Prince Harry is apparently ‘so under the thumb’ of Duchess Meghan, wow


Only one more full day left to milk this big “reunion” between Prince William and Prince Harry. To be clear, William wants the focus to be on how much he hates Harry. Harry wants the focus on how much he loves his mother. And the Middletons want the focus to be on how desperately the Duchess of Cambridge wanted to be there for her weak, angry, spiteful husband. There’s a lot going on. From what we’ve been able to tell, William and Harry have not seen each other in person since April, at their grandfather’s funeral. I would not imagine that they’ll be spending much time together before the fakakta statue unveiling, but sources claim that Will and Harry will have a “private meeting” after the unveiling.

Prince Harry and Prince William will have a ‘private meeting’ after the statue of their late mother Princess Diana is unveiled as reports of a rift between the brothers rages on, sources claim.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, and the Duke of Sussex, 36, will stand shoulder to shoulder on Thursday for the unveiling of Diana’s statue to mark what would’ve been her 60th birthday. In a sign that William and Harry might be willing to settle their differences, sources claim they will hold a private meeting after the tribute – dubbed an ‘informal’ and ‘beautiful’ memorial – is unveiled, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Robert Lacey spoke out as it was claimed William and Harry will not heal their rift this week while the Duke is ‘so under the thumb’ of his wife. He told Newsweek: ‘Harry is prepared to acknowledge the role that just sheer temper played at unfortunate moments—notably in the so-called blindsiding early in 2020. He actually is prepared to admit, in a way that William doesn’t seem to be’.

But Mr Lacey said he believes there is a way of ‘moving forward’, adding: ‘It’s not as if Meghan’s employing any royal staff anymore, she’s living in a different country. It’s not a live issue so it would be good, it seems to me, if she could find a way of putting it to bed’.

According to biographer Hugo Vickers, any attempts of a reunion in London could result in Prince Harry having to answer for it when he returns to his wife in their £11million mansion in Montecito, California. ‘I don’t know what they can do under the present circumstances,’ he said, speaking to The Express about the possibility of the pair mending their relationship. ‘Harry has got to wake up to what’s going on. It’s a very unpleasant situation and I don’t think it’s going to be the right moment this week. Harry is so under the thumb of Meghan it is not really possible until he emerges from that.’

The royal biographer, who doesn’t think Prince Charles will intervene, went on to say that the brothers could speak via videolink or phone but claimed neither Harry or his wife Meghan Markle wanted to. ‘He has thrown in his lot with his wife,’ said Hugo. ‘That’s it, isn’t it? Slagging off his family didn’t help anybody. It’s a dreadful situation. You’ve got to remember that Harry has to return to his wife in Los Angeles. If he starts reconciling, he will get his head bitten off, won’t he?’

[From The Daily Mail]

Imagine being such a nasty misogynist that you feel the need to trash a woman who just gave birth to her second child. A woman who didn’t even come to the UK! A woman who hasn’t set foot on Trash Island since March 2020. And they’re all getting their rocks off by acting like Meghan did something wrong, that it’s her responsibility to make peace with the racist dickweeds who smeared her, and that she should stop being such an evil witch with this unreasonable hold on poor Harry. Do these men even know how f–king psychotic they sound? As for the idea that Harry and William will have a private meeting after the unveiling… maybe. Who cares though? It’s not going to change anything. And if there’s one thing all of these royal-rota hissy fits and tantrums have shown the world, it’s that the Windsors are in desperate need of the Sussexes but the Sussexes don’t need the Windsors.

Harry and Meghan

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Noki says:

    I really wonder if some of these rota rats go home and think ‘what am i doing with my life,is this the reason i studied journalism?’ Some of the stuff they write is embarrassing and they should be privately ashamed if they have a conscious.

    • PEARL GREY says:

      Man loves wife instead of constantly cheating on her, stringing her along, dumping her, ignoring her, humiliating her in public, using her, emotionally tormenting her, destroying her image, and failing to protect her from negativity from family, friends and colleagues. He really must be under her thumb.

      • Eleonor says:

        What is amazing to me is that they paint Harry like a lost puppy without brain, our a will of his own.
        I have said this before: Harry has been over the RF since the day he had to walk behind his mother coffin under the eyes of the entire freaking world. How his toxic family treated Meghan was what pushed him out.
        Willy ego is fragile: he is terrified of everyone stealing his spotlight, just like Charles was bitter jelous of Diana. He is so scared of not being the center of attention that he can dig his own grave without the help of the Middleton clan.

      • BooyahB!tches says:

        Eleonor, YES! They speak of him like he’s an absolute idiot; they sicken me…just sicken me. But! The wheel of time will turn and it will be they who are crushed in their attempts to crush H&M…

    • Izzy says:

      I doubt any of them have that much self-awareness.

    • Mac says:

      The most important thing is that they mentioned the price of the house. Can never skip that detail.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        NOPE… the MOST important thing they left out was the SIXTEEN BATHROOMS!!! SIXTEEN PEOPLE!!! SIX-FRIGGIN’-TEEN!!

        No 🐀 article is complete w/out mentioning THAT /s

      • LMR says:

        The price of the house and the number of bathrooms is the only honest reporting in that piece of tripe masquerading as news.

    • You took the words out of my mouth, Noki. ➕💯. I feel the same way. Have these people no shame at all? They really are attempting to turn Meghan into some sort of castrating black bitch aren’t they and they make Harry sound like a brainwashed cult follower. That line about how ‘now that she’s no longer employing any royal staff’ is just so nasty in its insinuations and assumptions. (Sounds like someone is beginning to sweat the supposed 30-page legal dossier the Sussexes are going to file in response to William’s witch hunt ….oh, I mean bullying investigation.) All I take away from Lacey and Vickers is that it’s obvious they’ll say anything for a £…. absolutely pathetic. And, KAISER as always nails it with her post.

    • Sunday says:

      I think some of them have thoroughly convinced themselves that they are crucial servants of the crown, that their words protect the monarchy and that it’s their duty to carry out whatever batsh*t, craven message the palace dictates.

      So there are the ‘true believers’ among them, and then there are the sadists.

      • Robert says:

        I think all of them including Charles and William have realized that the monarchy can go away. And probably will. I think it will happen after Charles takes charge. The English people love the Queen. They have fond memories of her from WWII until today. Not so much for Charles. The Royal Rota are starting to realize they may lose their cushy jobs. And not having to really work. They are all scared to death of Harry being successful. Because if he succeeds that mean the royal family isn’t really special. And if their not special then why are the people taxes going to keep them up.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think they check their bank account and see 30 pieces of silver and smile.

    • Kim says:

      @Noki – YES! You nailed it. Harry’s honorable behavior triggers Williams’s shame and self-loathing. Harry is everything that William will never be and William knows that. Hence, the constant use of the RR and tabloids to throw his brother under the bus. The best way to control a narcissist is to get as far away from them as possible and to ignore them. It’s the only way to take their power over you away from them. Harry learned this while in therapy and is slowly checking off all of the things he has to do before fully pulling away (that’s what I believe, anyway).

