Suri Cruise heads out in Boston with self-applied lipstick


Suri Cruise is showing the kids how it’s done. You wonder what sets apart celeb tots from the average child? It’s all about knowing how to pull off a look. Take scene-stealer Suri. Yesterday she was spotted “out and about” with mom Katie Holmes, dad Tom Cruise and brother Connor in Boston. Was Suri looking like any other three year old, sporting jeans with a hole in them and ratty hair? Don’t you dare suggest it. No, Suri was pulling her look together with her mother’s attention to detail: a striped pink shirt with some comfy – but still sophisticated – black pants along with coordinating ballet flats. Ballet shoes are so hot right now. Leave it to Suri to be right on trend. But most importantly, she topped off her look with some expertly self-applied lipstick.

Suri Cruise may only be three-years-old but she’s already experimenting with make-up!

The world famous toddler was spotted in Boston with a smear of pink lipstick across her face as she strolled with her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

And in what looked like an attempt to accessorize Suri also wore pink ballet shoes and a striped pink shirt too!

Suri often pops up on the best dressed kids’ lists as she is photographed sporting a variety of designer outfits from Burberry to Ralph Lauren.

Cruise and Holmes were also joined by his son adopted son Connor from his first marriage to Nicole Kidman.

Holmes is back in the U.S. after wrapping Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark in Australia while her famous husband is filming Wichita in Boston with his Vanilla Sky co-star Cameron Diaz.

[From Radar]

Suri’s parents have often noted what a girly-girl she is, and she’s become even more so. She’s always in dresses, which she loves to show off so much that she often refuses to wear a coat in the middle of winter. At just 19 months old Christian Louboutin custom made a pair of little shoes for her – in fact she’s long proven herself a girl with a serious shoe fetish. Tom told Hello! that Suri thinks sneakers are “boy shoes,” – even when they’re gold. And if Katie wears a pair of shoes Suri doesn’t like, she’ll actually take them off her mom’s feet.

Clearly this is a girl who has strong feelings about fashion, so it’s no surprise she’s moved on to makeup. I’m sure in a few weeks she’ll be expertly applying lip liner without a mirror – though in the meantime, I’m guessing Tom and Katie can get some fancy designer friend to custom make a gilded mirrored compact for her purse. I had a Burt and Ernie one that made my face like 18 times larger than it really was. But Suri seems more the Venetian mirror type. She’s a whole other level of sophistication.

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  1. maddie says:

    Since Connor is adopted he’s not her half brother but brother period.

    Where is the older sister in all of this it’s like she disappeared off the face of the earth.

  2. javelin says:

    Connor is her half brother because his mom is Nicole Kidman, not Katie Holmes.

    I bet Tom was a girly girl too.

  3. QB says:

    WHy do they make lipstick for little in those dark colors? They are always so loud. Then we ask ourselves why girls in junior high have strippers make up.

  4. Firestarter says:

    Nicole Kidman is the adoptive mother of Conner, which makes Conner Suri’s half brother. Katie is Conner’s step mom.

  5. Obvious says:

    I would say half still only because legally Connor is not Katie’s kid. But Tom’s and Nicole’s. So that would technically make them half siblings-though not biologically.

    Suri gets cuter and cuter!

  6. Sassy says:

    She’s going to be a beautiful girl when she grows up. I’ll always remember when one of the first photos of her came out when she was in Tom’s jacket and Katie was looking down on her. Her big blue eyes were gorgeous.

  7. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Brother or half brother – is her sibling either way

    Bless, playing dress up to be like her mummy, v cute

  8. cmolha says:

    She is SOOO cute! And confident! I love it. Wear that lipstick with pride, girl!!

  9. eternalcanadian says:

    that is so weird and inappropriate to have a little girl like suri wearing make-up.

  10. alex says:

    that is so weird and inappropriate to have a little girl like suri wearing make-up.

    I agree. She is a cute little girl and don’t need to be wearing any kind of make up at her age.

  11. Just a Poster says:

    I love that little strut of hers! LOL

    This girl is going to be trouble, mark my words 😉

  12. Lee says:

    Progeny of movie people or not, little girly-girls will wear as much make-up as they can possibly get away with, appropriate or not. It’s just easier sometimes to go with the flow and not sweat it. And girls like this are born, not made. Trust me, I have one. Until she turned six I could not get her into jeans of any kind. She notices and compliments people on their home decor as well. If she were a boy, she’d be totally gay 🙂

  13. Just a Poster says:

    LOL Lee!

