big moments of maturity in life come when we recognize that we are just one of a group, and that other people are more concerned with their own lives than with us. It happens for a lot of people when they become older teenagers and they wake up to the fact that having a plan for their future is more important that middle school drama. I think it happens again in our 30s when we recognize that not everybody will like us but we actually have the power to move on from bad situations. We break up with the toxic partner or we move on from the crappy job, and we find friendships with people who we connect with on deeper issues. We find our people and our place in the world. That second stage of maturity didn’t really happen for these people. If anything, the lesson of teenagehood was reversed. They found out that everybody cared about them in the most superficial way. Khloe is stuck in a Middle School drama of her own making at this point. She isn’t going to get better in the spotlight but she isn’t going to stop seeking the spotlight.

    • lucy2 says:

      This. I don’t doubt she took a lot of abuse both from the public and her own family, and it definitely messes with your head, but at some point don’t you just realize “hey, no one else’s opinion matters, I’m going to go live my life”? She could have done anything else with her life too, gone to college, worked for a non-profit, started a business, etc.
      Instead she chose the vapid family path, focused only on her appearance, and it’s led her to abuse her body and face, and project all that nonsense onto millions of other women and girls. She may feel better about herself posting those jacked to hell photos, but young women and girls who seem them don’t.

  7. Chaine says:

    Ridiculously dramatic statement. Guess what, Khloe, you’d easily have avoided all of the criticism of your body if you just stopped doing a reality show and got off social media! It is your choice to put yourself in a position where millions scrutinize your self-distributed curated images of yourself! And what is super-sad is that your real self looks so young and fresh and pretty in that unfiltered photo, but you prefer appearing like a distorted femme-bot.

    • Irene says:

      Yes, exactly.

    • ElleV says:

      I dunno, Chaine – I disagree on three points:

      – There’s a big difference between being scrutinized for content you share and control and being scrutinized for content you didn’t consent to share
      – Being a woman in the public eye doesn’t excuse/invite abuse, and I take issue with the notion that the only appropriate recourse is to suck it up or retire from public life – I’d much prefer to stand my ground and demand better and it appears Khloe does, too
      – From my perspective, people who post cruel comments or leak photos without a person’s consent are the ones who should get off social media

      • Shawna says:

        @Elle — I don’t disagree with your position; however this photo was taken by her grandmother and posted by one of her assistants. This wasn’t a leak and I have questions about the whole ‘consent’ thing….
        the irony is that the content she chooses to share is what is getting the criticism – the one that mysteriously got shared by someone they pay is the one getting POSITIVE attention.

  8. Ninks says:

    With this family, it’s hard to know whether she’s deliberately Streisanding herself for publicity or she is genuinely horrified that people have seen an untouched photograph where she looks like a real person.

  9. FHMom says:

    After all that plastic surgery, Khloe truly hates herself. The Klan is despicable for what they do to the self esteem of young women (including their own) who are trying to reach unattainable goals. And Khloe looks fabulous in that photo, much better than all those filtered, ‘shopped ones she puts out. Khloe, learn to love yourself. Your focus on physical appearance is making you miserable.

  10. MellyMel says:

    Saw the photo…she looks good and normal. Sad that even with so many ppl telling her that her non-airbrushed picture looked great, she still can’t see it. Maybe she should try therapy instead of being so concerned with her Insta pics.

  11. mellie says:

    This girl needs some therapy….a four slide statement on Twitter over a single photo where she looks FINE.
    I wonder when the general population is going to tire of these people and quit spending money of their products, TV shows etc….so we can all start seeing a little less of their nonsense.

  12. Sinéad says:

    I thought her nose looked jacked, like it was way off centre, in the unfiltered photo so I wonder if that’s the reason she wants it gone and not coz of how her body looks (which is great IMO)

  13. Ellie says:

    The Page Six story said it was taken and “accidentally” posted by an assistant. If that’s true and Khloe knew they were taking the photo, it would seem the assistant would own the copyright, not Khloe (this is beside the fact that they are SO fired, and also beside the point of is it cool to post a photo of someone if you didn’t get the OK from them and if it was really an accident). It would be a complicated court case, but it would never go to court. They’re just making threats on the power of their name and their money.

