Us: Angelina Jolie ‘will never forgive’ Brad Pitt for the judge’s custody ruling

Angelina Jolie arrives curbside for a flight at Paris Airport

We genuinely don’t know many details about Judge John Ouderkirk’s ruling in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s custody battle. We heard that Brad won significantly more custody over the minor children, but sources suggested that the ruling is “tentative.” We know that Angelina is mad at the system and the judge, and she’s appealing Ouderkirk’s decision mostly on the basis of Ouderkirk’s refusal to allow the minor children to testify. We know that Brad’s team has run around telling many outlets that the judge believes Angelina “lacks credibility.” And we know that Angelina thinks Brad is disgusting for “gloating” about beating the system. So what now?

Angelina Jolie is not happy with the court’s decision to award Brad Pitt joint custody of their children, an insider reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The Eternals star, 45, is “bitterly disappointed” after Judge John Ouderkirk ruled in favor of her ex-husband, 57, earlier this month. “Angelina’s testimony lacked credibility,” the source adds. “The decision was based on extensive testimonies from people who spent time with the kids and by highly respected professionals.”

On May 13, the judge issued a temporary ruling giving the duo shared custody of the children excluding Maddox, who is no longer a minor. Pitt was “delighted” by the decision, the insider says, but Jolie is already planning her next move.

“She will never forgive him,” the source says, adding that she will use “everything she’s got” to appeal the arrangement. “She maintains it’s far from over and still believes that justice will prevail.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’ve read the theories that Angelina has tried, from the beginning, to merely draw this out as long as possible so that the children would be able to spend these years with the monitors in place and limited visitation for Brad. I think there’s something to that theory, but I also think Brad was doing the most to screw over Jolie behind the scenes, and he’s been slow-walking parts of their divorce as well. Plus, Angelina actually thought she could spend the money and fight for what was right for the kids. She genuinely didn’t think she’d get screwed over by a judge in league with Brad’s lawyers. Still, it seems less personal at this point – I doubt Angelina is like “I hate Brad, I’ll never forgive him.” She’s focused more on what happens next legally.

PS… NBC News published this very good essay about why Angelina is fighting the good fight about wanting her kids to testify in their custody trial. Go here to read.

Brad Pitt en route to the Biennale art event in Venice, Italy

Angelina Jolie and kids are all smiles after lunch at Fig and Olive in West Hollywood

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  1. Aphra says:

    Beauty, wealth, family, and still so much unhappiness. Goes to show, everyone’s life has ups and downs.

  2. Mac says:

    Ugly divorces are so damaging to kids, especially when they are caught in the middle. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your parents trashing each other in the media. I feel for the kids.

    • Mich says:

      I’m sure it is more traumatizing to be a kid with an abusive drunk for a dad.

      • Erica says:

        Why can’t both be bad? It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

      • Natters5 says:

        He is sober now. Just the same way Angelina isn’t a heroin addict anymore.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think it’s both. It’s been many difficult, traumatic years for these kids, in one form or another. I just wish them all peace.

    • L says:

      It’s not a both sides situation. Please.

      Oh and Angelina was didn’t have children when she was a “heroin addict” did she?

      • pottymouth pup says:

        so you’re saying that if anyone who is a parent went through addiction and behaved like an addict, they should never be given the chance to go into recovery and work towards re-establishing/developing a healthy relationship with their children?

    • surf says:

      Why do people “both sides” a custody situation whereby one parent has documented problematic behavior? By age 13 each kid can be interviewed by the courts to decide where they want to spend most time. It’s a waiting game, most courts just want to give joint custody until that time.

    • Blues says:

      Really now everyone wants to feel for the kids.
      They didn’t feel for them when every was trashing their mom while she was married to their dad.
      They didn’t feel for them when they separated people cheered and laughed.
      They didn’t feel when they put them in the middle by saying that they want to go live with dad and his ex wife.
      They didn’t feel when they were giggling at dads jokes last year.
      Now it’s the kids!

