Angelina Jolie visited Jonny Lee Miller’s NYC apartment alone with a bottle of wine


Angelina Jolie has remained friendly (ish) with her first two ex-husbands. I doubt Angelina still hangs out that much with Billy Bob Thornton, but they ended things on good terms and they speak well of each other in interviews to this day. But Angelina’s first husband? He might be the one constant throughout her adult life. Angelina met Jonny Lee Miller when she was like 18 or 19 years old. They met on the film Hackers, and there was a Las Vegas elopement and drama. But for a brief moment, they were married and happy and she even lived with him in London for a bit. They stayed good friends after their brief marriage ended. In her 20s, she went back to Jonny in between relationships and they both say lovely things about each other. Well… um, Jonny and his wife Michele Hicks split in 2018. He’s been single ever since, as far as anyone knows. Angelina took her kids to New York for her belated birthday trip, and wouldn’t you know? She visited Jonny’s place.

Could a rekindled romance be in the works for Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller? The newly 46-year-old actress was seen arriving at her British ex-husband’s apartment building in Dumbo on Friday night carrying only her Louis Vuitton purse and a pricey bottle of Peter Michael Wine. Jolie, wearing a long tan trench coat over her outfit and a face mask, arrived to Miller’s home totally alone without so much as a bodyguard to see her inside.

Jolie re-emerged three hours later at around 10:30pm. The following morning, the 48-year-old British actor went for a rainy jog in the same neighborhood.

The mother of seven is in New York for a belated birthday celebration. She arrived with all seven kids in tow on June 7, as Page Six previously reported.

Since their split, Miller and Jolie attempted to move on. Jolie went on to marry and divorce twice more – Billy Bob Thornton from 2000 to 2003 and Brad Pitt from 2014 to 2019 – while Miller spent ten years married to “Law & Order” actress Michele Hicks. The pair split in 2018. Both Jolie and Miller have remained single since their splits from Pitt and Hicks, respectively.

[From Page Six]

Jonny and Angelina still have such a heat score and I truly hope that Angelina went over there to drink some wine, catch up and bang. God, I’m imagining it right now and it’s really hot. I’m not saying they need to get back together – although why not?? – but I definitely hope that they’re leaning on each other physically, emotionally, sexually.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly reports that Angelina and Brad will be back in court on July 9th for a hearing in Jolie’s appeal of the tentative custody ruling. Jolie’s appeal will be heard by a three-justice panel. Us Weekly doesn’t have any other real details besides that. Who knows.

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  1. Sierra says:

    I am so into this as Johnny seems like a good guy and perfect for Angelina. Plus they were hot together.

    As for the July hearing, sincerely hope the judge gets removed and Angelina & the children get a fair trial. If Angelina can get a corrupt judge removed, that will create a ripple effect for other domestic violence victims who are under the corrupt family court system.

  2. Esme says:

    I ship it. He seems such a good, well adjusted man, she deserves something happy and drama free.

    • Myra says:

      Totally shipping this. He’s always seemed very lovely. I didn’t realise he had separated from his wife.

    • Chicago says:

      If he deserves something “drama free” than Angelina would be a unique choice.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        Angie deserves someone drama free not JLM. They’ve remained friendly so he doesn’t have any issues with her and she was very messy throughout the years so he doesn’t seem to mind.

  3. Lady Luna says:

    Yay! Good for her! I hope she’s getting hers.

  4. Lily P says:

    Cute, they always spoke fondly of eachother! I love his acting work, particularly Trainspotters and I also enjoyed his take on Sherlock.

    • Golly Gee says:

      I loved him in Elementary too. I think he has gotten better looking and sexier with age.
      Good for them, even if they’re just friends with benefits.

      • observer says:

        Elementary made me an absolutely huge fan of him (and as an aside, Lucy Liu was extremely badass in that show IMO) … i’ve never seen any negative gossip items about him (although they must exist, you know what i mean: he doesn’t seem “messy”)

        yeah, i can ship this. to go from jonny lee miller to brad pitt…what a huge fucking downgrade that was wow… i mean honestly this is just my taste speaking but i have never found pitt physically or emotionally attractive. JLM is both.

      • Golly Gee says:

        @observer, I think he and Lucy Liu got along really well too. I’ve seen interviews with the two of them and blooper reels and they were clearly buddies. I liked Lucy’s portrayal of Watson as well. I appreciated that they didn’t tart her up as is usually the case with attractive female actors.
        I don’t get Brad Pitt’s appeal either. I thought he looked skeezy from the first time I saw him in Thelma and Louise.

