Prince Andrew got his mum a new corgi puppy after one of her dorgi puppies died

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family enjoy a flypast by the RAF at Trooping the Colour on Saturday 8 June 2019

Just a few weeks before Prince Philip passed away, the Queen was given two new puppies by her favorite son, Prince Andrew. Andrew lives at Royal Lodge, an absolutely enormous mansion on the Windsor Castle complex. Ever since Andrew stepped down from royal work, he’s spent a lot of time with his mummy in Windsor, and he’s one of royal relations who checks in on the widowed Queen a lot. Andrew unilaterally decided that his mum needed cheering up before and after Philip’s death, and so he got her two dorgi (dachshund-corgi) puppies. Unfortunately, one of the puppies died suddenly one month later. So… Andrew just got her another puppy.

A new corgi puppy has helped to put a smile back on the Queen’s face. The pet was given to Her Majesty, 95, to mark her official birthday yesterday. Prince Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie got her the six- week-old male — whose name is not yet known. The pup was given to her on Thursday, on what would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.

And he has cheered the Queen, who lost her husband in April and then her beloved dorgi Fergus last month. Fergus — a cross between a corgi and a dachshund — died suddenly aged five months. Andrew, 61, Beatrice, 32 and Eugenie, 31, bought Fergus and corgi pup Muick for the Queen while Philip was in hospital. Muick — named after a beauty spot at Balmoral, Scotland — is constantly at the Queen’s side with an older dog Candy.

A Windsor Castle insider last night said: “The Queen has had a rough time and she is absolutely delighted to have a new corgi. She was distraught when Fergus died suddenly, but this new dog will be perfect company for Muick going forward.”

[From The Sun]

I do think the Queen probably enjoys having the puppies around, but lord, that’s a lot for the Queen and her staff. Having just one puppy can be difficult, but now she’s back to having two? Still, it feels like Andrew, Bea and Eugenie are just trying to cheer up the Queen and maybe that’s okay. I wonder if Andrew is prepared to care for the dogs if his mum passes away in the next few years. Maybe Beatrice would take them, or Eugenie and Jack.

Prince Andrew riding his horse in Windsor accompanied by a groom

Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Kent attend the Trooping of the Color military ceremony

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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38 Responses to “Prince Andrew got his mum a new corgi puppy after one of her dorgi puppies died”

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  1. Cessily says:

    I would not mind seeing puppy photos, maybe they can attend Royal engagements.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I could side eye this, but she lost her husband and her dogs, so a new puppy might be a good idea.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I just find the quickness with which they got a replacement puppy off putting. They didn’t give her time to mourn the loss of Fergus and it’s not like she didn’t have another dog. They could have waited for awhile before buying her a new dog.

    • MsIam says:

      She’s 95. A few weeks is “awhile”.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Msiam:Then don’t buy a dog for someone who’s going to die in a few weeks. But seriously given that her mother lived to be 101, her cousin and husband lived to be 99 and her aunt lived to 100, I think it’s safe to say she has some time on this earth. They could have waited a year to buy her a replacement puppy.

    • The Hench says:

      Also, it might be typo but you are not supposed to separate pups from their mother until 8 weeks at the earliest, not 6. If he did the same with Fergus this *could* have been part of the problem with him so Petty Betty or not, I’m really hoping this pup is ok.

      • North of Boston says:


        I saw 6 weeks and thought “that poor puppy” … aren’t they sometimes even still being weaned at that age, even if they’ve been eating solid food. And they are still getting key socializing/behavior cues from their mom and litter mates. 8, 9, even as old as 12 weeks in some cases is better for the pups.
        Maybe dorgis or whatever this mixed breed is mature faster? (I doubt it)

        And who exactly is going to be caring for this wee one for the next couple of weeks – months? Because 6-8 weeks through 5-6 months with a puppy is A LOT of house training, cleaning up accidents, figuring out the right food, chewing and fixing things that got chewed, socializing, training, etc etc. Basically keeping the pup safe and healthy and happy and keeping the household safe from puppy destruction.

        Just because it is a small ‘breed’ doesn’t make the day to day any easier or less important to do right.

      • SarahCS says:

        I had the same reaction! I don’t have a huge amount of dog knowledge but I thought it was 8 weeks minimum. But I seem to remember something similar with the first two.

    • myjobistoprincess says:

      I think they don’t care or give so much thinking behind getting a dog. She is the queen. Her son is like “I want, I get. She likes, I get.” nothing deeper than that.

