Countess Kate & glum William visit the birthplace of their romance, St. Andrews

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, take part in a tree planting ceremony as they visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

The Countess of Strathearn changed out of her jeggings and twee ruffled look on Wednesday following the go-kart adventure. This look – a striped sweater, regular pants – is a much more age-appropriate look. People have complained about how little I’ve written about William, by the way. I mean… he’s just sort of there. Once Kate joined him in Scotland, no one is paying attention to him and he can tell. He looks utterly bored. Kate not only does all of the “work” during their events, she has to do all of the emotional labor of trying to make it seem like they’re both engaged at the events. And they’re not. You could see that plainly when they visited the campus of St. Andrews, where they “fell in love.”

You would think a visit to the birthplace of your relationship with your spouse would be a somewhat romantic thing, right? I was expecting private smiles, hand-holding, some kind of sign of affection. Instead, Kate looks pleased, like she’s pointing out all of the places where she stalked William, and he looks like he wants to gnaw his leg out of this bear trap. It’s… a lot.

Meanwhile, Will & Kate apparently had a private “night out” together last night in St. Andrews.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are going back to their romantic roots! The couple took a break from their tour of Scotland on Tuesday with a night out together as they returned to the university town where they met and fell in love. Kate and William, who were more often seen at Pizza Express in St. Andrews when they were college students nearly two decades ago, chose an upmarket contemporary restaurant “with a Scottish twist” when they dined out on Tuesday night. The couple stayed locally before their day of events in the town.

The pair, who celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last month, were shown to a corner table in a secluded area at the back of Forgan’s restaurant with a security detail seated close by.

“When word went around, a crowd gathered at the front, but as far as inside was concerned it was quiet for them. People left them alone,” one of the managers, Marc, tells PEOPLE. “There was no pomp and circumstance or fanfare.”

Forgan’s wasn’t built when William and Kate were attending St. Andrews University from 2001 to 2005. It is based in a converted butcher’s warehouse. Marc believes Kate was recommended it by one of her university pals. It is said to be popular with one of the societies that Kate was a member of, he added.

Marc couldn’t say what the couple ate, but a main dish of honey and whisky glazed short rib of beef, served with cabbage, carrot chili and apple slaw is $24. Current students say Forgan’s is the kind of restaurant that you ask your parents to take you to when they come to visit or for a graduation celebration.

[From People]

I mean, they had to eat somewhere. I guess they got a recommendation for this place, and maybe they never went to the other “nice restaurants” in town while they were in college. I don’t know though – if I went back to my college town, I can think of four restaurants I would immediately want to hit up. It’s also worth noting that the Keens’ Scottish tour is mostly just a private holiday, like most of their “tours.” They are such lightweights. The crisis managers wanted to lean into their tenth anniversary and have them visit the Scottish university where they fell in love. Kate’s playing along. William isn’t. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge arrive to visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Bookie says:

    Look who is wearing Vejas, just like Meg!

    • L84Tea says:

      I hadn’t even noticed her shoes. You’re so right!

      • Cecilia says:

        Im convinced meghan left some of her clothes in london and palace aides decided to give it to kate

      • Circe says:

        Its so desperate and pathetic! OK, the fellow kids are wearing sneakers, but get some Adidas, anything. Not the exact same ones Meghan wore! Don’t be so obvious.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Yep on the Veja- I think like the times she genuinely imitates Diana at times, aping Meghan may be for press notice. Kate looks nice though.

      Do we often hear of the Cambridges having a date during their tours? Reminds me of Sussexes having a lunch date during one of their first tours as a married couple in Ireland.

      The picture of William from first day of his tour was worrying. He looked deathly pale & so tense. I can’t imagine he’s that happy. Knowing that the firm can deny help I do hope if Bill wanted support he is able to get it and discreetly.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Nope, no support for mental health issues, no. Well, OK, maybe for the heir….

    • Gruey says:

      @bookie noooooo the instant she wears something it becomes passé (I mean…kinda kidding?). I just bought another pair of Vejas. Now what??

      • missskitttin says:

        But also, can somebody tell her skinny pants are a huge don’t specially for her slimmed down figure? And the navy blazer with the striped top? It’s so over and done. She really needs a new stylist.

    • manda says:

      came here to say that. first thing I saw

      also, these jeans are soooooo much better than those jeggings. I’be always said her skinny jeans are too skinny

    • BeanieBean says:

      My first thought! My second was, I really like those pants & want to get a pair.

      • Jais says:

        Are they pants or jeans? I was just talking about this on the other post and this already looks better than the jeggings either way. And lol @cecilia that she raided the clothes Meghan left behind. Meg was like keep the Vejas; I’m outta here.

  2. Normades says:

    She’s trying so hard to be popular and he looks absolutely miserable.

    • MMadison says:

      I was 100% certain this had NOTHING to do with saving Scotland for the UK but saving the Cambridge marriage. If they couldn’t get the sparks going after visiting the location where it all started pretty much nothing will. William’s trapped and miserable. Meanwhile Kate knows he can’t go anywhere and she’s delighted! Unfortunately for Kate what she didn’t learn from Diana is that once the heart is focused on another there is nothing you can do. This man’s heart is somewhere else and it’s very clear to those who want to see it for what it is.