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Kim, that is exactly what has happened here!! TOB is so filled with jealousy, anger, rage and ineptitude that he cannot accept the fact that Harry left willingly due to his OWN brothers actions!! Not only that, TOB publicly stated that he and Keen Guevara didn’t like Meghan at all, never gave her a chance. Yet, it’s up to Harry to apologize and bow down to his narcissistic brother and his useless wife, that will blow away any second. But she stays grounded by the enormous amount of brass buttons on her clothes!!

        Get over yourself Baldimort!! You are nothing without Harry!! He has everything you want and you aren’t man enough to grow up!!

        Harry knows exactly what choice he made and was not under any pressure or “spell” to make the right decision. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!! If TOB and the entire family had been smart enough, they would have wrapped their arms around Meghan, seen how much of a valuable asset she was not only to The Firm, but also to the future of the Monarchy, Harry wouldn’t be living half way around the world.
        You lay with down dogs, but expect not to get fleas!!

        You guys want peace? Then every single one of the offenders, in and outside of The Firm, the tabloid trash and the men in Grey Suits, need to offer a very public apology to Meghan, and to Harry as well, for treating his wife like they did for 4 years and counting!

  2. Eurydice says:

    Don’t look at the divorce brewing at Kensington – go west to California!

    • AD says:

      They just cannot get over the fact that he left their salty behinds with her. It is always the older white male and they are so unaware of how misogynistic they sound. So Harry should divorce his wife, in order to make peace with Will, be the third wheel walking behind Kate and Will, abandon his children in order to be his wingman, all in the name of preserving the monarchy.

      These people are dangerous. The desperation to have Harry save the monarchy is obvious and it is not happening. Will and Kate are just dull people. In terms of star power, you either got it and you don’t.

      They have seen how hard they are working and what they have achieved within this short time. Thus, why the keep harping on it is like they are setting up an alternate monarchy over here. They are beside themselves because they can no longer control the narrative. They tried but failed to influence the US media and now they think he should divorce her. Smh those who play dirty never win. Can’t wait for this to be over so he can return to his family. The BM is despicable.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Hmm…let’s see: Normal Bill and the Stepford Wife feel that THEIR children deserve a “normal” family life as young children, with both a mother and a father so as not to be “emotionally damaged, Broken Britain” children. HOWEVER, Harry should dump his wife, the mother of HIS children, not just dump, but ABANDON his kids, and let them become “damaged goods”, the children of a single parent, one deemed so horrible and malignant that she could cast a spell on their Whipping Boy and make him abandon all of his pre-programed caste in life.

      Niiiiiice. Just sick… sick. And yet NO ONE in ANY of the press brings up these inconsistencies.

      • Eurydice says:

        Really, it’s like a weird mental game of Twister. They don’t bring it up because it’s not their job to be consistent or logical or truthful.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Those comments are so gross, but consistent with what the RRs have been pushing for the past 18 months. Harry would never have left if Meghan hadn’t made him, Harry misses his family and wants to be welcomed back but MEGHAN and Harry never wanted to be anything but a working royal but MEGHAN and Harry wants to be the happy trio with William and Kate again but MEGHAN…..

    I think that’s part of the reason Harry did the Dax podcast and the James Corden interview – and Oprah. He’s trying to be as crystal clear as possible that it was HIS decision, HE was the one to pull the trigger, so to speak, HE was the one to contact his family and say “I want out” and HE is the one who has wanted out for a long time. I don’t know how much clearer he can be.

    My guess is IF there is a private meeting between him and William, it will consist of Harry sitting down and saying, “so, you ready to apologize to my wife and me?” and William freaking out at the mere thought and Harry shrugging and getting up and walking out and going back to California.

    I mean even Lacey here says that Harry is willing to admit that temper has played a part at times, “in a way that William doesnt seem to be.” William is not willing to admit that he has done a damn single thing wrong.

    And you even see how KP hopes to get out of the bullying investigation – they want Meghan to say “I might have been a little over the top at times and I’m sorry for it” and then they’ll say “Well she’s not here anymore and she apologized so lets just move on.” Once again, they expect Meghan to help them get out of their own mess. And she’s not going to this time.

    • Laugh or Cry says:

      Folks expect Black women to save them. Burn the cape.

      • AD says:

        @ Becks 1 they got themselves in a conundrum with this whole bullying investigation. If they reveal their findings and it skews against Meghan, she is not going to take it lying down and that has got them worried.

        I will not be surprised if they come up with some excuse to not reveal it or wait until the financial report comes out then they put that out to cover up the fact of their runaway spending.

    • Jais says:

      This is the second time Lacey has said Meghan needs to let this go. I hope you’re right, @becks1, and they’re truly terrified about her lawyers pressing them over the bullying allegations.
      Burn the cape and send the lawyers, @laugh or cry.

      • I read all this as Becks1 does….that William and his flying monkeys are desperate to get the Sussexes to back off of any response re the bullying investigation. A supposed 30-page legal dossier that was drawn up with their legal team sounds like the Sussex I’s are dotted and their T’s are crossed and their receipts are included. 😎 I’m thinking the Sussex lawyers must be successfully exerting some sweet legal pressure to this royal ‘investigation’ of lies and innuendo.

      • one of the Marys says:

        And yet Meghan said herself in the Oprah interview, if the palaces keep putting this stuff out there how can they expect her to stay silent? They’re in a pickle because she has proven she will see this through to the end as in the previous lawsuit.

    • Myra says:

      Harry hasn’t stuttered since he made his speech at the Sentebale dinner. He has been pretty consistent since that night. Their hatred of Meghan is so strong that in their minds they heard the complete opposite. It’s quite telling that both William and the media refuse to admit any wrongdoing. If they did, more people would have to admit that what happened to Meghan was so wrong, so malicious. It shouldn’t have happened in this day and age. As they honour what should have been Diana’s 60th birthday, I have no doubt that they will miss the irony in all of that.

    • Eurydice says:

      There’s no logic in anything they’re saying, nor any understanding of basic human nature. There’s nothing wrong with getting angry if your family is driving your wife to suicide – in fact, Harry would be the weakling they’re describing if he’d kept his mouth shut and told Meghan, “sorry love, that’s just how it is.” And, at the end of the day, it’s not really a feud between brothers, the blame starts at the top. TQ and Charles could have done something to alleviate the problems – not to make life perfect for Meghan, but more fair, which is what she wanted all along.

      • Becks1 says:

        It goes back to what Meghan said in the South Africa documentary – she didnt expect it to be easy, but she expected it to be fair.

        It seemed at the start that the Queen and Charles were making an effort – walking her down the aisle, she attended the garden party right after the wedding, the outing with the Queen on the royal train – and then it seemed like the queen and charles were like, “well we did what we could.”

        A one on one event with her and Camilla would have helped. I’m sure Meghan would have loved for charles to have given her an extensive tour of the Highgrove gardens maybe or some of the organic farming for the duchy – and think of the PR for the gardens or duchy. Instead they just left her out to dry.

      • HeyJude says:

        They love to talk about Harry’s “temper” too, if he had any remotely real temper I’m pretty sure he would have punched whomever asked about his child’s skin color and turned down his wife from getting treatment when she felt suicidal.

        Zero logic.

