Mariah Carey drops the “motherf–ker” bomb on Oprah – live


We all know that Mariah Carey is so special that butterflies, rainbows and candy fall out of every orifice whenever she walks, sings, burps or farts. This is part of Mariah’s charm. And by “charm” I mean “sure, whatever, Mariah”. Ever since the total camp crapfest known as Glitter, Mariah has been trying to break into films. Part of me thinks that in Mariah’s mind, she’s still competing in a death match with Jennifer Lopez.

So somehow, someway, Mariah was able to get a part in the film Precious. It’s a relatively low-budget film directed by Lee Daniels, starring Mo’nique and Mariah, and executive produced by Oprah Winfrey. Precious premiered at Sundance (to excellent reviews) and was just shown at the Toronto Film Festival - where it took home the equivalent of Best Picture, an award called Cadillac People’s Choice Award. This is the same award that Slumdog Millionaire got last year – heady stuff for a film about “a teenage abuse victim struggling to survive in 1980s Harlem.” Mariah isn’t all diva-fied in the film either. She’s rocking a horrible wig, a moustache, no makeup, and terrible clothes.

So, of course, Oprah had to have Mariah on her “Live From New York” show on Friday. Hugh Jackman and a very stiff-looking Daniel Craig stopped by first, and after they left, I changed the channel, so I didn’t see Mariah’s interview live. I should have stuck around – this interview sounds hilarious. At one point, Oprah was asking Mariah about her physical transformation for the film, and Mariah says, “I didn’t even know what to do, man. I was like, ‘This is so ugly, I don’t know what to do.’ He put dark stuff under my eyes, he … put fluorescent lighting, the most hideous lighting. Some people had the most beautiful, angelic lighting, and I looked at Lee like, ‘You motherf-cker, why did you do this to me?’” Yes, Mariah said “motherf-cker” on live television… on Oprah! Good Lord.

For added hilarity, Mariah’s husband/servant Nick Cannon came out on stage too. It was not pretty:

It was a gesture designed to show the world how in love they were, but Mariah Carey didn’t think much of Nick Cannon’s attempts to kiss her on Oprah.

The singer was being interviewed by talk show host Oprah Winfrey when her husband
came onstage and gave his wife a peck on the cheek.

But Oprah complained: ‘Oh you did that “We’ve been married a long time kiss”. You didn’t give the real kiss, come on.’

They shared an exaggerated smooch as Nick bent her over, before an uncomfortable looking Mariah stopped him, saying: ‘Don’t drop me!’

Then she pushed him away. Mariah, 39, wed R’n'B singer Nick, 28, in April 2008 after they met at the Teen Choice Awards in 2005.

Nick said of their marriage: ‘I wake up feeling like the luckiest, most blessed man every morning.’

And when Oprah asked about the 11-year age difference between them, he said: ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number.’

Nick, who said he had always had a crush on Mariah growing up, said he told her: ‘I’m like, ‘Give me a chance.”

He also revealed that he had proposed by hiding a ring inside a lavender pink lollipop, saying he popped the question as they looked the Empire State Building from her New York apartment roof.

It had been lit up in lavender pink colours to mark her 18th number one record.

Mariah also showed Oprah how to apply her perfume, Forever – by squeezing a few drops between her breasts, and told her that she could learn from her moves. And she also showed off her wedding ring.

Mariah said: ‘He [Nick] designed it and I’m very proud of him.’

The pair appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show live from New York’s Central Park.

[From the Daily Mail]

I actually love Mariah. They don’t make divas like that anymore. Mariah is actually a diva with a reason to be entitled – she’s sold the most, done the most, been the best. She deserves our worship. And if she wants to call one of us – any of us – a “motherf-cker”, well, I’m prepared to let her.

Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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48 Responses to “Mariah Carey drops the “motherf–ker” bomb on Oprah – live”

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  1. Diane says:

    One of my favorite words, minus the mother = )

    Lol Mariah in whatever context.