      • CC2 says:

        Nah William still participated in that stunt earlier where they got “caught” having takeaway together in private. This trip is very much them (palace/middletons) trying to make Cambridges a thing. Maybe it’s to make them so popular as a couple that William won’t leave, or just PR for the institution like always

      • Whatever says:

        Maybe William could try harder. He hasn’t changed clothes in 3 days! I wonder if this was Kate’s idea thus the lack of interest from William. Going back to your University is usually a big deal. Why didn’t they take us on a tour of their University years. They could’ve said thing like remember when we went here or did that. Maybe that’s to come. So far it’s a snoozer.

      • MMadison says:

        William can fake a 30 min engagement here ad there but he can’t fake a 5 day tour.

      • Anance says:

        Kate’s side wants to shore up her importance. They need to demonstrate to William how he loses everything becomes another Charles, with a 30-something approval rating if he leaves her.

        Will is skating on thin ice. Spent the weekend in Scotland alone, his wife shows up on Monday. Obvious-ier and obvious-ier.

        The Crown can easily pass from Elizabeth to George, especially if she outlives her mother. If Liz can make it to 105, 108 – George can be crowned King.
        Parliament will do it, too. They don’t give a damn about the occupant of the throne as long as it’s a popular member.

    • UnionSnack says:

      Nahhhh, that’s the “charm offensive” of Keenbridges!

    • PrincessK says:

      Lol! This trip to St Andrews was supposed to be front page headline news. However the bombshell revelations by Dominic Cummings against Boris Johnson have completely overshadowed the expensive trip. Normally they would be blaming the Sussexes for stealing their thunder, so l think that the whole trip to Scotland has been a failure and waste of time.

      • Chaine says:

        Next up, the BM will find some way to link Dominic Cummings to Harry & Meghan and make out as if they’re all three in some kind of conspiracy together to overshadow the Cambridges.

      • Lady D says:

        Bojo sounds like he had Wills attitude towards Covid-19. Surprise Mr. P.M.

      • MMadison says:

        The optics are terrible. The Cambridge’s stroll down memory lane while their government is falling apart. YIKES

      • Linda says:

        Why on earth will something as trite as this be headline news with all the chaos happening across the world right now????

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      William looks like he can’t stand to even look at Kate. Kate looks like she’s trying to pretend her marriage is fine, while her husband ignores her.

  3. Emmlo says:

    Lol @ sour old Wills. Sucks to suck, huh buddy?

    • Ania says:

      My 3yo looked at my phone now and said „mommy, a lady and a grandpa!”. Wills’ looks have caught up with his mind I guess…

  4. Bex says:

    She’s wearing the same brand of sneakers (Veja) Meghan wore on the Oceania Tour. 👀

  5. Sofia says:

    Another outfit I like. 3 out of 3 today, I’m surprised. I, again, like the jumper.

    As for the lack of William coverage, it happens across the board not just here. Royal women have always gotten more interest no matter who they are (most of the time). That may be because you can talk about their fashion in a way you can’t do with the men but it is what it is. It also doesn’t help that William doesn’t seem particularly interested – even when he’s at the place where he met his wife.

    • KASalvy says:

      I’d say Harry is definitely the exception to that sentiment of royal coverage. And they know it too. Must sting a bit, poor BRF sausages…

      • Sofia says:

        I agree but once he married Meghan, interest in her exploded (for various reasons) and said interest (or at least media coverage) is still there. And it shows in both the positive and negative coverage. A Meghan solo article will generate more praise/outrage compared to a Harry solo article in most places.

        Doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen most times.

    • Lucy says:

      I really like this outfit too! And William’s all the time outfit finally matches the occasion. They don’t look happy or anything, but I’d totally wear her outfit here.
      I’m also basically her exact age, so you can pry the jeggings off my body when I die 😂

  6. CrystalBall says:

    William does look utterly fed up in these photos while Kate attempts to sell the romance. Perhaps William has tired of drinking the Kool-Aid keen Katie keeps cooking up!

    • Cecilia says:

      He does look increasingly unhappy….. I actually do wonder what the hell is going on with these 2 behind the scenes

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        He reminds me of Diana, when she was increasingly unhappy and fed up with Charles and didn’t bother to hide it
        Not a good sign at all

      • The Hench says:

        Hearing Harry talk about how triggering it is for him to be in London or in front of the press makes me consider that it’s just as possible that William’s tight fists and clenched jaw are because he is also triggered by being on parade in front of cameras. Harry made it clear that both brothers were involved in those car chases with the paparazzi and seeing their mother crying. He talked about how awful he felt not being able to protect her – but Wills is the older brother so he could have felt he should have been protecting both of them.

        What we have now is how they have dealt with that. Harry got therapy. Will was cosseted and brought up to believe in his own infallibility so he’s now an incandescent, rageahole who’s probably appalling to live with. Remember all those weird stories about how Wills *needed* Harry so much? Maybe this is why. Maybe it’s because Will is also suffering PTSD badly, the origins of which only Harry can really understand.