  5. Calibration says:

    I know nothing about him other than they’re exes and he’s Sherlock, and I love that show. Good on them!

    I thought she has 6 kids not 7?

    • harla says:

      Me too! He’ll always be Sherlock to me!

    • Kebbie says:

      She famously has six kids, lol I don’t know how they messed that up

    • SofiasSideEye says:

      I guess the seventh was Brad lmao

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      The 7th kid had me wondering if she had recently acquired another and no one reported on it. I love JLM and think he’s good for Angie.

    • DuchessL says:

      Summer of exes. I like that. Exes are exes for a reason but I think when they are from a time when you were very young and they know the real you, and you know you can trust them, well… they can only become/remain close friends or, they gonna finish the unfinished business just like Bennifer 1.0.

      Also they famously have 6 kids, how can you get it wrong. Seems fishy

      • Anna says:

        I wonder what’s going on astrologically in connection with this Mercury Retrograde right now that all the exes from waaaaay back are coming back into the picture. Lots of stuff resurfacing. Usually I say, once it’s over, it’s over, but now I’m not so sure…

  6. Lively says:

    Get it Angie 🥰😍

  7. SlipperyPeople says:

    Gawd, they are both so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!! I am totally into this! OT, but if you can stay friends with your ex, it’s a great way to get your occasional bang on with someone you trust. If you’re both single of course.

  8. tempest prognosticator says:

    This is good gossip. I’m here for it.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      This is a celeb couple revival I can get behind!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Wiglet Watcher, abso-f#cking-lutely!!

        Sorry about the reference to SATC, but I love that line!

      • observer says:


        i’m someone who has absolutely no investment or thrill around the bennifer reboot –even though during bennifer 1.0 i was already heavily into reading celebrity gossip… i just don’t get the hype. i find both of them very cringe and uninteresting, and their choice of stunting is boring too. eh. gambling? really?– and i totally agree with you. bennifer who indeed.

        *this* pairing i could absolutely get invested in…because the players are actually interesting people.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        This all the way!
        Bennifer 2.0 is planted and leaky for attention. Nothing about that PR train wreck interests me.

        This relationship is different. And the players are sexy as hell.

  9. Tinnie says:

    Photographers are not hanging out in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and if she took a car service, it would be easy to get in quickly undetected. Unless a photog followed her from Manhattan, it seems odd.

    • ReginaGeorge says:


      My thoughts exactly. Paps aren’t like that here in NYC. Celebs walk around everywhere undetected, especially now that everyone is masked up they are even more incognito. It is odd.

    • Michelle says:

      A pap has been stalking her all around NY it’s on his instagram feed.

      • sunhine says:

        Yeah diggzy and Jesal have been following her since she got off the airplane. I found this on the Deuxmoi thread on reddit. It sounds like it’s about AJ andbid true explains why only they have been credited

        “For example my friend worked with this A-lister’s security team this past week. They asked my friend if he could scope JFK out and feed bad information to other pappazzi’s group for exclusive pics. That way people wouldn’t know where the A-lister was staying but my friend was still going to get paid.””

    • Lily P says:

      Agreed, i feel like she could have not been seen and gone incognito if she that’s what she wanted! But equally I wouldn’t be surprised if she was followed by paps – I’m sure photos of her still make decent $$$

      • Golly Gee says:

        This is definitely the money shot. Following Angie around is always a good bet, especially if they’re aware of her ongoing connection to Jonny Lee Miller and the fact that he lives in New York.

    • Myra says:

      I have a six degrees of separation story about Angelina and the paparazzi. One time she went to an exclusive resort with her family for vacation. The agency they booked with is known for its discretion and privacy and has done booking for celebrities and royalty before. The family had a level of expectation of privacy but a few days into their holiday a pap showed up by boat despite the resort being in the middle of nowhere. She was furious with the agency but it turned out that a member of her security detail had sold their location to the paps. The guy was fired and they ended their holiday early.

    • Valentina says:

      Exactly! People don’t realize how much celebrities work with the paps. When Brangelina were papped with their kids, their nannies and bodyguards were conveniently out of the shot.

    • Mika says:

      Maybe someone just took a photo with their smart phone and sold it to the paps. That’s how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were outed in rural Alberta way back when.

