Countess Kate went vroom-vroom in a ‘land yachting’ go-kart at St. Andrews

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit St Andrews to try land yachting

You know who I feel sorry for? The new royal crisis managers, who started at the beginning of May. They obviously had their work cut out for them, and I can only imagine the threats and bribes they made to get the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to do this Scottish trip. Kate wouldn’t even agree to go with William when he flew there last week! Kate put her lazy foot down and said “absolutely not!” But to her work-shy credit, she accepted their bribery (expensive jewelry, new wiglets, buttons galore) and showed up. But in several acts of “independence,” Kate must have demanded to wear her skintight jeggings repeatedly.

The only reason Kate could wear jeggings so often is because this tour is full of such lightweight activities as “wandering around Orkney” and “land yachting” and “drinking on a boat.” And that’s not even counting the fact that “watching football” and “watching Cruella” are also part of this tour’s public schedule. They’re like little kids. They refuse to do their assignments unless it’s “fun.”

So, here are some photos of Will and Kate – the Earl and Countess of Strathearn in Scotland – out in St. Andrews, on West Sands Beach. They were “land yachting” in those little go-karts. Kate seemed to be having a blast. Kate wore her beloved jeggings, a £159 Longshore Barbour jacket, £310 See by Chloe boots and a £115 Campbell’s of Beauly Fairisle sweater. The jacket and boots are repeats (they’ve been in her closet forever) but the sweater seems new. She’s doing this new style thing (new to her) where she wears a frilly-collared blouse underneath crewneck sweaters and it’s driving me crazy. It’s such a prissy look and it doesn’t “work” with the jeggings.

Also, no masks? We still don’t know if Kate has been vaccinated (she hasn’t publicly) and she’s out and about in Scotland, breathing on everybody and being breathed on. It’s so weird.

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge try land yachting at St Andrews

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit St Andrews to try land yachting

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge try land yachting at St Andrews

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. MMadison says:

    William and Kate look as if they are on two separate tours. Kate’s laughing and having fun with her imagination and Williams is BORED as usual. So will Kate save the UK???

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Beautifully put. After this tour, the whole of Scotland will definitely want that referendum.

    • My3cents says:

      William has that look the teenagers get of embarrassment when spotted in public with their parents. No, I don’t know them, random stranger.

      • Coco says:

        maybe royals aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses on official engagements, but, if this wasn’t his habitual scowl, I’d say he’s scrunching up his face due to light sensitivity.

      • Becks1 says:

        They can wear sunglasses. I think we’ve even seen the queen in them on some occasions.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Look, say what you will about Kate, at least she is trying to put on a show here (William can’t even). Do I love her fashion choices? Not really, but she looks comfortable and at least today she’s not SWFing or cos-playing, so let’s stop criticizing the woman and focus on the man who is most definitely phoning it in.

      • Maria says:

        Or we could just criticize both because they’re racist jerks and this is their bare minimum, lol.

      • Solidgolddancer says:

        Yeah, I agree Alarmjaguar, at least Kate is engaged. William looks like he’d rather be playing in rose bushes…

      • MissMarirose says:

        I completely agree. She’s definitely trying and should be given at least some credit for that.
        But it’s absolutely clear that he has no interest in any of this and just wants to leave. And he’s the one who is supposedly going to be King one day, the focus of the criticism should be on him and his failures (not her clothing or the way she laughs).

      • Sunny says:

        I agree. She is absolutely trying here. I don’t think we should applaud that minimal effort because both of them are such lazy, incapable people that they had to be given this light schedule. However, I agree that most of the criticism here goes to William who seems to struggle to look interested(in these photos at least).

        Also, I will echo my continued cry(and many of the smart posters here), can they give the Duchess causes linked to sports and outdoor activity? She seems to like those things and since she has such few interests and so little work ethic they should try playing to that area.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That’s what these photos say to me, Will isn’t even trying. Kate at least pulled out a new pair of skinny jeans, frilly top, sweater, & etc. and seems to be having fun. She’s at least interacting with the students. He’s staring off into space.

      • Gail says:

        She is Anne Hathaway
        He is James Franco
        @ the Oscars

      • Susan says:


      • Sid says:

        Kate won’t get credit from me for anything until she steps ups and says that yes, she made Meghan cry and that she is sorry she didn’t ask Tatler to remove the incorrect version of the story from their article on her, even though she made them remove other parts of the article that she didn’t like.

      • Maria says:

        This, Sid.
        Also the “at least she’s trying” defense is a little hard for me to wrap my head around. It is really not that hard to smile affably for an hour, or less. It’s the same as the “she’s coming into her own” narrative. Just because he’s a total loser at these events doesn’t mean she somehow is surpassing him with flying colors. The bar is so low for her…

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Kate looks like she’s on stimulants and we know the BRF facilitates that.