        So, yeah, great job driving him away. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      • L4frimaire says:

        He looks increasingly unhappy because all his attention and ire is focused on Montecito.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        He does look obviously unhappy lately, just like Diana used to look. And it strikes me as interesting that this unhappiness comes on the heels of their overly produced Abercrombie and Fitch commercial, I mean ‘family’ video.

        I remember not long before Diana and the FK separated, they took a family portrait where they were all sitting around in riding clothes, under a tree with a horse with them. It was criticized at the time as looking like a Ralph Lauren advert, very slick but just too staged and soulless. Much like Cain and Keen Guevara’s overly staged family video. And not long after, we started getting pictures of Diana who, as you said, was just over trying to look happy (that infamous picture in Seoul where she was in the lavender colored dress).

        What in TH is going on behind closed doors, I wonder?

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. His face here reminds me so much of that car ride Diana and Charles took (after the queen ordered them to stop hating each other so obviously in public) when you could tell Diana could barely stand to be breathing the same air as Charles, let alone sitting next to him.

        Doesn’t help that William actually resembles his mom a lot.

    • Brielle says:

      William is just super mega stiff and bland

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      I’m telling you there is trouble. When you do St-Andrews to romanticize your relationship, you at least bring a larger umbrella so both of you can fit under. It keeps raining non stop in scotland, i mean, hello?

      • Chaine says:

        My thought, too, how convenient that he brought his own umbrella so that he can use it to completely avoid any body contact with his wife whatsoever.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        And we have photos of H&M sharing an umbrella for their goodbye tour so they obviously make umbrellas in the UK big enough for 2 people.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      These 2 are so boring & stiff. Wills looks comically miserable, and Kate is flashing her maniac smile. Every time I see Wills clenching his jaw & looking pissed off, I think of Harry and why he fled with his family. Wills looks like a bitter rage machine.

  7. Ana says:

    Kaiser is usually spot on, something is brewing between these two. Could it be that they will stay together for as long as they both live?? O_O

  8. GuestWho says:

    At least she’s learned she needs to carry her own umbrella if she wants to stay dry. Growth.

  9. Cecilia says:

    Why is william always looking at the ground? Seriously this mans whole posture is wrong. Clenched jaw, shoulders hunched foward, face to the ground

    • Kalana says:

      He thinks he’s too good for this. And being a difficult person means people ask less of him.

      Also, and I wonder if the derangers have ever thought of this, the same way Harry speaks about being triggered, I wonder if William is as well and he shows this in his clenched fists and jaw. Unlike Harry, William would respond with anger and lashing out instead of getting therapy.

      I mention the Cambridge fan base because they mock Harry for feel triggered but it’s very likely William is going through this as well.

      • Cecilia says:

        I might be reaching here but maybe baldy is thinking about therapy after seeing harry speak about it so openly? Could be that he starting to do some soul searching because of his younger brother and he’s starting to regret certain choices he made?

        Or maybe he’s just now realizing that he royally f’ed up by chasing his brother away and is so glum because it has dawn on him that this is literally what the rest of his life consists of.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        This! It reminds me of how people do a crap job on work assignments they don’t want b/c they know they won’t be asked to do it again (and they are often men). So, this whole thing might be bringing up other issues for me, but I appreciate Kaiser acknowledging that Kate is doing a lot of work (no matter what we think of her).
        Also, I’m absolutely getting shades of Anne Hathaway and James Franco at the Oscars from this tour!

      • L84Tea says:

        @Cecelia, “Or maybe he’s just now realizing that he royally f’ed up by chasing his brother away and is so glum because it has dawn on him that this is literally what the rest of his life consists of.”

        I think you’re onto something. He is utterly miserable and can’t even pretend to hide it.

      • Lady D says:

        I hope the men in grey rip him a new one when they get back home. This is supposed to be a charm offensive designed to keep the country together. The Statesman is failing so badly at this job, he can’t fake a smile, or even the ghastly grimace he provides for a smile. Imagine if Kate, Sophie or Meghan looked like this during a ‘charm tour?’

      • Anance says:

        He’s angry because anger addicts always find something to be mad about.

        I think he brought his Rosebush to Scotland and spent quality time with her over the weekend but couldn’t go out and walk around, enjoy Scotland, etc., because he’s still married to Kate.

        Then…Kate shows up on Monday, all mechanical smiles, making small talk, ignoring him, and pretending nothing is wrong. That makes most people madder still.

        I wouldn’t go too deep figuring Will out; he’s selfish, self-centered, and shallow. Even Charles, for all his faults, had more interests than William at a much younger age. Harry, Meghan, and Carole Middleton have more interests than Will.

      • Kfg says:

        I think he was ready to divorce her but the crisis managers are saying no. He looks like he hates her and hates having to pretend he cares about her. She’s trying too hard and it’s like he realizes she stalked him.

    • Reece says:

      I was going to put this in a separate comment from my other but I noticed the same thing.
      The Very armchair chiro in me is just staring at both of their posture in all of these pictures. Will is the worst of the two. I know he’s tall so he has to look down at almost everyone/thing but damn his ears are a good couple of inches ahead of his shoulders. That’s going to kick in soon if it hasn’t already.
      ETA: I’m not worried about him just noting the obvious.
      He can still go kick rocks with his bent spine all he wants.

