Prince Harry didn’t get to see his niece & nephews during his trip to the UK

Royals Xmas Day church

Part of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s completely bizarre narrative about Prince Harry is that the three of them were so happy before Harry fell in love with Meghan, and that Harry adored his niece and nephews. The general vibe is that… Harry should have just stayed single and stayed a loving uncle and never tried to marry anyone or become a father. It’s all very bizarre. Anyway, Us Weekly says that William and Kate made no special effort to let their kids see Uncle Harry.

No reunion with Uncle Harry. Prince Harry spent time with many of his relatives during his return to the U.K. for Prince Philip’s funeral but not his nephews and niece.

“Harry didn’t get to see [Prince] George, [Princess] Charlotte and [Prince] Louis in the U.K.,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children, who are 7, 5, and 3, respectively. “Aside from the day of Philip’s funeral (which George, Charlotte and Louis didn’t attend) and meeting privately with the queen, he was in isolation at Frogmore [Cottage].”

[From Us Weekly]

Perhaps he could have said hello to them in-person if William and Kate had gotten off their asses and gone down to London or Windsor before the funeral. As it was, it felt like Will and Kate waited until the last possible moment to leave Norfolk, and neither of them made any special effort to reach out and simply say hello to Harry before the funeral, or let him see the nephews and niece he was once close to. Let me guess… Will and Kate didn’t even ask about Archie or Lil’ Montecito either. Speaking of:

Better together! Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with her and Prince Harry’s second child, is glad her husband’s return to the U.K. for Prince Philip’s funeral was brief.

“Even though Harry and Meghan were in constant contact during the trip, Meghan is over the moon to have Harry back home,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. The couple’s 23-month-old son, Archie, had the sweetest reaction when he was reunited with Harry, 36, in California. “Archie got super excited when he saw his daddy again!” the insider reveals. “He couldn’t stop smiling.”

The prince arrived back in California on Tuesday, April 20, where he and Meghan relocated after they stepped away from their duties as senior members of the royal family in 2020. “Harry couldn’t wait to return to his heavily pregnant wife and Archie,” an insider told Us. “[He] is happy to be back in Montecito.”

Now, the pair are focused on the weeks ahead as they await their baby girl’s birth. Harry has been “constantly doting” on Meghan amid her pregnancy, according to a source.

“Harry is helping out around the house,” the insider noted earlier this week. “He’s always such a supportive partner, but when Meghan is pregnant, Harry takes on the brunt of physical responsibilities, cooking for her and making her comfortable.” Archie, for his part, “knows he’ll be a big brother soon and is very excited to help.”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t believe Harry is cooking for Meghan! I think she’s still the cook, even though she’s far into her pregnancy. I bet she’s still baking well-seasoned chicken and introducing this ginger prince to real spices. Now, I bet Harry likes to grill. Doesn’t he seem like he probably takes pride in his grilling? Anyway, enough with the weird British narratives that Harry was sad or pining away for his salty white family. He loves Meghan and Archie and California.

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Duke of Edinburgh funeral

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  1. Midnight@theOasis says:

    I think any of us could write this fan fiction that these tabloids come up with. All these nameless non existent “insiders” that purport to share information on the Sussexes. Reality is that NO ONE from the Sussex camp is leaking any information to any of the U.S. or British tabloids. That’s why H&M’s events/projects become public knowledge when they choose to announce them.

    • Monica says:

      If it’s fiction, I don’t care, because it’s such a relief to see a positive story to counteract all the crap out of Britain.

  2. ThatgirlThere says:

    I too believe that Meghan is the cook of the family. I really need to learn how to make a well seasoned roasted chicken, I’m afraid it will turn out dry, so I just pick mine up from my local grocer.

    • Alison says:

      Meghan is a big fan of the Ina Garten roasted chicken recipe. It is like a cult thing where Ina made this chicken for her husband Jeffrey and then she shared the recipe and then women making the recipe kept having their men fall in love with them.

      • ThatgirlThere says:

        I did not know this and I used to read the Tig, she must have shared it at some point. I may try to make Ina’s recipe this weekend. Thank you!

      • North of Boston says:

        Ina’s Engagement Chicken!
        It IS pretty delicious 😀

        But America’s Test Kitchen has one, Weeknight Chicken that’s very easy.

    • Amy T says:

      Marcella Hazan’s chicken with lemons is supposed to be the be-all and end-all of chicken recipes. I’m posting a link to a Kveller piece by Connie Sommer and here’s her description of how it turned out: “I was intimidated by the complexity of keeping the breast moist while ensuring the slower-cooking legs weren’t underdone. Fortunately, I found that Marcella’s lemons take care of that. You poke each of them twenty times with a trussing needle, and stuff them in the bird’s cavity. There, the oozing juices perform gastronomic wizardry. The bird that eventually emerges from the oven is evenly cooked, golden brown, and tastes exactly like you imagine a chicken should taste in your dreams — a little salty, a little peppery, a touch tangy, and essentially chicken-y.”

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Looks delicious!! Thanks for the link, Amy! 🍗 😋

      • Maxime duCamp says:

        I somehow missed your comment and recommended the Marcella Hazan recipe. It has never failed me.

      • JJ says:

        That is our family’s favorite. Even compared to other recipes with lemon, Marcella’s is superior. Cooking the chicken upside down sounds gimmicky but seems to make a big difference in terms of the juiciness of the finished bird.

