Stephen Amell was kicked off a Delta flight for having a loud, messy fight with his wife

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I’ll be honest: I was absolutely a messy drunk back in the day. If I got a whiff (or five shots) of vodka, I was ready to argue and get into a big, messy screaming match. One of the many reasons why I don’t drink anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of confrontation. But I don’t have that hair-trigger “let’s fight about it!!” attitude anymore. Stephen Amell apparently also likes to drink and argue. He was allegedly pretty messy on a Delta flight from Austin to LA:

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell was removed from his flight after allegedly getting into an altercation with his wife, Page Six is told. Amell, who was flying Delta from Austin to Los Angeles after attending the ATX Television Festival over the weekend, was removed after a flight attendant asked him multiple times to calm down as he allegedly screamed at Cassandra Jean Amell while appearing drunk.

We’re told an air marshal and three other flight attendants escorted him off the plane. After the incident, Cassandra and her companions stayed on the flight and made their way to LA.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed an incident occurred, telling Page Six in a statement, “Delta flight 966 on June 21 took a brief, eight minute departure delay after an unruly customer was deplaned from the aircraft prior to departure in Austin. The flight arrived ahead of schedule at Los Angeles International Airport.”

Amell issued a statement on Twitter Wednesday morning, telling fans he let his emotions “get the better” of him.

“My wife and I got into an argument Monday afternoon on a Delta flight from Austin to LA. I was asked to lower my voice and I did,” he tweeted. “Approximately 10 minutes later I was asked to leave the flight. And I did so immediately. I was not forcibly removed. I rebooked myself on a Southwest flight 2 hours later and traveled home without any further issue,” his statement continued. “I let my emotions get the better of me, end of story. Must be a slow news cycle.”

[From Page Six]

Amell is 40 years old – getting wasted pre-flight and loudly arguing with your wife is not a good look at any age, but by 40, you should definitely know how to hold your liquor and/or not loudly fight with your spouse in public. That being said, I’m guessing that a lot of us have been there in some way. You have too much to drink at a bar and get into a loud argument with a girlfriend. A beer-soaked picnic ends up in a bro-fight. That sh-t happens. Stars, they’re just like us. (Also interesting: his wife just watched him get escorted off the plane and she stayed put and flew on. ‘Atta girl.)


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  1. goofpuff says:

    If you know you’re an angry drunk, drink in public enough to get drunk and get in a messy fight with people – it is all on you. Blaming it on the alcohol is just escaping from the real problem. He’s not taking responsibility for this at all. More like “sorry i was caught” instead of “I screwed up, drank too much, acted like a belligerent asshole, definitely should have been kicked off and am truly sorry to all the people who had to deal with it.”

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Nowhere in his statement does he actually apologize for disturbing the other passengers, disrespecting his wife, or disrupting the flight.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      Nowhere does he hold himself accountable for his actions. He just downplays everything and partially blames his wife.

      I’m biased here, but after having dated an alcoholic, he sounds like he’s trying to avoid a lot. If they were both arguing why was she left to fly home? Why was she not asked to lower her voice?
      This story gives me ptsd flashbacks.

    • Veronika says:

      His statement makes it sound like he thinks everybody has been kicked off a flight or two for acting like that.

    • LWT00 says:


    • Intheknow says:

      Because he’s a dick and always has been…

    • Isabella says:

      Yes, and I feel sorry for the airline employees. As if COVID isn’t enough.

    • Heat says:

      Precisely. And the “let my emotions get the better of me” line screams of narcissism. Very similar in tone to: If she hadn’t made me so angry, it wouldn’t have happened.

  3. bettyrose says:

    How nice that an aggressive drunk violating multiple FAA regulations was removed peacefully and not hauled off by police and detained for questioning as a possible terrorist. I’m sure everyone equally gets that opportunity to screw up once or twice.

  4. Caitlin says:

    It’s not normal at all to get into a huge argument on a plane that they stop and escort you off said plane. That is not normal behaviour and shouldn’t be considered normal. If you can’t hold your alcohol you should not be drinking it while on a plane.

  5. Snuffles says:

    I don’t drink as I have an extremely low tolerance to alcohol. Also because I’ve noticed just one drink makes me WAY too friendly and touchy feely. I think everyone is just WONDERFUL and want to cuddle. And the people in my life that do drink never acted like that. They do stupid shit but never became vitriolic.

    It’s a window into his true personality as far as I’m concerned.

    • cassandra says:

      Yep. Angry drunks are just angry people who happen to be drunk.

      I used to drink way more than I should ( I am also a touchy drunk) and back in those days I would blame the alcohol and assume everybody was like me when I did something I regretted in the morning. Sounds very similar to this statement.