    • Chaine says:

      The clenched jaw and fists for the past few days indicate either he’s having some serious anger management issues or he’s got a very bad toothache for which he’s putting off seeking treatment until after this Very Important “work” travel.

  10. Reece says:

    She’s learned y’all!!! She has her own umbrella now. lol

  11. hmm says:

    10 bucks says they get divorced in a year.
    I mean William looks like he has one leg out the door.
    Most men would hold their wife closer to them AND hold the giant umbrella. He looks like he can’t get away from her fast enough.
    It’s bizarre how this woman keeps grinning maniacally, as if to overcompensate.
    Very unhealthy, very creepy!

    • Coco says:

      If they get divorced, I’m sure they’ll wait until after the Queen dies. William can’t risk being accused of killing his grandmother with the stress of a divorce.

      • Maria says:

        He’ll blame it on evil Harry and Meghan leaving and putting too much stress on the Cambridge marriage so they split.
        He’ll say the increased spotlight and responsibilities were too much for them and look at how much more damage Harry has caused!!!1!1!!

        Ironic of course since he and Kate have done and are still trying to do everything they can to make Harry and Meghan split.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Agree, @Coco. If this marriage really is teetering on a banana peel, as it indeed seems to be, I don’t think anything will go down until after Liz passes. William would much rather Harry get the hate for causing Granny’s demise.

    • The Duchess says:

      A few years ago he would’ve kept up with appearances and carried on like everything was fine. I’m not denying he’s never acted like this, he has many times towards Kate, but nothing like we’re seeing on this tour. He looks absolutely fed up of her and her ridiculous fake act. Maybe he’s starting to do some self-reflecting as he rapidly approaches his forties? Or maybe he’s just miserable because he’s realised he chased his brother away to a life of luxury and freedom, while he’s stuck doing ceremonial work he has no time for. Either way, that man isn’t happy.

      He deserves everything that’s coming to him. They both do.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Yeah, and like others have pointed out, it’s not like this tour has a lot of heft to it. It’s the exact opposite with all these leisurely activities and visits. It’s essentially a vacation and yet William has never seemed more miserable. I think he’s looking at the state of his life versus the state of Harry’s life and sinking into this sourness we’re seeing from him.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        I wonder if it’s finally sinking in that Harry has something that he never knew he wanted or needed: A wife that he loves and loves him, and a wife that supports him. His life must be very empty. Where is he getting anything positive? Oh, don’t get me wrong. You reap what you sew and he’s reaped exactly what he has. I wonder if he has reached a place in his life to understand that what he has he doesn’t want? I also have to wonder if PC had talked with W about the Middleton’s. Regardless, I think their shine has worn off, especially Carole’s “I’m your mommy” fairy tale. That leaves him . . . nothing.

      • Demi says:

        He’s depressed the tabloids have something on him they are blackmailing him& keeping him on a tight leash..on the other hand, he sees his brother escaping to freedom & speaking his own mind.. William knows he is trapped

      • swirlmamad says:

        Even if he’s having some sort of introspection and is feeling the effects of driving his brother away, the fact remains that he feels no comfort in his wife’s presence. He can be unhappy with the way things are with Harry and still find some kind of happiness with Kate and his marriage/family. It’s clear there’s not much joy and outward love between these two.

  12. Becks1 says:

    Is this a new buttony blazer? Please tell me she did not buy two new buttony blazers for this trip.

    In general I like her outfit today, not in love with the blazer but its definitely a fresher, more modern look than some of her looks. She definitely got bribed with new clothes to go on this tour, right?

    and I did laugh at the bit about their night out – sure, go out to eat, that restaurant will prob appreciate the publicity, but its the line about how they “took a break.” OMG they’ve been so super busy etc after being in Scotland for two days (for Kate) so they had to take a break!

    • Nic919 says:

      Are they going on a boat later on because her outfit seems very nautical.

      • nicegirl says:

        Wondering same thing @Nic19 shipshape, she is

      • Becks1 says:

        OMG. I just checked their twitter and while she did not go on a boat, she did meet with a fisherman’s association to hear about the fishing industries and “enjoyed a seafood BBQ.” so the nautical look WAS on purpose!!! Good call Nic lolol.

      • Jais says:

        Ok I feel a very negative type of way about Kate due to all her horribleness toward SIL. But honestly this dedication to theme dressing is kinda funny, like it would be endearing almost if it was someone who actually put in the work and wasn’t a horrible person. Like it’s becoming her thing. Whether her clothes are good or bad they are consistently themed lol. It reminds me of an elementary school teacher w holiday sweaters. Regal? No. But funny? Yes!

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      I counted fourteen buttons on that blazer. I bet that sweater underneath has even more. Maybe buttons calm her as God knows her husband is oblivious in this “charm offensive”. They’re the ones who are offensive.

  13. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    “looks like he wants to gnaw his leg out of this bear trap” 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
    All hail Kaiser!!!!!

    • Shadowonfilm says:


      I came here to say this too

    • Lorelei says:

      I was laughing so hard at that that my husband asked what was so funny, so I read it to him and then he was hysterical too

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Me, too–Lol’d so loud I woke my husband AND our mutt, who are both in the next room. Thanks a lot, Kaiser.

