Duchess Kate’s unrivaled ‘social media game’ will ‘change the crown forever’


As we discussed, I found Kensington Palace’s video of Prince William signing letters for ANZAC Day to be somewhat creepy. To be clear, the simple fact that William marked the day was not creepy in and of itself. What was creepy was the weird POV perspective video. It’s all part of a larger social media strategy from the Cambridges. They’re trying to be more engaged and to produce exclusive content for social media. They only started doing that when Meghan came around and they began to copy her. They even bought bot followers to compete with the popularity of the SussexRoyal Instagram, and they hired the Sussexes’ old social media guy, David Watkins. So… guess who’s getting credit for revolutionizing the monarchy with her social media game?

Kate Middleton has upstaged sister-in-law Meghan Markle in a royal power play set to “change the crown forever”, claims an expert. Commentator Daniela Elser said the Duchess of Cambridge has been “nailing the social media game” while the world is distracted by “the Harry and Meghan Show”. She pointed to a video shared on Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace social media accounts over the weekend marking Anzac Day as a key example. The footage included the Duke writing letters to the Australian and New Zealand high commissioners on the national day of remembrance for both nations.

Ms Elser said the clip, which also featured an “unseen flunkie zipped across London to deliver the missives along with homemade Anzac biscuits”, showcased how “quietly radical” the Duchess can be. Writing for news.com.au, she said: “It was indisputable proof of something that has become increasingly apparent of late: Kate is simply nailing the social media game right now. See, while royal news over the last year has nearly been wholly consumed by the ongoing Sussex melodrama, all TV tears, pouting, posturing and eye-popping business deals, something very interesting has been going on back in the UK. That is, while the eyes of the world were, by and large, glued to the Harry and Meghan Show, Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.”

Ms Elser also highlighted a post shared by Kensington Royal at Easter as another “case in point”. Rather than the obvious imagery associated with the time of year, the Cambridges instead went with a “cheeky” video of a chocolate egg being smashed in reverse, she said.

The commentator added that Kate’s skills as an amateur photographer have also helped in the couple’s “social media transformation”. And are key going forward as they oversee a “significant intellectual shift” in the Firm’s image as they prepare to take charge in the years to come. Ms Elser added it is “openness and realness” and “at times tongue-in-cheek” humour that are the perfect way to ensure the monarchy continues to engage with the people.

[From The Daily Mirror]

The fact that the source for this mess is Australian somewhat surprised me. But sure, it’s easy to revolutionize the monarchy with social media when you’re A) copying from your sister-in-law and B) when you’re so thin-skinned and unhinged that you and your incandescent husband force the Sussexes to abandon their Instagram. What’s kind of crazy is that Kate and William really do have this enormous platform and they could use their social media – very easily – to highlight great causes and raise money for charity. Instead, we get bizarre egg-smashing videos and keen pie charts for Kate’s busy work.

kate five1 (2)

kate five3

Photos courtesy of the Cambridges’ social media.

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  1. Midnight@theOasis says:

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Thanks. I needed a good laugh this morning.

  2. Tom says:

    Every day brings a new iteration of the PR strategy of a spouse who thinks an unwanted divorce might be in the future.

    • Red Snapper says:

      Someone said that Kate and Carole are like wounded animals fighting to survive, and I thought that’s a bit dramatic. And yet here we are. I’ll be interested to note the tone after the fakata anniversary is done.

      • TheOriginalMia says:

        That was me, Red Snapper. There’s just something desperate about all the pro-Kate or. Something has Kate & Ma Midd spooked. It can’t be Meghan. They were successful in running her out of town. So, it has to be William & her marriage.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m with you OriginalMia. I know we have been speculating on a Cambridge divorce for a while now, but something feels extra desperate about the recent spat of pro-Kate press. Giving her credit for their social media when we’ve never heard before that Kate is involved with social media? Saying it’s going to change the crown forever, when quite frankly at this point I think Clarence House has a much better social media presence, and even BP to a certain extent.

