Salma Hayek: in menopause my boobs ‘have just kept growing’


Salma Hayek is 54. I’ve always found her beautiful and every time I see her, she looks even more amazing. Salma recently told Jada Pinkett Smith during her episode on Red Table Talk that she’s having some unexpected symptoms to menopause – an even more curvaceous body. Among the many things the doctors said might happen as she entered this next phase of female empowerment, like gaining weight, hair growth in new and unwanted areas and irritability, the one thing they didn’t mention was her breasts growing. Salma said her boobs keep getting bigger and bigger and don’t show signs of slowing down.

When Salma Hayek first went to the doctor about starting to see signs of menopause, she was shocked by the potential symptoms they listed off.

“The questions were terrifying,” the 54-year-old actress said on the latest episode of Red Table Talk. “They were asking me things like, ‘Are your ears growing and there’s hair growing out of them? Are you growing a mustache and a beard? Are you easily irritable? Are you crying for no reason? Are you gaining a lot of weight really fast that doesn’t go away no matter what you do? Are you shrinking?’ And then they ask you, ‘Is your vagina dry?’ ”

But the symptom that surprised Hayek the most once she started going through menopause was one they hadn’t mentioned – that her breasts would get larger.

“The boobs grow a lot,” she said. “For some women they get smaller. But there are some women that when you gain weight, your boobs grow, and other women that when you have children and you breastfeed your boobs grow and they don’t go back down, and then in some of the cases when you are in menopause they grow again. And I just happen to be one of those women where it happened in every, single step!”

Hayek said that over the years, as her weight fluctuated through her pregnancy and now menopause, people have thought that she had plastic surgery.

“A lot of people said that I had breast augmentation; I don’t blame them! My boobs were smaller! So was the rest of my body,” she said. “But they have just kept growing. Many, many sizes. And my back has been really suffering from it. And not a lot of people talk about this.”

[From People]

In addition to the monster boobs, Salma’s also getting hot flashes, and they aren’t her favorite. She said she breathes through them and reminds herself they won’t last, but acknowledges they suck. I love that Salma doesn’t fault anyone for accusing her of having a boob job. She’s like, “I would too, have you seen these things?” But that’s too bad she’s having back issues because of the extra weight in her chest. I know a few women with large chests who’ve suffered for years with back issues.

I haven’t watched the whole Red Table episode, so I don’t know how many of the other symptoms Salma’s experienced. My boobs are also getting bigger, although they seem to fluctuate. Some days they’re massive and some days less so. I’m definitely familiar with mood swings (as is my family) and I have had to pluck my mustache more than ever. I assume my weight gain is peri/menopause related but it could also be lockdown/stress. But I haven’t shrunk yet! OMG please don’t let me shrink. I called menopause ‘female empowerment’ above and I do mean that because our bodies are truly amazing, as is their evolution over our lives. But seriously, the sh*t we have to put up with while it’s evolving. If I waded through all that only to end up shrinking now, I swear to gawd, y’all have just witnessed my villainess origin story.



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  1. atorontogal says:

    I spit my wine out while reading this last night. Lucky her – my boobs shrunk and sagged after menopause!

  2. kelleybelle says:

    And how many times has she denied the boob job? “They’re gifts from God.” Sure, right. You can tell at first glance they’re fakers.

    • Myra says:

      I got this accusation from men too especially when I was slimmer. People do have big breasts genetically and yes, it comes with back pain. I’m horrified for her that they got bigger and I hope it’s not true for everyone. It’s always been my dream to get a reduction when I win a lottery.

    • Mandy Purr says:

      Nah, those babies are real. You can tell by the way they move. She’s just blessed with a nice rack and a tiny frame.

      • Robin says:

        I have got this, too, Myra. I am tall but with a small frame, if that makes sense, so my really large boobs look huge. I think that being tall lets me carry them without back pain. Even when I’ve been really thin, they have stayed really large. There is a woman over here in the UK called Gail Porter, she used to be a TV presenter, who has been open about many things, including having had large breasts and a reduction. Prior to her reduction, she spent many years with an eating disorder, during which time a male doctor said to her something like “you can’t be anorexic with boobs as big as yours”, which naturally made her spiral even further. Boobs can stay big while other bits don’t.