  14. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Her ensemble seems…a little off to me? But it’s fine. She’s not flashing anyone. It feels weird that People magazine sneaked in a reference to Pizza Express, which is not well known in the US except with regards to Andrew’s flimsy alibi. Hmm.

    I will say, I’ve been thinking about how unwell & unhappy William looks on this tour. And Kate is really doing the “work” of looking like they want to be there. If we believe that there is something plaguing William (and I do, from unexamined trauma to substance abuse, etc), then I am starting to see why the Middletons have been allowed so much leeway in the press, historically. No other women were willing to put up with William, but the Firm needed him to marry & reproduce. Kate was willing to sign on for the gig. Whether it can last is, of course, another matter altogether.

    • UnionSnack says:

      Yess, he doesn’t even try to show his interest in this tour and the person with him.

      • Anance says:

        I don’t think he’s suddenly angry at Kate. He may be taking it out on her b/c she’s there.

        Something immensely petty is bothering him.

  15. candy says:

    Those pants are some of the best she’s ever worn, and it is nice to see her move away from heels a bit. Watching her play sports in those wedges of doom (c: Kaiser) was quite scary!

    • Nyro says:

      Straight leg pants suit her. Idk why she loves those unflattering jeggings so much.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes these pants look so much better on her than jeggings or even the wide leg pants she wore yesterday.

  16. Noki says:

    Their degree was 4 years!? I thought the UK was 3 years and 4 if you go for a masters.

    • SarahCS says:

      I think 4 years is standard in Scotland.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Its 4 years if you do a gap year – you can get a degree in 3 but it depends on the subject and university.

      • Aidevee says:

        A degree at at Andrews takes 4 years – this is standard across all Scottish universities. If you choose to do a gap year or a year abroad (in the case of mfl students) then it’s five years.

    • Waitwhat says:

      The education system is separate in Scotland and you can finish high school at 17, so we have an additional year of university compared to the English system.

  17. Nyro says:

    Unable can barely stand on her own yet she has to carry William and poor Harry had to carry both of these dullards. PWT is even less charismatic than his father and that’s saying something. I see why almost all of his “work” days involve him visiting a pub or something. The only time be looks halfway interested during his engagements is when he has a drink in front of him.

  18. molly says:

    I think he’s doing the Charles “I’m jealous the people like you so much more” pout.

  19. Eurydice says:

    Wow, that profile photo with the 2 umbrellas isn’t exactly Hallmark Romance, is it? More like “Oh for god’s sake, you could at least pretend to be having a good time.”

    And what a weird way to describe the restaurant – “We don’t know what they ate, but something else costs $24.”

    • EliseM says:

      I was thinking the same thing. They both look a bit pissy in those two pictures with the umbrella. I cant imagine being in competition with my spouse over popularity. They are blowing what ever “happy trail” they are trying to forge. Go home, and grow up, the both of ya!! Geesh.

  20. Harla says:

    Wow, this is one big Scottish taxpayer funded vacation for the Cambridge’s. It seems that they are only doing a few daytime engagements and nothing else. Has anyone else noticed that they don’t seem to interact with politicians or leaders anymore, no child hospice work or anything “serious” just frivolous events and not really highlighting local spots of interest either. Really not any value for money here 🙄

    • hmm says:

      Why can’t they pay for their own vacations? Everyone else has to pay for themselves. Why are these unemployed rich people, passing the bill onto the tax payers?
      I don’t understand.

      • Harper says:

        Their real vacations are hidden from the public. You can usually tell however, because Will will look sunburn and Kate more tan than other people do in the middle of the winter.

  21. Murphy says:

    The birthplace of their romance? I thought they were in Scotland, not the ladies loo at Mahiki…

    • PrincessK says:


    • My3cents says:

      The birthplace of their romance? I guess they should be visiting Carole’s scheming mind…

      • Doulton says:

        Precisely, My3cents. My take on the conflict is that the narcissists in the family are CarolE, Prince Charles, Prince Bulli-em. The narcissist “handlers” have been Camilla, Princess of Wales, who has perfected the role. Keen Kate has been a hostage since birth and is programmed only to cater to and perform to narcissists. Her mother never permitted her an independent thought. William was like a large entrapped fish that Carole taught Kate to catch. And even though he’s the largest tuna in the sea of fish, he was relatively easy to catch. But he refuses to be fricasseed so he’s twisting, turning, and being incandescent on the burner. His only hope at all is to clap with his brother and buy a vowel. Sorry for all the mixed metaphors.

      • candy says:


      • Agreatreckoning says:

        LOL my3cents. Their marriage appears to be a bit crowded with the 3 of them.

      • Anance says:

        Keen Kate has been a hostage since birth and is programmed only to cater to and perform to narcissists. Her mother never permitted her an independent thought.

        Doulton – that has been my take as well. Caroled programmed so thoroughly that even if Carole disappeared tomorrow, Kate would still find narcissists to cater to. Maybe a Russian oligarch.

  22. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    What is it with that family and Pizza Express?