    • Becks1 says:

      oh roast chicken is super easy! Get yourself a meat thermometer and you’ll be good. I’ve made a few different recipes, haven’t tried Ina’s or Marcella’s yet (but I do have her cookbook after someone here recommended it). We do roast chicken a few times a year during the winter and then in the summer we do beer butt chicken on the grill.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        I use my great grandma’s recipe which has been passed down thru the years and it never fails. I also (when I’m feeling energetic) make my own stock.
        I am definitely going to try Marcella’s take so thank you @ Amy T!!!!

    • Jaded says:

      @AmyT – that’s how I usually do a chicken too – stuffed with lemon & garlic. I also loosen the skin and rub a mix of butter and herbs under it to keep the breast moist. Top it off with a smear of olive oil, kosher salt and pepper and voila, the perfect chicken.

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        Oh that sounds so good!!!!! What temperature do you roast the chicken?

      • Amy T says:

        That sounds amazing, @Jaded!!! I’m going to try that this Friday but probably go with butter-flavored olive oil. :)

        The poking with the trussing needle is genius, I think. (All hail Marcella!)

    • Maxime duCamp says:

      I’ve found the very simple recipe for roast chicken in Marcella Hazen’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking to be pretty great and thus far has always resulted in a nice juicy chicken. I think you can just Google “Marcella Hazen Roast Chicken” and find it online. Basically, it involves placing a lemon (after placing holes in the lemon) in the cavity of the bird.

    • Jay says:

      If it’s at all helpful, the game changer for me was learning how to flatten (I believe the fancy term is “spatchcock”) the chicken. It makes the roasting process much faster and more even. Just get yourself a pair of sharp kitchen shears (and don’t use them for anything else).

      My recipe is literally: flatten the chicken in a roasting pan, throw on dried lemon pepper)/salt and a drizzle of oil. Roast at 400 for 45 min to an hour, broil at the end for extra crispy skin.

      It’s best if you salt it 30 min before cooking, but I don’t always have that kind of time🤷‍♀️. Enjoy ☺️

    • Emily_C says:

      Spatchcock and salt. Lots of kosher or sea salt, put it in the fridge overnight before cooking. I got this from Bon Appetit’s “Every Way to Cook a Whole Chicken” video. It’s super simple and turned out juicy and tasty. From there you can add what herbs and such you like, or a sauce.

      The most difficult part of dealing with a whole chicken for me is cutting it up afterward.

      • Penguin says:

        A game changer for me was a gochujang slow cooked chicken from Bon Appetit. You essentially make a paste of gochujang, garlic, olive oil and ginger and slather it over the chicken then cook it on low for 2-2.5 hours. Sounds long but its a set it and forget it kind of dish. Insane flavour, like a combination of barbeque chicken and korean fried chicken.

      • Emily_C says:

        Penguin, that sounds so good! Unfortunately, spicy foods have been off limits to me for a couple years because they hurt my stomach these days. I miss them so much. Maybe I can find a “mild” gochujang…

      • Penguin says:

        Emily, gochujang isn’t really spicy at all. It’s fermented chilli paste so the spice factor is quite mellow. The flavour is almost like a slight warmth, with lots of umami/funky flavours. My mother in-law can’t eat any spicy food at all and she loves it!

    • Larry says:

      Barbara Kafka’s roast chicken from Food52′s Genius Recipes – failsafe

  3. Lauren says:

    I thought that Harry not seeing his niece and nephews was a given since Willnot and Cannot made sure to let it be known that they were still in Norfolk while Harry was isolating and fcked off as soon as the funeral was done with. And yeah, Meghan is definitely the one cooking, unless they have staff to help out since she is in her last few weeks of pregnancy. I can also see harry as a master griller taking after his grandfather in his love for all things fire and meat.

  4. Noki says:

    And how often did he see them when he was even in the UK?

  5. Jegede says:

    I’m super petty, but me thinks Harry should maybe start showing the Cambridge kids, the level of love the Cambridges’ show his own.😏😏

    Never forget Walmart’s “I’m already and Uncle”, response to a reporter’s question, about the then-newly born Archie.

    Plus, the polo playing pics of ice.🥶🥶 Starring Kate, Meghan, Louis and baby Archie.
    That was hardly a family show of love and unity.😶

    • Cessily says:

      I thought Meghan look scared and very uncomfortable in the photos and video I have seen of the polo match. Had something happened before that? She looks terrified like she is ready to take that baby and run. It could just be me but it makes very uncomfortable and sad to watch.

      • Lauren says:

        According to Omid Scoobie, Harry and Meghan had a pretty rough experience with a nanny. They fired her in the middle of her second night because she was grossly unprofessional. For legal reasons they could not disclose what happened, just that it had left the Sussexes so rattled that they checked on Archie multiple times during the night and had a hard time trusting anyone, not-family around their child.

      • CC2 says:

        Not many people talk about the fact that the people around Meghan were looking at her with really unkind faces when she was handling Archie. People focus on the ones with Kate but there’s a pic of 2 other people staring at Archie and they really needed to fix their face.

        That event was super weird because the photos were so minimal with obvious time jumps. I don’t think Kate and Meghan never talked, but the pictures definitely made it look like Meghan never bothered to interact with the other children

    • Emm says:

      All of this. Honestly in my own family we haven’t seen anyone in almost two years at this point and I’m not bothered. Why? Because they are magas and I don’t want to be in that environment or have my kids in it. There are young kids in my extended family, we are talking elementary age and younger, that wear maga hats and went to maga rally’s and are being completely indoctrinated by their parents and I know it’s not their faults but my kids don’t need to see that and aunt Emm isn’t going to get in fights about it with their parents because that’s all they talk about. I would love for my kids to see their family but it’s not worth it to me. Family isn’t everything when your family is toxic as hell and I hate that narrative and my maga family try to use it all the time. They expect us to put up with their BS just because we are FaMiLy!