    It’s actually different than Beyoncé, because while both were on private property, Beyoncé had signs posted that said NO PHOTOS and people agreed to that by buying tickets and posted photos they took anyway. Beyoncé did not know the photos were being taken.

    But in both cases, when a photo is out there on the internet, it’s out there. Khloe needs to go away and get some help with this, because she really seems to be struggling with her issues lately.

    • Maddie says:

      Actually, you’re wrong about the Beyoncé case. The photos she wanted scrubbed from the internet were taken during her Super Bowl performance, not on private property. They were taken by multiple different agencies who had every right to take the pictures and sell them. Some of them were unflattering because Bey always gives it 100% and her publicist contacted blogs and asked them to take them down, when they really didn’t have to.

      The “no pictures” policy didn’t start until her Mrs Carter Tour later that year. That’s when she started hiring a personal photographer and selling those pictures to news outlets who wanted to cover her tour.

      • MF1 says:

        Yup, this is correct ^

        I like Beyonce and all, but I can’t help and roll my eyes at how much of a control freak she is about her image and appearance. (Same for the Kardashians.)

      • Ellie says:

        She’s a total control freak about her images, and I totally forgot those were professionally taken. I stand corrected, and I’m surprised she didn’t have some type of clause included before that for every person who purchased a ticket to the Super Bowl. Stadiums are private property. Any event I’ve ever covered as press at a stadium you’re pretty much required to sign your life away and have your camera checked as well.

    • Chaine says:

      It wasn’t taken by an assistant. The messages people are getting to take down the photo attribute the copyright to her granny, MJ. That’s why memes have been circulating about her granny being sneaky or sabotaging the kardashians.

    • Mia says:

      I don’t really understand why Beyonce must be brought up with these women every time they screw up and I side-eye anyone who does this. It just seems so disingenuous and as a way to drag a black woman with the “they do it too!” and to remind Beyonce and black women that we are no better than the Kardashians. I just don’t trust that the arguments are coming from a good place. Call me skeptical and paranoid but I believe a lot of these comments are just in bad faith.

      I will never forget how many people on this site and others gleefully wanted to put Beyonce in her place for being uppity and not associating with Kim. Funny, I don’t see the opposite.

      I wish this site would stop covering this family of grifters who made their money using black women/men and now slowly pushes the narrative that despite all that they can grow and change. That would send a message about not supporting people/entertainers that have made a history of doing this.

      I wish that people brought up the Kardashian’s treatment and grifting of their black women friends as much as they love to bring up Beyonce. I wish I could enter a KKK post and see a friendly reminder of all that Khloe has done to her particular black women ‘friends’ (with her double standards and bullying of Jordyn) or how the whole family stole from Brandy in committing fraud with her Amex. White people have the luxury in all things it seems.

  14. Mimi says:

    She’s pathetic

  15. Ellie says:

    But Khloe, why would you ever need photoshop?

    It surely cannot be that all the waist trainers, lotions & potions, slimming teas and vitamin gummies that you’ve spent the past fifteen years selling to your fans are snake oil and it was all one giant airbrushed scam all along?!!

    Insert the Futurama, “I am shocked – SHOCKED! – Well, not that shocked” gif.

  16. VS says:

    I don’t follow this family; what’s wrong with the original picture? she looks fine in it
    Jeez, she should stop messing with her face…..

  17. Sarah says:

    And so begins another day of being absolutely floored by the things people will spend gross amounts of money on and then cry victim about.

  18. Lady Luna says:

    I honestly did not recognized her and I thought this person looked great. Then I read more comments and realized it was her. What a difference, and how sad that she doesn’t see this for herself.

  19. Snap Happy says:

    The internet has been brutal to this woman. But, at the same time she doesn’t take responsibility for her and her family’s role in perpetuating impossible beauty standards. By releasing highly edited photos you are effecting the self esteem of millions of girls who inexplicably look up to this family.

  20. manda says:

    One thing I noticed about the photo–she looks SOOOOO much younger in it. It’s like sweet and happy. I thought it was from like 10 or 15 years ago! She’s probably too young for that, but yeah

    I feel very sad for her. There is no way she is actually happy

  21. P says:

    I feel bad for her, i I think she looks 1000 times better in that photo, looking like an actual human woman, with a great body and nice
    face, smiling. But she and her family have that wax figurine aesthetic, who are you fooling? We all know that you dont look like that in real life, and thank god, because that is an awful look.