  3. It is rather amazing to see the attack on the judge that continues in this child custody saga. It was expected from the beginning that there would be a joint 50/50 custody ruling by any judge in this particular case. When an investigation showed no abuse to punish occurred, can’t the mother accept this and start acting like an adult who wants her children to be raised in a reliable and stable way to become adults able to deal with the world in a responsible way? Both the parents have had substance issues — Brad with the legal substances of alcohol and marijuana and Angelina with the distinctly nonlegal heroin. These kids don’t need being in the news for how their parents, having received a well supported child custody dispute resolution, cannot both act like adults and at least give them two stable homes. It isn’t just one parent who needs to be reasonable and responsible toward the children, it’s both.

    • Prudence says:

      I’m just gonna sit here and read the replies for this comment.

    • Oy_Hey says:

      so whenever I hear this take I always wonder where folks are getting their sources about the drug use and whether the children and Angelina should just “forgive and forget” Brad getting so out of control that it necessitated an emergency landing of plane, an FBI/NTSB investigation (because of the involvement of a plane and airport) , and children and family services.

      Like how much are women and children expected to absorb and forgive in the name of family unification or because “it was five years ago”. If I were a teen or a tween and my dad got that violent I doubt I’d be over it just because five years of therapy had occurred. Just say you think its more important they the man gets “his family back” at the expense of that family and move on. it takes less words.

      • DS9 says:

        People who say this really don’t understand the mindset of our court system.

        We expect the non-abusive parent to bend over backwards to work with an abusive parent, even to the point of exposing themselves to further abuse and control and then punish them for their reluctance to do so. The non-abusive parent has to behave perfectly, never get upset, do their best to hide their feelings about the safety of their children and trust a court system that holds a very high bar for recognizing abuse.

        It’s dehumanizing and it goes against every decent parent’s instincts.

        It’s frustrating.

      • Maggie says:

        DS9 Yes, it is. As someone who as had gone through this, you hit the nail right on the head. Having to co-parent with the man who sexually, emotionally, financially, and to less extent physically abused me while he continued his abuse through court motion after court motion, never caring what was best for our son, was very much dehumanizing. I was specifically barred from ever speaking about the abuse I endured by my lawyers and the court as it was deemed not relevant. I am not allowed to discuss with my son, who is now 13, the fact that I was abused because I could be accused of parent alienation even now. Although his father hasn’t even seen him in person for 2 years. I was never allowed to show any emotion at all, something that is very difficult to do when you’re up on a witness stand being further traumatized by having your ex accuse you of kidnapping, while my ex was praised by the court for ‘crying’ ( I use this term loosely since he had this trick where he pretends to break down, puts his head in his hands, and then rubs his eyes to get them red and watery). The double standard for men vs women is overwhelmingly difficult to handle. My ex was allowed unsupervised visitation against the recommendation of child protective services and despite the fact the my son would cry and beg me not to leave him alone with his father, all of which was documented. I even had to bring my son to a supervised exchange location with a thermometer to prove he was sick and that he did not want to visit with his father since my ex would bring the cops to my door. And yet I was punished for this because I should have allowed my ex the opportunity to care for his own child while he was sick, even though he didn’t want the responsibility. My son even had to be taken to the ER after a longer visit with his father when he was small because he developed a bladder infection from dehydration and later had a rectal prolapse after several overnight visits because he was so constipated. And still, I was the difficult one for fighting longer visitation time. The abuse I endured was nothing compared to watching your child go off, kicking and screaming, with someone who had abused me in front of my child and emotionally abused my child (I was not even allowed to referred to him as ‘my son’, but always ‘our son’) as well. I came very close to losing complete custody of son and never seeing him again and it took all my strength to play the game I was forced to play by my ex and the courts. I played and I won, but the trauma will always be with me.