  6. Maevo says:

    How close is Harry with the Cambridge kids anyway? Have we ever even seen any photos of them together??

    • Lauren says:

      Not so many with charlotte, but there are lots of pictures of Harry and George. Michelle Obama commented once that Harry was a fun uncle after seeing Harry and George interact. The same cannot be said of Bulliam and Archie. Not even comments that he loves or thinks of his nephew.

    • Snuffles says:

      Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever have. Not one picture of “fun Uncle Harry” playing with the Cambridge kids. You would think they would milk the fuck out of that if they had any.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Seriously. For all we know, he probably only saw those kids at holidays and the family events like the Trooping. It also perplexes me when people talk whimsically about Charlotte and Louis running off to California to connect with their uncle and his family when they get older. Like…they’re going to be strangers who happen to share DNA at that point. There’s almost certainly going to be little to no connection or interaction between the Cambridge and Sussex families. And that’s entirely W&K’s doing. If people don’t think that George and Charlotte aren’t already being exposed to whatever nastiness their parents/grandparents/etc. say about Meghan and Archie, then you’re going to be unpleasantly surprised when they eventually adopt that same attitude.

      • TaraBest says:

        You never know about the kids connecting later in life. My dad has a cousin who is a couple years older than me (her dad was my grandmothers younger brother) and while we only saw each other a handful of times growing up we became really close when I entered college. We went out of our way to take trips to see each other and connect over our shared family bond.

        Just because cousins grow up far apart and unable to see each other often doesn’t mean there’s a lack of love or that them connecting closely as they get older is out of the question.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @TaraBest: Frankly there’s a big difference between cousins connecting after seeing each other a few times in childhood, and cousins connecting after one set’s parents expressed extreme hostility towards the other set’s mother to the point of shunning her. And again, whatever is being said/discussed about Meghan and Archie in that household–and I promise it’s nothing nice at best–is going to leave an impression on the Cambridge children. If general consensus is correct about William being the one to express “concerns” about Archie’s skin color, what exactly do people think is being inculcated in those children’s minds regarding their uncle’s family? Sorry but this scenario is far more likely and realistic than fairytale discussions of the spares linking up with the Sussexes in the distant future.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I wouldn’t count on it.

        I was *very* close to my 2 older nieces (then 3 1/2, and 2); I didn’t really know the younger because she was a newborn.
        My brother and SIL pulled a *crap ton* of stuff on me (and then my dad), and as a result, we’ve not spoken in about 35 yrs. According to my sister, who keeps in minimal touch with them, I am (still!) the devil incarnate in their household who has “prevented my brother from having a relationship with his father”. Not HIS own behavior, or his wife’s…but *my* fault he blew off our dad.

        I doubt, after another 15-20 yrs. of being “indoctrinated” about “Horrible Uncle Harry and his B—– Wife Aunt Meghan WHOSE FAULT IT IS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR UNCLE AND WHO CAUSED ALL WOES FOR OUR ROYAL FAMILY!!” those kids are going to even know Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan (and their cousins) would welcome them.

        Unless there is some way Harry can reach out to them w/out their parents’ interception, they won’t have a connection with them. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cams throw out any BD/Christmas presents and not let the kids have them. Would anyone there even give Harry the kids’ cell phone numbers (as they get old enough to have one??)

      • booboocita says:

        @TheOG — Indoctrination, indeed. Anytime Charlotte or Louis get papped, or any youthful shenanigans make it into the press, they’ll get three or four choruses of “You wouldn’t be in this situation if your Uncle Harry and Aunt Meghan were still here in the UK to take the brunt of press attention off you.” “You wouldn’t have to work so hard at engagements if your uncle and aunt Sussex hadn’t fcked off to Montecito.” “If the tabloids got pics of you with your boy/girlfriend in the backseak of a Rolls, it’s because they couldn’t find Archie to torture.” I don’t believe for one minute that either Charlotte or Louis will ever make it to California.

        I worry most for Charlotte. Every skirt flip, every visible bra strap, every slightly askew hem, will be picked apart and analysed. If she smiles at a boy her age, the tabloids will have her in bed with him in no time at all. A single sip of wine when she’s out with girl friends will turn into “Charlotte’s wild night out tying one on with gal pals.” You know it will happen.

  7. Cessily says:

    Said it before.. it’s is always Uncle Harry but for Harry’s children it Meghans child or children. Never once have I seen or read either of the Cambridge’s refer to H&M children as their nephew or future niece.
    They owe it to their children to act like adults and be examples. PH is not obligated to put his extended family above his immediate family.
    If they wanted the happy family photo they should have included PH’s family and acted like family.

    • swirlmamad says:

      W + K have NEVER uttered Archie’s name and have barely referred to him directly. Not once that I can ever recall.

      • Cessily says:

        They don’t and haven’t.. but the press doesn’t point it out. Also the further along with both children the more viscous the tabloids become. The open letter is a good example.

  8. swirlmamad says:

    Well-seasoned chicken….yes, lord!! LMAO. Bless Harry and I bet he tries but I don’t think he’s going to be able to throw down in the kitchen over Meghan. 😂

  9. Still_Sarah says:

    @ MidnightAtTheOasis: how can you be so sure? The Us Weekly stories are very positive for H&M and the Sussexes do have PR firms working for them. Hell if I paid for PR and stories like this DIDN’T come out, I would be ticked off. As an actress, MM was very astute with managing her public image and I doubt that has changed so very her marriage. She’s got game.

