The Mail really asked mourners if they think Duchess Meghan should come back

Armistice Day 2018

It’s my hope that the Duchess of Sussex does not return to the UK anytime soon. Like, I hope she stays away for years, although it’s possible that she intends to support her UK patronages in person at some point in the next year. But especially given her pregnancy right now, not to mention the pandemic – which is still raging – of course she’s not traveling with Harry to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. The Sussexes’ spokesperson said it clearly: Meghan consulted with her doctor, who advised her not to travel. Even if her doctor had signed off on it, I doubt she would have been eager to fly for what? Eleven hours? All to quarantine for five days and then attend a funeral where everyone ignores her? Nah. But the British media is obsessed with the idea that “Meghan should have come.” The Daily Mail literally went up to mourners outside of Windsor Castle and asked them what they thought of Meghan staying in California. Something surprising: most people understood why Meghan isn’t coming.

Members of the public paying tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh have welcomed the news that Prince Harry will be returning to the UK for his grandfather’s funeral – but mourners had a mixed reaction over Meghan’s absence. A number of mourners gathered outside Windsor Castle gave their opinions on the Duke of Sussex returning from the US for the solemn occasion, and were positive for the most part. However, the consensus wasn’t quite as unanimous when it came to his pregnant wife Meghan, who is due to give birth to a baby girl early this summer and won’t be accompanying Prince Harry to the UK on doctor’s orders.

Sources close to the couple said they were ‘united in grief’ with the rest of the Royal Family, but added that Meghan, 39, who suffered a miscarriage last year, would be following medical guidance on whether she should make the 11-hour flight from California.

When the groups of dedicated mourners were asked about Prince Harry’s decision to fly back from the US for the funeral, the decision was met with praise. Telecommunications manager John Morris, 59, said: ‘Harry should come back. Meghan, I think, okay, she’s got her own issues with the monarchy, but you know Harry I think should be there for his grandfather. You know, his grandfather died and it was part of his life, so he should be over here. And okay if its only for a brief visit, okay fine. But hopefully they can make some amends, at least Harry and William might be able to get back together again.’

While 36-year-old product manager Sammy Sheng said: ‘It will be great for Harry to come back as a family, to be part of the family as they gather round and send off his grandfather. But I guess, considering the pregnancy, women travelling such a long distance is not a pleasant journey for her (Meghan). I mean speaking for myself if I had to travel – I don’t know how many months she’s in now, but it’s quite a long journey, yeah. It’s a shame she can’t attend, but if she can’t travel then it’s unfortunate.’

Clemmie Turner, 37, said she thinks Harry should do what he wants to and that it is the right decision for Meghan to stay in the US because she is pregnant. She said: ‘I think that he should be doing what he wants to do and he obviously wants to be here. I think that clearly Meghan has been asked to stay behind on doctors orders because she’s obviously very pregnant, and I think she needs to do what’s right for her.’

However, not everyone asked agreed, with 60-year-old company director Cathy Spooner saying that Meghan should also have made the trip. Ms Spooner said: ‘Yes I’m so pleased Harry is coming back. To me, I think Meghan should come with him to support him, try and show some unity. Part of me understands why she’s not coming back, but I think that’s a mistake. I think she should. I think she should put her differences aside for the sake of a very prestigious royal who has just passed.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m so glad that the Mail dutifully quoted the one person who believes Meghan should endanger her life and her late-term pregnancy just to show up in England for a funeral. Jesus. This is just the Mail – and the entire British press – dragging Meghan into the conversation and blaming her for no reason. They’ve made it all about Meghan and Harry attending Philip’s funeral. That man had four children, eight grandchildren and loads of great-grandchildren. H&M aren’t making this into The Sussex Show, the media is. And I can’t help but think that annoys the hell out of the Other Brother and the Keen Lynchpin.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and HRH The Countess of Wessex attends the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph on Sunday 10 November 2019

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    The flight from CA to London is brutal. Meg might also have doctors appointments or medical issues we don’t know about.

    Haters keep saying, “she went to her baby shower in NY” like that was yesterday or something. Idiots.

    And of course they questioned mourners. They’ve got no story with Meg or Harry.

