Team Jolie thinks it’s gross that Brad Pitt is gloating about beating the system

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

When Angelina Jolie has wanted to give us updates on her divorce case, she goes to mainstream outlets like the Associated Press, People Magazine or NBC News. When Brad Pitt wants to start sh-t with Jolie or smear her, he goes to Page Six, Us Weekly, the Daily Mail and TMZ. Page Six is one Team Pitt’s favorite outlets, one of their go-to sites for dirty deeds. So forgive me if I don’t think Page Six’s “exclusive” about how Angelina Jolie feels about recent developments is on the up-and-up. That being said, it might be a case of “two can play that game,” I don’t know. There were definitely some prickly quotes in this exclusive, which is all about the fact that Judge John Ouderkirk tentatively ruled in Pitt’s favor and granted him more custodial rights with the younger kids.

As Team Jolie has made clear, it was never a case where Angelina set the parameters of the custody before this ruling. The court made the custodial schedule – complete with monitors in-place for the kids’ visits with Brad – three years ago. All Angelina did was adhere to the court-mandated restrictions, but with the way Brad has been celebrating his “victory,” you would think that he was mostly interested in screwing over his ex-wife. Oh wait. Some highlights from Page Six:

Angelina is mad at the system: Angelina Jolie feels the California court system has failed her by not letting her children testify in her custody battle with ex-husband Brad Pitt, sources tell Page Six. The judge’s tentative decision to give Pitt joint custody of the kids came after nearly five years of legal wrangling — and Jolie has vowed to fight on. While she’s not upset at sharing custody, as we revealed on Wednesday, she had recently submitted alleged evidence of domestic abuse by Pitt to the court that remains under seal.

Jolie thinks Pitt is gloating: “The custody schedule was always determined by the court,” a source familiar with the situation told us. “It’s sad that Brad’s people are gloating about a potential win when beating a system that exists to protect families and children from issues that harm their well-being is not something to brag about. The heart of this dispute has not been about keeping the children apart from their father, it’s been Angelina asking for care for her family. Her motivations have never been to deny the children a relationship with their father.”

Jolie doesn’t want other families to go through what she went through: We’re told Jolie is primarily upset that Judge John Ouderkirk declined to let her and Pitt’s six kids testify in court. The source insisted that Jolie never wants other families to go through what she did, adding: “This system is at fault, and Angelina is focused on fighting a system that does not take into account the full set of issues that affect her family and other families in this situation. She’s working hard to ensure that other families don’t go through her experience.”

Team Pitt speaks: An insider familiar with the divorce told Page Six that Pitt’s ultimate aim was always “just to spend more time with his children, to make sure they’re healthy, happy and cared for,” adding that the actor, 57, is being careful not to celebrate as it’s still a tentative ruling. “The process isn’t over, and every step of the way Angie has resorted to extreme tactics to misrepresent her story [to the media] and to destroy anyone who goes against her — therapists, experts and even the judge,” the insider claimed. “And at the end of the day, Angie was found not to be credible by all of these people. She thought there would be charges brought against Brad after the plane incident, she dropped her lawyer Laura Wasser and claimed that Brad owed her millions in support, which was untrue.”

[From Page Six]

The rest of the Page Six story was Team Pitt griping about how Angelina brought the kids onto some of her red carpets. You know, the happy Jolie-Pitt children who were proud of their mom and wanting to support her work? As for the claim that Angelina wanted Brad criminally charged… I don’t even think Angelina wanted Brad to be charged with anything, she just wanted the incident to be fully investigated and then Brad volunteered to go into some kind of hinky, makeshift rehab as a way of getting the authorities and the court off his back. Angelina also dropped Laura Wasser for good reason – Wasser was too close to Team Pitt and TMZ. Once Jolie fired Wasser, suddenly TMZ stopped with all of their “insider” stories on the state of the Jolie-Pitt divorce. Was that a coincidence? Nope. Team Pitt really settled the f–k down once Angelina fired Wasser. And the only people saying that Angelina is “not credible” are the people on Brad’s payroll.

