Suzanne Somers on Patrick Swayze’s chemotherapy: they put poison in his body

Actress Suzanne Somers, 62, is an advocate of natural health practices and told Oprah earlier last year that she takes 60 pills a day, along with bioidentical hormones, which she credits with helping stave off the symptoms of menopause. She has a book out about bioidentical hormones, Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones, published in 2006, and another about general wellness, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness published last year. Apparently Somers has yet another book coming out in a month about cancer, and she just had to speak out to a journalist about how Patrick Swayze was “poisoned” by chemotherapy:

Suzanne Somers, a cancer survivor herself, thinks Patrick Swayze was killed by chemotherapy. “They took a beautiful man” and “put poison in his body,” the “Three’s Company” star told columnist Shinan Govani at the party for Tom Ford’s movie, “A Single Man,” at the Toronto Film Festival. While Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Clive Owen and Colin Firth made chitchat, Somers, who has a book about cancer coming out next month, said: “Why couldn’t they have built him up nutritionally and got ten rid of the toxins? . . . I hate to be this controversial . . . but I have to speak out.”

[From The NY Post]

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most silent, deadly and fast-acting cancers. Swayze had the benefit of some of the best cancer treatment in the world, and was treated at Stanford University Cancer Center, where he underwent CyberKnife surgery, a state-of-the-art treatment that allows for precise radiation treatment of tumors without surgery. The fact that Swayze had access to the latest care is likely to have allowed him many more months with his family and loved ones on his ranch. He was diagnosed in March, 2008, and survived a year and a half after what was initially rumored to be a very grim prognosis.

Somers probably means well, but she really shouldn’t bring up Swayze at all to further her agenda. Illness and treatment are a personal matter. Somers had breast cancer, which does make her a cancer survivor but not an expert on all forms of cancer or treatment. Chemotherapy saves lives, and while it inevitably makes people sick and kills healthy cells while it’s killing the cancer it’s reckless to dismiss it as “poison.” It’s especially callous to claim that Swayze’s death was somehow related to the treatment that may have significantly prolonged his life. I hope Somers clarifies her remarks somehow or explains that they were taken out of context. It sounds like she thinks she’s doing everyone this great favor, though, by saying that Swayze was poisoned. She’s a whack job.

Suzanna Somers is shown out on 8/16/09 with her buddy Pam Anderson and 9/13/09. Credit:

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  1. BW says:

    What the hell is wrong with her feet and legs? Well, besides too much tanning and old age. Geez, bring back pantyhose, or just wear pants. Please.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Good God woman, PUT ON SOME STOCKINGS!!!!!!!!

    Also, it is up to individuals how to treat themselves when they have a terrible illness. What may have worked for Somers, doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for everyone else.

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Either show me your medical degree or STFU, Granny. The 20 year old face and 70 year old hands are just plain creepy!

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Disgusting use of someone’s death to further her own agenda…

    Nasty disrespectful selfish woman

  5. OXA says:

    This is funny coming from someone with more spackle in her face than in my entire house.

  6. My2cents says:

    I never bought her breast cancer story; she was seen coming out of a plastic surgeon’s office and next thing you know, she’s battling cancer! Her book on dieting and fitness being why she looks so good would have been a sham if people found out..So, a quick cancer diagnosis solved that problem!

  7. Tracy says:

    Chemotherapy contributes just over 2 percent to improved survival in cancer patients, not very impressive.

  8. sarah says:

    This made me so angry. And not only because she’s using Patrick Swayze’s sad death to promote her agenda. I seriously hope that her craziness doesn’t start seeping into to rest of this country. We already have a former playmate convincing people that vaccines are causing autism. Now a former sit com star is going to say that because she somehow beat cancer without chemotherapy, everyone should stay away from it and take vitamins because chemo is poison.

  9. Diane says:

    She has a book to promote, and this for Suzanne, is above all. At one point I thought there may have been the barest of humanitarian in her, IMO there isn’t.

    I’d agree the chemo gave Patrick the extra time to complete a series season, time with his wife and on his ranch.

  10. dude says:

    sadly, she is pretty much right. Cancer isnt nearly as deadly in other countries. They have much better & less harsh treatments with a much better survival rate. How can you attack someones insides w/ poison & hope that it only destroy the tumors? Its going to destroy everything! Suzanne is a cancer survivor! Chemo & radiation are really just to prolong your life & stop the cancer from growing. They just “hope” that it would strink it completely or go away.

  11. raven says:

    Grex, you’ll get older yourself. I’d knock off the age-related comments.

    I agree with Somers. It is poison and I wouldn’t do it. However, I make a point to never criticize someone’s choice of cancer treatment. I don’t think it’s productive as state of mind is important in fighting this disease. Swayze had incredible attitude fighting this disease.

  12. MomInNH says:

    As a woman who survived stage 2-3 invasive cervical cancer I’m appalled at her statement. How dare she!! The CANCER is the poison. The CANCER is eating you up and turning your body into a toxic pit. The radiation and chemotherapy are what saved my life. The surgeries were all unsuccessful. Lasers, freezing, all kinds of surgeries were tried to no avail.

    Just because Suzanne didn’t choose traditional methods doesn’t mean they don’t work.. Or that somehow Patrick’s death was caused by the “poisoning” of chemo. That’s horse $hit. She needs to keep her mouth shut and put some frigging pants on. The leathery skin on her chest and legs make me feel nauseous.

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    She advocates natural health practices but takes 60 pills a day? How is that natural?? This woman is hypocrite, plain and simple. And can’t she just shut up and let poor Swayze’s family grieve?

    And Tracy – where’d you get that number from?

  14. pebbles says:

    Yes, chemo is toxic, but when you are facing cancer, you sorta do what you’re told to do in order to live. My dad (RIP) wasn’t thrilled with the chemo treatment, but he did what he could to try to survive. Good for her that she beat cancer, but don’t act as if taking vitamins would work for everyone.

  15. Mary Ann says:

    Tracy, can you provide a citation for that 2% figure? Thanks!