    • VS says:

      She went to her baby shower, yes but they forget she also went to Morocco after that….she wasn’t not in her late trimester as she gave birth in May. It was already pretty close but I am sure her Dr approved

      Why should H&M risk the life of their unborn daughter to satisfy the morbid curiosity of the uk press? some of these people are under Lewis Hamilton’s tweet about DMX complaining he is not mourning Philip enough. Why should he? jeez, what a country!!!
      I wonder why Lewis Hamilton or any black person can ever accept those BS stuff handed down by the rf

      Thx gosh H got Meghan and their kids out of that hell hole

    • Kkat says:

      Everytime I’ve flown into Heathrow from LAX it’s taken a good 11-12 hours.
      That’s not counting check in, security , boarding and travel time.

      Did he fly out of LAX? He could have gone to Santa Barbara but I don’t know if that airport can handle transatlantic flights.
      He possibly flew from Santa Barbara to LAX
      Assuming no traffic it’s a hour and a half drive from where he lives to LAX. With traffic it could be up to 3 hours.

      So travel time for Meghan would have been probably 2 hours to get to LAX, an hour at the airport at least, 11 flight, then however much travel time from Heathrow to where she’d be staying. So around 15 hours or more travel time when you’re heavily pregnant with a high risk pregnancy.

      • Elizabeth K. Mahon says:

        They’re also forgetting that there wasn’t a pandemic when Meghan went to her baby shower in New York.

      • The Recluse says:

        And the jet lag! That’s quite a haul for a normal person as it is. Imagine how stressful it would be on a woman who is pregnant and hoping to avoid another miscarriage.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      It’s almost 13 hrs from LA to Heathrow (I know, I took it a couple of years ago; thank God I flew BA business class!). Even if they flew private (and we now know Harry took BA), it’s a long flight for a woman who is about 7 mos. pregnant. She also had a miscarriage and is considered a “geriatric” pregnancy. We don’t know if she has any other issues in addition from this pregnancy. The ONLY opinion that should matter here is Meg’s doctor, and then M&H’s. Period.

      • BABSORIG says:

        Meg is carrying identical twins or trips, mark my words. Prior to the Morocco tour, I remember the rota 🐀 🐁 stating that if Meg makes the Morocco 🇲🇦 tour, that’d mean she’d be carrying a singleton because if it were multiple gestation she wouldn’t be allowed to fly 6 months and up. So this is a multiple gestation pregnancy, mark my words 😁😁😁

    • Myra says:

      Between her first and third pregnancy, she suffered a miscarriage. That is enough to explain why she is more cautious now compared to her first pregnancy. All other circumstances have also changed including a global pandemic (imagine trying to fight off a virus while pregnant), her age and the flight distance (New York is closer to London than California). Those who hate would have hated had she showed up.

    • Spanky says:

      Let’s not forget that she is under investigation for allegedly bullying staff members! Hell, her lawyers probably told her to stay away too. Why would she want to go back there and deal with courtiers for a week or so, who could then turn on her and make up sh** that she was being abusive?

    • RedWeatherTiger says:

      Unlike her NYC baby shower trip, this time around, In addition to the global pandemic, a racist Brit media who is out for her blood, a miscarriage last summer, and the current late pregnancy, Meghan also has another child at home who needs her.

  2. Lauren says:

    The tabloids had published so many paper copies of their junk with specials on Philip and most were returned unsold right back to them. The fab 7 don’t sell. An important death doesn’t sell. That’s why they need Harry and Meghan and why they will always be circulating back to them at least until the RF has content and info to share, then they will start turning on them as well. That bit published about Penny being Philip’s friend was a warning shot.

  3. Becks1 says:

    The fact that people think they know better than Meghan’s doctor is astounding to me.

    We don’t know how far along she is, we don’t know of any other medical issues she may be experiencing, we DO know she had miscarriage last July but that’s it. We don’t know if she would be comfortable leaving Archie with someone for a week while she travels and quarantines (and then again when she gets home), and I’m assuming she would NOT bring Archie with her. We also know there is still a pandemic raging. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to understand that there are several perfectly valid reasons for Meghan not to attend and that’s without getting into any issues she may have with members of the royal family.

    • Cecilia says:

      There was a royalist on twitter who literally said that meghan was an asshole if she didn’t attend the funeral. When she got called out she said that her “grief” got to her. She was an American too like how embarrassing is that

      • bamaborn says:

        Someone on this site yesterday had an accurate two word assessment of what this family and some of the derangers were exhibiting after this mans’ death…”grief porn.” The best description I’ve read so far.

      • Nic919 says:

        I saw that comment. And then it got deleted.

