Jared Kushner got his Pfizer vaccine after waiting in line for 30 minutes at CVS

Kushner at Coronavirus hearing at the White House

As we discussed last week, Ivanka Trump got the first dose of her Covid vaccine down in Florida. I expressed some surprise that Ivanka had not been vaccinated on her way out of the White House, just because it feels like the Trumps’ endless self-dealing would have meant that they ALL got vaccines in January. But no, it was just Donald Trump who quietly got a vaccine as he was leaving. Ivanka and Jared Kushner apparently had to sign up through Florida’s vaccination program:

Jared Kushner — who helped run Operation Warp Speed to develop accelerated COVID-19 vaccines — just got his jab by registering on a Florida state website and waiting on line at a CVS pharmacy. A source said Kushner got the Pfizer vaccine this past week at a local pharmacy while in Miami Beach with his family. His wife, Ivanka Trump, got the same vaccine a few days before at a different CVS, posting pictures on Instagram.

“They both signed up on a Florida state website and got the vaccines when they became available,” the source said. Still, there is some irony that that guy who ran Operation Warp Speed got his vaccine by registering on a state website and waiting on line at CVS.

Warp Speed was set up in the spring of 2020 to focus on rapid vaccine development by Kushner, then-White House senior adviser, and involved officials from the Defense Department as well as the Department of Health and Human Services.

We’re told that Kushner, 40, waited on line for 30 minutes at CVS last Friday for his jab on 71st Street in Miami Beach, while Trump, 39, went to a randomly assigned Miami CVS last Wednesday.

[From Page Six]

I was under the impression that Florida’s vaccine program was one of the worst in the country? Like, super-disorganized and only focused on getting vaccines to wealthy white people? I guess so. It is a bit bizarre to think of Jared Kushner waiting at a CVS for his Pfizer shot, especially given his position three months ago. Anyway, curious to see if the anti-Vaxx conspiracists come for Jared too.

I was really lucky with my vaccines – I got both of my Pfizer shots at a fancy church and I had to wait about five minutes for my first one and zero minutes for my second. CB and I disagree on this, but I think Vaccinate Virginia is running really smoothly and I’m so happy about how organized they are. And I’m so happy to be fully vaxxed now!! Half of the country has had at least one shot now and it feels like things are looking up.

John Corbett arrives at the Los Angeles Premi...

Jared Kushner returns to White House

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, social media.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    That article is giving way too much credit to Tom Riddle and Operation Warp Speed, which did very little

    • Betsy says:

      Yep. I thought I read that Moderna and Pfizer said that OWS had basically nothing to do with the development of their vaccine.

      Who we actually owe a huge thanks to (among many others) is Katalin Kariko, a Hungarian immigrant who kept working with mRNA. Again, I know she’s not the one who created the vaccines, but I think it’s important in a time in which immigrants were blamed and scapegoated – immigrants are what make America what it is.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Right! Why has she been so overlooked? Same reason she couldn’t get funding for her genius throughout her career.

  2. Sue Denim says:

    I’m getting my second Pfizer one today, kind of nervous…but excited too, I can’t wait to really visit w my parents again!

    • Becks1 says:

      Yay! I got my second pfizer dose last week – my only reaction was being super tired. Like I felt like I had taken allergy meds, I was sort of in a fog that lasted for about 36 hours.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I got the Pfizer & became a fully vaccinated human last Tuesday (it was the 14 anniversary of my 2nd shot) I wanted Pfizer & I held out to get it. Why? Because it wasn’t part of Warp speed. They didn’t take money from the US or rush their findings. Be well all. When we actually work together (vaccines & wearing masks) we will get to the other side of this.

    • liz says:

      I got my second Pfizer dose last week. I felt like I had a hangover the next day, but other than that, I felt fine. My doctors are part of a hosptal-owned practice, so I was on the priority list for the hospital’s supply (once they had finished with their staff & the state opened to my category). I got to go to my doctor’s office, which is in one of the hosptial’s buildings.

      I ended up taking my Kiddo to a State-run mass vaccination site about an hour and a half from home. That was one of the most efficient operations I’ve ever seen. My niece said the same thing about a different state-run site where she went.

      • Christine says:

        liz, same here, I went to a mass vaccine site, an hour and a half away from me. It was so well run, I am looking forward to going for my second dose on the 28th! It was THAT well run.

    • cherry says:

      I’m so jealous, y’all! I wish I could get my vaccine at a local pharmacy. Living in western Europe, it will take at least a few more months before I can get mine. I HATE that Jared Kushner got one before me. The world’s an unfair place.

