The British media is still freaking out about the ‘new chapters’ in Finding Freedom

Royals walk to Sandringham Church on Christmas Day - l to r Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Philip, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s Finding Freedom will be coming out in paperback this summer, one year after the hardback became an international bestseller. It was clear from reading the book that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had worked – to varying degrees – with the authors on certain details, and Meghan had to admit as much during the court case for her lawsuit against the Daily Mail. Scobie gets some of his exclusives from Camp Sussex specifically, and I feel comfortable saying that the Sussexes do trust Scobie and that, out of all the reporters covering royals, Scobie is the one guy who is most likely to get the dirt straight from Camp Sussex. So there’s a lot of focus on whatever “update” will be in Finding Freedom. There were reports two weekends ago that the FF paperback would include at least one new chapter and that the new chapter could “reopen royal rifts.” Scobie denied that, sort of. But the British media is still running with it:

Finding Freedom’s new chapters will be ‘extremely telling’ about the state of the royal rift between Prince Harry and his family and could blow any chance of a reconciliation, a royal expert has claimed. An updated version of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s biography by authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand is set to be released this summer. The first edition was published on August 11 last year and painted a flattering picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from when they met in 2016 to their departure from the Firm in early 2020.

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, warned there will be ‘no chance’ of a reconciliation if the book divulges more negative information about the royals or in-depth details of any personal conversations between Harry and his family after the funeral.

‘That really will be the final straw,’ he told Closer magazine. ‘That’ll be it – there will be no chance of a reconciliation ever and all trust will be broken. How could anyone from the Royal Family trust them again if the intimate details of conversations were leaked. Why would they want anything more to do with them? Those chapters will be extremely telling as to the state of the royal rift as it stands now, and to where it’ll head in the future.’

The updated Finding Freedom, which is also expected to discuss their multi-million pound deals with Netflix and Spotify, their new life in California and the Queen’s decision to strip them of their royal patronages including Harry’s military roles, will go on sale on August 5. It was hoped that Harry and his brother William would start to build bridges following the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, but the reissue of Finding Freedom is only likely to aggravate tension between the Sussexes and the Firm, it has been claimed.

‘The Oprah interview detonated a bomb under the Royal Family and most of them are still reeling in shock. The book will not help,’ a senior courtier told The Sunday Times. Another senior royal source added: ‘After Oprah, what else is there to say?’

While he admitted it ‘makes sense’ for there to be more chapters to address unanswered questions about the Oprah interview, what was said to Gayle King and what was said in the wake of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, Duncan added that he hopes the recent rebuilding of bridges will have deterred the Sussexes from worsening the rift.

‘Whatever’s said will be a bombshell – everyone is just so gripped by the situation,’ he told Closer. ‘But we have to hope Harry and Meghan have been encouraged by the recent progress made during Harry’s trip to the UK… so that they don’t do any more damage.’

He added that if it appears Harry and Meghan have worked with the authors this time and made negative claims or revealed private discussions, it could be ‘over for them’ with the Firm. ‘If the content isn’t vague or neutral, it could cause another huge fallout,’ Duncan warned.

[From The Daily Mail]

I just got such strong flashbacks to the hype and melodrama ahead of the publication of Finding Freedom last year. That’s the thing about the royal clownshow – if you give them some time to worry about what Harry and Meghan are going to say or do, the royal clowns will show their asses every single time. For months before FF was published, the palaces were in disarray, trying to smear Harry and Meghan and get ahead of whatever stories were in the book. Same thing with the Oprah interview – the palaces threw together a massive, desperate clown show in the three weeks in between learning of the interview and the interview airing on CBS and ITV. So… we have that to look forward to. The run-up to the FF paperback release is going to be desperate and obvious as they try to figure out what Scobie has written and what Harry and Meghan have told Scobie and Durand. And the palaces won’t even understand that they’re just hyping the paperback and helping it sell!

finding freedom sussex

Prince Philip Funeral

100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Freaking out or grasping at straws desperately trying to find something else to write about Harry and Meghan? They should buy stock in the dm since they seem to be the only source of click revenue.

    • MMadison says:

      The British Media is really doing everything in their power to try and control Harry/Meghan. Between them and the RF, I don’t blame Harry/Meghan for removing themselves from senior Royall status and moving to the USA.

