Prince William still hasn’t ‘forgiven’ Harry, Will is still ‘incensed’ about the Oprah interview

Duke of Edinburgh funeral

It’s amazing how many different versions we’re getting from Prince Harry’s reunion with his father, his brother and his sister-in-law. To be fair, no one has suggested that Kate did anything more than be a humble and keen lynchpin who made small talk with Harry. Kate was not included in the longer conversation between William, Harry and Charles after the funeral. Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair dissected the whole thing from Saturday, with some “insider” quotes from all of the royal courts:

Intensity, rage & nerves: Once inside the chapel you could feel their grief. William, his jaw clenched as it often is at intensely difficult times sat directly opposite Harry who was seated alone. Sources close to Harry say he was nervous about coming home and attending the funeral, the emotion of the day and what it would be like finally seeing William. There were signs of that nervousness, the way he tapped his order of service anxiously against his leg and stared into the distance not quite knowing where to look, seeming almost worried to meet William’s eye across the aisle.

The Queen ordered the brothers to put their differences aside: “It was a case of being told to put their differences aside by the Queen for the sake of the family,” said a family friend. “William and other members of the family have some very strong feelings about some of the things Harry and Meghan said on Oprah and things need to be talked through, but this was not the occasion and everyone respected that. It’s going to take more than a wake to sort things out, but this is hopefully a start.”

William hasn’t “forgiven” Harry: Not having forgiven his younger brother for the way in which he announced he and Meghan were standing down as senior royals William was said to be incensed over the incendiary claims the couple made in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey last month. Prince Harry has encountered frostiness from many members of his family with one family friend explaining, “Harry was out in the cold after Oprah and then when details of private family conversations were leaked to Gayle King it was the final straw. Some family members cannot believe what he has done, but there is a feeling that with the Duke’s death and the family coming together, conversations need to be had.”

Charles and William are hesitant: Vanity Fair was told the Prince of Wales spent some time alone with Harry walking around the Queen’s private gardens after yesterday’s service. William was invited to join them. Prince Charles is said to be “desperate” for a reconciliation with his son, while William, who is more cautious and hesitant, has conveyed hopes they can have a better relationship over time. “William needs to know he can trust Harry and that private conversations will stay private,” added the source.

Harry was eager to reunite with Meghan: “Harry felt terrible leaving Meghan behind, it has been a very hard week and he wants to get back to her as soon as possible.”

[From Vanity Fair]

The way royal reporters are willfully rewriting very recent history is pretty extraordinary, right? “When details of private family conversations were leaked to Gayle King…” Those details were not “leaked.” Harry told Gayle flat-out what was happening and Gayle reported it. Harry told Gayle that the calls were “not productive” because William and Charles had ALREADY LEAKED the fact that they spoke to Harry. As for the rest of it… if the family really was as frosty and nasty to Harry as the royal reporters would have us believe, then why in God’s name would Harry want to stick around OR visit OR reconcile with any of these C-U-Next-Tuesdays? William and Charles can steam in their own incandescent rage and Harry can wave goodbye and refuse to engage with their toxicity. End of.

Oh, this is very curiously written too, right? “Vanity Fair was told the Prince of Wales spent some time alone with Harry walking around the Queen’s private gardens after yesterday’s service. William was invited to join them.” Meaning, I assume, that Charles encouraged William to come along for a walk with Harry. And Baldemort threw a tantrum and refused.

The Funeral Of Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh Is Held In Windsor

Prince Charles leads the mourners

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  1. Lauren says:

    For someone who is set to be FFK he sure can’t let go of the 6th in line. Let Harry go Bill.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Not at all surprised. A narcissist like him never gives up their whipping boy willingly. His need to control Harry is beyond the pale. The misplaced anger and double standards of William leaking to every known British and non British media outlet versus Harry confirming things with his whole chest to just one source is glaring. He needs a good talking to.

  2. Hell Nah! says:

    “William needs to know he can trust Harry and that private conversations will stay private,”

    That’s rich!!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      ………says William as he orders his minions, friends, courtiers, advisors, close friends, well placed sources and inlaws, to leak about the Sussexes to the press.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I just cant get over the irony of sources leaking to various RRs that they need to know they can trust Harry and that private conversations won’t be made public…in a story full of private family interactions being made public!!

    Have some shame Katie Nicholls et al.

    • Cecilia says:

      What annoys me about this is that absolutely nobody in the UK calls them out for this double standard. But when harry let gayle king set the record straight we had almost every morning tv show discussing how harry has broken trust

      • Summerlover says:


      • Lauren says:

        No one will ever call the tabloids on their double standard because as Hugh Grant said, people are terrified of them. They have a protection racket for their own in place and will make the lives of anyone who goes against them hell, to the point where there have been suicides caused by the tabloids. No one in the RF will say anything in favour of H&M, because they are terrified of being made targets. For decades the invisible contract has been: give us something and we will give you good press, I kill this negative story about you if you give me a negative story about someone else. The RF has to do it, they are an outdated institution and they survive exclusively on the image that is created of them by the tabloids which are where most of the UK gets their news from. Harry dared to talk about this invisible contract on a world stage. That’s also why they are coming so hard on the Sussexes, but since their sources (BP, KP, CH) have no more info on the Sussesexs since they have been cut off, they have to recycle old news, makeup news and hope that something sticks.