      • Snuffles says:

        Maybe William is realizing that running Harry and Meghan out of town didn’t work and now he’s blaming everything on Kate. Maybe she concocted the plan to drive Meghan out (along with her mother) and William went along with it because he didn’t like her either. But they overstepped and ran Harry away too. William is the kind of asshole who will eternally deny his wrongdoing and lay the blame on everyone but himself. Maybe he’s turned his vitriol towards the Middletons and they’re freaking out.

  3. VS says:

    Ladies and gentlemen — this is how people write about you when there is nothing to say about you or you have no accomplishment to show for

  4. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    But the Cambridges absolutely suck at social media! Has this woman got her eyes in backwards?

    • Kalana says:

      Kate’s trying to steal Meghan’s life and accomplishments. But as always Kate is but a pale and incompetent imitation. Her attempts at competitiveness with Meghan just gives Meghan a chance to effortlessly run circles around her.

      But it’s so creepy to even try this. Was Kate the inspiration for Get Out? Seriously, there is something genuinely psychologically wrong with her. If Kate and Meghan played a game of Snakes and Ladders and Meghan won, a week later would Kate go around telling everyone she had actually won? How disturbed and disconnected from reality is she?

      • Zebz says:

        I have the same feeling. Get out comes to mind. She did the same thing to princess Diana. Creepy af.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Kate’s trying to steal Kate’s trying to steal Meghan’s life and accomplishments..”

        I do not think Kate is trying to steal Meghan’s accomplishments as does not seem to want to accomplish anything. It is my theory that Kate’s sub-par social media advisors are forcing her to do battle with the Sussexes in the court of public opinion via social media. With regards to Kate wanting Meghan’s life, I think the only thing Kate wants of Meghan’s is her husband so her Meghan’s husband can serve as her gentleman-in-waiting and social walker.

      • Kalana says:

        @BTB, Kate doesn’t want to work to accomplish anything. She absolutely wants praise though and if it means taking credit for Meghan’s work then all the better. #katemiddletonsuccessstory

        Kate is such a cliche of a fragile white Karen.

        And I think Kate absolutely wants William to care about her like Harry cares about his wife.

    • Jais says:

      My first thought was who is Daniela Elser so I’m glad Kaiser clarified she’s from an Australian outlet? Cuz what did I just read? This was next level, like what? Kate’s photography in social media is responsible for a “significant intellectual shift.” Omg

    • Nina says:

      That’s what you write when you don’t understand this new fangled thing called social media. What most of the RR doesn’t understand is that it is only the older generation that still frequents print media and follows the nightly news.
      Dang by the time the traditional news media gets hold of a story, it is already old news online. It drives my mom batty sometimes when she calls to share a juicy tidbit she heard on the news and I have already read the story and its follow up online.

  5. Snuffles says:

    “ Commentator Daniela Elser said the Duchess of Cambridge has been “nailing the social media game” while the world is distracted by “the Harry and Meghan Show”

    Umm… if she was nailing the social media game, the world would be paying attention to them and NOT “the Harry and Meghan Show”.

    These idiots think they can spin nothing into gold while they continue to do the bare minimum. They are literally the Wizard of Oz screaming “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

    • JT says:

      This right here. This is not a compliment. It makes Kate look like small fish. Oh sure, H&M can command global attention for their work, but Kate’s got social media on lockdown. Also don’t pay attention to how much the Keens get dragged on on Twitter, you know, the space that Kate supposedly owns. Sure Jan. What’s even more funny is that H&M don’t even have social media and they still dominate. So what does that say about the Keens? Their efforts are futile perhaps?

      • nutella toast says:

        @snuffles and @JT – my thought exactly. That’s your crazy aunt posting 2,853 videos of her favorite poodle sleeping and literally no one hitting the “like” or “subscribe” button but she brags that she has her own YouTube channel. Not a thing.

        On a shallow note, just looking at William and Kate makes me reflexively yawn. They’re not killing anything except my energy.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right, Snuffles & JT–I also noticed that the commentator mentioned ‘meanwhile, back in the UK…’ which illustrates the very limited reach of ‘Kate’s’ social media game, Salty Isle itself, while H & M are global entities.