  22. Maddie says:

    Wasn’t her grandma the one who posted the pic? Lol.

    Khloe would have a better argument about the unrealistic standards women are being held to, if she and her clan hadn’t been at the forefront of creating unrealistic standards for the past 10+ years.

    She doesn’t have to tell us about every single procedure she gets done, but if you’re caught lying, either own up to it or ignore it. Don’t play the victim, Karen Kardashian.

  23. Merricat says:

    In a family that’s all about surface, this does not surprise me. It’s a shame, though.

  24. Shawna says:

    I think she looks refreshingly normal and as someone above said younger, fresher, more natural…having said that, it makes me question the hard core gym routine. I would have expected some definition in the legs and shoulders. The photo clearly shows evidence of lipo and tell tale tummy tuck signs — she has that obvious flatness between the navel and pubic area.
    Maybe that’s why she freaked out?

    • Size Does Matter says:

      It looks like there is a bit of a scar showing on the left side of the bikini bottoms. I bet you’re right.

      I would feel so weird sitting around practically naked with my family in the pool.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, plus as someone said above, it damages all the weight loss, body sculpting sponsorships she has and sells with those highly photoshopped images.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I just completely disagree with this. Advertising imagery (because she’s always promoting her clothing company) is completely different from personal photos. She’s forcing a fake glamorous look on society herself now, she is not just a recipient of social narratives, she and her sisters are literally producing their show and creating these narratives in the media. How she “chooses to look” is cultural appropriation of Black women just like her and her sisters’ designs they stole from Black female creators. She doesn’t mention her plastic surgeries (some of which she’s previously said were botched). There’s a lot of industries benefiting from creating body insecurity and Khloe’s own company is one of them. She benefits from the unreal body images that she is putting out there in her ads, and the latest Good American ads were especially unreal. Conforming to a socially accepted standard of beauty is not revolutionary and it’s not empowering. You’re literally conforming. Khloe and her sisters, shilling their fake diet teas and their waist trainers. It’s sad.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      I noticed how light her skin is in the unedited, nothing like how she purposely presents herself.

      I mean. Skin color is not an issue, unless you’re faking your skin color to look darker than it is while also, as you point out, “cultural appropriation of Black women just like her and her sisters’ designs they stole from Black female creators.”

      Also, as they appropriate Black women to cash in on the current support for Black women owned businesses, it’s worth pointing out that they are super wealthy and are not being oppressed by anyone but are cashing in on people’s desire to support the culturally oppressed.

  26. Alexandria says:

    What in the hell? She looks absolutely normal in that photo and not even bad. If I was an extrovert at the pool, I’d tell her she looks good.

  27. Katherine says:

    Okay, here’s a story. I felt I really let myself go about a year back so I followed about a hundred of well manicured women on insta to get inspiration, see the hairstyles, clothes, their gym and skincare regimens, etc. It’s been very helpful but after a few months I started looking at the skin on my face and only seeing signs of aging. The skin of these women was always flawless in all pictures and stories even when it looked like nothing else was edited and they weren’t wearing makeup. My skin seemed too dry, dehydrated, not fresh and juicy, like theirs. I was getting really upset over this. I deleted insta because I was so distressed that the self-improvement was just not worth it anymore, and I resigned to just accept that I’m not as young as many of the girls I followed and my skin won’t look as good, at least not without some serious cosmetic procedures. Fast forward several months, my skin looks good! No, it’s no miracle treatment, I just stopped brainwashing myself with unrealistic images. I look at my skin now and it’s perfectly fine. Not amazing or anything, but seriously nothing to get heartbroken about. What I’m saying is, she hates that photo because she compares it to the seriously posed and edited images that are very different from what an actual human woman typically looks like.

  28. Zara says:

    I don’t follow them. Never even seen an episode of their show, but the kontroversy came up on my Twitter timeline, so I was kurious and found the pic. She looks so different that I assumed it was just an old pic.

    I thought they said the grandma posted it ok insta?

  29. Cait says:

    Can’t feel bad she went out of her way to attack a young black woman when her man was at fault . I find Jordyn Woods problematic or really any black women who chooses to associate with the Khartrashians

  30. Case says:

    I would take her statement more seriously if she’d just admit that she’s had a LOT of work done to achieve this look and works hard to maintain that image. I think it’s so damaging that these women spend so much money reworking their entire bodies and young girls look up to them thinking this is normal and attainable.

