Halle Berry denies pregnancy, blames burgers on her “bump”

The rumors about Halle Berry being pregnant with her second child have been swirling for months. It seemed like every time Halle left the house, paparazzi would aim their zoom lens on her “bump”. Life & Style even ran an “exclusive confirmation” of the news. To be fair to all of the people speculating, Halle does seem to prefer wearing clothes that make her look pregnant, like loose dresses and baggy shirts. But Halle put the rumors to rest last night on Jay Leno’s show, basically saying that she’s not pregnant, she just likes to eat. It’s a hamburger baby!

The speculation is over.

When a svelte Halle Berry walked onto Jay Leno’s stage Thursday, the host told her she looked terrific, to which she replied: “You know, thank you for that, Jay, because that must mean that pregnancy rumors can be put to bed!”

Sources at The Jay Leno Show taping tell PEOPLE that Berry, wearing a low-cut, short black dress and black thigh-high boots, also told Leno with a laugh, “I was getting a complex! Because I was like, I’ve got to stop with the burgers or something!”

Berry, 43, and Gabriel Aubry, 34, welcomed their first baby, Nahla Ariela, in March 2008. The couple, who have been together since 2005 when they met while shooting a Versace ad, have made no secret of their desire for more kids.

In February, Aubry told PEOPLE Nahla “needs a sibling.” The model, who comes from a family of eight kids, added, “I believe in big families.” And in March, Berry said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was ready to have a second child.

Berry was another in a series of high-profile guests for Leno in this inaugural week of his 10 p.m. show. In addition to fending off pregnancy rumors, Berry told anecdotes about Nahla and meeting Aubry. Simply put, Berry gushed, “My daughter is fantastic.”

[From People]

I guess this is the new trend. An actress will let pregnancy rumors swirl for months, then deny it. It used to be different – if a woman wasn’t pregnant, she would correct the rumors, and if she was pregnant, she would stay silent. That’s why I thought Halle was knocked up again – she had been quiet for a while. In any case, I’d bet that Halle and Gabriel are trying for another baby – if your baby-daddy looked like that, wouldn’t you?

Halle Berry is shown on 9/16/09 (brown dress, credit: Fame Pictures) and 9/10/09 (white dress, credit: WENN.com)

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  1. Disco says:

    Why is she holding her bag like that in the pictures then? It looks to me like she’s trying to cover a bump. Weird…maybe she wanted the publicity??? I wouldn’t think she’d need it, but who knows…

  2. anna says:

    Oh my god, if Gabriel Aubry was my baby daddy, I’d have knocked out Michelle Duggar’s record for children.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    she is beautiful. and I love her hair short like that.

  4. George says:

    She looked fan-fuckin-tastic last night on Leno!

  5. princess pea says:

    Can you imagine if you weren’t pregnant, and everyday there was a report somewhere that you were – complete with pictures zoomed in on your belly? I would be so self conscious, I would never leave the house.
    (That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is, but she wants to keep it personal for a while yet… like until she’s past the first trimester, maybe)

    I worked at a store with a baby registry when I was young, and we were supposed to suggest it to every single pregnant woman we saw. We were also instructed to MAKE CERTAIN that she was pregnant before we brought it up, because it is way offensive if you’re wrong.

  6. J.D.M.J. says:

    She is gorgeous — preggers or not!

  7. alex says:

    I saw her on The Leno Show and if she is pregnant I don’t know where she is hiding it, cause she was flat and she looks great

    some people need to stay out of the woman’s womb. When she is pregnant she will let the whole world knows if she wants

  8. mollyb says:

    I imagine that must be painful for her and probably Nicole Kidman. They both seem like older woman who have struggled with fertility and probably want to have more children. To constantly battle rumors that you are pregnant–when you aren’t but would love to be–must be very horribly hard.

  9. eternalcanadian says:

    so that explains why she was wearing “fat clothes” for three months? come on, someone that usually wears tight clothes all of a sudden is wearing loose tops and muumuus? it is quite possible due to her fertility issues she was undergoing hormonal stuff to extract eggs and that would definitely make her bloated and puffy. as for how flat she looked on jay leno, ever heard of something called spanx? 😉

  10. mel says:

    At 3 months some women just dont show until their 4 or 5 months along. Only time will tell.

  11. shenae says:

    either way she looks good…

  12. Beth says:

    I think celebrities don’t always release statements because they don’t stop rumors or they just don’t respond to rumors at all. I didn’t see Leno but Halle denied it and supposedly looked thin yet people are still saying she’s pregnant. Do girdles/spanx hold a baby in? That doesn’t sound safe. Also the tabloids have been saying Halle has been 3 months pregnant since the beginning of summer. She most likely would be showing by now if the rumors were true.

  13. Trillion says:

    Anna: Oh yeah! And about the loose clothes: well, it’s possible that she’s put on some post-breast feeding pounds. Nursing burns an incredible amount of calories and when you stop, it’s hard to adjust your caloric intake at first.

  14. grisgris says:

    Full disclosure that my own experience is influencing my opinion – but pregnancies often don’t work out. I really think the media “bump watch” needs to be put in check. Infertility issues and pregnancy loss are painful enough as is.

  15. princess pea says:

    grisgris – that’s just what I was thinking. How incredibly painful to have such a sad experience in the first place, and then to have it plastered everywhere you go- people speculating, asking, pointing… ouch. Not cool.

  16. After also struggling with fertility issues, I know it has to be a sensitive topic for celebs who are always in the spotlight, so I’m not surprised that their responses to rumors take time. Also, Spanx don’t work that well, and when you stop breastfeeding, the weight gain can be a surprise and require some managing.

  17. Neelyo says:

    Sandra Bullock called some reporter out for asking her if she was pregnant and I wish more stars would do that. It’s nobody’s business and the speculation is so offensive.

    ‘Bump watches’ are as dumb as the magazines that carry them.

  18. Oenix says:

    I was pregnant than lost it at about 8 weeks – I still get “reminders” from all the baby websites I had originally subscribed to. Sometimes I don’t check my email because I get the “What to expect when you’re 16 weeks…..”. So may be she was pregnant…. and it didn’t work out….. let’s show compassion because it is so hard when you want to but you can’t and then get constantly reminded of something you cannot control.

  19. the truth says:

    who the heck holds a bag like that if they are not hiding something…

  20. cassie says:

    I hold my bag like that sometimes and I’m not pregnant.Halle never denied being pregnant with Nahla even after the rumors started.

  21. Divine says:

    It is not typical for a woman to say she’s pregnant until she is sure that the baby is growing healthy. Remember Halle is close to mid 40’s, the rate for miscarriage is dramatic in her case especially since she’s had problems conceiving to begin with (with Nahla)Its the same reason why 40-something JLO hid her pregnancy since not only was she high risk because of age, she was carrying twins. If she is pregnant, she can’t hide forever, she will eventually waddle around or if she can hide it long enough, you’ll see with the stroller after birth. Telling people you’ve miscarried is the worst thing in the world. Imagine being a Celeb. Just let her be!