Princess Beatrice & Eugenie wore expensive coats to Prince Philip’s funeral

Duke of Edinburgh funeral

The Duchess of Cambridge got a lot of attention for her look at Prince Philip’s funeral, but what of the York princesses? People have always said that Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice were especially close to their grandfather and grandmother, and they were both allowed to bring their husbands to the funeral (which surprised me). Eugenie gave birth to her son August in February, and she is still very much on maternity leave, but she still came out for the funeral. As did Zara Tindall, who gave birth to her son at home on March 24.

So, Princess Beatrice was the one who was not postpartum, and so she dressed up in a custom coat by Claire Mischevani, in what was probably a massively expensive piece. Her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi looked especially well pulled-together too, and someone suggested that Edo has been a great influence on Beatrice’s fashion. I get the feeling that he’s quite a dandy, so maybe he has been styling her. Also, look at how long Bea’s hair is now! It’s almost to her waist.

As for Princess Eugenie, her Gabriela Hearst coat dress retails for £5690. She also seemed to be carrying a Gabriela Hearst purse. The coat looked too heavy on her and I feel like she was probably burning up, but whatever. She has the look of someone who just wanted something black, something respectful and something which fits. Also: how much money is Jack making as a tequila ambassador if Eugenie is dropped $7000-plus on black coats?

The Funeral Of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Is Held In Windsor

Duke of Edinburgh funeral

Duke of Edinburgh funeral

Duke of Edinburgh funeral

The Funeral Of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Is Held In Windsor

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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  1. S808 says:

    I think this is the first ever look from Bea I like.

  2. DuchessL says:

    I think Eugenie has her own money and doesn’t need jack to buy her coats? And Bea’s long hair looks great

    • Couch potato says:

      Thank you for saying this! She has her own job, and makes her own money. Yes, she probably got the job because she’s a HRH title, but she’s not dependent on her husband to buy things.

      • Nina Simone says:

        Mmm if she does then how come she’s relegated to living at Frogmore? It comes off like they are living off the graces of their relatives

      • Couch potato says:

        We don’t know if they pay to stay there, and yes, they might be living off relatives, but that doesn’t mean she’s dependant on her HUSBAND to buy her things. I know many US citizens have “the man provides for his family” ingrained in them, but in many parts of Europe the phrase about her husband paying for her clothes are considered male chauvinistic and a way to belittle women.

      • Sid says:

        “I know many US citizens have “the man provides for his family” ingrained in them”

        In 2021? Not really.

      • Couch potato says:

        Sorry if I offended you Sid. Yes, it’s 2021, that’s why I’ve been so shocked to hear about, and encounter, so many who still hold those thoughts and try to impose them on others. Career women who get the “you don’t take good enough care of your husband” while men are roasted because they take an equal part of the house chores.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Couch potato, that’s really interesting. I’m wondering about the segment of US society that you’re interacting with. I would say that the majority of working women in the US would make mincemeat of anyone saying that to them. It must be nice to have a choice on whether your work or not. Unless you have someone making a very good salary, it takes two salaries to make it now. That’s just fact.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I really liked Eugene’s whole look – the coat, the shoes, the purse. Striking, elegant and also unique.

      Also, it’s a lot easier to afford the expensive clothes you are expected to wear at events as the grandchild of the monarch when you don’t have to pay a bunch of your monthly income toward housing.

  3. BayTampaBay says:

    The York girls looked great, especially Beatrice, but Lady Louise Windsor was the one who completely surprised me. Lady Louise knocked it out of the ballpark from what I viewed on the BBC World News broadcast.

    I must add , this was a personal best for Beatrice IMPO.

  4. Seraphina says:

    I don’t want to go anywhere right now with my COVID weight so I can imagine what it must feel like to have to dress up, with the world watching AFTER giving birth so soon. They both look respectful. Nicely done.

  5. Mooney says:

    I actually like Eugenie’s look top to bottom. Simple, appropriate and classy. That’s how you dress in a funeral. Someone went overkill with pearls and looked like going to a party rather than a funeral.

    • furbar says:


      • BothSidesNow says:

        I know!! The top CEO looked like a clown yesterday in her get up, but she has never had any sense of style, so it’s expected. The only time she hit it out of the park is when she is cosplaying Meghan and she still can’t get it right. I am referring to her jacket/slacks choice where the jacket was very ill fitting with the slacks.
        Maybe, she should look to the York sisters for help since she can’t work her way out of a paper bag.
        But the York sisters looked lovely and very well done.