    • Whatever says:

      The actual video is 2 minutes of William and Kate going around two cones in the sand over and over again. BORING. They probably spent all of 30 minutes there and left.

    • Nicole says:

      Seriously?!?! You’d think their advisors would tell them to at least look together. I’ve never seen body language so cold and distant. Geez….

    • Brielle says:

      Kate is really trying and William is just there..he is so stiff…and do those photographers hate her? They always take photos of her looking crazy or maniacal

    • MMRB says:

      I’m beginning to have the same anxiety as i felt everytime i opened the news when drump was president.

      ugh – why dont they stop?

  2. UnionSnack says:

    no lookism but her brows look like two thick caterpillars

    • BeanieBean says:

      That was my thought! Yikes!

    • Amy Too says:

      Right! Holy F-ing Brows! And this is all the same day as the other the posts from today, right? The whiskey boat thing and the correcting a kid about her giggle? I know she goes “home” to the hotel or whatever to change her outfits between every single engagement, but she also put on new eyebrows for this one? Why? To take up more time at the hotel so she could have a longer break in between events?

  3. Becks1 says:

    Hey! William is actually wearing jeans! I feel like blue chinos have been his go-to forever. But he does own jeans! Same blue sweater though.

    Kate is starting to work this coat into her “outdoors events with the peasants” uniform – she wore this one for part of the Keen Sheep event in April (and she also wore her coat from yesterday, remember when she changed coats in the middle of the day for some reason?)

    And yeah, it really does seem like they won’t go on tours unless there are a lot of fun activities built in like this (and it DOES look fun). I feel like they start out with a few serious events and then as the tours go on it just becomes all about fun stuff. It’s clear they have to be bribed to do these tours, even short ones in Scotland.

    • swirlmamad says:

      The sad thing is even though they are a decent wash and seem like they fit okay, they still scream “Dad Jeans!” to me. Lol.

      • Maria says:

        I may be in the minority but I hate the color/wash of their jeans/jeggings and always have, lol.
        They look like they’ve been washed too many times.
        But that’s personal preference. I’ve always preferred dark/almost black washes.

    • Brielle says:

      Bribed for doing their duties? I mean they are the futur king and queen of England

      • Becks1 says:

        Exactly, that’s what makes it so sad that they won’t willingly do these tours. We heard Harry say how he was being sent everywhere, I think he was probably being asked for due to his popularity but I also think that William was saying no.

      • Carolind says:

        Please make that Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There had not been a king of only England since Edward the Sixth in the 16th century.

  4. My3cents says:

    Ah bless her heart, the little lynchpin that could.

  5. Steph says:

    In their role as working Royals, what was the point of this outing? Does it involve a charity?

    • swirlmamad says:

      And there’s the rub. What, exactly, are the charities they are supporting/highlighting? Literally, the coverage on that aspect has been abysmal. They might mention the organizations in passing but when people don’t remember what good things you are supposed to be supporting, and only the “fun activities” you’re partaking in, you’re doing it wrong.

      • LaraW” says:

        No no, they’re visiting a patronage! It’s called Scotland.

      • Cecilia says:

        I was about to ask this. What exactly is the purpose of all this? What are the charities that they are highlighting with this. Im so confused

      • Nic919 says:

        @Lara that’s hilarious and so accurate.

    • SurelyNot says:

      They were with a group Fife Young Carers — it’s in other coverage. The groups they work with just don’t get mentioned here. Before anyone @ me, I am not saying Royals showing up help any charity, I’m just pointing out that it isn’t covered here.

      • Becks1 says:

        Honestly, I don’t think their events are covered that well by the rota either. I think Omid in general does a good job with pointing out the charity/organization, but most of the other RRs – they may mention it but its not the focus. When I used to be a Kate follower, the best source I usually found for information about what she was doing was actually What Kate Wore, she would focus a lot on the visit and the charity before getting to the fashion.

        to me it’s just a sign that the RRs and the royals aren’t really there to promote causes, just themselves.

    • Ania says:

      Exactly…. what’s the point? All I see is FFKweens having „fun” and have no idea why we see photos of that. They really missed the moment when people stopped being excited that „royalty” visited them. I suppose RF repeatedly refuses to listen to anyone telling them it’s no longer enough and they actually have to do more substantial work. I pity those crisis managers, it must be frustrating working with those two.

  6. Bea says:

    When I saw her camouflage cap I was really surprised. I mean. She is CLASS ITSELF, right? Never a foot wrong. I guess we missed the memo where Vogue said it was classy wearing camouflage attire (for official royal visits no less).
    This trip is such a mess… and it seems they can’t no longer hide the fact they don’t like each other’s company…

    • LaraW” says:

      I admittedly thought of Redneck Yacht Club when I saw the hat. Between this and Philip’s green truck… maybe next we’ll see William with a can of beer while he’s with the lads watching football.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I think (when I blew up the pic more) it looks like a canvas “reptile” print, not camo. I could be wrong of course, Either way, neither goes with frills and Fair Isle sweaters lol

    • lucky says:

      this. it’s the camo hat for me. all the way. i couldn’t see anything but the camo hat.

