Dita Von Teese’s new Wonderbra line: racier, naughtier


It’s even more highly-anticipated than the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Bra Sale. Well, at least in my house it is. Burlesque star Dita Von Teese revealed her newest collection for Wonderbra in a splashy London event, and these pretty things are a bit more racy and revealing than her last collection. While both still celebrate the 40’s and 50’s style for which Dita is famous, the new line, called the “Party Edition,” shows a lot more skin.

Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese kept her stunning figure under wraps and left the stripping to models as she launched her latest set of undies.

The 36-year-old performer appeared to come over all shy as she revealed her new Wonderbra ‘party edition’ range at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

The stunning pin-up first launched her range last year with lingerie inspired by the ’40s and ’50s.

The latest line features five styles and includes the Multi Teese Party Edition bra and thong set, with elegant velvet straps, bow detail and sequins.

Other items to inspire you to get into the party mood include a vintage-style red and black high suspender belt, black lace bra and knicker set, and a red and black cleavage-enhancing bra with lace detail and a ribbon bow.

[From Metro UK]

Now that does sound like a party! I love wearing lingerie and I especially love the retro style – it’s very flattering to those of us who are not stick figures. One word that kind of kills the sexy buzz for me, though, is “knickers.” I know the show was in London and this reporter is a Brit, but “knickers” always makes me think of big giant granny panties. Something I’m sure Dita wouldn’t be caught dead in!

Here’s Dita Von Teese with two models showing off her new “Party Edition” Lingerie in London. Photos: Fame.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I like the bra with the bows on the nips. It’s cute.

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Still no one mentions her extensive and on-going fetish p*rn portfolio. What gives? Why does she get a pass?

    I’m not knocking her, believe me I’m just curious about this obvious dichotomy.

  3. crash2GO2 says:

    How on earth does she stay so white? All I have to do is look at the sun and I start to pigment. And it’s not necessarily a good thing!

  4. princess pea says:

    I know Hieronymous… It’s weird to me. She’s consistently referred to as a ‘performer’. Never “stripper” or even “exotic film star”. I don’t get it. How does marrying MARILYN MANSON constitute a whitewash on someone’s past? Shouldn’t that make it worse?

  5. Firestarter says:

    @Crash- No joke! Her skin is like damn milk and it looks very soft! God knows, I am the same, the minute I see sun I get a freckle!

  6. Popcorny says:

    Something odd has occured to her lower face. Probably age or injections.
    Don’t get me wrong, still beautiful, just a lil different.

  7. QB says:

    I think people don’t think that is so relevant to mention her fetish work since she is really open about it and will talk about if she is asked about it.

    There is no controversy in there , she even says that she does not like to be called an burlesque “artist” because what she does is stripping and she is just a stripper.

    She never pretended to be another thing and people just like her for that.

  8. ihua says:

    bras are great but why those ladies has too small sizes for them :/
    btw, i’m similary pale, i’ve never been sunbathing and now i don’t pigment at all.

  9. elusive says:

    Why arent these bras available in North America? They’re too cute.

  10. Rain says:

    Yeah, Dita is very pale! I wonder how she does it. I must’ve gotten 5 shades darker this summer, and I wasn’t even spending much time outside.

    On another note, am I alone in thinking that I’d like to see Dita in regular clothing for once? Jeans and a tee, no makeup or styled coif. Can you imagine? Haha. I think that would be far more shocking than anything Lady Gaga can come up with.

  11. Trillion says:

    A less tacky Elvira is what that header photo says to me.

  12. Nova says:

    She is famous mainly because she is beautiful….and maintains it always. Never have I seen a picture of her where she looked unkempt or messy. She always seems so immaculate and I think that fascinates people.

  13. Firestarter says:

    @Rain- I have seen her in jeans, once, but she had a tight retro t on, scarf, full make-up, shades and heels.

  14. barneslr says:

    “How on earth does she stay so white? All I have to do is look at the sun and I start to pigment. And it’s not necessarily a good thing!”

    Trust me…there are those of us who can bake in the sun for hours and…nothing. I was raised in HAWAII and never achieved a tan. I live in the south & got a pool this summer, spending many, many hours outside in the sun and only achieved the barest of tans (only by using no sunscreen at all…I know, I know, spare me the lecture).

    Some of us just have practically no melanin in our skin. I’m clearly one of them, and evidently she is as well.

  15. QB says:

    I have seen her with out make up (google it for the pic) and she looked super pale and you could see what she means by “creating beauty”.

    Most of her “casual clothe” is retro and I think I saw her once back when she was with Manson wearing jeans & tshirt with no make up on.

  16. BitterBetty says:

    A woman with bolted on plastic breasts selling wonderbras. GOOD ONE.

  17. Aspen says:

    In Okinawa, they value the pale skin because it’s hard to achieve…being a tropical island and all.

    Most of the ladies here carry parasols everywhere they go and wear hats in the sun.

    I would imagine vigilant attention to avoiding sun exposure is a big part of her staying so pale.

  18. TwinkleToes says:

    To get the white skin, you need to go check out Japanese skincare lines with whitener/brightner. They covet pale skin, think Geisha. In fact, you can buy Shiseido’s skin whitener at your dept. stores’s counter. Or go to JList.com for others and check out Asian cosmetic blogs.

  19. TwinkleToes says:

    Also notice her hands are covered and her legs aren’t that white. I think she used the authentic Geisha makeup on her face neck and chest. The white makeup is just sheerer by adding more water to the powder. I just bought this stuff, so expensive, to be Geisha for Halloween. YouTube has a video of real Geisha applying makeup.

  20. Lisa says:

    She looks like she is made of milk. 🙂

  21. Brandy says:

    I love the juxtaposition involved. You have such contrast between Dita and the models. They represent the current ideal of tanned and exposed while Dita retros it up by being pale and (mostly) covered. Still sexy, but more so in a tastefully provocative way. Even when she’s wearing the bare-minimum (or nothing at all) she does it in a way that connotes class and poise. Love her.