And this, all of this: “It’s sad that Brad’s people are gloating about a potential win when beating a system that exists to protect families and children from issues that harm their well-being is not something to brag about.”

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  1. Heylee says:

    Honestly, I wish that I didn’t know as much about these children as I do. Whatever happened along the line, be it the media, the parents, the publics gross over interest in this family, whatever, we all know too much about these kids.

    • Pix says:

      I don’t know anything about these kids and I follow gossip. I do know their father claims that he “did not hit” his son a plane. I know their father had to be supervised, by court order, during visitations for the past few YEARS. I know that their parents are going through a contentious divorce. That’s about all I know about the Jolie-Pitt kids.

    • MM2 says:

      I hope the courts & public do know about child abuse that may be happening, so we keep children safe from abuse. The old ways of clutching your pearls & shaming someone when they air their “dirty laundry” (ie- attempts to keep themselves or children free from abuse) is luckily dying.

    • Christina says:

      Pix, MM2, and Soupie, I agree.

      Ouderkirk’s ruling isn’t final, and even if it was made final it could be changed. I’ve been in her shoes, and I wish that she had not requested to testify.

      In order to win in these cases you have to put the kids’ health and welfare first. In the court, she and her issues with him do NOT matter when it comes to the kids. She is speaking through her attorney, so she doesn’t need to testify if this is about her kids. That is counter-intuitive to parents on either side, but the courts view adults as able to defend themselves, and you are sitting next to your lawyer. If you have kids in court, the best way to show that you prioritize them is to NOT testify and to work very hard during the selection process for psychological professionals. When you are the rational parent, you can’t make many mistakes because the abuser exploits every single one. Insisting on the kids getting to testify is ok, but her lawyers gave her bad advice by requesting that she testify. It’s not about her. It’s about the kids.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      He seems semi-normal, given his upbringing.
      We know SHE ISN’T.
      So why this bias toward her? She’s “performing” as she thinks she should in this. That’s not real life.

      He might have a Midwestern common-sense attitude that conflicts w/her entitled one. She’s way too “precious.”

      Of course the kids like her, because she “cultivates” them. He acts like an almost normal human being. What was he thinking?

  2. Soupie says:

    The best thing I read yesterday was that Ouderkirk gave Brad a chance to improve, which apparently Brad did. Seems he’s been monitored all along and has been weaning up to more access. It’s hard to know whether that’s true since the visits have been under the radar.

    The other thing “best” thing I read is that Angelina played the long game knowing this would be the result, now the youngest have only 2 yrs before they can choose.

    I’m not a huge fan of Brad, though I like him all right. But this is what it is. California is usually 50/50 joint custody unless there’s a very good reason why it shouldn’t be.

    At first I was pretty mad at Ouderkirk, but I’ve rethought it and came up with the above (thanks to other posters here).

    And this is TENTATIVE, so let’s see what happens in the future. Because of Angelina’s appeal, this could drag out another 2 yrs and then the twins can decide for themselves.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know people have strong feelings about this particular case given the celebrities involved, but in general…isn’t that always the goal? For parents to improve and have healthier relationships with their kids? I hope it is the case here. It’d be better for all of them to get to a peaceful place, rather than a lifetime of anger and resentment.

      If he hasn’t improved in their relationship though, I’m all for them cutting contact to keep themselves happy and healthy.

      • smcollins says:

        It’d be better for all of them to get to a peaceful place, rather than a lifetime of anger and resentment.”

        Amen @lucy2. No matter what’s been reported to the media by “sources close to the situation”, as long as BP is putting in the work to amend & repair his relationship with his kids (and AJ, too, for that matter. She is the mother of his children after all and was also subjected to his alcoholism) that’s what matters. Everything else is just noise and, frankly, none of our business.