    All- while chemotherapy is very hard on a person’s system, I think these claims that cancer and other diseases can be avoided or cured if you just have the correct secret information– be it nutrition, crystals, positive thinking, whatever– is just wishful thinking. People like Suzanne Somers are whistling past the graveyard, pretending that they can control the uncontrollable. There’s definitely a need to investigate alternate therapies, and a lot of them probably work well (I LOVE my chiropractor, personally), but I honestly don’t think eating a macrobiotic diet is any more likely to cure cancer by itself than sacrificing a turtle to the rain gods is.

  16. embertine says:

    Tracy, I would be very careful about bandying that figure around. Cancer is not just one disease, and the term chemo covers a lot of different drugs. Unless you’re an oncology researcher, I am going to have to respond with polite scepticism.

    Yes, chemo is poison. Poison that is targeted to do more damage to cancer cells than healthy cells. Yes, it makes you feel like crap, but it can and does save lives.

  17. Jen says:

    @Tracy – can I ask where you came upon the two percent figure?

    Even if this is true it doesn’t take into account the prolonging of life if not the curing of the cancer.
    My aunt had breast cancer and while she never fully got rid of the cancer she fought it back enough to live another 15 years – much like Patrick Swayze – pancreatic cancer is almost always incurable and normally the person dies within 3 months – Swayze fought it for twenty months.

  18. Rachum says:

    I get so fed up of these ‘celebs’ with their pseudo hippy health bullshizz. She’s talking about building him up nutritionally and then getting rid of the toxins, jeez, who knew the cure for cancer was THAT simple eh? All cancers are very different, as is each patient, hence the different routes of treatment.

    She name drops Swayze (which is a pretty vile thing to do in order to sell more of her no doubt science-lite books) and that chemo is poison blah blah, yet she doesn’t seem to have an alternative to that. Unless eating more berries and a colonic is the way forward here?


  19. Brooke says:

    someone splurged on the Hollywood Bumpit, heh

  20. barneslr says:

    She’s a moron and should shut her mouth. Oh, and so should the people posting her that claim to know more about medicine and cancer treatments than people who devoted their lives to it.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. I just have no patience with self-styled experts who pretend to know more about medical treatments than, oh, people who have been educated and trained in that area.

  21. cheekemunkey says:

    “Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in your body.” ( And while it may do that efficiently, it also interrupts the normal function of or even kills off cells vital to the health of the individual.

    Suzanne’s right. Much can be achieved in restoring health by either eliminating/reducing toxicity (total body burden of toxins) and/or rebalancing nutritional deficiency. Undergoing chelation (detox) and taking vitamin supplements are a necessity sign of the times we live in (ie pollution, soil deficiency, industrial farming methods).

    Good for Suzanne for speaking out. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of a disease by cutting out tumors and prescribing pharmaceuticals, such as chemotherapeutics, NOT TREATING THE ACTUAL CAUSE.

  22. Cerulean says:

    You know, she is correct, though maybe this was not the best avenue to discuss it.

    Chemo & radiation ARE poison…the hope is that the cancer is killed before the person is. Many cancer patients die due to effects of chemo…NOT the disease…including my husband. His own oncologist said, “The treatments we have for leukemia are SHIT.” This from a doctor who is on the forefront of research for developing drugs which pinpoint only the cancer cells, one of which my husband tried. It did nothing.
    Probably the best approach in many cases is to try allopathic AND alternative remedies in combination. This is a growing field of interest.

    I might point out that patients must sign a release form before treatment that the treatment themselves may cause certain types of cancer…If that’s not an acknowledgment of the poison, I don’t know what is!

    Blessings to all who are fighting the Big C, and to their loved ones whose burden is also so great.

  23. Ameia says:

    About half of the above posters will get some kind of cancer and will have to make their own treatment choices.

    I agree with her, though not her methods of detox. Lots of people have quietly eliminated cancer using non-orthodox methods and those who speak out about it are controversial.

  24. crash2GO2 says:

    @dude & Tracy – would you please cite the references to your claims? Much appreciated.

    I think when I get cancer I’ll consult with doctors, not actors. But that’s just me, personally.

  25. HEB says:

    you cant kill cancer without poison

  26. Mairead says:

    I’d also like to know which countries dude is referring to, please. Many countries and societies tend to have prevalience of one cancer or disease over another (e.g. Ireland has apparently the highest rates of Coeliac disease in Europe), and different cancers can have different treatments. For example, breast cancer caught early and the tumour removed completely is obviously going to have a completely different treatment from pancreatic cancer.

    Chemo and radiation is very much like taking a lump hammer to put a screw in the wall – yeah it’ll give you somewhat the end result you want, but you’ve made a hames of the wall in the meantime.

    There is a place for complementary medicine in all treatment. Notice I said complementary, not alternative. Unless those supplements come with a time machine, their power is in prevention and keeping the body strong enough to fight. Which is useful in trying reduce the instance of that cancer in society, but not so much when you’ve already developed it.

  27. dude says:

    crash2GO2: Well other than my lunch hour i dont spend my days on gossip sites. I have worked in the med field for 6 yrs. And not to mention the books I have read on Cancer Prevention. Other countries are Canada, Sweden & Germany. Look it up!

  28. barneslr says:

    dude: I’ve worked for a medical university for 12 years, working with doctors and researchers, including assisting editing medical textbooks and journal articles. I’ve attended hundreds of hours (possibly thousands, at this point) of morning report sessions, grand rounds, noon conferences and lectures to medical students. What you are spouting is a bunch of nonsense that you obviously made up.

    You say you work in the “med field.” Someone who sweeps floors in a lab could say they work in the “med field,” but that doesn’t mean they know anything about medicine.

    It’s unconscionable for self-styled experts to go around spreading misinformation. Someone might actually believe this crap and it could very well be extremely detrimental to his or health. Medical advice should come from medical professionals, not washed up b-list actresses, or from hacks on the Internet who work in the “med field” and read a book or two about cancer prevention.

  29. gg says:

    … and she has plastic in her face, so is hardly an authority on health.

  30. lucy says:

    If it worked for her, and she wants to promote it for books or whatever, fine. She’s entitled to do that – we as a public don’t have to listen or buy her books or products. I’d listen to a doctor with an education and experience before I’d listen to Chrissy Snow, but to each their own.
    What I don’t think she should do is comment on anyone else’s health publicly. She has no intimate knowledge of Patrick’s situation, what treatment he did or didn’t receive, etc. The fact that she’s saying all this is bad enough, but to do so for book promotion is even worse.