      • JT says:

        @Beanie It’s all just so local news right? Who cares what’s happening globally when we can all watch the Keens play with tractors. This is what real service is. How regal. It’s truly laughable.

  6. Seraphina says:

    I found both videos bizarre and leaving me baffled. The Easter message was very strange. I am trying to figure out what they are trying to say in this message. And the one of someone walking with the cookies is just weird. Maybe I am missing something and I am over thinking it.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah someone just walking with cookies is weird. Even weirder is the commentator referring to that person as “the unseen flunkie” that zips across London to deliver the cookies. Is that supposed to be funny? Feels like a laughing at the delivery person who actually has to work while someone else just has to sign their name. Like wtf.

    • megs283 says:

      I like the videos, but it’s absolutely ludicrous to claim that Kate is reinventing the social media game or whatever.

    • L84Tea says:

      When the Easter video first posted, a lot of people speculated if there was some hidden message in it in reference to Meghan. Meaning, Meghan is the chocolate egg and they wanted to smash her. I don’t know if that was actually the case, but honestly, the Cambridges are so unhinged at this point that it wouldn’t shock me.

      • Seraphina says:

        L84Tea, I agree about the hidden symbolism. You would think they would have picked up on that if even people like I, who are not PR professionals, can pick up on it.

    • Celia456 says:

      The videos remind me of when I used to smoke pot: things like the backwards smashing chocolate egg would’ve seemed *so* frickin cool.

      If you look at their sm through the filter of being high, it kinda makes sense.

      (Giggling at the thought of Your highness)

    • equality says:

      I agree. What was the point. I think Clarence House does a much better job with their social media because they keep it central to C&C’s interests. At least Charles would have spoken on the video, even if only to read a poem or something.

  7. Sarah says:

    I laughed so hard I was reminded to do my Kegels more frequently! Thanks Kate!

  8. Sequinedheart says:

    Quietly radical keen cookie coveting top CEO.

    I wonder if Carole will go broke paying people to write these ridiculous pieces… or maybe sleazy uncle Gazza is bankrolling the sappy press coverage.

    Either way, BARF!

  9. Yup, Me says:


    🥳 (Happy Belated April Fool’s! I assume they’re celebrating late.)

  10. Dee says:

    Is Kate being thrown under the bus for all the amateurish PR attempts?

  11. Kfg says:

    How has she upstaged anyone? She can’t even get Louis to trend without tagging MM and Harry.

  12. mess says:

    “See, while royal news over the last year has nearly been wholly consumed by the ongoing Sussex melodrama, all TV tears, pouting, posturing and eye-popping business deals, something very interesting has been going on back in the UK.”

    So laughable that this is said after the Sussexes were announced as the VaxLive campaign chairs!! Yeesh the pretzels these racists twist themselves into to embiggen the white duchess. Meghan ran a whole-ass lifestyle blog while working full time and getting herself elbow-deep involved in humanitarian work. Two blah videos and suddenly this mannequin is a social media revolutionary? How embarassing.

    • Cecilia says:

      Not to mention that kate doesn’t manage their social media. Somebody in else does that for them, the sussexes old sm guy. And judging from the content the sussexes had significant influence on what was posted. And now they are trying to emulate it but its just not quite the same

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Everything is The Emperor’s New Clothes with how the royalist press writes about the Cambridges. There’s nothing there but they need to prop them up because they are the future of the monarchy because William is the heir to the Prince of Wales who himself is the heir to the British monarch. Royalists are invested in upholding the monarchy but since the talents and achievements of Cambridges are so insignificant we get this kind of Emperor’s New Clothes situation, which is so utterly pathetic. If you compare with the current heir to the various European monarchies, the Cambridges are the absolute dunces of the bunch and they really should be embarrassed by that. They are even being intellectually being outperformed by children!