      • Kyla says:

        Pearls are the jewelry of choice for a party? Not to anyone under the age of 60.

        Pretty sure that pearls are most appropriate for something formal like a wedding or a funeral.

    • AnneSurely says:

      Agree. Both women are wearing coats like coats were meant to be worn, and high quality non descript coats. We only know that’s a Gabriela Hearst bc the royal gossip columnists are rabid. And Hearst has incredible quality, so Eugenie can wear it for years to come. Also, I kind of love that she picked an American designer.

  6. Harper says:

    I thought Bea did it just right. Eugenie gets a pass since she’s a new mom.

  7. Alexandria says:

    Oh I think they looked fine and appropriate but I’m leaning towards Beatrice. Anyway technically they’re privately funded so the cost doesn’t matter? Or they got sent these since people knew they were going to the funeral? Do non-working royals have to declare gifts?

    • Apple Tart says:

      MM wasn’t allowed to keep free clothes sent. I would assume the same rules apply to them. Oh wait, they are white and the granddaughters of the Queen’s favorite son. Of course they got to keep it!

      • Alexandria says:

        MM was a working royal compared to E and B.

        But you’re still right on the white part because MM is no longer a working royal and I’m positive rota rats will still harp on her outfits (see Oprah interview) and her Montecito home (see all rota rats articles).

  8. Lemons says:

    Come on, now! We know neither Beatrice nor Eugenie paid for the coats with their own money in the grand scheme of things.

    I thought Beatrice looked great. Eugenie’s coat does seem very heavy and bulky, but hopefully, she was comfortable.

    • cherry says:

      Of course neither Beatrice nor Eugenie paid for the coats with their own money. Let alone their husbands’ money! ‘how much money is Jack making as a tequila ambassador if Eugenie is dropped $7000-plus on black coats?’ Eh, how is Jack’s salary even relevant here?

  9. Becks1 says:

    I don’t love Eugenie’s coat, but she’s two months post partum so she gets a total pass from me.

    Beatrice looked….really good. I feel weird saying that as she was attending her grandfather’s funeral, lol, but that coat fit her really well, her hair looked good, her hat was good – overall just a really nice look from her.

    Do we think Kate was mad that the York princesses had more buttons than she did??

    • Giddy says:

      Buttons, buttons, who’s got the buttons? I can’t get over Kate’s party jewelry. The York girls looked great.

      • booboocita says:

        Yeah, same. Kate’s earrings were nice, but the pearl-and-diamond choker was too much. Not even the Queen or Penny Knatchbull (sp?) wore that much. Eugenie and Beatrice were elegant and appropriate.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah the York girls looked good – loved Eugenie’s shoes. TBH the York Princess’s tend to be better dressed and put together than Top CEO.

  10. C-Shell says:

    They both looked really nice, and if Edo is styling Bea, he’s doing a great job. Eugenie was very well put together — the coat does look very heavy, but having to dress for this funeral so soon post-partum had to be stressful. Jack and Edo looked great. I’m glad they were able to attend and support the York granddaughters.

  11. Angel says:

    Loved Beatrice whole look and hair too.

  12. Lucy2 says:

    I like all of the coats. And good to see them all finally wearing masks.
    I don’t know how the women walk in those heels on those old cobblestones around there though!

    • Yup, Me says:

      There was some video showing they struggled a bit, too. I’d been wondering why Kate was walking in the (smooth) stree while the brothers walked on the sidewalk. Then I saw E and B and understood.

  13. HeatherC says:

    Realistically the coats are a good investment. No one wants to say it out loud but just on their side of their families there are enough elderly (definition according to WHO is 60 and above) to justify funeral clothes that will be reworn.

    So we’ll just have to wait and see if they rewear.

    • Giddy says:

      Suddenly this 60+ year old is depressed! /-;

      • Soupie says:

        LOL @Giddy, the under 60′s-50′S-40′s will get theirs soon enough!

      • HeatherC says:

        My dad used to have his hospital consults printed out upon discharge. Then he would cross out the word “elderly” when it would say “Patient is a 68 year old elderly man” (for example) but highlight it in the brightest yellow when it said “patient is pleasant/good natured/etc.” He was a ball buster that way. If I am lucky enough to make it to 60 (nothing is a given, 42 here), I look forward to printing out my consults and crossing out the word elderly too!

