Suri Cruise steps out in fabulous kitten-heels

After months of seeing nothing but the occasional grumpy photo of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes family, we’re now getting non-stop happy images. What changed? Katie is no longer doing her film in Australia, and she and Suri have joined Tom in Boston. Tom seems perked up, stepping out around town in too-tight jeans (are those women’s skinny jeans? Is that a woman‘s v-neck?) and blue wedged heels. Katie seems like her normal zombie self. Meanwhile, Suri is growing up before our eyes! Yesterday, it looked like Suri had gotten herself some lipstick (in a fabulous petal-pink shade) and smeared it on her mouth. Now Suri is stepping up her ensemble!

Yes, Suri has now taken to wearing kitten-heels. They’re pretty fabulous white-silver peep-toes, and you can bet that Suri likes the sparkles. I also like that Suri has paired her kitten-heels with a lovely tiered skirt and a bright pink shirt. Suri has so much more style than her mom, it’s a little sketchy. Still, doesn’t this look like an outfit a little girl would pick out for herself? I don’t think Katie had much to do with putting this ensemble together.

As far as the shoes, I’m sure some people will claim that Suri shouldn’t already be in heels, but this is maybe the one thing I can relate to with Suri. When I was little – around Suri’s age – I was fascinated by high heels, and I begged my mom to get me the little kid’s costume ones. She refused, so I spent months walking around on my tip-toes, pretending I was in heels. Seriously. My parents thought there was something wrong with me, but I know for a fact a lot of little girls do the same thing. I think Suri is one of them – except when she asked for heels, Xenu provideth.

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  1. caitlinsmommmy says:

    my girl is six months older than Suri, and I bought her some little tiny kitten heels too. Her favorite shoes!

    She’s an adorable child, no matter what she wears.

  2. mollyb says:

    I bought my little niece a pair of costume heels when she was five. She is such a girly-girl (esp. compared to all the tomboy girls in my family) and she was over the moon. I wouldn’t recommend them for daily use at such a young age but for a few hours of dress up time, I don’t see the harm.

  3. Eileen Yover says:

    My daughter had some for dress up, but we never let her wear them out of the house. I was worried she’d fall with them on since she a bit of a klutz…but she asked me all the time. Yesterday I saw my 4 year old son running in the backyard kicking a soccer ball in them. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack! I just told him-if you make a big deal out of it he’ll want to wear them more!
    To each his own I guess.

  4. pebbles says:


  5. crash2GO2 says:

    My little girl STILL can’t navigate in even the shortest heel and she’s 5! I think it’s because she is pigeon-toed. But mine has applied lipstick in exactly the same way as Suri. Little girls are so fun!

  6. princess pea says:

    Suri is sure to be a monster spoiled brat when she gets a little older. Just watch; she’ll give the entitled rich idiots of today (Hilton, Kardashian, etc) a real run for their money.

    A three-year-old girl wants many things. Her parents shouldn’t actually get them all for her. Katie always looks so tired and worn that I really get the impression Suri is the centre of their universe, the sole focus of Katie’s energy. That’s not really a healthy relationship. I guess we’ll see.

  7. Anak says:

    She is so cute!

  8. Se-Anne says:

    this little girl can wear a brown paper bag and still look gorgeous!

  9. dude says:

    I think its unnecessary! Cute yes, but toddlers should not be in high fashion shoes! Bunions just waiting to happen

  10. gg says:

    Not so smart removing the straps that were supposed to hold on the shoe, which shoes’ insoles are also peeling away from the sole. Dumb to let her run around on the street like that.

    Kaiser I did the tiptoe thing too – I think everybody did. But I was pigeontoed (like Suri, incidentally) and my Mom didn’t want me to fall on concrete in the street.

  11. Sparring Sparrow says:

    Does anyone else think it looks as if the ankle straps were snipped off those shoes?

    I think it’s preposterous. Playing around in little play heels is one thing, but walking around the town in the genuine thing is quite another.

  12. fancyamazon says:

    Why do we feel the need to age our little girls before their time? Dressing up at home and imagining is one thing, but heels are a bit much for regular wear for a little girl like this. She should be in shoes or sneakers that she can run and play and get dirty in.

  13. clare says:

    Suri is turning out to be the best ever Cruise marketing tool!

  14. Lee says:

    Yes, Katie is letting this thing go a little further than most of us would – my 6 year old girly-girl has lots of dress-up princess shoes, but I will not buy her any shoes to be worn outside the house that have any suggestion of a heel. I have to say that when heels are sold as/worn as street wear, I find it kind of icky – it seems to be sexual-izing little girls. Also, is this child almost 4? She looks much older than 3.