    • FabcyPants says:

      That stuck out to me too, hmmm…

    • Betsy says:

      The British media have fun messing with the Royals? I mean, they should in this regard. I hope they’re not hinting about William being involved in crimes similar to Andrew’s. Maybe that’s what they’ve been hinting around about.

    • deering24 says:

      Seriously. Is the pizza that good?

  23. Amy Bee says:

    Kate does seem really happy to be back at St. Andrew’s. Maybe William’s glum because he’s realised that if he hadn’t done the smear campaign against Meghan and Harry, they would have been the ones doing this tour instead of him.

  24. fani says:

    He is so over it.

  25. Rise_Above says:

    The first picture made it look like he had two leaves stuck to the top of his head. I’ve been seeing leaf motifs everywhere on clothing and furnishings so I thought for a hot second maybe he got a temporary tattoo. It made him seem interesting for that second.

  26. Coco says:

    That tree planting picture seems like a mother trying to get her kid to participate.
    “Will, don’t you want to help dig a hole for the nice tree?”
    “No! Don’t wanna!”
    “Remember what we learned in your book about the rainforest? Trees make oxygen for us!”
    “But this isn’t the rainforest! This is Scotland and it’s stupid and I hate it! I hate everything!”

  27. Rianic says:

    My husband is an alcoholic in recovery. He often had that look of being checked out when he was drinking. Apparently some of the metabolites hang out in your brain long after you sober up, and it can cause anhedonia and simmering anger – even when he hadn’t drank in days.

    I wonder if Billy is a heavy drinker? Note DH went through an amazing recovery program and is doing amazing now.

    • BlueToile says:

      I can’t remember who or what article it was on, but maybe 6 months ago someone commented that they had a few loose sources among the RR and there was serious talk of serious drinking problems with a few members of the royal family. This person said it had been whispered that it was so bad it may be a national security issue. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I distinctly remember reading it in the comments.

    • Dl says:

      Wonder what Willnot smells like. My ex was an alcoholic and there was a distinct smell even when he was sober

  28. Mooney says:

    Oh my! Look who’s wearing Veja sneakers now…. they’ve absolutely raided Meghan’s UK wardrobe 🤣

    • Amelia says:

      You need to see the outfit for the drive in screening of cruella. O M G!! 😂😂😂. A belted trench coat, beige Joseph skirt AND Manolo Blahnik! I can’t 😂😂😂😂

  29. Rnot says:

    Midlife crisis? He’s gone back to where it all started. It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s wondering what if? What if he and Kate hadn’t gotten back together? What if he could escape like Harry has? What did he imagine for his future when he was at university and how has his life actually turned out? I think he may be close to having a full-blown existential crisis.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I agree @Rnot. Between this flash from the past visit (which he’s clearly NOT enjoying) and the constant news on the projects and announcements from Harry and Meghan, I think he’s in a bad place right now. It’s his own actions and choices that have led to things being the way they are today, but whether he actually recognizes that is a whole other issue.

    • Anance says:

      Still say that on Saturday, it was something petty. As he and his Rosebush met for breakfast and eggs were not to his liking.

      Do we know where he stayed Sat. and Sun. night? Where he’s staying now?

  30. Jay says:

    “Emotional labour” is a good way to phrase what Kate’s doing here. For all that we mock her pointing and guffawing, she’s at least trying to make a success of their brief tour, and not getting much traction, it seems. It’s cringeworthy.

    Maybe William is more upset than he admits about Harry’s comments, or renewed talk of Diana? Or maybe he got hit hard by his Covid shot – I felt lousy for days after mine, and it’s supposed to be worse if you’ve had it?

    Or maybe he just resents not being the “draw” on the tour, outshone by bland Kate(!) let alone his brother across the pond. Perpetually the Other Brother.

  31. Merricat says:

    I hope he takes the opportunity the make changes in his life. Now would be a good time.

  32. Digital Unicorn says:

    This marriage will be lucky to survive long enough to see Chuck become King – there are serious issues that are just so obvious. Kate is trying to sell the story but William is NOT playing along. He’s done with her and I think he’s biding his time until he can go public with a divorce and his new piece (and there is def someone else in the wings).

    I agree with other that he is in a bad place – a mix of mid life crisis and seething jealousy that his brother has escape and is leading the life that Cain wants for himself.

    William looks like a person who is taking stock of his life and doesn’t like what he sees.

    • Anance says:

      Why does everyone insist William is thoughtful enough to take stock of his life. His entire future has been planned, and it is a luxurious privileged tomorrow.

      He doesn’t care what Kate thinks, never has. Kate, for her part, placates him in every way. If he moved in a mistress, she would relocate with the children wherever she’s told. And continue smiling and waving on boring outings.

      Kate is perfect for this. Today’s honeypot may not be tomorrow’s. He can’t marry 4 or 5 times and still expect to be King. Best to have several girlfriends, countless hook-ups, and one wife.

      No, he’s upset over something we don’t about that is probably insignificant. A trifle in a life vexed only by trifles.

  33. Harper says:

    If I was Kate I’d be so pissed that Wills isn’t even trying because if she decided to stop the guffawing then the jig is up. But I think I know what would make TOBby smile–sitting in a club downing a few drinks and watching some hot girls parade around in see-through skirts hiked up and worn as short dresses. We know that’s something he really likes about St. Andrews–hot girls and booze.