    • Calibration says:

      And don’t forget he’ll eventually wake up to himself and come back home to them leaving mean Meghan and the kids in CA, so he can be a whipping boy.

    • HeyJude says:

      Harry already left multiple times on his own, that’s always conveniently forgotten. His service tours in the Mid-East, then being stationed in Australia, his gap year stints in Africa and Australia, all his vast overseas travels.

      I mean he literally went to the end of the earth for time away, doing his South Pole expedition.

      All well pre-Meghan. He was fleeing from these folks, clearly.

    • Jeremy says:

      I agree with you – people act like Megan was the only one with agency but Harry was the royal one. At the end of the day I think it was him making decisions for his family

  4. Cecilia says:

    If meghan was such a control freak she wouldn’t have let harry go to this statue unveiling at all.

    Are they still upset about the lawsuit? Is that it?
    Or are they upset that meghan is going to expose KP for those bullying claims? Because something tells me that she has her aquazzura heeled foot firmly on their necks.

    On a real note tho. Its disgusting that meghan said that she wanted to kill herself because she thought it would be easier for everybody if she was out of the equation. And here they go saying just that. And are we supposed to forget that the royal trashed meghan first? Mid-2018 and all of 2019?

    • equality says:

      You’re right. All that will make these royal “experts” (and Will?) happy is Meghan’s death or Harry leaving her high and dry. They are all hoping for a divorce so they can trash her more and continue the drama. None of these “experts” have spoken to H&M or even people who currently associate with them.

      • Cecilia says:

        This is why i don’t want meghan to keep silent on this bullying claims. As soon as it becomes clear that she didn’t bully anyone she needs to go public with the documents. Pay the hefty price if she has to, hell i would even fundraise for it even though they are millionaires.

        She needs to show them it would be better for them if they just left her TF alone.

      • LMR says:

        And I hope Meghan drops her receipts on the world stage right before the f*cking jubilee.

  5. Jais says:

    Two different men, Lacey and Vickers, both used the same phrase of Harry being “under meghan’s thumb.” So that’s no coincidence; that’s marching orders from William’s camp. This is the message he wants out there and then Lacey and Vickers jump for their master. Gross. Misogyny for the win. And Lacey can f*ck off with this idea that Meghan needs to put this to bed. GTFOH.

    • Jegede says:

      “This is the message he wants out there and then Lacey and Vickers jump for their master.”

      It absolutely is.

      The Lamebridges’ No 1 sycophant – Cameltoe Tominey, flat out said the same this week.
      Apparently, ‘courtiers’ told her Harry acts one way when he’s here and they feel they’ve made progress with him, then he returns to Cali and it’s back to square 1.🙁🙁

      As a few of us Brits have said, these narratives ARE NOT happening in a vacuum.
      They’re actively being fed, with The Sun declaring today Harry needs to divorce Meghan as the only way he can make peace with his brother.🤐

      • Merricat says:

        The Sun can declare men live on Jupiter, and most of us know that doesn’t make it so.

      • Cecilia says:

        The only way there can be “peace” if is BP KP and CH take the L, lick their wounds and apologize. I find it interesting tho that they are making william out to be the immature one here . If you ignore the misogyny they make william seek like the petulant child while harry is the mature one ready to apologize (tho he has nothing to apologize for)

      • Snuffles says:

        So, Harry acting polite and civil while carrying out his obligations = he’s coming home? NO, it just means that he’s a class act.

        These people are either idiots or so desperate that can’t see the reality in front of them.

      • And yet, according to all of them no one of any importance in Harry’s family is speaking to him. So, how is it that thy can now spout that Harry says one thing when with them and then changes it later? There are no chats, no hanging out, no family dinners….just when is Harry behaving like this? William and Charles have very publically made it clear that they do not want to talk to Harry or meet with Harry. Hell, Charles is so pathetic he actually flees to Scotland each time Harry gets within a few miles of him.

        I agree with Snuffles, “… Harry acting polite and civil while carrying out his obligations = he’s coming home? NO, it just means that he’s a class act.”.

      • one of the Marys says:

        So William is saying “It’s me or Meghan” and Harry continues to choose Meghan 🤷‍♀️
        William is desperate for a reconciliation, I wonder why?

      • Dee says:

        Why indeed? Why does Will need his brother so badly? That’s the million dollar question.

    • Yvette says:

      @Lais … I don’t think Robert Lacey has ever said Harry is under Meghan’s thumb, just that Harry seems willing to heal the rift, but both Meghan and William won’t budge. The DM has attributed the ‘under Meghan’s thumb’ thing to Lacey, but it was Vickers who has constantly said it.

      • Jais says:

        Really? Well crap. Misread. Sorry Lacey if thats the case. Still annoyed by the other thing about Meghan having to put this to bed though.

  6. North of Boston says:

    It’s “not a live issue”?!?

    Did Lacey somehow miss that the Sussexes’ chief issue, the thing that drove them from life as working royals, and from the UK was the non-stop attacks on Meghan from the BM, RR and palace insiders and the BRF’s failure to lift a pinky from their teacups to stop it or defend her? And that that is STILL happening, right now, today, with Lacey himself throwing some logs on the fire (logs possibly provided by KP and William)?

    Not a live issue my a**!

    • Cecilia says:

      The gaslighting is incredibly STRONG and it makes me wonder if they are scared of something. Because all of a sudden they seem to say that bullying wasn’t really bullying and she should just apologize for going of the rails for a bit. So we can all just brush this under the table and be one big happy family again.

      • Merricat says:

        Yeah, the panic is due to Meghan having the receipts and attorneys who are relentless. They still think they can intimidate her, but she’s safe in the U.S., and Harry will be, too, as soon as the unveiling is finished.

      • LaraW” says:

        This is one of those situations where Meghan cannot give in. Because if she does, it will be another long circus of constantly shifting goalposts.

        - She should let it go so the brothers can reconcile.
        - She shouldn’t make such a big deal about the comments made about Archie.
        - She’s not appropriate for the role, she proved she can’t handle the stress, she should let Harry go back to the UK.
        - She’s threatening the monarchy by not divorcing Harry, because the monarchy needs him to survive.
        - She needs to get out of the public eye instead constantly pulling attention on her issues and because she wasn’t wronged at all.
        - Her children are illegitimate and need to be taken out of the line of succession.
        - She should give back all the money and sever the contracts she made while she was Duchess of Sussex because she was just profiting off the royal brand.

        On and on and on and on.

        Stay true to your convictions Harry. At some point, this situation is going to come to head— and in a really bad way. He’s going to have to make a choice. Every article they write about reconciliation and how the monarchy must be saved by Harry, every time he visits the UK for some official function, they are going to blame her because Harry leaves these breadcrumbs and unwitting seeds of hope.

        He’s going to have to choose, and I think it will be sooner rather than later. This is not doing his or Meghan’s mental health any favors, to constantly have to be exposed to this f-cking media circus every time there’s some “important” ceremony or event.

        Make an announcement, Harry, that you’re not going to any royal engagements. End of. Period. You’re not doing yourself any favors and while Meghan might look totally okay with it, I truly believe this is going to slowly eating her up inside as time goes on, and ESPECIALLY when the kids get older. Right now they have an excuse with respect to the pandemic and their young kids. They’re not going to have that shield forever.