        How deranged must you be to call a pregnant woman who is in her third trimester an ahole for not wanting to travel by plane over 12 hours when there is a pandemic. Normal people wouldn’t expect pregnant women to do this even in a non pandemic situation.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Royalists are the worst. Someone commented that this is an example of how black/mixed race women are seen as mules & never mothers etc & not extended same empathy people would typically have. When Kate was pregnant & cancelled engagements because of her HGV it’s all sympathy, she needs to take it easy. Hell since Meghan’s version of the dumb wedding rehearsal tears story came out they’ve excused Kate on basis that Kate was post partum.

        But Meghan is meant to ignore doctors advice and fly 11 hours in the middle of a pandemic whilst heavily pregnant & after a recent miscarriage. Let alone the tension/stress of the occasion given that she would be surrounded by people who have been leaking bullying claims& articles suggesting that they hope Harry dumps her & their kids during this pregnancy. Yeah no.

    • Sofia says:


    • Mac says:

      No one but salty old royalists expects a woman in her third trimester to travel. Can you imagine the scandal if she went into labor on the plane?

    • LadyMTL says:

      Some people want her there just so they can tear her every move / look / action to shreds. They don’t care that she’s pregnant, that there’s a pandemic, nothing.
      Heck, I used to work for an airline and one of our rules was that a pregnant woman past week 31 needed to get doctor’s approval to fly anywhere, even a short-haul flight, no matter what their state of health.

      Like you said @Becks1, the fact that people think they know better than her own doctor is astounding.

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s exactly why – the ones who wanted her to come are the ones who wanted to attack her. They’d pick apart her clothes, her body language, everything, and blame her for trying to take the spotlight. They’re just pissed she isn’t giving them the opportunity.

    • tcbc says:

      The thing is, even if none of those reasons are accurate, even if her reason is “I don’t want to because they are mean to me,” – that’s as valid a justification as any! Why do they expect her to make peace with those who only make war with her?

  4. Snuffles says:

    Gotta get them clicks.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    So gross. Why are they making this entire funeral about the irrelevant Sussexes? Phillip was the Queen’s husband for 73 years and the tabloids are making it all about the Sussexes.

    • Emm says:

      Exactly and anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that. I mean if I were the RF I’d be really effing pissed off right now that their “partners” in crime are making this all about H&M while simultaneously trying to say how amazing PP was and what a loss it is. If you are so full of grief for the man and had even a tiny thread of dignity you would be focusing on him and his wife and his work, NOT the two people you claim are too big for their britches. For two people they claim want so much attention they sure are giving them everything they want. But hey that doesn’t generate money.

    • ennie says:

      It is not the Sussexes fault. It is the media trying to make money.

  6. dawnchild says:

    It’s alright…Meghan has performed the magic of not traveling to the UK and still being ‘at’ the funeral…occupying space rent free in the media’s heads and getting 10 times more mentions than Kweenie & Co.

    • JT says:

      This right here. She doesn’t even have to be there to be in the center of everything. It may be petty to say, but I’m not mad at it.

  7. Cecilia says:

    1. The whole trying to make philips death into a diana 2.0 situation didn’t work
    2 the whole brothers reconciliation angle seems to be failing too.
    3 now they want meghan there to garner more interest.

    In a way im so happy that they went over the top with this whole “nation in mourning” thing because everybody will be tired of the windsors by the time Saturday rolls around

  8. Savu says:

    I’m shocked the consensus was that positive, to be honest. But I think there’s a hidden meaning here lots of people understand – after losing a pregnancy, and carrying another baby, there’s a lot of fear. Everybody I know who’s had a rainbow baby has been gripped with anxiety. They would avoid a plane ride at all costs in their pregnancy, let alone a very long plane ride, let alone during a pandemic.

    This could just be me projecting. I’m sure her doctor did advise her not to travel, depending on how far along she is, most doctors would. But the added emotional strain of a rainbow pregnancy is huge. I have a friend who literally went out and bought a fetal heartbeat monitor because she was constantly terrified of losing the baby. It eased her anxiety a lot to be able to “check up” on her.

    But anyway, I hope Meg is well, mentally and emotionally. ♥️ Even if she didn’t want to go, it can’t be easy to watch your partner go back to a toxic place alone.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, my sister is having a rainbow baby, due in September, and she has a fetal heartbeat monitor. She has a boy almost two and her rainbow baby will be a girl, named Wren. I told her she was just like Meghan and she was like what cuz she doesn’t follow royals lol.