    He looks so bad that I began to wonder if he’s having post-vaccine fever and exhaustion. But then I remember that he looked absolutely FINE sitting outside at that pub the day of the big soccer game so I guess it’s just Scottish duties and Kate that he can’t stomach. Besides, who would get their shot the day before taking a big official charm-offending trip? Everyone knows that the days after can be kind of iffy.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      My husband’s boss had covid and when he got his first vaccine it hit him hard and he felt really bad and had a 104 degree fever. Getting vaccinated right before a tour was a bad move.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Great point. By now, literally everyone knows that you don’t plan anything major right after getting the shot. Just assume that you’re going to feel like sh*t and if you have no side effects, awesome. Was everybody out to lunch on his team of advisors?

  34. Jumpingthesnark says:

    It is interesting. I think Kate is at least somewhat paying attention to the crisis managers. She understands to some degree that optics are important. Normal Bill on the other hand….. probably ignores the crisis managers bc hey! He is the king in waiting! Optics and following the crisis managers advice are for peasants!

    • Susie says:

      I do find it interesting that while she obv hates doing the job if you give Kate good advice she can follow it. It also means if you give her bad advice she follows that. She wants to follow which means you just need to surround her with good advisors and have enough bribes. I wonder who she would have been if she had been married to someone like Charles. everyone says Camilla was lazy but after her marriage to Charles she regularly does events. But Will the FFK who is stuck unless he abdicates is so bad at taking any advice. (Which is ironic cuz the courtiers raised him that way and now they suffer from it) Which means that he will always be bad at this job which sucks for the monarchy. Thou this is the problem with monarchy, you are stuck with who you are stuck with. You can’t get someone better.

  35. Susie says:

    I know that photos cant give you the full pic but Will truly looks Miserable here. The biggest reason I’ve become anti monarchy is cuz it is brutal on the kids. We have been hearing a lot about Harry’s horrific traumas and while Will experienced them differently cuz he was heir and a bit older he did experience them. He seems to be an example of hurt people hurt people, and misery loves company. It probably made things easier for him when he thought everyone in his family proved this life means NO ONE can be happy (Eugenie and maybe Zara seems like people who have managed to find some happiness). Now Harry is working on being happy and the world supports him both emotionally AND financially. Will has done many hateful things but I feel bad that everyone in his life from his wife and father to the courtiers to the government and his stans would rather he maintain a life of misery rather than create chaos and leaving.
    Also Harry keeps tying leaving to Archie with the silent implication (that maybe Harry doesn’t even realize he’s making) that Will keeping his kids in that environment is the single worst thing, short of abusing them, that he can do to his kids and will haunt all of them. All the crafts and outdoor time will never overcome the trauma of Will raising his kids in that space.
    Will is still young he can still lead a very full and happy life but he will have to sacrifice the things that make him feel special and superior. Actually while he won’t get a red box of classified info or have world leaders treat him with deference people will still treat him as special. The only thing is due to Harry’s charisma they would treat his younger bro better.
    I believe if Will went to therapy and did the work Harry would be willing to forgive him a lot. I think for nothing else will should go to therapy for his kids cuz that family is in a bad generational cycle and the Cambridge kids aren’t going to be young forever. Also as someone with a father who had many traumas including losing his mom as a teen, growing up with my dad was extremely miserable. When he left it was like a weight lifting. I don’t think your kids should be happy when you abandon them but I wished he did it earlier. And while I feel bad for the things my father experienced I also have absolutely no relationship with him. I doubt Will wants his kids to feel that way toward him but Charles didn’t want his kids to hate him like he hates his parents and look

    • Whatever says:

      Susie, I agree with every single word. I believe that William and Harry have had the discussion on the dysfunction of their family. William probably feels some anger toward Harry because Harry escaped and he can’t. William would never have the courage to leave as Harry. This fact probably sits really bad with William. I’m sure he’s a terrible person to be around. If he can walk around with such misery in public imagine his words in private.

      • Eurydice says:

        I’m not sure if it’s about having the courage to leave. William literally can’t leave. If he does, then his son is stuck with the problem. He can’t stop the tabloids, he can’t change the monarchy, he can’t drag his heels and hand Harry all the work anymore. When Charles takes the throne it will be even more work – if Will takes the throne even more work than that. Before him is an endless road of royal drudgery, forever and ever, with Kate by his side, grinning like the Cheshire cat. It’s really a nightmare.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I think Harry is saying it’s important to break the cycle- eg sounds like Philip was an absent father, Charles possibly repeated cycle as an absent father- but no reason why William would be too especially as he doesn’t do as much engagements as any of them & there’s more acceptance for men being hands on. Plus if William chooses to remain in the system, he is the future boss so can change things eg ensure support structures are in place, there’s no repeat of spares being thrown under the bus etc.