  2. BitterBetty says:

    LOL @ the hair and outfit circa “vision of love”.

  3. Firestarter says:

    I guess I am a sap, because I like them together and I do think that they genuinely love each other. She was hanging all over him when she appeared on America’s Got Talent, and she has gushed that she is fat and happy because she is with Nick.

    As for her diva status, I think she is a nice type of diva and I don’t mind that she has lots of money, after all she has most certainly earned every penny with having actual talent.

    She can be all Hello Kitty’d out, with butterflies and pink cotton candy surrounding her, and I actually don’t mind, and I hate everybody! ; P

    Bitter Betty- I was thinking the same thing. That is still my favorite Mariah song. Her voice was superb in that!

  4. Obvious says:

    I’m not her fan, I think she is a total Diva-but that being said as much as I can’t stand her high notes and voice, and just general Mariahness, she has earned the right to be a diva.

  5. georgiagrl says:

    Thank you Bitter Betty!
    You stole my comment and how ridicules does a 40 yr old look trying to appear 20? She is so not relevant and doesn’t know how to age gracefully

  6. Diablo says:

    “She deserves our worship. And if she wants to call one of us – any of us – a “motherf-cker”, well, I’m prepared to let her.”

    Seriously? You need help. No person is any better than anyone else. Mariah is a C U Next Tuesday.

  7. Cinderella says:

    Mariah looks to have a bit of the wine bloat going on.

    Nonetheless, she’s still entertaining.

  8. clare says:

    I love her old Christmas cd!

  9. mollination says:

    I get the feeling that their age is an issue when she says things like “I’m proud of him”. I guess I’ve said that in reference from a boyfriend, but Mariah already believes she’s above everybody so when she says it I get a feeling it carries a different weight. Not one I’d like associated with my man.

    And on her diva status- I don’t like her personally, but since our choice is “full of herself with talent” or the Hills, I’ll let it slide.

  10. Hieronymus Grex says:

    So why didn’t she just get purse dog like the other spoiled rich girls, instead of marrying Nick “Who am I again” Cannon ?

  11. JustMe says:

    just for the record, she did not say she was proud of him she said, “I’m very impressed with him”

  12. cmolha says:

    Wow, we can tell who’s old and bitter and jealous now can’t we?

    Ladies, you cannot deny that she looks damn good! I don’t care if she’s 40, has wine bloat or wants to be his momma! She’s talented, has worked hard and I’d have her looks and money any day of the week! Have you seen her NY apt?

  13. For Sooth? says:

    OMG, Puhleeze! She does not have the right to call any one of us an M-effer. Why would anyone confer rights like that onto a celebrity???!!! Someone must be drinking powerful koolaid.

    I guarantee if she called me that it would be on. She makes my skin crawl because she is so bat sh*t delusional.

  14. Lway says:

    She looks happy and she’s lost that “please like me” stupid facial expression. She’s got the acceptance she needs from Nick.

    I’m happy for them ….. really :)

  15. shana says:

    I try to tolerate her and respect her talents. Yes, she has done enough to be considered a “Diva” but she may not be mature enough to handle it. I never saw Cannon until AGT, which I enjoyed. What’s wrong with a younger man, when you look good at 11 years his senior. Yes, her NY apartment is special, and that’s what I expected. She doesn’t seem to have the warmth and touch of Nick, and he displays it well. They are newlyweds and should show their love and affection, as long as it is kept proper in public. I doubt she will have any children as it will interfere with her curves, plus she will be tied down if she truly wanted to be a good mother. Even with nanny’s and other household help, I think she likes being in the spotlight, slim, beautiful and daring. That’s okay, too. I just have this feeling he is more into her than she is into him. Why the wedding – why not for a few years, it allows a partner at her beck and call, boy toy, and status.