  13. HeatherC says:

    Wow. That is some embiggening. What exactly has Keen Guevara done to revolutionize royal social media when even her ancient grandmother in law managed to post a selfish? In what way has she utilized SM for the charities she visits once every 8 years? She could have pote tially saved her shuttered charities if she’d known how to properly use SM.

  14. Lauren says:

    Unrivaled social media game? Quietly radical? Kate? Uh, ok.

    • Gabby says:

      It doesn’t say unrivaled at the top of the heap, or unrivaled in excellence. It is unrivaled in mediocrity and half-assery.

  15. BayTampaBay says:

    “Instead, we get bizarre egg-smashing videos and keen pie charts for Kate’s busy work.”

    Kaiser, you are so correct; the egg-smashing is just bizarre. Why would this be on a Royal social media account. I cannot imagine the Danish, Spanish or Norwegian royals posting this type of content unless the Danish, Spanish or Norwegian royal was a six year old.

    • My3cents says:

      Maybe her fresh new approach is that she let George take over their account?

    • josephine says:

      Hey, that pie-chart had two whole parts. That was really, really hard for her to put together, especially with such stunning, innovative visuals. (Obvious sarcasrm here – her presentation looks like something out of a 4-person office from the 1980s.) And the fake writing in her notebook dates her even more.

    • Jay Cee says:

      Maybe the egg video is their clever way of saying – we were broken, but now are whole again? Wiglet on the phone looks like a catalogue photo selling pant suit for, you know, successful CEO’s.

  16. Over it says:

    I am not surprised about this coming from Australia, those people are just as hateful and unhinged in the media against Megs as the racist brits are. I had to block all their news coverage of them because it’s so hateful towards Megs.

    • fishface says:

      Sadly this is true. Australia is a deeply racist country run by right-wing Murdoch acolytes, wanna-be Trumps and religious cult fanatics. (And this is just the Cabinet…)

      • megs283 says:

        fishface, please don’t tell me that. I fantasize that Australia is a magical, functional place that maybe I could eventually escape to.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Over it – The Aussie Tabloids must be doing this to sell newspaper$ and generate click$ for revenue$. It my understanding that most Aussies are indifferent to the monarchy and/or are rather vocal republicans wanting to do away with the British Sovereign as their head of state.

      • Demi says:

        I lived in Melb for a while I don’t think those stupid morning shows represents all Australians that Sunrise show& Sky news Australia are using this anti-Meghan rhetoric for clicks& views most people don’t care for the crap on tv when they got Netflix..
        Meghan& Harry had massive crowds in their Aussie tour.

    • Sure says:

      I’m from Australia and OVER IT your comments about the media down under are absolutely correct.

  17. Over it says:

    As for Karen keen being social media savvy. Ha. Can she even find the power button on her laptop on her own?

  18. Cecilia says:

    If only we could go back to the days where KP had no more than 800 likes on a tweet…..
    That being said, this “revolution” is thanks to the sussexes old sm guy. But sometimes i get the feeling he is gunning for a job in california….

  19. Becks1 says:

    This is trolling, right?

    First – have we ever had any indication that Kate is involved in social media at all? That she is doing anything with it? The easter and Anzac day videos were both weird, is she saying that Kate was behind them? That would explain the weirdness I guess.

    Second – if Kate was so good at social media, then press would be focusing on the Cambridges, not the Sussexes who don’t even HAVE social media.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @Becks1 – I see where you line of thought is going but I am going to take the low, very low, road for once.

      Kate could be the world champion Social Media Wizard and it would not make a difference. No one is really interested in the Cambridges for the simple reason they are not very interesting. Let’s be honest about the whole situation, Sophie and Anne & Timothy are much more interesting as royals and individuals.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay that’s a good point but part of what it means to be “good” at social media is to make yourself more interesting. Think of all the IG influencers who are honestly probably just like you or me IRL, but they present this super cool, super hip, super “on top of everything” image to the world via social media. If Kate and her team were really that good at social media, they could present a more interesting image of the cambridges, even if it was all smoke and mirrors. and I think their SM guy tries, I really do, but i don’t think the Cambs are willing to play along that’s why we get a video of them smashing an easter egg rather than a time lapse video of the kids doing an easter egg hunt.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “Think of all the IG influencers who are honestly probably just like you or me IRL, but they present this super cool, super hip, super “on top of everything” image to the world via social media.”