      I was also happy that everyone responded in a mostly normal way about Meghan not attending.

    • molly says:

      People find it real easy to trash Meghan as a generic famous person, but once they start putting themselves in her shoes as a real person, it’s much harder.

      “Yeah, I had a miscarriage once, and I was afraid to get bumped on the subway when I got pregnant again.”
      “My grandma was in the ICU with COVID, I’m not traveling right now.”
      “Twelve hours on a plane in my third trimester?? Absolutely not!”

      See how empathy works?

      • Feeshalori says:

        Just goes to show that common sense, as in these cases, isn’t so common when it comes to those who trash Meghan about this. It’s an absolute no brainer that she shouldn’t be traveling extreme distances in her condition, after a miscarriage and with a pandemic a huge factor with a child at home. No one should. Shouldn’t even think twice about it and asking a doctor is a mere formality when you can exercise good judgment on your own. And those who think they can dictate Meghan’s actions for the purpose of slinging more abuse at her really want to put her health in jeopardy IMO.

  9. Case says:

    She’s what, 7 months pregnant? After experiencing a miscarriage? She was absolutely correct to not risk her health or the baby’s health by traveling during a pandemic. I don’t think it’s about “differences” or anything else at the moment; I think there’s a freaking pandemic and she needs to stay healthy.

  10. Merricat says:

    Meghan is a free citizen of the U.S., and the U.K. can fu*# all; she is not their business anymore.

  11. equality says:

    So Meghan should put “her differences aside” and travel? Can she put her pregnancy aside to make it safe to travel. How dumb a quote can anybody give? I’m betting that the public was supportive of Meghan or you know they would have printed more quotes bashing her.

    • lucy2 says:

      That was odd to me too, she’s not staying home because of the “differences” she’s pretty far into a pregnancy, has a toddler at home, and there’s a pandemic.

  12. Pétulia says:

    The next few months are going to be something for those who follow royals stories/support H&M. It’s not going to stop after the funeral. KP leaks like sieves so expect all kind of things. Harry made amends with his brother/ Harry refused to meet his brother/ William was incandescent with something, variations of those 3.

    • Merricat says:

      It doesn’t matter. Harry and Meghan are going on with their lives, despite the rota’s desperation.

    • Cecilia says:

      @petulia i find peace in the knowledge that if they dare come after meghan (or harry tbh) harry has all the freedom to respond and will go nuclear.

      • Pétulia says:

        Yes I know they can respond now, but it still annoying. I hope Meghan is not worrying too much about Harry while he is there.

  13. Scorpion says:

    Jameela Jamil has the best tweet regarding this issue. I’m still laughing 😂😂😂

  14. Jessie says:

    She literally suffered a miscarriage before this pregnancy. Couple that with the long extended flight, the stressful situation, and her age, and you can see why her doctors would consider it too risky for her to travel.

    Daily Mail is just trying to stir as per usual…

  15. ElleE says:

    The question should have been: why is late-stage pregnancy the only legit “excuse” a woman can make to decline family obligations when the men in our families beg off doing things with in-laws that don’t like them all of the time with no repercussions? (If we are just coming up with stupid poll questions)

    What nearly 40 yo pregnant mom would leave her toddler, her SoCal mini-estate with a staff, a home gym/yoga studio, pool, medical team nearby, mom living down the hall/nearby, behind to make the 20 hr (?) flt to the UK to quarantine before and after a family funeral?

    • bamaborn says:

      Yes, exactly! Hated they added “doctors advised her against going.” Should be, “this is my #@&! body, my #@&! baby and I won’t be able to make it. Period.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I said something similar up thread. Using your common sense, your own dictates over your body and physical well-being, and your good judgment don’t require a doctor’s note.

  16. Agreatreckoning says:

    Even though H & M wouldn’t do it, I kind of wish the explanation for Meghan’s not going would have been:

    “In order for Carole Middleton, the woman who believes herself to be the True Queen, to attend my grandfather in-laws funeral, I will stay home so there is a spot open for her.”

    Dear Cathy Spooner: How should Meghan put being quite pregnant aside? Inquiring minds want to know.

  17. Louise177 says:

    It’s annoying that people think Meghan should have gone and made up a pregnancy excuse. Flying halfway across the world in her third trimester, during a pandemic after a miscarriage, screams best not to attend. What gets me is the same people would say she attended for the attention.

  18. Mich says:

    Philip represented the Queen at John Kennedy’s funeral. The Queen was pregnant with Edward at the time.