    • Sue Denim says:

      so glad to hear you’re all doing well, thanks for the boost too. I’ve gotten so nervous about health and breathing and things I used to take for granted so I’ve been worried about feeling bad after the 2nd shot, but overall am just so grateful — for the scientists who were able to rally and find the vaccine in such a quick time frame, for the many who are getting it not just for themselves but to lower the risks to others, for a new administration that’s helping us survive, so much I used to take for granted but now am just so grateful for…

    • Betsy says:

      My parents only got really tired with their second shot. I heard (but can’t remember if it’s accurate) that people who caught corona in the last year had much stronger reactions to the vaccine.

  3. Hell Nah! says:

    Oog! His face never fails to induce my vomit reflex.

    • Seraphina says:

      His face reflects something I cannot clearly identify. The pictures I see of him just give me a very weird vibe. Almost like he isn’t human, as though he is dead inside.

      • OriginalLala says:

        He has the plastic, expressionless look of one of those really expensive, silicone sex dolls (RealDolls?) – *almost* human but not quite

    • Southern Fried says:

      A ghoul.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Check out images of the doll in the horror movie The Boy. That’s Jared’s face.

    • Sid says:

      He looks evil. That is not something I say often about other people, but he legitimately does. It is scary

      • Lucy2 says:

        I agree. It’s weird to be able to outwardly see the someone is evil and cruel. Malicious.

      • andrea says:

        Which is ironic because he actually paid a plastic surgeon to make himself look like this. So terrifying.

      • Jenn says:

        It’s interesting, but his “evil” (regal, imperious, slightly effete supervillain) look seems to me a consequence of his Spocked Botox “brow lift.” Before he started wearing his eyebrows an inch too high, his face exuded a “wholesome kid” vibe, which he must’ve hated. (I’m looking at older and newer photos, and he’s also getting lip fillers I think?!) editing to add: completely did not notice blepharotomy

      • Golly Gee says:

        @Jenn, I just came to say the same thing. He has stereotypiical cartoon villain eyebrows.

  4. Snuffles says:

    I got my 2nd shot of Moderna on Sunday. I took yesterday off. I had muscle aches, felt a bit blah and pretty much slept most of the day. I took some Tylenol for the muscle aches which helped. I’m back to normal today!

    Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all!

    • Sigmund says:

      I get my second shot Friday! I’m preparing myself to rest this weekend.
      But I’m also super excited, because I get to see my mom for Mother’s Day, thanks to the vaccine. (She is also vaccinated.)

      Also, f*ck Jared (but not literally). I’m not surprised at all to see the Trump family getting the vaccine, even as they told their followers the pandemic was a hoax.

  5. Becks1 says:

    Ugh, his face.

    I got my second dose last week, we got both doses at the Ravens stadium, one of the mass vaccination sites here in MD, and the first time we had to wait in line and it took about an hour from the time we got out of the car to the time we walked out – so it was a long line but it moved the entire time, I was pleased with it. Second dose – no line at all, walked in, did the check in, went right up to get our vax, and then just had to wait for the 15 minutes. I think the whole process took us 25 minutes and that was with a lot of walking, lol.

  6. Who ARE These People? says:

    A real man of the people

    Why do they want us to know?

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Pretty sure she’s going to run for something, and also pretty sure they were both vaccinated way back when Daddy Death and StepMommy Bucks were secretly vaccinated.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Yes. First he brings peace to the Middle East, and now this. What a hero.

    • ElleE says:

      Rupert Murdoch wants you to know. “Just got his jab”? The ppl that orchestrated the UK exit from the EU are basically writing NY gossip columns now.
      We’ll never get those Lukas Haas -Leo D. or Jake G. tidbits anymore. Sad, really. NYC gossip was the best gossip. RIP.

  7. FancyPants says:

    Something about this smells funny. Why wouldn’t Javanka get the vaccine when they were still in the White House? Why now? Do you think Daddy wouldn’t let them? And even now, why would they wait in line with the peasants, especially in Florida where DeDeathsentence is offering concierge shots to all his cronies? There’s something ulterior going on here, I just can’t put my finger on it.

    • Southern Fried says:

      Agree. That corrupt bunch lies ever time they speak.

    • SarahCS says:

      Absolutely, the fact that we’re getting these stories confirms it. This is all part of some game plan they now have. Ugh.

    • Giddy says:

      Trying to look like a man of the people for when he or Ivanka run for office. Ulterior motive on warp speed!

    • Anne Call says:

      Trying to make us all forget their complicity with the evil administration they helped run and supported. No, we will not forget.

    • Golly Gee says:

      My theory is they got their first shot in the White House and this is their second.

      Don’t know what the reaction will be to Jared, but it’s interesting that Ivanka got dragged for getting the vaccine but MAGAs don’t seem to have a problem with her father being vaccinated.

  8. Southern Fried says:

    Yes, it was a clusterfk in Magastan (Florida). We got ours in Feb because 2 of us stayed constantly on both the phone and online for 7 business days, starting early and ending late. Called a number after business hours, about 7pm and finally got a voice who set our appts at a random healthcare clinic, of course a big republican donor down here.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Got my first shot on April 5th and get second shot on May 3rd. I had no trouble getting an appointment through the Sate of Florida website. Florida’s vaccination program is not disorganized, it is just very inconvenient for working people who cannot leave work.