        With the exception of the Kardashians, are we looking at the influencer or are we looking at the clothes, destinations, furniture, table setting or ect…etc….???

        I follow one and only one influencer or SM and I am interested in what she is promoting not her as an individual.

  20. dawnchild says:

    Just a slew of articles telling us how good/regal/modern/dutiful/cutting edge/stable she/they are, 0 evidence to the contrary. How long can this be sustained?
    5 embiggening articles to every actual, tiny, pathetic bare minimum ‘engagement’ showing the same laughing, standing, and ‘interested’ hand gestures. Swap any of those pictures for any engagement. Is it for kids, sheep, sport, shelter, hospice, garden? All expressions are the same. I guess technically that’s true of most royals. Exceptions being Diana, Harry and Meghan who have different ways of engaging with different groups.

  21. Jan says:

    Remembering the school girl that said when I saw the dark hair I thought it was Kate, but it was M E G H A N.
    Meghan took her ideas with her to the US, David used all the ones she told him, hence the bald head video and smashing chocolate.
    Twitter can be awful, someone put music to the video of Kate reading a message from Q cards in Pakistan, 6 words on each card and she took a long time to turn them.
    Why Princess Willian can’t accept Kate as she was, Kate was too lowbrow, it must be Catherine, then speaking in an intelligible posh accent, no wonder she is a bucket of nerves around him.

  22. Woke says:

    It’s must be a joke. The Cambridges sucks at social media. They don’t have any creativity on their own. Their post are always half executed leaving you thinking something is missing like the anzac video.

  23. Cee says:

    I now find this disturbing. They’re attributing to Kate everything Meghan did/accomplished. This is now borderline abusive and gaslighting. I could be wrong but this is how I see it.

    • Zebz says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing it. It’s so disturbing and creepy!!! They are trying to steal her shine, literally. What the f???

  24. Monica says:

    God, they are just Trying. So. HARD.

  25. Phoenix says:

    Hahaha. This made my day. They are so sour lol

    “See, while royal news over the last year has nearly been wholly consumed by the ongoing Sussex melodrama, all TV tears, pouting, posturing and eye-popping business deals, something very interesting has been going on back in the UK. AThat is, while the eyes of the world were, by and large, glued to the Harry and Meghan Show, Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.”

  26. Merricat says:

    Kkkate is developing quite a following! What drivel.

  27. Robin says:

    “Unrivalled” as in no one wants to fight that battle with her, yes. Who’d want to rival such a poverty of insight and world view.

  28. The Hench says:

    Oh come now, I think you are all being a little unkind. The article said “Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.” I mean, they’re not wrong. It’s certainly an approach that breaks with, let’s see now, professionalism? Sanity? Success? Leads to the overthrow of a monarch? Definitely revolutionary.

  29. Pamuk says:

    After all the negative press because meghan was supposedly in control of the Sussexes IG. The hypocrisy is astounding 🙄

  30. Sofia says:

    But their own fans don’t even like their social media these days. I’ve seen a few complain about the posts and say they use too many emojis or something.

  31. Sushiroll says:

    Those pie chart pictures have great potential to become memes.

    However, she is effortlessly boring and dull, so they probably won’t.

  32. Onomo says:

    Those pie charts (75% believe something versus 24.9% of people who don’t! You don’t say!) will never not be hilarious.

    I wonder if W and K will host an event on vaccine equity soon with say, Ed Sheeran?

    • MF1 says:

      I know, I love those pie chart photos. It’s amazing and hilarious that no one in the KP Comms office saw the photos and thought, “Does this make Kate look like a complete idiot?”

