The Mail: Buckingham Palace will now actively brief against the Sussexes

The British Royal family enjoys day 1 of Royal Ascot 2018

This now week-long hysteria about a baby’s name has been absolutely bonkers. As CB pointed out in our new Gossip with Celebitchy podcast, it’s really rude and ridiculous to keep making this into *such* a big deal. You can dislike what someone names their baby and keep it to yourself, like normal, polite people do. If you’re the ageing matriarch of a toxic family, you can let it be known that you would have preferred if your grandson didn’t give your family nickname to his child without turning it into a weeks-long psychodrama. My God. How difficult would it have been for Buckingham Palace to just issue a diplomatic statement on the name and leave it at that? Isn’t that what the Queen is f–king known for? Diplomacy? But no. Instead, we have senior palace courtiers briefing against A BABY. Briefing against a grandson who adores his granny, a grandson who just welcomed his longed-for second child. So, here we are. Buckingham Palace is letting it be known that they will actively brief against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from here on out. Some highlights from this Mail on Sunday report:

No more Montecito mistruths: The Queen will no longer remain silent when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex allow ‘mistruths’ about the Royal Family to circulate in the public domain, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. In a dramatic departure from her longstanding ‘never complain, never explain’ policy, Her Majesty has instructed courtiers to correct any statements which misrepresent her private conversations or those of other senior Royals.

The Queen is over the edge on the Sussexes: The extraordinary move demonstrates the Queen’s exasperation at the relentless briefings that allies of the couple have been giving to the media and follows the bitter dispute over Harry and Meghan’s choice of name for their new daughter. An insider said the latest bruising episode had sent the Queen ‘over the edge’.

Did Harry seek permission? A Royal insider described the conversation between Harry and his grandmother as ‘a telling, not an asking’ – confirming a BBC report last week which said the Sussexes had not asked the Queen if she had any objection to their choice of name. Harry and Meghan reacted furiously, instructing their lawyers to contest the BBC story, which they described as ‘false and defamatory’. Sources say the Queen’s more robust response to the tsunami of media briefings from allies of the Sussexes will go beyond the Lilibet story. ‘This is about whether or not what is being reported is an accurate version of what actually happened,’ said the insider.

Harry texted Kate? The Mail on Sunday understands that Harry also sent a text message to Kate, cementing her role as a bridge between him and his brother that appeared to be forged at Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

Harry didn’t video-call the Queen, according to sources? There was further irritation at the Palace when friends of Harry and Meghan suggested to US journalists that the Queen had been introduced to Lilibet over a video call. The insider last night denied that, stating, ‘No video call has taken place’, adding: ‘Friends of the Sussexes appear to have given misleading briefings to journalists about what the Queen had said and that took the whole thing over the edge. The Palace couldn’t deny the story that this was a mistruth.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m left with two feelings which might be contradictory. One feeling: the Queen cannot be trusted, and she’s now an unreliable narrator not just to Harry, but to her own aides, because it absolutely feels like so much of this is rooted in Liz saying one thing to Harry and another thing to her staff. The second feeling: so much of this is about internal palace game-of-thrones sh-t between Clarence House and Buckingham Palace and who gets to control the information and how consumed they are by the Sussexes. Anyway, I believe the Queen and Harry did FaceTime or something and I also believe Harry said something like “We’re calling her Lilibet, if that’s okay with you” and she was like “oh, how sweet.” And the fact that the courtiers keep changing their stories and throwing this huge tantrum in the media makes *them* look like utter clowns.

Queen Elizabeth II plants Duke of Edinburgh rose

Trooping the Colour 2019, the Queen's Birthday Parade

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  1. Nomegusta says:

    In other words, business as usual.

    The British royals are so trifling and ghetto

    • mariahlee says:

      lol perfect descriptors.

      • Lady Luna says:

        They’re so dumb! Do they not know who Meghan is? She’s the Queen of receipts!! So I’m sure she has proof that they told her and she agreed.

    • SnowQueenM says:

      Super amateur hour. I still can’t over the fact that they took the birth of a baby and deliberately choose that as an opportunity to turn the petty cruelty dial up to 11.

      And I still don’t understand how they think this makes them look good?! When MAGAts, Brexiteers and foreign Twitter bots are your major supporters, you have utterly lost the plot.

      • Nouri says:

        Well the naming, not so much the Birth. And only about one part of the name. In most families people keep the thoughts about baby names to themselves after the baby is already named, otherwise it’s very confrontational. So it is a bit overboard but it’s not about the birth

      • Chelsea says:

        @ NOURI Make no mistake this is about the birth. They are upset that they were kept out of the loop so they couldn’t sell out exclusives and that the baby being born with the Queen’s name makes it harder to dismiss this as not her granddaughter because it is not a coincidence that the palace went nuclear when Meghan became pregnant with Archie as well. They hate that she has birthed children in the line of succession because they are racist af and deluded themselves into thinking that they could got rid of her before that would happen.

      • h-barista says:

        @Nouri, The baby’s name is Lilibet, to be known as Lili. Like Henry, to be known as Harry.

        This is not a case of cringing every time you hear the child called by a name that you don’t like. And, as you wrote, even then most families would be more politic.

        The Lilibet name would recede into the background but for this manufactured rage monstering. This is sooooo over-the-top it clearly is about the birth.

    • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

      Sure, for the courtiers, they’ve been briefing and beefing since almost Day 1. BAU for them.

      But is it possible that TQ is completely out of the loop? She’s obviously a spry old bird with excellent healthcare and still very with it… but that doesn’t mean she’s scrolling the DM or other sites. If her team is limiting her media exposure, and Harry isn’t saying anything to his Granny about how awful everything is… possibly she just… doesn’t know? At least to the extent is being portrayed.

      • AD says:

        The Queen is as guilty as guilty can be. What Grandmother sits back and let her grandson and great grand daughter be maligned and dragged through the mud. It’s the “told” vs. “asked” gate. A non-story. It is also possible that because of that loyalty she lied to the courtiers.

        People think because she is old but that Lady’s loyalty is first to the monarchy. You don’t reign for almost 70 years without being ruthless. Her behavior imo is inexcusable.

        I says that’s her name now so deal with it. But what is done in the darkness will come to light. It is only a matter of time, but Will’s shenanigans will be exposed sooner or later.

      • Snuffles says:

        It’s driving me crazy people assuming the Queen is completely on top of the press. She has been HANDLED her WHOLE LIFE. She knows what the tell her. And I doubt Harry is constantly running to her to update her on what fresh shit her courtiers pulled.

      • ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

        I’m kinda with you Snuffles. I think she’s being shielded from the full facts by the courtiers, Charles, and Harry.

        Now Charles? and the FFK? They are neck deep.

      • taris says:

        i, too, am starting to wonder about dear ol’ queenie.

        i mean, this time last week i was feeling rather warm toward her, thinking how sweet it was that she was the first family to hear of lili’s birth and keep it to herself all weekend.

        now, well … i don’t suppose she reads the tabloids on the regular, and she *is* surrounded by vipers in that palace who have their own agenda, clearly, but sheesh, this is getting harder to watch on behalf of harry and meghan. there’s no way she’s that clueless about the totally abusive treatment of the press AND HER OWN STAFF towards her grandson and his family – it’s the reason he fucking left! the passivity (and, dare I say, callousness) of this woman is just beyond. it’s honestly infuriating.

        we don’t know what conversations happen between granny and grandson behind closed doors (for all we know she’s just been soo lovely to the sussex fam on zoom or whatever), but what must harry make of the silence of his own family while he continuosly gets dragged like this? at what should be beautiful time in his life, no less.

        i think he has a massive blind spot when it comes to his grandmother. harry and meghan are being too nice rn.
        or, the royals really are extremely afraid of the british press, and they’d rather the sussexes get the abuse, not them.

        pieces of shit.

      • Chaine says:

        After watching the video of her at the cake cutting I’m starting to think she is in some kind of early dementia. Definitely she was not quite all there at that event and Camilla was trying to cover for her.

      • windyriver says:

        @taris – If anything, I think Harry would have told TQ not to get involved. That he, Meghan and family are far away and happy, life is good, and besides, they have really good lawyers (hi there BBC!). She must have known what went on that caused them to leave/step back. At this point though, who knows what she’s privy to? She and Harry possibly discussed blowback around the name choice, par for the course no matter what H&M do. But he may not go into details with her; he knows a good part of what’s in the press is instigated by the Firm itself, because he knows his father, his brother, and the courtiers. He knows her ability to control the situation is limited. The powers that be are bent out of shape at having no input into the name choice; and trying to regain control by issuing a statement that THEY will speak for TQ. Whether they really do, we won’t know. IMO Harry’s previous comments about the affection he and Meghan share with her has been an attempt to put her above this fray.

        H&M did what they wanted, they named their new daughter after her great grandmother, almost certainly with her blessing. This week long BM tantrum over what should have been hailed as a wonderful event is sad, distasteful, but even more, the height of absurdity, and the pettiness, vindictiveness, and racism of all involved is fully on display. The practical effect on H&M is – none. After the successful series with Oprah, Netflix and Spotify must be even more eager for their content. Jose Andres, previously nominated for a Nobel peace prize, is pleased to be associated with them. The Firm, the BM, and the FK and FFK, are all only telling on themselves.

      • A says:

        Well I for one find this hilarious! The “sources”they are referring to the Sussex’s using are people magazine and US Weekly. The latter is almost completely unreliable the former is slightly more reliable as it tends to operate from information given from reps and publicist, but both are celebrity based magazines. Which means either the queen is either so insecure she’s reading American based celeb magazines to see what the people in Hollywood are saying about her or (most likely) her idiot staff is. How many times have we herd some royal expert talk about how the royals are not celebrities. How many times have we herd about how the queen is a great leader who values service? What competent world leader responds to stories in celeb magazines? These people are making this whole institution to be a step below the kardashian clan.

      • LilacMaven says:

        I think this is absolutely what is going on.

        IMO Charles is running this sh!t show, not the Queen. I don’t think she possesses the power to control her courtiers anymore. She’s 95. They know it’s only a matter of time before Charles is fully in power, and their future careers are dependent upon remaining in his good graces.

        Now does the Queen share responsibility for this mess in the sense that she raised Charles and helped mold this dysfunction “family” firm? Sure. But I don’t think the Queen has anything to do with the current leaks against Harry and Meghan.

        I think Harry really tried to make that clear during the Oprah interview. He knows she’s no longer truly at the helm of the Firm. That’s why he’s so pissed off with his Dad. All roads lead to Chuck (and Big Billy his incandescent heir).

      • PrincessK says:

        I actually don’t believe this latest twist. The Palace is just digging itself deeper and deeper into a total mess. I am still expecting a total shake up in the household but it will have to be managed so it does not appear like one. I am sure that there are enormous internal rows going on about the many stupid things coming out of the Palace.

    • Over it says:

      A hundred times this

      • Krista says:

        Let. It. Go. Let. It. Go- the Media/Monarchy is exhausting. I’m so bored and done with the Harry/Windsor drama- bring me some Rose bush drama, divorce drama that shit would selllll so much! Except the broke- middletons and baldington are going to do everything to bury that shit… and Charles will help because like father like son.

        Also for the Queen: She’s in her late 90’s and honestly I doubt she is mentally as capable as she once was.
        Is she mentally able to remember stuff? For real? My nan at that age was mentally sharp but the next day was a bit confused or totally didn’t remember things. It wasn’t noticed by family who visited for a tea but it was by us because she lived with us so we noticed the small things or the day-to-day differences

    • Dawning says:

      @ Nomugusta, please do not insult the Ghetto.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Yeah, more talk about something that’s going to happen. Let’s wait until (if) the Queen actually issues a statement.

      • BlueToile says:

        Yes, if this is actually going to be a real policy going forward we need to see actual official statements from the Palace and/or actual names of individuals providing the information. No more “unnamed senior palace sources.” Also, how do we know that it has been friends of the Sussexes providing this info? Any tabloid can make stuff up just to sell papers and say it’s from a Sussex sorce. H&Ms circle generally put their names on any info they divulge. H&M have it pretty much on lockdown to the point no one even knew the baby had been born. That would have been a huge story to sell a tabloid, but it didn’t happen.

      • Eurydice says:

        The Queen already issued a statement – she’s delighted with the birth of Lilibet Diana, and the name Lilibet was used twice in the statement. The BM have chosen not to believe her because delight is boring. Maybe now she’s supposed to announce “I really am delighted, I mean it, truly, don’t listen to anyone else. “

      • Jaded says:

        The statement that was released by The Queen, Charles & Camilla, the Cambridges, etc. said “The Queen is delighted for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after they announced the birth of their second child, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor” Buckingham Palace has said.

        Why is everyone ignoring it? Does she have to take a bullhorn to the tabloids?

      • Christine says:

        Agreed, it will also be hilarious to watch this blow up in the media’s face. From now on, every story the queen doesn’t push back on has implied consent from her, at least so far as truthfulness.

        They have put her firmly in rock and hard place territory. Good.

    • Lorelei says:

      I wonder if it’s too late to change her name (IF this is in fact true, which, who knows). I’m…half-kidding, I think.

      @Taris ITA with everything you said.

      • Nan says:

        I wish they would change the name. At this point, it’s not a symbol of loving tribute anymore, it’s become a battle cry of a queen upon her own descendants. Harry & Meghan need to wake up and see the queen for who she is. She LEADS that family and firm and is the source of all of their woes, not the kindly permissive grandma they want her to be.

      • HeyJude says:

        FFS @Nan, she’s 95 going on 96. The only thing she leads is the line to the loo after she takes her Metamucil.

        She’s not some master puppeteer, physically and mentally at this age it’s just not realistic, she’s nearly impotent at this point and it seems clear she has been for quite a while.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why should they change the name of their child? Because you don’t like it? No matter what some of us might think, Harry knows his grandmother better than we do.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      Isn’t this basically the same couturiers who have been telling non-coordinated stories to the DM saying that THEY say the Queen says to listen to them? Isn’t that like the potential kidnapper who says your mother sent them to pick you up at school?

    • Jaded says:

      @Nomegusta – using the term “ghetto” to describe how awful the BRF has been is not a good choice of descriptive, in fact it’s rude AF to millions of people around the world who, by accident of birth, were and still are basically corralled into ghettos.

      • Green Desert says:

        Thank you, @Jaded. I have seen several posters use this term lately.

        I ask CB’ers who are confused to please look up why using the term “ghetto” in this way is not (nor has it ever been) okay.

    • Angie says:

      Trifling AF

    • House of No says:

      @Nomeguesta, using the term, ghetto, when there are thesauruses to shape one’s vocabulary is rather trifling, but I digress.

      This “family” needs to stop using the word, family. It never applies to them. They’re disgusting, and, Petty Betty is the root cause of all this evil behavior.

  2. Sofia says:

    So basically nothing’s changed? *eye roll*

    This is definitely the courtiers getting pissy and upset that the queen is going around them. I don’t think any of the royals are actively involved this time round (including Charles, William and HM). It’s a loss of power I suppose for a group of people who are so used to having it. Because if the queen is having video chats with the Sussexes and she’s not telling them, I can see them being scared and thinking “what else is she not telling us?!?!” which again is a scary thought for people who are so used to having the power to plan her entire schedule/life.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think this may be close to the truth – that this is all the courtiers getting pissy – but then it just goes to show that no one – not the queen, not Charles – can control some of these employees and they need to shut this down ASAP. Find the ones who are actively briefing and fire them.

      • Sofia says:

        I think some of it (especially with Charles) is that they don’t *care* to stop it. The queen is famous for sticking her head in the sand for the longest and at 95, she’s not going to change. So I doubt she’s going to go tell her courtiers to stop. And with Charles, he doesn’t gain much if anything from this but he doesn’t *lose* anything either so why bother (in his view)?