  15. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Its just innocent fun, her parents are obv indulging her and letting her do as she likes, not sure I totally agree with this method of parenting as think boundaries are essential for kids, but ultimately its harmless

  16. Kathi says:

    Nooo, that’s just wrong. With Katie and Tom Cruise, I don’t consider anything to be just “innocent fun”.

  17. alex says:

    I agree Ruby Red Lips, I think boundaries are essential for kids as well, but in Suri case I don’t think she has anything.

    I think the heels are cute, but should be wear inside the house not out and about. I think her parents treat her like she is a little grown up and not like a child of 3 years old.

  18. b says:

    spoiled brat

  19. QB says:

    What happen to leaving little girls be little girls , if they want to play dress up ,is ok to do it at home with mommy’s heel but to buy them heels and let them go out of the house with them is just weird to me.

    Kids fall all the time and with heels they have more chances of damaging their ankles,heels are bad for your knees ,hips , spine ,calf and Morton’s Neuroma so why don’t we wait until they are at least 8-10 yearl to start destroying their bodies.

    Those heels don’t have the straps that make sure that her foot stays in place , I’m pretty sure she falled and stumble a couple of times because her feet keep coming out of the shoe.

    Other thing I hate for little girls to wear , mini skirts , really short dress without leggins or some kind of thights , really tight jeans , clothes that say stuff like sexy ,juicy,hot and other stuff like thaT.

  20. fizXgirl314 says:

    everyone’s always got such a strong opinion about the stupidest shit… :/

  21. princess pea says:

    On the other hand, maybe it’s good that Suri is wearing heels now. If she’s got any of her mother’s height, Daddy will outlaw heels before too long. Notice how Kate is in flats? Can’t have Tom looking wee, you know. This could be her only chance!

  22. TaylorB says:

    Katie is a first time mother, there is a learning curve. Once those shoes start to hurt Suris feet and Katie ends up lugging a 3+ year old about Katie may insist on comfy, appropriate, outside shoes in the future.

  23. wow says:

    She’s an adorable little girl, for sure. But I wonder too about the safety of these shoes. Her bones are still developing. Wearing heels in a city street can be dangerous for even an adult (think back to Britney Spears almost falling in hers and almost dropping her child). I think her heel got caught in a crack Or something.

    I also feel that Suri is going to be a handful in the future, if she’s not already there. She probably gives her nanny (nannies?) Hell.

  24. Ursaline says:

    Maybe the little shoes were a present from someone or part of a dress-up outfit (like the princess costume from Disney World). Maybe Katie bought them in a material that would be softer and less likely to hurt Suri’s feet before changing shoes to something comfortable. Maybe Suri is three and willful, and won’t let anyone touch her hair, pick out her clothes, or tell her what shoes to wear. Last year she was in little dresses all winter and they kept a blanket for her. Maybe Katie played dress-up as a little girl and wanted to let her daughter enjoy the same, especially when they have been traveling so much lately and won’t be back home in normal surroundings for a while.

    My kids drove me nuts at that age, and at four and six, they are finally starting to be more reasonable.

    I think that Little Miss Suri is probably enjoying a lot of things that her parents didn’t have, but that they are trying to protect her and let her have a happy childhood. It’s not like Katie couldn’t get a cab or keep extra shoes in her Mama bag, and they were probably just going down the street or getting some air. Katie looks like she’s on a day off and isn’t all glammed up there.

  25. Allie says:

    I agree with Fancyamazon. This isn’t playing with her Mom’s shoes at home, she’s out in public, walking in them. I also don’t think Suri dresses herself, Katie probably does all of that.

  26. QB says:

    I don’t really think is up to Kate , Scientology believe that children are adult , they can’t say no to them , you can’t be bossy to your children , they have to leave the kids explore on their own terms and you can’t try and mold their behavior, the children can do whatever he wants with his toys clothes and everything that you give him and you can’t say nothing to him since it belongs to them.

    Basically the children do what they want when they want it and you can’t do anything about it because they are adults in a children body.

  27. Ursaline says:

    QB, If I had to go through that with a three-year old, I’d be just as tired and drawn as Katie. The terrible toddler years with no discipline at all? And you can bet that Tom treats her like a little princess (literally). Sounds like Katie’s got the deck stacked against her. If she tries to enforce rules on Suri, she’ll get narked on to the Scientologist keeper people.

  28. TaylorB says:


    If I had to do that with a 3 year old I would be in a padded cell wearing a nifty white coat that ties in the back.

  29. saintdevil says:

    Way to go, Katie.
    You can’t begin early enough to injure your kid’s feet.

    Jam those tiny soft toes together so Suri will have hammertoes when she’s 12.

  30. the original kate says:

    tom looks like a soccer mom.