    • booboocita says:

      Oh, best believe it. Within a month or two, some sort of TV event for some cause or other will be announced, and Baldimort and Keen Guevara will be the “hosts.” I put that in quotation marks because they’ll probably tape a two-minute video welcoming TV watchers to the event and saying that the cause is one they’re quite keen about — and then they’ll disappear for the rest of the show. But the RRs will just about orgasm the day after: “Such grace! Such poise! Such dignity! And their gala was far better received than that of the California royals, who are big whiners and posturers that nobody cares about, anyways!”

  33. Steph says:

    Commentator Daniela Elser said the Duchess of Cambridge has been “nailing the social media game” while the world is distracted by “the Harry and Meghan Show”.

    If the world is distracted and not paying attention to you, you are NOT “nailing the social media game.”

    What dummies.

  34. Serena says:

    LMFAO please, Kate is as radical as plain scones. 😂 Their strategy Is just to try to shift the attention from raging baldy and his problematic family to how perfecly noble and keen Kate is. Which, sorry, doesn’t work (It’s ridiculous).

  35. Emily says:

    The weird background feedback in the egg video makes it seem so creepy!

  36. Cessily says:

    Why? Does a post count as a Senior Royal event now?

  37. Mei says:

    This is beyond hilarious but doesn’t surprise me that she actually believes what she’s saying. news.com.au is very anti-Meghan/Sussex and very pro-Kate/Cambridge *eye-roll*. So this is not unusual for them to be spouting sad sh*t like this lmao.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      That makes sense that news.com.au is anti-Meghan/Sussex. Rupert Murdoch/News Corp owns it. Harry’s lawsuit against the Sun is still ongoing I think.

      It’s really funny that they want to give credit/kudos to Kate for that bad video. Was it Kate’s idea to give us a close up of the top of Baldimort’s head?

    • FicklePickle says:

      Heh, when I saw the “.au” portion of it I was thinking more of the fanfiction interpretation of the term, alternate universe.

  38. IRMAVEP says:

    The funniest and most uncomfortable photo of William ever published, IMO, was when he and Kate greeted the President of the Ukraine at Buckingham Palace [ 7/10/2020 ]. William and Kate are seated on a couch facing the President and his wife. William has his hands clenched together between his knees and the pressure he’s exerting on them have turned his knuckles chalk white. The Ukraine is notorious for its Bot-farms – where one can hire hundreds or thousands of positive bot-hits on someone’s – in this case the Cambridges’ – Instagram account, to boost its numbers. William’s discomfort in the photo made me think he was worried that the President might mention the Cambridges’ boost to the Ukraine economy by purchasing many thousands of bots, each week.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “the Cambridges’ boost to the Ukraine economy by purchasing many thousands of bots, each week.”

      You have my vote for comment of the week. Please pass me that salt shaker.

  39. Alexandria says:

    Change what?

  40. Mooshe1 says:

    The gushing and azz kissing by that Aussie is stomach turning. She should have been gagging and crying as she wrote that pile of hott garbage. Their social media skills suck.hahaha

  41. February-Pisces says:

    Once again kate is trying to switch lives with Meghan. When Kate does something wrong like making Meghan cry, she switches the story around. When Meghan achieves something like the smartworks collection, she claims it’s all down to her.

    Kate really needs to stop being obsessively trying to steal meghans life. Kate is never gonna have meghans ideas or achievements, she’s never gonna have her star quality and she most certainly is never gonna have her husband.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “she claims it’s all down to her”

      Wiglet did WHAT???? How did she try to take credit for the Smart Works Capsule Collection?

      I mean what words did she actually use?

      • February-Pisces says:

        Phil Dampier wrote in the Sun after Meghan release the smartworks collection that it’s success ‘was all down to kate’. He followed it up with no details of what kate did to help make it a success other than that she exists. That’s when the hashtag #katemiddletonsuccessstories lit up twitter.

      • Gabby says:

        Phil Dampier needs to take that rod out of his ass and hit himself over the head with it.