      • AD says:

        You are right on the money. The investigation should not take this long. There is no there, there. The same way the DM gaslighted Meghan with regards to the lawsuit, “she will lose it will be best if she tries to settle”.

      • ABritGuest says:

        I don’t think announcing he’s not going to any royal engagements is going to make a difference. They usually just ignore or twist what they say. Look how him saying continuously it was him that pulled the plug on working royal role is ignored & even in this article is blamed on Meghan. They would do the same if he did.

        And this unveiling isn’t a royal event technically it’s more of a Spencers thing. But any sniff of Harry returning to England (he’s still English, they have friends, royal & non royal relatives, patronages, interests like Travalyst based in U.K. so not feasible they won’t ever visit) will probably have the same desperate press narrative at least for the foreseeable future.

      • Sunday says:

        Lara, I agree with everything you said. Harry needs to explicitly, publicly point out how the british media continue to excoriate his wife regardless of the truth, and that unless and until the royals stop throwing his family to the press like red meat to a lion, he will not return to the UK, full stop. Not for Christmas, not for the jubilee, maybe not even for a funeral.

        You can’t force your partner into a realization, and I’m sure Meghan supports Harry in whatever he thinks his approach should be, but for her sake I hope he wakes up soon and realizes that people who love you don’t treat you and your wife and children like this. This cannot continue.

      • Snuffles says:


        I feel like Harry is waiting for the Queen to pass before completely cutting ties with the monarchy. As in, removing himself and his children from the line of succession. I think he still hold out hope the family relationships can improve to the point of civility, but I think he will ultimately make it crystal clear he’s NEVER returning to The Firm.

    • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼➕💯. North of Boston. It is ongoing and vicious and seemingly endless. It now seems the sole function of FFK William and his flying monkeys is to hound Meghan to death and castrate Harry. Saving Scotland from itself and doing good for the British peasants seem to be an afterthought.

      Meanwhile, both the Sussexes just continue to live their best lives. I hope Harry is getting some quality time with at least some of his relatives and friends and ignoring William, Kate and their loyal band of 🐀Rota acting like complete assholes.

    • HeyJude says:

      They didn’t miss it, they just don’t care and don’t think it’s valid because they don’t consider Meghan as much of a person because she’s black.

      It’s dehumanization due to her race at it’s barest level.

      Like the old racist trope black people don’t feel pain the same way white people do. It’s insanity. But really all this “thinking” of the royals makes sense if you think of them as white Southerners in the 1950s during Jim Crow.

      To them a black woman is a non-entity.

  7. Nomegusta says:

    Again using Harry and Meghan to distract from the real story of Wont and Kant’s DOA marriage. Nothing ever changes …

    • Eurydice says:

      Not just to distract, but to plant the idea that the Royal Divorce will be coming from California. That Harry returns to Meghan in shame every day so she can yell at him. Because she’s a “bully.”

  8. mariahlee says:

    How many times does Harry have to say that he has driven most of their decisions? He decided to leave, he’s talked at length about his family, he’s still maintaining connections publicly. As a Meghan stan, it feels much more like she’s under Harry’s thumb (I say this facetiously). We barely see or hear from her, and she’s seemingly centered her whole life around supporting him (they’re married, of course). Anyway, Meghan doesnt owe anyone sh-t and I hope history shames these “royal experts” in every way they deserve.

  9. Scorpion says:

    I keep saying this, if I was Meghan, I would let Harry come back for that godforsaken Jubilee by himself and I would stay home and look after my 16 bathrooms. The way they infantilise Harry is unreal. They make it sound like he has no agency in this whole situation.

  10. MsIam says:

    “Private meeting”. i.e. get Meghan to stop the investigation into the bullying claims and forget the whole thing. And funny how every article from these idiots mandates Meghan and Harry must make all the concessions while the UK royals don’t have to change a damn thing. FOH with that mess! As for Robert Lacey he’s officially run out of things to say now and is just babbling.

    • Jais says:

      Lol yeah the private meeting will consist of William telling Harry that they need to stop asking for the results of the bullying investigation and just let it go. Harry’s says no. William rages. Rinse and repeat. Harry is just so petulant, y’all.

    • Harper says:

      There has to be a private meeting so Kate can be there to negotiate between the two brothers. This is her PR refusing to give up her Princess Peacemaker storyline.

  11. Sofia says:

    So they want him to destroy one relationship and family, in order to fix another? I really wish these “experts” would get more pushback on why their relationship needs to be fixed.

  12. Snuffles says:

    Is it the Royal Rota that can’t comprehend a monarchy without Harry or is it The Firm? He’s the SPARE. He’s not supposed to be key to anything.

    It’s just completely bananas the total breakdown these people are having that it’s been a year and a half later and they haven’t accepted or adjusted.

    This isn’t the first time that someone has left. For goodness sake there have been past KINGS that have abdicated (and in recent history) and the monarchy survived just fine.

    They must have NEGATIVE ZERO faith in William being able to handle anything. Or maybe it’s the impending death of the Queen and knowing that the next 3 options are 1) Not popular 2) Incompetent 3) Too young to ascend

    • equality says:

      If he had been like Edward and nobody knew who he was, they might have let him go to live in obscurity. Their egos can’t handle someone leaving whose popularity was next to the Queen and who can continue to be successful and popular. The same egos, however, couldn’t handle H&M being part of the monarchy and being popular and more successful than the “rightful heirs”. If they get Harry back minus Meghan than he can be the third wheel again and draw attention to the important one (or just Will’s partner if his intent is to ditch Kate). That is probably why they didn’t want Meghan to be a working royal and then once she was and successful, they had to drive her away. They honestly thought Harry was too weak and dependent on royal money to leave with her.

      • AD says:

        Will will not ditch Kate as he will lose what popularity he has with the British people. Because of the actions of Charles against Diana Will is not stupid enough to make the same mistake. If he does it will be the beginning of the end. The Brits have all their lots cast on Will being perfect, with the perfect mother in law, the one who understands relationships and so on and so forth.

        If he divorces her the Brits will go BONKERs. Hence the reason he resents Harry. Harry right now can do whatever he wants. He challenges the BM and sues their behind when they are out of line. He is making bank and works. WIll wants the Kingdom but cannot get the freedom.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol. The British people will get over it, regarding a Cambridge divorce. They got over losing Diana, and she was beloved. Kate is not beloved. William is royal. He wins.

      • Yes, Equity, and wouldn’t that be a joy to them because if Harry ever makes that choice they will have a broken, self-destructive Harry on their hands. But, maybe that’s what they secretly want….a broken whipping boy.

      • equality says:

        @Lowcountry Lady Yes, I think if Harry went back to being the drunken partier that would suit their purposes nicely. It seems to be what they prefer. Isn’t that a nice family dynamic to return to?

      • Concern Fae says:

        AD: if this last year and a half has shown anything, it is that they are that stupid.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Sure, abandon his wife and children, leave sunny California, his fabulous dream life and his gorgeous mansion, say bye bye to his freedom, his enormous self-made wealth and his independence in exchange for a future as William’s and the RR’s idiot whipping boy and back to the restrictions of royal life. Wow, what a deal, how can he resist!