        I’ve had people ask me if they are fake, which is disgustingly inappropriate. I feel like having big boobs is sometimes like being pregnant: people think they have the right to stare and to talk to you as if that part of your body is public property, much like people coming up to touch your pregnancy bump. And in my experience it’s not just men who gawp at women with big breasts. A lot of women do it, too, and they are the ones I’ve had comments from, ie they’re too big to be natural etc.

        Anyway, I’m determined to get a breast reduction. I’ve wanted one for years and it’s time.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        I agree; those are real. Implants don’t look like that, and they don’t move like that.

    • Mee yo says:

      @KELLEYBELLE I don’t know why she keeps lying. Look at her in Desperado, fast forward to From Dusk till Dawn, and she has new boobs. Them by Ugly Betty they’re gigantic. And bigger now yes. But she has implants. And lip injections. Compare Desperado to now. Ohhh Penelope Cruz also got implants. They both need to stop lying. They don’t owe us an answer or explanation, but don’t lie about it

      • Jaded says:

        Well let me tell you my post-menopause experience. My boobs went wild. I went from a D cup to a DD then an E cup over the course of about 3-4 years. It got so bad that I finally opted for a reduction in 2007. I had back and neck pain, grooves in my shoulders from uncomfortable hydrolic uplift minimizer bras, and couldn’t find clothes or bathing suits to fit because from the waist down I’m slim.

        She’s not lying, those babies are real. Once upon a time I was a happy 36B but let me tell you menopause is a bitch and while some women may find their breasts get smaller, some have the opposite reaction.

    • Justjj says:

      I have a smaller frame and ginormous tiddys and I hate them. As soon as I know I’m for sure done having babies, they’re gonna be gone. I want perky a-b cups that don’t make me look like a stripper in every tank top and backless dress I wear.

  3. Eleonor says:

    I have a friend who underwent a breast reduction surgery because of backpain, she is happy now!

    • Heat says:

      My boobs have also increased tremendously since menopause and my neck and back are suffering big time. I have thought about getting a breast reduction many many times.

      • Chica1971 says:

        Mine too.. Just thought it was because of sudden Covid weight gain. Never occurred to me that it was linked to menopause

      • Robin says:

        Hi Heat. See my comments elsewhere on this post. My boobs have always been too large. I’ve put off a reductioin for years, thinking it was vanity or not the right time – basically, always excuses. I’m so fed up with them. Menopause has shifted my focus onto me, for once, having spent years thinking about what needs to be done for the kids. I feel this is the time to do something just for me.

    • Jaded says:

      I had reduction surgery in 2007 after menopause decided to make my boobs blow up like hot air balloons. Best thing I ever did so I heartily recommend it.

  4. Seraphina says:

    Love how glamorous certain actresses try to make events for themselves, when the rest of us are the opposite. I used to like her, the more she flaps those lips and vocalizes thoughts, the less I like her.

  5. Wilma says:

    My boobs are growing too. It’s like puberty all over again, including the soreness and the pain when they’re touched or when I bump into something.
    And the endless periods! I hate menopause, it doesn’t feel empowering at all.

    • ME says:

      What you are describing is peri-menopause. You don’t enter menopause until you’ve missed your period for one full year.

    • Saartjie says:

      OMG, the endless periods. Was not aware that peri-menopause could bring you more periods rather than less. Every time I think, is this it? Then 10 to 25 days later, here we go again. Sigh.

      • ME says:

        Peri-menopause is a roller coaster ride with your hormones…up one day, down the next. This constant increase and decrease in hormones is what causes the symptoms. What really sucks is that peri-menopause can last 10 years in some women ! I honestly always thought that one day you get hot flashes and your period ends for good. I had NO idea what peri-menopause was. It’s hell for so many women.