  42. IRMAVEP says:

    Oh, the irony in that phrase ‘a “significant intellectual shift” in the Firm’s image’. There certainly has been a significant change but intellectual doesn’t come in to it, and it’s not for the better. Why do amateurs like Kate have to dabble, when they have no skills, no training or no abilities in PR? Feel sorry for their social media guy / Head of Comms / or whatever they call themselves – the poor soul who has the job of putting a good face on the lazy, boring Cambridges and their tedious official engagements and unconvincing ‘happy’ marriage. Puke!

  43. mariahlee says:

    It’s easy to “win” when you’re the only one playing the game. She’s unrivaled because her competition was literally forced out of the arena. I guess that’s worthy of credit.

  44. Victoria says:


    That was a good laugh.

    Nothing is more inspiring than a 38 year old woman sitting at a desk on a phone with a blank diary in front of her hand pie chart she can’t understand.

    • Maria says:

      Some stan called her the “brilliant brainy Duchess” on Instagram when those photos and “charts” came out. 😂😂😂

      • Becks1 says:

        I think that was part of the threat Meghan posed to Kate – not just being more charismatic and glamorous, but her education and brain.

        At the time of their marriage, Kate had two claims to fame – being a commoner, and having a degree from St. Andrews (I think she’s the “highest educated consort or something). Well enter Meghan, also a “commoner” with a dual degree from Northwestern and bam, the two things that made Kate “different” and “special” are gone.

      • Maria says:

        Definitely. Didn’t Kate also do William’s homework at some point? I remember reading that. Maybe she thought that made her extra smart. 😂

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate was known to copy off of her classmates so perhaps she used that to help William. A few people who attended St Andrew’s got in a jezebel comment section and confirmed that someone picked up that Kate would always copy from the person sitting next to her so that person put clearly false answers to trip her up.

  45. TheOriginalMia says:

    Daniela completely undercuts her entire premise by admitting the Sussexes command more attention than social media darling, Kate. If Kate was truly nailing the SM game, the Sussexes wouldn’t be commanding worldwide attention.

  46. chimes@midnight says:


  47. Gk says:

    They don’t have much or well done social media. Who expects W or K to actually do it, I don’t ( I don’t expect the bosses of an organization to do it), they need to HIRE competent staff to do it.

  48. Plums says:

    if the royalty gig doesn’t work out, Kate has a bright future as a stock photo model. because that’s seriously what every staged picture of her that’s meant to make it look like she does office work looks like.

    And yeah, such a notable sign of social media success- using the traditional media to propagandize the masses into believing you’re a social media success.

  49. ABritGuest says:

    The royal commentators are so fixated that Kate be seen as beating Meghan as Kate just has to upstage/ be better Duchess then Meghan because of her future position but also to uphold white supremacy ideals. This reminds me of when Meghan got engaged & I guess international press was focused on Meghan being a feminist & self made etc so we started seeing all these articles about how Kate was wealthier than Meghan(via her family’s fortune).

    I know Kate doesn’t give them that much (why would she when bare minimum seems to do) but it’s a shame they don’t focus on her real strengths/successes. Eg the baby bank initiative & Hold Still project were really well done but never seem to feature in these hype articles.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I wonder if those particular projects that went well are not mentioned because it’s known that she didn’t have much at all to do with the execution — more just lent her name and that was that. If she was so hands-on, you’d think they’d hype the heck out of that the way they did that damn garden/tree stump swing thingy.

  50. Amy Bee says:

    Maybe it’s Kate behind these creepy videos but I remember when the press believed that Meghan was in charge of the SR Instagram page, she wasn’t lauded for it, she was attacked.

  51. taris says:

    all hail saint catherine, bringer of peace, mother of tears … revolutionising the monarchy one insta at a time

  52. RedWeatherTiger says:

    It’s all so very trumpy. Keep telling the world a big, bold lie—or series of lies—and hope they are dumb enough to believe it.

  53. Lizzie says:

    Is there a spreadsheet of Meghans skills and accomplishments that the rr take turns assigning to Waity? If Meghan takes up knitting you know Cannot will suddenly be knitting and good durable scarves, nothing flash Hollywood scarves.