  16. rhonyc says:

    omg! i had no idea oprah was so tall!
    she’s neck in neck with mariah, who’s like 5’9″.
    + when did she get so OLD?!

    why is mariah so fat & rockin’ an outfit that expired in 1993?

    why is nick looking so desperate & clingy?



  17. MARY ANN says:


  18. Beth Farmer says:

    LOL, Mariah Carey is holding on to her youth tooth and nail…she is so delusional, the big Jersey hair, the skin-tight clothes, nearly naked and heels so high she can barely walk, and her music has no depth or soul. She can screech out the high notes, but there is no meat to them, and her voice is very plain and although she is on pitch most of the time, just hitting high notes doesn’t mean that they are pleasant to the ear. I’d much rather hear someone who can fill the air with a voice that makes me really feel the music than hear Mariah screech out the notes with no feeling or depth.
    Once you add in her ‘diva’ behavior, it just makes me want to roll my eyes and turn the radio station every time a song of hers comes on.
    Oh, and by the way, Number One hits are determined by the record labels and corporate entities, not by the consumers and radio stations anymore…they mean absolutely nothing. It’s all a bunch of shit.

  19. Alysa says:

    I think Mariah is beautiful and breathtaking in her new video “Obsessed.” She’s always been beautiful to me and I think that her being 39, almost 40 and looking like she does gives me inspiration. I look young for my age, so when I’m 39, I hope I look just as good as her!
    39 is not old anymore anyway! People are living longer and times have changed.
    Why not hold on to your youth if you’ve got the body and the looks? Who wants to look old when you dont have to?
    I like her voice and her talent. And she may have had some mental breakdowns, but everyone has problems of some sort. It’s life. I hope she is okay and I hope she keeps making good music.
    I hope her and Nick are happy together too.

  20. Gennie says:

    I think she struck gold with this man. He is kind, he is good hearted, and he seems to think as much of Mariah as she does of herself. I have never cared for her screaching form of delivering a song. Apparently she has something I cant see for such a sweet guy to love her so much.

  21. Pott54 says:

    I’m no Mariah Carey fan but they do make a cute couple. She looks good and so does he–AND NICK’S RIGHT–at their age–AGE AIN’T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER.

    Now when’s the baby coming? LOL!

  22. yabbi says:

    When will Mariah stop playing Blonde Bimbo while pretending she is a Sister? To me you are either one or the other, a Blonde Sister is kind of a contradiction in terms. Go natural or shut up.

  23. Barb says:

    I didn’t like her then — I don’t like her now. She has been nothing but self-absorbed her whole career. To be beautiful, you have to be a little bit humble and I have never seen that in Mariah. Yeah, yeah, I know — you’re laughing all the way to the bank. And that’s fine. Laugh going to the bank, but please stay off the stage.

  24. RUFFNSWEET says:

    I see no chemistry at ALL between Mariah and Mr. Cannon. They are as odd as odd gets. So fake.

  25. dsffdfde says:

    Nick Cannon is not an R&B singer. He does not sing, he more known for his acting than his rapping.

  26. NanaJo says:

    I am over 60 yers old, and I have to say that Mariah Carey is the best in my book. She fought hard and climbed many obstacles to get where she is today. She is super talented and deserves the Diva title. I’ve never seen her look so good or seen her so happy since she married Nick. They love each other very much, it’s plain to see. And I wish them all the best. With all their love, it would be nice to see a baby soon.

  27. Stella says:

    Actually, Mariah has not ‘sold the most’ – Madonna and Barbra are well ahead of her.

  28. Sam says:

    Mariah has always been low-class trash. I love how she tries to act elegant – what a joke. I think the phrase for it is ‘piss elegant’.

  29. Vonnie says:

    Not a fan before the Oprah show, and definitely not a fan now! You can’t be all sweetness and light and then drop a nasty word like that! Trashy is as trashy does. Class will tell, every time. She should learn to sing real notes, not screams.