  19. ennie says:

    I just really can’t with the British media. Rant coming.

    Trying to see things in context, forgetting that Harry is beloved and charismatic, the Sussexes are somewhat as comparable as the Wessexes. Andrew is divorced, and Anne is in a category practically for herself as the princess royale.

    I can’t see how people can say that Meghan is attention seeking when the press is behind her from the beginning, publishing anything related to her, using her occupation, her nationality, her economic background, her activist, her friends, her relatives to attack her, willingly as her father and Markle relations and due to her mother being unapologetically black.

    Harry and she have not been idle, or on vacation. They have both worked, and she has done just as others have done, maybe a few “protocol mistakes” here and there, but they would have been overlooked or called endearing if they were committed by anyone else “of the right birth”.

    What I mean is, she was her own woman, she was successful but she was somewhat unknown to a sector of the public, and the british media, trying to attack her, enbiggened her. She -and Harry- have reacted to this treatment, and they have not shied away, the ritish media have unknowingly brought out the best in -harry and Meghan, they gave them a very good reason to have a different life, and doing so, the royal reporters have lost part of their bread and butter. I am sorry for those few good royal reporters or photographers, they cannot write good things aboutHarry and Meghan, meanwhile the mean rota will continue trying to smear whatever they do, so they will still make money off them.

    They wanted Meghan gone or they wanted a second pair of Wessex (somewhat hard working bt that cannot be bigger that the FFQ and FFK) that they could smear and lie about them, and they would still be compliant, broken against the rota. I really not know what anyone would expect them to stay.

    Harry and Meghan had news dropping, his new work appointments, Archewell going on, the one year review being cancelled, that is why the interview happened and aired. There was never going to be a “good” time to air it. Grandpa was too ill, then everyone was going to be in mourning, then poor queen will take a year, then the queen is ill or whatever/whomever they think the Sussexes (Meghan) were taking the spotlight from. Bad if the do, bad if they don’t.

    They want them silent, they want to still make money off them. That time is over.

  20. FC says:

    Honestly, if she ever comes back I would fear for her life and the lives of her children. They’ve already proven they didn’t care she was suicidal and are STILL going on about how they would “take Harry — just Harry — back in a heartbeat.”

  21. Amy Bee says:

    I’m glad she took her doctor’s advice. Those who think Meghan should go to the UK don’t view her as a human being. The press is pissed off that she’s not there because they won’t get to make money off of her.

  22. Angel says:

    If I were Meghan I wouldn’t go either pregnancy or not, why make efforts to please people who clearly don’t like her anyway.

  23. kgeo says:

    Why should she go back? I barely want to go see my parents and some cousins because most of them will only interact with me by trying to goad me into a political sparring match instead of getting to know anything else about me. That’s not even based on the color of my skin or my nationality. She’s publicly stated she has issues with these people. Seriously, why would they think she would want to come back?

  24. Over it says:

    Okay Cathy spoon,, when you become Meghan womb, then you can decide what she does with her body and life. These racist B really need to get a grip on reality

  25. February-Pisces says:

    Even if she was given the all clear to fly, no pregnant person should be made to do anything that feels uncomfortable to them. If she turned up they would still be mad so it doesn’t really matter.

    I remember when she and harry has a quiet christening for archie, they complained that it was ‘secret’. When Beatrice has a secret wedding, haters complained saying ‘why couldn’t meghan have the same’. Seriously, Meghan should just put her feet up and the haters can go and f*ck themselves.

    And once this is out of the way, there won’t be anything else coming up for Meghan to come back to the uk for a long time. There are no more royal weddings left, so she probably won’t have to come back until the queen dies which might be years.

  26. Izzy says:

    I see the armchair obstetricians have arrived…

  27. BnLurkN4eva says:

    Meghan’s outfits age so well. I find that I like almost everything she’s worn more now than I did then and I was more a fan of her wardrobe than many others here and almost unlurked many times before I finally did to say as much. In any case, that’s all I’ve got. The salty BM and their unhinged obsession with Meghan is not worth getting into.

  28. The British media also say that Meghan did not come back to join Harry and the royal family for Philip’s funeral because she didn’t want to be the center of attention. It is the British media’s obsession of Meghan that this mourning becomes a Meghan mania. The loss of Prince Philip is glossed over because the obsessive British press makes it all about Meghan. The British media is crazy, spiteful, and vindictive. No respect .