  10. Eleonor says:

    First JLO and Ben Affleck.
    Now THIS? The early 00’s are back in full force, but I ship these two.
    Johnny Lee Miller is my favourite Angie ex, and I loved Sherlock!
    Question: when Brad and Jennifer Aniston will start dating again?

    • observer says:

      brad and jen? not a chance, just look at brad’s recent “girlfriend” choices for why

  11. Kate says:

    Oooh gimme it

  12. Sara says:

    I loved Hackers when I was a moody teen! Serving up the 90s nostalgia with this reunion.
    Is this going to be the trend for celebrity breakups now? Get back together with your ex from decades ago?

    • harla says:

      Getting back with your ex from decades ago makes sense, this last year has been frightening, lonely and exhausting so getting with someone comfortable, secure and known make perfect sense especially if you’ve kept in contact and perhaps always carried a bit of a torch for that person.

  13. Golly Gee says:

    Does anyone know when that picture above —the more recent one— was taken and where?

    • Kebbie says:

      The grey dress and red lipstick one? It was a red carpet for a UN documentary called Peace One Day in 2005.

  14. sally says:

    Ahhh, no! I didn’t know he split from his wife! Aw man, I’d hoped he was one of those who could maintain their marriage. Well, if there’s any truth to this, you go Angelina. He’s super fit and has pretty much the perfect male body imho, so I’m a tad envious but am also cheering her on.

  15. Bettyrose says:

    If banging Johnny Lee Miller is ever an option one should certainly do it.

  16. 123qwerty says:

    She did not part on good terms with Billy Bob. He mellowed afterwards but that split was abrupt and hard. Two middle-aged people shared a bottle of wine…..k

    • Sierra says:

      I think it was hard because Angelina changed after Tomb Raider and matured. BBT wasn’t ready to be a father again and Angelina really wanted to adopt Maddox.

      Angelina probably felt betrayed over that but I do think they are fully over it and have been friendly for years.

      • 123qwerty says:

        I don’t disagree with you, but it definitely was not amicable at the time.

      • Meg says:

        Billy bob wasnt ready to have more kids? but I believe had kids since his breakup with Angie?

      • alycea says:


        He has one daughter with his wife but I think she was born in 2004/2005.

    • terra says:

      @123qwerty, this! I remember how terrible he was to her in the press after their split and when she first got together with Pitt. True, he lightened up later, but it’s rewriting history more than a bit to say that their break up itself was amicable.

  17. SarahCS says:

    Oh YES!

    I mean I want good (and hot) things for both of them but on top of that I LOVE Hackers, have always had the hots for him (since Hackers TBH) and I’m a massive fan of everything she does. I love everything about this, perfect Sunday afternoon gossip.

  18. CFY says:

    I am so into this. Get it girl! I’ve loved him since Hackers. And I adore his Instagram stories content which is mostly about his two tuxedo cats.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Awww! Now I love him even more. A friend of mine used to say that men who like cats also treat women well. Jolie has said in past interviews that she regrets divorcing Miller, and she noted that they had never hurt each other.

      • Jenn says:

        @Golly Gee – I suspect there’s a lot of merit to that theory! I feel like *some* people prefer the company of dogs because dogs are uncomplicated, easier to understand than people, and pretty hard to disappoint. When you sign up for cats (!), you’re embracing the fact that cats — like people — can be messy and bizarre. (Cats also enforce often-weird boundaries that will only make sense to the cat; a good owner will respect the cat’s autonomy nevertheless. I think cats are often very good communicators, too, but you have to learn their style.)

        So I agree that cat-lovers generally make for kind and decent allies to other people ❤️ and I agree that if Jonny Lee Miller loves cats, it speaks highly of his character!! (If it isn’t totally obvious, I married a Cat Person — despite initially NOT being one myself.)

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      This is a celebrity relationship I would love to see a reboot of.. Been a fan of both of them for a long time. Hackers was probably the start. Now, you’re saying he loves/has cats too. Oh man.

      @Golly Gee-I don’t recall reading she regretted divorcing him. Just that she wasn’t in a place to be what someone else might need from her. Everything I’ve read sounds like they’ve always cared for each other. Anyhoo, I’m on board if anything is happening between these two.

