Us Weekly: Avril Lavigne & Deryck Whibley split

Us Weekly is reporting that Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are ending their three-year marriage. A source tells Us Weekly, “She dumped him and told him she was leaving him. She wants to move on.” The source goes on to say that 25-year-old Avril has asked (“forced”) Deryck to leave their lavish Bel Air home, and added “Divorce papers will be filed any day now.” Another source told Us Weekly that 29-year-old Deryck is “is crushed.” So far, neither Avril nor Deryck have confirmed the news, but I think it’s probably true.

Part of the reason I think it’s true is because Avril has been acting like a single girl for the better part of a year. She goes to lots of parties in New York and Los Angeles, gets drunk with Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis, and seems to have spent most of August in a drunken haze in the Hamptons. Less than a month ago, Gatecrasher printed some good gossip that Avril was looking “anything but married” at a series of Hamptons hotspots, perhaps even hooking up with a series of interchangeable guys who didn’t mind her snotty attitude and puke breath.

In another interesting note, the National Enquirer had now-prescient story up a few days ago about Deryck “begging” Avril to just stop partying and just settle down, have a baby, and work on their very troubled marriage. Here’s the Enquirer’s report:

“If you love me, you’ll have my baby!”

Avril Lavigne’s long-suffering husband, rocker Deryck Whibley, begged his wife to have a child with him to save their crumbling marriage – but the “Complicated” singer balked at the suggestion and set off on a new party path that’s driving them even fur­ther apart, say sources.

“I think Avril and Deryck are now just a di­vorce waiting to happen,” a long­time friend told The ENQUIRER. “The poor guy thought a baby would bring them back together. He’s crazy in love with her. But Avril wants less responsibility, not more.It is as if she’s ready to pull the plug on their life together. She acts like she just wants to be free.”

The punk-rock couple, who married in 2006, seemed to be living separate lives for much of the last year. Deryck asked her to meet with him last month at their Los Angeles home in an attempt to work things out.

Although Deryck was in tears during the face-to-face, Avril was unmoved, says the friend.

The 24-year-old singer has been raising eyebrows with her cozy friendships with other men, such as troubled oil heir Brandon Davis and Dole Food heir Justin Murdock.

On Aug. 22, she was spotted at a Hamptons, N.Y. restaurant flirting with male admirers. She later partied like a single woman at Axe Lounge.

” She’s breaking Deryck’s heart,” the friend confided. “He told Avril, ‘I want a family. We belong together.’

But Avril immediately pulled away from him and has been partying ever since.”

Despite his wife’s strong rejection, Deryck still believes they can

“He’s told Avril how he feels,” added the friend. “The rest is up to her.”

[From the National Enquirer]

Yeah, I really think Avril wants out, and has wanted out for a while. She’s doesn’t give a crap about Deryck or her marriage. I feel for Deryck… just a little bit. While I’m sure he’s a tool too, I pity anyone whose had to put up with her for any length of time. Oh – and I’m pretty sure she’ll be in rehab at some point very soon. I think this girl’s issues aren’t just emotional. I’d bet she’s got some alcohol and drug abuse going on too.

Avril and Deryck are shown out on 12/5/08. Credit:

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  1. Megan says:

    wow… what’s the female equivelant of a douche?

  2. jenn says:

    a douchette? I think douche works in this case, or tool, or dick.

  3. Ana says:

    Ugh…anyone who thinks a baby will fix a relationship is a tool.
    No band-aid babies!!!

  4. Bodhi says:

    punk-rock couple my ass! I HATE it when people refer to that hag a punk. She is the farthest thing EVER from punk! GAH!

    Ok, I feel better now…

  5. Persistent Cat says:

    I walked into the drugstore the other day, one of those nice drugstores that also sells department store cosmetics. What greeted me at the door was a display of her new perfume. CDN$60. As a grown woman, I’d rather die than wear a poptart’s perfume so I wonder, can the girls who identify with her afford $60 perfume?

  6. Tia C says:

    Does anyone even care about this white trash has-been anymore?

  7. AlaskaJoey says:

    Aww, she’s just not that into you, guy!

    So against marriages in the early 20s – most people are way too immature for it to last and work, and be willing to work out any problems that might come up.

  8. Fat Elvis says:

    60 bucks for her low rent perfume??? Ugh, just when I think humanity couldn’t sink any lower …

  9. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Married in your early twenties is a death sentence to that marriage, from my experience.