      • Anance says:

        I know! The British Media and their “sources” just won’t stop. As for ‘After Oprah, what else is there to say?’—The answer is “Oh, so much! If not, why are you worried?”

  2. Elizabeth Regina says:

    They did the same with Andrew Morton’s book at the time. The Sussexes are booked, busy and paid and will continue to thrive as this weekend showed.

  3. nutella toast says:

    “That will be the last straw”. “No…THAT will be the last straw.” “I’m warning you…keep it up and it will be the last. straw”. “One more straw and I’m pretty sure it’s the LAST one”. Wait…where are you going?…”This is the LAST STRAW!!!!!”

    • atorontogal says:


    • Lauren says:


    • Snuffles says:

      ☝🏽 This.

      Every time they do just about anything it’s the “last straw” because they did it without seeking The Firm’s approval or giving the press access.

    • LaUnicaAngelina says:

      Haha yeah it is! 😂😂😂

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL. The neverending last straw.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      It’s like a bad comedy sketch. I can see it on AbFab:

      Saffy is ignoring Eddy, calmly going about doing what *she* needs/wants to do, and Eddy is trailing around/behind her, saying that each thing Saffy does “WILL BE THE LAST STRAW DARLING!”. Each new task Saffy does, Eddy is freaking out, flailing her caftaned arms, wailing and moaning, “DARLING, THIS is it… THIS will be the last straw! Don’t you do this.. don’t you dare.. don’t …don’t… SAFFY, THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE LAST STRAW” over and over and over… until Saffy is done, sits down, and just looks at Edwina, still all agitated and sputtering. 😄 😄 😄

    • My3cents says:

      Don’t forget the “now they will be cut off financially”, how many times have we heard that as well?
      Living independently and thriving and we will still hear it years later.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Yes! One more last straw and we will freeze you out! You will have to use your own 200 million dollars to pay for your 14.7 million dollar house with the 83 bathrooms do you hear?!?! If I had no morals I could write for the DM at this point it is THAT predictable.

    • Looty says:

      It’s not the end of the last straws, or even the beginning of the end of the last straws, but it is perhaps the the end of the beginning.

  4. Cecilia says:

    I missed the part where meghan and harry worked with the authors because the only thing that became obvious in the court case is that she okayed her friends to speak to them. Im sorry but after the oprah interview im 100% confident in saying that omid and carolyn had absolutely no help from meghan and harry directly.

    • whateveryousay says:

      I agree.

    • Myra says:

      Yup. The interview made clear that there was no cooperation. I can understand she wanted her friends to be as accurate as possible if they did decide to speak to the authors anonymously but only insofar as it concerned her father. I do believe Omid has access to someone in her camp but nothing directly from the source. Plus he adds a lot of conjecture which is his job basically.

      • Cecilia says:

        @myra. Omid has been fair in the coverage of the Sussexes and been given so much shit for it from his colleagues. So he has my respect in that regard. That being said, he has been wrong in the past and is no stranger to a little bit of fanfic writing.

      • Myra says:

        Yeah, I feel bad for the way he is treated, especially when they do it to his face in live interviews. I’m sure his race factors into it, as well.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Cecilia: I agree with you.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Totally agree with you. M&H “didn’t work – to varying degrees – with the authors on certain details.” And in the DM court case Meghan didn’t admit to any such thing. It’s time to put this myth to bed once and for all.

    • Jan says:

      I agree with you also.
      With Oprah it was straight from the horses mouth, and I’m sure they didn’t give her all the goods, Harry and Meghan are not stupid, they’re holding back an Ace.
      Poor scooby do, went on a show and said he was blind sided, he did not know they wanted him to talk about language in the Oprah interview, yeah right.

    • Sunday says:

      I completely agree. After all, didn’t Omid actually get the story-that-will-never-end crying saga wrong in the book? If he were “working with the Sussexes on details” wouldn’t he have gotten that right? Seems like a pretty big tell for me, I mean as Meghan pointed out to Oprah, it was demonstrative of how the firm was actively lying to make Meghan look bad and gain sympathy for other family members, seems like something Omid and the Sussexes would’ve wanted to get right to properly present the narrative.