      • HeyJude says:

        @AD This is incorrect because there’s a monumental difference: the Duchess of Dull Kate is not Diana, the People’s Princess.

        No one gives a shit about Kate.

        And ditching a mean-girl, social climber who cornered William from teen-hood until she finally wore him down into marriage will not be received in the same way as Charles who absolutely did an sweet and naive Diana wrong from the start.

        William’s popularity will not be affected negatively at all. In fact when the rota paint Kate as what she is, kind of a villain, and Will as the single dad muddling along trying to do his best while “struggling” with duty his popularity will rise. Should he find a charismatic partner who’s likable and good with the public shortly after who can buoy him in a way Kate cannot (I’m sure names are already being considered for this), he could reach a new popularity height he has not seen his entire adulthood.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        AD, Wow! Let’s see, Bullium’s MIL is trashing Diana now in order to sell the wonder MIL who taught him about relationships. Bullium even trashed Diana with his Paranoia speech. Yep, you can tell these are wonderful people because the way to make people feel kindly toward you is by trashing other (dead) people. And, personally, I think you’re wrong that anyone would equate PC and PW if there is a Cambridge divorce. Especially if PW stops disrespecting his mother. In fact, I think the Carole piece places into a poor W who was stalked and manipulated by the Middletons just a few years after his mother’s death and he was so traumatized. I think that Keen Kant and Ma Mids want what you say to be true. I’m just not buying it. Frankly, the monarchy would be better positioned for the long run by W finding a wife who was capable. I’m American and I have to tell you that I was really offended that Keen Kant wasted Dr. Biden’s time with that photo op that she sold as a round table discussion. And, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the palace (W) telling the Americans how much we are despised. Oh, yes, that’s one of our favorite things.

  13. ABritGuest says:

    These royal historians are such racist misogynists. KP started it- they should swallow their pride & be the ones to end it. Just because they screwed up & have written cheques they can’t cash (the bullying claims) doesn’t mean Meghan should back down & have that over her head for the ‘good of the monarchy’. Im sure KP could even just blame departed staff like Jason so not like William will face any real accountability.

    Imagine demanding the victim of this hideous miscalculated smear campaign that has caused real damage to take the fall. Lacey is reporting William’s friends/staff talking about Meghan being a bitch, sociopath etc & that William won’t back down but somehow Meghan is the problem.

    As for Hugo Vickers he’s out & proud with his misogynoir. Shame he’s given so much airtime but guess it works for the press narrative. Notice how they were all reporting those insulting comments like degree wife etc from the palace for years but when Harry& Meghan discuss issues with their chest& barely say names (except Harry mentioning Chuck cutting him off) -they are awful for slagging off their families.

    • sunny says:

      Yeah, bullies often pretend to be victims when confronted with their bs so no surprised the racist rota gets made and hurt when called out on their crap.

      The misogynoir Meghan has been subject to is absolutely appalling. And the part I find hilarious is the things that Harry does in his relationship such as respecting his partner, protecting his partner, communicating with his partner, are just general signs of a healthy relationship. With every narrative KP tries to push, the royals look increasingly unhinged.

    • Cecilia says:

      If KP has any sense left they will be drafting that public apology to meghan as we speak and indeed blame it on mr knauff and cite that thats the reason why they let him go. We won’t buy it but the masses would.

      • MsIam says:

        I don’t think they can ” blame it on Jason” because he’s got the goods on William & Kate. At best they either ignored his attacks on their own family and at worst they told him to leak and go after them. Plus Jason probably knows about the affair(s) and god only knows what else. That’s why they need Meghan and Harry to drop this whole thing. As far as an apology? Too little, too late for that now, that’s why they want things to just disappear.

      • LMR says:

        @MsIam, when you say “god only knows what else” … that “what else” may be dirty hands in the Thomas Markle pap shot scandal. I’m torn on that one though, because one would think the Toxic Dad from Hell would have yapped about it by now.

    • AD says:

      That is why you hear them say friends on both sides are trying for them to make peace. They have an inkling of what is in that report. They need to find a way out this mess they created.

    • ElleE says:

      @ABRITGUEST lol I legit thought that Wallis S. was a dominatrix for a living before she married the king until I started paying attention and making the connection with the British historians use of the term “dominate” in connection with M. Markle.
      Do all of these British historians fetishize American women or do British men of a certain age have domination fantasies that they project onto Americans, like why is this so consistent in both scenarios (the abdication and Harry choosing his wife and children over his horrible excuse for a family)?

  14. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I think a LOT of this narrative is part of the wider cultural wars, the same factions that gave us Trump and Brexit. Meghan represents the ‘woke’ symbol to the white nationalists. I don’t think it would even matter at this point if she had been married before, or an actress – it’s her colour, her politics, and the fact that she has ‘their’ prince, the emblem of the white suprematist monarchy, is what really gets up their nose.

  15. serena says:

    Keep on the hate-smearing campaign, you’ll see how much Harry will want to reconcile *rolls eyes*.
    Meghan is really trying to live in peace in California, with her two babies, and they just won’t leave her the f- alone, lord this pisses me off so much!
    Also Harry has said with his own mouth that he’s happy in Montecito with his family, they really want to use him as a puppet..sheesh.

    “Harry is prepared to acknowledge the role that just sheer temper played at unfortunate moments..” I think they meant Willy, lol. He’s trying so hard to bury the scandal of his cheating and failing marriage, he’s going even harder on Meghan not realizing he’s digging his own grave and making the monarchy crumble.

    Good luck with your future rage-monster king, UK. Can’t wait for him to blame Meghan even in 20-30 years.

  16. DellT says:

    Harry was always meant to be William’s fall guy. While Harry was meant to be stumbling around having fun, William would thereby appear to be “kingly” and responsible, and also a doting older brother to the inept Harry. Thats all gone out the window, with the charm that Harry brought to the Monarchy. They NEED him, but hes not coming back. Sophie isnt charming, Charles is the antithesis of charming, the Queen has only so long left, Edward is a bore, Andrew is tainted, and Kate and William are contrived. They NEEDED Harry and Meghan and would have loved having them, if they were not so popular (back then in the UK). The Monarchy is fading fast, like a drop of water in the Sahara.

  17. Jo73c says:

    It’s disheartening how many people here in the UK truly believe Harry has been led astray by Meghan. They can’t face the fact that the monarchy, government and increasingly large parts of the society are toxic.

    It’s clear to me that Harry has never had an interest in maintaining the traditional official role, probably because of how his mother was treated, and has been searching for years for a good enough opportunity to get out.

    People here don’t remember any of his previous attempts to avoid being a ‘good royal’ – acting out as a youngster (Nazi uniform & Vegas shenanigans), attempting to stay full-time in the military. They choose to believe that everything was fine until Meghan and that somehow she now controls his mind and all his decisions.

    BTW, they do not appreciate having it pointed out that inflammatory headlines about Harry & Meghan sure do take the focus off Andrew being a massive pedo.