  31. Shar says:

    Suzanne is right. She’s not ‘using’ Patrick Swayze’s death at all; I believe she’s just trying to get a vitally important message out. The allopathic medical mafia in this country has near-complete control of what people are allowed to know and how they’re allowed to care for themselves. But even Suzanne doesn’t go far enough. For radical health and true well-being, stop eating meat, dairy, processed foods, and grains, and detoxify your body, living on a diet of enzyme-rich raw food: uncooked vegetables and fruits, with some natural (raw) nuts and seeds. Juice fast or water fast a few times a year on this diet and you will not get sick– you won’t even get colds once you get the toxins out of your body. Good health is a natural state of being that very few know, thanks to the food industry and poisonous drugs.

  32. Guest says:

    to each his own…definitely.

  33. mollination says:

    Chemotherapy is poison. Just like you said – it killed the good cells and the bad. Poison doesn’t descriminate. Yes he lived an astonishingly significant amount of time after his diagnosis (my father died of Pancreatic Cancer, and they said 6 months max. He lived just under 6. My friend also just survived stage 4 hemoblastoma with the aid of chemotherapy- so I’m aware it saves too), but Patrick also got more frail with the treatment. It makes the patients terribly sick and weak. The chemo didn’t kill Patrick, so Somers sounds a little glib there. But chemo is undoubtedly poison.

  34. fizXgirl314 says:

    wow, what is going on with this woman? I mean, I understand she’s old but my mother is older and doesn’t look like she’s spotting… and why does her dress have white spots on it? is her skin melting off onto it? There’s nothing wrong with being old, but maybe she should stop dressing like she’s 20 and cover some shit up…

    I’m so conflicted about chemo. My mom just recently had breast cancer surgery about a year ago. What my mom claimed is they wantedd to give her chemo “just in case’ and that the breast cancer had completely been removed… though I have a feeling she was just spreading that notion around to make us feel better and maybe the chemo was actually necessary. But, after the chemo she was so weak and shaky and frail and had aged 20 years in a few months. she always had springy skin and didn’t look her age, now she looks like my grandmother… the wrost part is how weak she is… she says she’s feeling better and better now that the chemo is done but she is still very shaky… Thankfully, she never got as gaunt as some people do, but maybe her doses were a lot less and She was also a sturdy woman to begin with… I guess this is when having a few pounds on you doesn’t hurt…

    anyway, it breaks my heart to see my mom so weak… I gotta wonder if there isn’t a better way to “cure” someone… maybe this is all we have for now I suppose… but I do wish they’d do some research on alternative ways… the way I’ve seen some people respond to chemo, they might as well just be dead :/

  35. dude says:

    barneslr: EXCUSE YOURSELF?! I dont not sweep floors! Like i said…I WORK IN THE MEDICAL WORK…not in a medical setting. If your methods work than why does 85% of cancer patients do not survive when they choose chemo as there therapy!! Have you ever read a book? Do me a favor, go to a book store (Ex:BORDERS) BUY Cancer Prevention.

  36. fizXgirl314 says:

    shar, you are probably right that if people eliminate ANYTHING remotely unhealthy from their diets, that they will probably reap some benefits… however, most people aren’t willing to eat pepper sticks and soy paste for lunch no even if the reward includes transcending your body and meeting god… it’s just not “fun” to say the least… and I bet you anything, a good dose of “fun” in your life will have dramatic health benefits…

    those extreme macrobiotic, raw food yadda yadda diets are what I call “you’ll live longer, but you’ll wish you were dead” type programs :/

  37. Claude Yoola says:

    Those calling chemo/radiation poison are correct. It’s like using a bazooka to kill a mouse. If anyone has doubts about that, then rather than demanding cites on a gossip site, do some research for yourself.

    Many many people who die from “cancer” are in fact killed by complications from cancer “treament”. I’ve been to some of their funerals, including a 9 year old leukemia patient who died of pneumonia. That case was doubly tragic because his parents were prevented by the state from obtaining alternative (yes alternative aka simple common sense) treatment for their child. They were forced, on threat of losing custody of their child during a time when he must battle for his life no less, to allow him to undergo chemo and radiation. You probably don’t want to imagine what that funeral was like.

    Cancer has become an INDUSTRY, plain and simple. And a very very lucrative one. Oncology is a very very lucrative specialization – although I will not knock any of the health professionals working therein. For the most part they are dedicated, caring individuals who are very very invested in the belief system indoctrinated into them by their very very expensive education. Nonetheless they do their best.

    The costs for these “treatments” are astronomical and HUGELY profitable for the medical/pharma industry as a whole. They make a killing, literally. Don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself.

    Here’s another anecdote: 24 year old healthy male, no prior history, no family history, develops tumours throughout his body. Brain, bowel, liver, AORTA. The cause is never discovered, not surprising because the fact is that we do not know what causes cancer. He is given chemo at a world-famous hospital which name I won’t mention. His treatment goes on for two years. During that time he must sell his pain medication on the black market in order to afford anti-nausea medication which he cannot function without. During one of his IV chemo sessions, the unit malfunctions and the fluid is leaked onto the floor of his room. Upon discovery of this, the entire floor of the hospital must be evacuated while a HazMat team cleans up. All items on the floor or in the room which are contaminated by the fluid must be safely disposed of as radioactive waste. This is the reality of the “medication” that is being put directly into people’s veins. After two years of fruitless chemo, he was told by the hospital that chemo obviously was no longer a viable option for him. So sorry, go home and get your affairs in order. He went home to die, by then so weakened from the treatment that he was plagued by numerous painful immune-deficiency opportunist diseases. Look some of them up – you wouldn’t wish them on your worst enemy. Just before he died from these complications of “treatment”, (not the tumours, they were still there) he told me that he was contacted by an oncologist at a private hospital on an island somewhere off the coast of Mexico. He was guaranteed a cure for the sum of two hundred thousand dollars, to be wired in advance. He is told that no chemo or radiation is involved, it’s too dangerous and it doesn’t work. The doctor on the line (an American) won’t say more. He asked where they got his name. Where else but from the hospital which had already failed him. For a fee they will provide the names and contact info patients for whom traditional “therapy” doesn’t work. He laughed as he was telling me this, and it really is quite ironic. He was long past caring at that point. His words: “(The world-famous hospital) got one last little pound of flesh out of me in the end.” By then he was broke financially, exhausted, sick and ready to die at age 26.