  30. trichster says:

    Hey all you mothafukas haha. This is the funniest post I’ve seen in awhile with all these comments! I’ve never given a rat’s a$$ about Maraih (or however you spell it) but I’ve learned a few things just by reading this and the replies:

    1) She’s 40. Damn! She looks good! Cheesy as hell, but good (I like cheesy)
    2) You love her or “hate” her
    4) Those who don’t will equate her “screeches and screams” to something akin of a Teradachtyl.
    5) Cotton candy? Are you freakin kidding me? Her cute puppy-dog husband prolly dresses up as the cotton candy man to reeeeally get her steamy.

  31. j. ferber says:

    I’m with NanaJo. Love Mariah, love Nick, love them together. And I don’t think an eleven year age difference makes it okay to denigrate Nick as a boytoy or a servant. Unfair and uncool (not to mention snarky and sexist). Mariah IS the real deal. She’s a powerhouse talent and, yes, eccentric as hell. But she’s not a mean diva, ala Jennifer Lopez and I’m sure many others. She’s ditzy, funny, and a true original. Also, she has great taste in second husbands.

  32. willie ducotamoh says:

    These people(i.e. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Oprah Winfrey, etc.) are living beyond there means and by that I mean there God-Given gifts. They overextend themselves into topics far beyond their reach or the reach they are intended to grasp. I cannot imagine living with myself as someone so overentertained by my own ego. ouch! Please send them all help………….

  33. KT says:

    Great voice, but completely delusional and more than a little crazy I think. She is a pretty woman but the skin tight clothes have got to go. If I had that kind of money, I’d wanna look like it, not like I shop at Strippers-N-Streetwalkers R Us.

  34. Joetta Hartman says:

    I know very little about Mariah and she may be a nice person, but the impression I get when I see her in a magazine or on tv is….She thinks she can walk on water. She appears to be one big powder puff and I can imagine her saying “Off with their heads” should she not want to be in someones company to those paid to do as she says. Mariah is an attractive entertainer, however she appears very unapproachable and unfriendly, too big for her britches. She appears to be nothing more than fluff to me and uncapable of doing anything other than sing as she accentuates her chest by getting the girls as far out there as possible while sticking her behind out as far as possible. It must be difficult forming a S with her body while on heals. I really don’t think thats necessary and bet their is a lot more to her than she even knows. She must think all she is made up of is a great body. Now that she is married and hopefully proved herself to herself, I would like to see more of her real personality, if she remembers what that is on camera. The S she forms with her body every time I see her really gags me. She would look good in a burlap bag, she doesn’t have to try that hard, unless thats all she wants to be know for, peel off clothing and as a sexual being. She may be a good decent person and one of the nicest persons, however for me, thats not the impression I get. A powder puff with a truck driver mouth that walks on water. Its too plastic fantastic to me and fake. There are many attractive women in their 40′s, 50′s and 60′s who don’t feel a need to paint on their clothes and stick out their breast and behinds to be noticed, and i’m sure she would still be liked if she dropped the act. Maybe this movie could be a stepping stone for her be be more of a real person in public. She doesn’t have to have it all hang out to be liked unless thats whats she only wants to be known for. Thats my opionion only and not knowing her I could be very wrong but none the less it irratates me and makes me want to gag. Her language only gives me indication there is a real person inside. I would like to see more of her, not necessarily in a unflattering manner, but more down to earth in her shows and interviews. I think Oprah was on the right track

  35. Julio Villalobos says:

    who cares? people say it off-cam, does it really matter if you say it on-cam? offensive as it is, makes no diff.

  36. Beverly says:

    I think Mariah Carey is a good singer sometimes, although I don’t buy her albums, but she really should get someone to teach her how to dress. Whatever she’s wearing, she always manages to look cheap. As for her using that word, on TV yet, well, that’s not showing class at all. Who does she think she is? She’s a singer; there are many people out there who can sing just as well, and many a lot better. She showed a complete lack of respect for Oprah, and for the audience. No matter how famous you are, no matter how much money you accumulate, you can’t buy class. It’s either in you or it isn’t. In Mariahs’ case, she doesn’t have it.