      • Suzybontime says:

        It’s true… I just turned 59 and still get hot flashes… It really sucks but to take anything like estrogen to get through it? To me you’re screwing with Mother Nature. Just find ways to make yourself more calm and more comfortable. Me? I wear nothing but cotton and natural fabrics.

    • Normades says:


      I hear ya! I used to think you got your period less and less until one day it stopped. Nope. I used to have very long but very regular cycles and now I feel like I’m the rag all the time!

  6. (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

    Ok, just a couple of things. Yes, boobs DO grow bigger with weight gain, and deflate with weight loss (Boy, can I attest to that!) But they do NOT look like boulders sitting on your chest wall, nor can you see the delineation of breast tissue at the top. Boobs also deflate as you loose estrogen in menopause (again…I can relate; from the side, it looks like I have two tube socks with pebbles at the toe) Again…just me, but…also just about every woman I know has “deflated” with age (and gravity).

    Now, after childbirth/breastfeeding? Yeah… Oh yeah. My sister had the PERFECT perky, small C cups, you couldn’t hold a pencil under her boobs (the surgeon who did my reduction after weight loss told me this was an “unofficial test” for perkiness *as a joke!* lol). But her boobs WERE perfect! Anyway…after breastfeeding each boy, they grew. And grew. And she is ENORMOUS now. Went from a 32/34 B/C cup to a 34 G/H. And they’ve NEVER gone back, even now, when the “babies” are almost 21 and 23! 😄

    But Selma, girl… we SAW how you inflated overnight all those years ago. And your boobs have only gotten bigger and rounder. That just doesn’t happen with age and gravity (and neither does a smoother/firmer face). You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but don’t take us for blind and stupid.

    • Robin says:

      Hi. I’m with her on the boobs growing in menopause, but not with her about her actual boobs growing in menopause, if that makes sense! Thing is, mine have grown and they were too big already. Everytime I see someone mention a reduction, I jump in and ask how it went?! I am determined to get mine done after years of wasting time thinking about it. Someone did tell me reduced breasts can regrow, especially around menopause, so maybe I’ve done myself a favour putting it off until now. I may even have asked you before, I can’t remember. As I say, I ask anyone with related experience. Was it a difficult recovery? How long did you stay in hospital afterwards? And when would you say the reduction actually settled? I’ve heard it can take up to a year for your new boobs to find their size.

    • Jaded says:

      I respectfully disagree. My boobs doubled in size after menopause. They did not deflate, they blew up like hot air balloons. Every woman is different in their reaction to loss of estrogen. She seems to enjoy showing off her post-menopausal boobs but I hated it. And they actually looked like hers when I wore a bathing suit or a low cut or tight top, which I stopped doing because I was embarrassed. Getting a reduction was one of the best things I’ve ever done — I didn’t feel like I was being controlled by breasts any longer.

      • Robin says:

        Jaded. Hi . My boobs look like hers in a swimsuit etc. And they have grown. Not doubled like yours, but grown because of menopause. Where you say ” I didn’t feel like I was being controlled by breasts any longer” – that is how I feel exactly and I’ve felt like it for years. They determine what I wear, what I do (sports wise), and how some people interact with me (which I know is their problem, not mine). They haven’t hurt my back but my bras have left dents in my shoulders, which I don’t think will ever go. “Control” is the right word. I’m glad it worked out for you and it makes me more determined to get back to my pre covid plan and get a reduction done.

  7. Lauren says:

    My mum went through the same thing during menopause. I have always been a big-chested girl, while my mum (lucky her) had mid-sized perky boobs, and she always used to tell me that I was very lucky to have naturally big boobs whenever I complained about it. Fast forward to last year and she has gone up a couple of sizes in bra and hates her chest and complains about it constantly. I’m always delighted to tell her “I told you so”.

    • Robin says:

      Ha ha. People always say how lucky I am to have big boobs. Wait until you want to go out for a run and the course takes you past some traffic lights and you get beeped continually by men in waiting cars, or when they just annoy the hell out of you in clothing etc.