    • Gail says:

      I found the book boring & was disappointed I bought it. It had no real new info. Now I’m even more choked I have to buy the paperback.
      Oh, well, the library benefits :)

  5. TigerMcQueen says:

    They were worried before and they’re worried now. And the whole thing about how it’s worse to expose s****y racist behavior than to engage in s****y racist behavior is gaslighting effery.

    Pro tip: If you’re worried that something your inlaws might say to the media about your behavior will be embarrassing, stop the behavior in question if you don’t want to be embarrassed.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Well that is a fierce piece of practical advice! They will never take it, but I agree it is the logical path lol

  6. Becks1 says:

    Ha. It all reminds me of that line from Friends, when Ross reveals that he has the videotape of him and Rachel having sex, and he doesnt want her to show it to the others, and she says something like “I dont want them to see it but you so clearly don’t want people to see this that it makes me want to see it, do you see?” or something like that lol.

    But that’s the vibe I get here – and it was the same last summer. I think most of us had fairly low expectations for Finding Freedom. It was fine, pro-Sussex but not really anti-royal family. Maybe even just neutral but being neutral about the Sussexes is the same as being their BFF in the eyes of the british media. But anyway, i don’t expect anything really shocking to be revealed in these new chapters. But the press is so obviously scrambling in anticipation of these chapters that it makes you wonder, what are they so scared of? what do they think COULD be revealed?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I did not think Finding Freedom was a great book. I thought Finding Freedom was a better than average book.

  7. S808 says:

    What new could be added? Unless they go in depth about things said (& not said) during the interview, it just seems like a simple update.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      It likely is a simple update.

      But my guess is they’re worried that the person who was concerned about the optics of Archie’s skin color will be named.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        I don’t know why they would worry about the identity being revealed. H&M have already made clear that they don’t want to reveal who it was. I can’t see them revealing now.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        @Ainsley7, they shouldn’t worry, IMO. But knowing the truth, even if its unlikely to be revealed, is not an easy thing to have over your head when the truth is so incredibly shameful.

        The person who had those conversations with Harry and the people within the palaces who know that person’s identity will be worried forever (IMO), for the simple fact that the behavior, if exposed, is extremely damaging…to the persona and to the monarchy as a whole.

    • Snuffles says:

      It’s probably just a recap of the past year written in overwrought, melodramatic language.

    • Madelaine says:

      What more could be added is that the Cambridges precluded Henry from seeing his nephews and niece, which is cruel enough, and that during the two-hour conversation that followed the funeral, Charles was aloof and unwilling to reconnect with his son.

      Besides, the whole notion of reconciliation is a media concoction: never did any of the brothers express any willingness to make up their relationship.

      • Midnight@theOasis says:

        Thank you for saying this. I keep thinking where is this reconciliation talk coming from. And of course it’s just the BM and RRs writing up fan fiction to get clicks. Reconciliation only exits in their silly minds.

  8. Izzy says:

    First off, it’s pretty ballsy of any reporter to assume there was any thaw in the ice or bridge built at the recent funeral. Little Willie needed a chaperone to help check his incandescent rage and Chuck f*ed right off to Wales after the funeral.

    Second, when are the British “media” NOT freaking out about these two? Can you imagine how much blood pressure medication is consumed between the lot of them?

    • Cecilia says:

      Its funny because right after the funeral we had “royal experts” claiming left, right and center how there won’t just be a reconciliation and how difficult it was william and charles to forgive harry for doing the oprah interview.

      • Izzy says:

        And lipreading experts revealing what they talked a out. THEY WERE WEARING MASKS. Make it make sense.

    • whateveryousay says:

      Yeah that is what puzzles me. For the past two weeks they have been saying that Harry is on the outs with the family. Now they are like he’s going to burn the bridge down? LOL

    • Emily_C says:

      For people who love to claim they’re all about the stiff upper lip, they sure do have their panties in a twist 24/7.

  9. Asking for a friend says:

    “…and all trust will be broken.”

    Already happened – broken trust is why the Sussexes left.