    Building and supporting the immune system so it can do its job is never ever useless no matter what the situation. I’m sorry Mairead but it is just stupid to think otherwise.

    What IS useless is to destroy the immune system in hopes of killing a group of cells before they spread.

  38. ccoop says:

    Her comments about Patrick Swayze’s cancer treatment are just as inappropriate as Tom Cruise’s comments about Brooke Shields’ treatment for postpartum depression.

    Not to mention: the long-term effect of bioidentical hormones is still unknown. What if THEY turn out to be “poisonous”?

    PS: Suzanne, your cheek implants are showing.

  39. Jag says:

    I don’t like that she mentiones Swayze in that context. The only thing she should be saying right now is that she wishes the family well, or something nice about him.

    Certainly, she is entitled to her opinion where cancer is concerned, and it’s up to us to agree with her or not. Personally, I think that using medical and nutritional means works the best. For those who want references, check out “The 120 Year Diet,” by Dr. Roy Walford. I learned a lot from that book, not the least of which is to take 2,000 mg of vitamin C a day, which turns precancerous cells back into normal cells in rats. (and more, but I can’t cite references for that right now, other than studies mentioned in various “Woman’s World” magazine articles.)

    My mother was diagnosed at age 42 with what would’ve been termed Stage 4 breast cancer. She was given a less than 2% chance of living if she took all the chemo treatments, because back then, the chemo killed as many patients as the cancer did. During her 20 year fight, she participated in many cancer studies, and some of the drugs she helped them study are in excellent use today to help women with breast cancer. (To the poster about Somers coming out of a plastic surgeon’s office: my mom’s surgeries were all done by a plastic surgeon, so it doesn’t surprise me that Somers was there.)

    We have medical advancement for a reason – for us to use – in my opinion. I do agree that there are some countries who seem more advanced in cancer treatment than the U.S., and it’s my hope that the FDA will allow more of those treatments here.

    Good luck to anyone fighting cancer. Do what’s best for your own body.

  40. Sakota says:

    “As a woman who survived stage 2-3 invasive cervical cancer I’m appalled at her statement. How dare she!! The CANCER is the poison. The CANCER is eating you up and turning your body into a toxic pit. The radiation and chemotherapy are what saved my life. The surgeries were all unsuccessful. Lasers, freezing, all kinds of surgeries were tried to no avail”

    So many idiots do not realize that doctors do what they can with what they are given. Scientists work 24/7 nonstop to try to figure out how to stop something that is killing thousands daily.

    These stupid fucking celebs should have their tongues cut out for promoting these filthy lies they encourage. I would LOVE to see them put in all the time studying that scientists put in and then the dedication scientists put into their work. Fucking arrogant ingrates. At the moment chemo is all we have. Until then we are stuck with it.

    Chemo might be like dropping a nuke on someone, but I personally believe the enemy, cancer, is what needs to be destroyed. The side effects are a compromised immune system, but that’s only a side effect. No choice. Better to fight rather than roll over.

  41. fizXgirl314 says:

    claude, stories like that are a dime a dozen… it doesn’t prove anything aside from what we already know, if you get cancer, your life is going to suck at LEAST for a little while… and that is nothing new… 🙁

  42. CourtneyH says:

    dude: Are you seriously expecting people to take medical advice from someone who doesn’t even use proper grammar?

    Chemo and radiation work differently for different types of cancers, and for different people. This is why doctors choose different methods of treatment for each individual patient. If you’re the type of patient who does your own research outside of what your doctor tells you and looks at the information with a critical eye (i.e., not falling for conspiracy theories), even better.

  43. Firestarter says:

    It is simply up to individuals how to treat their illness and not p to any of us who say this is bad or that is worse. I know a few people who have gone the chemo route and have lived healthy lives since their cancer went in to remission. It is 6 of one and half dozen of the other. There is NO right way to go when treating something like cancer, you just have to decide what you think will work best. It is a gamble no matter what. I feel for those that have the disease and have to make the hard decisions.

  44. CourtneyH says:

    ellen: You know what else has a poor track record? Having cancer. You know what has NO track record? “Alternative” treatments. If you’re suggesting people participate in clinical trials to test the efficacy of these treatments, right on. Otherwise, you can’t say other treatments are more effective than chemo, when the amount and validity of evidence for each are nowhere near equal.

  45. profree says:

    Patrick Swayze’s death came as a shock to many people. But not to his own cancer doctor: They know that the five-year survival rates of people being treated with chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer are virtually zero. And Swayze was only the latest in a long list of celebrities dying after being treated with chemotherapy and other toxic forms of western medicine:

    just a fact. And she had every right to speak out about it. She might make someone think and do some research to find out why chemotherapy is not a good idea.

  46. dancingnancie81 says:

    Suzanne Sommers puts poison in my eyes.

  47. CourtneyH says:

    ellen: Anecdotal evidence is not a clinical trial with controls to reduce sample bias. If you read a previous post I made, I also said that chemo works differently with different cancers and individuals, and the best patient is one who listens to his/her doctor while also doing outside research, but with a critical eye so as to not fall for conspiracy theories. I do not disagree that there are alternative treatments with anecdotal success, but these treatments need to be tested in a controlled study. Their actual efficacy rate is unknown and could be ineffective in some, which would lead to a quicker death due to lack of treatment. In addition, some of these treatments may have unknown adverse side effects that could cause more harm to the individual based on certain biological and environment factors that could be found through trials. Chemo is not the end all be all of cancer treatment, but it is the one that has been tested through thousands of trials, so the success rate is known, as well as the adverse effects it causes in some populations.

