Giada De Laurentiis consumes 10 lbs of cheese a day but ‘snacking’ makes her sick

Giada De Laurentiis attends The 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I watch cooking shows to relax. I find it so relaxing to watch Ina Garten or Bobby Flay just cook meals in their kitchens. Just straight-up cooking, not those competition shows or whatever “showdown.” Just let me chill in a chef’s home kitchen so I can watch them make pancakes from scratch. Over the years, I’ve obviously chosen my favorites (Ina) and my least favorite: Giada de Laurentiis. I’ll be fair to Giada – she can cook. She’s not, like, Sandra Lee, who uses pre-packaged everything. Giada knows how to cook, she develops her own recipes, she makes everything from scratch.

So why do I dislike Giada? Because at some point, her show just became about “watch how Giada incorporates cheese into every g–damn dish.” The woman puts cheese in EVERYTHING. She puts cheese in cookies, in cakes, in beef dishes. She puts cheese on vegetables, she puts cheese in or on literally every side dish, main dish, appetizer and dessert. For those of us on the friendly side of lactose intolerant (plus I just hate the smell of most cheeses), it’s flat-out disgusting. But instead of saying to herself “maybe all of this damn cheese is making me feel sick,” Giada has focused her energy on “prepackaged snacks are bad.” This is all to promote her most recent cookbook, which is basically a look into her elimination diet.

As Giada De Laurentiis filmed her show Giada at Home, she would spend the day chowing down on rich baked goods and cheese-laded pastas on camera and then subsist on pre-packaged snacks to give her an energy boost during the long days. But it left her feeling “bloated and tired.” The days filled with heavy foods – which she’d often end back at home with take-out – led De Laurentiis, 50, to reset her diet, which is the focus of her new book, Eat Better, Feel Better: My Recipes for Wellness Healing, Inside and Out, she told Today.

“I was snacking on all the wrong foods – lots of sugar, caffeine, pre-packaged snacks – basically anything that I thought would give me energy to get through the day,” she said. “My body was paying the price.”

The first step, De Laurentiis said, was to pay attention to how she was feeling. “I started really listening to my body and eating the foods that loved me back,” she said. “That helped my body heal itself and also indicated what foods worked for my body and what foods didn’t.”

For De Laurentiis, that meant meal prepping at the start of the week and batch cooking “things like quinoa, brown rice, roasted sweet potatoes or cauliflower, and chicken broth. This made it easy to throw lunches together,” she said. “Once you have everything prepped, it’s super-simple to make delicious, nutrient-dense meals in a matter of minutes. I used to shop for what I felt like eating in the moment, but I realized that I wasn’t buying the most nutritious ingredients or meals because of it,” she explained. “Planning meals helps you stay on track and not over-buy.”

[From People]

Oh wow you don’t say, she felt bloated, tired and gross after consuming five pounds of cheese every day? But sure, the problem is “snacking,” right. I mean, good for her for going with cleaner, simpler foods that weren’t so rich. But you know she’s making brown rice and quinoa and then grating a pound of cheese on top of it. I apologize for sounding so anti-cheese, and I know a lot of people do like to incorporate cheese into their meals, but holy hell. It’s like it never occurred to Giada that the real problem is that she shoves a massive amount of cheese into every dish she cooks? Like, girl, that is why you feel ill.

Chef Giada De Laurentiis attends her celebrity chef appearance at Las Vegas Ballpark

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. nicegirl says:

    I could not live well eating that much dairy omg

    • LadyMTL says:

      I love most cheese (bleu being the exception) but the very idea of putting cheese into or onto everything and anything is making me vaguely sick to my stomach. Blargh.

  2. Kaye says:

    Used to like her show but now she looks like a bobble head with cleavage.

    • Nicki says:

      Yes! And her truly awful accent when she tries to use Italian words. Just stop. That said, she has a lemon pasta dish that’s pretty great. :)

    • Dutch says:

      She doesn’t smile so much as bare her teeth. It’s disconcerting.

      • ClaraBelle says:

        That’s a great description.

      • Valerie says:

        And she does it ALL the time. She grins away while chopping up carrots. I’ve never been that happy in the kitchen. I don’t really care how she dresses or what her body looks like. (I don’t think she looks any different, honestly.) It’s her fake personality and the way she treats her family on camera that put me off of her.