    • Myra says:

      After four years of leaking against the Sussexes, William and Charles are suddenly scared of Harry because he told Gayle “Yes, I spoke with my brother as the BM has already reported but it wasn’t productive”.

      There were leaks (lies) about staff, Kate pretend crying, air fresheners in church, holiday locations, nanny changes, Saudi earrings, contents of a personal letter and who edited what, Sussexit proposal and so much more, but a confirmation that an unproductive conversation took place has William wary of his brother. I bet it’s more to do with the revelation of the conversation on Archie’s skin colour that has him spooked. He can’t be casually racist around Harry anymore.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Well said. I think what they are upset about is that Harry also has a much bigger and much credible media platform than they ever dreamed possible that he can go to and say things with his whole chest. William, hypocrite is thy name.

    • Over it says:

      Right? Mean Does anyone ever call out Katie and the rest of these royal reporting rats for their lack of self awareness and tone deafness. It was that royal rat. Royal that said they talked first. If I were gale king I would go back on television and drive that fact home,

  4. Cecilia says:

    If william is throwing tantrums left right and center about harry, how exactly will he receive world leaders he may not agree wkth in his future reign. I know the RR are convinced william is a strong man worthy of the crown but to me he sounds like a child who must get what he wants or else

    • L84Tea says:

      He really dose. He sounds like and comes off as an angry, spoiled, insecure butthead man-child. He is the worst!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I’m not sure many world leaders have any respect for William to be honest. Yes they may suck up to him but he knows that even pre pandemic, KP was not being inundated with calls for him to visit. Many more leaders and young people respect Harry for getting his hands dirty, going against the grain and being willing to work for a living. Incandescence knows this and it’s one of the many things that drives him mad.

      • Gina says:

        I don’t think world leaders would suck up to him. He isn’t the Queen- he has no such respect and status and reputation, and it doesn’t matter whether her reputation is deserved or not. So, Willy the King might participate in some meetings, go on some international tours and visits but it won’t be the same. If it would happen at all.

  5. TigerMcQueen says:

    “William needs to know he can trust Harry and that private conversations will stay private,” means “Baldemort needs to know the shitty, racist things he says to his brother about his brother’s wife will stay private.”

    I think it’s no secret exactly had ‘concerns’ about Archie’s skin color.

  6. L84Tea says:

    These reporters need to learn the definition of the word “leaking”.

  7. Aaliyah says:

    We don’t care if you’re angry, you over-grown petulant manbaby. Apologize to your brother and sister-in-law and leave them alone. Pushing forty and still throwing tantrums and dependant on his younger brother?….embarassing as hell :/ This is y’all future future king? The one supposed to be head of state, maintain diplomatic relations and represent his country?

  8. Jen says:

    They keep saying that the family hasn’t forgiven Harry and Meghan for talking, but no one seems to realize that Harry and Meghan were the wronged party by the family’s actions.

    • PEARL GREY says:

      Harry (and Meghan) say things with their chest. They either release a statement directly, a spokesperson issues one on their behalf or they authorise an individual to carry a message. They let you know it came from them. They don’t hide behind a litter of courtiers, royal reporters, media figures and creepy open letters to speak their thoughts while pretending it didn’t come from them and being praised for “maintaining a dignified silence”. It’s easier for the press to attack Harry and Meghan for “leaking” because they put their name and face to their statements. Will, Charles and Kate never do, but they don’t call William “Willileaks” for nothing. Besides, the press will always seek to paint everything Harry and Meghan do as wrong (as per their mutually beneficial contract with the BRF), and so far their MO has clearly been to accuse them of what the others are doing.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      @ Jen
      Yep and it hasn’t gotten thru to them that H&M aren’t talking about it anymore.
      My Dad used to say “said and done” meaning x y z issue was talked about, both parties had their say and that’s the end of it.
      So as far as H&M are concerned, it’s said and done

  9. Lizzie says:

    Baldy was given at birth a future like no one else on earch. Please, go on with your petty grievences and imagined slights. We love seeing you beg for sympathy.
    The old saying is true, bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies.

  10. Zebz says:

    Williams obsession with Harry is deeply troubling. He is acting like harry is his consort/the actual monarch. Truly odd behavior from him and it’s painting a picture of an abusive man. Or a fatal attraction lover. It’s sickening. I really think his behavior in elevating Harry explains kate’s pr behavior. He could handle the loss of Kate, she is disposable, but the loss of Harry he will never accept.

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree completely. Harry was never really a concern for Baldy. I guess I can see that Harry essentially worked for the queen and maybe charles but realistically by the time baldy is king his own children would have replaced Harry as a senior royal. So why has the other brother been crying over Harry’s decision to leave for the last year?

  11. Nev says:

    Awwwww wooo wooo wooo…..
    Don’t be racist then.

  12. Agreatreckoning says:

    Dear Will: Harry isn’t asking for your forgiveness. Have fun incensing. The end.