      If I were the wife I would be considering my options

    • Eleonor says:

      I agree with both of you.
      I am a wine lover, I never get drunk, for me wine is a passion and I hate being sick the day after, so while I am a regular drinker, I am very careful, but I have noticed if I am ok and I drink a bit more I am cheerful and pleasant, if I am in bad shape I become agressive and not fun.

  6. milliemollie says:

    The fact that his wife just watched him getting escorted off the plane, tells me that she’s seen him like this more than once. I hope she’s safe.

    • Lady Luna says:

      I was thinking the same, I’m glad she chose to leave and be away from his mess.

      • Zantasia says:

        Same thoughts. If you are willing to do this in public, what are you doing in private.

  7. girl_ninja says:

    There is something not quite right with this man. I’ve heard of things from past about him but don’t have the energy to look them up right now. The fact that he was told to get off the flight means that it was pretty bad and the fact that he’s blaming a slow news cycle for it being talked about is blame shifting, gaslighting 101.

  8. JanetDR says:

    I’m going to assume that most of us have never had a public fight. Looking daggers perhaps, an angry hiss maybe but that’s it.
    That said, a satisfying memory of my ex husband was the time he was giving me grief for everything /nothing at all on the way home from a party (less than a month into our marriage) and I had half of a pumpkin pie in my lap and eventually pushed it in his face. I sometimes wonder if he would have more opportunity for personal growth if I hadn’t apologized…but oh well.

    • bettyrose says:

      I once had a very public fight on city street with someone I was in the process of breaking up with. But that was in college. We were still teenagers. (No booze involved, but who needs booze when you have endless energy and hyped up hormones).

      • JanetDR says:

        We will allow teenager exceptions! 😀 I was a fairly meek teen so didn’t think of that.

  9. Eurydice says:

    *sigh* That kind of behavior is so nerve-wracking. I was on a flight back from Vegas when a couple got into a drunken fight over how much money he’d lost. He was asked to leave and then she rushed after him and didn’t come back. So we had to sit on the tarmac for hours while they unloaded the plane to get their luggage off.

  10. Normades says:

    He says he got into a fight “with” his wife, while it actually sounds like he was screaming at her and she was probably trying to calm him down. Good for her for staying on the flight.

    Also, I like to drink but have never enjoyed drinking on a plane. Tomato juice is my in flight go to.

    • bettyrose says:

      Spicy tomato juice on the rocks. I never drink that except on planes but I love it in the air.

      • Normades says:

        I read something that altitude softens our taste buds making salty drinks particularly tasty.

        Oh and the whole “must be a slow news cycle” bit is so passive aggressive. He should have apologized to the airline crew, fellow passengers, his wife and their friends.

      • bettyrose says:

        That makes a lot of sense. I’m never sitting at home thinking “I’d love a really salty drink and some pretzels” but that’s absolutely my in flight diet. 🙂

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    Those two need to go ahead and divorce. They are a toxic mess. The stories from the Arrow years do not paint a pretty picture of their marriage. It’s not all one-sided either. They both have issues.

    • Darla says:

      Oh really? I’m a big fan of the Arrowverse, though I prefer The Flash to Arrow. I always thought Amell was so hot though. I had no idea about any of this.

      • Bex says:

        I would take the claim with a huge grain of salt. Those fans of Arrow (who were fans of his character and a female leads on-screen relationship) wanted him to leave his wife for his co-star, and claim the wife is a narcissist and abusive…TOWARDS him.

  12. schmootc says:

    And this is why I have no issues with the airline that has suspended in-flight alcohol service. If you can’t get through a flight without booze, there’s a problem. They should just treat it like smoking, except more that it’s a safety issue for others rather than a health issue. I guess that might kill some of their revenue, but they seem to have no problem jacking up ticket prices for other reasons, so why not for cutting off liquor too?

    • Tourmaline says:

      In this case the story says he appeared drunk before the plane even took off, and was in fact removed prior to departure from Austin. So not an in-flight drinking situation.

  13. Pocket Litter says:

    Wasn’t on the flight so I don’t know what happened. I loved him on Arrow and wish they’d bring back that show. Just not interested in his new wrestling show.

  14. Veronika says:

    Side point, his wife Cassie was on ANTM & quit because of her tragically bleached pixie cut.

    • StormsMama says:

      Lol I just went down a rabbit hole of Antm Bad hair makeovers that Tyra thrust on contestants. 😂 thank you for that

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Omg–I didn’t realize that was her! The thing I remember about her on ANTM was that she did a weird “confessional” interview where she was asked about her attitude & not getting along with some of the other contestants. She said something like, “you know those people who don’t feel emotions like everyone else & they wind up being serial killers?” Then she looked right to camera with dead eyes & said, “I’m like that. I just haven’t killed anyone.”

