Are Halloween costumes for little girls too slutty?

In 2002 there was a big controversy over tween-sized thong underwear at Abercrombie, the younger division of Abercrombie and Fitch, featuring suggestive phrases such as “Wink Wink” and “Eye Candy.” Now it seems that skanky outfits for young girls aged 9-12 are a much more common and accepted part of American culture. Toys like Bratz and shows like Hannah Montana and High School Musical encourage tweens to embrace consumerism and dress fashionable and sexy

Halloween is no exception, with costumes for the under 13-set getting more sexy and revealing. Outfits that used to be reserved for adult role play are now perfectly acceptable costumes for young girls. Is this too much too soon for young girls, or just a natural progression of dress up? It’s funny when adult women dress as sexy pirates, sexy witches, and sexy devils, but it’s disturbing when 9 year-old girl does it.

There’s a “Yahoo! Answers” question that asks “Do you think Halloween costumes for kids and teenagers are too provocative these days?” My favorite answer comes from shallytally: “Barbie hooker is adorable and teaches commerce at an early age.”

Here are some pictures of the more suggestive outfits. Do you have a daughter around that age and would you let her dress like this? Would she insist on wearing an outfit like this? Sometimes I’m all too glad I have a little boy. It’s sad that kids are being sexualized like this, but if it makes someone money, they’ll figure out a way to create it, even if its not in the best interest of our children.

Thanks to Newsweek for the background and idea for this article. Most of the costumes shown here were mentioned in that article.

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