      • Jais says:

        I’m confused. The daily mail is reporting that the palace will now brief on Harry and Meghan and this is being reported through a royal source? Was there an official statement on a royal letterhead about this or is it literally from another source, possibly the same one that said the Queen didn’t approve the name? So does that not just redefine these anonymous leaks as official statements? How the f- does that work. Genuinely confused here.

      • Ginger says:

        Agree Jais. Why wasn’t this on an official letterhead and through a nasty tabloid? BP has been briefing against the Sussex’s since the beginning so there will be no change. This is a lose of power with the courtiers. They are way too upset over a baby name. They had a G7 Summit to report on and THIS is what the UK wants to talk about?

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks what I’d like to know is how it even got to this point. How employees, the literal “help,” gained control over the actual MONARCH and heir (again, if this is even true). WTAF?

        Who are these people and why are they allowed so much power?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lorelei I think part of it is a power vacuum (if Philip wasn’t calling the shots anymore, if the Queen isn’t, if the courtiers won’t listen to Charles, etc) and I think part of it is that things have gotten so messy because we have three competing “courts” – Buckingham Palace, Clarence house and Kensington Palace. And they all have different agendas. I think the combination of those two things (power vacuum, competing courts) has resulted in this mess. At this point I don’t even know how much the Queen knows, and if she can even get things in order if she wanted to (remember that Philip used to run the family, so I think in this kind of PR Disaster Philip would have stepped in to quash the press briefings.) And I’m not sure what the hell is going on with Charles and William. They may think this is about getting one over on Harry, but they all just look so PETTY.

        Like everything else with Meghan, this could have been a huge PR win for the royal family and instead its just a hot mess. I dont know if this is courtiers-gone-rogue, Charles calling all the shots, or what. But it’s bad.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think in the Queen’s mind, Harry and Meghan are no longer working members so her interactions with them are private and don’t need to be vetted.

      She had this same mindset (to her detriment) when Diana died. In her mind, Diana was no longer a working member of the family and she wanted to deal with the fallout privately as a grandmother.

      • I think your questions are good ones, JAIS. However, I’m equally sure the Queen will never knowingly put this BS in writing to confirm or deny. I also think SNUFFLES has it right in that the Queen has a weird way of looking at those close to her. She almost blew her reign in her thinking about Diana’s place in it and the family at the time of Diana’s death. This isn’t just one story: This refusal to issue a simple paragraph to truly support the Sussexes and go on record that she has a good private relationship with them has gone on now for over 4 years. NOTHING is going to change in that family toward the Sussexes. I think they have all made it crystal clear. It’s sad that Harry just doesn’t stop banging his head against this closed castle door, but I’m sure it’s hard to truly accept that the people who you thought loved you most could continually betray you. I hope he can continue to find stronger clarity on this. At least Meghan sees what an absolute horror her father has become and has 100% walked away from that mess.

      • Ginger says:

        Harry will never be able to fully walk away. This is powerful institution. Thomas Markle is just a dead beat dad and he STILL causes Meghan pain. Harry has moved to another country, stopped talking to his dad and brother and they STILL go after them. Cutting them off completely will not change a single thing. You can’t compare Thomas Markle to the RF. They are not the same.

        The RF are like that song Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave.

      • Emmitt says:

        Harry will never completely walk away from the Monarchy; it’s part of who he is. If somehow Elegant Eggs & family all perished in a plane crash, then Harry would be the next King and he would go back to England and fulfill his duties (with or without Meghan). Because if he completely walks away and takes himself & his kids out of the line of succession and this scenario happens, then the next King would be Andrew and I don’t think anyone wants that (except Andrew).

      • aftershocks says:

        “Harry will never be able to fully walk away. This is powerful institution… The RF are like that song Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave.”

        This is such a spot-on comment. Adds a lot of clarity to what the Sussexes are dealing with. Like H&M both said on their Xmas podcast, “Love wins!” I think they are trying to live by that understanding. None of this is a competition for H&M. They are living their passions for helping others and being true to themselves and to each other with honesty, dignity and courage. They both removed themselves from toxic family situations. But Harry’s messy family members happen to be attached to an ancient institution and to devious people with vested interests, including the ‘grey men,’ the Brit media, and the Brit gov’t.

        Sadly, that convoluted shizz is a b to navigate. That’s the sad conundrum. But never underestimate decent people who live their lives with honesty, grace and courage, especially those who truly care about helping others. This is who Harry and Meghan are. And they have people of goodwill who support them, including friends of stature. That said, I do find it hard to maintain a long view with a focus on what matters, with all the negative, nasty briefing and gaslighting against H&M that continues unabated.

      • Christine says:

        Lowcountry Lady, I think you are exactly right. I am so sorry for Harry and Meghan, that they are now in the business of recognizing how horrific ALL of their family members are, except for Doria, obviously.

    • Courtney B says:

      I’ve thought it was the courtiers about most things. More than Charles or even William this goes back to the Grey Men. They be always had tremendous power throughout history but even looking at the last century, their hands have been in a LOT. Wanting Edward viii out (though they were correct there), conspiring against Philip to modernize the monarchy, the marriages of Fergie and Diana… Their whole thing is protect the monarchy (not that they’re necessarily good at it) no matter who gets squashed along the way. They will do whatever to hold on to their power.

      • JT says:

        So the tail is wagging the dog. This is not a good look. Maybe in the UK this is fine, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like the royals have absolutely no control of their staff. Why pay millions in taxpayer funds to people who can’t even reign in their employees? This makes them look so weak and ineffective. Anyone who calls the monarchy a firm needs to be slapped because there is no actual firm who functions the way they do. A real firm would’ve gone bankrupt by now. I know the standard response to this from Brits is that they don’t care about the royals but they should. Their money is being spent on briefing against a week old baby.

      • ennie says:

        @JT, the courtiers are clearly communicating the message that they won’t stop at nothing. They will still be the whipping family.
        Funny how they cannot address the unpreparedness of top CEO, and distract with this.

      • Alexandria says:

        What exactly have the grey men done for the UK? Pomp? Pageantry? The UK will survive without these.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        I keep thinking about something I read in a novel, on the subject of royalty. Narrator had the opinion that royalty are usually harmless enough idiots in themselves, but attract a dangerous crowd of desperate power-hungry hangers-on.

    • Myra says:

      It also feels like there’s a complete loss of control at all the different houses. Perhaps because they’ve allowed the courtiers free reign to attack the Sussexes, they now cannot control their actions. The narrative is completely juvenile that it should be beneath the palace to be associated with such statements. Maybe aides believe they can or should comment on anything and everything but they end up sounding just like internet trolls. This immature behaviour is over a baby’s name btw – quite ridiculous and racist, too.

      • JT says:

        @Ennie those courtiers are going to be the death of that family. This does not make the RF look good. They look completely incompetent and hateful, thereby proving H&M right in everything they said in the Oprah interview. This is just doing more damage to an increasingly irrelevant institution.

  3. Trix says:

    Didn’t Kate admit she hasn’t spoken to Harry on this at that press conference…

    Also love the bit she’s “authorized” then to speak for her in the same way they’ve been doing all along.

    This seems like the courtiers trying to get ahead of everything. Unless the Queen puts out an official statement saying she authorizes it, I think this is just more gray men garbage trying to polish what they’ve always been doing. Nothing new.

  4. Izzy says:

    The fact that Betty can’t even get her own staff under control and tell them to stop attacking her grandson and his family is beyond pathetic. This family is pathetic. Thank goodness the Montecito royals got out when they did.

    • Jaded says:

      And Charles isn’t helping either – all his piffle about modernizing the monarchy is nothing more than weasel words. Like mummy, he continues to stick his head in the sand and is complicit in the continuation of the royal sh*t show created by the Firm and the media.

    • Emmitt says:

      The Sussex debacle falls on Charles’ (and Andrew’s) shoulders … they are the ones who forced out the Queen’s man advisor who held things relatively together and replaced him with their stooges, who have done nothing but make a mess.

  5. L84Tea says:

    You mean they weren’t briefing before?

    • Brielle says:


      • Curious says:

        good lord. so now they have legal permission to brief fake stories about the Sussex? waiting to read about their next story and naming their source. thank god Meghan kept receipts for the time she was living there and doing her royal duties.. i hope Harry/Meghan kept recordings of their chat with the queen for safety/ or protection reasons ,in case something like this happens,, where the courtiers might try to deny the queen even talk to them . when it comes to Harry mental health , we all know about Phillip,harry grandfather tough life ,with parents that was not there for him. Phillip also went through his pain,his deaf mother ,became a Nun, his father was a drunk and bi-sexual.,we all read about Charles issues with his parents .Charles also talked about his parents not being there for him. they was not warm parents to him . we also saw how nasty he was to Diana on their engagement,saying whatever love means, which hurt Diana deeply. All Harry is saying , he don’t want to follow his grandfather and his father road of pain. he wants to be a better father to his children . so he seek help to give him a different path in life. and its not only words. he actually is doing it . toxic people have no place in his world.

    • Gail says:

      So succinct! So *chef’s kiss* … in one sentence you blow everything up!!

  6. Becks1 says:

    So you mean to tell me they “havent” been actively briefing against the Sussexes for years now?

    This is such a bad look for the palace. This is messy. If you just believe the DM headlines, you have a family that is pitching a fit bc a great-grandchild was named after the matriarch (like dozens of other family members) and the family is mad because….reasons. The family is so mad that now said matriarch has given the go-ahead to attack a grandson and great-grandchild as a result.

    Now that’s just DM and the tabloids, but if that’s at all what is coming from the palace – then it’s a really really bad look. I don’t care if its coming from Charles or BP or William or the courtiers at this point. It’s messy and makes the royal family look petty and mean-spirited and just cements everything Meghan said about how she was treated.

    I cannot believe that no one over there (hello crisis managers??) has the sense to say “hey you know what, this is really playing poorly on the international stage, lets STFU about the name.”

    • Myra says:

      If they are unashamed and prepared to set the record straight, why not do it on the record? Put a name behind your statement so we can see you. Why is the queen so scared of the Sussexes that she can’t even put this statement out under BP’s letterhead?

      • JT says:

        Exactly. If BP sources are so accurate then why are they hiding behind anonymous sources? Why not release an official statement denying H&M’s “allegations.” I don’t know why people believe the boogeyman is more reliable than the Sussexes speaking with their whole chest. The truth is obvious.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree. If the Queen has something to say, say it. Same with Charles, William, etc. Stop with the “anonymous sources” and “senior palace aide” etc. Just say what you have to say so we can move on.

      • Ginger says:

        One thing I admire about Harry and Meghan is they say their truth with their whole chest and don’t hide behind sources. That’s why I believe what they say over the palace.

    • Merricat says:

      +1, Becks

    • windyriver says:

      “In a dramatic departure from her longstanding ‘never complain, never explain’ policy, Her Majesty has instructed courtiers to correct any statements which misrepresent her private conversations or those of other senior Royals.”

      This sounds a little sinister to me. They’re removing any sense of TQ’s own agency. Basically, it doesn’t matter what you hear (i.e., via Harry), we’re the ones who speak for her (we just said so).

      I’m in the camp that believes Harry when he says, TQ has bad advisors. That at this point in time, she has few if any trusted close friends, the news she gets is filtered, and she’s being carefully managed. Her well known propensity to avoid conflict as long as possible plays right into this. She’s never been proactive about these situations, and now, she’s a person of advanced age, who recently lost her life partner (and one of her last important confidants and advisors). She’s a pawn in what’s become a nasty multi-level power struggle; I wonder how much of this she realizes. On the other hand, I think Harry is completely aware of the situation, and doesn’t expect her to make any public statements of support. It’s also why he’s taken pains to publicly show her (and Philip’s) human side, and both his – and Meghan’s – affection for her.

      It is all starting to look very Shakespearian.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Windyriver yup, its definitely sinister. This is basically the DM saying “you can believe all of our sources because its all directly from the Queen at this point.” That can do a lot of damage – not just to H&M but to the entire family.

      • Feeshalori says:

        If we thought it was bad before, this will be much worse. It’s going to turn into a massive free-for-all with the palace and the media really gunning for Harry and Meghan. I really hope these machinations blow up in their faces. I’m sure H&M have their lawyers on speed dial at this point. (I know speed dial is a dated reference, but it fits the scenario lol.)

      • JT says:

        @Becks It’s funny how the BM wants people to believe their palace sources, when those same sources had their asses handed to them in Meghan’s lawsuit. They even have to pay more than what was originally planned because of the tomfoolery going on with those very same sources. I guess they are just going to walk into another lawsuit for sh*ts and giggles. They must enjoy getting spanked.

      • Snuffles says:


        Agreed. The Queen has become a PAWN in her own game.

      • windyriver says:

        “If we though it was bad before, this will be much worse.”

        @Feeshalori – I don’t think so, though they’ll certainly give it the old college try! Nothing could be worse than Meghan (and Harry’s) situation when still trapped in the RF orbit, subject to every manner of bullying and racism via the press, and unable to respond. They’ve also been through the whole furor over her father, and what a bad daughter she is, yada yada. Both their lives have been turned inside out, every item worth telling, no matter how insignificant, has been aired. And now, they’ve got those lawyers…Even this ridiculous week of media commentary is about – whether the name they picked for their child was okay. Pretty trivial, when you get down to it.

        Most likely, H&M have moved on, plan no further interviews about their personal lives, are in fact on leave and won’t be seen for at least a couple of months. The RF and BM may still attempt to use H&M as a distraction for other issues, but the ammunition has dried up, and IMO its reached a tipping point where the Firm looks more and more like it’s running a clown show. Uncle Gary and Thomas Markle? Bottom of the barrel stuff.

        Meanwhile, I though it was interesting that Biden mentioned after the Windsor tea that TQ was asking him questions about various world leaders. Was wondering if that was to counter any looming question of TQ’s mental functioning. Also picturing a pre-conference chat between Harry and Dr. Jill for her to get background scoop, and Harry telling her say hi to my gran, and make sure she’s okay.

      • Amy Too says:

        I find it so unfair that the courtiers and the other royals just say and do whatever they want in the Queen’s name because they know she’s not paying attention and doesn’t exactly follow what’s going on. But even though she’s not paying attention and don’t really follow what’s going on, the Sussexes refuse to fully defend themselves by dropping big receipts or cut off the royals entirely out of respect for the Queen and a wish to not upset her at all. There’s so much being done in her name, and the leaks and statements seem more reliable and honest and righteous in the press because they’re coming “from the Queen.” Even though they’re not coming from the Queen. And if people knew they were coming from the courtiers that work for Charles now bc the Queen has checked out, they wouldn’t be considered so trustworthy, sympathetic, and justified in their hate campaign. But because she hangs on and refuses to fully step down or let people know that she’s not in charge, this crap that goes against her supposed values gets perpetuated in her name without her knowing and the Sussexes can’t fully respond because it would either look like they’re attacking the Queen or it would expose the fact that the Queen isn’t in charge and hasn’t been for years.

        It’s like the other royals, the press, and the courtiers are repeatedly hitting the Sussexes in the face because they know the Queen isn’t going to see them, shes off in a totally different room. But the Sussexes keep their hands tied behind their back and refuse to hit back just in case the Queen might come into the room and see them.

      • Feeshalori says:

        @Windyriver, when I said that things will get worse for H&M l meant in the sense that briefings will intensify now that it’s official BP will do so against them. So now the courtiers are using the queen as a shield to do this and it’s turning into an an extremely dangerous hate campaign ramped up and setting out to destroy this couple. The RR’s will really have a field day with this. Charles et al are weaponizing the queen against them to drive a wedge between her and H&M. They did save themselves by leaving an untenable situation with the RF, no doubt about that, but now they’ll be navigating more shark-infested waters because as many have pointed out, it’ll seem like they’re attacking the queen when they do need to drop receipts to defend themselves. It’s such a horrible realization that the people doing this to Harry is his own family.