        I don’t know what Angelina is specifically going through, but her camp has repeatedly said she has never fought joint custody or to prevent her children from having a relationship with their father. She seems to be trying to arrange a visitation schedule that the kids are happy with. Possibly she also wants to continue drug and alcohol testing before visits. If I recall from earlier stories, another point of contention was that Angelina wanted her kids to be able to travel with her to film locations and Pitt disagreed with this and wanted to limit their travel. Seems this is another way for Pitt to control Angelina and what projects she can take on. What it looks like to me is that Pitt is upset that Angelina left him after the plane incident, destroying his carefully crafted image, instead of downplaying it and staying with him. This is a way to get back at her for it. Plus he has clearly been able to exert control over Angelina in the past and don’t want to let go of this control, even if he is using his kids to do so. Otherwise, why wouldn’t a parent do whatever it takes for your children to be happy? Why not let your children speak? why do you silence them and bring in paid experts? why do you even need to go through the court at all. The children are all old enough to know their own minds and questioning their motivations or the discrediting their feelings is doing nothing to help endear their father to them. The fact that a family therapist isn’t enough to overcome these issues, but the court needs to intervene, shows me that the children’s concerns are not an issue to Pitt and the courts are a convenient way to exert his power.

    • Christina says:

      Ann-Pearl, your comment is misogynistic likely without realizing it: Jolie’s drug use, that the public is aware of, was way before she had children. His happened during the relationship. This type of argument is used in abuse cases all the time: “she is so messed up, so why challenge his problems?” It is what abusive people say about their targets.

    • Sierra says:

      Enough with the bs about both sides and supporting abusers. Angelina might have had substance abuse 20 years ago when she didn’t have any children.

      Brad is a self confessed alcoholic who abused his children.

      One parent abused the children and threw them out of their home.

      One parent refused to pay 50% of the children’s expenses until he was forced.

      One parent went through 7 therapists until he found one who wants children to go through concentration camp style therapy with their abusers.

      One parent bribed the judge to overlook the victims.

      I am so happy that a new law will pass through soon which will allow the children to testify. Also that past domestic violence have to be taken into account for custody cases.

      With the judge’s removal hearing in July and the new law, even the corrupt judge won’t be able to save Brad anymore. Hence Brad’s desperate media smearing campaign against Angelina right now.

      • Christina says:

        AMEN, Sierra!

      • Cheslsea says:

        Agree 100%.

      • Sondra says:

        Just curious, how do you know all of this gossip is true? You don’t know them and every article I have read is either Pro Angelina or Pro Brad, which means that you will never get the full story. Also the divorce documents are sealed. I’m not being snarky it just appears that you are so adamant in your belief that everything is entirely Brad’s fault. I am neither for or against either one of them as I do not know the personal details of their lives only what I read in the tabloids and other magazines. Also neither of them are giving interviews regarding their divorce or have I missed something?

    • gah says:

      it’s also pretty clear that this US article is a leak from Brad’s camp to make Angelina look unforgiving and petty. this man has over and over run to the press to smear her. and Angelina’s the one who needs to forgive and forget? idk but drunk dad stealing a vehicle on the tarmac and then wrecking it is a very particular kind of meltdown… and then following all the nonsense up with this behavior in the press displays for all to see his lack of integrity and where his priorities are (e.g. not the kids). Ann-Pearl Owen you might want to look into the books by Melodie Beattie bc your comment has co-dependent enabler written all over it.

    • K-Peace says:

      It is extremely out of line & unfair to bring up Angelina’s use of heroin in the past because there is a huge, glaring difference here between Brad’s use of substances and Angelina’s use of substances, which is: Angelina used heroin decades ago and was done with it by the time she had children. Brad, on the other hand, was a drunk DURING the children’s childhoods. In fact, even worse, he was an abusive drunk, in front of and to the kids. So there is absolutely no comparison whatsoever.

    • Myra says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Johnny Depp has never been charged with domestic abuse and we all know that it happened and he also lost a defamation case in court. Not all abuse cases are physical and not all scars are visible. Even in cases of physical contact, not every case meets the criteria for prosecution (such as shoving/slapping). That doesn’t mean that abuse didn’t take place. Domestic violence and abuse can take many forms. It can include physical, sexual,emotional and/or psychological violence. Using someone’s addiction from more than years ago when they were childless to create a false equivalence to the addiction and abuse of a husband and father in his late forties/fifties is inexcusable. He was old enough to know and do better. He terrorised his family and now the mother is doing all she can to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. As his victim, I can understand why she isn’t just simply taking his word for it. She wants guarantees that her children are and will be safe around him.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Tell me you suffer from internalized misogyny without TELLING me you suffer from internalized misogyny.