    • Merricat says:

      Because the venue is unacceptable. Sussexes don’t talk to the likes of u.s. weakly .

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      Agree with Merricat. No one in the Sussexes camp is talking to U.S. Weekly. People is the most likely gossip outlet if the Sussex team wants to share information. U.S. Weekly is no better than InTouch or OK Magazine.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Still_Sarah, Seriously? This magazine is known to make up stuff all of the time. I can see Ma Mids using this mag, but H&M wouldn’t interact with a tabloid magazine. They also wouldn’t plant stories like this. The go to reputable media sources for Archewell news and their business news, but they keep their private life quite private. I’m surprised you haven’t discerned that for yourself.

  10. Cecilia says:

    Im sure harry adores his niece and nephews but he will always put his own wife and kid(s) first. As a father and husband should. Weird how we never get stories about william missing archie. Does he even acknowledge his nephew?

  11. S808 says:

    How much did he interact with them before? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him with Charlotte or Louis? Maybe George.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      S808, I’ve often thought that the stories that H was around the Cams and children were interesting. He lived in a cottage on the ground of KP, but he was single and had his own life. Also, do we really believe that Harry would have spent much personal time around Kant? I think H has always been a gentleman, but he couldn’t help but see that Kant was too flirty around him. I suspect that would make him uncomfortable. I think this was just more of a promotion of the threesome stuff that the brf and BM were pushing.

  12. Lizzie says:

    I might start referring to the other brother as Archies uncle.

  13. Wehweh says:

    I think things will change in the next few years. I don’t think Charles will tolerate his grandchildren don’t have any connection with their British relatives. Once pandemic over we will see the Sussex visit UK for royal events like trooping. I expect Archie and his sister is going to have secondary education in UK and they will attend the same school with their Cambridge cousins. Harry and Meghan are probably going to live in England again during that time, or back and forth between UK and US.

    I just really can’t see Archie and his sister going to grow up solely in US. William’s feeling toward Harry’s family is not important. Archie and his sister are part of BRF. It is what it is.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol. The Sussex children will not be educated in Britain.

      • Kkat says:

        lol that is some interesting laughable fan fiction!
        There is no way they will send the children to be educated in the UK.
        I would bet everything Meghan will never live there again and the kids will not be there without her.

        They will probably go for a visit at some point, maybe when the queen dies.

        Bottom line it isn’t safe for Meghan and the kids there at all. And not really for Harry either.

        The kids will be going to school in california. We have excellent schools in their area, both private and public.

    • Snuffles says:

      WOW 😳 .I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      They might reach the point where visits to the U.K. aren’t fraught with drama but ain’t no way in hell are they moving back permanently, or schooling their children in the U.K. just to be next to the Cambridge kids. I think Harry prefers having an ocean between them and will continue to keep in place the very strict boundaries he’s set up. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that Harry prefers to keep his life separate from the royals.

      • Wehweh says:

        I hate to say this, but BRF needs Sussex kids to stay relevant and relatable in a multicultural Britain. I think Harry still want to support the monarchy or at least to give his kids options if they want to support the monarchy and work as working royals in the future. I see Meghan is more forgiving than what people trying to portray her. She probably think it’s great for her children to understand their roots as member of BRF. However, I believe Archie and his sister will go to US for university.

      • HeatherC says:

        Wehweh, The BRF may need the Sussex kids to stay relevant and relatable but the Sussex kids (and their parents) don’t need the BRF. H&M still have Frogmore so maybe extended visits when the kids get older, but given that many of that ‘family’ can’t bear or be bothered to even say Archie’s name, or acknowledge his existence (never mind Lil Miss Montecito) there isn’t much of a family bond.


        Is the Duke of Sussex title hereditary? If so, as I mentioned, extended visits may happen so the kids can get to know their roots (but God help those kids if family attitudes don’t change)

      • Gabby says:

        Wehweh, I agree that the BRF needed the Sussex kids to remain relevant and relatable. But they really fucked that up didn’t they? They can’t use the kids for their own PR after having treated their parents so badly. The Sussexes owe NOTHING to the BRF and I for one hope they lift not a finger to support the Monarchy.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nope. The royal family made it clear that Meghan was not welcome, and that any children she and Harry had would not be welcome. Archie can’t be a part of the BRF if his grandfather and the courtiers were already talking about preventing him from becoming a prince. As long as William, Kate, and the BRF at large continue to foster a hostile and dangerous environment for the Sussexes, there will be no connection and there will be no return to the UK beyond the occasional visit. And you’re assuming that Charles gives a damn about his grandchildren in the first place. The only people he’s consistently proven to care about over the decades are himself and Camilla.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think the kids may go to college in the UK if they want, but no way in hell is Archie going to Eton. A year ago I kind of thought so, but after the past year of the press maligning them and the things they shared in the interview – no way in hell. I do think there’s a chance they may go to the UK for extended visits, especially if Charles is willing to work with Harry on their relationship – I can see them going to Scotland for a month in the summer or something – but their lives are in California now.

      And no way in HELL is Archie going to let his kids be educated with the Cambridge kids. I think that was one of the big reasons for moving, to be honest. If Archie and Louis are in school together, every time Louis does something “bad” Archie is going to be blamed. Harry knows that.

      • Wehweh says:

        I actually think Meghan wants her kids to get higher education in US because US universities are more competitive than UK. Northwestern has higher rating than St Andrews, isn’t it?