  10. SarahCS says:

    ‘I just got such strong flashbacks to the hype and melodrama ahead of the publication of Finding Freedom last year. ‘

    Same Kaiser, same. I’m already having enough problems with judging time thanks to pandemic/lockdown distorting everything and now this is total deja-vu to last year.

  11. Woke says:

    I don’t think the Sussexes trust Omid that much they never give him an exclusive that could damage the royal family just enough to set the record straight.
    I don’t know what more he could write in the book that could do more damage to the royal family.

    • swirlmamad says:

      It’s going to be along the same lines of what was in the original. Nothing crazy or groundbreaking, and certainly nothing so negative that it will implode the monarchy. Drama queens gonna drama queen.

  12. Sofia says:

    It’s going to be the same as the original book, not very explosive with some incorrect details. It’ll be a tame retelling of what’s happened in the past year with some extra detail thrown in. Never brought the original and glad I didn’t.

    But did Meghan admit that she herself gave details to Omid? I know she revealed she let friends speak which is what I figured all along but I don’t think she actually admit in court docs that she herself spoke to him.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      She didn’t and this need to be made very clear. Meghan acknowledged that she gave permission to friend(s) to speak to Omid only as it relates to setting the records straight about issues surrounding her father. That information was touted by the BM as Meghan admitting that SHE/They cooperated with OS in writing the book, which nothing could be further from the truth. She/they didn’t work with him, but they didn’t dissuade friends from speaking with him at most and more specifically (court docs), they/she authorized a friend to speak to him (OS) concerning her father. I believe Meghan and one can even say the Oprah interview is the proof they didn’t work with him because he had nothing we didn’t already know, where as the O interview had our jaws on the ground for most of it.

  13. swirlmamad says:

    I already have it on my Kindle and at this rate I’ll buy the paperback too just to give them more sales and stick it to the a-holes. LOL.

    • Jais says:

      Same. I have it on my kindle and barely read paperbacks anymore. But I’ll prob get to support too.

  14. GuestWho says:

    Didn’t Scobie sort of say it was just a new introduction and not new chapter(s)?

    I would guess, if there are new chapters, that it’s not going to focus on the farkakte royal family, but on the massive changes (and successes) in their lives since they escaped. They have more important things to focus on than the negative.

    Meghan only said that she gave the okay for friends to talk to Omid, not that she spoke with him. There were some inaccuracies that came out about what was in the book that would indicate she wasn’t involved.

    • Amy Too says:

      That’s what I’m assuming, a new introduction or post script/afterword. Generally, you don’t add a bunch of new chapters when you release something in paperback. It would be a different book, then. Sometimes a book will be re-released as an updated version, or a “ten year anniversary” edition, and then it will include additional chapters, or edited chapters, or commentary from the author. But it’s a new book then, and it re-releases as a new book with its own new listing. But if this is just Finding Freedom in paperback, the actual content of the book would have to remain the same, and the only thing that might be added is a new introduction/afterword that updates where the Sussexes are now and maybe a mention of how the book was received and how it affected Sussex coverage or the author’s professional life. Or typos might get fixed. You get a new cover photo and blurb at the back and new promo quotes about why you should buy the book. But I don’t think you can just add a bunch of extra chapters and still call it the same Finding Freedom, just now in paperback. How would that work for an Amazon listing for example when the kindle version, hard copy, and paperback version are all under the same listing and you’re just choosing which version/price you can afford, if the paperback is something that’s significantly different than the hardcover and previously released kindle version?

      • Cessily says:

        I think your logical explanation is exactly right. 🤦🏼‍♀️Makes no sense to alter the book there is enough interest that a second book would be profitable.

  15. Harla says:

    I’m so tired of the BRF refusing to take any responsibility for Their actions. If they had not said and did the things that they did or if they had supported the Sussex’s none of this would have happened. And for them to bitch about leaks is the height of hypocrisy.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      The BRF does not live in the real world. They live in gold encrusted palaces but function a benefit scroungers. To this day, I am sure the BRF (especially Baldingham and the courtiers) do not feel they have done anything wrong.

  16. lanne says:

    Honestly, the publisher of the book should send flowers to the tabloids and to the palace comms teams for all of the sales that their whining will generate.