    My daughter is a girly tomboy and she will wear pearls to the playground LOL

  14. Niamh says:

    Suri looks like a handful and Kate looks exhausted.

  15. barneslr says:

    “that is so weird and inappropriate to have a little girl like suri wearing make-up.”

    How so? I know when I was a little girl I loved getting into Mommy’s make up, jewelry and accessories. My nieces were well known for doing the same. It’s a little girl thing and it’s not uncommon in the least! I think it’s adorable.

    And who cares whether Connor is a half or step sibling? It’s her brother, simple as that. Who cares about the technicalities.

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, make up at this age isn’t REALLY “make up” in the traditional sense.

    it’s just a little girl playing dress up.

    her parents are creepy but this little one is too cute.

  17. the original kate says:

    no big deal. she’s a little girl just playing…lots of little girls do that. one of my sisters was a total girly-girl around suri’s age. she loved playing with my mother’s makeup, and insist on wearing it in public. with 4 girls, my mother knew when to pick her battles and let her wear it out a few times. as expected, the thrill was soon gone and she stopped. my mother is a wise woman.

  18. Firestarter says:

    She’s a little girl, for heaven’s sakes, and if she wants to fool in mom’s make-up or in that Tinkerbell make-up for kids and wear it, who cares. It isn’t like the Cruises have her made up like Jon Beney Ramsey for a pageant. She is just being a little girl and it is rather cute. Love her little feet!

  19. 4Real says:

    She looks older than 3, but what a cutie.

  20. Rachel says:

    That’s because she isn’t 3
    she is Chris Kleins daughter in reality and Katie and Tom made an agreement that Tom would take care of them both (financially) if Katie agreed to marry him.
    That’s why there was such a contravercy about the size of her baby bump always going up and down- and why they didn’t show her off to the media for several months. They knew people would figure out Katie was pregnant before she and Tom ever met. Katie continued to wear the FAKE baby bump after Suri was born to “adjust” the 6 months. When they told the media Katie was in labor, Suri was already 6 months old. They pulled a secret sevice style cover up… Did a pretty good job too considering how much attention they get
    Suri is actually 4

  21. Katyusha says:

    Wow! I would’ve never guessed Kate’s BFF would post here!

    Rachel, how would you possibly know that?

  22. l says:


    Really? Your comment was the most clear explanation of all the little nuggets out there. Where did you find all this? Would love to go “research” more. Fascinating. Where does Katie’s lawyer dad fit into all of this? Do you know anything about all that and the contract negotiations?

  23. Firestarter says:

    I have always heard rumblings about Katie having gotten preggo with another man. I had also heard that it could have been Josh Hartnetts. That would explain why both Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman got pregnant AFTER they met up with different men, after Cruise blamed both women for being infertile.

    I do not think that Cruise is the biological father of Suri. I don’t think he can have children, and that is why he and Nicole adopted. I have no idea if Chris Klein or Hartnett have anything to do with Suri, but I do think there is something way fishy with who her father is. Seriously, Cruise claimed both Mimi and Nicole could not get pregnant, but after both women leave him and find other men and marry them, they both have children. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!

  24. janaynay says:

    That’s interesting, because Suri looks like a Mapother. When she was younger you could definitely see the resemblance to Tom’s cousin William especially.

    I am not a Tom/Kate fan by ANY means (in fact I can’t stand them) but those conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

  25. barneslr says:

    Wow, Rachel. You really need to seek help. You are clearly wayyyyy too invested in flaky conspiracy theories about this family. I mean, go back and re-read your post…we all know that Tom Cruise is nuts, but your post makes you sound just as crazy.

  26. JuniperGreen says:

    She absolutely looked like a Mapother!! If she’s anyone’s baby other than Tom’s, it’s got to be his cousin, to whom she looked identical until recently.

  27. Obvious says:

    Nicole did get pregnant with Tom. She had a miscarriage right around the time of their divorce. That being said when Katie and Suri are apart from Tom they look like real humans and I lvoe them. when Tom is around I don’t. He really seems so controlling.