  3. Tuntmore says:

    Is she Charlie Kelly?? “How much cheese have you eaten today?”

  4. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I love cheese. All kinds. Hard. Semi. Soft. Expensive. Cheap. Domestic. International. I’m sure if the moon is made of cheese, I’d love it too.

    • Jensies says:

      Same. I don’t like Giada but see noooooo issue with putting cheese on every single thing in the world. In fact, I aspire to that goal.

    • Becks1 says:

      I love cheese too. I’m cracking up at Kaiser’s anger over Giada’s cheese usage 😁

    • Mac says:

      I love all cheese, expect melted. Something about the texture doesn’t appeal to me which is why I find Giada’s cooking so gross.

    • waitwhat says:

      Have you ever seen Wallace & Gromit? Wallace loves cheese. I am Wallace.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I scrolled down to find the cheese-lovers safe space. Oh, I love cheese.

      Maybe not in cookies, but I honestly don’t have many boundaries about this. :)

      • Isa says:

        Her lemon ricotta cookies are heaven. Try the new and improved recipe. All cookies are better when the dough is refrigerated overnight.

  5. Tulipworthy says:

    Myself and most of the people I know have found that the older we get, the less we can tolerate loads of cheese.

    • Maggi says:

      I just had the same thought. A friend made me a grilled cheese yesterday that was a bit much in terms of ooey-gooey and it grossed me out whereas my young self would have been loving it.

  6. Ann says:

    No way she’s eating that much cheese. I’ve read on reddit (grain of salt) that she uses a spit bucket and doesn’t actually eat most of what she puts in her mouth. I believe that more than eating pounds of cheese. Also if she was consuming that much dairy her skin would be a mess. And she’d always be congested. So many reasons why this is nonsense.

    Also, team cheese here. I’m going to eat gorgonzola straight out of the tub at some point today and it’s going to rock my world.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      I’ve also read about the spit bucket elsewhere. That’s how she stays so slim is because she doesn’t actually eat all of the food she cooks. They also use an assistant’s close up of their mouth taking a bit of cake and then cut to her pulling a clean fork out of her mouth.

    • raptor says:

      She probably does use a spit bucket for her show, but from what I’ve read, that’s common with a lot of cooking show hosts as well as actors when filming scenes in which they have to eat—they may have to do a number of takes, and it’s miserable for them if they get full or if the food isn’t the right temperature anymore.

    • cassandra says:

      I doubt she’s eating 10lbs of anything. a day

    • MrsRobinson says:

      This is not her first healthy eating cookbook. This feels like pure marketing to me, not at all based in reality.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      To be fair, Giada didn’t say she eats 10 lbs of cheese, or 5 lbs of cheese. That was Kaiser’s rhetorical flourish.

      Also, “spit buckets” are NORMAL things on sets with food (commercials/tv/film). You might do a ton of takes, and you can’t have actors eating 20 servings of food just to do a scene.

    • L84Tea says:

      @Ann, I loooooove some stinky gorgonzola cheese.

  7. questions says:

    Does she exercise a lot? I don’t believe she eats all that cheese unless she’s actively burning it.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I love cheese, but certain kinds are not loving me these days.

    Is she extremely tiny, or are all these photos weird angles? She looks so small, I can’t imagine she really was eating tons of pasta and sugary snacks all day, and take out at night.

  9. Eurydice says:

    I read somewhere recently that she’s “embracing” vegan cheese. I stopped watching Giada because every recipe started to look the same and also I couldn’t stand looking at all those teeth – every show there seemed to be more and more teeth.

    But I totally agree about plain old cooking shows, like Ina’s – no screaming, no snotty critics, rushing to beat the clock, baskets of random items – make a dessert in 20 minutes using jelly beans, Doritoes, canned salmon and the frosting from an old birthday cake.

    • Becks1 says:

      I love cooking shows too. I just find them so relaxing. I love Ina, I loved Rachael Ray back in the day, I even love Trisha Yearwood’s even though sometimes there’s a cheesy side storyline I dont need. I used to love Paula Dean too, but that was before I realized what a racist she was.

      I don’t like Pioneer Woman’s, her voice annoys me, ha.

    • Marla Clark says:

      Thanks for the giggle!

  10. El says:

    Thank you for this. Somehow as someone who adores cheese, this post had me smiling big. She definitely doesn’t sound like the right cook for you, but I’m sitting here going cheese in everything, sounds interesting (even if not healthy)

  11. JoanK says:

    No way she eats what she cooks.