  31. NJMDPS says:

    How about giving her a barrett for her hair?!

  32. iced opal says:

    UHG! they’re just little dress up shoes. my daughter used to wear them all the time. the heel supports her – now she’s 15 and won’t be caught DEAD in them! LOL

  33. Loser1 says:

    Wow!! I love how everyone here can tell from a few pictures that Suri is a spoiled little brat and Katie is a pushover horrible mother.
    Get off your high horse people and stop thinking you know whats best for other people’s kids. I’m sure yours are perfect and all, but really, this is ridiculous. Suri is wearing dress up shoes – OMG, the horror! Quick, call Child Protective Services …. give me a break.

  34. kingofplain says:

    Do any of you actually have little girls of your own? For all we know, she’s just running a short errand, so who cares what shoes she’s wearing.

    People seem to think they know exactly what’s going on with the Cruise family, but we really have almost no idea.

    She’s a cute kid. Leave it at that.

  35. RubyKaur says:

    Suri is obviously going through a ” girlie” phase. Its normal people! My daughter did it ( and still is @ 10 yrs old) like most little girls.

  36. Mary says:

    When I was 7 I had heels and little girls dress up shoes ALWAYS have some sort of a heel even if it’s 1/2 inch! When I first saw the photo I did think it was a bit shocking. What’s next babies in stilletos?

  37. JaundiceMachine says:

    I have no problem with little girls (or boys!) playing dress up.

    It sucks, though, when little girls (or boys!) play dress up in Louboutin.

  38. Catherine says:

    I think she looks darling! She reminds me of my daughter who insisted on dressing herself at that age and being dressed up in heels and skirts. I don’t see the problem since she has her fancy shoes and purse on a day out with mommy….calm down people.. it’s all for fun at that age.

  39. Alexa says:

    Suri is such a delightful, beautiful girl – it’s hard to believe she’s not one of my own. BTW: I allowed my children’s creativity whenever possible – and LOVED them such that some outsiders would worry that I was spoiling them and that they’d mature into monsters. Now ages 15 & 17 – I’m repeatedly told that they are”model students” and are the most intelligent, respectful, caring and mature of their ages. Suri seems to be parented extremely well! Katie looks REAL because Suri is her priority (over spending HOURS beautifying and primping for the paps!) Team Holmes/Cruise!

  40. Ron says:

    Back in the 70’s my sister would not give up her cinderella shoes and she would wear them every chance she got. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. I am sure every hooker walking the street started out this way and she will become the devils whore. SHEEESH! BTW my sister became a Doctor.

  41. Firestarter says:

    I think she is cute with little kitten heels. It isn’t wrong to indulge your children’s wants every now and again. I am sure Suri isn’t going to be running around 24/7 in mini kitten heels from now on. Katie Bot is just letting her have some fun grown up time.

  42. Cecily says:

    Suri is a gorgeous and as long as she doesn’t trip off while walking on her kittenish shoes, she can wear whatever she likes!

  43. CYANN says:

    I think Katie is a good mom. She spends alot of time with Suri and thats important. Tom may use her as a tool, but I don’t buy Katies doing that.

  44. Heidi Ho says:

    not crazy about heels for kids, but I’m in love with this child! so adorable!

    I agree, though, that she is going to be a handful later!

  45. anukexpat says:

    Sorry but kids should not be wearing heels, no matter how “cute”.

  46. Kelly says:

    What happened to her cute little bob? All that time spent on her outfit and her mom can’t even put in a ponytail?

    Also, I notice everyone comments on Suri’s adorability. I guess you’re never too young to be taught that your primary worth as a woman lies in your beauty. If Suri was homely would you think she looks great? There are plenty of beautiful spoiled brats. Discipline is not only for the ugly!

  47. SheilaS says:

    shes seriously the cutest celeb kid ever! Hey, she looks just like i did as a child…super cute 🙂 tee hee

  48. Diablo says:

    Who jogs while holding hands?? Just more evidence that this marriage is a sham!

  49. Shannon says:

    I’m concerned about the health implications of this. Even adults have serious, serious problems that result from wearing heels too much. Not to mention she could easily break an ankle, especially with the straps cut off 🙁

  50. kim says:

    Cmon !

    dress up is one thing.

    hooking out your child is another

    what is suri trying to get a part in a mid season show or something?

  51. Dianne says:

    And she’s got her cute little handbag!!!

    I remember wanting heels when I was little too. Never got them – until I was thirteen and got my first kitten heels with my Easter dress that year. I thought I was so grown up then.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Now if Suri starts wearing short shorts that show her butt cheeks, I’d be crying FOUL.

  52. Just Amanda says:

    Oh my GOSH Kaiser! Your description of Tom Cruises outfit made me snort out twix. “His blue wedge heels” The hilariosity of that statement is amazing. I think Xenu would approve as well.