  48. the original kate says:

    i am really sickened by anyone who claims to have “the cure” for cancer, regardless of whether it is chemo or vitamins. everyone is different, everyone responds differently to treatments. personally i think if i were to get cancer i would try to avoid chemo and go with an alternative route (NOT 60 vitamins a day, though, that seems dumb) but i have no idea and won’t know until i am in that situation. i would never try to tell another person what treatment to try, and for suzanne to do that (especially so close to patrick’s death) is obnoxious grandstanding. she is not his doctor, and we aren’t either, so maybe we should all shut up and take care of our own health the way we see fit. most “alternative treatment” is not paid for by insurance, so there’s the cost aspect as well. most of us do not have the money suzanne has for those types of treatments, even if we wanted to try them. also, i would never take medical advice from someone who is so tanned and botoxed…how is that a healthy lifestyle?

  49. Lantana says:

    CourtneyH, uh, I think you’re a little too intelligent for a gossip site. Doesn’t the NIH have a forum? JK! I understand your point, but keep in mind that a statistic cannot be applied to an individual case, and most people have no concept of what medical statistics mean on a case-by-case basis, which is not much. It’s more likely for someone to reference an anecdotal case that is successful just as it is more likely for someone to reference a specific case that defies statistics (“my grandfather smoked 2 packs a day and lived to 92…”) Individual cases (anecdotal)just do not apply when it comes to general treatment and general treatment cannot be applied across the board. I think that is where miscommunication occurs. And if one were to follow your advice to treatment (listen to doctor, outside reasearch, critical eye) then I think it will result in the best possible outcome. And unfortunately in the wake of cancer, that generally means a few extra months or maybe a year…so people will still be on a quest.

  50. Cinderella says:

    Wow, these posts are very informative on both sides of the issue.

    As much as I like Suzanne, she probably should have put a lid on her comments out of respect for the Swayze family. We already know she’s into alternative medicine. We know where to find her books.

    Making a public statement like this and tying it to his death just doesn’t seem very respectful.

  51. cheekemunkey says:

    Cancer rates at the beginning of the 20th century were less than 2%. Heart disease was unheard of, as was MS or Alzheimers. Now, up to 40% of the population will experience cancer at some point in their lives. What’s changed? Nutrition and our environment.

    For those of you looking for sources of information on healthy lifestyles I highly recommend: ‘Real Food’ by Nina Planck, ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon and ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ by Weston Price.

    These books have changed my perspective on health and have unlocked so many secrets about the foods of commerce and proper nutrition.

    It’s time to do away with the smoke screen of commerce (read: industrial farming, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the healthcare industry as we know it) and re-learn what we our ancestors taught us for millennia.

  52. fizXgirl314 says:

    any schmuck who claims to know a cure of cancer, is just that, a schmuck. do you know how the medical field is more reliable that quacks like summers? it’s because they say things like “you have such and such percent chance” not “I cured my cancer with carrots and so can you”…

    fucking idiots…

  53. fizXgirl314 says:

    cheeeke, a big part of the reason we have more diseases now is because people are living to much older ages and getting up to those years where the body just starts falling apart…

  54. Trillion says:

    I suspect alternative treatments have “no track record” because no giant company will put money into researching it. Because there’s not enough $ in it to make it worth their time.

  55. Trillion says:

    Oh, and she needs some gays. Decolletage may have worked for her in the past. The long ago, far away past.

  56. stellab. says:

    I am a medical professional, and in the course of my practice I can say that, while chemotherapy and radiation do sometimes work, more often than not, the cancer returns. This is because cancer cell growth is a failure of the immune system. It is not a virus or a bacteria, therefore it should be treated differently- by bolstering the immune system. Ms. Somers is correct in what she says, and I do not believe she is attempting to “further her agenda”. Because of the current medical system in this country, people are made to believe that very, very expensive, horrible procedures are the only things that work. This is a fallacy perpetrated by Big Pharm and the insurance companies, because they make a lot of money off of sick and dying people. THAT is an agenda you should be disgusted by. When you watch someone with metastatic cancer slowly die, while also suffering the additional agonizing pain of “palliative” radiation burns to her legs, you may begin to understand what a truly horrible thing cancer is, and that the treatments are even worse. Cancer research ought to focus on what we already know- that the immune system does, and WILL, kill the cells, if it is supported properly. You might have heard of resveratrol in the news- it is believed that this compound may bolster the immune system, thus enabling it to fight off cancer in the body. Patrick Swayze’s death is a tragedy. I’m sure his oncologists did what they were taught to do, and they did it well, and Mr. Swayze, like most Americans, made a choice to trust in allopathic medicine and not seek alternatives. I would personally rather die in relative peace than go through the things I have seen cancer patients go through. Our system tells us we have no choice- and Ms. Somers is merely stating that, in fact, we do. I know a man who just recently died of cancer at age 60- he was diagnosed at age 19. He was never treated. He took massive doses of nutritional supplements which he developed himself, and dedicated his life to helping others, with impressive success rates. Before you make such blanket statements about things many of you have no grasp on, you ought to do some research. Ms. Somers HAS done extensive research, plus experimentation on herself. She knows, as well as I, that these things do work, and work better than medication. I myself am an example, as well. Ms. Somers must feel, as I do, that Mr. Swayze is another human life lost unnecessarily, who may have suffered needlessly. Am I “furthering my agenda” by writing this?

  57. t says:

    Suzanne told Larry King in an interview that she had radiation and surgery to treat her cancer in addition to the 60 pills she takes every day. I think it’s funny that she only attributes the success of her treatment to alternative medicine. Here’s part of the interview…

    KING: : What was the treatment?

    SOMERS: It — just — they — do I have to say?

    KING: Was their (sic) surgery involved? Radiation involved?

    SOMERS: Yes.

  58. t says:

    Suzanne admitted to having surgery and radiation to treat her cancer on the Larry King show, so she can’t really be sure if she is alive because of the surgery and radiation, or the alternative medicine, or the combination of the two.

  59. Rachum says:

    Anyone who thinks this Suzanne lady might be on to something with her raw fruits and henna could probably benefit from a GOOP newsletter……

    just sayin’.

  60. Shay says:

    Everyones body and situation is different. Pancriatic cancer is hard to treat no matter what you chose. It has one of the worse rates of survival. Not her place to say what would have saved him unless she’s his doctor. Her comments weren’t in good taste.