      • Feeshalori says:

        And just to add, the unspoken contract between the royals and media that Harry referenced to in the Oprah interview is now out there loud and clear.

      • Lorelei says:

        @AnyToo, ita with every single thing you said. And that final paragraph…wow. It’s frightening how perfect a metaphor that is for the current situation. It felt like a bit of a gut punch even reading it.

  7. LaraW” says:

    Congratulations, Charles, on finally showing your hand. Now show your f-cking face instead of using your dear beloved mummy as a shield.

    This doesn’t seem like a change in Elizabeth’s policy. This seems like an institutional change that Charles is implementing. He’s going to war against his son, much like he went to war against his son’s mother.

    I’m not sure he understands that this is a battle he will never win. Charles’ legacy of his environmental do-gooding will always, always be eclipsed by the fact that he cannot let go of his insecurities and deep rooted jealousy. His legacy is in his media mishaps, not his line of organic sustainably produced yoghurt.

    Does he think internal palace papers won’t come out, in one way or another? Does he think historians— real historians— won’t look at all his memoranda and private journals without a critical eye? It seems he’s not particularly focused on how he will be seen in years to come, but desperately reaching for the throne that is now so, so close to finally being his.

    Honestly, I can very much see Charles afraid of Diana’s words, that he will never be king. He’s always competing with her ghost and in his head, he cannot, under any circumstances, let her ghost win. Perhaps that would be the ultimate humiliation.

    • Nyro says:

      The last paragraph>>>. I got chills. Her famous words must torture him everyday. Now he”s still fighting Diana through Harry, the child most like her.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Are you referring to the Bashir interview? Because she never said he wouldn’t be king in that Panorama interview.

      • LaraW” says:

        I don’t think so? I’m working off general knowledge where it’s been said that Diana stated Charles would never be king. I don’t know where it originated from, just that it seems to be common knowledge.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not general knowledge to me, so I’m considering it without source and untrue until someone finds quotes of it. She doesn’t say it in the transcript of the Bashir interview. I didn’t read the Morton book, don’t know if it is in there.

      • Prairiegirl says:

        It’s from the tapes that informed the Morton book, and which were later published. That book is a must read, frankly:
        “ I would hope that my husband would go off, go away with his lady…and leave me and the children to carry the Wales name through to the time that William ascends the throne.”

      • Becks1 says:

        The Bashir interview (I think) is where she talks about how she doesn’t know if Charles could handle being king, because he’s so used to doing what he wants. Or maybe that was the Morton tapes. I can’t remember LOL. but it was definitely a recording of hers.

        Ok looked it up – so with Bashir she was asked this:
        “Do you think it would make more sense in the light of the marital difficulties that you and the Prince of Wales have had if the position of monarch passed directly to your son Prince William?”

        She talks about William being very young and what a burden that would be. Bashir asks again about William succeeding the queen instead of Charles and she says:

        “My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows others things, yes.”

        so she is answering very carefully, but according to other sources she was pretty open about wanting the crown to skip Charles. So I guess you can interpret the Bashir interview as you wish, its not the same as saying she thought he would never be king though.

      • Jaded says:

        What Diana said when Bashir asked if William should be king was…””Well, then you have to see that William’s very young at the moment, so do you want a burden like that to be put on his shoulders at such an age? So I can’t answer that question.” When he pressed her and asked…”Would it be your wish that when Prince William comes of age that he were to succeed the queen rather than the current Prince of Wales?” Diana said… “My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows others things, yes.”

        She further said… “There was always conflict on that subject [of Charles becoming king] with him when we discussed it, and I understood that conflict, because it’s a very demanding role, being Prince of Wales, but it’s an equally more demanding role being King. And being Prince of Wales produces more freedom now, and being King would be a little bit more suffocating. And because I know the character I would think that the ‘top job’, as I call it, would bring enormous limitations to him, and I don’t know whether he could adapt to that.”

        So she skirts the issue and never said outright that Charles should abdicate in favour of William.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Right, so she skirts around it with a lot of passive aggressive wording. In her opinion, she doesn’t want Charles to be king. But she never says flat out, ‘Charles will not be king’. That’s what I thought.

        Fact is, being a lousy husband doesn’t mean he’d be a lousy king. Diana didn’t want him to be king – because she wasn’t going to be Queen.

      • Lady D says:

        …but when you add abusive father to lousy husband, it’s not tipping the scales for good. Not even going to mention his racism, or cowardly genetic makeup.
        Do you honestly think any of them will make a good king/leader of any kind, Nota? I think that when Charles becomes king, he’s just going to sit back and wait for everyone to come to him with praise and accolades for the man he thinks he is. I wonder how many times in his first year as king he will hear finally, or about time, or use your time well, your getting on. I don’t think it’s going to go as he thinks it will.

      • LaraW” says:

        Thanks all for the clarification.

        I was young when Diana died and mostly knew her as a really beautiful princess growing up. I have no idea where this comes from— my best guess is that my childhood imagination took the “Charles isn’t fit to be king” and translated it to “Diana laid a curse on Charles and said that he will never be king.” I possibly grew up reading too many fantasy novels.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think Charles will be a bad king. I think he’ll oversee 15 countries dumping the BRF as their Head of State, that is something that would happen regardless. If there is still a monarchy around for William to inherit? UK better be prepared for a lifetime of a Trump-like monarch.

    • Curious says:

      the man wants to win. he failed Diana.then at last he married his mistress,but i think that marriage failed too. they are now just companions doing events , they live in different homes. no point in getting a 2nd divorce at their age ,this arrangement suits them both . after Phillip death Charles went away by himself no wife. in a loving relationship the person will lean on their spouse for comfort. cause that is the person you trust with your emotional pain. plus one knows what you share with your spouse will never go public.. in this sense Camilla always protected Charles.

    • Truthiness says:

      100% agree with Laraw. Plus no matter how much Charles promotes environmentalism he is powerless to give industry the financial incentives to acheive it. So he fails at that. He has absolute power over how his sons are treated within the family and the entire world said “racist much?” and let’s prosecute the royal pedophile. What about the obscene glut of assets? The commonwealth sees how Charles is with POC – telling POC to give his regards to those in Africa – and how his biracial daughter in law was treated. I hope the commonwealth shrinks to nothing under Charles, the future emperor who has no clothes to hide his ire, narcissism and petulance.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      When my friend divorced her husband she and I read a book her therapist recommended called “The Anger Dance.” Basically when you change your dance to get away from an abusive situation the abusers swarm into new dances to draw you back. Psychologists can use this for generations to come to teach about abusive anger dancing. Jesus this is 2 people (high profile but still just two people) leaving a toxic situation. Look at the swarm rising against them. Their father and brother/brother-in-law; the majority of the family; the couriers (who are in their own dance with the family) and then the press. This is madness. Thank God they got out.

      • iconoclast59 says:

        The book is called The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner, PhD. It’s a classic in the recovery community — highly recommended.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Thank you Iconoclast 9 I read it so long ago. It was a fantastic book and very enlightening.

  8. Sierra says:

    Well this is going to be fun for us who have nada interest in Royals and believe they should be abolished.

    Let’s just say if the Royal shows proof on something Harry & Meghan “lied” about, it will be quite interesting to see how people will react.

    • JT says:

      They. Won’t show any proof of a damn thing because for one: they don’t know sh*t which is why they were blindsided and secondly, they know that Harry is telling the truth. He wouldn’t send notice to the BBC if he didn’t. The knew party line seems to be if the courtiers don’t know, then it didn’t happen. I hope this goes to court to get it on the record.

    • Trillion says:

      Exactly, Sierra. If the BRF wants to be relevant in modern times, this is most certainly NOT the way to do it. They’re carrying on like reality TV “stars” with musty old “style”.

    • Jaded says:

      Meghan and Harry did not lie about anything. They extricated themselves from a dangerous situation — Meghan was contemplating suicide, they and their baby were being threatened, Archie was compared to a chimpanzee in the media, it was an all-out tabloid war against them. Yet their own family did f*ck-all to defend them and, in fact, Harry’s own brother was likely the one who commented on what Archie’s skin colour might be. It was a horrible, sickening situation and Harry chose the safety of his wife and son over kowtowing to a racist, spiteful family and media.

    • Lorelei says:

      Well, Harry and Meghan aren’t liars, so you might end up disappointed.

  9. Chica1971 says:

    No, they won’t. Can’t risk the real receipts. This is just posturing. Besides after a year of separation, thBP have recycled crap at this point. HM has sued and won so I doubt tabloids will go all in.

  10. BABSORIG says:

    This is why it’s imperative, much as it might be painful for the Sussexes, to cut off all communications with the BRF members in top senior positions. Yes, this includes the queen. And it’s time to start dropping those receipts wherever they exist.

    • mariahlee says:

      I don’t agree about dropping receipts. Talking to a friend who previously supported them bc she liked Meghan on Suits, there is fatigue around hearing H&M talk about the RF. Between the Oprah interview, James Corden, Dax’s pod, and the TMYCS, it’s been a lot this year (though i pointed out that Meg has been heard from only once). For their brand, I really think they need to move on. They’ve said their piece for now imo and the BM has become less and less effective at shaping international public opinion over time.

      • Snuffles says:

        The Sussex’s aren’t the ones extending this. It’s the British press. People are sick of the British press banging on about it endlessly.

        Harry’s talking was specifically to promote his show with Oprah. He’s gone silent since then. ALL of Harry and Meghan’s time and energy right now is on settling in the new baby. They’ve stated they are taking the summer off to do so. So, if there continues to be non-stop press on them, it’s not because they are seeking it.

      • Nyro says:

        I agree. It’s time to move on. I don’t think they’ll be able to move on from granny but they need to stop engaging the Firm at all. I get why they felt the need to defend the name but it does draw them into the gutter with the Firm. And since they are the much bigger name and the bigger persona, casual observers only see their response and not the bullying and the lie that caused them to respond. The fact is, the palace and the British media are never going to stop. Never ever. It’s time for them to stop engaging the palace the same at they stopped engaging the tabloids and Meghan’s dad. Let them run their mouths. It’s time to be all about Archewell, their tv and film work, or their little family.

      • Maria says:

        Most of what you are mentioning is Harry talking about his mental health and his experiences, not going off on the Royal family itself as you are implying.

        All they did in this case was have a baby and they were immediately targeted. They are the victims here so pretending this is on them makes no sense.
        They have shown time and again they are happy to drop the subject but they are being harassed relentlessly even when they are quiet. This is stirring up actual violent threats against them. Police are getting called multiple times to their home when they don’t say a word. So that argument doesn’t work.
        The fatigue is coming from the constant hostile pushback from an abusive family and institution and that’s neither Harry nor Meghan’s fault.

        Your friend can go to the Daily Mail if they want since they apparently no longer support them (whatever), the rest of us will retain perspective.

      • Susan says:

        I agree. It’s time for all parties to move on and drop the past.

      • Eurydice says:

        Harry and Meghan are moving on – as you say, Meghan has spoken very little and Harry has moved on to his next project. It’s the British media that refuses to move on. Sadly, there’s nothing to be done about their “brand” in the UK, that was trashed by the RF and BM long ago and now they’re a handy scapegoat for whenever the media needs more money or the RF needs to hide something. In the US, Harry and Meghan can work on their lives and their projects and most people aren’t going to care one way or the other.

      • SunRae says:

        I keep seeing a lot of this and I kind of agree. I stan the Sussexes a lot. I want Meghan to do Ashley Graham’s podcast and talk skincare and hobbies and cute girly shit… show the side of her we saw in Suits bloopers. Most people outside the Suits fandom don’t even really know much about her. It’s all been media spin and nonsense for four years and I fear the real Meghan has disappeared into a soap drama.

        I love what they’re doing with Archwell but I also want them on insta, sharing cute, mundane things. Or at the very least reactivate The Tig. I reckon she needs time to heal and get therapy but I really hope she comes back ready to shake this ghetto period off. No more receipts or pushing back. Divest and thrive.

        Can you even image Meghan doing one of those Vogue beauty routines? I would actually die! The gworls need her back.

      • Emile says:


        As a person who closely follows this saga, I know that all of those things you just mentioned were H&M specifically talking about their personal experiences and some of them related to the RF — i.e. the point wasn’t necessarily to talk about (or call out) the RF, but the RF is mentioned because that has been H&M’s life for the last several years.

        However, to the casual observer who is only seeing the headlines and the news reports, it DOES look like they are talking about the RF a lot and there is a certain fatigue that has set in, particularly with people who otherwise wish them well but don’t care enough to get invested. I agree with Nyro that once they finish their parental leave, H&M should focus on their foundation and their film/TV/podcasting work so that people can have new ‘content’ with which to identify them with. They should get on social media (even if only Instagram) so that they can speak to supporters directly. They should ignore the British media’s rants (unless it’s something very egregious that requires legal action). And they should never mention the RF publically again. They have the opportunity and resources to build their own legacy and they should run with it.

      • Maria says:

        When they WERE on social media they still got horrific abuse, before they even left.
        Fatigue setting in for casual observers because people can’t read beyond a headline is not their problem or even the focus of their work.
        Again, all they did was try to promote Meghan’s book and have a baby. Which unleashed this nonsense.

        Saying these things is like saying “victims of abuse shouldn’t talk about it, it’s uncomfortable, why can’t you just move on and talk about happy things?”
        Anyone who has fatigue from it should be directing it at BP.

      • notasugarhere says:

        So many new names insisting Harry and Meghan should shut up and take the public abuse and lies from the tabloids. Hmm.

      • Becks1 says:

        As Meghan said in the Oprah interview -I don’t see how the Firm can expect them to remain silently when the Firm is actively briefing against them.

        I do think H&M are over it though and they DO want to move on – I think that’s why they called the lawyers so fast over the BBC story – they wanted to shut it down immediately – and unfortunately that didnt work.

        I don’t think H&M want to keep warring with the BRF in the press like this. But I’m reminded of the line from West Wing (and other places) – “I’ll down my gun when you put down yours.”

        The royals should have said “congratulations, love the name, cant wait to meet the newest member of the family” and then STFU about it. But they just couldn’t help themselves.

      • Snuffles says:


        I would LOVE it if The Tig came back!! I feel like by this fall we will be getting more well rounded PR and Meghan will get back on the scene.

        The last year and half have been about them literally escaping the royal plantation with their lives and mental health in tact. They’ve had to set up a home, set up Archewell and line up business deals to support themselves independently for the foreseeable future. AND on top of that they were making a baby which was a struggle in of itself.

        Let’s give them the summer to fully settle and get excited watch them get back out there full swing by this fall.

      • Moxylady says:

        MariahLee- hard disagree. There isn’t fatigue around the sussexes. It’s regarding the way they are being treated. They had a baby, announced it and that’s it. And they have been constantly dragged for it. This is appalling and disgusting and not a reflection on H & M. No one is tired of them.

      • I think they spoke their truths in the right time and correct settings; Oprah is a powerhouse and the sit down interview was classy and professional. Harry discussing his mental health issues and how he’s dealing with them had a great platform in the series with Oprah on mental health. Now —- (and I truly think this is true for them), it’s time to move on and forward as they are doing. People need to realize though that all this noise and saturated press isn’t coming from them, it’s coming from the tabloid press and no one seems to be able to contain or control that tsunami of 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀shit. So…the Sussexes should continue what they do so well; living their best lives and involving their lawyers when they deem it appropriate.