    • ennie says:

      I think Brad has tinkered with much more than that, but he just got hooked on pot more, and then maybe stayed an alcoholic. HE was quoted saying how effing easy was for him to get any drug in any country he could be after just arriving to the country.

    • Blues says:

      The attack on the judge was warranted. Being that his team has literally turned this case into a p*song contest and has publicly slandered Angelina. Some of their depositions read like someone form the National Enquirer wrote them. Typical HW lawyer BS. They are worse than kids.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Ann-Pearl Owen, all we know is that no charges were filed-not that there wasn’t any punishable abuse. Reasons for this are numerous. Law enforcement agencies experience this a lot. Angelina, doesn’t need to accept this, if she finds the decision unacceptable. Between the 2 of them she seems to have the kids best interest at heart. Pretty sure this isn’t coming from her side *cough* Brad. Not her style. It’s usually pretty clear when she has something to say. Unlike Brad, Angelina isn’t known for hiding behind tabloid fodder. If the judge is participating in old boy networks behavior, I hope he gets Aaron Perskyied in the private sector ways. Bringing up her far in the past heroin issue is a sad attempt to denigrate her. Doesn’t apply to the current situation.

      @Prudence LOL.

  4. Elaine Stritch says:

    The tug of war these poor kids are subjected to… Nobody wins this fight.

    • Lena says:

      Except their lawyers who are both getting rich AF and will probably retire when this 6 year divorce is finally over.

  5. Christina says:

    She is amazing. I’m so sad this happened to her and the kids, but she is smart and will use this experience to fight for ALL kids and the frequently female targets in domestic violence cases. The press needs to reduce her to simmering emotions to sell Us.

    It isn’t over. If Pitt messes up, everything changes. As long as Pitt treats the kids well, everything will be the same. If he does something out of pocket, she can file on behalf of the kids.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Yes! I was so happy to read that she is taking on the cause of injustices in Family Court law. She has proved herself to be a hard-working and committed advocate for the causes she believes in.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Also, The NBC editorial is really good. It’s written by a lawyer who advocates for children in Family Court. He was sexually abused as a child. From his personal experience and his experience as a lawyer, he is adamant that children should be allowed to testify in court, even those under the age of 12.

  6. DS9 says:

    Again I’ll say, if Angelina was merely being a vengeful heifer hell bent on punishing Brad, we’d know every last detail of what happened on that plane and what went on during their marriage.

    • Lily P says:

      I agree, she’s actually been incredibly silent on what happened (or at the very least coy and suggestive) and like you said if she was hell bent on revenge and ruining Brad’s life that would have been shared.

    • lucy2 says:

      Excellent point. He should consider himself damn lucky every single day that neither she or any of the kids have spilled what happened.

  7. Mina_Esq says:

    He may win some legal custody rights, but fat chance that he will win the hearts of the kids. The second the kids turn 18, they will distance themselves from Brad like their older siblings did. All he is doing by being nasty to their mom is making them resent him more. They were on that plane. Kids talk. They know Angelina puts their interest at the top. The judge may think Angelina lacks credibility, but those kids sure as hell don’t. They are not gonna view this as “oh dad is just fighting for us”.

    • Christina says:

      Everything you said, Mina. Those kids know the truth. Brad is trying to rebuild, but he can’t control his impulse to abuse her in the press.

      Gaslighting is a serious and dangerous form of abuse. Victims of gaslighting will protect themselves. The kids, no matter what the judge thinks, will decide what the relationship will be based on how HE acts. Jolie has nothing to do with it based on how the kids appear to interact with their mother when we see them together. We never see Brad with the kids. If we did, we’d see their faces, so he needs his interactions with them reported in words instead of pictures. Pictures would say more than his publicist’s carefully crafted BS.

    • Sierra says:

      The judge refused the children’s wishes to testify nor did he allow the domestic violence evidence to be considered. He was bribed and will be in trouble with the new law coming into place.