  61. lurker says:

    “Many many people who die from “cancer” are in fact killed by complications from cancer “treament”.”
    I could see how this statement could be true. A lot of people I know who had cancer and opted for treatment, died from complications of that treatment. However, everyone I know who opted to not have the treatment died from the disease. (Not really a study, I know.)

    It seems that each individual who has the disease is different, and responds to treatment differently. If doctors knew exactly what was occurring in each individual, and each case of cancer was the same, it would probably be easier to cure and treat.

    And correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not in the medical field), but doesn’t breast cancer have a higher survival rate than pancreatic cancer? Wouldn’t this mean that Somers’ chance of survival was higher than Swayze’s?

  62. Maritza says:

    She takes 60 pills a day? It makes me gag just thinking about it! And yes, she definitely should wear stockings!

  63. Ben says:

    This is why I hate the internet for the most part. Uneducated dickwits get to spread their nonsense and false anecdotal evidence like its fact.

    People make out like there’s a conspiracy among doctors to not treat people in the best way. Doctors jobs are to help people.

    And regarding somers comments, what the fuck is she talking about flushing out the cancer toxins? What fucking idiot!

  64. Trillion says:

    Rockin’ Stellab.

  65. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, look at all the cancer experts hanging out on a celebrity gossip website!

  66. fizXgirl314 says:

    come on, this is ridiculous. the entire medical community is not in on some conspiracy to make money off of you. if there were a combination of vitamins that research showed would do the trick, plenty of people would have interest in making money off of that too. there’s just no known cure for cancer, and that’s what the medical community has to work with.

    insurance companies wouldn’t be in on this supposed consipiracy anyway because I don’t think they want to pay for the expensive treatments. That statement is ridiculous.

    chemo is not the most effective treatment, but unfortunately, it’s what they have for now. get real, if there is a better treatment for something, they would be using it. there are other illnesses which are effectively treated despite these theories that money is the primary motivation for picking one cure over another. let’s try to give the medical community some credit shall we? they are just doing their job like the rest of us. everybody just does their job and they are usually just concerned with their immediate environment, only doctors have the additional task of saving lives so they are always being accused of some conspiracy theory. i don’t doubt they most of them are doing the best they can with a really horrible situation…

    hopefully, someday we can come closer to the cure. I have no doubt this will happen despite all the conspiracy theories floating around. there’s just as much money to be made in an effective cure as there is in an ineffective cure… and probably way more with the former. let’s not be so jaded and cynical about this :/

  67. Bete says:

    Ah, another z list celebrity trying to use a celebrity death to shine hte light on themselves. These people are disgusting.

  68. RubyKaur says:

    Stellab – you are my celebrity! 🙂

  69. DrM says:

    It looks like Suze’s head is pasted on someone else’s body…

    And if people want to take vitamins, drink beetroot juice or chant to fight their cancer that’s there biz…just don’t criticise other people’s choices…

  70. TEK says:

    Suzanne Somers is still alive??

  71. TwinkleToes says:

    Fxgirl, so true, the secret ‘underground’ doctor’s theory. That insurance company statement had me laughing all night long, along with P.S. Your cheek implants are showing. This site has a classy way of saying things, so refreshing & has me laughing until my head hits the pillow. My twin is an oncologist and really, they know no other way but are always looking. Some cheese doctors do it to make $$$ but most just want the # of survivors to back their rep.

    P.S. Those white spota are a reflection off of the “jewel-ry”.

  72. Popcorny says:

    I think the white marks are from scabs/lesions that on her legs as she turned them in the fry pan. They didn’t get a chance to brown (or probably can’t from skin damage)
    That said, she’s a sleazy snake-oil salesman.
    She doesn’t care if she’s misinforming the public, so long as she’s selling that misinformation.
    Patrick certainly researched his best options and survived a lot longer than what was expected.
    But out jumps this hag, soon as he’s passed, holding up her book claiming she knew/knows how he could have been cured.
    Was she kind enough to tell Patrick of her “secret” when he was alive? Hmmmm.

  73. stellab. says:

    fizXgirl314, do you work in the medical field? you’re very naive. insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies make vast amounts of money off of dying people. In fact, this is the most medically expensive health care portion of most people’s lives. yes, we (the medical field) are here to help…some of us. And some of them are here to make a profit. It’s sad, and it’s disgusting, but it’s true. Which is why you need to contact your congresspeople and reps and make some noise about health care reform.

  74. stellab. says:

    I just wanted to add that, in addition to my experience with hospice cancer patients, my uncle has leukemia, and one of my best friends died of it. My uncle owes $88,000 JUST for pharamaceuticals, for ONE year. He is dying. And they’re going to milk him for every cent, so that his widow can be both bereaved and bankrupt. So if you really believe that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are out to help sick people, you’re very naive. Doctors are here to help, and do what they can, but their resources are limited and there is little research in alternative medicine BECAUSE it makes no money. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money off herbal supplements. They’re not allowed to market it as a “drug”- it must be synthesized, and then it can be marketed. Currently they’re trying to synthesize a compound called resveratrol (and extract of red wine and potent antioxidant) because they want to use it in cancer treatment (this information was on “60 minutes” a few months back). They have to synthesize it, because Resveratrol is relatively cheap, and you can get it online for less than 20 bucks. As such, it will never make the Big Pharm any money. But synthesizing it will destroy what makes it work. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies ARE IN IT FOR THE PROFIT, make no mistake. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about your spouse, your mom, you dad, your kids. They do not care about your terminal cancer. They see you as a wallet with hair. And they will bleed you dry. Many of us are fighting, and we do what we can- many of us are in the medical field because we care. But, please, friends, don’t place your trust in such a shady, screwed up system. It will fail you, as it has failed millions of sick people.

  75. fizXgirl314 says:

    whatever dude, blah blah blah with your naive bullshit. there have been plenty of cures found for other diseases despite these theories. you go eat your carrots and hope it cures cancer… ‘I guess since it’s so simple we don’t really have to worry about it do we? PROBLEM SOLVED!!

  76. gg says:

    Botox IS poison, Suzanne.