      • AnneSurely says:

        Yes, it is. It is nearly impossible for one parent to have another cut out of their children’s lives. The current theory is that preserving both parental relationships is vital and any lawyer will advise their client of that- which is what I suspect lead to Angelina and Laura Wasser parting ways. Laura is known for running a tight ship in her cases and not letting clients take things off the cliff.

        Also, re: kids testifying in court proceedings, which is what Angelina is complaining that the judge won’t allow them to do, I’ve known many people in my line of business who gave testimony in their parents’ divorce trial- spoke openly in court or had their statements admitted as evidence, which is what ‘testifying’ means, and it messed them up through adulthood. The judge speaking to the children without entering their statements into evidence is responsible, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Joan Rivers says:

      Kids like these could BENEFIT from a father figure in their life.

      Not like HERS, of course, whose POV is toxic, and could be closeted on top of that.

      She’s not that sane, don’t buy into the frosting she slathers on; underneath is a sketchy cake.

      She probably is TRYING to be normal and human; she uses the words, tries to look OK. But she doesn’t know what normal IS. Does she?

  3. Gillysirl says:

    This whole situation has completely changed the way I look at Brad Pitt. Pushing the “scorned woman” narrative when he so obviously did some very bad things is gross.

    • Snappyfish says:

      The same. His behavior during the entire thing changed my opinion for the worst. If you are concerned about your children you don’t keep running to the press. I think the children will show the way. The older ones don’t want anything to do with him & time will tell w/Shiloh, Vivian & Knox

      I wish them well. They have a great mother who actually protects them so they are already ahead.

      • Gillysirl says:

        Yep! If it was just Angelina being hurt and angry, why don’t the older kids want to see him? From personal experience, if one parent is bad-mouthing the other, the kids usually stick up for the person being talked badly about

      • Joan Rivers says:

        Look at his upbringing and hers and ask herself which one might be more “normal.”

        Kids can be manipulated and she’s from such a toxic family I doubt she knows how to be “human.”

        Is she your idea of a solid, healthy mother? Really? She hits the right notes, and he acts like a Midwestern guy who is so out-maneuvered by this Hollywood child that he has no clue how to fight it.

        He’s grown up and he’s privileged, but I think he has roots she doesn’t have.

  4. Myra says:

    I think it’s telling that the reports supposedly from Jolie’s side doesn’t attack Pitt and from his side, it’s a full on attack on Jolie. I agree with Ronan Farrow’s view that when you see such media tactics, there is more to the story than what you are being told. Page Six, Dailymail etc. are also the preferred outlets of the Cambridges, js.

    • Sierra says:

      I want Ronan to investigate this story fully especially since a former attorney general is working with Angelina to improve the appalling family court system in US.

      • Joan Rivers says:

        Being from the Midwest, I think he’s had a more normal family life and she for sure has had a very toxic one, just look at her father. Look at her life.

        So he’s not as adept at using the media to his advantage, he may have been clumsy and manipulated. She seems good at manipulating him and the media. And some of you.

        Her fans are so easily swayed because she pushes their buttons; just drop the right words and some believe it. But she’s had a less than healthy life and I don’t think she has the kind of grounded POV that comes from being a regular person.

        I was a nanny for a shrink in NYC and I could see her parenting mistakes. Women are not automatically better parents.

        A lot of you are just projecting your feelings here. You weren’t there. Wait till later when the kids write their Tell-Alls.

  5. Sierra says:

    It’s so sad to see how mothers are punished from all sides for protecting their children.

    Angelina’s mistake was believing that Brad would think about the children’s welfare in the first place.

    Brad denied separate counsel for the children just so that he can put the parental alienation charge on Angelina.

    He denied 7 court appointed therapists and ultimately settled on one who wants children in something similar to concentration camp.

    He threw the children and Angelina out of their home and then loaned her money with interest so that she could get a roof over their heads.

