Andra Day on the Brad Pitt rumor: ‘We’ve never met… we don’t even know each other’

BET Awards 2021

In early June, there was a very strange story in the Daily Mirror. According to their sources, Brad Pitt had been showing a lot of interest in Andra Day, and they spent some time together at the Oscars. Sources claimed that “Andra has been on Brad’s radar for a while” and that they flirted with each other and exchanged numbers at the Oscars in April. I believed it was yet another strategic piece of gossip from Team Pitt, to “put” him with someone hot, young and interesting, someone who would “make Angelina jealous.” Remember Neri Oxman? Remember Nico Poturalski? We learned about both of them from Team Pitt as well. I was curious to see if Andra Day would play along with this Pitt scheme. Hilariously, she waited nearly a month before saying anything:

Don’t expect to see Andra Day on Brad Pitt’s arm anytime soon! The 36-year-old musician and actress spoke to ET’s Kevin Frazier at Sunday’s 2021 BET Awards about the recent rumor that she is dating the 57-year-old Oscar winner.

“Oh my gosh, child, especially because we’ve never met,” she quipped of Pitt. “So I was like, ‘Oh, alright.’ My sister actually hit me up after, she was like, ‘You met Brad Pitt?’ I said, ‘I guess so. I guess we did.'”

As if this weren’t confirmation enough that there’s nothing going on between the pair, Day added, “We’re not dating. We don’t even know each other. It is hilarious. It was thin air. Somebody was bored that day.”

Despite not being romantically involved with Pitt, Day did praise the star, saying, “He’s great, though, super talented, wonderful.”

[From ET]

She’s just keeping it professional – God knows, Brad could be producing her next film, you just never know. But she wanted to underline the fact that she wasn’t flirting with Brad or exchanging numbers with him or anything. Good – she’s way too cool and pretty to be with Brad.

I do wonder why he seems to be having such issues locking down some kind of famewhore girlfriend. Nico was game, clearly, but she was married and I think Pitt’s people were like “oh no, this makes Brad look like a dirty old man.” The Aniston-baiting just doesn’t get the same kinds of headlines anymore. So why not go for some B-list actress in her 30s, someone who will cover the same “America’s sweetheart” ground as Aniston? Is it because Brad fancies himself a “cool guy” and he wants some super-sexy A-lister in her 20s? There’s a rumor going around Deuxmoi that Brad has been seeing Lykke Li… but Deuxmoi was also saying, months ago, that Brad and Jen Aniston were back together. So IDK.

Brad Pitt checks out of his Tribeca hotel

BET Awards 2021

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20 Responses to “Andra Day on the Brad Pitt rumor: ‘We’ve never met… we don’t even know each other’”

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  1. Gobo says:

    Who the hell dressed that beautiful woman in that disaster of a goopy gown?

  2. Christa says:

    Brad would like to hit it though.

  3. Christa says:

    Brad would like to hit it though.

  4. Astrid says:

    I forgot about that Nico debacle, what a hoot that was.

  5. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    Deuxmoi is full if crap like 70% of the time from what I can tell lol. And yes Brad clearly still thinks he’s young and hot and can pull a beautiful young actress. Meanwhile they all seem him for what he is. A soon to be divorced father of six knocking on 60.

  6. Tataro says:

    Brad is a predator. He makes false rumours about his target so that they have his attention, this also shows that his target can get media attention too. He’s going for the younger ones who haven’t significantly made a mark in the industry yet. He’s using his fame to prop them up. That’s if they bite.

    His message: Get with me and you’ll be famous and successful. America will love you.

    But the thing is, he picks them for their looks but ignores the fact that some of these women are very intelligent.

    Makes you think what he really thinks about women.

    You cannot say it’s not Brad, it’s his PR team. He pays his PR team very well for a reason. So when he does his interviews and play coy about dating rumours. HE IS THE ONE THAT’S SPREADING THE RUMOURS!

  7. Nina says:

    Nothing to see here. Andra Day just letting Brad know she doesn’t have daddy issues

  8. lunchcoma says:

    I’ve also been wondering why he doesn’t have his PR team locate someone who’s ACTUALLY INTERESTED behind the scenes and then just have something steady for awhile. I can’t believe that, for instance, Irina Shayk wouldn’t have answered if his people called her last year. Or an established but not especially famous TV actress. Or some nice woman who works in the film industry but offscreen, which would emphasize that he’s a genuinely successful producer these days.

    I guess his image of himself and who he should date hasn’t caught up to reality yet, just like all the 57-year-olds on dating apps. It’s pretty sad, though, because Brad’s floor is still pretty high if he got over the idea that he could see a woman at an event, point at her, and have her swooning into his arms.

  9. Jay says:

    Nico was the young “influencer” who posted photos from Brad’s chateau, right? The one who straight up used him to promote her husband’s restaurant? 🤭

    I wonder if actresses don’t want the heat (Alia Shawkat was also pretty quick to disavow dating him) or don’t see Brad as an asset. Yes, he’s in production now, but he’s not accompanying you on red carpets or taking you to parties, making introductions. Maybe just the “honour” of being rumoured to date him is no longer enough?

    • Golly Gee says:

      There was also the story a couple of years ago that he and Charlize Theron were together after they did some sort of an ad or something. She wasted no time in putting that idea out of its misery.

  10. Catherine says:

    I wish the story was Brad is working on himself and his relationship with his children. That would actually be the best PR for him. For him to get his personal life sorted out. Both he and Ben Affleck come across like men who never matured past high school.

  11. Seraphina says:

    Beautiful and way too good for Pitt. It’s really a none issue since she is so out of his league.

  12. FF says:

    I dunno: “We’re not dating. We don’t even know each other. It is hilarious. It was thin air. Somebody was bored that day.” Sounds pretty final to me, and the only thing that could kill a rumour deader would be: “Who?”

    So she at least knows who he is, there’s that.

    Maybe “who?” will be what the next completely fabricated love interest will say.

    Doubt he’ll be producing her next film, he’ll probably need the next one to be all about him and his mature vigour, so he can imply a relationship with his leading lady.

  13. LOL says:

    I would have more respect if Brad pitt had spent more time and effort repairing his brocken relatshionship with his six children first and foremost, than spending time chasing women old enough to be his daughters to date. He needs to pay his family the attention they need, not pay attention to his dating life . Dude is nearing his 60’s you’re no longer the pretty boy of 90’s .

  14. LOL says:

    Only woman on stand by Is the thirsty married escort Mrs Nico Mary that he took to the children’s home as an act of petty revenge. She’s more his level than any Andra Day.

  15. Serena says:

    Brad PR people: 🤡.