      • Emile says:

        – I’m not ignoring or misrecognising the fact that they received horrific abuse on SM. My point is rather that social media will enable them to speak to millions of people directly and in an unfiltered way. Right now, most people aren’t directly visiting their website, but instead read reports or other people’s social media posts about what’s happening on their website. This means things can be misconstrued or misrepresented. When you are in the middle of a smear campaign it is crucial to lessen the barriers between yourself and your supporters (as well as detractors) so that people can see/understand what you really mean. With Instragram they can shut off or limit the comments, which will lessen the abuse.
        – The fact that people do not read beyond headlines is one of the key problems of the contemporary media world. This is not H&M’s fault but as public figures they need to find ways to mitigate this and/or protect themselves against it. This is why I advocate for social media because it is a way of doing this and it tells people “hey, don’t look there [at the DM], look here [at our Insta page]”.
        – H&M are in the middle of a smear campaign so the nonsense was gonna happen anyway. However, like Nyro says above, responding to it means you are getting into gutter with the Firm and the British media. So what you do is ignore it and give the public something else to talk about (again, social media + a robust output of content is useful here). People of goodwill and reason will support them.
        – I never said victims of abuse should stay silent — I am happy that they were able to do the Oprah interview and talk about what’s happened to them (I even cried after watching it). I am also happy that they are able to quickly respond to mistruths about them and ecstatic that Meghan won her case against the Mail. My point is rather that their personal brand is still too closely aligned with the RF and that they have the opportunity to change this — so they should take it and run with it.

        I am not a “new name” and have been reading Celebitchy since 2015, but mostly lurk and only comment when I feel like I have something productive to add to the conversation.

        I agree with you insofar as it’s only been 18 months since their escape and we need to give the time to settle in. I can’t wait to see what they come up with once they’re fully settled in.

      • Maria says:

        I understand what you are saying but the thing is they do communicate with their supporters, via their statements on Archewell like the ones acknowledging how much money their fans raise for them on their own.
        And their direct communication is how they are handling the issue of people only reading headlines, by bypassing it and communicating through their website.
        The problem with social media is that even if you turn off comments it can snowball terribly, with DM’s, spam accounts etc.
        I am sure there is a reason they do not want to engage at this particular time.
        Even when they do give people plenty to talk about (the Vax concert and donation program, Meghan’s book) the media that hates them connects it to the RF with absolutely no prompting by Meghan or Harry (people saying Meghan was ripping off Kate etc). This is through no fault of their own.
        They’ve been doing a lot of good work that has nothing to do with the Royal Family which people are forgetting, like their donations and World Central Kitchen initiatives and Harry’s announcement of the next Invictus games. But the British media is always going to tie them unfairly to the Royal family in damaging ways. And them releasing that briefing about their newborn baby’s name was necessary.

      • notasugarhere says:

        ‘Saying these things is like saying “victims of abuse shouldn’t talk about it, it’s uncomfortable, why can’t you just move on and talk about happy things?”
        Anyone who has fatigue from it should be directing it at BP. ‘

        So much this, Maria.

      • Yvette says:

        Harry and Megan aren’t writing the articles producing annoying headlines, the British press are doing this multiple times a day often with different headlines discussing the same subject over and over again. And if you bother to read the articles you find that it isn’t Harry and/or Meghan actually saying or doing what the ‘headline’ suggests, but rather royal commentators, royal experts, and reporters giving their opinions on what they ‘think’ Harry and Meghan are doing, have done, or should do. This is deliberate by the British media because they know the majority of British people only read the headlines.

        And it won’t matter if the Sussexes ‘shut up’ and go about their business because the British media will still do what they did this week … create a false narrative and fake drama about a baby’s name and build it up as further ‘abuse’ against the Queen or Charles or William or Kate. And when Harry and Meghan finally break silence to say “No, that’s not what we said and certainly not what we meant,” they’re accused of being self-centered and talking too much about the Royal Family.

        Look how many people have twisted the wording in this article: “In a dramatic departure from her longstanding ‘never complain, never explain’ policy, Her Majesty has instructed courtiers to correct any statements which misrepresent her private conversations or those of other senior Royals.” To me, this means anything said in a private conversation with the Queen that is misrepresented by ANYONE, whether it be the British Press or an anonymous royal insider, but the Mail on Sunday has twisted the statement to made it seem as if it was meant strictly for Harry and Meghan. And many British people have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

        So no, Harry and Meghan shouldn’t just ‘shut up.’

      • mariahlee says:

        @sunrae YES, i can’t wait for meghan to get her groove back. i miss her! i hope she takes all the time she needs to heal and recover tho.

      • ennie says:

        The “fatigue” you say is due to alm tabloid replicating cr*p from tabloids. A few outlets will headline Harry’s solo interviews and Oprah’s with decent intros. I speak a different language and most of the articles in my own language have salacious, passive aggressive clickbait headlines.
        Of course that negativity and repetitions becomes tiring to casual observers. I think the British tabloids update their sites constantly with THE SAME ARTICLES just varying the headline, that is amplified and repeated by twitter and the many bots at their disposal that are not people, if you see their tweets, it is only retweets of the tabloid articles.
        I understand people getting tired of being bombarded, but is is all for clicks for tabloids.

      • Nyro says:

        We know they’re the victims here and that this is a one-sided campaign of abuse. But we’re hardcore supporters. Most of the general public are not. And it will soon look like a tit for tat to the general public because Harry and Megan’s response to the family’s bullying always receives ten times more co stage than the actual bullying itself. It’s the negative flip side to their massive fame. All casual observers hear is that they’re suing. They don’t hear or know about all the behind the scenes details in the palace and just how sinister it all is.

        They’re the victims of the British media and they made the wise decision to stop engaging those tabloids in any way. It’s been proven to be the right decision. And now it’s time to stop engaging the family and courtiers. No more engaging press inquiries about the family either. No one cares whether or not you sent Baldy and Doormats kids birthday presents. Let them lie and run their mouths. No one believes them anymore. And after the interview and The Me You Can’t See, the family can’t touch them because everyone will know who did it. It’s time to for them to keep the same energy with the family that they do with the British media and Bad Dad.

      • Emile says:

        @Nyro I 100% agree.

      • Nyro says:

        And yes, I agree with everyone about them needing to get back on IG. They can monitor and limit their comments. But the general public needs to see what they are doing. They opened those incredible emergency kitchens yet outside of the fans, no one knows about it. Imagine how much press that would have gotten had they made a video on IG. Millions and millions of views, every publication doing a story on it, blue check accounts regramming and retweeting it, etc. An article on Archewell’s site is not reaching the masses. Right now, all the general public is seeing is the drama with the royal family. And yes, I know TMYCS is an important project but the fact is he had to talk about his family and childhood and unfortunately the royals are his family. And so they and their problems are a part of the story. So yes, it looks like beef from the headlines. It is what it is. This next chapter needs to be completely royal free. They’ve already won. It’s time to divest and level up.

      • Jaded says:

        Put yourself in their position. If you were being publicly lied about by your own family, if they were leaking defamatory stories that were untrue, if the media were threatening your spouse and child, wouldn’t you fight back? Or would you just lay down and let them steam-roller over you? There comes a point where turning the other cheek doesn’t work and you have to defend yourself. The Sussexes have won one huge lawsuit and they will continue to threaten legal action against other publications spreading misinformation about them. You can’t let the bad guys win and if it means “clarification” of some of the more egregious lies, well it’s their right to do so and to explain why they felt it was a necessary move. As others have said, the “fatigue” isn’t around Harry and Meghan, it’s from the relentless and mendacious lies from the BRF, the Firm and the tabloid wolf-pack.

      • Maria says:

        Again, casual observers who end up hating them because they can’t do research are not their responsibility (and usually are tabloids and their readers anyway), nor are they the ones who are going to be working with them or involved in their philanthropic or media endeavors.
        Again, the media is the one tying them to the Royal Family, not themselves.
        Again, Harry is allowed to talk about his experiences and just because you think it looks “bad” to the casual observer makes no sense and also is not his problem.
        And again, all they did was have a baby, and this happened! So why is the conversation about how *they’re* the ones not making the right moves and how they need to stop warring with them?
        They didn’t altogether stop engaging with the tabloids. They refrained from anything else – while they *sued* and *won*. A lot of people DO believe these stories. And it threatens their safety.
        We know what they’re doing. We can see it. Part of the reason they don’t do social media accounts on their own is because the point of their work is to highlight worthy causes and not draw attention to themselves instead of said organizations.
        They do not owe anyone daily updates. They work in accordance with news outlets and their press releases to publicize when they issue statements and put up new things on the Archewell site. The media reports on their every move daily. Instagram would be nice if they wanted to get on it again but given how horrifically SussexRoyal was treated, why should they have to?
        A large part of what you are saying is not their responsibility at all. And pretending like the media linking them left and right to the Royal Family is because they are trying to forge their own path plays into tabloid talking points.

      • JaneBee87 says:

        @Maria and the analogy of victims of abuse being told to stop talking about unpleasant facts because it makes people uncomfortable 👏👏 Exactly!!!

        The efforts of the Sussex to keep the tax payer funded BRFand its courtiers accountable for their appalling behavior and lies, is an act of PUBLIC SERVICE to the COMMONWEALTH at large.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Why should they cut off interaction with the people *they themselves* want to be in contact with? Ditto why should they sit on their hands and let the lies be spun by the courtiers and tabloids?

      They are free to speak to the members of Their Family that they choose, it isn’t up to us. They are free to speak out and file injunctions against the press when they can prove the press is lying. If they do this often enough, the hope is, the tabloids and leaking courtiers will learn their lessons and leave the Sussex Family in peace.

    • Nyro says:

      Becks1, I don’t think they want to keep warring either. I think that they think they HAVE to. And the fact is, they don’t because they’ve already turned the royal families bullets into blanks. Nobody believes the royals anymore. They have lost. If they want to keep shooting blanks into the air, let them. It’s coming to the point where the disdain and fatigue ppl have for the royals over this will start to extend to the Sussexes. They need to disengage completely. The royals now have no more power or control over them than Thomas Marlke does.

      • Maria says:

        They don’t have power or control over them financially. But unlike Thomas Markle, they can get organizations like the *national broadcasting company for the United Kingdom* to issue statements like they did about the baby name. Harry and Meghan were right to respond.

  11. Oh_Hey says:

    The Sussexes have also let it be known that they aren’t scared of a lawyers letter or a full blown lawsuit. Also they like to keep receipts. Seems like some folks in the palace forgot how quickly Jason Knauf got packed up at the resolution of Meghan’s suit with the mail, huh?

  12. Snuffles says:

    This is Charles and the courtiers attempts to destroy Harry’s relationship with the Queen and cut him off from her. Charles is jealous that Harry has a better relationship with the Queen than he does. And the courtiers are mad that Harry and the Queen are circumventing them.

    Also, the press are magnifying this petty little situation by a thousand to cover up how embarrassing the G7 Summit was for the UK for the prime minister and the royal family.

    • Harper says:

      It’s also William too, I would believe, working with Charles. William is most likely incandescent that Lilibet is so much more of a personal tribute to the Queen than using Elizabeth as he and Kate did for Charlotte. Harry must pay for this one.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      When I wrote at the beginning..Prince Charles was jealous of his sons like he was with Princess Diana, I was either laughed at or actively scorned at. Everyone blamed Prince William…no one likes him on this site. I’m talking at the very beginning. Did Prince William do dumb stuff? Yes. But why is Prince Harry the most upset at his father? Sure he’s disappointed in Prince William…for not seeing what was going on. When their mother was alive, same thing..jealous of Princess Diana. Difference was, she was smarter & used the press against Prince Charles. No one wants to asks the questions & go through the analysis: his father was behind much of the attacks from the palace courtiers.

      • MsIam says:

        Well I definitely believe he is behind this one. He’s showing Harry that he is in charge not his mother. He’s telling Harry that he’s taking his grandmother whom he loves away from him. Charles really is evil and doesn’t care about Harry at all.

      • Lady D says:

        Harry can barely stand to be in the same room as William. Their beef goes far, far, beyond William doing ‘dumb stuff.’

      • notasugarhere says:

        Pay attention to Harry’s own words. He said he wants to repair the relationship with Charles. The relationship with William needs ‘space’. To me that means Charles hasn’t been the driving force behind all of this, William has.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I think William has rebelled against his own father by becoming an even worse version of him. But still birds of a feather flock together.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @notasugerhere, I’m agreeing with so many things you posted on this thread. #1 being William is the driving force with pretty much everything. Sure, Charles might be a shit of a dad and jealous. William & Kate have more reasons to be jealous. I think their jealousy took hold sooner than the Oceania tour. Kate didn’t meet the Queen until, what, 4-5 years after she & Will were dating. This probably didn’t make Carole happy either. Meghan met the Queen around 14-15 months of dating Harry. Protocols were probably in place in telling the HM about an impending engagement-which was announced 2 months? after the meeting. Less than 4 weeks after H & M’s wedding, Meghan did a solo engagement with Queen on the Royal Train. Neither, Will or Kate, even Harry, had done a travelling Royal Train trip before. Carole probably had the worst case of vapors at this. Kate’s first solo engagement with HM was at least a year after marrying William. It wasn’t even that solo of an event-Philip was there.

        So many things where together H & M outshined W & K and Meghan outshining most of them effortlessly. It didn’t sit well with W&K, courtiers, BM that a biracial American spoke more intelligently & eloquently than the St. Andrews royal & FFK/FFwhatever.
        Yes, Harry said he was working on his relationship with Charles and *crickets*/space where Will was concerned. Harry also said his father was trapped too, IIRC.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Snuffles: I agree.

    • MF1 says:

      Yep, I think you’re spot on. If Charles can use the press to convince Harry that Granny is briefing against him, then he thinks maybe Harry will stop calling her in private. What an epically shitty manipulation to pull on your son and mother.

      • MsIam says:

        Harry knows that his grandmother is not briefing against him. But Charles is the one in charge, he hired Edward Young, someone who is loyal to him not necessarily the queen. How much longer is the queen expected to live versus Charles, all things considered? So Edward Young will look out for what’s in Charles best interest not the Queen’s and certainly not Harry’s. I think Charles is super mad at Harry about what he said and like the rest of the family is a major grudge holder. But Charles will get his in the end, I saw where the Crown is back in the top ten for streaming again.

      • windyriver says:

        Karma has already come for Charles, and is still unfolding. In a way, it’s been there all along. It’s name is William. Their interests may occasionally coincide, but William has all of Charles’ worst qualities, and his ultimate interest will always be himself. He also has no abilities or talents of any use in promoting the monarchy’s future, but he is that future nonetheless, and that’s what Charles can look forward to.

  13. M says:

    K but we know that if they try to back H&M into a corner, we’re getting receipts. BP is playing a losing game – Harry knows all and he’s the last person I’d want to continue messing with.

    Are they really ready for this? It will end the monarchy.

  14. Noki says:

    Honestly at this point i would I lose it and change it to just Lili,just my wishful thinking. US residents,how long is the time frame to register your baby for their birth certificate and/or social security?

    • Haylie says:

      Nope. I’d call her Lilibet every day. Fuck Charles, Will and all the courtiers.

      • swirlmamad says:

        THIS. Why should they get their way??? They are acting like tantruming toddlers, and you certainly wouldn’t just throw up your hands and let your screaming 2 year old get what they want just because they threw themselves on the ground writhing and shrieking. No. CALL HER LILIBET EVERY DAMN DAY, LOUD AND PROUD.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yep, nope, nope to a name change. Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

    • MsIam says:

      You can’t give in to crazy and that’s what this is. The courtiers are mad because there were all these articles about the Sussexes “doing things their own way” and “on their own terms”, you know like normal parents? They know they have no power over the Sussexes any more. So Harry and Meghan shouldn’t change shit or do shit for that family anymore. The BRF have sold their souls in exchange for pomp and circumstance.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This. So many new people on here insisting that Harry and Meghan should cave to the abuse and let it continue.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I saw on twitter someone call this blog “a fan nutty reality warping pro-Meg blog”. and had to laugh. Probably where some of the new people are coming from.

