Tracy Anderson brags about Tracee Ellis Ross: ‘she texted me a beautiful video’

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If you’re not familiar with celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson, read these three articles and you’ll get about 15% of the story. She’s a known fraudster who has been sued multiple times for nonpayment of debts but more than that she judges women’s bodies and workouts. We haven’t talked about Tracy in over two years though. It’s possible celebrities haven’t heard her sketchy backstory, they haven’t read her interviews and are just going by friends recommending her. That’s all preface to this story about Anderson bragging about how her client, Tracee Ellis Ross, thanked her for her workouts. Anderson was at an event for Pattern Beauty, the haircare line that Ross founded. Anderson also said some weird things about aging.

“She’s an amazing person,” [Tracy Anderson], 46, told Us Weekly exclusively of [Tracee Ellis Ross] on Friday, May 14. “She’s so nice. … She loves to connect with life, and she texted me at the beginning of the pandemic a beautiful video of her thanking me for doing my live classes.”

The classes were open to the general public, not just celebrities, but the Golden Globe winner followed along at home like any non-famous fan.

“I just found it awesome that she took it upon herself to just open up her laptop and do the workout along with everyone else, from her home in that very real way,” Anderson told Us, adding that the star also does private sessions with trainers.

The wellness expert said Ross is “way too cool” for workouts that only focus on one area at a time. “She works on her whole body,” Anderson explained. “It’s really underdeveloped to say, like, ‘Oh, I only want to work on this,’ or ‘I only want to work on that.’ It’s all connected. … She respects her whole body and she works on her whole body.”

Though [Ross] stays extremely busy, Anderson noted that “she definitely gets her workout in” at least three times a week.

“She’s always been stunning,” [Anderson] told Us. “She’s always been healthy. So I feel like, for my work with her, it was just about keeping all of her natural beauty ageless. I think that there’s not enough respect and recognition [of] just keeping your body from aging, you know?”

[From US Magazine]

Anderson had to get a dig in there about other workouts being inferior. While it may be true that the Tracy Anderson workouts are “open to the public,” you have to pay $90 a month to get her on-demand library and it costs more per class to attend a live class. I know some of you do her workouts and like them. It just bugs me that celebrities other than Gwyneth Paltrow are still giving her legitimacy. Also maybe she meant that you can slow the effects of aging by working out but you can’t “keep your body from aging.” It’s true that Tracee Ellis Ross looks ageless. I just wish her bullsh-t meter was calibrated right.

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  1. Rose says:

    Yeah – her workouts are effective (for my body – can’t speak for anyone else). But, so is barre in general. What I like about it is that I feel like my balance and body awareness are both strengthened when I do barre style workouts (or TAM) regularly. Regarding “age-defiance”… it may just be the old adage of “use it or lose it”? Like, making sure you get some movement, whatever it is you enjoy, everyday goes a long way to maintaining health. The other celebrity fitness I’ve enjoyed this year is LEKfit – workouts on a mini trampoline. But please, don’t take my word for it – I am a total sucker for fitness videos and niche workouts!!!! I have to admit my bias(es). Also, Tracee Ellis Ross is my ultimate style icon, I just love her. As shady as Tracy Anderson may be, I can’t fault her for name dropping TER. I totally would if I could!!!!

    • AnnaC says:

      Busy Phillips swears by Lekfit, she posts her workouts on IG now and again and whoa, at least based on how much she swears, lol!

  2. Midge says:

    I’ll tell you what Tracy Anderson’s method is: eating 800 calories a day. Anyone will lose weight on that plan.

    • Mee yo says:

      @MIDGE thank you! I was coming to say the same thing! TA eats 700-800 calories a day. Measures it out in baby food sizes. I like her workouts cause I’m an exercise junkie, but I’m not a follower of hers.

  3. nicegirl says:

    Love Tracee, not Tracy.

  4. Aitana says:

    Every time I see a photo of TA, she looks GREASY. Hair & skin looks greasy. I wonder why is that? It’s weird & not a good look.

  5. Call_me_al says:

    “It’s underdeveloped to say I just want to focus on this”
    This chick is such a judgy pseudo-guru. I’ll never forgive her for her comments on women gaining too much during pregnancy and post partum. Shut. Up.

  6. florencia says:

    “Anderson had to get a dig in there about other workouts being inferior”

    I mean, if you look for the worst interpretation of what she said you could get to that, but it’s not like she insulted a specific trainer or plan. I do think Anderson has some worrying issues though, years ago I bought her plan and the food menu is nuts. The calorie count is insanely low (shocking, I know, lol), but weirder is that on some of the days she has you eating all blended or mashed foods, so that literally everything you eat those days was baby food consistency, so of course it’s impossible to feel satiated, even if you did eat more than a thimble full of calories.