  31. Simalu says:

    All she needs to do is stop stripping for pictures! Simple!

  32. Jenn Fulton says:

    Where is the point as to when she does become liable for false advertising and misleading the public (consumers)?

  33. Dee says:

    Why are these people even a thing? They have no talent and really just SELL stuff.

  34. MissMarierose says:

    I wonder if Kris ever stops to think what her relentless quest for money and fame has done to her children.
    They all clearly have self-esteem issues, with Rob, Khloe, and Kylie the worst of the bunch.

  35. Midge says:

    Let’s be clear, she posted this bs along with a video of herself flashing freshly spray tanned abs. She is a mess.

    The best comment I’ve seen on this: “She is part of the problem. She is perpetuating this unrealistic standard she is purportedly held to. At some point, she needs to step up at stop the cycle. She had the perfect chance to do so right now, but she failed. She can’t play victim to the system while at the same time put out doctored images that perpetuate the system.”

  36. ME says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all planned for attention and pr. How are the ratings for their show going right now? This picture (from what I’ve read on Reddit) was taken by and posted by a family member (grandma MJ). Now why would Khloe even allow them to take the pic in the first place? This family has NEVER had an unphotoshopped pic leak like this before. The last time something even similar happened was when the paps got Kim on the beach in Mexico with her cellulite showing and she had a meltdown over it (it became a storyline for their show as well). If Khloe really cares about self-esteem, then how about all the girls who see her airbrushed, filtered, photoshopped to hell and back pics and think this is what a female is supposed to look like? Hypocrite.

  37. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Probably off topic but she looks SO much like Kim in that one photo that maybe folks will stop saying Kardashian Sr. wasn’t her bio Dad?
    I add I have a friend whose niece is ride or die Khloe (without the need to mess up her whole face and body, she understands that) so we get the latest on the train wreck that is this group and IIRC there was a whole story about her DNA?

  38. Monica says:

    I would give a lot to look like her “bad” picture. Get a grip, Khloe.

  39. Ctgirl says:

    Being plastic perfect is the Kardashian family brand. When the world sees them for the imperfect creatures that they are, they tend to melt down. Kim gets caught with a dimply butt and she melts down. Kylie is questioned about the obvious lip filler and there’s a meltdown. Khloe caught in a real moment and she melts down. Their mother has pushed this agenda and at the end of the day, Kris Jenner has a lot to answer for.

  40. WithTheAmerican says:

    I am so sick of these people. SO SICK OF THEM.

  41. Züri says:

    Khloe vaguely resembles Biana from “Lars and the Real Girl,” in that water photo. Which is an insult to Bianca.

    This family is beyond trashy.

  42. Veronica S. says:

    What’s crazy is she looks…fine. Like, she has a nice body?? It’s just a bad angle for her face and she doesn’t have a ton of makeup on. Like damn, the stress of having to feel ugly even when you’re in better shape that a hefty portion of the population. No wonder they’re all messed up.

  43. Coffeeisgood says:

    This is so sad because Khloe looked great in that picture. She actually looked like herself and not overly photoshopped. She edits her pictures so much that she often looks weird and completely fake in all her insta photos.

  44. Sarcasm101 says:

    People are starving. That’s all I have for this.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes, I’d like to bring back Kourtney’s famous quote: “Kim, there are people that are dying.”

  45. K says:

    We all have our flaws. We all have something we want to “fix “. I get it. But I really mean this..the Kardashians are ugly in a way that can’t be fixed with all the edits and stitches in the world. They just haven’t figured that out yet. So effing sad.

  46. Jess says:

    That photo is the best I’ve ever seen her look. She looks young and refreshed

  47. Kkat says:

    I took a good look at the “unedited” photo, in photoshop just now.
    It is definitely edited, and not very well. The water around her hips and waist are where you can really tell for sure.
    People pose in front of water a lot because it can be harder to tell if you’ve done any manipulation.