  8. mellie says:

    Yes, my chest is getting bigger and as a runner, I really don’t care for it….plus my boobs are sore!!! But, it could be worse. I have some hot flashes, not as bad as some of my friends, but for me, the forgetfulness is honestly the worst symptom. I couldn’t remember the numbers in our address the other day and it was embarrassing!

  9. TeamMeg says:

    My mom’s got bigger after menopause too. Sadly not my fate. Started as a solid C in my 20’s, shrunk down to AA after two kids, and post meno, it’s flat as a saggy pancake time for me. *sigh*

    On a brighter note, anyone else getting Keira Knightly vibes from Salma’s face in the green dress photo? (What Keira would do for those boobs, tho–!)

  10. ME says:

    Is she in menopause or in peri-menopause? I think you’re more likely to get bigger boobs during peri when your estrogen can spike. In menopause your estrogen takes a huge dive and stays there…unless she’s taking estrogen supplements or something.

  11. CV says:

    I’m just a year younger than Salma and I have had the same issue w my boobs getting way bigger, but I’ve also of course gained weight all along, so hard to tell if it’s the menopause or the just getting bigger everywhere lol

    anyway glad she is talking about it and yes women’s bodies are amazing!

  12. pottymouth pup says:

    so funny reading this literally 2 minutes after watching the best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (spoiler it’s about menopause) that a friend sent to me today

  13. Limerick says:

    While I had the same symptoms as Selma, my end results do not look the same. My boobs seem to grow every day – now a G cup. I gained weight after menopause that I cannot shake. I’ve given up alcohol, tried WW, worked with a nutritionist, started exercising seriously and the best I can get is a 5 pound loss that comes back in six weeks, even with the changes. At the end of the day I am actually healthier than ever so I suppose a healthy heart (and nice legs at 60!) are all that matter. But I so LOATHE the boobs because it is hard to find clothes and I find myself resorting to oversized sack dresses.

  14. Robin says:

    This is one thing I can agree with her on. I have had no symptoms and it has been very easy for me – I know this is quite rare and I feel very fortunate. However, my boobs have indeed grown. It is so annoying. They were too big already and I have always wanted a reduction. Perhaps this has saved me some money. I’ve heard that even after a reduction they can grow bigger around this age. Once covid clears, hopefully, I am definitely booking that reduction.

    • ME says:

      So just wondering, did your period just stop one day and that was it? You had no symptoms before or after? You are indeed lucky if that’s the case.

      • Robin says:

        Hi ME. My periods just started to get more infrequent a few years ago, so I guess that could be classed as a symptom, but an easy one. I saw my gynaecologist about something else around that time, and she said my womb lining was naturally age related thin and I had about one or two periods left. She asked me about any menopausal symptoms and I had none. She said there are some women who just one day realise they’re in menopause. I always noted my periods in my calendar, and recently realised that I’d gone a year plus from my last one.

        I’ve had an easy ride, touch wood. At some level I wonder whether my body aligned itself to my brain. It sounds stupid, I know. The thing is, my partner is emotionally absent. He has never asked me about being in menopause, for example. He is very unsupportive generally. I hear other women talking about their spouses and how much they share with them on this issue, and my heart aches. I am very lonely with this kind of thing. The thought of a horrible menopause with him is too much to think about. My pregnancy was pretty much a walk in the park, as well, and I wonder whether it was for this reason. I know, it’s daft.

      • ME says:

        @ Robin

        You may very well be on to something there. Our mental health is very important and 100% connected to our physical health. I am happy you had an easy transition into menopause but it saddens me you feel alone and have no support from your spouse. I wish you well.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks, ME. It’s interesting what you say about mental and physical health. Apparently, as female hormones dip, so does the sympathy register, and women become more self-centred around this life stage (about time). A lot of relationships break up at this point. It’s not just because the kids have grown and gone, but also because women emotionally detach and get a true perspective on their partners. I think it’s called a time of lifting the veil.

  15. JillyBeann says:

    How stupid and gullible do these celebrities think the we are as the public?