    • Lila says:

      Why should they change their daughter’s name, a name they like, because of what people like Angela Kelly and royal reporters have to say? None of this crap is about the name, just like none of the crap they took was about the money spent on Frog Cott or the money they received as working royals.

  15. Jegede says:

    Your first feeling – YES! 👍👍👍👍👍

    Now the name briefing is still up on the BBC & ITV websites, so the palace sources are standing by them.
    As some of us have long said.
    The Queen is not infirm, unaware, nor oblivious.
    Her very busy weekend activities prove this point, in fact she seems to have a spring in her step post-Philip!🤔😉

    I read some lucid points made elsewhere:
    There have been many opportunities for Lizzie to have shut **** down, – re the Sussexes – esp. the relentless attacks on Meghan, culminating with the bullying investigation.
    One statement would have done it – she never did. Zilch. Nada.

    There is the fact that almost all our papers, downplayed/ignored the fact that Kate admitted she had neither met, nor facetimed baby Lili, (hurts the sanctioned ‘Kate the peacemaker’ narrative🙄🙄), yet they’ve managed to continue this name ‘scandal’ for almost a week!
    Another fact is that Camilla Toenail has kept up her regular anti-Sussex screeds, and has recently been rewarded with 2 Torygraph royal exclusive interviews – with the Wessexes & Cambridges, – for consecutive weeks.

    These are all hints. Wide and clear.

    Harry, for whatever reason, sees his gran as separate from an institution she has headed for HALF A CENTURY. This logic wouldn’t fly in business world – and the firm is a business, – unless one is in denial.
    They/She are letting him know an attack on it, is an attack on her.
    She will always back the institution first and foremost. Always.

    Here’s hoping H &M eventually see everything for what it is, rather than what they hope.

    • Susan says:

      Yeah, I appreciate Harry’s—and seemingly everyone’s—willingness to make excuses for Elizabeth in that she’s unaware, being manipulated, etc…Having an elderly mother that is still as mean as a snake, manipulative and frankly EVIL as she was when I was a kid in the 80s, I just don’t get the constant excuse making for Elizabeth. She has agency IMO.

      • Brielle says:

        yup,I always said that:many are trying to excuse her by saying that she is old…but she was at the head of that institution for at least 50 years and even Oxford students don’t want to hang her portrait anymore cause it’s a symbol of colonialism…She is not innocent and even if she didn’t participate actively in bullying Meghan:she is the root of that family dysfunction….

    • Think your comment is a good one, JEGEDE, especially your last 2 paragraphs. I agree, the drawbridge is up, the moat is full and stocked with rabid sharks, and Harry’s granny will continue to be the Queen who let his mother down and who will continue to let him down. After all, in her mind, she believes her mandate as Queen has been anointed by God and she will die thinking that. It’s sad, but understandable, that Harry can’t see her for who she truly is.

  16. Zapp Brannigan says:

    So “never explain” is now no longer the protocol in the palaces? Great, fantastic, explain Andrew and why he’s not in handcuffs yet, explain why he is being protected. We can get to the more minor stuff later.

    • equality says:

      While you are at it, explain the origins of all your jewels, artworks, palaces, etc. And explain where all your offshore accounts are and where all your money is obtained and spent. Then send out a listing of all royal personnel, level of employment and racial demographics.

    • JaneBee87 says:

      @zappbrannigan This 👏👏👏

  17. Eleonor says:

    “Her Majesty has instructed courtiers to correct any statements which misrepresent her private conversations or those of other senior Royals.”
    I read this as “Petty Betty doesn’t trust her courtiers because and doesn’twant to be part of their feuds.”

  18. Mich says:

    Oh dear. So they are going to stop talking shit anonymously and put their names to the bs they use to cover actual scandals in the Royal Family?

    Maybe just me but I wouldn’t screw with Harry. He has made it clear that until this nonsense stops, he isn’t shutting up. The things he could bring to light would shake the foundation of the entire institution.

    And all over a baby’s name.

    • MF1 says:

      I think he really, really doesn’t want to go on the offensive against his family. I’m sure he still loves them on some level.

      But… they’re attacking his newborn daughter. He’s fiercely protective of his family and there’s only so long he’ll allow this to happen.

  19. MsIam says:

    There was an article over the weekend that I thought was interesting from Tom Sykes. He said the information given to the BBC about the name disapproval would have come from someone in Sir Edward Young’s staff, approved by him. I guess he was trying to imply that the Queen would have instructed him to do this but Edward Young is Charles’ man. Hmm. At any rate, years from now Lilibet will read that her great grandmother was mad that she was named after her.

    • Sofia says:

      It’s been theorised here that the senior source is most likely Edward Young (or someone from his staff like Sykes is saying) because he’s senior enough that the BBC thinks he’s speaking for the queen and they wouldn’t think he would lie.

      • Becks1 says:

        I liked the theory that it was Angela Kelly, bc she is someone close enough to the queen that it would be taken as directly from her, and because I can see her being mad if she thinks Harry is trying to go around the courtiers to talk to the queen (aka her). and if it was angela kelly, we would never find out and the queen would not fire her.

        But Edward Young is starting to make more sense to me because this has gone on for a week and the palace (whichever palace) keeps feeding the beast – and if this wasnt being done with the the express permission of someone like Charles or the Queen, then I would expect a few days of this nonsense and then for the RRs to move on. But someone is allowing this to go on and if this is coming from Edward Young (with Charles’ permission) that makes sense (unfortunately).

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kelly might be absolved in this one, but not in what she’s done for the past few years. It is clear, given the changes in Sophie and Kate jewelry loans in that period, that the coven has at least three members.

      • Curious says:

        Edward young is charles guy. but he works for the queen.he is the one that advised the queen to strip Harry of lots of thing ,when Harry left the firm. and the backup for it to happen was Charles and William agreeing to it , so the queen was outvoted again.

  20. Piratewench says:

    As usual, coming from a family of origin run by a malignant narcissist (cluster-b personality disorders, untreated, all throughout one side of the family) this feels horribly familiar. Better to just slowly back away with your hands up… then cut and run as soon as possible. You just have to cut off family like this. They will be busy talking s*** about their current scapegoats one way or the other. Nothing Harry and Meghan will do will be right, nothing with make this stop, H and M just have to choose their own happiness, choose a healthy family for their children, and choose to stay away from this mess. No good deed will go unpunished and the black-sheeping will never end.

    • equality says:

      Unfortunately, without completely leaving public life and living as recluses (and maybe not even then) backing away will do nothing for them because anything they do will always be amplified and compared to the “working” royals. Look at when Meghan was pregnant and basically working from home with no public appearances and still got slammed daily in the UK media.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I doubt that would solve it. As long as the tabloids make money off attacking these two, they’ll keep attacking. If they hid away, they’d still be attacked. If they don’t fight back legally, they’d be attacked more.

    • Susan says:

      Agreed. On a much smaller, less public scale, I have dealt with similar family members and…there is no winning. I’ve tried for years. And there is a tendency on the part of the scapegoat (Harry/me) to think they can “change” the family and “if they just understood this one time” thinking….and it never works. It’s a lost cause. Icing them out and not responding is the only way to “win,” and by win, I mean, move on with your life and ignore them

      • Nyro says:

        Exactly. People here don’t seem to understand that the family and the British media will not stop. He is the scapegoat and she is the scapegoat’s wife who ticks practically every single box they hate. The narc environment that he grew up in (narc family, narc media, narc aristocracy/Establishment) will never stop raging against them. They will never see their treatment of the Sussex family as wrong and dangerous. All the statements calling them out and all lawsuits in the world won’t bring them to heel. Instead, all they do is feed off the acknowledgement and spin it into more abuse, except with a cherry on top because actual statements and legal warnings from the Sussexes makes the fight “official”. Like anyone who escapes a narc family, there’s a time when you must go no-contact. And imo, after the palace bullying has reached an all-time low with the attacks on their daughter’s name, now is that time.

  21. Calibration says:

    Wow, there is so much anger with this mob. I’m wondering what’s especially stirring the pot atm that they’d admit briefing against the Sussexes?

    Meanwhile, glad Linchpin McButtons got her mention

    • Haylie says:

      It’s because Boris, Charles, Will and Kate flopped on the world stage at G7. Otherwise, the headlines would’ve been about Statesman Keen and his Lynchpin.

      • Courtney B says:

        What happened with them at the G7?

      • Brielle says:

        Kate was not great at a round table with Dr Jill:she mumbles and checked her notes a lot just to say thank you and welcoming Dr Jill
        and Boris,who is a certified clown, got an earful from our EU leaders because he doesn’t want to respect our brexit agreements about Ireland

    • Deputy Dot says:

      Linchpin McButtons? That is so brilliant it deserves a medal.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its more than the G7. I’m starting to think if the RRs are demanding their pound of flesh from the royals and the royals are just going to keep tossing the Sussexes to them (as in, the RRs are ready to talk about certain other gardening activities or the like and this is what they’re being offered to stand down from those stories.)

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why may be why Harry and Meghan have been so strategic in what they’ve fought. They’ve fought things they had a likelihood of winning. Those fights are also clearly against W&K and the KP staff.

        Illegal photos of Archie in Canada? Won and the agency agreed to never again publish photos of any of their children.

        They pushed back about the narrative of how they left, how they were unsafe, that their location was leaked. Result? Publicly shown Wootten (close to William and Jason), paid a KP staffer’s boyfriend for info on the Sussex Family. Boyfriend, Christopher Jones (?), fired from W&K’s staff in one of many cover ups.

        Copy right infringement against the Fail? Poor Jason inserted himself, then when it was proven he had no claim, he withdrew. Jason is fired, under the guise of his govt job-holding husband just happened to get a job in another country.

        If they’re pushing back against the name issue, it is because they have proof and they are willing to share it. Especially if they can prove, as they’ve done before, that the leaks came from KP.

      • Ania says:

        I think that maybe Harry told Betty not to get engaged and say anything publicly because he has receipts and it going to strike again with a lawsuit that will expose who is BBC source?

        And on the other note, I really hope Harry knows more than we because to me Betty will always be evil hiding behind cute grandma image. And it would be horrible for H&M to finally realize that knowing their precious daughter carries her name.

        I feel so much for H&M, nobody deserves being attacked daily for years. But karma is coming for RF.

  22. Jan says:

    Someone said the BBC apologized about the name story, guess they still recovering from the Diana interview.
    The courtiers are pissed that Harry is going over their heads, if Unable received a text from Harry, she wouldn’t be so stunned about a question about seeing Lilibet, the reporter put in her write up, she could not imagine a week going by and not seeing her niece.
    I can’t understand why the palaces don’t leave Harry and Meghan alone, when they were at Frogmore Cottage getting abuse, they wanted nothing to do with them, but now they can reply to the lies putout about them they’re acting all hot and bothered.
    The Royal family proves everything The Sussexes said about them, was true, racism the palace have a history of it, Guardian story, skin color running and posing with black people.
    One interview from them and BRF is still ducking and diving, the Sussexes have no fcuks to give and will let their lawyers handle these bullies.

    • MsIam says:

      Funny too that if Harry “texted” Kate wouldn’t he include a picture too? Or maybe Harry doesn’t know how to use the camera on his phone?

  23. Beana says:

    Ugh. This makes me wonder if the Queen is having some kind of dementia process that is being exploited by The Firm. It would explain why Harry doesn’t hold her responsible for any of the bad decision-making coming out of BP. It also explains how courtiers feel so emboldened to represent her point of view in matters where the Sussexes claim they have the receipts. SOMETHING isn’t being said here and Harry is doing his part in holding back. And the courtiers are out of control.

    • Emile says:

      I don’t think I’d necessarily agree with the Queen having dementia (also I am not her doctor and wouldn’t want to speculate on her health anyhow) but I do agree with you that SOMETHING isn’t being said here — there is a large piece of the puzzle that’s missing which is why the Sussexes continued support and protection of the Queen seems nonsensical in the face of press briefings that are made in her name.*

      We are working with insufficient data and are unable to draw a clear conclusion, and so many people (both H&M haters as well as members of the SussexSquad) come up with various theories and hypothesis about what’s really happening behind the scenes.

      Peter Morgan (creator of The Crown) once said he’ll probably only write about the recent history of the Monarchy (including the H&M saga) 20 years from now once the dust has settled, more information has been revealed, and we have a better sense of where the chips eventually fell. I share this view, which is why I am unwilling (and unable) to get up in arms about all of this.

      *I would also add that H&M’s support of the Queen might be strategic — they would almost certainly receive much more vitriol if they directly called out the Queen rather than those around her. In protecting her they are also protecting themselves.

      • Interesting and thoughtful comment, EMILE.

      • MonicaQ says:

        You’re so right. It takes time for the truth to come out sometimes. Historically, I’d wait about 50 before I would ever write a book on it but that’s my history nerd talking–I’d want all the deets, receipts, and letters from peeps.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree that we are missing a big piece of the puzzle. There’s a reason why both Sussexes are so protective and supportive of the queen. you expect it from Harry – but Meghan’s relationship with her seems genuine, when she talked about calling her up to ask about Philip, etc. If Harry has a blindspot when it comes to her bc she’s his grandmother, M wouldn’t have that same blindspot and yet IMO, it was clear that she absolves the Queen of this mess. If she didn’t, I dont think she would have agreed to the name Lilibet – we may have just gotten Lili at that point. Harry called out Charles for his lack of support, Meghan looked uncomfortable when William’s name was mentioned – but they love and support the Queen.

        I also do think that their support is partly strategic – if Harry were to ever say one negative word about his grandmother, there would be an uproar.

        We know only a fraction of what is going on behind the scenes – maybe we’ll never know more. but as it stands we are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

  24. Eurydice says:

    This is more fiction. The palace hasn’t taken an active stand against much more serious things – why start now with a manufactured furor over a baby name. And I don’t think TQ video conferences in secret. When Harry said that he and Meghan were keeping in touch with his grandparents, nobody came out to say “no, that didn’t happen.” It’s amusing, but ludicrous, to think TQ, with her schedule and all her minions, locks herself away in a room to secretly call Harry. There are records of zoom calls, just like any other call. If her people are lying to the press, then she should fire them, but I think the press is making things up and BP is continuing with “never complain, never explain.”

  25. Harla says:

    So when hasn’t BP briefed against the Sussex’s every second of every day?? Asking for a friend.

  26. Harper says:

    I don’t get this. This is like an announcement of one of Kate’s upcoming projects. In the future, we’ll be correcting Harry and Meghan’s side of the story — as we’ve been doing nonstop anyway for the past years. Isn’t “recollections may vary” the same thing?

  27. swirlmamad says:

    The bit about Harry texting Kate — that the Mail “understands” that Harry texted her is semantics in my view. There’s no damn text for them to prove that this happened. Kate said she hasn’t seen or spoken to them with her own mouth. If Harry and Meghan did make the choice to text her (which I do NOT believe), wouldn’t they send a photo for the family to see?!?! I mean, come the F on now. It’s made up BS just like most of what they say. If they had proof they would say “they can confirm” which they have in instances before. They’re just betting on the fact that Harry and Meghan are either too busy or too fed up to release a statement directly contradicting every bit of fake news dribbling out of their pieholes. Also, it’s only going to turn back on H&M that THEY are somehow the a-holes if they come out and say, “Uh, no we did not message my brother and SIL after the baby was born.” It sucks but this is one thing they can’t really deny without getting blowback. Like, this is the trashiest and most over-the-top, ridiculous behavior from a group of people who pride themselves on supposedly being so hoity-toity, upper crust, and classy. Completely mindboggling.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Kate may have received a group text seconds before the Sussexes made Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor’s birth announcement. The Queen would have been notified before all of them. Who is sharing the texting info?