      I got chills.

  15. GRUEY says:

    I’ve said it here before folks, drunken antics ain’t cute after 35 (they weren’t that cute before but they really really ain’t cute once you hit middle age). Some people can hold their liquor. Good on them.

    Every time I hear a story about a 40+ getting arrested, having a drunken sobbing fit, hitting on a college student, peeing their bosses sofa, or something equally horrifying I say a prayer of thanks and humility to the goddess of sobriety cuz without her, that would be me.

  16. Plums says:

    well that incident on it’s own is just teeming with red flags every whichaway. I feel bad for his wife. And the fact that he totally downplayed it in the tweet, as if rich white guys are kicked off of flights all the time for innocuous reasons, is just bizarre. I’d be freaking out if I was PR at the CW right now.

  17. YEAH says:

    Why do I feel like I’m being gaslighted by this dude?
    You don’t just get escorted of off a plane for nothing, imagine what he’s like when he’s not in public.

  18. Kate says:

    Ugh. I just searched his name on twitter to see if anyone on the flight was corroborating the statement that he was asked several times to calm down. All I see are tweets by fans telling him not to worry, that the news media blows everything out of proportion, that celebrities are allowed to be human and deserve privacy, etc. Um…I’m not a celebrity but if I get into a loud screaming match with my husband in public we no longer have privacy by nature of dragging everyone within earshot into our business. I would expect everyone around me to think we are messy and that whoever is shouting is a d**k. Just like I think he is. If he doesn’t want everyone to know he’s a d**k then maybe he should keep his screaming matches behind closed doors.

    • Emilia says:

      Damn, you’re right. I just checked Twitter and sooo many people are defending him. The privacy bit is the most hilarious.

  19. MangoAngelesque says:

    He was probably butthurt because earlier (the same day, I think) at a panel, his wife called him out for being a diva on a project she directed him in. He acted all surprised at first, but eventually conceded that he’d had troubled “handed over the reins to his wife” and following her instructions when she told him he had to do things like redo a scene. Apparently, he refused because he said he’d “already given her his best work,” even though what they’d filmed hadn’t had the camera pointed at him 🙄

    She made him redo it.

    I can’t imagine he handled being called out in front of his adoring fans very well, especially once alcohol made an appearance.

  20. K says:

    I would say grow up ,but I think he sounds like an entitled, arrogant A-hole. He should be apologizing profusely but he doesn’t have the class.

  21. Sam says:

    I feel like I remembering reading about him having anger or behavior issues in the past and blaming it on his anxiety. This story feels a bit trigger-ish to me after being in an abusive relationship in my day. There’s always two sides, but this feels unhealthy in many ways.

  22. SomeChick says:

    every time I read one of these stories that comes from Page Six, there’s a brief moment when I think the wife’s name is Page… even when it’s someone whose wife’s name I actually know. I literally think, oh, her name is Page, that’s an unusual name these days – and then I realize that her name is not Page Six!

    he sounds like a real prize.

  23. Stan says:

    Rebooked on Southwest. LOL.

  24. Shannon says:

    Yeah…uhhh…I have been there. Though, I’ve been blessed to never have any incidents like that while flying. The worst that ever happened to me was I got hammered before an INTL flight and was super dehydrated. During the flight I got an insane nose bleed which lasted for hours. The attendants called a doctor from the cabin and I got to sit in 1st class…lol. Fun times…lol

  25. Lisa says:

    I didn’t know that about you, Kaiser! No wonder this is the only celeb cite I still read (and do so religiously)! Congrats to you (14 years this September for me). Been there; done that. I wish I could say having airport security called was my last straw, but, alas, it was not. I was an A level drunk b*otch and am so grateful everyday I never have to be that person again.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Oh, wow. I know it’s late, but congrats on (nearly) 14 years, @Lisa! That’s quite the achievement.

  26. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I went full on teetotaler years ago when I killed a full bottle of Jack neat and then drove myself and my KIDS home from a party. (In retrospect nobody even knew we were gone or that I had drank one whole bottle myself.)
    To this very day I am horrified by that and still haven’t forgiven myself. My KIDS!(MerlinsDad and I were going through a very rough patch and we were separated at the time)
    Haven’t had a drink since.

    • AustendGirl1975 says:

      MerlinsMom1018, so glad you all made it safely home! Hope you can forgive yourself one day–you clearly understand the gravity of what you did and immediately stopped drinking. You’re very brave for sharing your story. Wishing you peace and comfort.