  77. 180 direct experience says:

    fizXgirl314, you are naive. Genuinely hope you stay healthy and never have to find out for yourself how much so.

    gatsby gal, why so hateful, why can’t she speak her mind, you don’t have to do what she does but there is nothing wrong with introducing new perspectives. such venom from you all the time. you seem to have issues with women.

    folks, as scary as it is to accept, the medical community is not what it once was. it is corrupt, self-serving, complacent and lazy. it is also unregulated, regulation is left to medical boards which is doctors watching doctors and they stick together.

    it is also a money making industry (why do you think there’s a shortage of internists and all the med students want to become dermatologists and plastic surgeons – the almighty dollar.) it’s hard to hear these things because we trust these people with our lives. but blindly trusting them and believing they do no wrong, and they exist like saints to help and heal is, perpetuates the problem because the complacency and corruption continues unchallenged behind a veneer of legitimacy.

    Bravo to Suzanne Somers for sticking her neck out. She may not have the exact answer but we need healthy debate and someone to open doors to new possibilities.

  78. get help says:

    comments disappear and don’t get saved in browser cache.

    last time falling for that trap and wasting time commenting

    this is only site that does this

    p.s. Bravo Suzanne Somers, some of you are seriously deluded about the “saintly” medical profession

  79. Jaxon says:

    I would like to black both her eyes for these comments of hers. What is the point of saying this NOW? When Patrick was alive if she wanted to send him some information and bleat about her theories to him that’s fine, but the man is now DEAD and his wife is devastated. She should respect that the fight is over and nothing more can be done so keep her stupid selfish mouth SHUT. Great, so now she can tell the widow her beloved is dead because they did it all wrong. Oh, that’s so thoughtful Suzanne.

    And if she thinks she looks AGELESS she is an idiot.

  80. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    @trillion – you made me chuckle with ‘she needs some gays’. Word.

  81. Mairead says:

    An interesting discussion this. Thanks to those who gave refernces and pointers (e.g. 60 Minutes), it’ll make searching for the specific information and the full information surrounding the claims far easier. And dude, thank you for answering my question. One reason I ask is that we often hear here of a fundraiser or other to send someone with some serious disease or rare cancer to the USA for a more effective or for a newer form of treatment. Perhaps the language barrier makes us Anglophones lean towards the US than Germany, I really don’t know.

    @Claude, since you mentioned my post specifically, I do have to say that you didn’t fully grasp the point of my post. I’m agreeing with the sentiment that chemo and radiation are poison, and that complementary therapies, which include keeping the body strong enough to fight, have their place in the overall suite of options in dealing with various forms of cancer. Stupid as my opinion/assumption may be, I actually didn’t completely discount the use of nutrition in helping the body in dealing with cancer. But it is just an opinion, it’s not a commandant hewn in stone. If I get around to doing some background reading, I’m open to the likelihood of evidence being compelling enough to make me change my mind. For the record, I have a good healthy scepticism of (well, lack of patience with) the medical profession at the best of times.

    But what I’m finding really upsetting and appalling is the level of debt that people are expected to go into to even consider dealing with the disease. In that case your mind should be completely focussed on getting better and making sure your family and friends can cope, not what percentage a gaggle of beancounters decide your life is worth in relation to their balance sheet. No wonder the lure of America is so strong for European and African doctors – you can make a decent living in medicine here, but I’ve often heard it said that the sky’s the limit in the US. Health is a fundamental civil right as far as I’m concerned and it angers me no end that someone so ill has to sell off medicine to pay for different medicine. How can any society claiming any sort of humanity deem that acceptable? I honestly can’t get my head around it.

  82. Vanessa B. says:

    I agree with Suzanne Somers that chemotherapy is poisonous. I will add radiation therapy to the same lot.

    With all the funding that cancer research has received over the past twenty years plus, why is it that these hazardous and archaic ways of dealing with people’s health are still the most predominant modes of treatment? This in itself is dumbfounding.

    Suzanne Somers offers an opportunity for people to open their minds and ask pertinent questions regarding their health. The medical profession is not omipotent. People who are sick have the right to find out about the hazards of these or any other medical treatments that they are seeking and considering.
    Individuals who are sick also have every right to seek out alternative and complimentary forms of treatment.

    Many have made comments that Suzanne Somers is promoting her agenda. I fail to see how speaking up and openly about the dangers of chemotherapy is serving her agenda. How is she profiting from that?

    Suzanne Somers is provding a public service by speaking out in the manner in which she does. I believe what she is doing is encouraging people to educate themselves if they are found in the unfortunate position of becoming ill.

  83. GatsbyGal says:

    “I fail to see how speaking up and openly about the dangers of chemotherapy is serving her agenda. How is she profiting from that?”

    @Vanessa B – She has a book coming out in a month about cancer. Patrick Swayze’s death is fresh in the minds of the American public, and she’s using that to her advantage by using his name in conjunction with her message. She’s out to sell books, not help people. She knows that talking about Swayze will get people to pay attention to her, and thus, her book.

  84. barneslr says:


    Of course you do. I believe you.


  85. barneslr says:

    “With all the funding that cancer research has received over the past twenty years plus, why is it that these hazardous and archaic ways of dealing with people’s health are still the most predominant modes of treatment?”

    Because, unfortuntately, so far these methods are the only ones that have proven effective in treating and often curing cancer.

    Those who keep claiming that modern medicine does not work are fools. All one needs to do is a little honest research and they will see that the medical profession has made tremendous strides in the prevention, treatment and curing of cancer. The treatments are often brutal-but so is the illness.

    It’s called EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE. What that means is that the medical profession bases decisions about care of patients on the EVIDENCE that is available-what has and what has not worked for other patients, while continuing to experiment and search for other treatments that may be more effective.

    It’s all very nice that someone heard about a friend of a friend of a friend that cured their terminal lung cancer with vitamin B shots and chanting. But you know what? The evidence is not there. And most likely, rejecting traditional medicine hurts the patient and hastens death, because the patient thinks they feel better for a short time while taking “supplements,” but thta is short lived. They get sicker and sicker, and by the time they realize that holistic medicine is failing them, their disease is so advanced that it is beyond the help of traditional medicine. They have thrown away their chance for effective treatment and then blame the doctors because they can’t fix them once they have gotten to that point.

    It would be nice if taking a handful of supplements really did help cure cancer and other diseases. But it just does not work. Those that think it does are living in a fantasy world.