  28. aquarius64 says:

    I vote courtiers have gone rogue and leaking to the Fail fake stories. If the BBC is on solid ground it should have no problem naming the person and have him/her on the record. The changing stories makes this suspect.

  29. SexyK says:

    I know this is Harry’s grandmother, father and brother but he needs to cut them off. They have gone FULL BLOWN attacking a baby and its disgusting. He needs to wipe his hands clean and move on. If Meghan can cut her toxic father out of her life, surely Harry can do the same.

    • Over it says:

      Agree with you.

    • MsIam says:

      I agree. Harry says the queen has to chose between duty and family, looks like she’s made her choice. He should make his.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He is allowed to have relationships with members of his family that he chooses, because he knows far more about the situation than we do. Why are so many new people on here insisting otherwise?

      • Lila says:

        Thank you! We all like to theorize and speculate, but at the end of the day Harry and Meghan are the ones who know what’s really going on.

      • Jaded says:

        Exactly. And if those relations are actively involved in the leaking and spreading of malicious rumours and lies to the tabloids, then legal action must be taken. A few years back my partner’s ex-wife started spreading lies about us carrying on an affair before they separated and it was the main reason she left him. It was utter nonsense but my partner lost some long-time friendships as a result of her lies. I contacted a lawyer friend and had him send a “cease and desist” letter proving that the timeline of our relationship shows we didn’t start seeing each other until 6 months after the divorce was finalized and if she continued slandering us we would seek legal reparations. That shut her up.

      • MsIam says:

        He can chose to have relationships with who he likes but he can’t talk about it publicly because he is in “exile”. This was a warning to him to not talk about his grandmother publicly. Even him mentioning that the queen sent Archie a waffle maker caused huffing and puffing. They will claim that the queen isn’t into drawn into ” petty arguments ” or conflicts. So no public support at all, other than those two “much loved” statements earlier, even if it means denying that the Queen approved of Lilibet’s name. Of course the others are free to bash him and Meghan and even their children eventually publicly through the press. I also think they are sending a warning to any others who are thinking about escaping. Its a hard pill to swallow but it is what it is.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And they are pushing back, making it clear they will pursue legal action when they know they can win. They’ve already won two lawsuits, earned several public apologies, and gotten two of the high-up KP staff fired. They’re making it clear, to William and Kate, that they have receipts and will use them if necessary. They need to keep doing this, as it is the only way W&K will ever back off with their lies.

      • swirlmamad says:

        So many times this has to be said….so I guess louder, for the cheap seats in the back.

  30. Trix says:

    I also would bet the Queen doesn’t know even half of these shenanigans is going on and gets extremely curated content at this point to keep it that way. If they can block her grandson from seeing her in person, they can control the information that gets to her to shape her opinions. For her own good.

    • Snuffles says:

      This x 💯

    • AD says:

      Oh she knows but her loyalty is to the monarchy. She gave up her life for it. She will throw Harry and co. under the bus rather than admit otherwise.

      • Snuffles says:


        I will agree on this point. Her loyalty is to The Crown. She gave her whole life to it and has a vested interest to keep it going. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Harry or doesn’t want a good relationship with him. I think the Queen believes she can have a private relationship with her grandson and leave The Crown out of it.

        Now, we on the outside see that all the forces surrounding her and the monarchy are not willing to let her. They view Harry leaving as an existential threat to their very existence and everything they hold dear. So, you are essentially asking her to pick a side. Or that’s how they will see it.

        The Queen is doing what she usually does by sticking her head in the sand and hoping it will blow over. And I doubt Harry would push her to stick her neck out either. She’s probably dealing with enough shit with Charles, William and the courtiers acting out a real life Game of Thrones. Harry is probably trying to keep it sweet and simple with Granny in her final years.

  31. equality says:

    This would kind of be the line for me if I were Harry. Unless Granny is mentally incompetent (and if she were why wouldn’t they have made excuses for her not to attend any G7 events?) I would have to call and discuss it with her. I’d put my foot down for her to publicly in whatever way (with it clear it came from her), support the name (or if she is that petty deny permission) or no return for any royal function or visit.

    • Ania says:

      At this point I would never again show up to any public event with dear family. Maybe funerals. They are vile and looking to publicly humiliate H&M while benefiting from their stardom.

  32. Jan says:

    G 7 was embarrassing for the UK, Boris looked like the tool he is. The International reporters he barred from the meeting will be sure to write about their experiences.
    Macron told the UK that the EU is tired of their bullshit and it’s costing them money, the way this conference was run, you would not believe the UK was the host country.
    Boris was hoping to be the first invited leader to come to the White House, but the honor went to Merkel.
    The UK knew that America was not going put them before the EU in business deals.

  33. Amy Bee says:

    This is all about control of the narrative and the Palace feeling like that they’re losing that battle against Harry. Given that the Palace didn’t go to the Times or the Telegraph with story is telling. I think this is really a threat from the Mail on Sunday with some collusion by their Palace sources. The media as well as the Palace were upset that Harry made his own announcement about Lili’s birth and are angry that he is able to respond to the Palace’s briefings.

    • ABritGuest says:

      This. As Harry said on TMYC “ They’re desperately trying to control the narrative because they know that if they lose it, then the truth will come out”. The courtiers & press are mad they were circumvented & missed a big scoop & are lashing out.

      I can’t see this name thing going anywhere because I don’t think the Sussexes are lying about informing Betty (and no requirement to get consent- previous name announcements for eg Charlotte just talked of Elizabeth being informed of name) & can’t see the firm/BBC having Elizabeth or the relevant palace source do witness statements to support their story. Think the whole aim was to continue to distance Harry’s kids from the royal family (no title for Archie, disapproval of Lili’s name) and publicly distance Harry from Betty so they can continue to push stories about how shes hurt by his actions, she’s punishing him etc. They probably want block any relationship with Brenda so hope he knows that & can adjust accordingly particularly as she won’t take up for him.

      This story about change of approach is BS which is why it’s in the Fail. Leaking anonymously works for the palace- no way they will start explaining things constantly on the record. We saw with birth certificategate & Meghan’s case against the Fail that palace sources haven’t been able to stand up to actual scrutiny when it comes to the Sussexes. Also irony of complaining of anonymous briefings whilst briefing the firm will start addressing misstruths

      No FaceTime with the new parents after a week clearly hurts Kate’s peacemaker image which is why this text info has been put out. So funny that that info is apparently fine to leak in an article complaining about leaking. Notice it doesn’t say when Harry allegedly texted Kate so might not have been recent if even true. Similar to how they talked about Harry’s letter to Charles after Philip’s funeral which was clearly referencing an old note from when H&M were planning to step down.

  34. Oh says:

    Imagine honoring someone who will never defend you.

    • Over it says:

      This , so this

    • AD says:

      If he didn’t know or had doubts now he knows.

    • Maria says:

      Unfortunately those of us who grew up in abusive environments sometimes adopted the fawning response to the least harmful/most powerful in the family dynamic to feel somewhat safe.
      And that might be what’s happened here. Might, not necessarily is.

      • Moxylady says:

        So true. In the Oprah interview, she asked questions about the Queen. Meghan held his hand and just hummed- like that’s a good question. He’s not there yet. And he wasn’t. Dealing with a lifetime of abuse from a family that is supposed to love and protect you is really confusing and hard. But this should have clarified some things.
        Blessings on them and their beautiful children.

      • Susan says:

        Maria, PREACH!

  35. Over it says:

    It’s so sad that petty Betty refuses to be a decent granny to a man that thinks the world of her. These people have been briefing against Harry and his family for years, why stop now or pretend like you weren’t all along. All this could have been squashed with a simple, this is my grandson who I love and I am in complete support of him and his young family

    • MsIam says:

      She did make that statement though, twice. And what good did that do? Its the system they are in, which was Harry’s point. Duty over family and all that. Honestly, I think that Harry’s attempt to separate his grandmother from that system was a mistake. You watch, from now on, every time there is an event regarding the queen they will demand that he and Meghan come, because after all, didn’t he say he loves his grandmother? How can he not come for her? How can he keep his kids away from her? Then they are thrown right back into the bullshit.

      • Carty says:

        She’s got one foot in the grave, so hopefully that narrative will take care of itself sooner rather than later.

  36. Lizzie says:

    The courtiers cannot admit they were wrong and misspoke about the queen. They try daily to twist it a new way, the queen is deaf, the queen was put on the spot and couldn’t say no, the queen was told not asked. Crisis managers need to shut this unhinged rant over a baby name down ASAP.

    • L84Tea says:

      All I see in my head is a long row of old white men with mean scowls on their faces and their noses in the air.

      • MsIam says:

        That’s probably about right, lol. I keep picturing Mr. Potter from “Its a Wonderful Life”.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I see courtiers/rotas as the negative/villianous characters in The Phantom Tollbooth and A Wrinkle in Time. The grey men look and seem to me like the Terrible Trivium from TPT-faceless, soulless…

  37. My3cents says:

    The fact that grown ass men feel no embarrassment or shame over this name smearing campaign of a baby is just proof that this institution should not exist.

  38. TigerMcQueen says:

    The courtiers have long ruled the roost. The RF have very little power, though I think the younger members (Chuck, Elegant Bill) are fine with what the grey men are doing vs H&M.

    But really, where in the hell are the crisis managers? This unnecessary drama over a baby’s name is incredibly stupid. My guess is the crisis team are either drinking heavily or they’ve quit.

    • Haylie says:

      I think it’s fair to assume that the new “top notch” crisis managers are as incompetent as every other adviser in The Firm. This is what happens when your staff is nepotism based.

      • Eurydice says:

        Maybe they’re waiting for a real crisis, instead of this manufactured one. Let’s see what happens when the Maxwell trial starts in November.

    • Izzy says:

      If they’re not as incompetent as the rest of the palace comms teams, they are either sidelined or have already quit and everyone is keeping it quiet because they know how that would look.

    • lucylee says:

      These are the crisis managers at work. The people they hired are not high-powered operatives. An experienced communications team would have everyone understand that “no comment” really is a complete sentence when followed by a period. Any courtier that chooses to violate a “no comment” directive is fired. The problems they are trying to correct are not just with the British subjects anymore. The tabloids have focused worldwide attention on the fuckery. Now, everyone is paying attention because they have put an American and her family’s safety at risk. The first thing that needs to be done is to consolidate KP, BP, and CH. One communications officer and 2 deputies reporting to the chief communications officer. These officers would be the only people authorized to speak to the media.

  39. Margaret says:

    These are not children, in the royal, that are fighting against a baby. This is disgusting, there can be no excuses for any one in the royal family, rr, bm, and adult trolls.
    A honour was bestowed on a 95 y/o woman with a name that alledgely, with the passing of Phillip, she won’t hear again. They are all guilty of pathetic behavior and abuse of a newborn. Are there no adults in the family?, starting with the queen to cease and desist with the attacks on a beloved member of that family?.

  40. MellyMel says:

    I wish these courtiers would just shut up! And who is actually in charge of this sh*t show?? It’s embarrassing at this point.

  41. S808 says:

    After the Queen dies, I wouldn’t speak to any of those people ever again. Even if this is the courtiers talking, no one has the spine to put a stop to it if they don’t agree.

  42. Feeshalori says:

    I can understand that Harry dearly loves his grandmother but he also has a blind spot about her. He’s separating her as his grandmother from the the woman who is the queen and it just can’t be done. Namegate is the latest debacle. Time and again it’s been proven that the institution trumps over everything and she’ll choose her position as queen over that of grandmother all the time, no matter how much she may love Harry. Whether it’s by her own decision or others in charge speaking for her or controlling her, the outcome is still the same. The monarchy must be protected at all costs, she’s its head and must march to the company tune. Harry has to come to terms with that sooner rather than later and accept that he can’t honor a grandmother who has no honor for him and leaves him twisting in the wind. Because this will continue to rip him apart.

    • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼, FEESHALORI. Well said. Of course, Harry may very well realize all of this and still have decided to have whatever private relationship he can with her at this point in her life.

  43. myjobistoprincess says:

    The Queen has no idea what is happening or she hates her handlers and courtiers or both, and is just doing whatever to f with them. At her age, I dont think she really cares. She is not going to side with her stranger handlers taking advantage of her and pulling power from their link to her VS her grandson Harry and what they named the baby. The british firm is a bunch of ghetto amateur circus clowns. it is ridiculous and we totally see how this crazy mad house would get anybody into deep depression and create the darkest thoughts one could get.

  44. TitusPullo says:

    Watching the recent video of the queen attempting to cut the cake with the sword, I can’t help but reflect on my own grandmother’s dementia symptoms. Petty Betty has never been good with any kind of conflict and I don’t imagine that part of her personality has improved as she’s aged. Right or wrong (WRONG!), she doesn’t get involved and let’s the courtiers and media act as they wish & expects it to blow over eventually. But the British media is making so much money off of the Sussex’s that I expect this insanity won’t end until they find a new cash cow.

    • betsyh says:

      I also thought of my mother-in-law, who had dementia, when I saw the queen with a group of soldiers on a recent video. (Can’t remember the event.) She said to them, “I bet none of you know the date either.” Deflecting was a tactic my mother-in-law used to hide her memory loss.

  45. Chelsea says:

    This has big “tell me your country flopped at the G7 held in your own country without tellinf me that your country flopped at the G7” energy because there is no reason this dumb story should have been on the cover on a national Sunday paper with everything else going on this last week. This is embarrassing honestly. It’s a good thing these people have no shame.

    But on the topic of this story this is another empty threat because we know BP dont have the gall to go on record like H&M do and if they do they do it will help H&M’s case so they will lose. They are just desperate to pretend they have power over the Sussexes when they have none. They already took their HRH, royal patronages, and security, cut them off financially and took Harrys military appointments so all they have left is the Dukedom and Meghan straight up said in the Oprah interview she didnt care if they took it from her for speaking out since she already lost her father and a baby in this insanity. H & M will probably not offer to give up the titles(while the Queen is alive at least) but if the palace is stupid enough to try and forcibly take them i doubt they’ll fight it; but they will make BP own it which is why BP won’t do it. But i do find it so funny that a year ago these idiots were mocking the Sussexes saying they’d be defenseless away from the palaces advisors and now they’re crying about their “LA Spin Machine” which has been much more effective than BP on a global scale. Life comes at you fast!

  46. KT says:

    My illegal-information-gathering antenna are quivering – how did they know that Harry texted Kate?

    There’s been lots of cases where mentions of texting has been the first pointer that phone records were being accessed.

    Now, phone records may well show that Harry did not video call The Queen. Because The Queen uses a laptop for video calls, not a phone!

    Wouldn’t be the first time members of the press have jumped to a conclusion based on illegally accessed info.

    • Eurydice says:

      Zoom keeps records of usage, I assume other video conferencing do the same.

      • KT says:

        Yes. But have the press worked out a way to blag copies of Zoom call records the way they have with itemised phone bills?

        Because I can just imagine Harry phoning the Queen to say ‘baby is born – turn on your laptop and I’ll zoom call you!’

        And then the hacks get a copy of the itemised phone bill and it shows a voice call to the Queen and a text to Kate, but they don’t have the Zoom call records. So they assume no video call happened.

    • MsIam says:

      Did Harry say video call? Or did he say they called her, in fact that she was the first person he called.