    He obviously bribed the judge with more work and didn’t disclose it to Angelina.

    It all comes down to the judge removal hearing in July. Hopefully the judge will be removed and all of Brad’s dealings will be exposed in public.

    There is no way Angelina will accept another private judge after this so the trial will go to family court and in public.

    PS: Laura Wasser needs to be exposed and licence removed for not representing her client properly.

    • Amanda says:

      “He threw the children and Angelina out of their home and then loaned her money with interest so that she could get a roof over their heads.“

      I always forget about this and it makes me so sad to read it again. Those kids heads would’ve been spinning with everything that had happened and their father had no hesitation in stripping away even more of their comfort and security.

      Anyone who has followed this with even a cursory interest must surely see that Pitt is only concerned with how much more power he can exert over Angelina and for how much longer.

      I truly hope she takes on the court system and throws everything at it. She might not succeed, indeed everything I’ve read here and elsewhere seems to confirm that she definitely won’t, but hopefully she’ll shine a spotlight on what appears to be a broken and biased system that enables abusers.

      Team Angelina and kids. F**k Brad Pitt forever.

      • Sammie says:

        Edit: so sorry meant to reply to @soupie not this thread! Have moved comment

      • Sierra says:

        @Amanda: I feel with more women in powerful positions and a female Vice President, it is possible for Angelina to uproot the whole family court.

        Angelina has some very powerful friends, who are outside Hollywood circle, but in powerful political positions. It’s clear that the last few years she has focused on taking on US problems especially women’s and children’s rights there.

        Here’s to Angelina and other good people fighting the corrupt system thus helping millions of mothers and children.

      • Soupie says:

        Hear, hear Sierra.
        I really, really do hope that they will ditch the private judge. But Pitt has no reason to do so, especially now. I don’t care about knowing details from public Family Court. I care about the right decision being made for the children.

        The temporary ruling leaves the door open to more bucks for the private judge. Screw that. That may be the main reason he made it temporary. I hope not. I hope it’s mostly a warning to Pitt to keep his act cleaned up, but one wonders, with the judge’s historical legal connections.

        Too bad Pitt’s gloating. It’s mostly about money, as most people realize. It’s also about trying to equalize public opinion. Reasonable people know that Pitt is way more problematic than Jolie. I don’t care what Jolie’s deranged detractors say. She’s done a good job. Only foolish people deny that. (It’s the same with Meghan Markle’s detractors. A bunch of ultra mean spirited low IQ losers.)

    • Christina says:

      It’s heartbreaking. I feel for her. As the rational one, all she can do is keep putting them first. The court doesn’t see the financial games as a big deal. Courts are already financially abusive. Financial abuse in a high profile case like this doesn’t matter to them.

      The fights over psychological professionals is extremely sad. That is where she needed support. They each had high powered lawyers, and his lawyers knew that sending the kids to a professional who understands abuse would immediately work to protect the kids from Pitt. What the public thinks doesn’t matter. What mattered was that part of the fight. When he got that, it was already over. Ouderkirk could not rule the way he did without support in writing from the psychologists.

      Having professionals involved who know what abuse looks like in children is the only way to protect them. I want to eventually start raising money in my community to help pay women in abusive relationships by paying for psychological custody evaluations. It is how I was able to save my child’s life. They cost about $25-30,000. My ex was ordered to pay for half. The court ordered me to pay up front because he claimed poverty. He’s never paid his share, but it was the best $30,000 I’ve ever spent. No one should have to lose their child because they cannot afford competent professional help escaping and protecting their children from abuse. I can’t fundraise now until hubby and I help my mom through her dementia and cancer, but that will be my calling once she is gone.

      • Soupie says:

        “What mattered was that part of the fight. When he got that, it was already over. Ouderkirk could not rule the way he did without support in writing from the psychologists.”