      Brad, his lawyers and the judge are finished and they know it.

      • Adorable says:

        Hope you’re right.

      • LightPurple says:

        Laws don’t act retroactively. A new law going forward may change how the case is handled going forward with any new petitions or appeals but it will not do anything to that judge.

      • Sierra says:

        @Lightpurple: oh I didn’t mean it literally. Nothing will happen to judges because they are too powerful in my opinion.

        But as you mentioned, he won’t be able to just dismiss the children nor the evidence in the future.

      • Soupie says:

        The judge could also be being blackmailed.

    • clomo says:

      That is sad for them, Brad has cool parents and seem they would make good grandparents. Those kids needs a large family and not just each other. Angela’s dad is not a good influence. Peace is the path of least resistance.

  8. ThatgirlThere says:

    Hell, these aren’t even my babies and I won’t forgive him. He’s such a punk. Is this the kind of human he really is? I feel for Angie and her children.

  9. Adorable says:

    I’m an Angelina fan through & through,but I’m kinda torn.I wish Angelina & her lawyers played dirty as Brad & his lawyers did with that said I’ll never know what Brad & alcoholic self did to his family,but the fact that he wants to perhaps make amends to his kids & fighting this hard to get visitation I don’t know…you don’t see too many men,wanting their kids in their lives.

    • lanne says:

      Is it that he wants the kids in his life, or is he fighting to “punish” Angelina for leaving him and hurting his ego. He’s the Sexiest Man Alive! People magazine said so. twice. Also, there are many men who fight for custody that they don’t really want, just as a way to hurt their exes. A man with wounded pride can be very dangerous—that wounded pride is a god, and everything must be sacrificed to it, even things like the love of ones children.

      • Soupie says:

        And don’t forget joint custody allows a petition for modification of the Order re child support.

    • Golly Gee says:

      If he cared for and wanted to make amends to his kids, he wouldn’t have continually smeared their mother in the press for the past five years. This is what I have a problem with. He may be clean and sober now, but he has not changed as a person. His actions tell me that his image continues to be his main priority.

      • Ellyn says:

        And if he had dedicated one-tenth of the energy to repairing their relationships and caring about anyone else’s feelings as he has to making sure that his side wins in the press coverage . . .
        Those kids will always get to vote with their feet.

  10. Erica says:

    My dad was abusive to my mom and he had a horrible drug and alcohol problem. I was still able to see my dad as long as he was sober. Me and my brother also went to therapy to deal with having a father like that. My dad struggled a lot as we we were growing up but I still WANTED to see him and be with him, as did my brother. He was our dad. We all need to remember there are children involved in this, a judge spoke to them, they’ve been to therapy, it seems that Brad has done everything asked of him. If the kids are willing to see him and the judge (who is privy to WAY more info than we are) thinks its okay then I don’t see the issue here. I feel for the kids, I’ve been there. My mom is the best mother in the world and went through hell with my dad. But also allowed us to see him. And even now will say that the drugs and alcohol turned him into a monster, without that he is a good person. He’s been sober for years and I am glad that my mom allowed me to see him growing up.

    • lucy2 says:

      This is where I’m at with it too. We don’t know what the kids said, or what the kids want. It sounds like though they didn’t directly testify, their therapists did, and they possibly spoke with the judge privately. Some of them may still love their dad and want to see him, some may not, we don’t know (and shouldn’t know, they’re kids who deserve privacy).
      To me the goal should always be a safe and healthy relationship with both parents, if possible. In this case, that could be made possible by him working on his anger and abuse and substance issues, and becoming a better, healthier person. If he’s been able to do that, good.

      All that said, I don’t blame Angelina one bit for fighting, and I think he’s an a-hole.

  11. Jellybean says:

    Fathers think the family courts are stacked in favour of the mother, mothers think the court are stacked in favour of the father. Parents run out of money trying to prove they are fit parents and lose custody. When a parent can afford to go through all the assessments and prove themselves to all the official agencies then it still isn’t good enough for some. I am so glad there is no divorce in my immediate family.