  47. L4Frimaire says:

    Who are all of these allies briefing the press on the Sussexes they are talking about? What are they talking about? This whole thing is why the royals look so ridiculous and why everything they do is half-assed. It sucks that Harry had to issues legal letter but that’s the only thing it takes for these goons to back down. Also, it seemed the Fail was the only paper with this story while the others were talking about the G7. The same paper that’s been sued twice by them.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      L4Frimarie, it’ possible that the Fail wouldn’t be adverse to a lawsuit. After all the last lawsuit allowed the MOS to ask for all kinds of discovery, which came them more clicks. So, this might be a business decision. A stupid one, but look who we’re talking about.

      Also, IIRC Meghan’s pregnancy was announced by a WhatsApp message(?). Could that be considered a text message. I think this is a calculated shot in the dark. They figure this probably happened? Harry is already suing because they hacked his phone. Do we think that they would be doing that now when that’s already being decided by the Courts? I don’t know who has more idiots–the BM or the Palaces staff.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I don’t know anything about WhatsApp but the legal letter was for the BBC and the Mail is still trying to appeal Meghan’s lawsuit ( notice how quick they were to apologize to Harry and pay his damages.) People over there would rather lose their jobs and livelihood , rather than apologize to Meghan. I would not be surprised if the Fail declares bankruptcy and restructures when they have to print that apology to Meghan and pay the rest of damages. That country is like the inside of a twisted funhouse mirror.

  48. February-Pisces says:

    The palace have missed an opportunity here. Harry naming his daughter after the queen only puts the queen in a positive light. It also clears her of any wrong doing that was happening against harry and Meghan behind palace doors.

    Unfortunately the queens henchmen do not see it like that. Instead they are making her out to be a cold and cruel grandmother. They need to do this to separate the queen from harry. The queen can not be exonerated from the racist smear campaign, because she’s there post girl for it. Racists need the queen to be one of them, that is why they are losing their sh*t.

    I wish harry didn’t name his daughter after her. I think the queen sits and listens to harry and Meghan and she probably nods her head and agrees with them, but she has never actually showed any public support. Can she really not just put a stop to any of this? Is she really that powerless?

    • Kkat says:

      If the queen really wanted to shut it down but wasn’t allowed to issue any statements because she is being controlled…
      Could make a statement at any of her appearances.

      So queen how do you like that cake your cutting with a sword, I love this cake it’s so sweet like my new great grandbaby lilibet who my awesome grandchildren Harry and Meghan named after me with my blessing.

      She could mention support in any outing that has media, and has chosen not too.
      I think that says something

    • Emmitt says:

      Lili’s name is irrelevent. H & M could’ve named the girl “Amy,” “Mary,” “Jennifer” “LaKeisha” or “Princess Consuela Bananahammock” and there would’ve been the same outrage. It doesn’t matter what they named her; the outrage isn’t her name. The outrage is that she exists.

      • JaneBee87 says:

        “The outrage is that she exist” You’ve summed it up perfectly.

      • Kkat says:

        Oh I totally agree @ Enmity, this has absolutely nothing to do with her name.
        They could have named her anything and there would be outrage.

        My point was if the queen wanted to offer support she could work it in somewhere, if they are controlling her
        Unless they are controlling her so much she doesn’t know there is a problem or is too senile.

  49. pottymouth pup says:

    “Her Majesty has instructed courtiers to correct any statements which misrepresent her private conversations or those of other senior Royals”

    If this is the case, the courtiers will be doing so on the record with their name attributed instead of the anonymous BS they’ve been doing thus far

  50. JustMe says:

    Meghan and Prince Harry’s daughter, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, like her parents, is already a Powerhouse of Influence.
    Lilibet Diana’s name has shaken the very foundation of the monarchy to its racist bones.
    While the monarchy cannot control Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, her very name has the Power to throw the palaces and the press into a magnitude of panicked pearl clutching and incoherent suppositions that boggles an intelligent mind.
    The combined fumbling narratives of the palaces, their rr’s and the press expressing outrage over a baby’s name demonstrates their instability and fragility.

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly, the name is a powerful move which has upset many people. It was a signal from the Sussexes. The outrage from the media was so out of proportion because it does not allow them to continue the planned narrative against the Sussexes. Again this is going to backfire against the Palace.

  51. Serena says:

    Good lord, they really are portraying themselves as the biggest effing clowns out there.
    So now they want to correct statements that mispresent the “truth” because apparently TQ is enraged about a baby name LOL, where was this when Meghan was bullied and drove to almost suicide?

  52. Dollycoa says:

    Maybe it will give them an excuse to ditch the God awful name they have lumbered her with and say ‘we dont like the negativity surrounding a tiny baby, so her given name is Lily’.Or better still, something completely different from Meghans maternal family.

    • Kkat says:

      Here is another agenda that is being pushed by new names here, that they charge the name of their newborn.
      For their own good of course lol

      What a B.S. racist agenda
      But I guess a racist has to racist

    • True says:

      Lily reflects her maternal side of the family.

    • Margaret says:

      Also there is nothing wrong with the name, the problem is the adults making fools of themselves that a newborn baby has the queen’s nickname, that links her to the royal family.
      You can’t erase that, haters, and racist.

    • Haylie says:

      Better still, they keep the name that they chose and that they like instead of appeasing bots and bigots on message boards and social media.

    • Jaded says:

      It’s not a “godawful name”, it simply shows a great deal of affection for Harry’s gran and mother. Go back to the Fail.

    • House of No says:

      How about not crying over a damn name? If you have energy for this ridiculous topic, your life’s a shambles.

    • Emmitt says:

      I think you’re correct. They should’ve named the baby something that reflects Meghan’s African American heritage.

      Many black girls are named “Princess.” How about they change it to that?


  53. Kkat says:

    Look at all the new names on here victim blaming H and M and saying they should shut up and just talk about happy things from now on.

    So many of these new names (on multiple articles) are saying this it’s easy to see an actual agenda on changing the narrative.

    Could this be how the crisis or team is spending some time? It smells a lot like how scientology smears people and tries to do damage control on comment threads and message boards.

    • notasugarhere says:


    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Kkat, yes. I’ve notice that the last few weeks. I try to respond to give another narrative. They’re almost subtle. If this is how the Crisis Managers are being used, they’re going to find out it won’t work. They would be better used in keeping the “Palace Sources” quiet.

      I’d like to point out that even if the BM wants to keep the G7 meeting out of the press on their island, that’s not happening elsewhere. It’s time that the UK decide whether they want to be a player on the world stage or if they are happy with the narrative they are determined that their populace are fed. If they keep this up, that decision will no longer be theirs. Globally, people are watching, and I’m not talking that they’re watching in a positive way.

  54. Dottie says:

    This is getting beyond ridiculous. Harry married an independent American woman. Our history as Americans means we threw off the chains of British imperialism centuries ago so, well, to put it bluntly, Meghan don’t take no sh*t! Harry picked her which makes me believe he wanted his freedom from those chains as well and the royal courtiers just can’t handle it. The RF is determined to save itself and doesn’t care how they do it or who they crush. I wish Meghan and Harry would stop poking the beast but the First Amendment gives them the right to speak their truth. I kinda think Diana is up there giggling.

    • Emmitt says:

      How is Meghan “poking the beast?” We’ve heard from her exactly 1 time this year.

      Harry isn’t “poking the beast” either. He’s done the following:

      James Corden: humanized Queen & Philip, went to Fresh Prince house

      Oprah interview: told what happened but didn’t name names; said straight out the Queen & Philip were not responsible & had been the only 2 decent people in this mess

      Dax podcast: talked about his mental health as it relates to his family

      The Me You Can’t See: talked about his mental health journey; had on camera therapy session; 85% of the program is other people talking about their experiences

      BBC threat: After the Palace/BBC claim Harry LIED and never spoke to his grandmother about the name, he said pull up yo’ receipts if ya froggy.

      Meghan hasn’t been heard from since March, so unless you mean she poked the bear by giving her child that name…when the problem is the child exists, not her name…I fail to see what you’re talking about.

      • Kkat says:

        Dottie is another racist RF apologist. Yet another stating M and H need to keep quiet because THEY are causing all this hate against them by Meghan doing literally 1 interview on the situation.
        And Harry doing what Emmitt mentions above. All of it work or PR for his work

        The baby is too black for the RF and it has nothing to do with her name, just her color
        Meghan is too black for the RF, and it’s as simple as that

      • JaneBee87 says:

        @Emmitt +1

    • notasugarhere says:

      Speaking out against lies and abuse is ‘poking the beast’? FFS. If they didn’t speak up, the abuse would be 10,000X worse.

  55. Bess says:

    The RF should just stop publicly commenting on Harry, Meghan and their kids. If the Queen wants to talk with Harry, she has his contact details. There isn’t any reason to do this in the press.

    the same goes for Charlies and William. Harry is no longer a working royal and any conversations should be private.

  56. TeamAwesome says:

    Isn’t this the same Mail on Sunday that owes the Duchess a front page apology after she won her lawsuit? Did that ever happen?

    • notasugarhere says:

      And she requested all the monies they made off clicks on all related articles, instead of a small settlement.

  57. Lucky Charm says:

    I’m sure it was nothing more than Harry and Meghan were thinking about girl names months ago, and asking Queen Elizabeth “We are thinking of a few different names, but we also like Lilibet. If we decide to name our new daughter Lilibet, would you mind, or not be ok with it?” QE2 says, that would be completely fine with me if you decide to do that. Fast forward a few months later, they call the Queen to tell her about the birth and that they decided to go ahead and name baby girl Lilibet. The courtiers just like to cherry pick which parts of the story work for their narrative. I hope they never have to go on trial to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” because they tend to forget to include “the whole truth” in order to make the Sussexes look like liars.

    • Emmitt says:

      Harry probably has each and every Zoom conversation with his grandparents recorded, which is why he was so quick to say “If ya feelin’ froggy, JUMP” to the BBC.

    • PrincessK says:

      Well I heard weeks ago of a rumour that the name was going to be Lily, and as a result I was able to place a bet on it…and I won!

  58. HK9 says:

    Soooo the crisis PR people are hiding in a closet in a castle somewhere because this is ridiculous.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Are they actually working or just given busy work while this sh*t show is happening. Obviously no one is listening to them or they have no clue what they’re doing.

  59. 2cents says:

    The most plausible explanation I see for this royal hoopla is that the birth of Lilibet, an American royal princess, coincides with the biggest British PR move of the year, the hosting of the G7 conference and the launch of Global Britain.

    The hoopla against the Sussexes was/is a massive distraction and part of an all-in PR charm offensive to wow the Bidens, to secure the US-UK relationship and prevent closer ties between Biden and the EU. The plan failed epically at the G7.

    Remember that the monarchy is actually a departement of the British government. The courtiers are royal bureaucrats in service to the Crown and the government. The Queen (and other senior royals) is the ceremonial puppet. The British media are just their mouthpieces. The G7 was a joint PR endeavor.

    As I see it the plan was/is to discredit the Sussexes (who are as progressive as the Bidens and Harry has good personal connections with Jill and Joe) in favor of their own British royals to build their own stronghold in the USA.

    Especially Kate was the pawn to cement a work (early years) and personal relationship with Jill. See their joint article in an American paper. Followed by an announcement of Kate’s big coming project this week, I guess the topevent to dwarf any royal connection the Biden’s have with the Sussexes and secure the British royals’ position in the American market. Now we know why the sustained PR efforts to embiggen Kate.

    Kate embarrassed and was not the expected masterstroke at the G7. Jill had a mind of her own to honor Harry through her engagement with the veterans. Maybe Kate will have more luck with her big project.

    Even the timing and new interview with money-hungry bad-dad Thomas Markle to discredit Oprah and Harry is part of this anti Sussex PR campaign. The interview hardly made an impact in the news.

    I’m beginning to think the “crisis managers” were actually part of this propaganda team to take the royal hoopla to an all time low to boost the royals reputation, if that makes any sense🥴

    • lucylee says:

      At the G7, I thought it was strange other wives were not invited to Kate’s debut on the world stage. Bridgette Macron is an educator, and there could have been some fascinating dialogue between the three ladies. Even the presenters seemed lame, maybe because they did not want to overshadow Kate.

      • 2cents says:

        This is another clue. The spotlight was meant for Kate and Jill only. It was more optics than substance from Kate at the G7. Maybe she saved the best for her big project.

      • Original penguin says:

        I’m not sure Madame Macron wants to highlight her past history as an educator or that Dr Jill would be wanting to associate herself with her

      • PrincessK says:

        @Original penguin….Ouch!

    • MsIam says:

      If they are trying to woo or charm the Biden’s then how is insulting Harry and Meghan part of it? The Biden’s have a deep regard for the military and veterans and I think the fact that Harry is a vet and works on behalf of other vets garners respect from the Biden’s. Plus Harry working on vaccine awareness which was one of the signature policies of the Biden campaign? I not saying the Biden’s were planning to beef with the other royals or anything but trying to make Harry look bad was a dumb idea on the courtiers, PR team, whoever’s part.

    • Feeshalori says:

      If they thought Kate could buddy up to Jill Biden to establish the same type of relationship the Bidens have with Harry, they definitely misplayed their hand. Kate is way out of her league.

  60. YAS says:

    The BRF is honestly unhinged. They’re responding to the naming of a child with the same vigor early modern nobles squabbling to inherit the throne would react to a rival house birthing a male heir. Except the stakes have literally never been lower because the BRF at this point serves as ceremonial figureheads and hat models. Calm down, you petty b*tches.

  61. Emmitt says:

    So let me get this straight, because I’m a little slow:

    People are tired and fatigued with the Sussexes constantly talking but they need to get on social media and tell their story?

    Make that make sense.

    • JaneBee87 says:

      @Emmitt Right – some really high grade logic being applied in the comments on this particular post…

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL.. I’m slow too. Not quite getting the tired/fatigued comments and then wanting them to get back to instagram with updates/stuff. As someone else pointed out, Harry & Meghan are not the ones perpetuating ALL THESE STORIES. I’ve read over the last few months here fans saying how they miss Harry & Meghan’s social media stuff but understood why they stopped. Part of me believes there currently are some people wanting H & M to get back to social media so there’s new stuff to rag on them for. Not fans obviously. I have a hard time seeing them get back on social media for quite some time, if ever.

    • Haylie says:

      Yup Emmit. People think they’re slick with this concern trolling.

  62. Robin Samuels says:

    The Q is becoming even more petty As she approaches the finish line. The dresses she wore this weekend were too big. As long as the Q is alive there will be family drama because she enjoys the infighting; it makes her appear to be the only level head in the klan. She is the Wicked Witch in the land of Oz. Charles is well aware if the games being played but he screwed up when he backstabbed H&M. He thought Willy Wonka was on his side. No sympathy😎

  63. Nyro says:

    ETA: This was meant for the discussion upthread.

    I get what you guys are saying but I feel like you’re missing the point. The fight is over. They have already won. Nobody believes a word the royals say. The royal family no longer has any power over them. So going back and forth with them now looks like “drama” and “mess”. It’s time to get out of fight mode and get into thrive mode. People have taken to rolling their eyes at this, but Michelle Obama is right when she says when they go low, we go high. That doesn’t mean you sit sit back and take it. They have indeed fought back. It means realizing that these deranged people’s obsessive hatred of you actually has nothing to do with the reality of whobyou are and that the biggest power move you can make is to disengage and rise above. Like Michelle, Meghan is a good woman who’s done everything right in her life. She’s worked hard, was a good student, built a successful career, is a good daughter/mother/wife/friend, is raising a solid loving family, has been decent and kind from the time she was little, etc. So as Michelle has spoken about, it must be devastating to have people lie on you, try to turn people against you, and hate you to the point of basically wanting you dead. And it is human nature to want to clear your name and say “no, they’re lying. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m not what they’re saying I am!!” I know it’s easier said then done but doing that is not going to make it stop. They’ve put out statements and have sued and yet it hasn’t stopped. It will never stop. They’ve been quiet and were lied and they’ve hit back and are still lied on. These people will not stand down. They are feeding off of engagement and acknowledgement from the Sussexes. They are all vamping off of the Sussexes’ energy. So it feels like they’re at a crossroads. They can continue giving these hateful people their energy and fighting them or they can turn their backs and let them punch the air and shoot themselves. They’ve already won. When they come back, I hope they get an IG, show off their dazzling personalities and their impactful work around the globe, and let that family die mad about it as they flounder on the world stage. Trust and believe, they will flounder.
    And I’ll just leave you with this quote from Toni Morrison which says it better than I ever could. This is black elder wisdom right here:

    “The very serious function of racism is distraction,” Toni Morrison argued in a lecture in Portland, Oregon, in 1975:

    It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language and you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Somebody says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of this is necessary. There will always be one more thing.”