        Correct. And I really hope that’s why he made the ruling temporary. I do think the Judge has the best interests of the children at heart, even though the temporary ruling keeps the case open for a longer fight. If there was anything truly dangerous or detrimental going on, Ouderkirk could be brought up on ethics charges if he ruled some other way that favors Pitt even more than this ruling does.

    • Marigold says:

      He kicked them out of the house??? I didn’t know that. That is horrible.

      • Kebbie says:

        I don’t think you should take that literally. He may have not relinquished the home to her, but I doubt she wanted it anyways.

        Their LA home was that Los Feliz compound that he’s owned and been adding to since before he married Jennifer Aniston.

        After Angelina filed for divorce she took the kids to a rental in Malibu. I’m guessing she had no interest in being at that compound and wanted to be somewhere away from it all.

        I don’t think she made any claim to it in the divorce, so I’m pretty sure it was always in his name. I don’t think they had many jointly owned properties, Chateau Miraval being the huge exception.

      • Sierra says:

        @Kebbie: actually he did it literally because Angelina mentioned it in one of the court filings. How he didn’t even allow the children to get their things.

  6. DS9 says:

    The court system still doesn’t do enough to protect victims of family abuse. It’s infuriating.

  7. STRIPE says:

    “While she’s not upset about sharing custody”….then what has this whole divorce case been about for the last 4 years?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her for wanting full custody! But I think saying that she’s not upset about the exact outcome she’s been fighting for years is disingenuous. Unless I am misunderstanding?

    • Myra says:

      I think this is basically it. We do not know what’s going on with this case or what happened in this family, before and after 2016. The details are sealed. We do not know who asked for what, how the judge ruled or why any one party is upset or happy. Every so often, we get a bit of crumbs from Team Pitt – he won supervised visitation, he has them for xmas, he won unsupervised visitation and now possibly won 50/50 or extended custody time. We don’t know why he didn’t have them to begin with. We’re all like Jon Snow here. We know nothing.

    • sunhine says:

      They actually had an agreement back in 2018 so they haven’t been fighting for a continuous 4 years. Our parenting plan in California consists of custodial time-share (the amount of time you spend with a kid) and all of the decision making surrounding the kids. She could be against him having joint legal custody or she could have wanted visitations contingent on whatever. For example I had one client have joint custody contingent on him continuing his drug counseling.

      Like Myra said the documents are sealed and there are a lot of possibilities that she could be asking me

      • iconoclast59 says:

        ” she could have wanted visitation contingent on whatever.” I have a feeling Jen Garner and Ben Affleck have that sort of arrangement. He always sees his kids in LA; my guess is, it’s stipulated that Jen has to be within a reasonable drive’s distance so she can come grab the kids if he tumbles off the wagon while they’re with him.

      • Kebbie says:

        I think she was always fine with him having joint legal custody, I think her divorce papers even requested joint legal custody. I’m guessing contingencies like you mentioned.

      • sunhine says:


        I remember reading from tmz that their (Jennifer and Ben) outline for physical custody was vauge, so I suspect they had some type of contingency as well. I don’t think people realize that parenting plans can be modified in different ways. In my opinion there should always be some kind of safeguard clause when one of the parents is still early in their recovery.

    • Kebbie says:

      Another statement her rep made (or a source close to her or something, I don’t remember) referenced a safety order. It could be that she wants restrictions in place, like no driving with the kids in the car or requiring a nanny or supervisor be there at all times or something like that.

      Also “sharing custody” is not the same as joint physical custody, so she could want an 80/20 split or something like that instead of 50/50.

  8. Soupie says:

    I think you are underestimating Angelina. She knew Brad wouldn’t put the children’s welfare first! Anybody who’s lived with a wealthy raging alcoholic/drug addict/abuser knows that.

    Where are you getting all this information about therapists, and court decisions? You’ve obviously followed the case more closely with court records, than I have. But much of it is sealed, so it’s difficult to get a full clear picture.