  12. fani says:

    Just an observation but you never see Brad out with the kids. Perhaps it is because Angelina is the mum and she takes care of taking them out to get things like clothes etc., and that’s when they get papped, but Brad hasn’t been papped with the kids at all. Perhaps he does not see them or perhaps he doesn’t take them out to get papped.

  13. Well Wisher says:

    It is sad. Jennifer seemed less bitter in comparison and she was really bitter. For healing to be ongoing there has to be less bitterness, holding on to victim consciousness leads to inertia.

    • Michelle says:

      @well wisher Angelina isn’t playing the victim. You cannot compare Jennifer ‘Pitt leaving for someone else’ to ‘Pitt abusing the children’ that Angelina has had to deal with.

    • Christina says:

      “Less bitterness is better” is a fair ask in a regular divorce. It is not possible when one party lives to gaslight the other. When one partner is emotionally abusive, something the courts DO NOT CARE ABOUT and WON’T rule on because they are JUST learning about how damaging it is to families and children, it is okay for the gaslighted parties to feel bitter.

      Jolie and her kids are constantly gaslighted in the press. It is ongoing, sustained abuse. It may not seem like it to a lot of people, but the message being sent is being heard by the targets. He’s is saying, “I love them and she is the mean one”, but the kids know the truth. They know who the stable parent is. When he does this, he is entrenching his kids against him.

      My ex has done the identical thing to my kid. When she was 11, she could be manipulated. As she grew up, the stability I provided, and my refusal to badmouth our abuser, her father, made her see who the abuser really was. She no longer wants to be near him. He tried to kill her when she was 12, but she protected him about it until she was 13. She slowly realized that he lied to everybody. When he’d file against me, she was always confused and afraid that he might win and she’d have to go back into the danger. When she tuned 17, we got a permanent restraining order and now he is a vexatious litigant for trying to destroy me in court. My daughter and I were suicidal from all of the gaslighting. We are GREAT now, but it took a long time and surviving a LOT.

    • Myra says:

      The two situation are not the same. Brad left Jennifer and there were no children involved. Angelina left Brad, following an incident on a plane which involved one of her children. In spite of this, she, from her own mouth, has mentioned finding a place five minutes from Brad so that the kids can be close to their father. The quote cited by the tabloid is from a random source and the way it is written makes it unlikely to actually come from her.

      • superashes says:

        She didn’t just leave, whatever happened was so bad she ghosted, with her kids. Must have been terrifying.

      • Myra says:

        Exactly. She bolted and never looked back. IIRC, Brad’s team acted surprised when she filed for divorce. I don’t know if he thought she was cooling off and would forgive him eventually if he got help or something. All I know is that this woman fled. I don’t get bitterness from her actions. I see it as an advocate of human rights who wants her own voice and that of her children’s to be heard.

    • lucy2 says:

      Totally different situations. Totally.
      I fully endorse Jen’s bitterness – he treated her terribly, and it went beyond just him leaving her for someone else. And I endorse her working through all that, letting go, and coming out of it happy in her own life again.

      But Angelina’s situation, so much worse – she was dealing with an abusive alcoholic and trying to protect 6 minor children, followed by years of legal and media battles. I fully endorse her bitterness and anger too, and also hope someday she’s able to get to a happy place in her life again as well.

      As for Brad, for his kids’ sake I hope he’s sober and healthy and decent towards them, but for him personally, I have no well wishes.

  14. Lindy says:

    As someone who went through a brutal divorce and custody battle with an ex who was determined to punish me for leaving and had the deep pockets to use the court system to get 50/50 custody despite his domestic violence arrest and drinking problem, I can sympathize with AJ. I know exactly how this feels, and how much anxiety I had letting my son have unsupervised time with his father. That said, she is not helping her kids move on, and continuing to leak statements like this is going to further damage her kids. After so many years of this, it’s clear that whatever BP’s failings may be, he wants to be a good father, he’s done therapy and fulfilled all the court’s requirements, and has a right to spend time with his children. They are all old enough to communicate with their mom and other trusted adults if they have problems with their dad during visits (my son was 3 at the time and it was nerve-wracking as hell). She needs to let the kids work with their dad on building a healthy parental relationship, and focus her energy on being the best mom she can be. I know from experience that this is both difficult, and absolutely the right thing to do for kids who are weary of being stuck in the middle.