    When Katie was on set in Australia with Suri alone she looked tired-not in chicago not working but with Tom she looks haggard and exhausted. Gee-I wonder why.

    As far as the conspiracy theories regarding Suri-she’s an adorable kid with parents who love her-pawn or not. Let’s give it a rest on her.

  28. Firestarter says:

    I have never heard that Nicole Kidman had gotten pregnant during her marriage to TC and had a miscarriage. News to me.

    For heaven’s sakes, I didn’t say it was FACT that Suri was someone else’s, I mentioned that I had heard rumblings too.

    No one seems to mind when people speculate about Nicole Kidman’s preganancy being faked. It is just a small aside to the topic at hand and in no way was meant to sound as the gospel according to me.

  29. Carena says:

    I really doubt that Suri is Chris Klein’s kid…not with those bright blue eyes.

  30. Diablo says:

    Kidman DID get preggers while married to Cruise and had a miscarriage. What all of you are assuming is that it was Cruise who got her pregnant, which I don’t believe. Kidman was likely screwing around quite a bit!

  31. Anak says:

    She is so cute! They must be so proud of her. I know I would. She is a happy kid, not afraid to do what she wants. She is lovely!

  32. LL says:

    Suri is acting like a normal little girl (thank god)but why is Katie wearing a tablecloth around her throat? Fashionista or fashion victim? You be the judge.

  33. Prissa says:


  34. MizzExpert says:

    Guys, don’t you know Suri is L. Ron Hubbard’s progeny via his frozen sperm? Come on and think like a Scientologist! BTW, Katie is giving the paparazzi the Xenu death-stare and they’ve FINALLY put their future little tyrant in pants! What a monster! Also, hard to believe it’s lipstick and not some kind of smeared candy or ice cream treat.

  35. Kathie says:

    Back to harping why refer to Connor as Cruise and Kidman’s “adopted” son? Is there someone on the planet who cares enough to read about celebrities who doesn’t know the child is non-biological? Why continue to make him sound like a visitor in the family? Also why do we care who fathered Suri? Are we going to inherit anything if she proves to be non-biologically Toms?

  36. GatsbyGal says:

    This make-up is cute because Suri did it herself.

    If Katie had mediculously done her up with blush and eyeshadow along with the lipstick, now THAT would be creepy.

  37. Ursula says:

    Any one who finds a three year old with self applied make up inappropriate has clearly never raised a little girl or been around one. They get so obsessed with their make up at that age. It is like someone tips them off.

    Suri is so gorgeous. She is one celeb kid we will be seeing in future.

  38. nnn says:

    Nicole did get pregnant with Tom. She had a miscarriage right around the time of their divorce.
    Yes and Sweet Tom refused to go to the hospital and said publicly that he was sure that it wasn’t his kid. How sweet of him.

    He did something related to pregnancy with his first wife too. By the time he was having an affair with Nicole on ‘Days of Thunder’ and asked for divorce from Mimi he made a very ugly public campaign where he made sure that media got the message that Mimi couldn’t conceive and that he was too young to stay married to a woman who couldn’t bear his child.

    At that time everyone was saying that either him or Mimi couldn’t conceive and he made sure to let people know that it was Mimi.

    Two years after the divorce Mimi got pregnant with another man and had that grin on her face when she was asked about it saying something along the line that obsviously she was not the one having a problem.

    I don’t remembered exacly when but in the mid 80’s, it was officially said at least once that Cruise couldn’t conceive. I don’t know if it was by him or his entourage.

    One thing for sure is that there are still some kind of mystery surrounding this as all his exes got pregnant after him and people at that time never undertoos why Nicole who was 22 and put her career at the back didn’t have Tom’s childrenand adopt. It reinforce the rumors of Tom not being able to conceive. This add to the latests rumors Suri who supposedly looks more like Kathy’s ex, which supposedly made Tom marrying her quickly after finding that she was pregnant.

    Again a rumor that even not technically proven reinforced the one of Tom’s inability to conceive when you look at the picture of Suri so called natural father.