  18. Laugh or Cry says:

    Harry married wisely, William did not. Harry’s spouse brings out the best in him, William’s spouse does not. Don’t get me wrong , William has always been abrasive and a bully from the word go. Honoring a woman that he yanked her towel and shoved a few times, and most recently called her paranoid. Makes me women how he REALLY treats his wife. They are literally frothing at the mouth because Harry loves and respects his wife while the other brother does not. From a lot of their view spectrum/the nonsense they spew, they may be abusive spouses as well.

    • MipMip says:

      @Laugh or Cry- I’ve wondered whether William is abusive for some time now. I tend to believe he is. Everything we know about him is rage and incandescence, egoism, and he can’t even look at his wife without glowering. He shoved his own mother as a teenager and is gaslighting her 24 years after her death. I also think that’s why Meghan gave Kate such grace, in spite of everything Kate did (although most of that is bc Meghan knew she couldn’t throw the white duchess under the bus, but I don’t think that’s the whole reason).

      I don’t think they have lived together for a long time, which is mostly so William can eff around with rose bushes and lawyers but also because it is unsafe for them to live under the same roof. Ugh.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Well, there is an old saying that you can tell what kind of husband a man will be by how he treats his mother. Yikes!

    • Nyro says:

      William putting his hands on his mother as a teen is not at all normal behavior no matter how royalists have tried to spin it over the years. Shoving/hitting your mom is next level stuff. And since he was the heir and the family couldn’t stand Diana, I’m sure nothing was done about it.

  19. aquarius64 says:

    BP wants Meghan’s legal fight with the bullying claims to go away. The Windsors knows there’s no case and wants Meghan to give them an off ramp. Lacey is not helping matters; and notice he goes only to US outlets that won’t challenge him.

  20. Emily says:

    “Slagging off his family”

    Please. The family is just mad that we now know about some of the awful things that they did. And I suspect there’s actually a lot that the Sussexes haven’t told us.

    The Sussexes need to stop taking the high road because these people are unhinged.

  21. Claire says:

    Every time I see that first photograph, I sing to myself, “domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.” Am I going to hell? Yes, I’m an old, lol.

  22. Merricat says:

    These are the bedtime stories they tell themselves–that Harry left Britain because Meghan exerted her terrible power over him.
    The rota is sick, and the symbiotic relationship with the royals no longer works to the advantage of anyone or anything good. Break the wheel.

  23. SexyK says:

    Word is the firm is very worried about that independent investigation and they now want Meghan to take the blame to save their reputation and to make the investigation go away. They jumped the gun when they falsely accused Meghan of being a bully with NO evidence and now lawyers are involved, they know the truth will damage them. Meghan is refusing to play their games so they are trying to put pressure on Harry by calling him ‘weak’ because he’s no longer protecting crown. They want him to speak to his wife to stop the investigation for the royals.

    • L84Tea says:

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The RF are a bunch of idiots who lack any ability to see past their own noses in the heat of the moment. They just react to situations like hysterical lunatics without any thought for how their reactions will play out. They dug themselves a very deep one with this and they deserve everything bit of embarrassment over it. How many times are they gonna play these games till they get that Meghan and Harry are not playing??

      • AD says:

        That’s because their PR team is made of very old people (not slamming old people, not an ageist) with old ideas who has been working for the firm for donkey years (not insulting donkeys either).

    • Lowrider says:

      Yet, they double down on calling Meghan damaged, sociopathic and other lurid names. What a way to make things right. Continue verbally assaulting Meghan in hopes that she will back down is working out really well.

  24. Kim says:

    …”when he returns to his wife in their £11million mansion in Montecito, California”, which THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES. How about every time someone in the RR refers to BP or CH they say, “the queen’s £XXX million palace, which THE BRITISH TAXPAYERS PAY FOR”.

  25. Susan says:

    Can I just say that, regardless of your feelings about H+M, especially if you are a woman you should be *offended* by this shit. Yet again another instance of the woman being vilified in the popular culture and the poor innocent man being manipulated by her. Does Harry not have agency?? This is like Angelina/Brad 2.0.

    And for the record: I think *Harry* is the alpha fireball, making all the calls and having the arguments and MM is the stabilizing force for him, talking HIM off the ledge. I think she is less pressed about ALL of this and he is the one ready to go to war with the BRF/RRs, not her.

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to go off like this but seriously, what has MM said or done in the last six months vs Harry?? Even in the Oprah interview, she was far more subdued than he. He was the one firing shots, not her.

    • damejudi says:

      ITA. I think Meghan showed Harry that creating healthy boundaries is entirely possible, and Harry saw that it was also necessary.

      Narcissists (the Royal Family, the Firm) hate it when you dispassionately disconnect. And we’ve seen how very publicly they rush to the DARVO model-no, we’re the victims!

      By all appearances, Harry and Meghan seem to be loving and supportive spouses. No wonder PWT is so upset.

  26. lanne says:

    Harry’s family is the family he made with his wife. It’s crazy that the ratchets completely discount his wife and children. This is such a bad look for the royal family. I feel so sorry for Harry. He’s nothing but a commodity to his birth family. The MAGA Brexit racists are coalescing around the royal family, and it’s exactly what they deserve.

    I hope Harry hightailed it out of there the minute that ceremony is over. He can’t even memorialize his mother in peace.

  27. Catherine says:

    The so called private meeting between Harry and William is actually a private gathering that is taking place after the official unveiling with all the attendees. Remember they lied about meetings when Harry came for Prince Phillips funeral. At this point, I shouldn’t be surprised by anything that comes out of toxic but it shocks me that they are so comfortable with their misogyny that they would speak so blatantly about Meghan being out of the picture. This kind of talk disgusts and frightens me because it could incite violence toward Meghan.

    • Tessa says:

      There are horrible comments by the bots on social media who talk about “booing” Meghan and Harry and even ‘throwing things.’ No wonder Harry was concerned about security! I hope Harry spends the time talking to the Spencers at the reception.

  28. taris says:

    dear god

  29. girl_ninja says:

    Meghan and Harry obviously had a whirlwind romance but within that Harry has shared that Meghan challenged him to heal, grow and become better and it seems that is what he has done. I appreciated them as a couple and admire their partnership and love their chemistry. THIS is what those racist across the pond don’t understand, including Will and Kate. They have a true partnership and love affair that they WORK at. Periodt. But the narrative of a weak prince who has no say in his life sells papers.

    • Maria says:

      It really was not a whirlwind romance. They announced their engagement after almost a year and a half of dating. For two people in their thirties that is long enough. The whirlwind romance idea was put forth by KP to delegitimize their relationship.

      • girl_ninja says:

        I’m older than both of them and I do consider it a whirlwind romance. It’s not a knock against what Meghan and Harry share.

      • Maria says:

        That doesn’t make sense. If you are in your thirties and want to start a family, a year and a half is not a whirlwind. A whirlwind would be something like 4 months. That didn’t happen here. They met, dated over a long period, did long distance over a long period, he met her mother, etc.

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        I agree that it was not a whirlwind romance. Yes, compared to William & Kate, who dated for a decade, it was. But Harry & Meghan spent more time together before they got engaged than Charles & Diana or Fergie and Andrew. They both realized fairly quickly that this was a serious relationship and made an effort to spend as much time together as possible. I think Meghan said during their engagement interview that they didn’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other.