  4. BW says:

    I thought the Queen said she didn’t want any more dogs, awhile back.

    • original_kellybean says:

      I recall that too. I am sure she was afraid for the well-being of the dogs, after she passes. Liz knows she isn’t going to live forever and I guess she doesn’t (didn’t) want to leave that responsibility to someone else.

    • MsIam says:

      That’s what I thought too. But they know her better than we do and maybe they thought she needed cheering up.

      • Jais says:

        Did they ask her permission to get a new dog or did they tell her she was getting a new dog? Call the BBC!

      • The Hench says:

        Haha @Jais – an excellent question. And was it before or after the puppy was born? The public needs to know!

      • Eurydice says:

        @jais – I want to know the dog’s name. Will it be another Scottish name even though a corgi is Welsh? Scandal!!!

    • myjobistoprincess says:

      I thought that was inconsiderare to get her dogs when she said she didnt want, but I think at this point – they’re just doing anything to cheers her up. It mist be a very lonely corner to be queen at 95.

    • Christine says:

      You aren’t wrong. I guess Andrew has decided the press snarling about Lilibet will pull the focus while he bribes his irrelevant mom with an alive puppy.

  5. PEARL GREY says:

    I take it the royals don’t go to shelters or rescue homes to adopt their dogs.

    • The Hench says:

      I think some of them might have done in the past but more should. It would be a great example to set.

    • Becks1 says:

      Not these royals, no. Harry and Meghan’s lab is from a rescue though I believe (and her beagle guy is from a rescue.)

    • teecee says:

      These are people obsessed with the purity of their own bloodlines, what do you think?

  6. Sofia says:

    If it makes her happy after loosing her husband of 70 years then so be it.

  7. Robin says:

    Andrew must be the only member of the BRF who loves Meghan & Harry; they have distracted the press so very much from him.

  8. Eurydice says:

    The cynical me sees an advert for “Prince Andrew and his daughters.” But, puppies are nice.

  9. MF1 says:

    Sorry, Andrew. No amount of bribing your mother with puppies is going to make us forget that you’re a rapist and a pedophile.

  10. Christa says:

    It was nice CS if him but Dachshunds typically have an awful temperament

  11. Carmen-JamRock says:

    Wow. We’ve heard more about how happy and delighted she was to receive 2 new dogs than she was to hear of the birth of her newest great-grand daughter.
    F*ck betty and the sh*teaters who handle her.

    • MsIam says:

      Knowing how horrible the queen looked for her part in name gate last week this is probably PR to garner sympathy. But yeah, Petty Betty, your crown is slipping.

  12. Coco says:

    Is Andrew laundering money through a series of dead dogs?

  13. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think this was a very thoughtless gift. A real dog lover (which we are told the queen is) would want to select her own dogs. I think people who give puppies as pets only view the puppy like any other commodity, as if Andrew gave the queen a purse or a scarf. I know the queen cannot appear to be anything but grateful for the gift, but I wonder if inside she is not happy about it. Or, perhaps she IS one of those people who don’t care what dog she gets (I just didn’t think of her that way).

  14. Willow says:

    Puppies are not bandaids.
    6-8 weeks is when momma dog teaches puppies to stop nipping and whining for attention.
    8-12 weeks is the socialization time when puppies get brave and take an interest in the rest of the world, but before that they feel safest with their litter. Why not save yourself a lot of extra work and the puppy some heartache by leaving the puppy with momma and litter mates, until 8 weeks.

  15. Coffeeisgood says:

    The queen is going to be around for another 5-6 years. She might even live to be 102-103. She has the best medical care and access to world renowned doctors and treatments that us regular non billionaire folk do not.

  16. Curious says:

    its not like the puppy is with the queen 24/7. there is some one there to play with the puppy,do baths and walks and such. the queen might cuddle with the puppy for 30 mins or so , its not sleeping on her bed. but its good company. it must be annoying as hell not to have alone time, except when she use the bathroom and is in bed.

  17. Christine says:

    I really cannot fathom the thinking that went behind, “Get your Mommy a puppy, people will forget you are a pedophile. No, no, get another one, it doesn’t matter that the first puppy died, another one will fully resurrect your image.”

  18. JRenee says:

    Same Andrew who couldn’t wait to step to a microphone when his dad died. If TQ wanted a puppy, I think she would have gotten one. He’s transparent and is sucking up to her and gets to have positive press.
    I believe he loves his mom but this seems like something he thought of an added his daughters to the mix to gain something.