    • Sierra says:

      The children are older and clearly wants to testify. Why is it that Brad is fighting this dirty to silence them? And why is that Brad refused the children to have separate counsel?

      It’s very clear Angelina has been following all of the guidelines set by the judge and all of the supervised visits were court ordered. Nothing to do with Angelina.

    • Blue says:

      Lindy, I agree with you. I’ve spent the past 6 years in custody hell, I have a narcissistic ex with lots of money, and I’d have been happy to get a 50/50 agreement (my 4 girls were older, like Angelinas kids) at one point. I’m going to get get raked through the coals, but I could care less that she used to use drugs. That’s not relevant to her parenting imo. But I do not think she’s handled/is handling her custody battle appropriately. Maybe her trauma from her parents divorce is informing her judgement but she does come across as an alienating parent. And that’s bad for everyone involved. She needs to set the tone for her kids and let them organically decide decide their relationship with Brad, that’s really freaking hard to do and I do sympathize with her, but they are old enough and it’s time for her to just focus on healing and stop the legal wrangling. But maybe my trauma is clouding my judgement too, I don’t know. It’s a rough issue.

      • Christina says:

        I my view, she does not come across as alienating. She just puts them first, and he hides his parenting. This is based on my contentious DV custody battle in California and my unfortunate knowledge of abusive men and women during that process.

        People who don’t abuse their kids aren’t afraid of how they may react in public because kids have emotions. Parenting is hard. He can’t let people see him parent or they will know. The kids are old enough to have their own opinions based on how they are treated in each household.

      • Golly Gee says:

        The children are minors so they will not get to decide about whether or not they have a relationship with their dad. The courts will. This is why Angelina is fighting.

  15. Lily P says:

    I don’t understand the MO with this brutal pr approach in the media by Camp Brad. If you want to rebuild a relationship with your kids why would you be so committed to destroying their mother via the tabloids? Like it doesn’t add up at all. Leave your image at the door.

  16. Michelle says:

    Angelina isn’t fighting joint custody. She just wants the safety measures in place & ongoing support, something she & children are being denied from the judge. Pitt is still gaslighting Angelina every chance he gets, he took every shortcut available to appear sober & ‘cured’, he hired weinstein fixer to attack jolie through media, Pitt is still troublesome, you can’t blame Angelina for looking out for her children. Very unlikely her team spoke to Us weekly, they themselves wrote this up.

  17. Kristen says:

    I believe that the ruling is called tentative only until all of the relevant paperwork is filed and it’s made final through the state; it isn’t tentative because the court is waiting for a possible change to the ruling.

  18. paranormalgirl says:

    He’s lucky the kids don’t decide to “testify” to an outside source. Minors cannot be held to a gag order.

  19. Nichelle says:

    Sorry but the “it’s so sad that both sides are trashing each other” is such bs. The trashing has been so lopsided the entire time. His image has been such a clear priority. Nothing comes out without snide remarks about her. And it’s always laced with misogyny whistles. One parent is being constantly attacked. Entire hit-pieces.

  20. Blues says:

    People here seem to forget that she supported if he got his act together..joint custody from the beginning. Pitt isn’t clean, sober or mentally healthy and she knows it. His lawyer’s, judge and therapists know it. That’s why she is still fighting.
    He has spent big money lying, correcting and protecting his image and gaslighting their mom. You know the one that had to support them final and emotionally through all of this BS. It takes two to fight so stop putting it all on her. He’s fighting too and dirty at that.
    But by God she keeps her head up and fights through trying to change laws and her political influence. Not some sleezy backhanded attacks via gossip rags and sites. I hope he didn’t think he could bury her! Bad press is nothing new to Angelina, so that was a fail. It’s just shows his kids how spiteful and mean he is. People should save oh it’s hurting the kids like years living with a drunk and drug user didn’t, or living with people constantly slandering one parent over the other, or people speaking badly about them. SAVE IT!
    As far as Aniston… no she isn’t bitter at Pitt, the one who emotionally abused her, but she is at Angelina. Won’t talk much in her insecurities against women.
    Alas Brad is a big waste of time and will never have a healthy relationship with anyone because he himself is problematic.