    I also agree 100% with you QB, and I was going to write the same thing if I hadn’t read yours first. Of course some little kids will want to wear high heels, but that isn’t the point that I think QB was trying to make. The point is that Suri will be able to do anything she wants, and wear anything she wants, all the time. DO we all forget the no-coat-wearing-in-the-middle-of-winter period? Her father is basically the second in command of the Church of Scientology and the best friend of David Miscavige. Do any of you really think Suri is not a product of scientology? end rant.

  53. Dianne says:

    Oh, Shannon – give it a rest. Girls love girlie things and stop being such a nazi kill joy.

    My GAWD – where were you when my parents were letting us kids run wild in the woods knowing there were alligators and venomous snakes! I survived. I think Suri will survive kitten heels.

  54. Dianne says:

    Amanda, if that’s the case, they’ll learn their mistake when she becomes a teenager and they can’t control her anymore.

  55. Yae says:

    As the mother of what was once an EXTREMELY willful toddler……sometimes it’s best to compromise rather than subject a child to a meltdown.

    Some tots are a bit more obsessive than others about clothes, food, and in my child’s case stereos (omg that kid had a “thing” with stereo equipment and assembling them).

    Now, as a pre-teen my kid fixes the network in the house, all the video and audio equipment and is advanced in so many areas of technology & web development I can’t name them all. He does all the PC maintenance, OS reloads and cable wiring (self taught). And it all started with his obsession when he was 2 years old.

    If I had listened when my friends said “Omg DONT EVER let him touch your stereo!”…..

    Just let the child grow. If they are allowing interests to grow they may set her up to be a fantastic clothing designer one day. 😉

  56. orion70 says:

    Whip off the sweater and Tom is one mullet away from dancing in the next tecktonik vid. Someone please photoshop this. XD

  57. girl says:

    Just my opinion but it seems pretty tacky to me. Heels on a toddler? Playtime is one thing but a preschooler wearing heels out and about in town is a bit much. Not in my house.

    Although I get the impression that family probably has bigger fish to fry than their daughter’s shoe preference.

  58. Francesa says:

    The clothes TC wears! So neat!! So tight!! That’s what looks gay about him. Take a lesson from Clive Owen, dude.

    Katie looks just like my friend did before she had an affair with a frenchman. Viva la France, Katie!!

  59. bella mama says:

    as a mother to two little girlie girls, i can say they look just like suri as far as heels and makeup goes. i usually dont let them out in public like that but *shrug* no biggie. they’re kids playing dress up.

  60. Ursula says:

    I don’t see the big deal. Suri is just too cute for her own good. I guess she would wrap me around her finger too.

  61. 4Real says:

    Get that kid a haircut, I hate hair in the eyes.

  62. nita says:

    comb…!!!!!! why cant they groom her? i’m sorry, yes she is cute blah blah blah but seriously….COMB HER FRIGGIN HAIIRRRRRRRRRRR!! And BTW they dress her horribly…sorry…all these expensive outfits and they dont match, they look frumpy…ok im done. did i mention her hair is a mess? in every picture?

  63. ice bunny says:

    Extremely creepy. Shades of Jean Benet Ramsey – but living it in “real life”. those pictures made me sick… and seeing Tom in those jeans, ridiculous shoes, and v-neck, complete with moobs was just as sickening. it is sad.. Katie used to be such a vibrant and beautiful girl. The life has totally been drained from her, since the day she got married into the creepfest. But alas.. she is partly responsible for it now, since she obviously partakes in it hook, line and sinker. Sad how trading in your true self for obscene amounts of money is almost guaranteed to suck the very breath out of your soul. If you can’t take it with you (material things).. what exactly do you “take” if you aren’t even you?

  64. Chessie says:

    Anyone think that Tom and Katie are looking more and more alike as time goes on?

  65. Patrice says:

    WHO CARES?? Little girls (adorably) play dress up all the time : ) I know that I had those hot pink and purple plastic dress up heels in my costume box when I was little and they were fun! Besides Suri looks adorable,and I’m sure Katie brought along other flat shoes for her to put on if her little feet started to hurt. Any mom would.

  66. Patrice says:

    And by the way, they are in Worcester, NOT Boston! I’m so tired of news outlets reprting that stars are “on location in Boston” when they just happen to be filming in any town in my state whatsoever (Lexington, Salem, Nantucket, whatever). Worcester is almost an hour outside of the city!!! Come on, get it right people.

  67. Marie says:

    She looks adorabel as always.. but I don’t think that heels are good for a young girl who’s feet are still growing. We can see what heels can do to the older women feet. Imagine to a little girl.