  37. cuevas says:

    all u of are all just haters!!! she is amazingly talented, has a great personality (ive actually spoken to her for a while) and she is BEAUTIFUL! u got it, then flaunt it. people need to quit talking shit just cuz they dont got anything to flaunt. as far as her relationship goes, they look happy and thats all that matters! they dont give a damn what u guys think!

  38. cuevas says:

    Freedom of Speech

  39. jillian says:

    I too am not a fan of Mariah. I have always thought she was a selfish, controlling, fake person whose voice I didn’t care for at all. She can hit the notes and carry a tune, but the screeching is too much for me. I have always thought she was a spoiled brat type, because to me that’s how she acts. But I’m sure there are lots of people out there who like her mucic, so I do not wish her anything but the best as we all have the right to carry on our lives the way we want.

  40. Ladycfg says:

    All the negative things being said….come on people. She may be 40 and gained weight etc…..but she is beautiful. Blonde but trying to be a sista was one comment. Um excuse me but she is mixed so shes got it like that. Her and Nick are cute together and obviously happy or they woould be apart by now. Thats how celebs roll now a days.Oh and the Motherf–ker word……..she is human. We all say it at one point.

  41. larry humphrey says:

    Jealous bitches are like parasitical weeds;
    bringing down flowers with their choking needs.
    They don’t flower so with loathsome deeds;
    they bring down flowers
    and on their roots they feed.


  42. Hieronymus Grex says:

    cuevas: Freedom of Speech

    That still doesn’t let you yell fire in a crowded building or violate FCC regulations against swearing on national airwaves.

  43. Wanda says:

    Mariah has always been sort of trashy. She’s like Pam Anderson(although with more talent). They’re getting older and desperately trying to look 24! Give it up,Mariah. Get some classy clothes and stop using trashy language on TV. In other words,act like a lady,not an over-the-hill bimbo!

  44. Lisa says:

    I have never liked Mariah Carey because I don’t like the way she adlibs and she seems to have an identity problem. She associates herself completely with her black heritage and seems to be embarrassed that she is also half white. She just seems to be mixed up. Nick seems like a sweet guy but I can’t help wondering if he’s a golddigger. And don’t get me started on that racist b*tch, Oprah.

  45. Lisa says:

    I’d wake up pretty happy every morning, too, if the first thing I rolled over and saw next to me was a big cash cow!!

  46. Carol says:

    She did not need any makeup under her eyes or a mustache, that was her natural look. Guess what? That’s what she looks like in the morning before the dozens of artists work on her for hours. She’s just very high maintenance. Did anyone else notice how flat she acted or the way her eyes weren’t focused on anyone or anything? She acted to me like she was wrecked on something. Yeah she’s a great singer but that begins and ends there. For all you defensive Mariah lovers, excuse me, we can express our opinion and it has absolutely nothing to do with being jealous, hating, wishing we were her, or that we have a body like hers. No one is calling you names because you love her. I have to say I absolutely am not one bit jealous of Mariah. I pity her how hard she tries to have class. She’s only hurting herself because all of that facade takes away any talent she has.

  47. ebi says:

    Why is Oprah a racist???!!!

    I dont think Mariah is a spoiled brat. She had a very hard life and to get thourgh such a life you need to be strong and focused and also selfcentered I think.

  48. Butterfly says:

    I’m just a hopeless romantic I guess so I identify with her.. I’m happy that she’s happy with Nick. Maybe I’ll find true love someday too after heartbreaks and not knowing who to trust :p Mariah fans know that although she’s a diva, she has a dorky, funny personality and is a free spirit. A lot of people can’t stand that unfortunately. I mean seriously who wants to grow old inside or outside?? Just let her be jeez.