    As for the tabloids, the paperback gives them more to speculate about, as all they can do now with the Sussexes is speculate. But they don’t realize that the only thing we learn from any of their wild speculations is how racist, sexist, and toxic they all are.

  17. TheOriginalMia says:

    They keep pushing the line drawn in the sand back because they don’t want to close the door completely on Harry returning. Pathetic. It’s just an update. Happens in current event books, 2nd editions. No need to lose your mind over it, BM.

  18. ABritGuest says:

    Aka the royal carnival of experts are just hoping to prolong the rift drama so they can get tv show appearances etc.

    Oprah interview showed FF didn’t even touch the depth of the issues and the court case discredited some of its content so it will be interesting to see how the paper back sales do.

    Valentino low knew about Meghan’s mental health being raised with HR- I wonder if omid & carolyn did too and that was one of the things they couldn’t have in the book for legal reasons as Omid had said in an interview.

    I think there are a few journalists like omid who have a decent relationship with the Sussexes’ team so get details to clarify/correct the tabloids output or get fluff exclusives like about sponsoring a swimming pool in Archie’s name. But can’t see that Omid has really had any significant exclusives from them and especially since they moved to the US. so I don’t think he’s quite the insider the way tabloids make out and certainly not like a Rebecca English or Robert Jobson.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think Omid has a decent relationship with the Sussexes and their team because he seems to be more professional than some of the other RRS, and I also think since he is one of the few (the only?) non-white reporter covering the royals for a major publication like Harper’s, it gives him a different perspective and sympathy for Meghan that the other reporters lack. I think that has helped his relationship with the Sussexes.

      And by “relationship” I’m not saying that Omid is calling Meghan and Harry every day, rather that I just assume they have a working professional relationship the way most famous people do with certain publications or reporters.

      • Sofia says:

        I agree. He doesn’t foam at the mouth when it comes to the Sussexes hence why he was able to build a good working relationship with the Sussex press office. He gets some extra detail about something they’ve done or if the Sussexes want to refute a story.

        But to me that doesn’t make him so different from rota reporters because they too get exclusives and leaks from the royals’ press offices. The only difference between them and Omid is that he doesn’t hate on the Sussexes like the rest of them do.

      • BlueToile says:

        I think Omid said something like this in a recent interview. He denied being “friends” with the Sussexes and said he simply had a good working relationship with their office.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    I think a lot people are going to be disappointed about the paperback version.

  20. Cessily says:

    Amazing that they blatantly say,
    ‘That really will be the final straw,’ he told Closer magazine. ‘That’ll be it – there will be no chance of a reconciliation ever and all trust will be broken. How could anyone from the Royal Family trust them again if the intimate details of conversations were leaked. Why would they want anything more to do with them?”

    Over pages that may or may not exist. I am an avid reader and often buy Hardcover books because waiting for a paperback version seems like forever. Just like a movie buff not wanting to wait till a movie is released to tv audiences to view. I would bet this printing was already scheduled and since H&M are no longer working Royals have allowed very limited access to their personal life what is available other than the Oprah interview and numerous accomplishments what damaging unforgivable info is left to spill? I wonder if possibly the the writers who remained in England and still cover the Royals are holding private info on the BRF that they are concerned might be printed. If that is the case the language is already blaming the Sussex’s.
    As for anyone predicting the future of the family relationship just don’t. The world is tired of hearing how angry, unforgiving and self righteous PW and PC are.
    The Sussex’s are making high profile friends with old and new money who have huge platforms and followings, who also have worldwide philanthropic endeavors, how long do they truly think these people are going to remain silent? H&M are proving to be huge assets, so they are worth protecting in the press and courts for these organizations especially the ones against online abuses and false media.

    • one of the Marys says:

      @Cessily, I’ve noticed the Instagram accounts of partners of various projects seem to be keeping a lid on the trolling and usual vitriol in their feeds for which I’m very grateful. Cut those obsessed people off at the knees. I know they won’t all go away but I want them to lose the ability to broadcast their ugliness

  21. equality says:

    Bombs in the interview? Did they see the same interview I did? Most of it wasn’t a big surprise thanks to Diana and Fergie interviews in the past. And it wasn’t really a big surprise to think that someone in the RF is racist. Look at past behaviors and remarks made by some of them. What drives me mad is the continuing narrative that H&M can’t be trusted because they leak to the media when the RF doesn’t seem to mind the MANY palace leaks at all.

