“Jonas brothers were traumatized by their TV mom’s nudity” morning links


– The Jonas brothers were traumatized by seeing their TV mom’s girly bits on “Hung” [Agent Bedhead]
Pink keeps performing, despite a separated shoulder [PopEater]
Letterman to Interview Obama [Television.AOL.com]
Jessica Biel Joins ‘The A-Team’ [Moviefone]
Megan Fox On Her Christian School Bullies “F**k Em!” [Radar Online]
Kimora Lee Simmons Tweets On Her Gorgeous Trio [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Keri Hilson @ Mercedes Benz Fashion Week [MoeJackson]
– If She Isn’t Careful Taylor Dayne Could Be The Next Jocelyn Wildenstein [Hollywood Rag]
Vanessa Hudgens is embarrassed [The Blemish]
– Who Should We Blame for Taylor Momsen’s Upskirt Shots? [Defamer]
Bill Maher Thinks Tila Had It Coming [Evil Beet]
– This how you get me to go to a Jennifer Lopez flick [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
Raymond Clark Arrested for Annie Le Murder [Bitten and Bound]
– Favorite SNL Sketch Of Last Season: Rocket Dog [Best Week Ever]

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6 Responses to ““Jonas brothers were traumatized by their TV mom’s nudity” morning links”

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  1. JohnnieR says:

    Is Celebitchy aware of the fact that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary passed away? Surely you can find space to honor this late, great and talented woman, who, along with Peter & Paul, defined an era, and whose music still more than resonates today?

    If there’s space for the Jonas Brothers, surely there’s room for Mary Travers??

  2. Alarmjaguar says:

    I gotta second the call for some love for Mary — she was much more talented that 90% of the ‘celebrities’ discussed here.

  3. ColaLola says:

    JohnnieR – if you want to read about certain celebrities, go and develop your own web page. JB are just as important as anyone else. Why are you posting here if you dont want to read about them?

  4. eternalcanadian says:

    seriously, the jonas brothers are “traumatized” by seeing naked vajayjays? what did they expect from a show about a gigolo with a penis the size of a horse? it isn’t some virginal show, lolz. serves those idiot boys right.

  5. JohnnieR says:

    ColaCola, I don’t wish to establish my own web page, thank you. I’m posting HERE, because the contrast between JB and Mary is a huge and obvious one. I find it beyond sad that a wondrous talent like Mary Travers is virtually ignored here – a woman whose music will live long, long after JB and 99% of these ‘celebrities’ have faded into obscurity. I posted here as opposed to emailing CB because as a long time fan of this site – one that usually can “see” what the other sites do not – I’m voicing my disappointment in their neglecting to honor her memory.

    My God, even DListed, for crying out loud, paid a very respectful tribute to Mary, and the usually vulgar comments there were nothing but sincere.

    Or is it that Mary Travers is considered to be “so yesterday”, not warranting coverage like these flavours of the month?

    But I digress. Discuss the Jonas Brothers, people. Mary Travers be damned.

  6. RubyKaur says:

    JohnnieR – that is YOUR opinion not everyone else s. My do people have to conform/write about what YOU think is acceptable? Stop being a baby.