  12. Seraphina says:

    I started to dislike Giada. Not only did every dish begin to look the same, but so did every top she wore. Does she not have a top that does not bare us her cleavage. We get it Giada, you are petite and have a nice chest. I love used to love watching Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen. It was fun and she had some good recipes. And my favorite of all is America’s Test Kitchen and Alton Brown. I learn a great deal from those two.

    • Esmom says:

      I haven’t watched her in a really long time but I remember her wardrobe was from Anthropologie and her husband is/was a designer for them. My son and I enjoyed watching her show and would laugh at some things but mostly found her harmless.

      I also find watching cooking shows to be soothing. Saturday afternoons with PBS’s cooking lineup was heaven for me back in the day. I liked Rick Bayless’s adventures in Mexico and in his home kitchen, as much as I found him personally kinda bizarre.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Milk Street is a great show/website! Chris Kimball broke off from America’s Test Kitchen, and started Milk Street. It is the same obsessive attention to testing the best method, but the flavors are way more global (and flavorful) and cooking times are shorter.

      • Seraphina says:

        Good to know and thank you. Milk Street is a strange title.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Seraphina – Milk Street is the street in Boston where his business Milk Street Kitchen is located. There’s a shop and cooking school there, too.

    • Valerie says:

      Ooh, Nadia!! I loved her! The only thing that bugs me about the way Giada dresses is her utter commitment to it. She won’t even throw a full apron on; she just ties a tiny one around her waist. What good is that going to do? lol.

  13. Goldie says:

    Where did she say that she eats 10 lbs of cheese a day? I clicked the link to the People article but didn’t see that quote. In any case I wonder if it’s actually 10 *ounces*. I love cheese, but I feel like like even eating 10 ounces of it would be a lot. I can’t fathom eating 10 pounds!

    • Esmom says:

      She didn’t. I think those were Kaiser’s words eye rolling over how Giada blamed snacking for her sluggishness.

      • Goldie says:

        Yeah I realized after I posted that it was probably just an exaggeration for the headline. :)

  14. AnneSurely says:

    I have several of her cookbooks and they are terrific? And not everything has cheese? Her cioppino recipe is one of my favorites. And several fish recipes that I love. Also the spicy linguine with clams and mussels.

  15. Sam the Pink says:

    There’s no way she eats it all. I remember when Padma Lakshmi admitted openly that she gains about 10 pounds each season of Top Chef because she owes it to the contestants to actually eat the meals – so she just accepts that she’s going to gain weight and focuses on losing it in the off seasons.

    That’s part of why I trust Ina – I can believe Ina eats her own food. But Ina is also really clearly cooking for people other than herself – every dish is based around either her husbands or her cabal of Hamptons friends.

    Also, what is her issue with prepackaged foods? They can be healthy. I’m snacking on some crispy chickpeas I got in little 100 calories packs right now. I live in a house o 7 people, of varying ages and diets – meal prep for just myself is not going to cut it . It’s often just easier to have pre-made options.

    • tealily says:

      It’s because her bread and butter is cooking. There’s nothing wrong with eating prepackaged food, but it’s her job to make us want to cook instead (and buy her books).

      Padma always struck me as someone who really and truly enjoys food. Whereas Giada…. sigh. I just don’t believe she eats.

  16. NCWoman says:

    Well, yes, Giada uses a lot of cheese, just like Ina uses a lot of butter. Very few of the chefs cook sustainable lifestyle food. Ellie Krieger did but her show got cancelled really quickly. Also, just FYI for the lactose intolerant crowd, aged cheese has no lactose. You can get lactose free cheddar, etc, at Walmart. But even if it’s not on the label, if it’s aged at least a year, you should be OK.

  17. EnormousCoat says:

    I will not abide shade on the utterly delightful and whacky Sandra Lee. Every tablescape, every cocktail, every recipe concoction reveals a barely contained madness. Did anyone ever see the house she shared with Andrew Cuomo? Her aesthetic is fruit cocktail meets Absinthe & I’m here for it.

    • TaraBest says:

      Came here to say the same! “Utterly delightful and whacky” is be perfect way to describe her and I think it’s great!