    • Jais says:

      The family leaks to the media about H and M was one of the biggest reasons they left in the first place. But evil people gotta be evil cuz now H and M are the leakers. GTFOH (have not been able to stop using this acronym this week so this crap must be putting me in a mood lol)

  22. 809Matriarch says:

    I hope Mr. Duncan Larcrumbs reads this post. I have news for him. The trust is already broken – the Sussexes no longer trust the RF or the Firm. Why the heck do they think he and his wife left. Everything they did personally, professionally was leaked with the intent to sabotage. Since they left, nothing leaks at all. That’s it.

  23. Midge says:

    That clown show leading up to the Oprah Interview was nuts, and so clumsy. Linking Meghan to MSB through borrow jewelry that was gifted to the Crown. Oh my, the desperation.

    • lanne says:

      They just did a self-own, because every time Kate wears any of Diana’s Saudi jewelry (and her most famous sapphire pieces are Saudi in origin), and anytime Camilla wears her Big Bling (lots of which is Saudi as well), people will be calling them out. They can’t stop scoring goals on themselves.

      • Becks1 says:

        It was also just dumb because it made it so clear that it was an attempt to smear Meghan ahead of the interview. she’s a bully! And she wears jewels from MBS! (but dont ask about all of Camilla’s big bling!) and then they also threw in that random thing about the UN Women. It confirmed everything Meghan said in the interview about being attacked in the press with no support coming from the palace (and that the Firm was actively briefing against her to the press.)

        Like, if you want people to think that you were supportive of the newest family member and that she’s wrong about her “recollections,” then maybe you don’t attack that family member days before her interview airs?

        It was such a misstep.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        That’s the thing though… NO ONE will say ANYTHING about Kate OR Cam wearing Saudi “gifts”. They’ve never said ANYTHING about TQ wearing Saudi “gifts” either.

        It was ONLY Meghan wearing something (and that was LOANED JEWELERY, not even gifted TO her), and will ALWAYS ONLY be Meghan (if she wears anything of Harry’s share of Diana’s personal jewels).

      • ABritGuest says:

        The hit pieces before the interview were such a self own. I saw so many people say they weren’t planning on watching the interview but the firm’s pre-emptive strikes made them want to tune in.

        It’s funny how the narrative shifted after the interview to make the royal family the victim of the leaky Sussexes and the rota don’t seem to be talking about the bullying and other stories put out before the interview. I’m guessing the interview was actually tamer then the firm expected so instead of continuing as many attacks on Meghan’s character like pre interview, they can just focus on the royal family as victims & on how they are banding together, being dutiful public servants etc

    • Midge says:

      Meant MBS not MSB:)

      Agreed @Ianne, it was clumsy and dumb.

  24. Agreatreckoning says:

    ‘Whatever’s said will be a bombshell-everyone’s just so gripped by the situation,’

    If there’s a new chapter I’m hoping it’s all about Archie’s Chick Inn and all the BM’s speculation will only further demonstrate what dumb clucks the RR’s/RF are.

  25. Over it says:

    This is actually hilarious, where pray tell isDuncan getting his info from to write his negative Harry book? God forbid anyone should have someone positive to say about Harry and Meghan. Heads off for them. Also I think omid book is not facts but more fiction. If Haz and Megs decide to talk to every news network in the world, that’s their right, they are grown ass people running their own lives. Stay mad isle of salt.

  26. ThatgirlThere says:

    That really will be the final straw,’ he told Closer magazine. ‘That’ll be it – there will be no chance of a reconciliation ever and all trust will be broken.

    Yawn…How many ‘final straws’ will there be for this family? Just leave the Sussex’s alone and let them live and thrive. When that raggedy ass family decides to finally apologize to Meghan and Harry maybe (probably) they will be benevolent and forgive them.