      • Dee says:

        A year and a half is not a whirlwind romance, especially when you are mature enough to know the kind of spouse you want. Kate and William had more of a quicksand romance. They got stuck with each other whenever they tried to get out.

      • Tessa says:

        The media did not have one comment about Bea and Edo. He had an ex fiancee who had his baby when he started dating Bea. Not one word of criticism. But Harry and Meghan are derided for “rushing into it.” Makes no sense.

    • Tessa says:

      They could not wait 10 years, they wanted children. They fell in love. And they dated two years before getting engaged. I don’t see it as a whirlwind romance.

  30. ElleE says:

    Netflix was airing an old (PBS?) special on the house of Windsor, and I re-watched it during lockdown. The play book does not seem to have changed one bit.

    These British “historians”, almost all of them, could not cover the abdication of king without specific mention of his American wife’s sex life. By this I mean, one man said his grandmother called her a “dominatrix”, (? your crusty granny saw her in full gear or what are you saying in this documentary?) and others alluded to her dominance, domineering personality and of course, having been a plowed field at the time of her marriage, as she was a DIVORCEE.

    Now, logically: how influential could much of a role could BDSM, an American dominating a poor defenseless Brit or marrying a non-virgin have played in the abdication? Also, did Bertie even like women? Wasn’t that the bigger scandal?

  31. Over it says:

    Preach Kaiser, I agree with you 5000 percent. F these racist bitches. Megs doesn’t need to apologize or feel remorse for shit. She didn’t do anything wrong. She wasn’t the one wondering how dark her child would be. And if Harry was under Meghan thumb, then he won’t currently be in the uk would he? He would have stayed home with his newborn daughter.

  32. Jan says:

    Harry is not cooperating with KP, they want to know what he is wearing etc, and his reply is just tell what time to be there.

  33. Noor says:

    Would Meghan has a case if she considers Lacey’s updated book defamatory?

    Kate and Willaim issued a legal warning to Tatler and succeeded in getting sections of the article,” Catherine the Great” removed.

    What Tatler said about Kate pales in comparison to what Lacey has written about Meghan.

    • MsIam says:

      I don’t think so. Lacey will say he’s just repeating what he’s been told. I think William would have a case against Lacey if he felt Lacey was lying or misconstruing what he said. But notice there have been no denials from William or KP about any of it. And they wonder why Meghan won’t just drop things and “let it go”, lol.

    • Sunday says:

      I agree with MsIam (unfortunately). The problem here has to do with ethics around sources. Lacey gets a few people to talk to him, then prints their agenda whole-cloth, then international media picks it up because they’re referencing the original article instead of doing any additional due diligence. That’s part of the reason why Meghan and Harry didn’t want to work with the rota, because every single story was tainted from jump by their negative anti-sussex spin and then other, supposedly reputable international media outlets would pick up the story WITH the spin, thus continuing the smear campaign.

      It’s been happening with political coverage in the US too, most recently that Ivanka was allegedly the source behind the “Ivanka and Jared are soooo distant from trump” bs. If journalists have any integrity whatsoever, they don’t just use quotes from obviously biased sources as the final word in their story, they actually consider context and implications and investigate. This isn’t journalism, it’s PR.

    • Noor says:

      The fact that it is a friend of Prince William who is the source make it more credible and therefore more defamatory.

  34. Amy Bee says:

    These royal commentators are so blind with misogyny and racism that they don’t realise how bad they sound. I have my doubts that a “private” meeting is going to take place because it was reported in the Telegraph.

  35. Calibration says:

    I really feel, with all these mean controlling horrible meghan stories, that baldemort is just trying to wind Harry up to provoke a fight. I don’t know why other than to maintain unstable Harry narrative, I’m kingly, he’s lost it, Meghan is poison etc. But the ratchet is really tightening

    • Tangerinetree says:

      ITA, it does seem to me that the whole machine is applying pressure before tomorrow. Wouldn’t the papers love Harry to lose his cool somehow? It is like taunting on a playground or even scarier, hordes of adult bullies trying to get the lone person to throw the first swing so the mob can descend and destroy.
      And Meghan should not take the fall for their ridiculous bullying claims. As one commentator stated above, they will move the goalpost for years.

      • Calibration says:

        Yes, this is all I can think of other than deflection of Cambridge drama. But this nasty focus on meghan is so horrible and pointed. Definitely trying to provoke

  36. Merricat says:

    I think that Harry and Meghan just turn off the noise, leave the attorneys to do the work, and soldier on. What else can they do? The rota will not change, the monarchy takes pride in not changing. So why would the Sussexes invest another moment of their time?
    I do think that when the queen dies, Harry is through with the rest of the royal nonsense.

  37. Abby says:

    I dont know why I clicked on this post, just the headline about this article made me so mad!! Why are people so awful?

  38. Sunday says:

    I’m not a violent person, but if this is true I hope Harry punches William right in the face. Hard.

  39. TheOriginalMia says:

    These men are gross. Harry doesn’t care what you think about him. Harry cares that all of these UK historians and RRs think abusing Meghan is okay. It’s not, so he’ll never reconcile with William or the UK.

  40. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Their psyches are so fragile, so brittle, that they are breaking apart to bits.

  41. Mel says:

    When you get married, aren’t you supposed to stick with your spouse? I also like how they speak about him like he’s some kind of brain damaged individual who can’t make his own decisions. Then they wonder why he doesn’t want anything to do with them?

    • Lizzie says:

      Not the heirs, they are taught to look out for number one.

    • Rnot says:

      “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife.” It’s right there in the first book of the Bible. If the future head of the Church of England has ever even cracked the cover he should have seen it.

  42. Seraphina says:

    Nice, well Wills is under Ma Middleton’s thumb. As it was stated before – let’s not look at the fire burning in the Cambridge Camp – let’s BS about Harry and Meghan.

  43. ABritGuest says:

    Would love to know if Cambridges will raise Charlotte & Louis with the same ideals that seems to be espoused for Harry- their needs & happiness will be secondary to George’s & they will have to put up with any abuse etc as long as it makes George or the monarchy look good.

  44. Midge says:

    All I think about when I read these crazy stories is how it’s truly a modern day fairytale that Harry and Meghan escaped to California. They are free and happy. That should be a children’s book, complete with evil in-laws and scheming palace aids. The final page is an image of the Sussexes skipping down a beach with their kids and dogs into the Cali sunset.