    • Midge says:

      The camo hat with sausage curls, I can’t

    • Ursaline says:

      Duck Dynasty redneck fashion complete with the Mr. Ed horse laugh.

    • molly says:

      I 1000% expected that camo hat to have MAMA written in crystals with too much intentional distressing. WTF was that pattern??

    • IMARA219 says:

      Maybe it’s the Southern in me, but ::small voice:: the camo hat didn’t even phase me. I wear camo yoga leggings when I want something spiffy. I had no idea it was considered classless and tacky. 😬

      • Anners says:

        I’m with you – sometimes camo is super cute and fun. Maybe not with a fairisle sweater, but why not? Juxtaposition is fun! To me, the jeggings are the most offensive. They just look so dated.

      • Cherie says:

        I shall sit here with y’all and be ::checks notes:: trashy, tacky, hillbilly etc and swill my bud light on the front porch of my trailer while presumably stealing the neighbor’s WiFi.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        IMARA219, Anners, Cherie: I don’t think camo has a class–I’m not sure where that came from. What I do think is that as a working royal, camo seems really too casual or possibly making a statement of some sort? I’m more apt to think of hunting with camo, so that might have been what they were going for. I honestly don’t think, Cherie, that anyone here is suggesting that you have to be trashy, tacky or hillbilly swilling a bud light to wear camo. It’s unfortunate that some of the comments made you think that way. I assure you, I don’t and I suspect the vast majority here don’t either. I do, however, have to question why anyone in the royal family is wearing camo for an OFFICIAL VISIT, when they’re not in the military. It seems more than a little strange.

      • Jais says:

        Southern girl also! Mentioned the camo hat and drinking bud light, which aren’t bad things; I drink bud light! Though I prefer corona, just saying. I just literally was not expecting the duchess to wear a camo hat at all. It was funny.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        imara, i have a camo cap. slinks away slowly…

      • Cherie says:

        @Saucy – oh honey , thank you , but we both know no one was “suggesting “ anything . It wasn’t an unfortunate interpretation. It’s akin to saying you listen to country music around here. Having said that, I do appreciate your effort , but us rednecks know the intentions .

      • lucky says:

        awwwwe! hhahaha, I would love any of my family members that showed up in camo, and that happens a lot! And whoever said juxtaposition is fun, you are right too! The juxtaposition of HER in that outfit with the perfect blowout and camo just really tickled me!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Cherie, I grew up listening to country music! Lots of other music, too, but country music was a staple in the midwest. Although I haven’t lived there since I was a child, I still love country music. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but if I drink beer it is a light whatever. Do you suppose that makes me half of a redneck? It seems that sometimes people can lump everyone into one category without thinking about what they’re saying. A lesson for everyone.

  7. BayTampaBay says:

    Do not know what the current guidelines are in Scotland but in Florida, USA you are not required or even encouraged to wear a mask if you are outside in the open air.

    Compared to her usual attire, I think Cathy looks good here. Nothing wrong with jeggings for sporty activities.

    • Hannah says:

      Yeah, I can’t fault her for not wearing a mask outdoors, and it looks like usually fairly distanced, in the open air. Probably quite windy there too. Transmission risk would be very low.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Hannah, but yesterday in that session with several people inside is inexcusable. They didn’t keep their masks on and that’s unacceptable. Also, Baldimort isn’t past his 14 day mark yet, so he should certainly continue to wear a mask indoors. But I guess the rules don’t apply to these 2 lazy, incompetent, and heartless grifters.

    • Kalana says:

      Using Florida as the example for Covid precautions means the bar is in hell.

      • Steph says:

        That part

      • winosaurus says:

        To be fair…Texas shed it’s mask mandate first. FL however, is the state equivalent of “hold my beer” so you know….at least our governor hasn’t gone the other way and banned masks. I bet he would if he thought he could get away with it.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Winosaurus I thought Florida never had a statewide mask mandate? Texas had a statewide mandate requiring masks in counties with at least 20 cases, it was in place for 8 months. I don’t think DeSantis ever did that. So there was nothing to lift, he just banned cities and towns from having mandates. Both states are worse off because of their governors though, that’s for sure.

    • Mei says:

      In Scotland (as in England), you aren’t required to wear masks outdoors anymore as far as I know. This is the case in England anyway, I imagine Scotland is the same as they started coming out of lockdown earlier than we did. It looks decently distanced so can’t fault them for that really. Transmission has been shown to be very low in these situations, and they (as far as we know) don’t have any underlying health conditions that would relay any higher risk.