  27. Curious says:

    the battle of the brains. it seems the palace gets scared every time something is coming from and about Harry/meghan. the royals don’t have a clue what it might be . but the person or persons who mention skin tone about Harry/Meghan unborn child. is scared to death ,its like day inn and out its Psychological Torture for them. not knowing when they will be exposed. they know who they are ,cause they said it . so they living in fear that when they get exposed their life will be a huge mess for the world to see and rage against them. Harry/Meghan said they will not say who it is. and with that we see a frantic William /Catherine. the thing is if they keep on pushing, after the queens Death ,i don’t see Harry holding back,if they keep on slandering his wife/Meghan. The Psychological war between them, Harry/Meghan is winning, they have their abusers on their toe every day ,plotting how to win .lolol all the abusers counter attack have failed.. the best part is Harry /Meghan are doing their work , and not responded to any of the crap that the BM post about them. while the BM is fighting an invisible enemy.

  28. Amelie says:

    Speaking of leaks and smears, whatever happened to the internal palace investigation of how Meghan supposedly bullied palace staff and made them cry??? Radio silence on that story. Everyone forgot about that post-Oprah interview. I thought it was hilarious how William thought he could distract from the upcoming Oprah interview by trying to launch that bomb which never quite went off the way he wanted. I am curious to see what they are going to try to leak this time around before the paperback book comes out. You know they are going to try to distract us with something (maybe an update on their so-called HR investigation?).

    • Victoria says:


      Hmmmmhmmm….where is it? Where is the report BRF?

      They were so gully with the accusations and beside themselves with the glee at the prospect of taking Meghan down.

      They are full of shit. That’s the the real tea.

  29. Likeyoucare says:

    I’m sorry i’m thread jacking here.
    Meghan wrote a children book guyd. So happy here

    • one of the Marys says:

      @Likeyoucare, I looked at the link and reading along it said “Meghan resides in her home state of California…” and I’m so well trained I was waiting for ‘$15 million house with 14 bathrooms’ hahaha

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Yes! The house can never be mentioned without the purchase price and the number of bathrooms lol

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      Thanks for sharing. This is wonderful news.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @ one of the Marys LOL..I was waiting to read that too..have to laugh how the price varies so often in different stories. The book looks so heart warming and is coming out at a perfect time. I have a baby shower to go to in mid June and the hostess is requesting children’s books with an inscription instead of cards. The couple will be having a boy. I know the book I’m giving.

  30. Victoria says:

    Blah, blah, blah.

    If you didn’t want a tea party, you shouldn’t have made tea dummies!

    My God, they are so stupid.

    I don’t even think it’s going to be that bad, but I hope just for the messiness that it is and the BRF all die from sheer incandescence.

  31. Merricat says:

    When will they get over it? Harry and Meghan are forging ahead without a backward glance while the rota, KP, CH, and the Meddletons flounce and posture and rage and whine. The Sussexes have turned out the lights and left the building, but racist royalist Britain is still howling in the dark.

  32. ElleE says:

    If Omid wants to make bank here, he can engage in some investigative journalism and add some details on how a family “rift” turned Harry “Capt. Wales” into Jason Bourne between March 10, 2020 and March 14, 2020.

    Jan. 7, 2020 (? Google it, not sure?): H&M visit Canada House to say thanks for letting us stay for 6 weeks. Turns out, they were making plans to move to Canada “part-time”

    Jan.8 2020: Bland Public statements. No mention of moving to US, a country MM has not lived in in a decade or so.

    March 9 2020: Commonwealth Service (Kate shows off those middle-class values by publicly snubbing blood-born prince – god I love watching that footage, anywhoo)

    March 10 – March 13 2020 ??????

    March 14 2020: DM’s May 8th (?) story has T.Perry’s plane leaving at 1:35 am on this day to pick up H&M at 7:35 am in Canada and head to USA Baby! (as far as we now this is true)

    [US-Canada Border closes about a week after this]

    March 26 2020: ET and People seem to simultaneously break the story that H&M have left Canada, no details are available, and are in an undisclosed location in California, according to a “royal insider” (?). No one knew they were even here until this time.