    I’m not advocating for Brad. I worked in law, and try to look at this things from the COURT’s perspective. Family Court, which is very different than other courts.

    Yes, this thing is largely about money. Now Brad probably get to pay less child support and see the kids more, and possibly unsupervised.

    I agree that Page Six and others are trash. I wouldn’t use Page Six for fishwrap. But in a court of law, it’s often about compromise when it comes to minor children. Horrible, but that’s the way it is.

    Can people start thinking about the positives here? Angelina has raised the children. She’s sheltered them as much as she possibly can from Brad’s dysfunction. She and the children have benefited from the child support and Brad’s lack of unfettered access to the children. I just hope that the grandparents have been able to maintain contact with the children. (Even right wing fundies deserve to be in touch with their grandchildren. And you know AJ was monitoring that.)

    • Sierra says:

      It’s actually on one of the early court papers that Brad went through many therapists before he agreed to the one they ended up with.

      That therapist believes in putting children together with abusers, believes in camps etc. So I can see why Brad wanted that specific person.

      If the judge truly was unbiased and fair then the ruling won’t be acceptable. But from the way Angelina & her amazing lawyer has submitted, it seems the judge didn’t fully follow the law nor was he fair.

      I know the family court is messed up but it’s really heartbreaking to see if a woman as powerful as Angelina is struggling then imagine the horror poor mothers have to go through.

      The positive is that yes, Angelina has shielded the children and in another two years time, the youngest can have their voices heard. The fact that Brad is trying this hard to silence them shows how scared he is of it all coming out.

      • Soupie says:

        Thanks Sierra.
        My father worked for the Los Angeles County Conciliation Court for about 20 years as a professional family court counselor. His recommendations were ALWAYS followed by the Court judges because of huge caseload. I wonder if the way they do things now is still the same.

        At any rate they are using a private judge, so some court rules can seemingly be sidestepped. It seems the therapists are given more say and power than the ultimate decision resting with a counselor, as it was in my father’s case. That in itself bothers me.

        A conciliation counselor is just that, conciliation. Taking an overall equitable view and approach with all voices being taken into consideration. My father used to tell warring couples: “You can either work it out here in my office or deal with the judge’s decision, and I almost guarantee you’re not going to like it.”

        I don’t think we’ll ever know the full story. I just think demonizing Brad isn’t the full story. Like I said, I’m not defending him. His behavior has apparently been quite reprehensible and he’s tried to fix that. He himself admitted many years ago that he went to therapy because as a famous person he found that he was treating his friends like shit. Something to that effect. So at least at that time he realized there’s a problem. Let’s hope he’s continued that growth journey.

        Just remember bad crap sells. Good stuff doesn’t. We’ve seen that in the UK bigtime. As long as Brad toes the line and behaves himself, it seems this is the only outcome. But it’s a temporary order so he’d better keep himself in check.

        The judge made it TEMPORARY, leaving the door open to better outcome for an appeal.

    • Sammie says:

      Just had to embark into fan Twitter for this (say what you will about the fans but they have receipts!) and they just posted this from back in the Wasser days way back when (don’t know if it’s okay to post links – please remove if not!)

      You’re right on the positives, easy to lose sight of in such toxic media and gossip! And agree on the grandparents so long as they don’t contribute to the damage, we’ve been through it in my own family with my sister’s kids being manipulated – definitely not saying that’s the case here just in general! Apparently they were at her house last year according to posters in earlier articles – again pinch of salt I guess!

  9. Blues clues says:

    I agree that Angie knew he would eventually get more custody and I don’t think she had a problem with it after he cleaned himself up. I think she has the problem with his teams dirty tactics. Remember they have been slandering her and Maddox since 2016 and that leak in 2018 really lit her fire.
    I can only imagine what those kids think about his attacks on her. His whole Oscar tour was throwing knives at her with the help of his ex wife gleefully. Angelina has repeatedly talked about being hurt and the lies hurdled purposely in the press via his PR team and lawyers . So yes she is fighting him hard because a man who does those things including tattooing a war tank aimed at her in on his arm is clearly not healed healthy or cooperative.