  13. Tiffany says:

    I just cannot fathom being the elder sibling who thinks they are entitled to have their younger siblings be their punching bag for life.

    I just….can’t.

    That is psychopathic behavior and you cannot tell me otherwise.

  14. Over it says:

    Spot on Kaiser. Seriously that family is bat shit crazy. A bunch of red necks. I am sure Harry now sees this more than he did before his family are really cold hearted horrible people

  15. S808 says:

    I haven’t seen something that’s happened this much since the Netflix deal and home reveal. Harry letting Gayle set the record straight and letting it be known they spoke directly is throwing these people for a loop. They really don’t know what to do with H&M. They weren’t expecting the Netflix deal, for them to have a home so quickly or to directly correct a story via a notable journalist.

  16. Sofia says:

    Honestly this family needs to use Philip’s death and do a reset on the monarchy. Move on from the Oprah interview and cry about how much you miss Philip. Say how you’ll be rallying around the queen during this time and again, stop talking about the Oprah interview.

  17. equality says:

    Maybe Harry was nervous and not looking toward Will because of Kate continually staring at him? And what details of talking were leaked? We talked, it wasn’t productive. Some details.

  18. My3cents says:

    Maybe if baldemort actually worked like the rest of us he won’t have so much time to obsess and rage all the time.
    I guess when you really got nothing else to do you resort to high school drama, to fill up your time.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    Baldy is mad because Harry spilled to Oprah, broadcasting in 65 countries, thatthe future future king of the UK is dog walked by the BM.

    • Gina says:

      Maybe you’re right and THIS is the most painful revelation. To spill that RF are puppets scared of tabloids and are doing what they told? Shock!

  20. Amy Bee says:

    I don’t know why but this Katie Nicholls piece annoyed the most out all the stories coming out today. I’m at the point where I wish Harry would tell Gayle what really happened and she reports on it tomorrow. The amount of gaslighting that the Royal Family is doing right now is angering.

  21. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Harry’s treatment by that family is classic abuse. These are abuser tactics. It reminds me so much of the time that I told the police about the endless physical and mental abuse that my ex inflicted on me; he was horrified that *I had told them*. That his hideous secret was out in the open and his carefully crafted appearance of happy and kind contentment had been shattered. He became completely cold and outraged and dumped me soon after (thank God!!!). The Royal Family is the same. Vile abusers who keep their abuse behind closed doors and scream their displeasure when someone reveals it.

    • BarbN says:

      I totally agree, AN. Harry and Meghan have exposed, through their revelations on Oprah, that things are not so wonderful behind the carefully crafted royal curtain. The RF (mostly William) are furious because now people know, or at least are questioning and discussing, who they are and what they have been doing. They have a lot to hide, or they wouldn’t be so easily outraged by this process.

    • IRMAVEP says:

      Andrew’s Nemesis I’ve often wondered whether William hits or hurts Kate. For a woman with a toned body – and thus toned arms – she’s been observed to frequently and inappropriately wear long sleeved gowns, even in hot weather and in direct sunshine when everyone else is wearing short sleeves or sleeveless dresses. Ditto high collars and long skirts. Her hands and her fingers have also been observed over the years – one year in particular, 2018? – to have sticking plasters stuck on them – enough for the press to note and comment. Just a thought – a man with an uncontrollable rage bottled up – how does he release that pent-up anger? If he doesn’t get rid of it some way, he’d explode!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        IRMAVEP, I just think she’s wearing long sleeves because of her weight. It would quite apparent if we saw her arms. Also, I really doubt they live together, so he’s not around to physically abuse her. Verbal and emotional abuse? Oh, yes, I think so. She chooses to stay married to him, because the prize is going to be hers someday. I think Ma Mids keeps reminding of her that.

  22. JS says:

    what i find most hilarious is the one-sided reporting. kate is sad and crying and will is angry on her behalf, how righteous. meanwhile megan is actually the one crying, and harry is angry on her behalf, and HOW DARE THEY. will is mad about “the rollout” without ever mentioning the ways in which harry’s hand was forced. all the articles that talk about things things harry did as if he were instigating rather than reacting.

    what it all comes down to though is control. “life as a royal” is something the firm is used to dangling in front of family members and married-ins as a big prize that obviously everyone would want, and therefore they’ll all toe the line. Diana blew the first hole in that narrative. now harry did it too; the laughable stories about how they think he’ll return are the proof. it’s unthinkable in their eyes that anyone wouldn’t want that life. they rejected half-in half-out because they thought that given a binary he would have no choice but to stay. except harry doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t need the status. he called their bluff, and now they have no more cards left to play.

    Contrast that with Andrew: desperate for his royal status, clearly, and that’s why they’re willing to let him hang around. he’s controlable. That’s also why they’d rather have the wessexes and even the york princesses. they need bodies to do the work of the crown, but not have any opinions.

  23. Lizzie says:

    The rf need to go into mourning and shut up and sit down for a few months. Good grief, they cannot get out of their own way,

  24. Liz version 700 says:

    Sucks when you get outed huh Will?