      • Becks1 says:

        oh I don’t know how the UK universities compare to US ones in general. I just think that if they go to school at all in the UK, it will be for university and it will be their choice.

      • Kristin says:

        Wehweh, absolutely Northwestern is far and above ranked MUCH higher than St. Andrews. That’s something I find so freaking comical: that BM tries to paint Meghan as some uneducated social climber, and yet she attended one of the most prestigeious universities in not just the U.S., but the entire world. MUCH more highly acclaimed than William and Kate’s so-called “brilliant” education.

    • Lila says:

      Charles was plotting behind the scenes to change the convention so his grandson wouldn’t be a prince when he becomes King. He also didn’t help his son and his family when their safety was at risk. But you really think he gives a damn if these children don’t have any connections? And even if Charles doesn’t “tolerate” it, he no longer controls Harry and his opinion means nothing.

      • S808 says:

        Yeah, I think people forgot that they were to trying to make it where neither Archie nor his sister get a title when Charles becomes king, therefore no protection. They do not want Meghan nor her and Harry’s children a part of the bloodline or family. I would not subject my children to them, family or not. Nor would I have them living in such a hostile environment. If they want to connect with their cousins later in life that is certainly their right but I wouldn’t be the facilitator of it while they’re children and cannot protect themselves from such a toxic group of people. My job as a parent is to protect them and it wouldn’t be worth it to me. They have plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles in Harry and Meghan’s found family.

    • Jan says:

      Meghan and Harry will be working, he is on American work schedule now, with regular vacation. He is not on the taxpayers dole anymore.
      I can see Archie at Northwestern,

    • Robin says:

      Goodness. That’s all a stretch. I don’t like to be disagreeable, but I think this is fantasy. The UK royal family will not extend any invitations to trooping etc. It’s not in their mindset to be honourable – they wouldn’t even let Harry lay a wreath. William and Kate will not want M&H at joint events going forwards – they know they will be outshone at every turn. I hope Meghan and Harry stay in the US and build a positive life for themselves and their children. The UK is toxic. William and Kate are welcome to the remnants of the royal family and its related institutions, and I think they are beginning to realise what a boring, restrictive and negative future they have before them.

      • Kkat says:

        Wehweh you’re really not based in reality here.
        There is zero chance M and H went through all this hell to protect their children from the spare syndrome.
        To throw the kids into that exact situation by putting them in school in the UK as children.
        They don’t want their children abused by the royal family or the british media, and they ABSOLUTELY would be abused badly.

        If the kids choose as adults to go to UK university, that’s a possibility.
        But US universities are better rated.

        And Charles and William will have ZERO say in anything about the children.
        That was the whole point of them leaving.

      • liz says:

        @Kkat – it really depends on which universities you are talking about. Oxford & Cambridge are in a totally different league from everyone else. Northwestern is a great school (it’s where my husband got his PhD), but it’s not Oxford and never will be. I’m just saying that not all US universities are better than all UK universities. There are second and third rate universities in the US, too. I’ve got a high schooler who wants to go to university outside of the US, so I’ve spent way too much time & energy thinking about colleges, both in the US and abroad.

        I suspect that H&M will remain in California and their kids will go to school there. The kids will decide where they want to go to university – and their choices may surprise all of us. M has made no secret that she loved her time in Toronto, so maybe the University of Toronto for one of them?

      • Kristin says:

        Liz, well just based on the current world university rankings, only 2 of the top 10 ranked universities are NOT from the United States, and yes the two are Oxford and Cambridge. They’re ranked 5 and 9 respectively. So while they are great universities, I would hardly classify Oxford and Cambridge as being in “a different league from everyone else.”

        And in case anyone is interested, Northwestern is currently ranked number 25 in the world. Not too shabby. And want to know where St. Andrews is ranked? #292!! Bwahahaha!!!

    • S808 says:

      No way in the world H&M will be living in the UK long enough for their kids to get any type of education there. Part time living in the UK was a part of the half in/half out deal that was rejected. There’s no reason for them to stay in the UK for an extended length of time now. Podcasting can be done anywhere but their foundation and production company are based in the US. Other than the occasional trip for an event or visiting friends, I don’t see them in the UK at all.

    • MsIam says:

      There is no need for Archie and baby Sussex to go to the UK and be brought up around that system because they will never be working royals and their children will not be working royals. Charles and William want to make sure that only the heirs children will work so even Charlotte and Louis kids will not be working royals or possibly even have titles. Harry can make sure his kids know any family history they need to know, no need to experience it in person, other than as tourists.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Have you been huffing paint? The Sussex children will be educated in the US. Archie and his sister are probably already on the waiting list for the best private school in their area.

    • Sid says:

      I would be shocked if the Sussex children had their primary or secondary education in the UK. It’s simply not safe for them. The trash British press would be after them, and take every chance to unfavorably compare them to the full white Cambridge kids. It would be like how Harry’s messes were constantly exposed in order to hide William’s messes, but ten times worse due to the race issue. I can’t see Meghan and Harry subjecting their kids to that. Occasional family trips over there should suffice until the kids are adults and can make their own choices.

    • Emmitt says:

      Archie and his sister are American citizens.

      They will grow up in the United States.

      They will be educated in American schools.

      Archie never would’ve been reared in the UK or educated in UK schools because the plan was

      a) to cause Meghan to miscarry Archie

      b) failing that, to chase Meghan and Archie back to the United States, never to be heard from again so Harry can start over with a white wife and have white children, who would be accepted.