  8. JT says:

    I wonder why they won’t confirm her vaccination status. It’s strange because people in their age group are getting their shots as well, so she won’t be accused of jumping the line. William already received his, so it’s only natural for people to wonder if Kate has hers. It’s was also confirmed that the queen and Prince Philip got their jabs, so what’s with the silence around Kate? I think it would be good to show Scotland that at least she’s vaccinated this time around, unlike the last trip. Very weird.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its weird too at this point – if they didnt want to post a picture, when William got vaccinated they could have included a note “the Duchess also received her first dose this week” or something.

      My guess is she got vaccinated a while ago and they aren’t sharing that.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I think they ALL got their shots when TQ did. It was just kept quiet. I still believe TOB’s jab was saline, “just for show” to encourage others in that age group’s time to get theirs. I don’t think they’d’ve let him be around TQ or Charles unvaxxed.

      • Becks1 says:

        @TheOG – maybe not even saline, maybe that was the actual vaccine, but the picture was taken a few months back.

    • Sofia says:

      Yeah I’m beginning to wonder about that too. They just opened it up to 30 and 31 year olds this morning so she’s definitely not jumping any queues. I don’t expect pictures but I thought a confirmation about Kate would have come by now? Or maybe William doesn’t care and therefore there’s no mention of Kate.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Even if she got it months ago, they could easily have put out a statement that she got hers when William had the photo taken of him getting his (and I know there are plenty who think that was for show). It really doesn’t make any sense, and just makes her look like she’s opposed to getting the vaccine and they’re trying to hide that fact.

      • JT says:

        @swirlmamad Exactly. The palace has no qualms about fudging timelines, dates, or even outright lying. They held back on William’s covid diagnosis, so it wouldn’t be impossible for them to do the same here. Even if she got it earlier, it’s not like they wouldn’t play fast and loose with that info. I wonder why they won’t make a short statement about Kate? It doesn’t even need to be very detailed, just say that she got it. It’s important to say so as the UK is opening up and the Cambridges are traveling now.

    • Maria says:

      I’m with Becks- I’m sure this is because she received it ahead of the queue.

      The royals aren’t compelled to pay taxes (although they do for PR), the Queen doesn’t need a driver’s license, they can hang out with sex offenders galore, their finances are never under investigation – they are the one family that is never subject to the rules.

      I am sure receiving the vaccine ahead of the queue is just part of this. But not even they are dumb enough to publicize that. And in any case it would highlight she and William lead separate lives, since they didn’t do it together.

      • Cecilia says:

        Except they could just lie and say that she got the vaccine a few days before or after william. Nobody is going to double check anyway. And its especially tricky since she’s wandering around without a mask.

      • Maria says:

        They aren’t smart, lol.

    • Sure says:


    • Nic919 says:

      Adults with health issues were able to get vaccinated earlier than the general population so it’s possible she got vaccinated earlier under that reason. It still doesn’t explain why they haven’t confirmed it now, when everyone her age has had a chance to be vaccinated.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    And what was the purpose of going land yachting? What’s the name of the group and what do they do? Maybe I’m not paying enough attention but I don’t learn anything about these engagements except what Kate’s wearing. I’m not talking about you Kaiser, I mean in general. I see tweets even from the royal rota but I learn very little. These visits just seem meaningless and a waste of money.

    • SurelyNot says:

      the name of the group is Fife Young Carers

    • Waitwhat says:

      Blown Away are the guys that do the land yachting stuff (they live around the corner from me!) but it’s not a charity, it’s a business. They do kite-surfing and other stuff – it is super-windy up here although the North Sea is freezing even in the height of summer – so I guess those jackets got them some good publicity that should help them over the next few months. A couple of commenters have mentioned Fife Young Carers, but it’s a shame there’s nothing that visually links the charity to the activity – no banner or badges or anything as I’m sure they could also use some additional funding. No wonder the research a while back showed that having a royal patron doesn’t help with fundraising…

      • SurelyNot says:

        I found it with 30 seconds of effort — people that have a passing interest will check, those who don’t care won’t even if there is a neon sign. I’m not sure this particular event was about raising money so much as spending time with the people involved…eh ? Then again, I’m not their target audience.

        I’m not defending them because American here, no horse in the race so to speak, I just find it strange that people bitch that they don’t know what “charity” they are representing when they have zero intention of donating anyway. It’s not like folks that actively loathe them are checking to donate to their charities.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @SurelyNot, if they aren’t bringing awareness to the causes they are supposed to be supporting, then what is the point of ANY of this? UK taxpayers just donating their hard-earned money to the royals’ vacation GoFund Me? I’ve donated to several organizations Meghan and Harry have backed, #1 because I really admire what they are doing and continue to do, and #2, they often make it pretty clear what causes they are supporting.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      Amy this is the Charm Offensive in action. Never forget!