  16. Mia says:

    I love hearing women openly talking about menopause! As a young woman, I appreciate the older generations fighting against conversational taboos around women’s health. I often feel like men, even doctors sometimes, just want us all to shut up. It’s a precious dialogue that’s taken generations of women to build.

    I hope her back is okay!

    Idk if they’re real or not and I don’t care, she’d be hot with or without them

    • Kelly says:

      Even female doctors don’t prepare you. It’s a marginalizing effect and a joke for so many people.

      Menopause was manageable, but I was in perimenopause for years and didn’t know it. Random fevers and night sweats were the first indication and that went on for a couple of years.

      • Mia says:

        Dang that sounds rough 🙁 It really sucks when health stuff effects sleep. Medical education is probably skewed towards male anatomy – it would explain why women’s health is politicized while there’s a multi billion dollar boner pill industry.

  17. Kelly says:

    I don’t know whether hers are fake or not, but breasts can grow with menopause. I’m up a couple of sizes. Sadly, I don’t look quite like Salma.

  18. lisa taylor says:

    TMI. No need to draw attention to your assets. The public doesn’t need to know every detail about you. Maybe talk about your next film or creative project. Kind of arrogant to assume that us peasants care about the minutiae of your life.

    • Robin says:

      Exactly. I said this on the previous post about her rescue animals, where she also talked about preparing her body for bikini photos. Yes, it’s her right, her body, her publicity. But I am still left wondering whether this is all we have left to expect from some female actors etc. Where are the projects? The acting?

  19. psl says:

    I cannot stand this woman. First of all, we all know she has had a nose job and a boob job. I am so TIRED of all the LIES these people tell.

  20. You Know Me says:

    Oh, Bless Her. Salma, sweetie pie, honey bunch; we’ve seen the before/after photos. Your boobs were fantastic before you shoved those huge implants in there. If all you find interesting in yourself is the size of your breast; please do some self-discovery.

  21. Sherry Greengrass says:

    For sure she is on hormone replacement therapy, which keeps things perkier, but is also increases your risk of breast cancer if taken for a certain amount of time.I haven’t done it, largely because of the cruelty inflicted on mares to procure their urine for the drug. I have read that it’s not produced in North America because we have more stringent animal cruelty laws than Asia, where it’s made. The mares are given hardly any water so there’s a bigger concentration of urine, and they are kept in deplorable conditions. It’s a personal choice, but just sayin’.

    • caela says:

      Just to say HRT does not increase your risk of breast cancer. If you already have cancerous cells in your breasts, it can speed up their growth. But it won’t cause breast cancer or increase your risk. This is a myth from a poorly written study in the 90s that has stopped a lot of women from taking HRT when it could benefit them.

  22. Barbie1 says:

    Salma defying the laws of nature

  23. Grace says:

    I don’t know if she is natural or “enhanced”, but I am definitely here to vouch for boob growth at menopause. I had a &^%$ breast reduction 15 years ago. Now, after menopause, I am back to the original size, I kid you not! At least they aren’t sitting at my belly button though! And also, hasn’t she always kinda flaunted her chest…and she’s still doing it!

  24. Isa says:

    I know tiny women can have large breasts, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Eventually you get to a point where the breasts just puddle in the cup, no matter how much you push them up.

    • Robin says:

      Isa, I agree. See my comment that landed below as a separate entry. (When I say “someone up thread”, I mean someone way up thread from your comment.)

  25. Robin says:

    Someone up thread said her boobs look real by the way they move and that you can have a small frame with big boobs. This I can understand, as a large breasted woman with a tall but narrow frame.

    So, the way they move is important. But it’s also how they hold. I believe Christina Hendricks has real breasts by the way she holds her body to accommodate them. Thing is, the picture of Salma in the green dress with her arms up. The weight distribution/body position isn’t quite right for large breasts. They seem too light a hold, as if they aren’t part of her body weight entirely.

  26. Caramel says:

    What has she done to her mouth area she . It looks very strange.