    • cassandra says:

      “Magastan”- Love it!

      I gotta get outta this place 😬 It sure is looking like DeSantis is gonna get re-elected in a landslide unfortunately

  9. Merricat says:

    Yes, there’s something of the uncanny valley in his face—like Polar Express, except the train is going to hell instead of the North Pole.

  10. MellyMel says:

    I think it depends on the county you live honestly. In my part of FL, I signed up easily, maybe waited a couple minutes and was given my first shot. Go back in a couple weeks for the second. Super easy process. But I’ve also heard it was a mess in the beginning, but who knows with this state.

  11. ThatgirlThere says:

    This seems performative. They both go to CVS locations for their vaccines instead of getting them in the WH. They’re so sneaky and grimy I don’t trust it.

    I got my one and done J&J shot last Sunday which took about a half hour or so with line, administering the vaccine and recommended 15 wait time before all was done.

    I was feeling great the day of but the next day a bit tired. Since then I’ve been fine. I’m so happy the Biden administrations rollout.

  12. heygingersnaps says:

    I was surprised to get a text message from my gp inviting me to book an appointment for the covid vaccine as I thought I would be getting that around July (I’m in my mid 30′s) but I guess they are quickly getting through the list of patients they have registered. My partner who is in his late 30′s no known health issues but working in a secondary school got an invite early last month and he was given AstraZeneca’s vaccine, he felt a bit off for 3 days but no issues since then.

    I’m scheduled to get the first dose on Thursday and I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous and I’m hoping that they offer Moderna (fingers crossed) or Pfizer (fat chance) instead of AstraZeneca.

  13. Joanna says:

    I live in FL and at first, yes vaccines went to a wealthy area. But I got my first shot a couple weeks ago. Get my 2nd tomorrow. Unfortunately I know many who want to wait and see on the vaccines.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Many Florida residents are actually crazier than our Repube Governor.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        Florida residents and Texas residents. It seems our states have cornered the market on the escapees from the bin…

  14. J ferber says:

    Rebekah Jones, the Covid statistician arrested and hounded out of the state by De Santis, gives him cover to under-report Covid deaths. How he does it is with a law that gives doctors discretion as per cause of death. So if patients have a co-morbidity and died of Covid, the doctor can list the co-morbidity as cause of death. The four most populous states in order of greatest to smallest population–
    California. 60,000 deaths
    Texas. 50,000 deaths
    Florida. 34,000 deaths
    New York. 50,000 deaths
    There is no doubt that De Santos is hiding the truth for political gain.

    • Anne Call says:

      Per capita California is 30th in the country. We have almost double the population of New York and Florida and 10 million more people than Texas. New Jersey and NY have highest per capita deaths.

  15. Izzy says:

    Florida was horrible at the start, particularly if you live in a county that didn’t vote for Trump or DeathSentence. I was qualified to get vaccinated early on, but my appointment was cancelled at Baptist Hospital because they were worried they would run out of second doses. A few weeks later, the real story came out: Ron DeathSentence had diverted thousands of their doses to wealthy enclaves in Miami-Dade. I had to jump through some ridiculous hoops to get an appointment, only for it to be cancelled. Thankfully my doctor’s office started scheduling higher risk patients shortly after that.

    There is a not-to-small, and very petty part of me that enjoys the fact that I got vaccinated nearly a month before those two fools.

  16. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    We live in Texas and will be going back on the 26th of this month for our 2nd shot. We got the Pfizer. I had a couple of rough days just feeling like my arm was gonna fall off and MerlinsDad just sailed thru it. Not sure what to expect with the 2nd but will be glad to have it done.
    I’m surprised that Kushner stood in a line like the regular folk. Wasn’t he afraid he might catch something????

  17. sassafras says:

    I think there was speculation that one or both of them had Covid in the fall so that might have been why they couldn’t get vaccinated while they were still in DC. Also, they were busy staging a coup – yanno, their schedules were crazy! Who has the time?

    • Regina Falangie says:

      “ Also, they were busy staging a coup – yanno, their schedules were crazy! Who has the time?”

      Bwa ha ha ha. Yep, this right there. No time for shots when you’re planning an insurrection!!

  18. Carrie says:

    All things considered, Rhode Island has been handling the vaccination process well. You can register for mass vaccination sites and also local pharmacies. I went to a little pharmacy that also had a soda fountain. No wait, and I celebrated my J&J shot with an ice cream soda. 🙂

  19. February-Pisces says:

    Jared Kushner is just not convincing as a human being. I’m waiting for someone to rip off his face mask to reveal his alien life form.