  39. Suri Fan says:

    Gatsby Girl–I totally agree (think JonBenet). Also I find it heart-warming that Katie let her go out like that … knowing the crap people would give her. When my son, now a 19 college freshman on scholarship was 3, insisted on wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Halloween costume to the grocery store or run errands. He looked silly and stared but he thought he looked great. He even slept in it ’til he outgrew it. She’s being a good mom. Have fun, pick your battles wisely, and don’t sweat the little stuff. I don’t really care for TC or KH but I do think their daughter is gorgeous … and looks just like TC.

  40. Stephie says:

    I can see allowing Suri to play around with makeup at home, but NOT leaving the house like that. What’s wrong with her mother?

  41. nj says:

    Duh to whoever said the lipstick was creepy. She’s a little girl. They love that stuff. I would be the first to point out creepiness and personally I never willingly wore a dress until I was 14 and even then it was iffy. But my cousin (same age but with older sisters) loved ALL that stuff-lipstick, perfume, clothes, etc. My mom told abt my 18 month old sister who would wake up early and put on her own leotards every day. Suri running around with a swipe of lipstick is cute and NORMAL. Also, my own kids kicked off covers, stripped off jackets, and refused to cover up in cold weather. My 7 year old is currently running around in northeastern fall with NO shoes and NO shirt like its summer while I chase him with a sweatshirt. Stop putting this kid under the microscope. And though I think Scientology is nuts, I do believe that little girl is loved. I have never seen her with a nanny. You can say what you want about Katie Holmes, but that little girl is her life.

  42. Praise St. Angie! says:

    RE: the Kidman miscarriage…

    from what I remember, she did get preggers and then miscarry right before they divorced. At the time, Cruise was quoted as saying “Nic knows what she did” when people asked him about the divorce, leading a LOT of people to speculate that she had gotten pregnant while cheating since it had been publicized that Cruise had fertility issues.

  43. Jennivo69 says:

    I have to laugh…the picture is really cute.My son drew a goatee on his face with my makeup when he was three and my daughter certainly did a number on her face with mascara when she was three.My son also wanted to shave at age three.Kids just want to do what they see us do.

  44. barneslr says:

    She actually was pregnant by Cruise twice during their marriage. The first was early on and she had a ectopic pregnancy. Since that generally does decrease the likelihood having a subsequent successful pregnancy, they chose to adopt Connor and Isabella. Her second pregnancy with him was the one referenced in this thread, around the time of their split.

  45. Bee says:

    To decide whether or not you believe Chris Klein could be Suri’s real daddy check out these links. After seeing these pictures I definitely think he could be.

  46. Listerino says:

    She is so cute!
    You know she’s going to be absolutely gorgeous when she grows up.

  47. moops says:

    Hey Rachel –

    I had heard the whole, “Katie faked the end of her pregnancy b/c it was Chris Kline’s” gossip, too. LOTS of people thought that bump was suspicious, not to mention the rumors of Tom’s sterility. But I think the real deal is this: They faked the last few months of her pregnancy in order to have the birth announcement closer to Tom’s promo for MI3, AND because to do otherwise would show that she got pregnant around the same time they announced they were a couple. Here’s a timeline refresher: Tom & Katie met on 4/18/05. They got engaged 2 months later on June 17, 2005. 3 1/2 months later, on Oct. 6, 2005, they announced the pregnancy and said she was 3 months along (putting conception after the engagement). Problem is that Katie had a visible bump then and an outie belly button then – speculation then was that she was 5 months along, not 3 (putting the conception date in May, right after they met. See and Then she disappeared for a few weeks around Feb. of 2006 and rumors swirled. She started making appearances again, with a ridiculous basketball bump, shopping for shoes right up to her April due date. But if you look at photos of her in April 2006, her face and arms look thinner and less puffy than in February. Any of us who’ve had a kid know the look. SO…the assumption is that Suri is a few months older than she claims (hence the delay with the first photos), and Katie got knocked up instantly to fulfill her part of the contract with Tom.

  48. Pieter says:

    Tom is gay. Not infertile, just not interested.

  49. 4Real says:

    Suri wears more makeup than mommy does.

  50. Baraka says:

    Poor girl, she is the next Lindsay Logan

  51. Lena says:

    Chris Klein is the father! I hate this lie! And for the rest, she is nothing special, why make people such a fuzz about celebrities. terrible!