  21. AD says:

    There must be an element of truth of what Fussyeye. has written on her blog, interesting read, And it never reached the tabloids or made headlines. I wonder why. Fussy won’t make note of if it wasn’t true otherwise she’ll be sued!

    • Oh boy... says:

      LOL okay fussy. As if tabloids don’t lie all the time and don’t get sued. Of course YOU wouldn’t lie. I hope Angelina WOULD find your blog and send you a nice cease and desist and restraining order so you can stop promoting abusive relationships and trying to persuade people to believe lies about her family.

      • AD says:

        @ oh boy, I am not Fussy, I don’t follow the Jolie-Pitt case religiously but I do visit blogs & gossip sites sometimes. What I found on Fussy’s latest blog is very revealing & drawed my attention where she wrote about Pitt had a restraining order not to contact & not to go where the kids lives also that Jolie & Pitt has to communicate via lawyers. Plus all the the Progrrames Pitt has to engaged to. Yet the tabloids didn’t made a headlines about it at the time! just shows how biased they are. I guarantee you I am NOT promoting nothing but if that’s how you interpret what I wrote well what can I say. Your mind is yours!

  22. Anonymous says:

    @Erica: Thanks so much for sharing that perspective. The kids were interviewed by therapist, doctors and other professionals. I think they are much closer with AJ but they might still want to see BP. They might still love him because he is their dad. These cases are never black and white. We don’t even know what the new arrangement is. Hopefully, it’s something that is in the best interest of the children and the family can slowly heal.

    • AD says:

      @annonymous, EXACTLY, no one knows the facts & real story of this case! Tabloids pays their fake sources insiders all the time or the PR machines pays the tabloids to spread news according to what they want the story displays

  23. Anonymous says:

    @Michelle: I don’t think they are being denied safety measures. It seems like the court has maintained safety measures for five years. It’s more likely that AJ wants to keep them and the therapist no longer think they are necessary. I feel for AJ. Having an addict as an ex is very difficult but courts try to continue the reunification process. Thankfully the children are old enough to voice any concerns. BP will be taken back to court if he falls of the wagon.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @Blues: We don’t know if he is sober or not. Addiction is a horrible thing for the entire family. I would hope the court and child therapist reached a decision based on their observation and monitored visits for the past five years. I’m sure the children adore AJ but they probably love BP too. I hope for their sake everyone is working toward healing.

    As for Aniston, she’s probably not bitter. She and AJ were never friends. There was no relationship to amend. She and BP were married. Good for her for forgiving him and moving on. She seems very happy. Honestly, I think she dodged a huge bullet by not having kids with him.

    • Blues says:

      Really but it’s okay for people to assume Angelina is trying to keep him from those kids or keep certain things in place? That’s not logical at all. But you don’t know if he is getting tested which I doubt.

  25. AD says:

    Pitt has been supervised to attend, “Batterer’s Treatment Programme,” Addictions, Anger Management,parenting classes! Speak volumes, No wonder the kids don’t have that warmth affection towards him like their mother!

  26. AD says:

    Happy birthday Angelina Jolie, enjoy your day ! 🐝🐝🐝

  27. Anonymous says:

    @Blues: I don’t think it’s ok for people to assume anything about AJ. I honestly think she adores her kids. This is a horrible situation for all involved. Dealing with addiction is a nightmare because you can be sober and fall off the wagon. I’m hoping that’s why the court took five years before granting more time and/or less monitoring for BP. I hope they can all heal.

  28. Kay says:

    Brad’s behaviour during the pandemic has been reckless. I can understand Angelina being worried about the safety of their children. He has little regard for his own safety from COVID don’t know how he is going to protect his children. Also some of the people around him including his family clearly don’t like Angelina the mother of his children and naturally she will be worried for the safety of her children. His behaviour has been vindictive and hurtful and no doubt the children are well aware of this by all the lies the Hollywood media is reporting.