    • Sam the Pink says:

      Once I learned Sandra Lee’s backstory, she makes so much more sense. Basically, her mother had 5 children and the fathers were generally absent, and then her mother came down with a chronic disease and was bedridden for long periods of time. Sandra, as the oldest child, was responsible for buying food with the welfare and disability payments her mother received and cooking for them, and that’s what she credits with the frugal cooking style that relies a lot on prepackaged things. She actually has an amazing thrifty sensibility. I always get slightly pissed now when people attack her because of that.

    • Grant says:

      Yes! We won’t tolerate the Aunt Sandy slander. Cocktail time!!!

    • AnneSurely says:

      Same. She cooks in a way that’s accessible to a lot of people and knows first hand how difficult it is to deliver proper nutrition on a budget. Not a lot of people can afford the way Ina (WHO I LOVE) and Giada cook, but they can afford to make filling, tasty food on Sandra Lee’s recipes.

    • tealily says:

      Best take.

    • FilmTurtle says:

      Sandra Lee’s show was a don’t-miss for me for years. “Semi-Homemade Cooking!” It was totally nuts, I think everyone agrees. But she was pretty much the only person on FN for a good long time who cooked with ingredients that most people could actually access. No, they weren’t always the most healthy option, but they were accessible and time-efficient. Plus, her clothes and kitchen decor and “tablescapes” matched. And cocktails that were 97% liquor. Brilliant. She just went for it, however batty; I don’t know how she got past the factory gates at FN/Scripps.

      • Becks1 says:

        I have one of Sandra Lee’s cookbooks but I couldn’t figure out the semi-homemade part. Like she would have a recipe that called for store bought chicken stock and that was considered “semi” homemade? I guess maybe compared to Ina but I feel like most chefs on FN just use store bought stock, even 10 years ago. It was stuff like that and I just couldn’t figure out the point. She was calling it semi homemade but everything that WASNT homemade was stuff I had never made homemade in my life lol.

        I don’t have anything against her as a person though.

  18. TaraBest says:

    I don’t care for Giada but have a soft spot for Sandra Lee. She grew up in a town over from mine pretty poor and having to care for her younger siblings. It’s how she started to cook using quick/prepared ingredients. My brother grew up with one of her nephews and by all accounts she’s a kind woman whose holiday dinners are just as full of canned ingredients and booze as you’d expect!

    • murt says:

      I have a soft spot for Giada for a similar reason – ie., overcoming childhood adversity – her history of childhood sexual abuse/incest. Can’t imagine what she went through.

  19. Jordana says:

    Lots about her statements is weird. She couldnt eat enough food to get enough energy to get through her days? Was she training for triathlons? She’s a cook show host.

    Also, why was she not able to get enough energy from eating? Maybe she’s not eating. That will zap energy for sure. Cuz no one gets that size or maintains that size eating loads of pasta, cheese, and packaged snacks.

    She cooked all day on set but went home with takeout…..mmmmkay.
    I think this is all her talking words to promote her new cookbook, or diet book or whatever it is. And she doesnt eat. That’s why she has no energy.

    • tealily says:


    • Granger says:

      Yup, nailed it! It’s all marketing. Who falls for this crap?

    • murt says:

      Well if a person eats a disproportionate amount of carbs, that can cause blood sugar crashing / an energy drain (after the initial high). So then the person needs more sugar to perk themselves up. Nothing new there.

  20. Elle says:

    Her mouth is too big for her head that’s too big for her tiny body.

  21. ElleV says:

    Controversial opinion but I wouldn’t look to a woman this thin for health/nutrition advice. Either she is very restrictive, which isn’t healthy, or she’s unwell, or she is naturally very thin in which case she and I don’t share the same metabolic reality and so her advice is not for me.

    • L84Tea says:

      I personally believe she just doesn’t eat in order to stay thin. But cooking wise, she was trained at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, so she’s legit.

    • Robin says:

      I second your opinion, controversial or not. I take one look at her and think to myself – I do not believe you are eating what you are cooking. As someone who had an ED, I am not going to buy books or watch shows presented by someone I feel isn’t being honest about food.

  22. Midge says:

    We are all different when it comes to how our diet affects us. I eat a ton of cheese because I don’t eat meat. It’s a source of fat and protein for me. I put cheese in my salads and melt it over steamed veggies. I add a giant scoop of cottage cheese to anything.

  23. Marigold says:

    Never trust a skinny cook.