    • Lily P says:

      I mean it’s one thing to hang your ex-wife out to dry but to include your son is quite something. His PR team and status in Hollywood could stop it with one word if they wanted to

    • lucy2 says:

      I hope he treats the kids a heck of a lot better than he’s treated her, and continues to do so with the media attacks. He’s just a shitty person who’s never been told no.

  10. LOL says:

    Page Six another attack against Angelina. No one is talking to them apart from Brad Pitt”s management. Next will be Harry Megan hating Daily Mail spouting its hate against Angelina whilst proping up brave Bradley .

  11. LOL says:

    In 3 2 1 ….Now let’s see how many lawyers will prop up today to offer their free opinions on this case 🤔 .

  12. Krystina says:

    Meh. They’re both smearing each other. They’re both guilty of it.
    I think at this point it isn’t about the kids for either side. Just my two cents.

  13. Soupie says:

    I just wonder how much control Brad’s PR team REALLY has over shitty press. The shit tabs love to sell that stuff and I think Brad’s team is AT BEST conflicted about controlling it. At worst, loving it.

  14. LOL says:

    @Krystina no they aren’t its only Brad Pitt and his team of hired Harvey Weinstine’s employees that are smearing Angelina and the kids for past five years. He smeared and gaslighted her at every occasion , was having extra fun when he was doing his thirsty award speeches gaslighting her, and not forgetting Jennifer Aniston who shares same agency as him hopped along for her own grudge bearing against Angelina ride. He forgets his children can see and hear it all . His actions against his own family have been vile and bitter.

  15. forgotuser12 says:

    I wonder how his kids feel about the war tank tattoo pointed at what used to the his “A” tattoo for his family?
    Not a fan of his but I do really hope they work it out eventually for everyones sake

  16. blues says:

    Lol you are correct. Angie has been fighting this battle with Pitt and Aniston, their fans and the gossip since 2014. He used the same MO that Huvane?CAA which he is a part of has been using against her. But what is gonna be a best seller is when Angelina blows the whole thing up. From the beginning. How this all started which has probably been her worst nighmare. Tht whole klan of clowns have hurt her children and this is a problem for me.
    All of this is connected. She might not be perfect and has had some misteps with the battle but she has been the underdog against a lot of powerful people that want her silenced and gone. But they didnt realize her power and fanbase is huge and growing and she too has powerful people pulling for her.
    She is like the lemon in their koolaid. And is unapologetic. This is why you got the talk shows propping up Aniston when Angie got with Bradley whom did no one thing to defend her. Instead he hid behind her letting her take all the licks. He is a coward now hiding behind his legal team and High priced fixers.

  17. Nichelle says:

    Angelina’s reps released a statement at the beginning basically saying that wanting full custody initially was because of his heavy drinking and anger issues. It was stated (paraphrasing) that eventual shared was the goal as healing took place. I can’t stand that people still think she doesn’t want him to spend time with the kids and has been going “scorched earth” to ruin him. Huh? Where? Only one of them gets hit pieces throughout the year every year. Barely even a peep during the PR Extravaganza of his awards season, but she was trying to ruin him?

  18. Nichelle says:

    I wonder if the thing she wants the kids to get a chance to say is that some of them want to keep supervision or don’t want to go as much as will be required. It’s wild that kids who are almost grown were silenced. Part of me feels like the only true joint custody (at whatever percentage) is just the twins, but his people ran all over the place to make it seem like all of them are 50/50.
    It’s also weird that a decision made weeks ago that isn’t final got all this push at this time. July was too long away? Jolie was getting too much good press?

    • alycea says:

      I was thinking that too! None of us know what the kids testimony would be. They could have easily just wanted some type of protection in place to make sure Brad wasn’t the influence. I guess a contingency like the person said above.