      Archie and his sister are NOT, will not and will never be considered part of the British Royal Family. Archie was never supposed to be born and the plan was to break HM up/kill Archie/drive Meghan to suicide before any other kids could be born of that union.

      Archie and his sister will never know their Cambridge cousins.

      Any efforts by ANY of the Cambridges to “get to know” Archie and his sister will be viewed with suspicion …are you trying to get to know us because we’re family or are you trying to get to know us so you can feed information about us to the tabloids?

      Archie & his sister will be closer to August Brooksbanks than with their Cambridge cousins.

      When Archie and his sister grow up and find out how nasty their dad’s side of the family treated their mother, they will want nothing to do with any of them, except for the members Harry still speaks to.

      If William, Kate, Charles and the rest want to have a relationship with Archie and his sister they would’ve treated their mother better.

      • Emily_C says:

        Imo the a) plan was even worse than forcing a miscarriage. They wanted Meghan to kill herself.

        Little Englanders and the Daily Heil are gonna lose their last remaining marbles when Archie and his little sister grow up with California accents.

    • Nivz says:

      @wehweh i know you probably say this with good intentions but it’s really not a good idea for the Sussex kids, because Media!

      In an ordinary family, yes, the beef between parents shouldn’t come in the way of cousins getting to know each other. (I should know, I grew up with a lot of toxicity to and from my parents. I often regret that I didn’t grow up with my cousins, and that I was trained as a child to distrust the extended family.)

      But here, clearly, the media will find a way to f them all up. The Sussex kids are lucky to be away from it all. The Cambridge kids are destined for the cycle to repeat itself, if nothing changes in the BRF/BM ecosystem, and that would be tragic, particularly, for the very adorable Louis. The Crown season 3 episode, where Philip talks about the two kinds of Windsors says it all.

    • teecee says:

      What on earth? There is no way they’d send their children into the lion’s den, particularly when they would be at the age when the British tabloids would be most interested in them, and when they’d be used to deflect from the Cambridge kids. Maybe if Archie and or his sister expressed the desire to go to Oxbridge themselves, but honestly, Harvard/Stanford/etc are on the same level and not stuffed with posh inbreds who would sell them out.

      • Nivz says:

        Yah. I went to Cambridge. It’s not all that.

      • Thirtynine says:

        And I Oxford. Same.

      • Penguin says:

        Harvard and Stanford arent stuffed with posh imbreds? Thats news to me.

      • Genessee says:

        Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton, the rest of the Ivy’s, AND the seven sisters’ colleges (Vassar, etc) are ALL stuffed with posh inbreds…

        Not all students of course, but there’s a reason those schools admit low-scoring legacies more often than multi-cultural “need-based” students. Money and family connections talk.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Wehweh, with the hate and vitriol that the brf and BM have engendered againsgt H&M and the children, I don’t think it would be particularly SAFE for the children to go to school in the UK–even college. If they were there, the media would just make that worse. So, there’s a whole wide world out there OUTSIDE of the UK, and the Sussex kids can choose where they want to go. Northwestern would be a great choice, but it depends on what the kids want.

    • Emily_C says:

      What Charles will “tolerate” matters not one jot. Kings don’t have that power any longer, and haven’t had it for well over 200 years on American soil. It’d make about as much sense for him to decree what Harry and Meghan can do as it would for him to decree what I can do.

      And why on earth would Harry and Meghan send their children to British boarding school? I know those schools claim not to be as abusive as they used to be, but come on! They’ll go somewhere in California, and I doubt it will be a boarding school either. Then my bet would be on Berkeley for college.

      • Penguin says:

        Not many people know this but it was Diana’s choice for the brothers to go to Eton as the men of her family had gone there for generations. I could never see Meghan being willing to send her 11 year old to live alone across tbe Atlantic though.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Um…No. Never. Tht sounds like the brit shitrags’s wet dream.

    • Gabby says:

      Considering the abuse the Harry received from both his family and the British tabloid press at the funeral, I would be shocked if he EVER brought Meghan and the kids back to the UK again. Ever. Trooping? Royal events? UK education? Are you kidding me?

  14. MyJobIsToPrincess says:

    Archie has been totally disregarded. But whatever willnots and cannots will always willnothing and cannothing. Archie seems like a super happy kid, that’s all that matters. On another note, I think Meghan still cooks and she probably does more so she doesnt have to do it as much, and also at this point, maybe at least her mom is there to help out. I can definitely see Harry BBQing because… Harry know how to be cute??? and also his grandfather loved to BBQ. They can do it all the time in california!

    • Jan says:

      Doria was working at a college and lives about 2 or more hours from the Sussexes.
      Harry said on James Corden show, “Megs cooks or they order in.”

      • Becks1 says:

        Someone on here last summer said their mother was a housekeeper in the beverly hills area, and she was friends with the housekeeper at Tyler Perry’s house, and the gossip was that H&M were very nice (asked to be called Harry and Meghan), and that they just wanted the house clean, Meghan did all the cooking, Harry changed the diapers.

        (I mean that was an anonymous person on this site so who knows lol but it would be a weird thing to lie about.)

  15. Becks1 says:

    I kind of love the image of Harry manning the grill, you know he’s barefoot, while Meghan is drifting through the pool and Archie is playing away at Harry’s feet. Honestly, I’m sorry they dealt with what they did in the UK, but damn every aspect of their life in California just seems so much better. No wonder the BRF and press are so salty about it.