  14. Ainsley7 says:

    I doubt Eugenie bought the coat. It was more than likely free or possibly a loan. Beatrice’s likely was as well, even though her husband is allegedly loaded. They aren’t working royals. So, they are free to take freebies and such as long as they keep it low key. They really are their mother’s daughters too. It is what it is.

  15. Sofia says:

    I think they looked good. They’ve both worn worst let’s be honest. As for affordability, it could have been a gift. They’re not working royals so maybe the rule of gifts doesn’t matter. Or a loan they’ll be giving back.

    • FicklePickle says:

      Plus, they’re relatively non-descript black coats they can wear for years for pretty much any occasion, and they’ve got an awful lot of family funerals looming in the next ten years. It’s a worthwhile investment.

  16. tempest prognosticator says:

    Beatrice looks very nice. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen her look.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      She’s certainly vastly improved her hat game. I love her whole look here, especially the hat.

  17. MerryGirl says:

    They both looked good but all I see is style copying and influencing from Meghan. Bea in her knotted ponytail reminds me of Meghan’s Endeavour Awards picture in the rain and Eugenie’s bag looks like one of Meg’s fashion bags….did they dress this way before?

    • Jais says:

      I don’t blame them cuz Meghan’s style is often influence-worthy? Bea looked great and I loved her with that ponytail so if it’s Meghan’s influence, keep it up.

    • equality says:

      Well, they still speak to H&M, so possibly she does advise them.

    • AMA1977 says:

      Nothing against Meghan, who is very stylish more often that not, but a wrapped ponytail is a modern classic hairstyle. Accusing Bea of copying that from Meghan would be like accusing her of copying a chignon, or a red lip. They are widely worn because they are flattering and classic.

  18. Amigo says:

    I thought Edoardo is much more rich that his wife? And Bea could wear whatewer she want. They have their own money.
    It’s strange to speak about her look in this situation, but, God, Beatrice looks absolutely amazing. Pretty coat, fantastic hair. And she is in good shape.

  19. Amelie says:

    I thought Beatrice had one of the best funeral looks. That coat is a simple and classic silhouette and fit her so well. And her little hat/fascinator was simple and not fussy. She surprised me with just how good she looked, she and her husband cut a very classy and elegant picture. Loved the long hair.

    Eugenie’s coat was too bulky and thick looking for my taste and it can’t have been that cold in Windsor? It was sunny and clear skies. But she just gave birth a few months ago so I’m guessing she’s still figuring that out and maybe self-conscious of how she looks. Her fascinator was very cute though.

  20. Nic919 says:

    Beatrice had a classic look with a bit of modern styling and looked the most stylish while still being appropriate for the occasion. It is quite noticeable that she and Eugenie weren’t posing for glamour shots during the event, unlike another one.

  21. Soupie says:

    It really does seem as though the York girls have way upped their style game in the past few years. It used to be ghastly and laughable, almost like they were doing it for attention and to thumb their noses at style watchers. But they’re looking downright chic these days.

  22. MsIam says:

    I think Bea looked the best. Her coat was very classic and fitted her very well. Eugenie looked nice but I don’t like the braid or trim on the coat. It would have looked better plain or maybe with the trim just around the collar? I also don’t like Eugenie’s weird little handbag either, its a pass for me. But both of them looked better dressed than Kate.

  23. MaryContrary says:

    Holy extensions-Bea bought herself some hair. Look at photos from when she got married a year ago-her hair did not grow a foot in 12 months unless she’s channeled Rapunzel. Those girls have always spent a ton of money on their clothes.

  24. Div says:

    Both are appropriate, good looks.

  25. duchesschicana says:

    To be fair Kate’s coat may be an old one? But these custom Catherine Walker coats are estimated to be worth around $4k give or take, least the custom one was worth that when she did a surprise appearance at the Beating Retreat in 2019. From what I checked on. I can safely asume it’s always around the same amount for custom pieces. The original coat of hers is sold in red so its a custom piece.
    it may be expesive to us, but it’s pennies to them and its not like they brought their coats using public funds so to speak. Bea has her husband and lets forget these giirls have inhertiences Also, food for thought they could have cut back on other things in order to buy what they want as well. Clearly they werent the only royal gals to wear an expensive coats that day No one expects the royals to be shopping at clarence sales for their clothes, especially for such a televised event. Else people wouldnt be interested in what the wore next? You know.