  10. Red Snapper says:

    When she used to volunteer with the Scouts, she would just show up and do activities with them. That’s not what volunteering is about

    • Lady D says:

      Umm, colour me confused? I volunteered with the Boy Scouts for seven years and that’s pretty much the description of volunteering. Be dependable enough to show up, stay engaged and make sure they have fun learning.

      • Becks1 says:

        “be dependable enough to show up” – well that’s part of the issue right there. And Kate isn’t a “volunteer”, she’s the…patron of scouting? something like that? She’s not your run of the mill volunteer (although I will say that with our scouting pack, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that has to be done.)

  11. Noki says:

    Did they go to the actual university? I must give it to Kate even though people like to say that she was not Williams first choice it still took a lot of ‘game’ for her to ‘land’ him amongst hundreds of other ‘commoner’ Uni girls. She should ghost write a book 🤣

    • Maria says:

      She made sure to be part of the special circle at Marlborough which is how they met in 1999.
      Which is how she knew he was taking a gap year (and tried to follow him on it), how she knew where he was going to university (and she withdrew her Edinburgh acceptance to switch to St. Andrews), and was in the same dormitory (although it’s been speculated her family/Uncle Gary gave a large donation to ensure her acceptance/placement at St. Salvator’s). These are closed circles and except for one or two exceptions, commoner uni girls were not part of this crowd and William would not have seen them much if at all.
      He was dating Carly Massy-Birch when he first started seeing Kate. The reports are Carly didn’t want to have premarital sex so he asked his friends to recommend someone discreet and chose Kate after seeing her in the fashion show. I don’t know if that’s true, but they did start dating behind his girlfriend’s back.
      Not that that would be a big deal if such behavior was confined to William’s university years (college kids are like that), but as we see, it has not been.

      She won’t ghostwrite a book about it because it’ll make her look like the stalker she is.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        “so he asked his friends to recommend someone discreet and chose Kate after seeing her”

        Wait, what? I had no clue about this, did the friend get a finder’s fee for procuring Kate? These people occupy a different galaxy from the rest of us.

      • Nina says:

        I guess that would explain Uncle Gary’s desperate squealing that PWT should leapfrog Charles. The investment is not paying off as he expected or was promised. No title yet, still not part of the upper classes. Still on the outside looking in.
        And there is no way Charles is giving the Middletons and Gary the time of day, let alone any titles. That’s the way things go in life Gary. Sometimes your investments pay off big time and sometimes you just invested in a dud.

      • Carolind says:

        He was already dating Kate long before the fashion show. It was at the end of their 1st year in St Andrew’s and they were to be living together the 2nd year.

        There was no way that Kate got into St Andrew’s because her uncle made a donation. Scotland has many faults but it does not do stuff like that. She got in on merit as her A level results prove.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Carolind – that’s against almost every report, where Kate changed the outfit at the fashion show when she realized William was there, to be the see through “dress” (that was meant to be a skirt) and he apparently turned to a friend of his and said something like “wow, Kate’s hot.” That was the story put out at the time of their engagement and confirmed by multiple friends. They were already friends, and I think living together in the same house/dorm, but not dating.

        And Maria didn’t say she got into St. Andrews bc of a large donation – she said it guaranteed her a certain boarding house, which may or may not be the case. But there are reports of her teachers being concerned when she withdrew her Edinburgh commitment to try for St. Andrews.

    • oliphant500 says:

      yeah they were in their 1st year there when I was in my 4th and last year- one of my friends mixed with the upper class lot and said he met William at a party and was quote ‘just another boring rah’ ( rah like yah for rich kid)

  12. TigerMcQueen says:

    Keen Guevara is wearing the blouses with the frilly little collars to cosplay early-ish 80s Diana.

    Her manic grinning is so weird, though she does look like she’s having fun on the land yacht. Cain just looks bored.

    • Nic919 says:

      That’s exactly it. The frilly collar with sweater is an early 80s look that Diana used to wear. It’s not in style anymore but she’s got to throw in some cosplay.

  13. L84Tea says:

    I like her sweater. That’s all I’ve got.

  14. LaraW” says:

    This is the first time in a long time when I’ve seen Kate smile like a Real Person (TM). She looked like she was legitimately enjoying herself on the carts. I feel more ambiguous about her exaggerated facial expressions prior to carts, but the in action photos look genuine. I would not mind her being the Patron Saint of Sports— wasn’t she good at sports prior to marriage? Are sports that don’t require thousands of pounds to play (eg polo) too low class for the aristocratic set?

    I lol’ed at William’s Struggle Face. Then imagined Harry doing the same activity standing up and doing a backflip. Then imagined a side by side comparison going viral online, and William doing his own backflip of incandescent rage.