      Well shiloh’s birthday was yesterday. I am hoping it has nothing to do with the earlier rumors that Shiloh dropped “pitt” from her social media account.

  19. Nichelle says:

    If this situation and all the attacks in the media (that he clearly allows) didn’t make her get a publicist, she never will. Lol
    Girl, you don’t have to combat everything, but damn. I wonder what reason people who think all the issues are lies think she left. And if you believe his admitted alcoholism & anger, why would you disagree that he was unfit for joint at the time she left and filed? Odd.

  20. Hmn says:

    He’s gloating too early because he doesn’t want the domestic violence and the fact that the kids didn’t get to voice their opinions to take the headlines. Typical. He is lying and the truth will come out but everyone already read his lies so and he’s hoping that will help his image. He’s had joint custody since 2018 when they made their custody agreement and now he has more visitation not 50/50.

    The fact that he is continuing the abuse after all these years is just preparing Angelina and her kids to go public with what he did to them. That’s going to be glorious.

    The kids are almost adults and some are even older than the teenagers he dated in the 90s 🤨

  21. Julia K says:

    And yet, knowing all this, she married him.

    • alycea says:

      I am sorry but knowing all of what? Brad said he lost control of his alcohol intake the previous year back in his gq interview in 2017. How could any of them predict the future?

    • Blues clues says:

      He hid it and convinced her Aniston didn’t want to have his kids. Like most men talking about the woman he wants to leave to the one he wants. He is hopeless

    • Kebbie says:

      I really think their marriage was a last ditch effort to save the relationship. The kids were the ones who wanted it (probably because they thought it would bring stability to a relationship they could tell was breaking down.)

      The look on Angelina’s face in those wedding photos is…not how brides should look on their wedding day. She was always the one reluctant to get married. She tried though. I think she wanted it to work, deep down knew it probably wouldn’t, but did it anyways for the kids.

      • sunhine says:


        I’ve always wondered if the timeline he gave in his gq article was bit of a fib on his part. I think they tried as well but addiction will always rear its ugly head. It’s great he was able to kick off his previous habits before he was serious about kids but that’s unfortunately not always possible.

  22. Robin says:

    That photo never fails to lift my spirits.

  23. Serena says:

    “Angie has resorted to extreme tactics to misrepresent her story [to the media] and to destroy anyone who goes against her ” … Who did what again?? B*tch please!

    Pitt and his team are really despicable pos.

    • Nichelle says:

      And have the nerve to keep calling her Angie while they do this. Trying to act all familiar so it’s believed.

      The (selective!) privacy of this case was not really about the kids. This whole time it’s been “think of the children!” “He’s private for the kids!” until it’s something that looks good. Then they want to give details. Who was it really sealed for?

      • AAa says:

        He has alienated his own kids from him trying to destroy their mom. Him, his legal team and his mighty fixers. Now deal with it.. you can’t make children live you. Your actions towards them shows thru.
        Only idiots pay attention to gossip sites selling stories and their souls for clicks.

  24. AD says:

    Fastdemocracy .com bill SB 654 worth reading!

  25. LOL says:

    Brad Pitt aiming a tank tattoo towards his ex wife and kids says it all. I just can’t Imagine what goes through those kids minds when they seen him happily flashing it to them.

    Everything he’s done since she divorced him has been nothing short of parental alienating behaviour, and its clearly has been only passive aggressive behaviour through the media and in courts. While he was busy throwing unfounded agitations of patental alienating towards the kids mother, he’s alienated his own kids. By his own behaviours. As if that wasn’t low it went lower with 3ach passing year , not forgetting taking a married escort to their home on what would had been his sixth wedding anniversary weekend if he were still married to their mother. What a way to discredit and gaslight that sacred memory for his children. Never once he stood up and protected Angelina and the children. Never , shows what a lowlife he is.