  54. Anita says:

    This is now borderline painful to watch. Amazing how shallow and uninspiring everything they do appears.
    I mean, I really liked Kate and Will, years ago, when they were newlyweds and babies started arriving. She was never the most inspiring of dresser, Kate, but whatever, to each their own, etc. Not the easiest of positions, not for everybody.
    Then with Meghan and Harry coming to spotlight, it really showed how exceedingly not much W&K do.
    However, this is just… it reminds me of saying “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt,”
    … go cut some ribbons or sth.

  55. Mina_Esq says:

    The irony of Kate giving her all to exile M and H is that the two of them would likely have been the only royals to support her in the event of a divorce. None of the others would. They’ve already started spreading stories about a rift with the Countess of Wessex. She will be all alone, up against that evil machine.

  56. Shannon says:

    Wow….trousers for Kate….and no buttons! Look at that!

  57. Kate can never revolutionize anything. Period. How can someone so lazy and has done nothing do something revolutionary? Nothing comes from nothing.

  58. Liz version 700 says:

    This has a very swirling the drain feel. Honestly….it is really uncomfortable to watch.

  59. Mia says:

    Okay so I just noticed this because I’m obsessed with a particular pair of throw cushions in Norfolk – one of them is in the background of Kate’s fake office shot (pink suit). Those cushions are also in their weird zoom couch shots in front of the door. So basically that is their staging room for PR shots and zoom calls, and those cushions are part of it.

    I notice because I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. I don’t care for the Cambridge fusty style in general, but lord am I on a mission for those cushions.

    • Becks1 says:

      Huh, that’s weird because the weird zoom couch in front of the door is at Sandringham and these pictures are from KP. Supposedly, I’ve never been in either so I can’t tell you for sure lol, but that’s what the RRs have said. So that tells me either they travel with their pillows or they bought a lot of the same throw pillow. And that’ something people do – find something they love and buy a lot of it – but then that means they are traveling with their pillows to Sandringham.

      That’s just….weird.

  60. Amelia says:

    Oh God we’re gonna get a full on Sussex style portrait released complete with Keen-ness overload aren’t we? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  61. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    “Kate Middleton is desperately trying to upstage her sister in law Meghan Markle with the help of her mother even though it hasn’t worked and never will.
    We see you ma midds. We see you”
    There. Tweaked it a bit

  62. L4frimaire says:

    Is this article to get more looks to their Instagram ? And Kate’s social media game is unrivaled because no one is competing with her but they’re still competing with a dead account that is SussexRoyal, and are still lacking. Why does everything about these two always, constantly, need to mention the Sussexes and how they are outdoing them, even when not remotely true. The Sussexes left, they wanted them gone, yet they cannot stop using them, especially Meghan.

  63. Busybody says:

    I am a Top CEO Business Lady and can confirm that mauve suit is atrocious.

  64. Jay says:

    Top CEO should be outraged to be given blame, er, credit, for either of those cringeworthy messes. The biggest currency on social media is not aesthetics, it’s authenticity.

    We’ve long said that the Cambridges could and should use their social media presence to bring attention to their causes and give useful resources. This ain’t it.

  65. adri3nne says:

    These pictures remind me of when Donald Trump had COVID and he released those bizarre photos of himself signing blank pages and holding meetings (I think?) from the hospital. It’s the same exact vibe as these try-hard pics of Kate with her powerpoints lmao

  66. The Recluse says:

    (I see that she picked those books for her desk strictly for how they’d look: a real book person wouldn’t care what they looked like and I doubt they’d stand them like that on their desk. It’s such an odd placement.)

  67. Cel2495 says:

    😂 these people are pathetic!

  68. Kat says:

    This is a hilarious self-own. If no one’s paying attention to your social media, then you’re bad at social media.

    Also, the labels on the pie chart offend me. “24% Start of pregnancy to 5 years”? What does that even mean?