    • Robin says:

      Exactly, Marigold. I posted above that I will not take food advice from someone who looks like they don’t eat their own stuff.

  24. L84Tea says:

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit I still kinda like Giada. Recently I started watching all the old reruns to ‘Everyday Italian’ and the early seasons of Rachel Ray’s ’30 Minute Meals’–courtesy of the Discovery app–and I have enjoyed the trip down memory lane to the early 2000′s. I was in my early 20′s in those days when the Food Network was still all about cooking shows and not all these stupid food wars/competitions. My mom died when I was a teenager and I ate crap all through college, so by the time I was in my 20′s and wanted to learn to really cook, Giada and Rachel were who I turned to, and I can legitimately say they taught me to actually cook. So even though I have moved beyond the Food Network and consider myself a more than decent cook now in my 40′s, I just can’t hate on her too much. I’m not really familiar with what she’s doing these days, but I really, really loved her old stuff. Her very first cookbook ‘Everyday Italian’ has some real gems in it.

    • Eurydice says:

      The old shows were great. And I loved Rachel Ray when she’d grab a huge pile in her arms of ingredients from the fridge.

      • Darla says:

        I love Giada too, and her lemon pasta is such a simple and amazingly delish dish. I want it right now actually.

    • Becks1 says:

      Aw this is pretty much me! My mom was around and was/is a very good cook but she just never really taught me for some reason. When I graduated college we had a family crisis that resulted in my parents having custody of my young nephew and I was his “nanny” for the summer and when I had a break from him I would turn on Food Network and it was always around the time that Rachael Ray was on and she taught me how to cook. I loved her cookbooks, even though I rarely cook from them anymore. That year for Christmas my mom gave me one of RR’s knives lol (the wusthof ones she was always using) and i still use it almost daily and its my favorite knife ever. Like when my husband and I were dating, I went over to his apartment to cook dinner one night and I brought the knife with me. He says it scared him LOL.

      I forget the lineup but I feel like Giada was on around that same time – either before or after – and I found her soothing, I still do.

      Everyday Italian is still on my main cookbook shelf and I use it a lot. I love her basic marinara sauce recipe.

      • L84Tea says:

        I love that marinara recipe too! I actually reach for that Everyday Italian book once in a while and always enjoy the simple recipes. The lemon pasta and the one with the prosciutto and asparagus…nom nom nom…I still make her white bean dip to this day. I still have a couple Rachel Ray cookbooks that I never really use anymore but can’t seem to part with for nostalgic reasons. But Rachel taught me how to chop onions like a pro and the basics of using olive oil and seasonings, and about the fond at the bottom of a pot that you scrape up to make pan juices more flavorful. In college I knew NOTHING. If you would’ve asked me to cook a piece of basic chicken in those days I wouldn’t have had a clue where to even start. So those great shows really gave me the building blocks since there was no Youtube yet to show me tutorials.

        Most teenagers don’t ask their moms to teach them to cook. I never did but I wish I had because my mom was a very skilled baker (the best Irish soda bread on the planet and pizza from scratch every Friday night). I have two boys and they’re young now–8 and 6–but you can bet when they get a little bit older I am planning to teach them to cook. By the time they leave for college, my hope is that they’ll at the very least know how to cook pasta, chop fruits & vegetables, make a salad, make a marinara sauce, a lasagna, a meatloaf, and some casseroles. I wish I had known that much when I was 19 and almost setting my kitchen on fire! :-)

    • tealily says:

      Yes!! My husband is always trashing Rachel Ray, but then also commenting when I know how to do something in the kitchen that he doesn’t (he’s worked in kitchens). Dude. I learned it all from 30 Minute Meals! My mom is rarely a “from scratch” cooker… that show taught me all the basics when I was just starting to cook for myself.

      • L84Tea says:

        Exactly, Rachel Ray taught me the bare bones basics when I didn’t have a clue. Some of her meals were a little questionable and I do remember a few chefs panning her. If I recall, Anthony Bourdain detested her.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think a lot didn’t like her bc she wasn’t a trained chef. She learned from her family and she started out as a….cooking demo person at stores? Or working at a gourmet shop? Something like that.

        It’s funny bc her carbonara recipe is on constant rotation at our house (it’s prob in my H’s top 5 fave foods ever) and I questioned its authenticity but it’s really REALLY close to the recipe in Marcella Hazan’s book.