    • Emmitt says:

      Except everyone feels MEGHAN should be wearing “Faded Glory” from Walmart clearance clothes instead of leeching off the Royal dime for her clothing. Even though Meghan was wearing expensive clothing before she even met Harry and was paying for her clothes herself when they weren’t loaners.

      • duchesschicana says:

        I never brought up Meghan on this site or anywhere in my post, but i can see where your coming from. I used to be an itch about royals and their price tag on clothes,but again no expects them to shop at walmart and those who do are not living in reality and are saying things in slight envy wether they admit to themselves or not is another thing.

  26. Well Wisher says:

    This item is appropriate due to the course of events unfold. It is not about the cost of the coats, like it was never about the cost of Meghan’s attire.

    It is the misuse of marketing, in the era of ‘ branding’, it is to censor/punish the Yorks, since their father/family threated their cousin as a bona fide member of the family.

    In this instance injured party decides why not reach out to the sadists in the press to warn them via briefing? They are hoping to stir up envy in an unsettled population dealing with the disastrous effects of the UK leaving the EU.

    Of note. The Yorks are dressed appropriately for funeral attire. I noticed Eugenie paused and looked at the spot where the coffin was, clearly mourning for her beloved grandfather.

    The competition is redundant, unnecessary and tiresome the other women who were involved with William moved on. They were the real lucky winners.

  27. Kitty says:

    Beatrice looks really good here, coat with fabulous belt, hair , shoes look perfect on her, its lovely to see all de royal couples holding hands, all seem to support each other , oh wait forgot about William and Kate !!!!!!

  28. Emmlo says:

    Edo is so petite! And Jack is not much taller. The Yorks love a short king.

  29. L4frimaire says:

    Beatrice looked really good and stylish. The coat fit nicely. Don’t like the lapels of Edo’s jacket. Eugenie’s coat looked too big and overwhelming on her but she had nice shoes on and I like the accordion purse. Compared to the York sisters, Kate’s big jewelry looks like too much and garish, regardless of the symbolism.

  30. K says:

    It’s absolute horseshit that any coat should cost $7,000. Even a beautiful coat, even impeccably made, even one a princess might wear. It is just one garment, not impossible to make, not made of unicorn hair and magic. Not even rich people or royals should have to pay this much to wear a single item, possibly only once! I hope she sells it or auctions it off some day to raise money for a worthy cause.

    • Elizabeth says:

      $7000 for one coat but the family couldn’t afford security for Meghan and Archie? Charles makes around $22 million a year. This is just hypocrisy, even if you accept the basic premise of the monarchy.

  31. Likeyoucare says:

    Aaaw look at these cute couples holding hands. Their husbands are really supportive for them.
    I hope kate saw it and had flashback on HM.
    I hope they shove their lovely married life on her face everytime they saw each other.
    Omg, i’m not a nice person🤭

  32. candy says:

    Both of them have always had a good shoe game, but I don’t find that either of these coats look like couture.

  33. A says:

    Looking at them and comparing their outfits to Kate actually makes me think that Kate comes off as quite…dated. Her updo, her hat, her outfit, everything about it is just somehow so very matronly, in comparison to both Beatrice and Eugenie. Both of them somehow look fresh and young, whereas Kate looks like she’s cosplaying the 60s all the time.

  34. Sofia says:

    Let’s be honest, neither their jobs earn them enough money to keep up the lifestyles they’re accustomed to. No idea about how much the QM gave them is still intact (didn’t Fergie dip into their inheritance?)

  35. Amy Bee says:

    They probably still get money from their father. As for an inheritance from the Queen Mother, that’s doubtful because Harry didn’t get anything from her.

  36. Julia K says:

    True. After the Oprah interview when he was accused of lying about his financial status, his people confirmed that he did not receive money from the queen mother in her will.

  37. Becks1 says:

    He didnt get anything in her will because she left everything to the Queen to avoid taxes.

    There are rumors (that have been around for decades now) that she set up trusts for her great-grandkids many years prior to her death (Norman Baker talks about this in his book and says that the money was put in trust far enough in advance that when she died there were no tax penalties involved) BUT I think that’s still just rumors, there’s not any concrete proof of it AFAIK.

  38. Sid says:

    Could QEII have set up trust funds for them at birth? She certainly has enough private wealth to have done so, and they are the daughters of her favorite child, so it wouldn’t be surprising.