  10. ash says:

    jeez, I’m 24 and married…you guys give me so much hope. 🙁

  11. wow says:

    Haven’t the press been saying that they were going to split for the past year or so and it turned out not to be true. This time may not be any different than that.

  12. yadira says:

    I was in my early twenties and have been married for 7 yrs now.

    It depends on the person. I think she is too immature and selfish to be married. She always looked so much like that possum she voiced for that animated movie. Damn rodent

    Ana: lol band aid babies….can’t help it but that sounds so cute

  13. gg says:

    Ash, I think they mean not everybody, but just most people, especially partying little immature famous people – she was a lot younger when she got married.

  14. pst says:

    she’s the fan who married her idol, it’s simpel as that and now she realise he’s not that exicting as he first seem

  15. DD says:

    Why am I not surprised this union didn’t work. Avril is a poseur rockstar with a major ego, not sure about Deryck either but he’s probably similar.

  16. Jag says:

    It definitely depends on the couple. My parents married in their early 20’s and were married for 41 years when Mom died.

  17. Cinderella says:

    Hanging with the heirs? Trading up, I suppose. At least monetarily.

  18. the original kate says:

    oh no. we the public will suffer more as a result of this breakup. why? because we’re going to be subjected to “deep” interviews and songs about heartache from both of these asshats.

  19. says:

    i think this article is funny….i mean, i can NOT stand avril but i totally don’t think this is “all her fault” and that deryck is some poor broken hearted guy. i remember reading on Lainey as far back as last year that there was gossip (from canada, both of their home) that deryck was famous for going out to bars and clubs with his guy friends and screwing anything that moved. i can totally see that happening since, you know, he’s a “rockstar.” and i know from experience how being the girlfriend (in her case, WIFE) of someone like that gets old AND embarressing and it can very quickly make you bitter and resentful towards that person.

    they got married REALLY REALLY young, they’re both completely obnoxious and ridiculous and honestly, i’m just suprised this didn’t happen sooner!!!

  20. Heavenbound says:

    It was coming they married very young, no surprise.

  21. Maritza says:

    I agree its no surprise they are getting divorced because they married way to young.

  22. kristen says:

    HE CHEATED ON HER. It was almost 6 months onto their marriage and she has now thrown in the towel. I think he’s done it a couple times since and she has just been exercising her independence and telling him he is replaceable. Her clothing line Abbey Dawn has been launched and she’ll make a ton from teens. Shecan pay her own bills and find someone who only wants her..The dream comes true and with it comes real problems..

  23. ree says:

    deryck did not cheat avril did and still is.

    Avril is cheating with Alexander Davis , brother of Brandon Davis

  24. 3m0ch!ck says:

    first of all yall actually are talking like you all know avril well let me tell all of you somethng avril is a great singer and wat happens in her personal life has nothing to do with us so and how do you know she was cheating did you actually see her on top of alexander davis i don’t think so you all can get off avril lavigne

  25. Whaaaatchu Say says:

    HATE Avril. Nasty little rat-faced b*tch who thinks it’s OK to spit on her fans. I’d love to hock a huge, slimy loogie right into her nasty, pinched little weasel face and see how she likes it. Scumbag. That Dereycyciyyyyk (whatever happened to spelling names non-retardedly) dude is better off without her!

  26. Hanna says:

    I think that Avril is a terrible person and Deryck doesnt need to be with her. I feel bad that he put up with her for so long, she’s rude and mean and he doesnt look like he would ever cheat on her.

  27. supra says:

    Hello! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  28. Mark says:

    If you listen to one of Deryck’s new song “What am I to say” and listen to those lyrics and compare them to avril lavigne’s “What the hell” lyrics then it is kind of obvious who is the bitch in this relationship.

    Well I think he is better of without her.
    I am ashamed to say before all this I liked her as an artist and her music.

    I know Deryck dedicated his song to his divorce and avril but I cannot say the same for Avril’s song im just assuming on that part.

  29. MusicShouldntBeJudged says:

    As much as I disagree with Avril’s actions, and Deryck’s if he was cheating, I don’t think people should judge a book by the cover, in relative terms. If you don’t like Avril, why search stuff about her? People can have their own opinion, but they don’t have to share them if there is even the slightest chance that the person that they are talking about could read it. Avril has a computer too, you know. Don’t talk about a person unless you have taken the time of day to REALLY know them, and even then you shouldn’t say negative things about them.