      • Golly Gee says:

        This is from the Page Six link above:
        “ In a 2004 interview with B magazine, Jolie reportedly said divorcing Miller “was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

  19. TheOriginalMia says:

    Had no idea he had split from Michelle Hicks. By all means, rekindle that relationship. Being with him would be a soul and palate cleanse after the pandemic & all the crap with Brad. If not sex, it must be good to have one man in her life that hasn’t ever betrayed her.

  20. Jojo says:

    I don’t trust any tabloid that refers to AJ as the “mother of seven”

  21. JillyBean says:

    We’ve already been blesses with bennifer re-kindling…..

    Now this would be fantastic!

  22. Lola B says:

    Prior to Brad she had interviewed once about keeping several F buddies – he and Jenny were rumored to be among them so that’s probably still the case

    • TQ says:

      Yeah, the blind items have said they’ve been banging on and off over the years since their split.

      Am here for it!

  23. Plums says:

    I love JLM. I didn’t really watch Elementary, but I know from fandom osmosis he was really good in that. And he’s been a really good Austen guy, which I have seen. I always forget he and Angelina are exes from way back when.

    I like hearing about amicable, friendly exes. It means you’re probably a chill, well-adjusted person. But if they officially hooked back up, that would be sweet too. They’ve both been single for awhile now, so who knows.

  24. Maria says:

    Probably they’re just good friends but… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! I love them since Hackers

  25. Barbie1 says:

    Ha ha. She is just using her first ex. She saw how much attention bennifer got. She called the paparazzi as usual and you all fall for it each and every time. Toying with the media and her gullible fans.

    • Adream says:

      Yes @Barbie1 exactly! Jolie is playing the game just like every other celebrity.

    • alycea says:

      wow barbie! you have cracked the code. We have been toyed 🙁

      🤣 come on!

    • Blues says:

      @Barbie1 if she called the paps why the hell does one have up on Instagram he’s following her. Second yes I believe she wanted u too see her going into that bldg considering u all say no one likes her or she doesn’t have friends or can’t get a man. Which is lies and delusions.
      Third she and JLM will always be friends/lovers unless SHE decides to take it further and he doesn’t mind. Thats a freaking friend to have. He obviously holds a flame for her and she may also. He has always had her back snd been there when she needed him.
      The funny part is People Mag says Knox and his son are friends and apparently Knox spent time with Miller and his son. How Daddy Brad takes that will be interesting since he couldn’t be alone with him for five years without s monitor. But I’m here for it.

      • Kay says:

        Johnny was always her bit on the side. He deserves better than that and they broke up because she was having a relationship with her co-star Jenny.

  26. Zut Alors says:

    Get it Angie & Johnny! I am still salty about the cancelation of Eli Stone this many years later.

  27. Liz version 700 says:

    Yes Angelina you go! He seems like such a good guy and lord he is hot

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Right?!? Who wouldn’t sign up to get a piece of him? I would jumpy the chance with him! And the two of them together would be the 4th of July every day!! They would make an incredible couple, again!!
      I wish that there was a Make A Wish Foundation for adults and be able to have sex with anyone famous like JLM😜

  28. Mina_Esq says:

    Didnt she used to say that he is the one that got away? I’m totally for this. I love that old is new again. First Bennifer, now this!

  29. Jill says:

    He has always really done it for me… He’s my Sherlock for life! Get it, Angie!

  30. Kay says:

    Big mistake she can do better than him.

    • Zut Alors says:

      She thought she did better with Pitt and look where it got her. Years of relentless malicious tabloid coverage followed by years of vicious smears from his team when she left him. I am of the opinion she made a huge mistake when she got with Pitt. I thought it was a bad move on her part at the time. Johnny on the other has never spoken ill of her and has always seemed to have her best interests at heart.

      • Blues says:

        @zut alors.. you are correct. Pitt was a huge mistake and I have always disliked him. The fact he let her drown in salicious slander about him leaving Aniston all on his own turned my stomach. His arrogance and smear of both of them is obvious. He hides behind his PR but Angie God bless her is fighting hos azz back. She isn’t the scared weak doormat Aniston was.

    • Kay says:

      He is not intelligent or attractive

      • Kkat says:

        LOL @kay
        Your are obviously up Pitts butt.
        All your comments are laughably against Angelina.

        And JLM is so far beyond Pitt in intelligence, behavior, looks and charisma
        That it isn’t a contest.