  16. Cessily says:

    @ Wehweh I understand what you are saying because these children are number 7&8 birth order to the thrown. Meghan did say she did not want to take any birth order rights from her children, they would leave that decision to Archie and baby girl or make when they grow up. Which is as it should be.
    That being said a lot would have to change for H&M to trust their children to the British tabloids and hateful environment around the BRF when up until now they have had no support there. Meghan has proved that the Education in the states is just as good as England. I’m sure Archie is well on his way to being fluent in several languages also.
    Line of succession or not the Sussex’s will be in charge of their children, truthfully the thought of a future beholden to PC or PW for an income after the queen no longer reigns probably gave PH nightmares.

    • Jan says:

      I can see Meghan teaching him Spanish, California in the next 20 years may have more Spanish speakers than English.

  17. Mina_Esq says:

    The “well-seasoned chicken” part made me LOL So true. Harry is living his dream.

  18. Amelie says:

    It is too bad that Archie and his future sister will most likely not be close to the Cambridge kids as they grow up. It isn’t impossible to foster relationships between cousins who live overseas. I grew up seeing my cousins in France only once a year in the summer and this was pre-Internet. I only consider myself really close to one of my cousins on that side of the family but I am friendly with all of them and in general they are all pretty awesome people. However my parents made the effort to take me and my sister every summer and now that I am an adult, all of the cousins are in a family Whatsapp chat group and we receive major announcements like birth of children, engagements, wish each other happy birthday/Merry Christmas etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to any of them if I were visiting France to make plans to see them though I am not super close to most of them.

    However my father has never had major drama with any of his siblings or his parents. It really depends on William and Harry. I don’t think Archie and his sister will ever be super close to the Cambridge kids growing up just due to distance but the Internet, cell phones, and social media may allow the kids to stay connected if they so choose once they’re old enough to make their own decisions. I feel most people follow their cousins on social media even if they aren’t close. And who knows, Archie or his sister may want to live in the UK as adults. No one really knows how things will play out. Even if the kids aren’t close when they’re young, that could completely change as they get older. I remember being surprised when Jazmin Grimaldi, Prince Albert’s out of wedlock daughter, posted pictures of herself with her cousin Pauline on Instagram, Princess Stephanie’s daughter. They obviously didn’t grow up together–Jazmin grew up in the USA where Albert tried to pretend she didn’t exist and Pauline in France/Monaco. But as adults, they clearly reached out to one another and Jazmin has formed some connections with the Monaco family.

    • Lila says:

      Anything is possible and we don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes, but here’s what we know: William and Kate HATE Meghan. I don’t even think I’m exaggerating here.

      They briefed against her even when she was a suicidal pregnant woman. They are briefing against her now, when she’s heavily pregnant with a rainbow baby. They haven’t said Archie’s name once, when he was born, William said he was already an uncle. They got their lawyers ready to go against Tatler but couldn’t even deny that M made K cry.

      That polo match pics said a lot to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Camb kids are growing up listening to their parents (and maternal grandmother) trashing Meghan.

      • Merricat says:

        Yep, Cambridges are trash.

      • Robin says:

        All true, Lila. Those Cambridge children will hear nothing but vile things about their cousins from Mum & Dad.

      • Emily_C says:

        Meghan shines. And Will and Kate are the kind of extremely stupid people who want to dim anyone near them. They could have gotten some reflected light from her, but decided instead to try to destroy her.

        But I wonder how the Cambridge kids will turn out. Children do not always follow their parents — we can see that with Harry. The kids will be at boarding school. Who knows what other influences they’ll have? I have almost no hope for George, since as the heir he’ll have the worst upbringing. But we’ll see.

      • Ania says:

        The level of hate K&W have for Meghan and their jealousy make them perfect guest for Jerry Springer show…. Just take away the money and the whole royal family is a bunch of crazies trashing each other publicly.

  19. Snuffles says:


    “ I hate to say this, but BRF needs Sussex kids to stay relevant and relatable in a multicultural Britain. I think Harry still want to support the monarchy or at least to give his kids options if they want to support the monarchy and work as working royals in the future.”.

    Yes, we know the BRF needs the Sussex’s but they are loathe to admit it and they would only welcome them on their own terms – which is total subjugation.

    And I’m 99.9% sure when they talk about giving Archie and Baby Girl Sussex the option to be a working royal, they mean when they are 18 and legal adults. The Sussex kids will be educated in America and only visit the royals occasionally as they grow up. Harry’s loyalty was largely towards the Queen and once she’s gone, his loyalty will likely completely dry up.

  20. TheOriginalMia says:

    Pure fanfiction from US Weekly. Papers are always trying to center those kids in Harry’s world, when Harry’s world is his family. I seriously doubt Harry has spent much time with the Cambridge kids. He might have been a presence in George’s life, but not the younger ones. We saw the way those kids ignored Meghan and Archie at the polo match. No curiosity over Uncle Harry’s baby. Nothing. That was telling to me.

    As for Meghan and Archie being excited Harry was back…duh. No shit, Sherlock. That’s a given.

  21. SusanRagain says:

    Harry was in UK to attend a funeral.
    He has a young child + a very pregnant wife at home.
    Plus, pandemic.

    Everyone can visit on Zoom if they want. When the pandemic is actually done, then let thein person visiting begin at warp speed.

    I am so tired of the constant BS stories aimed at Harry and his little family.
    When I was newly married, and baby was under 2 y/o, if I could have afforded to stay home, bolt the doors, and spend my time enveloped in happiness I would have done exactly that.

  22. Kkat says:

    I could see if Charles makes really nice with M and H, that once he is king they do some things for him. Like a tour, maybe.