    • Becks1 says:

      She does always seem to genuinely enjoy herself at sporting events/activities like this – its why many of us here have said the royal family should have leaned into that for her in the early years of her marriage, named her patron of a few local sporting orgs and have had her focus on these kinds of events while she “learned the ropes” or “got her feet wet” or whatever. At 10 years in, Kate has to do more types of events than just these (not that she really does anything but let’s pretend) but in the beginning, it would have been a good way for her to start to carve out her niche as a royal.

    • Sofia says:

      I agree that she genuinely enjoys sporting activities. It’s why I’ve said that they should have made Kate focus on sports rather than Early Years for her “big projects”. Or combine the two and have Kate focus on increasing access to sports to younger kids. It would also give her Early Years project a singular focus that isn’t there right now (because I really don’t know what Kate is trying to achieve with EY. If it’s awareness that needs to be clearly communicated).

    • Babz says:

      @LaraW, seeing William in that yellow helmet brings to mind the viral video compilation of him and Harry. Harry’s portion shows him running the obstacle course with James Cordon. The background music is Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September.” William’s portion is him with young people, wearing a yellow helmet, mincing along a balance beam a few feet off the ground, with the youngsters holding up their arms to spot him. Same background music, only played on out of tune recorders. It’s hysterical – and savage – because shows the wide gulf between the brothers.

  15. Jillian says:

    What thrilling activities is William getting up to in all his free time that he looks so incredibly bored going out and doing some reasonably entertaining things? Really. We don’t hear about him doing anything at all, save for banging the neighbors, so is he just pissy because he’s away from his girlfriends? Is it like Trump where all he ever wants to do is watch TV? William is just so dull and grumpy, geez

    • Kalana says:

      William is missing his executive time. Cheese on toast rather than big macs, and a drink instead of Diet Coke.

    • Jais says:

      @jillian- I vaguely remember an article, think it was a Kate embiggening article, and it randomly mentioned how much William’s focuses on the news…not sure if he’s reading or watching but your trump comparison is possibly not far off.

  16. Sofia says:

    Again, I like her outfit and I also really like the jumper/sweater she’s wearing. And the karting seems fun lol.

  17. tempest prognosticator says:

    That looks like fun! I would love to take a spin in one of those go-carts.

  18. Maria says:

    I feel like quoting Sandy Griffin from Daria: “Mixing primary colors during daylight hours? Not. Done.”

  19. Merricat says:

    So service as defined by the Cambridges is land yachts and whisky. Huh.

    • Kalana says:

      I wonder if Scotland wants to thank the Cambridges for their service. What a waste of money.

  20. Lizzie says:

    I’m guessing the tour is costing the taxpayers several million dollars? What exactly is going on except one photo op after another featuring keens big mouth laugh?

  21. Em says:

    I see she has gone back to caterpillar eyebrows

  22. Hell Nah! says:

    Call me crazy but…I get the sense these two don’t particularly enjoy being in one another’s company.

  23. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    My mother did the frilly collared blouse thing in the 80s. It’s pure Sloane Ranger, and Diana did it all the time. Just more Dead Mother-in-Law Cosplay.

  24. Over it says:

    Can we all agree that Willy has absolutely no interest in his job or his wife, he would rather be anywhere else than doing work period and especially doing anything with her.

  25. Watson says:

    She looks the best in these outfits. Kate in casual/sport/jeggings and boots is always a relief to me.

  26. The Hench says:

    Yep, once again fashion cosplaying Diana. It is extraordinary. Below are links to Diana rocking the frilly shirt collar/jumper combo and the Fair Isle look…

    • Eurydice says:

      Omg, I’m used to photos of the later Diana – here she was just a baby. I remember everyone trying to knit that sheep sweater.

      • Becks1 says:

        It’s really weird when I think about her age. Like growing up she seemed like an adult to me, which of course she was by the time I was aware of her, but she was 20 when she married Charles – and barely 20, her bday is July 1 and she got married….July 29? July 30? something like that. So she wasn’t even a month over 20. Had “the heir” less than a year later, when she was still 20. I can’t imagine being that young and being in the life.

      • Nyro says:

        Ikr! As someone who came of age during the latter years of Diana’s life, it really is crazy to see pics of her from the beginning. I have a 19 year old niece and can’t imagine her marrying a grown ass 32 year old man. A freakin’ prince at that. My goodness. And she had no one on her side. No one. She should have been enjoying college life, not birthing babies for the crown.

      • Kalana says:

        I first read the Andrew Morton book when I was 11, and Diana seemed so grown up and clever to me at the time. And I reread the book when I was in college and again when I was 28 and by then it was so obvious how in over her head Diana was in dealing with Charles and Camilla. She was a teenager with a crush who pretended to be into some of his hobbies and he was looking for a docile broodmare while he lived his life just as he pleased.