        @L84Tea my boys are the same age (well the oldest just turned 9) and they love to help me cook! I’m teaching both how to chop
        Onions and celery and carrots right now.

        It’s heartwarming how something as simple as a chef on tv can help us learn and feel good about ourselves. I really think that’s part of the appeal of the shows. When I see RR cook something and then I can make it and it’s just as good(or seems to be?) then yay I feel like a winner.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Darla, love her lemon pasta dish too. I’ll combine that with one of my favorite simple shrimp recipes

      Marcella Hazan’s 3 ingredient sauce is a favorite and simple.

      I’ll admit I got sucked in by Kaiser’s 10 lbs of cheese a day headline. It was like WHAT! How can that tiny person eat 10 lbs of cheese a day and not be completely bound up. Needed to know this digestive cheesy secret. Alas, hopefully the magic 8 cheese ball will reveal it sometime in my life.

  25. faithmobile says:

    She definitely rubs me the wrong way. I got super into all of the Bon Appetite cooks during lockdown, youtube has much better cooking shows than network tv. Preppy kitchen, Emmy Made, Claire Saffitz, there are are so many.

    • tealily says:

      Omg Gourmet Makes was my lockdown jam!!!! So good. It’s a shame the Bon Appetite channel went down so colossally. I feel bad liking the programming so much when I know things were sh–ty behind the scenes.

  26. DeltaJuliet says:

    My coworker calls her “Giada Boobsnteeth” It fits.

  27. Cee says:

    I don’t know who she is but I’m here because of the 5 pounds of cheese in the headline.
    I love cheese but even this is too much cheese!

  28. Christy says:

    I have a soft spot for Giada because I started watching her Everday Italian many years ago when I was on maternity leave -good memories. Her recipes are solid – I have a bunch of her cookbooks and the recipes I use do not all use cheese. That said, WHY did she go veneer/bobblehead. It’s AWFUL. She looked great before she did all that.

  29. K says:

    My mother is like this, addicted to cheese and puts it on everything. Also addicted to crackers and pretzels, while complaining that she can’t lose weight. My advice for her is to eat less of those things – stop keeping them in the house constantly if you know you can’t resist – and just eat a ton more vegetables. If your home-cooked food seems boring, use more seasonings like dry or fresh herbs, or aromatics like garlic, acids like vinegars and citrus juice. Cook the same ingredient a different way. There are more creative answers than just, “top it with cheese!”

  30. You Know Me says:

    Sure, Jan. Look at her, she isn’t honest.

  31. LadySwampwitchGivsNeauFux says:

    I can’t take a lot of dairy anymore but i love cheese. So. Much.

  32. Boogie says:

    These comments make me a little sad. A couple weeks ago when her story about her awful childhood at the hands of her father ran… it was all support. Now it’s all body shaming :(

  33. TeeMajor says:

    I dislike cheese, I’ll have a lil every once in awhile, but I did see the epi of her making cookies and finishing them w/parmesan, Yuck!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I have always disliked her, she just rubs me the wrong way…and yet you have succeeded in making me want to watch her show.

    There’s no such thing as too much cheese.

  35. Valerie says:

    Still pretentious.

  36. Rose says:

    Ok hun, enjoy your coronary artery disease.

  37. Veronica S. says:

    I love cheese, but dairy tragically does not love me. The older I get, the more severe the lactose intolerance, too. I can still get away with a little hard cheese here and there, but I fear my days are numbered. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was part of her problem.

  38. observer says:

    maybe giada has developed a cheese tolerance? hear me out. cheese withdrawal is a REAL THING. i once had to stop eating my (daily, cheese-eating) diet cold turkey due to a gastric issue (nothing to do with the cheese, i couldn’t eat anything)

    i had dreams about cheese every single night. i craved it every minute of the day. i’ve done drugs so i know what physical withdrawal feels like, and this was it.

    anyway, i fired up my search engine and went “what the f–k, internet?” … turns out new research shows that casein can trigger the brain’s opioid receptors. i mean, can you think of any other dairy product that has the same addictive quality as cheese? it makes sense!

    so giada could in a very real way be addicted to cheese and, uhm, have a developed a high tolerance for it? maybe she just needs to keep eating more and more because when she stops she gets withdrawal cravings? this is my working theory lol