  86. GrnMtGirl says:

    I think that if I were to be diagnosed with cancer I would choose a combination of western and alternative health care. There is no reason one cannot choose to do both. And, I would be thinking about what is the best path for ME. Yes, Chemo is poisonous, but so are many other things that we do to our bodies (i.e. smoking, drinking, eating crap food, etc.).

    As far as Suzanne Somers is concerned, I’ve tried reading some of her stuff and find it utterly boring. Not to mention…I think that she shows a complete lack of respect for Patrick and his choices. He had some serious decisions to make and he did the best he could.

    And, the medical community…I think it is a gross generalization to lump ALL health care providers into money-grubbing monsters. They are all human. Some of them genuinely care about their patients and want to find the best route for getting their patients better.

    My OB/GYN was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose the surgery/chemo/radiation path. She survived and now makes it a critical point to discuss prevention and early detection with each and every one of her patients. She does so having experienced “The Cancer” herself and with a real desire to keep her patients healthy.

    To each his own and Good Health to all!

  87. Robert says:

    “He got the latest care.” What a JOKE!!! Like the latest care in labeling childeren ADHD and sedating them with toxic chemicals instead of teaching them to behave in public? Did anyone ever consider that doctors could be misguided and are doing the WRONG THINGS and CHEMICALS do NOT belong in the body? Did you ever consider there may be a different approach to treating illness? Maybe looking at the causes of illness and doing the reverse would be more helpful? Stress kills.

  88. barneslr says:

    “why do you think there’s a shortage of internists”

    Really? Then why does my institution get over 2000 applications for the 30 spots they offer for Internal Medicine residency training? This is 9 years as an Internal Medicine residency program coordinator speaking…there is no shortage, and in fact, the competition is absolutely fierce for training spots. Internal Medicine is very much thriving as a specialty and is growing by leaps and bounds. It actually remains the single most popular specialty among medical students today.

    God, I get so tired of people posting their uneducated opinions as facts…

  89. Boston says:

    Hmmm….pancreatic cancer, breast cancer; male, female. Incidence and rates of success must be equal with no other variables. What works for me must work for him.

    I’m 58, healthy and don’t take 60 pills a day. No cancer. I’m afraid if I start Acting I might be poisoning my brain.

    I hate to be controversial but when entertainers talk medicine, they always sound especially dumb.

    Our bodies can be susceptible to lethal disease just as our minds are susceptible to assinine opinions.

  90. crash2GO2 says:

    I have to giggle at those shouting ‘READ A BOOK!’ Sure, if you want someone’s opinion on something, read their book. If you want anecdotal evidence, read a book. If you want actual FACTS do some reading on MedLine where you can find peer reviewed published research findings on different methods of cancer treatments.

    And yeah, some of us are way too smart to be reading a gossip column. But speaking for myself, it’s my only guilty pleasure. 😉

  91. embertine says:

    Results of alternative therapies on pancreatic cancer are published: altmed sitres strangely silent.

  92. Karen says:




  93. Tdu1vme says:

    There is always hope, sometimes with standard cancer therapy, sometimes with alternative cancer therapy, and sometimes with a combination of the two. To read the stories of Peggy Kessler, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer with Metastasis to the Liver in 2001 and was told she had just two months to live but was still alive and well as of April 28, 2008, and of Roger Stump, who was also diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer with Metastasis to the Liver in August, 2004 and was told he had one year to live but who was still alive, well, and cancer free as of May, 2008, go to: and take it from there with the rest of the Links on the page. It may not work for everyone, but it obviously does for some and in that sense is worth researching.

  94. Shelly says:

    Maybe Suzanne is on to something no one really has taken the time to look in to and research and fund.

    I know the United States has the highest rate of cancer among other related health issues. In other countries, they use a whole different method of treating and fighting cancer.

    The Bible tells us what to eat, drink and how to treat our bodies. Modern medications were not invented way back when, and natural medications is all that was used. People in the bible lived a very very long time. Using natural plants to heal and cure all sort of issues, including cancer.

    Research is just now digging deeper in to the aspect of the natural side of medications, finding other ways to treat and heal.

    I am sure in the next 10 years, you will read about all sort of funds going in to natural healing medications, and new ways to treat and help fight cancer among other diseases.

    Children every day die from cancer.. one in 8 ladies will develope breast cancer, lung cancer, etc. I don’t care what does the cure.. modern medications need to be evaluated to find out what can kill cancer so no one has to die.

    Lets not forget, many years ago they looked in to what smoking pot can do to help people with some cancers.

    I am not going to agree with how Suzanne brought forth Patricks name, but awarness is awarness. Cancer (the name) no matter in what form, needs awareness and funding in all areas.

    I don’t agree with those who have commented about the way Suzanne looks, we all have to grow old.. so lets do it respectivly & with taste on here.

  95. pam says:




  96. wakeup says:

    as long as theres no cure cancer continues to rake in the $$$$$$$$$$$$

  97. nancy says:

    I never believed ss’s story in 2001 and I don’t believe this new cancer scare. The first story came about to save her diet and health industry and this one is to sell books. What is even harder to believe is that people think she looks so good and buy her skin care and diet products. Wouldn’t we all look good if we had had all of the plastic surgery and lipo proceedures that she has had.

  98. There is no cure for cancer but Resveratrol is said to help reduce the risk!

  99. Roger Stump says:

    My name is Roger Stump. I was diagnosed in August 2004 of pancreatic cancer (adenocarcinoma) stage 4 (liver) and was told by a top pancreatic cancer surgeon in Florida that I had only 6 to 12 months to live. I went to a hospital in Illinois that combined Spirituality, naturopathic and chemotheraphy. I went into remission in June 2005 and as of Dec. 2009 am still “cancer free”. I suffered little side effects from the treatments and kept working during the treatments. I thank Jesus every day for this miracle and firmly believed that my faith was rewarded.

    My prayer is that antone with this deadly cancer gets that same gift that I recieved. A gift I could never have earned nor deserved.

  100. says:

    Holistic Cancer – Sanoviv Medical Institute gives hope to cancer patients —

  101. Lucius Rynes says:

    What an epic post – really useful! A whole whole lot appreciated!

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