        Thinking about a very young Frances marrying Johnny Spencer or the lady in waiting for Princess Margaret who married the aristo who owned Mustique and also was very very naïve and young when she got married, I wish The Crown had focused on that aspect of aristo life. Is it normal for these inexperienced young aristo women to be in these kinds of marriages to titled, privileged, wildly dysfunctional men? What about Penny and her marriage? Or the Queen and Philip?

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      TBF the shirt/frilly shirt and jumper combo is pretty much standard for the aristo and the Sloaney Pony lot.

      • The Hench says:

        Is it still? Lord knows I know nothing about fashion but that whole frilly shirt/jumper combo for the sloanes is very much 1980s to me.

    • IMARA219 says:

      This is going to sound weird, but I miss early 80s fashion. 1979-83 had some good eclectic fashion trends. Then it went all downhill and didn’t become interesting again until the mid-90s palette cleanser.

      • Nyro says:

        It is funny how, outside of punk, there’s never really been an early 80s fashion revival. It really is an interesting period fashion wise. You’d think it would be examined more since it was the era where one of the most famous women in world history first hit the scene. But yeah, lots of quirky feminine looks. Lots of frumpy yet strangely chic stuff too. I think prairie blouses tried to happen again a few years ago but it never really took off.

    • Demi says:

      She’s not only obsessed with Diana’s fashion she’s obsessed with wearing her jewelry whenever she can and it’s never in a subtle way like a small piece No she likes to flash Diana’s jewelry probably fancies the Spencer tiara too if she can

  27. Zen says:

    There is royal protocol on everything from wearing neutral nylons, not crossing your legs, wearing very light nail polish yet nothing on wearing skin-tight jeggings? Outrageous!

    • lanne says:

      There’s no protocol on that other stuff. Just people taking the Queens preferences and calling them protocols as a way to bash Meghan. Remember when suddenly everyone seemed to be a protocol expert in 2018? They’d screech that this or that thing Meghan did is against protocol when Kate or Anne or Camilla or even the Queen was doing the same thing. Anne sitting cross legged 2 seats over from Meghan, who was breaking protocol. Protocol was just another word for “I need a reason to hate on Meghan”

      • Carolind says:

        It is nothing to do with Meghan. The Queen got bashed into Kate in Kate’s early years for her hair, her short and undignified skirts, shoes.

      • Anance says:

        Both the Queen and Princess Margaret wore low-cut strapless gowns over enormous bosoms and no one felt protocol shattered. Kate covered up more during Meghan’s tenure, although she never dressed as provocatively as the Queen and her sister.

      • Anance says:

        Both the Queen and Princess Margaret wore low-cut strapless gowns over enormous bosoms and no one felt protocol shattered. Kate covered up more during Meghan’s tenure, although she never dressed as provocatively as the Queen and her sister.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Carolind – Kate’s skirts were a problem because they kept blowing up and she never weighted them down. That’s not the same as Meghan being heavily criticized for doing the exact same thing as another royal.

  28. Curious says:

    she looks happy.i think Catherine do sporty outdoors things better. her brain doesn’t work well for serious brain events.. sad to say it seems she never developed that side of her brain, i read william an her didn’t do much work when they was engage nor after they was married. they just had holidays and fun times. and they both are not intelligent enough to do serious events , talking to prime ministers and other kings, well in general people who are highly educated, working for yrs and are million times smarter,these are the people they meet in serious events for serious discussions. the sporty events doubt they have deep conversation its fun,laughter and clapping..

  29. one of the Marys says:

    William looks really unwell to me, physically unwell

    • Curious says:

      william always look like he is smelling something stinky. except when he is having beers with some guys. guess drinking beers and watching football is william happy fun place. who knows William might have an alcohol problem, he might need a drink before every event .

    • ElleV says:

      Agreed – lately “unwell” pops into my head every time I see him… like something is eating at him. If it later came out he was seriously ill I wouldn’t be surprised.

  30. Babz says:

    That sweater/frilly blouse is more Diana cosplay. I have a good-sized library of Diana books from back in the day, and there are photos of her wearing her famous “black sheep” sweater while watching Charles play polo. She wore a high necked blouse with a ruffled collar underneath it. If I remember right, she also wore a more tailored whit blouse with it on another occasion and tied a skinny black pussy bow around the collar. We’ve seen Kate’s love of blouses with pussy bows, too.

    I am starting to think Kate is channeling Diana’s fashions as some sort of security blanket. I said on Twitter the other day that she must spend hours poring over photos of Diana to plan her wardrobe. It happens so much that it has to be purposeful. What she needs to do is figure out who SHE is, and dress and live her life accordingly. Any identity or authenticity she might have once had have been groomed out of her. She may or may not even be aware that she’s nothing but a mannequin, but it’s obvious to many others.

    • The Hench says:

      Agree totally – I actually posted a link to that shirt/sheep jumper combo above at 26. It has to be deliberate, surely?

      • Babz says:

        I saw that after I posted. We’ve long since crossed the line of accidental similarities. This woman has completely lost herself.