    So I’m wondering if this photo got released before they were done editing

    Or more likely this was done on purpose and she edited the “unedited” photo because she couldn’t help herself. And this was set up to cause this controversy. She probably prewrote her statement 😜

  48. Sandra says:

    1. Khloe was pretty before she started morphing herself. I always thought she was the cutest of the sisters.
    2. If her body dysmorphia stems from “the haters” and hating herself, then the same can be said of Kim, Kylie and Rob. 4 out of these 6 children have this sad disorder. What does that say about the family? Maybe get yourselves off of tv and IG. Kris, I’m looking at you. They’re all adults now but Kylie started doing this to herself in her late teens. And you still are the one controlling this family to make all of your money and have all of your fame that you were so desperate for your whole life. (Kris is going into Jackson territory with her face too).

  49. emu says:

    Exactly. People liked the photo. Liked how she looked. I do get it that she was called the ‘fat’ sister, but it’s sad that she just photoshops herself to hell so much. She looks terrible in that water photo

  50. Honey says:

    Think if she put that much energy into philanthropy. 4 slides worth of babble and I’m exhausted just thinking about how long that took a team of people to put together and edit. Next.

  51. Ashton says:

    I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for this family. The truth is they have made billions fooling people, appropriating other cultures, and contributing to young girls hating themselves for not looking like a photoshopped picture.

  52. Amando says:

    Honestly, it crushes me too when I see a bad picture of myself. Having body dysmorphia and a low self esteem stinks. This is probably the only time I can see her side of things. However, to say that people cannot judge her is simply untrue. If you put it out there, people will judge. I think she played this all wrong though. The photo is well received and she could have played it off as, “Yup, this is me, deal with it.” and finally stopped with all the obsessive work outs, filters, and surgeries.

  53. JaneDoe says:

    I thought the funniest thing about her statement was when she complains that people would say that her father wasnt her real father because she looks so different….it is truly unbelievable to me that this family is STILL trying to insist that Robert Sr. is her father. Does she really think ANYONE buys that??????

    • jwoolman says:

      Khloe’s dad was the one who raised her and loved her and had his name on her birth certificate. Doesn’t matter whether or not he was the sperm donor. Genes mix in mysterious ways.

      I really do not understand why so many people are determined to insist that Robert Kardashian wasn’t her “real” father. He sure acted like he was, and so did she.

  54. sara says:

    poor, dumb khloe

  55. kim says:

    meh, negative attention seekers gonna NAS

  56. L says:

    Far out. Read the room Khloe.
    I think what ppl wanna see is her embracing herself the way she is. Get help for body dysmorphia Khloe, and then post ur unedited photos and ppl will finally embrace you as a body positive icon. Stop resisting it and just address ur insecurity! Then you will have the adulation and validation you need. Simple.

  57. LOL, the Kardashian leaks!

    BTW I think she should just accept her body and her natural beauty, spreading body positivity to all her huge fanbase!

  58. A says:

    I know plenty of people have said it, but I’ll say it too. Khloe looks great in that photo. She looks young in a way that you never really see when she’s overly made up in her Instagram photos. She almost looks like Kylie, for a second, but a lot better somehow? She has great shoulders, and she’s tall, and it’s actually a bit of a relief to see that in spite of everything, she maybe hasn’t jacked her figure to the warped extent that Kim has. She’s tall and good looking and seems like she’s having a good time…and I think that was the whole point, right?

    Someone else pointed out on another site that this whole, “Whoops didn’t mean to post it I look sooooooo ugly here,” thing is an effort at gaining some calculated press coverage for herself, complete with a dramatic screed abt how she’s just got so many self-esteem issues and doesn’t what that picture out there. I mean. I guess, sure. But. She looks better in that photo than she’s ever been, and I stand by that.

  59. Aries_Mira says:

    She needs to get off and stay off of social media and get professional help.

  60. Aries-Mira says:

    She needs to get professional help and stay off of social media.

  61. Jezebeelzebub says:

    I mean, I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t like him/her/ them- self/selves and it seems like she doesn’t. But how bad SHOULD I feel for her when the unrealistic standards she doesn’t feel like she lives up to are in fact propagated (in part) BY HER? Like, shes part of The Machine that damaged her and wounds others. How is that supposed to be ok?


  62. Juju says:

    Her body doesn’t even look normal in the unedited photo. It looks like the body of someone who had lots of work done. This woman needs help, very serious help and she needs to get off of social media asap. I want to feel sorry for her and her body image issues but I just can’t. She’s a huge part of the problem that millions upon millions of women and girls have issues with their own body and now she wants sympathy?