      • Jenn says:

        @Kay He won an Olivier for that one stage production of Frankenstein — the one where he and Benedict Cumberbatch alternated between the lead roles of Doctor and Monster from night to night. He was also honored by Mensa with an “IQ Award,” but that was more for his ✨convincing portrayal✨ of brilliance. In any case, I wouldn’t exactly characterize him as a box of rocks.

      • Kay says:

        I want the best for Angelina. I do think JLM has always loved her and she treats him as her bit on the side he needs to value himself and not let himself be treated this way. She needs to stop dating actors it always ends up in a mess for her – she keeps making the same mistakes again and again.

      • Kay says:

        He is intelligent, but older and less hair now – I hope he is appreciated by Angie

  31. Nichelle says:

    I find them so sweet. She probably “got it right” the first time with her marriages. Well, right guy but the wrong time. It’s nice that they remain friendly all this time.

  32. Hmn says:

    Apparently she’s still using the same bodyguards as her deadbeat ex husband and rumor is that they are snitching on her to page 666 and letting them stalk her for Pitt. Glad she tried to leave them behind when she met up with Jonny or we would know everything they talked about

    • sunhine says:

      she needs a new security team. James Ambler said her nyc security was giving him tips on her location so his team could ward away other pappazzi teams

  33. SusanRagain says:

    Mmmm, JLM! Yes, please.
    He is so damn hot + british accent + talent + lovely manners in his interviews. 😀
    Oh man alive, I really truly hope AJ and JLM have a lovely, sweet, hot summer reunion.

    After the last what? 10 years? with Pitt she needs and deserves some tender loving care.
    I bet JLM does TLC like a King!

    Hold me in your strong british arms and speak softly words of tenderness.
    Yeah, sounds good!! Sign me up too. 😀

  34. SusanRagain says:

    Oh! How truly rotten if she has Pitts team stalking her!
    Pitt is really proving himself to be a low down no good one.

  35. khaveman says:

    They have always been friendly exes. She looks great!

  36. Jojo says:

    People Magazine claims that Knox is friends with JLM’s son and the boys were also there during this visit.

    • Kay says:

      how did they become friends – through their parents of course she introduced them.

  37. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I want it for Angie. I think after everything it will do her some good. I think she has had to put so much energy into her kids that it will be great for her to put that energy into a relationship that she always seemed the happiest in. Secondly, this is someone who it seems her kids are at least familiar with as a friend of their mom’s. It’s not like she’s bringing home a complete stranger her kids have to interact with. Lastly, I hope it eats away at Brad Pitt to see her happy again.

  38. Lory says:

    The pandemic is making everyone go back to their exes. They are exes for a reason.

  39. paddingtonjr says:

    I am so here for this! It seems like they are good friends with benefits which is just what each of them needs at this time in their lives.

  40. MJM says:

    I like JLM and would be happy if they got back together but they are likely just friends at this point.

  41. thaisajs says:

    What makes people assume they banged all night? It sounds like she came over for a nice dinner and then she left? Like a normal dinner party? They’ve been friendly for years, I thought. Just because they’re celebrities and ex’s doesn’t mean they’re gonna hit it all night long. (That said, it is JLM and no one would blame her.)

    • Jenn says:

      @thaisajs What I suspect actually happened is, she didn’t feel safe talking/texting on the phone (and/or didn’t want to discuss anything in front of the children), so she went over in person to catch up, maybe get her bff’s take on everything. That more-likely scenario kinda casts a grim pall over the photos, though, so I’d prefer to imagine a fun-filled summer affair instead :/

  42. UnKaren says:

    Call me old fashioned, but 3 hours is not sufficient or satisfying for a well-rounded booty call with a longtime f buddy/ex with benefits. Plus the “after” hair and makeup is too pristine, regrettably. Where is Jenny Shimizu? Now THAT would be extremely hot.

    • Blues says:

      Jenny put herself out by telling all of their business for money to the tabs back in 07.
      She gave out details of their sexapades and said Angie wouldn’t be with Pitt long because she preferred women. So she cut her own self out.

  43. L4frimaire says:

    I don’t remember them as a couple back then so don’t know what their chemistry was like. They’re both older now, are parents and been married to other people. It’s not exactly simple, especially for her. Also, it’s easier to meet for a drink at his place than at a bar or restaurant with all eyes on you. I think we want Angelina to have a new romance or fling but not sure this was for this purpose..