Swedish royals post new portraits of Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar & dog Rio

It genuinely feels like Sweden should be the model, generally, for modern royalty. The Swedish royals are discussed in the Swedish press, they get international coverage, but their soft and hard power seems pretty limited. The Swedes are not a melodramatic soap opera, and endless media coverage was not devoted to stuff like “what does Victoria think of her sister-in-law” or “who is engorged with rage now” or “why Madeleine committed treason by moving to Florida.” They behave like a family in the modern era and the press coverage reflects that.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have been introducing their children into their future roles for years now. Princess Estelle has done events with her parents, and the kids are photographed in portraits and at family events several times a year. That being said, I don’t remember the last time we really got a good look at both kids, but it’s possible I wasn’t paying attention. The Swedish royal family released these two new portraits of Vicky, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar over the weekend. The occasion was Pentecost Sunday, or Whitsun, celebrating the arrival of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem fifty days after Easter.

The kids are so big! Estelle looks so much like Vicky and Oscar looks so much like his dad. You can see their little dog too – that’s Rio, and they got him last year. He looks like a happy puppy and I love that he was included in the family portrait, that’s adorable. The only fashion/styling note I have here is that I wish Victoria would do some different looks with her hair. I like that she’s very professional-looking and she enjoys her hair pulled back, but I would love to see her wear her hair loose sometimes, even if it’s just in family portraits.

Anyway, that’s the only thing happening with the Swedish royals! It’s pretty refreshing that the Swedes aren’t some crazy melodramatic mess.


Prince Daniel and crown princess Victoria visiting the Swedish hospitality industry employer's organization Visita

Photos courtesy of IG, Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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  1. Sid says:

    I just like this little family so much.

    • Mika says:

      Me. Too.

      I love that the Crown Princess married her trainer. It’s just so nice.

  2. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Estelle has a so big now! I remember reading about one of her first official outings to look over the Christmas trees.
    And her parents look In love still.

  3. nicegirl says:


  4. Becks1 says:

    Those pictures are so cute, and I love that the dog was included.

    And yeah, it seems the Swedish royals do a good job of containing their drama, because I’m assuming there is always drama behind the scenes, but they don’t let it play out in the press as far as I can tell. They also just seem so much more relatable, and not in a fake way – like the whole family’s outfits in the picture together look like something we might wear for a family photo shoot – coordinated but not overly so. Is Victoria in leggings?

    • notasugarhere says:

      There is drama, it just isn’t in English language publications.

      The king was caught getting lap dances and hanging with mobsters at strip joints. King and Queen basically caused Victoria’s anorexia with their anti-female heir antics. King refused to let Victoria and Daniel marry for years, because a self-made gym owner wasn’t good enough. But he let his son marry a p o r n model no problem. King continues to graft for his son and that DIL. Sofia, that DIL, is cozy with tabloids and sells out Madeleine all the time. No wonder Madeleine and her husband left for NYC and then Florida to live away from the drama.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Sofia was a reality star, not a p*rn model.

        On another note: not much is made of the marked Nazi sympathies of the current King’s great-grandfather Gustaf V who actually threatened to abdicate if the Germans wasn’t allowed to transport things across Sweden to Nazi occupied Norway.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, she was on a sex-based reality tv show. She was also a p o r n model, given the number of nude photos she was paid to pose for. And of course, the only title she earned, Miss Slitz. You are likely familiar with that offensive term?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Isn’t there also a Nazi connection in Queen Silvia’s family? Father? Grandfather?

      • Kaykay says:

        P o r n sounds a little harsh, don’t you think?
        She flashed her boobs, and her butt crack. When you drop the word p o r n, people get other ideas in their head.

        Victoria happen to be the crown princess. C-P is “only” a prince. I can understand the standard of whom she marries is expected to be a a bit higher from someone that is KING and come from a royal upbringing. The King did cave eventually and now Daniel is a prince and they seem to have a happy marriage. And that goes for all three of the siblings.

        All’s Well That Ends Well

      • notasugarhere says:

        She did far more than that, but her fans do like to pretend otherwise.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Becks1, in a weird everyone knows everyone else? Madeleine, the youngest of the three royal siblings, is married to Christopher O’Neill. His mum is Eva O’Neill, who dated Prince Charles eons ago.

  5. GRUEY says:

    I’m a bad person. My immediate reaction was to google Prince Daniel’s age (47). He’s definitely doing middle age better than a certain balding, Mr-Burns-looking 39 year old.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I love Daniel – he seems like a really lovely, intelligent sweet man. And I think he’s hot.

      • L84Tea says:

        I have loved Daniel since watching their wedding. Between his unabashedly wiping away his own tear after their vows to his adorably sweet speech he made at their reception about his love for Victoria, he completely won me over.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Weirdly, I worry about Daniel. They both had COVID, which is known to cause kidney damage, and he only has one kidney.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    Those kids are cute but all I’m interested in is that dog!! That dog is sooooooooooo cute, that i just can’t.

  7. BlueToile says:

    Yeah, if a country absolutely has to have a monarchy, this family is a good example. I know they have their problems, (*cough THE KING*) but overall they come off as an actual family. I believe that Victoria and Daniel are pretty solid and take their roles more seriously than than most.

    • L84Tea says:

      I remember seeing a picture once of Queen Silvia and she had a cellphone cover with a picture of her oldest granddaughter on it. That weird little thing made her seem so normal to me.

    • Sofia says:

      I agree.

  8. ListenNLearn says:

    The kids are adorable, but I need more pics of Rio…. I want to sqisssshh hims!

  9. Crowned Huntress says:

    What an adorable family photo! And the kids are dressed like they belong in the 21st century!

  10. Jainey says:

    Nice looking family

  11. Elvie says:

    A Royal Princess and heir to the throne in DENIM. I love it. The Windsors would never.

  12. A says:

    Weren’t there calls for Madeleine to not be a working royal any longer because she is a “traitor” who moved away? The Swedish press can be extremely toxic.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Especially when they’re being egged on by someone on the inside, ie. Sofia the DIL who is close with certain tabloid reporters.

  13. L4frimaire says:

    These are the European royals one can and should like, but that doesn’t mean that one necessarily does.

  14. Jenna says:

    Why is Rio waaaayyyy in the corner??? This photographer was so wrong for that. The optics make him look like an afterthought. Daniel’s leg is even outstretched to look like he’s pushing the puppy away.

  15. Dusty Rose says:

    I agree with comment about Victoria’s hair – why doesn’t she ever wear it down? She looks so severe with it pulled back so tightly all the time, and she isn’t a severe person, she’s lovely and a great mom. The same with Daniel’s hair – why is it greased back all the time? He looks like a gangster and would look so much nicer with natural-looking hair. And by the way notasugarhere, Sophia is NOT a porn star, she was a model and she wore daring swimsuits – that doesn’t make her a porn star. She does great work for the people of Sweden and they really like and support her, so take your jealousy elsewhere please.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She was never a star, but yes she was a p*rn model.

      Victoria has face blindness. That is likely why she wears the same hairstyle every day, because she cannot recognize her own face in a mirror. By wearing the same hairdo, she can use other clues to ‘recognize’ herself.

  16. iconoclast59 says:

    It’s nice to see Oscar smiling and happy-looking. He had quite the Grump Face when he was a baby; it was adorably funny.