    March 27, 2020: DM runs a frantic story, with “insiders” trying to explain the move they didn’t know anything about (they were still running stories about how much it cost for Archie’s security when his parents left him in Canada to attend the Commonwealth Service), it’s hilarious and a few things stand out, like, being cheapskates not wanted to pay TAXES in multiple places. Uh, they didn’t plan to establish residency in the US, the UK and Canada as far as anyone knew?

    and my fave ‘Someone is going to have to ask the State Department, and ultimately the decision rests with Donald Trump, for assistance. Harry cannot live in the US without armed protection.’ and “Royal experts do not believe Harry will turn to a private security firm.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    March 29 2020: Trump having failed to respond to Murdoch’s dog whistle on the 27th, probably has to have someone put the article in front of him and he rage tweets that day the US is NOT paying for their security.

    March 31, 2020 MEGXIT

    May 8 2020: DM story breaks about Tyler Perry’s plane leaving US to pick up H&M and their only source of record seems to be “hidden” data from

  33. Randie says:

    Day after day we heard about an investigation into Meghan as a bully. I was so tired of this diatribe. Bla bla bla.
    Now? Nothing…. There are no updates no leaks no bombshell investigation.

    • equality says:

      That would be great new content for the book. Omid should investigate all the bullying claims and interview those making them. Make them flat out say what was supposedly done to them.

  34. Margaret says:

    If you recall, go back before meghan the brother were having problems, even during the third wheel years. After Anzac day, just before the wedding,, william waited to the last minute to agree to be Harry’s best man. I will remember him telling harry, revenge will be sweet. So there was definitely some issues between the brothers then. It would be nice to find out the issues with them during the 3rd wheel years, something was going on.

    • equality says:

      I don’t understand why Harry was assigned to tag along with them anyway. Are there not plenty of royal patronages he could have taken on to do by himself? Katie Nicholl has actually admitted that he didn’t like being the third wheel and complained about it. The problem is all the Kate stans flash around all the pictures of any time he smiled around her and ignore anything to the contrary. Some idiot article even used pictures of Harry arriving in the UK for Phil’s funeral and said he looked “grim”. I guess, he should have looked delighted after a long journey and the death of his grandfather. I like this article from Hello.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @equality,Thanks for sharing that link. He was not always Mr. Happy around those two. My favorite maybe-

        10. It’s all fun and games for Will and Kate…but Harry’s not feeling it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Oopsie daisies, I didn’t scroll down far enough. #12 is my favorite.

  35. L4frimaire says:

    Ok this is just silly. What can they add to the book that we don’t already know. Pandemic, court wins, business deals, Oprah interview and reaction, Philips death.This is all public knowledge and still being mined continuously. You don’t need the Sussexes comments for this and if anything, maybe the authors will correct some of the fan fiction surrounding their romance ( like that safari in Botswana stuff). The royals problem us that their current brand is going after the Sussexes and everything they do, or what they think they are saying. Their actual royal duties come as an afterthought. Scobie has his issues. I guess he was commenting on some program that was using body language experts abd he said his words were misinterpreted or something, and looked like a dang fool and got the Squad all pissed at him. He may have more insider access or the Sussexes team will respond to him, but he is still a royal reporter and not their bestie. Anyway, I thought the book was ok, a bit shallow, but overhyped.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Can you explain the safari in Botswana stuff? I didn’t realize that was fanfic. When did we learn that?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      L4frimaire, do you think they’ll put in some quotes from the Oprah interview? I wonder if the BM and brf are anxious because although it is already a video, there’s nothing like a printed book to make it permanent. The video will never go away, but how handy having something on a bookshelf.

  36. Midnight@theOasis says:

    The Sussex news just keeps getting better! Harry and Oprah’s mental health documentary series is being released on Apple TV+ later this month:

  37. blunt talker says:

    I don’t know if the posters on this site have heard about Meghan’s children’s book being released in June 2021-It looks at the bond between fathers and sons through the eyes of the mother-I saw the some of the illustrations it is cute-the book came about after Meghan wrote a father’s day poem to Harry after Archie was born-she wrote the book looking at this bond not only through her eyes but through her eyes she sees the bonding of Harry and Archie-I am definitely going to read this-GO SUSSEX FAMILY

  38. blunt talker says:

    PS-The stuck on stupid press in the UK did not know a thing about it -as one person has already said -do not trust any UK media when it comes to the Harry and Meghan-they do not not not consult with the British media-this was kept under wraps well no leaks-Go Sussex family