      • The Hench says:

        Yes. If anyone questions that from here on in I’m just going to refer them back to the *identical* royal blue number….

    • Harper says:

      Well, the problem is that Kate’s real identity is the girl that flashes her bum and wears a see-through skirt over nothing but her bra and panties and then walks the runway like that. That’s the real Kate — and there is nothing wrong with that. Except now she has to pick a different “Kate” for her public role and she is absolutely at a loss as to how to do that. Doesn’t seem that TOBby likes the other versions of Kate either–maybe she should start wearing some see-through clothing and see if TOBby cracks a smile.

  31. Likeyoucare says:

    I hope scotland get what it paid for.
    Such a waste for tax payer.

  32. Kitty says:

    Please make it stop, seriously what does Kate look like, l bet that is uncle Gary cap, de state of it , between de open mouth, cap, frills, skin tight jeggings that my 8 year old refuses to wear, has Kate matured into her role at all ? Well this is it lads and ladies de future of de house of Windsor. Charles should have done everything in his power to hold on to his younger progressive ambitous son and daughter in law , big mistake, v surprised at Charles actually thought he was supposed to be de smart one. Disappointing…….

  33. February-Pisces says:

    What the f*ck has she done to her eyebrows? They are huge, how did she conjure those overnight cos they weren’t like that yesterday? I think that explains the cap, she’s trying to hide them.

    • Chaine says:

      omg, i can’t unsee them now. this happened to me when I tried to use a stencil to do my own and they came out way too big and dark.

  34. Inge says:

    Another paid for holiday….

  35. Caitriona O Reilly says:

    I know de eyebrows funny !!!!

  36. Nyro says:

    I wonder why she’s so into jeggings when she could just wear leggings? It’s so 2007.

  37. candy says:

    They should all be getting their vaccines publicly. We are in a global war against this virus, and they could really make a difference here.

  38. Athena says:

    Someone mentioned scouting above, there was a recent article about an audit conducted on Girl Guiding UK which uncovered racism and Islamophobia. The head of the organization apologized and did the expected we’ll do better speech. The Queen is the Patron of Girl Guiding and Sophie Wessex, the president. The “we are so not a racist family” has had nothing to say and I’m sure they’re doing nothing behind the scene.

    • lanne says:

      That’s because there is no structural racism in a society built on hereditary privilege that colonized a quarter of the world. The Tory government said so.

  39. Anne says:

    And that, U.K., is your future hard-working King and Queen. Swanning around and holidaying on your dime, and calling it “work.” Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry are accomplishing actual, tangible results for the charities that they support. The dissonance is jarring.

  40. MJM says:

    Thank you Kaiser for the great analysis. I too was struck by the utter frivolity of their activities in Scotland. What purpose does it serve? They look and act like spoiled children being taken out by adults to be entertained. How does this build relations between Scotland and England? If I were Scottish, I would would want independence from these fools too.

    This tour is an utterly pathetic waste of time and money but at least we got scotch drinking and not a pic of them pouring Guinness in an Irish pub.

    • Carolind says:

      I am Scottish. I do not want independence. There are also as many fools in Scotland as any other country in the world. Probably about an equal percentage of fools in every country.

      Also just to make it clear. It is not England we are wanting independence but from the UK. England is a part of the UK, just as Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are. Got it?

      • Becks1 says:

        If you are never going to vote for independence, as you said earlier, then you are not the target audience for this tour.

  41. Robin says:

    Two things from this.

    1) I think with Kate, you don’t need body language experts, just hand language readers. In all these photos where she’s being super excited and supposedly at ease, her hands are never easy. She is usually holding them up in those “this is how I show interest” poses she uses for conversations, just without the head cocked to one side. I actually feel sorry for her. This life doesn’t suit her and it must be even worse when..

    2) Your husband doesn’t show the slightest interest in you. Can you imagine what it’s like at the end of each day. She must be asking him, “could you look any more unsupportive?”

  42. SharkFins says:

    William looks the very taste of misery. Wtf is going on? This is what seems like a couple of relationship-temper-tantrums I threw in my 20s, good god man.

  43. Carolind says:

    I am not a William fan but on Sunday, there were photos / recordings of him with a 96 year old woman and he was absolutely great with her. Happy, charming, nice, animated.

    Nyro – Diana did not need to marry Charles. No-one forced her. As for her enjoying college life, she hated academia. Despite her fancy education she got either none or one O level. She also gave royal staff nightmares because she refused to read up on any of her engagements.

  44. Lou says:

    My gosh, you guys really do the best Kate coverage! I don’t know of any other site that covers her this closely

  45. Cel2495 says:

    She looks extremely frail and thin…too thin. I don’t like to talk about a women’s body but it’s hard not to notice the drastic change. Back to the fashion as she has nothing else going on…it’s sucks!