    • L4frimaire says:

      I agree. There really is nothing more they can say and they need to just move on with their plans and goals in life. Let those in the UK wallow in spite and pettiness. They’ll just bitch and moan about anything the Sussexes say or do and try to make it all about them because that’s the only way they get traction. This is just distraction and the Sussexes are now on parental leave. The royals have jumped the shark and we can’t unsee it. They are just sad and dusty.

    • Haylie says:

      I’m sorry, and I love Michelle Obama, but when they go low, we go high is simplistic and doesn’t acknowledge the fallout from keeping your head in the clouds while people attack your credibility and try to take your rights away. It’s a terrible saying. If someone is biting at your ankles, you best put a stop to it before they cut you at the knees.

      • Nyro says:

        Yeah, no. For her and her daughters, that was the right decision. When those who are against you have no power over you, you ought to keep your head in the sky and thrive. The have no longer have any power or control over Meghan and Harry’s lives. They have won. And for Meghan, as a woman of color in a similar position, I hope she heeds Michelle’s and Toni Morrisson’s wise words. She and Harry can continue fighting these people for the rest of their time on this earth, while the British establishment feeds off of their energy, or she can cut them off and let them fight themselves into oblivion.

      • Becks1 says:

        They have already cut them off though. They have said they will not engage with the british tabloids. We got one statement from their spokesperson about the BBC story and that was it. They aren’t going back and forth with Camilla Tominey or whoever else. It just seems that way bc the stories won’t stop.

    • Becks1 says:

      But the Sussexes ARE moving on and doing their work. So much of this nonsense is Sussex “sources” talking to People and Us weekly – do we really believe those people, if they exist, are speaking on behalf of H&M??

      the Sussex spokesperson said their thing in response to this story, and that was that. It’s the British media who can’t keep their names out of their mouths. It’s the British media who keeps beating this drum. It’s not for H&M to stand down. The British press needs to STFU but they wont as long as the palace keeps actively briefing against the Sussexes.

      I’m not sure what else H&M can do at this point. They’re on leave. They have been working steadily over the past year. They have done some really great things in their foundation’s first year. I’m not sure what people want from them when they say they need to stop fighting the british press. Considering the onslaught over the past few years of stories destroying the Sussexes, the fact that they have sued very few times is actually pretty commendable.

      And yes, when an entire country’s press machine is invested in destroying you – you need to do more than just ignore it sometimes, especially because many people DO believe the headlines and buy into the tabloid narratives – not royal sycophants, just normal people who don’t look further – and the constant attacks CAN hurt their credibility. They haven’t yet, but it doesn’t mean they won’t. I think they are choosing their battles pretty wisely and I think they are handling this press onslaught better than most people would.

      They aren’t engaging with the tabloids on a regular basis. The tabloids just want you to think that they are.

      • L4frimaire says:

        The Sussexes issued one statement and then a legal letter after they were called liars because racists can’t stand the thought of the Queens black grandchild having her name. It’s the tabloids and the pissy courtiers who can’t stop talking, who can’t stop bringing up Meghan’s name. The Sussexes generally do ignore them and get on with their lives but the royals are the ones who can’t let go. They really don’t think there is anything abusive about their actions, past and present . I really don’t understand what they’re hoping to achieve with attacking their baby’s name and who that benefits. What are they going to do, brief about the Bench, Invictus, the temperature of the meals from World Central Kitchen? You can’t fix stupid.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sussex Family is thriving, and no, they should not sit back and let libel and attacks against them continue. They are very careful in what they choose to fight, and they have been successful. They know where the bodies are buried, most of them in the W&K offices of KP. They have successfully gotten two W&K staff fired for leaking, which hopefully puts W&K on notice. Keep briefing against us, we’ll keep bringing the receipts publicly.

      • Nyro says:

        That’s fine but they will indeed spend the rest of their natural lives monitoring the British press and the royals, embroiled in lawsuits until forever. Because this will never end. And that’s not hyperbole, it’s the reality of a smear campaign pushed by the entire establishment of a whole country.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, it will end, as long as they keep winning. They’ve already won significant wins, and one more against the BBC would be fabulous.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I love every word of this, and especially that quote. It is so true. The goalposts will NEVER, EVER stop moving for H&M, no matter what they say or do. So they disengage, which is what they have been doing, and they sic their lawyers on the most egregious things. The British media looks like a pack of insane rabid dogs, and they are quickly dragging the whole Royal Family down into the frenzy with them. Harry and Meghan just need to continue to stay the course and let the BM devour themselves. Continuing the drama and foolery is what is sustaining them, but more and more of us normal everyday folks are seeing them for who they are and it’s NOT a good look.

    • Maria says:

      And I think you are missing the point that the idea of a “back and forth” is manufactured by tabloids and you are buying into it.
      Harry and Meghan are living their lives and doing their work. But if an establishment like the BBC is slandering them because BP put out that false statement, they have the right to respond.
      “Going low” would be them writing a tell all about what they’ve seen and they haven’t done that. “Going low” would be them washing all the dirty laundry and calling for a republic after (not that a part of me wouldn’t object to that but that’s not the point). They’ve told their story respectfully and they push back legally when it’s slanderous and they win.
      The amount of articles that have come out slandering them since the announcement of the Oprah interview is probably in the hundreds if not thousands. The amount of times they have responded officially can be counted on one hand or thereabouts.
      The character assassinations most definitely did not stop when Meghan sat back and took it quietly, so there goes that theory. At least now there are real repercussions like the firing of Jason Knauf.
      Meghan couldn’t even release news of her book without the media claiming she was copying Kate. Has she responded to that? No. They don’t respond to everything, but outright lies meant to damage their character from major establishments? Yes, they will.
      Also, the entitlement some “fans” have regarding being able to see their actions and updates daily the specific way they wish them to is weird.
      You keep saying “they won” because everyone believes them. Then you say casual observers dislike them for pushing back. This is paradoxical.

      • Nyro says:

        No, it’s not paradoxical. I was quite clear. They’ve won and so people can’t understand why they’re still bothering with these people. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t responded to every little thing. Any official response from them regarding his family draws massive media attention and a storyline for the palace that lasts for weeks. Let’s not be obtuse. An official statement or a lawsuit from Harry and Meghan carries far more weight media wise than the random tabloid rumors and lies and fake quotes supposedly coming from them. The royal family and the BM know this, which is why I believe they are baiting the Sussexes now. They are vamping off of Harry and Meghan’s energy primarily to pull H&M back into their narrative in order to muddy the waters, tiring the public out. I’m seeing lots of “ok, this is getting old” and “these people need to get over themselves”, meaning BOTH the BRF
        and the Sussexes, from people who do like the Sussexes. They’re slowly being identified again with the royal family again because of the “back and forth”. Step outside of Sussex Squad world and you’ll see. The average person doesn’t know about what Archewell is doing. They’re only seeing the news of this family “drama”.

        And yes, I am in favor of them getting on IG. Not to put out statements correcting media/BRF lies or announce lawsuits, but to promote their actual work where more people will actually see it. Nobody reads websites in 2021.

      • Haylie says:

        Exactly Maria

        And let me add for Nyro, it’s incredibly offensive to keep telling women of color to grin and bear racist abuse and smears to appear above it all. If you recall, while people assumed Meghan was riding above all the smears in 2019, she was actually considering taking her own life. So whether it’s internet posters or Michelle Obama, it is not your place to tell someone how to address a nationwide smear campaign backed by one’s royal in-laws so that you (or Michelle) can feel good about it with a bumper sticker slogan.

        And to add, while Dems “went high,” Republicans went to the White House, Congress and SCOTUS. The carnage they inflicted will last for generations.

      • Maria says:

        I do step outside of Sussex sites. I am not sure you do, since if you did you would realize that yes, people do believe the Royals when they come out with these stories – enough people that it is dangerous and damaging and shows that the Sussexes have every right to push back. Charities have had to almost erase their pages for receiving help from the Sussexes. The woman who designed the “Raising the Future” shirt that Meghan wore got numerous death threats. Statements like what the BBC put out stoke this fire.
        The people who say “this is getting old” are numerous, yes. But they usually already dislike Meghan anyway and have a bias there. Those people certainly do not believe the Sussexes have “won” (When they aren’t paid bots). Those people don’t donate or work in philanthropy, and they are not the Sussexes’ concern.
        And yes, an official statement from them carries a lot of weight, which is exactly why they issue so few. That’s the point. They *aren’t* engaging unless it is serious. So that means it’s not a back and forth.
        A lot of people do read the Archewell site. The people who actually donate and engage with the Sussexes’ initiatives. Those are the people Harry and Meghan are working for and with, not people too lazy to research what they’re actually doing.

      • Nyro says:

        I don’t care about the democratic party. I’m about BW protecting themselves. I care that the first black first lady successfully put her haters on mute to the point that even Donald Trump knew better than to go off on her. I’ll listen to the wisdom of older and wiser black women any day.

        How long is she supposed to take on the establishment? Three years? Ten years? Twenty five years? Because that’s what it’s going to come down to if they keep stepping into the ring. Is she supposed to roll around in the gutter with these people forever? For what, exactly? To prove a point anyone who watched the interview already knows? What’s it going to look like five years from now when every four months they’re involved in yet another lawsuit with yet another publication? She won big against the Daily Mail. And guess what? They still write abusive articles about her ever single day. And that win against the DM clearly didn’t deter the BBC last week from teaming up with the palace to legitimize their lying on her and Harry. What’s the end goal of continuing to go on record calling out palace lies? Are they supposed to be defined by the war with the palace forever? It’s been clear for some time now that telling the truth is not going to stop them from lying, it just elevates the smear and puts them in the mud with the BRF. I stand by what I said. They need to move on for the sake of their freedom, health, and their brand. Battling with these people for the rest of her life is going to make her sick. Harry too. It’s not healthy. You can’t live peacefully when you’re actually in fight mode. Divest from the fight and level up beyond those people.

      • Kkat says:

        So my take away after reading all Nyro’s comments, is they are pushing the exact same racist agenda of they should be quiet and sit pretty and allow them to abuse them forever.
        That it’s for their own good
        And that they aren’t doing that, they are doing something wrong and therefore deserve it.

        Nyro is just more long winded, wordy and more eloquent than the regular trolls pushing those agendas.

      • Maria says:

        So you ignored that the glut of articles from just the announcement of the Oprah interview made her cry in the night so Harry had to console her.
        This is still taking a toll on her mental health. She has the right to push back.
        Your opinions are that she should silence herself. No.

  64. JRenee says:

    If the Sussexes are zooming with the Queen and probably has receipts for the zooms, why would she do this?

    This sounds like the regent, cough cough Charles, who would be doing this. He can’t control the zooms, so he stunts in the Queen’s name. I wish he was an open regent and we would know for sure, this is another awful control tactic.

    • Tessa says:

      Trouble is William probably thinks he is regent and his Peacemaker Wife will take care of all the problems.

  65. Pamuk says:

    This is all about selling papers imo, they gotta give them rags something to write about. Its the rf and bm creating news to sell, its pathetic and a terrible thing to do to the sussexes.

  66. Marigold says:

    I don’t usually comment on things to do with royals because I know very little about them really. But I saw a video on TikTok of the queen cutting a cake with a sword at the G7 and I have to say, she seemed senile. Not in how she did it, but in her entire demeanor. I could’ve wrong, but she did not seem to be someone who was very with it. It’s hard to describe what I’m trying to say. She looked kind of like Reagan did with a vacant smile. It’s weird.

    • Kkat says:

      I know what you mean, I saw it too.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yup, I thought the exact same thing about that. Her expression seemed sort of vague.

    • MerryGirl says:

      Marigold, I agree. She held the sword upside down and you could see Camilla taken aback and concerned for her hand on the sharp side. This isn’t the action of a coherent, functioning person.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Exactly, when she used the reverse side to cut the cake and placed her hand on the sword edge, l knew something was wrong. And refusing the knife that was offered to her. I’m sure ceremonial blades aren’t extremely sharp, but that was disconcerting. No wonder Camilla intervened.

    • Nyro says:

      The fact that she cut the cake with a sword was weird in itself but then she got defensive and snippy when it was pointed out to her that there was actually a knife right in front of her. I don’t know if she’s senile or just your you average slow 96 year old. But she’s obviously lost that sharpness. I think her mind is just fuzzy enough to where you can make her think she’s forgetful and convince her of whatever you want to. Like, let’s say, convincing her that her grandson is disrespectful, that she should be angry about a great-grandchild being named after her, and that she should put out a statement saying so.

      • Curious says:

        omg. that was dangerous. i didn’t notice that about the sword. all i saw was a smiling queen trying to be funny. and it worked cause people was laughing at her goofy humor. she had the most wide smile i ever seen with everyone. she looks so happy and girly .

      • PrincessK says:

        @Nyro…you have misunderstood British humour, the person who told her that there was a knife was using sarcastic humour. I don’t think that the Queen is that senile. I think that she is still pretty sharp.

      • L4frimaire says:

        There was some event a few years ago where Edward cut a cake with a sword and it went sort of viral. It was the only time in the last few years he got any news on his own merit. Cake sword cutting has been done before.

  67. Janie says:

    If I were Harry & Meghan I’d not go to UK anytime soon after all they’ve said and done since this baby has been born. No one owns a name it’s past ridiculous and dangerous the hate against Meghan over there is toxic and her safety is more than likely in danger I wouldn’t put it past their news outlets to do what was done to Diana to her.

  68. Curious says:

    i wish the queen will read some kind of speech soon… her girly ways made me think weird things about her brain. i use to do head math with granny to make sure she was ok. i will call her and put a mathematics question to her. not one, but everything on my shopping list and have her do %. she was fast as lightening.

  69. Tessa says:

    And no briefing about Andrew?! The Ghislaine case is coming up. What petty people.

  70. Debdowner says:

    That pic of TQ in sunglasses is master level trolling. Please remind me of the protocol!

  71. Carmen-JamRock says:

    Struggle island is on lockdown again until…..get this: J U L Y 19!!!!!


    Remind me again abt tht July 1 event they were all wetting themselves over, hoping praying and wishing tht H wd attend?
    I tell u……the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. It is clear: H&M hv more than enough good karma to see them thru every attack from tht ghetto ‘cross the pond.

  72. Well Wisher says:

    I find the Sussexes more believable than the others.

  73. Marivic says:

    The Royal Family and the British media are angry because not any one of them had thought of naming any daughter from that family after the Queen’s pet name Lilibet. They all called their girls Elizabeth. Only Meghan and Harry thought of naming their daughter Lilibet. They’re mad because they were all outsmarted by the Sussexes. And now nobody can take away that name from little Lilibet. This makes them all more furious.

  74. Likeyoucare says:

    Why do you need to brief or report about the workers who had quit their job?
    Are the media and BRF stupid.
    I hope H&M sue them for harrasment or restraining order for the stalkers.