    But it will end there, once william is king I doubt there will be any involvement after Charles’ funeral.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Kkat, I’ve thought about that, but I think the RR would make that a nightmare for H&M. I wonder if it’s possible that they may at the request of PC hold a meeting with high ups in a country that would help the UK. No tour, no fanfare, just a meeting. Frankly, I think that’s the only way this would work if it’s even possible. The last thing H&M want is to invite the RRs back into their lives via a tour.

  23. Mia says:

    Willing to bet there is more seasoning in H&M’s kitchen than in the entirety of Windsor

  24. Alicia says:

    When did William say he already had a nephew?

    • Merricat says:

      After Archie was born and William was asked how it felt to be an uncle. SMH. What a jerk.

    • Nivz says:

      I went back to this video. I like to be precise about these things because otherwise, what’s the difference between us and right wing media? His words are more along the lines of, “excited to be an uncle, second time for me…And for you too.” (Then Kate guffaws and there’s a silly little bit because oops he implied she was an uncle.)

      Now it wasn’t as bad as saying “I already have a nephew.” But the lack of warmth was v obvious to me. I have known people who like to take the focus away from someone they have issues with, by talking about others’ achievements or in this case, children. It’s a classic move, and IMO indicates the tension that is now confirmed to exist. Also Kate talks about the weather and her children’s birthdays instead of Archie.

      • Alicia says:

        Thanks for confirming that that’s what people were talking about. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find the clip of him actually saying he already had a nephew.

        Agree he and Kate both seem a little detached and dismissive, like they’re showing polite interest in Archie’s arrival but no excitement or even any real warmth. Sad to see.

      • Ania says:

        When I was pregnant my sister in law already had three kids. But she went out of her way to show how excited they are for us and it made me so happy. Knowing how much Harry wanted this child he should have said sth more positive and expressing happiness for his brother.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    I’m doubting Harry was ever close to his niece and nephews.

  26. Vanessa says:

    Who believes any of this fanfic that this tabloids are saying do people really believe that Harry would rather spend time with William and kate kids verses his own son and wife soon to be daughter . I agree with a lot the posters who said that William and Kate kids are definitely being influenced by Williams and Kate feeling towards Meghan and Archie I guarantee you there are nothing kind is being Said about Meghan and Archie . Remember when there was story about George telling strangers his name was Archie then Archie was born and the Cambridge stans went nuts claiming that the mean spirited Sussex’s stolen George nickname. Who do you think told George Archie name absolutely made sure that it go out that George likes to be called Archie .

    • Oh says:

      Looool!!! Bullyam literally named his daughter almost the same name as Charles Spencer’s daughter 💀💀 Also, George and Bullyam both share the same name (Louis)+ Louis Spencer and the pedophile Louis Mountbatten. Bullyam did not even bother himself to choose unique names for his children. What a great father!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Tessa says:

      Louis was the innocent one in that picture on the polo field. The older children and Kate were standoffish, Louis wanted to see Archie but Kate did not bring him over to see Archie.

      • bamaborn says:

        Totally agree! The little boy knew something was different and was trying to interact like a curious toddler. Shame his sorry a** Mum couldn’t bother to let him.

  27. Victoria says:

    Well, I am sitting here really trying to understand why they can frolic around the country side maskless and infecting people with their covid germs, why they couldn’t stop by the cottage they made sure to shame Harry and Meghan for staying in (only to find out today they are accusing Harry and Meghan of being mad of having to stay in a “small” house) with their precious children to seen an uncle they clearly adored.

    Wow, how low can you go, weaponizing your own children.


  28. Mel says:

    I really don’t think he was planning on it. What is all this pearl clutching about nothing?

  29. aquarius64 says:

    The only way the Sussex children will have a relationship with the Cambridge kids early on is it’s a bad look for the BRF if they don’t. Whatever issues they have with Harry and Meghan they are more cruel to those children the racism charge will stick like Gorilla Glue. The acid test will be Princess Monticeto’s birth and Archie’s 2nd birthday. All eyes will be on CH and KP. THE WINDSORS have to be the ones that call the Sussexes to welcome their new baby girl and wish Archie a happy birthday-

  30. Tessa says:

    That’s all William’s fault. He froze out Harry because he did not get his way –breaking up Harry and Meghan.

  31. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I honestly think it’s for the best that Harry doesn’t see George and Charlotte, as heartless as that sounds. Archie and the little girl are protected and even though I do blame William for this, he does need to protect his kids from further fallout.

    It’s better the adults sort themselves out before bringing the kids into it. George and Charlotte are young enough to “forget” Harry if need be. But I think if the fallout is permanent it’s better there’s no back and forth with the kids or pressure on the kids regarding their relationship with Harry.

  32. Emily_C says:

    A man doing housework and cooking is not “helping out around the house.” It’s his house too! But they probably have a twice-weekly maid or something, I’m sure.

    The thought of Harry becoming an all-American dad who loves to grill fills me with glee.

  33. IRMAVEP says:

    Who really cares whether Harry, or Meghan, or both cook, or whether they employ a cook? After all, they have desks full of work planned and underway, new offers pouring in, and diaries full of engagements, so what’s wrong with getting a little help in the kitchen, if it helps?

    What is lovely, is to picture [whether actual or imagined by a journo] Harry’s delight to be home with his little family and to be greeted with joy by his wife and son. So, so happy, that Harry found and married the love of his life, that the love was reciprocated y Meghan, and that though the couple went through a firestorm to stay together, came out the other side safe and strong.


  34. Jan says:

    They’re different types of chickens, theirs maybe layers, strictly for eggs. They would need to use meat tenderizer on them.