      I think Harry’s concerns re Archie being in the system is because his family had made clear he wouldn’t be protected despite facing racist abuse and threats. Harry was treated pretty badly as a spare but Archie would experience worse even as a non royal child because of his heritage. Breakfast shows had said they own Archie re the hospital photocall, there were garbage tabloids headlines that he would be manipulative & cause problems for Harry & that he would be a spoilt brat if he didn’t play with the Cambridge kids. You would never see those type of headlines for eg August.

      none of the royal family look that happy to me and I agree William has experienced a lot of trauma like Harry so I can see why he’s struggled with his destiny. I think royal life has been a burden in that it caused a lot of misery for Diana but at the same time her sons image had been used to prop up the firm and William hailed as the firm’s salvation. With Harry gone no way Bill can escape. And now Bill seems beholden to the press when he kept them at arms length previously. So I do think he’s trapped

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I agree. I’ve been saying for a while that the way the Windsors manage the institution of the monarchy is basically a system of emotional abuse. And it is a system that goes back a very long time. No child should grow up in this family and this institution.

  36. Julia K says:

    Bottom line: this is the girl who stripped down to her undies to appear at a public function to attract attention and stalk a prince.

  37. Robin says:

    I’m finding these pictures really hard. I’m not a Kate fan at all, but I am beginning to feel sorry for her. This is one unhappy marriage. I think the full horror of royal life without his brother is hitting William. He looks as if he’s wondering around Scotland thinking, I wish I could throw this in and get out, but not with her. At this point, Kate is holding this shit show together. But for how long?

    • swirlmamad says:

      Then he should’ve used his brain and formed an alliance with his brother and sister-in-law, instead of turning on and betraying Harry and treating Meghan like garbage. And for what??!? Utter jealousy and spitefulness. So he ruined his own life and has no one to blame but himself. I will never feel sorry for him OR her. They made their bed, they can lie in it in misery for the rest of their royal lives.

  38. Meg says:

    Jesus will looks miserable do you think they’ll split someday?
    because he doesn’t have harry and meghan to take out his frustration on?

  39. lanne says:

    The world was wide enough for the Sussexes and the Cambridges. If Cain gave any thought to the institution and not his own emotional impulses, they could have been a true Fab Four. There was space for both couples, and if they all worked toward serving the institution, the institution could have survived another century based on the 4 of them working towards their strengths. Kate could have been Sporty Spice instead of pretending to know anything about Early years. We know Harry and Meghans talents. Imagine what the narrative would be if the two brothers worked with Oprah on mental health, and William contributed his own experiences. The world would be singing both of their praises, and it would be for the benefit of the institution instead of a strike against it.

    William would have to be a more empathetic, socially aware, and generous person for that to be the case. I think he’s now realizing that he isn’t up to the job he’s supposed to be destined to fulfill. Harry’s a better man than he is, hands down. William must be panicking as the reality sinks in. He can’t just throw a tantrum and get his way. There’s no Harry to hide behind now. I think a lot of his popularity comes from the image of him and Kate. William doesn’t have the story arc that Harry has. We haven’t seen him learn and grow from mistakes. We don’t know what his passions are. We don’t know what skill sets he holds. He’s a 2 dimensional image of a prince, and there’s no substance to back him up or give him any dimension. What happens when the facade breaks? The cracks are there, and the only thing they have to fill them is right wing image projection. How long can that hold? What lengths will the royals and the ratchets go to hide whatever’s wrong? How long can they rely on right wing hatred of Harry and Meghan as cover, and how is that hate theyre fomenting poisoning their global brand? What has William “won” in chasing Meghan and aHarry out of the country?

  40. bitsycs says:

    This is so crazy.

    My husband and I met in college and it is one of our favorite places to go together even though it’s in boring northern Indiana. We love to take our kids there, go to places we liked, show them where we lived. It’s a treat for us. These folks seem like misery personified.

  41. bettyrose says:

    Hmm . . definitely more “up market” than pizza express, but Googled the menu and those prices aren’t bad by Bay Area standards (or I imagine by London standards), and the vegan cheese salad? Sign me up. I’m sure there are plenty of kids at St. Andrew’s who can’t afford sit down meals like that (same for me in college) but this seems humble for the posh set. Wonder if they order wine when they eat out. Can’t imagine Kate consuming those calories, but it’s almost rude not to if you’ve reserved a private table.

  42. The Recluse says:

    She is just so “ON” whenever she is at these events, so “excited and PLEASED” to be there that it reads as over the top.

  43. MCG says:

    I wonder if Will lackluster in love vibe is intentional on his part. Maybe he wants to see what the coverage/reception would be for a split….

  44. swirlmamad says:

    They made sure to give them each their own umbrella so we wouldn’t get the terrible optics of Will walking off and leaving Kate in the rain to fend for herself this time.

  45. Andrea says:

    Is it just me or is Kate gritting her teeth in the side profile one?? I am not married, but this certainly not the romance I would swoon over. I agree with the above comments, they will be divorced soonish. When the queen dies for sure. Wandering Willy was pissed H&M made him put it off for a few years. He is SO over her.

  46. Likeyoucare says:

    They both look miserable. Good.
    Now,both of them can go to therapy. Then, ask forgiveness from meghan and harry.

    After that, except your future as ffk, shake hands, wave at your people cause harry and meghan aint going back to be your scapegoat.

  47. Christine says:

    Nothing says “I love you” like a romantic dinner to a place that did not exist when you lived there.