  45. Well Wisher says:

    Conflict resolution focuses on the role of the situation that caused the conflict. It does not finger point nor assign blame.
    Since 2018, according to William, by his latest mouth piece there were personal attacks on Meghan, after he discovered that his brother loathed his abusive behaviour and refused to even accept it on any level.
    He has cowardly used former employees, relatives, and insidious in-laws to leak to the uncivilized press, in an effort to reacquire his target -supply/ brother. All projection.
    While therapy can been a great help to align reality and perception, it cannot alleviate the trauma caused by ongoing bullying. It can provide the harmed individual with the realization that they have to permanently remove themselves from the psychological unhealthy situation. After identifying and facing the unhealthy behavioural issues, both parties have to then focus on the untenable effects of said behaviour.
    Moving forward with optimism and a proper understanding of said situation followed by work done to change the abusive relationship, it is possible to have a reconciliation. To be able to reset the relationship to zero and start anew with healthy established boundaries and habits.
    There is no factual evidence that this has occurred, just the demands of loyalty from an undeserved relative that preys on the idea of love.
    The ongoing public attacks on Meghan will never end as long there is a platform willing to share them.
    Cardinal rule- one does not reason with a bully.
    There will be no giving in to William’s abusive behaviour and demands.
    This is not a test about loyalty nor morals, it is much more.
    The only question that Harry have to ask and answer in the affirmative is :
    ‘Do you want to be well?’
    One of the tenets of Buddhism is that misery is caused by hatred, greed and delusion.
    There are all three on display by UK press barons and the other brother(TOB)
    TOB uses the press to spread vile propaganda to misidentify Meghan under the delusion that facts do not matter of his apparent hate, while greed and envy informs said BTM. They cannot sell character references about public individuals while they engage in making the news rather than reporting it.
    It is astonishing how inept TOB is, he uses the same BTM the gossips about the institution, that he will one day be the head, as a problem and liability to democratic norms, to smear his brother and his brother’s wife.
    The hate is real.

  46. Jay says:

    This is the story put out by William before the funeral, too – remember, he supposedly wanted to meet up with Harry for a “chat”? That didn’t happen, and it seems like he is trying again here.

    Wills wants to be able to say he spoke with his brother and imply that, with Harry alone, they can find common ground (now that the “Bloody woman” is back in the US). Kate’s not the only wannabe peacemaker in this family! I just hope Harry is prepared to correct the record if the talks are as “unproductive” as previous attempts.

    What’s interesting to me is why Lacey is telling us that Harry is willing to admit fault, but William is not. If that’s the case, why meet? Why would either side, but especially Harry, waste their time if only one of them is willing to concede anything? The additional mention that Charles “won’t intervene” makes me think this is a direct message for The Other Brother himself to soften his stance: you made this mess, you clean it up.

  47. Lizzie says:

    With the projecting that usually comes out of KP I think we know who, prince elegant, is under someone’s thumb, rr. It’s hysterically funny to try and cast Harry living a dream life, in a dream home, with a dream family while fabulously wealthy as unhappy. I really don’t think the rf has anything to offer to give up his new life that Harry wants.
    There is a huge dark side to living in the rf, but it looks like the only potential downside to his new life is affording security and they have that handled.

  48. Keri says:

    So let me get this straight. A man who loves, respects, and is protective of his wife and family is a whipped dunce according to these rota rats. WTF? I shudder to think how these rats treat the women and children in their lives. All to prop up the future monarchy aka weak AF Bulliam. I mean, these people are propping up a raging, cheating, work-shy loser, who regularly disrespects his wife publicly during joint work events. He and his college buddies used to call KKKate “the mattress,” but yeah, it’s Harry that has the problem. I pity the women and children that are attached to these creeps. I know there are good, decent people in the U.K. who can see through all the BS but man, the unhinged media attacks against the first biracial royal family member has destroyed the nation’s credibility globally. The world is watching. Xenophobia, misogyny, and racism is not a good look.

  49. Lizzie says:

    Speaking of being under a duchess thumb, prince elegant sat through a football game with Waity and announced she will sponsor a new ship.

  50. L4frimaire says:

    At this point, it’s all just disgusting. The racism, misogyny, delusion and outright nastiness. They are so desperate for some type of confrontation. Since Meghan’s lawyers decided to get involved in the palace’s so- called bullying investigation, it seems the nastiness has ramped up. They want Meghan to apologize the way Ginnie “ insurrection “ Thomas wanted Anita Hill to apologize to Clarance Thomas for what she “did”. These people aren’t smart and they are looking desperate. What happened to the new PR team. They think YouTube and smears are the way to go? Pathetic.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It is disgusting. I don’t know if it was this thread or another where I posted some links that didn’t come through?. But, if interested, do a search for a cnn transcript from 2004 with Larry King, Andrew Morton, Robert Lacey, Hugo Vickers and Kitty Kelley. Lacey and Vickers were particularly appalling/gaslighting to/of Diana. Vickers tried claiming Diana regretted the Panorama interview. She didn’t. King also asked if they though Charles & Camilla would get married. Interesting answers. Also, look up a Daily Mail July 25, 2020 article from Vickers -something like Prince Harry should have learned. It’s pretty funny after the fact and how foolish Vickers sounds now about Harry’s marketability. Vickers also made it sound like the courtiers, palace aides were just really helpful people and the best thing ever (my editorial license). I’m thinking Hugo is definitely a “palace source” or mouthpiece. At this point he’s probably a grey man.jmo Meghan is not the problem. Ha! at ‘dreadful situation’. Guess Vickers (or Lacey) didn’t watch or listen to the Oprah interview or The Me You Can’t See. Harry has had more free will the last year and half than most of his life. A war zone was preferably over The Firm. #BeenBulliamed could be another t-shirt idea.

  51. Nyro says:

    Jesus H. Christ. I really hope Harry goes straight to the airport after the statue unveiling. The Other Brother and his minions are unhinged. TOB needs serious and professional help. His idea about what his relationship with his brother should be is low-key disturbing.

  52. jferber says:

    So they’re trashing Harry for being wildly in love with his wife and considering her an equal in everything and praising TOB for being a glum, un-personable, petty, selfish, contemptuous, philandering, belittling misogynist. William: “No, I don’t love my wife. That’s a win for me.” Sociopath much, William? Also, a private meeting afterward? For what?

  53. Nan says:

    “Meghan needs to let this go” is misogyny-speak for “I can’t stop obsessing over this woman who actually had the sense to pack up and leave when we tried to literally destroy her.”

  54. Curious says:

    no apology in the world can take away the pain and suffering Meghan/harry went through. .now the press are just making up crap to mentally abuse Harry/Meghan.planting seeds hoping to split them apart. but that is not going to work.Harry /meghan became stronger after their ordeal. once things like what Harry/Meghan went through , there is no turning back time and starting fresh. hurting words was said to Harry /Meghan. its time to just move forward and don’t have anything personal with these toxic people ever again. the only person Harry/Meghan care about is Harry Grandmother. Harry comes to unveil his mother statue with his brother, and the press is going mad, carole is out there saying nonsense,all these press people are writing bullshit after bullshit, can you imagine if Harry /Meghan and children visit next yr for the queen jubilee? the hateful press will go totally insane writing crap about them. the hateful press will make Meghan the star in a negative way on the queen jubilee.

  55. Athena says:

    This Lacey person has diarrhea of the mouth, he needs to stop talking.

    Harry is heading to the airport after the unveiling. What can he possible have to say to William who continues to trash his wife. Harry asked them privately to stop the attacks and he asked them publicly yet the attacks are still on going, so nothing else to say.

    The firm has left Meghan with no choice but to clear her good name regarding the bullying. They don’t get to smear her name for sport and get away with it. As late as last week William was still saying she bullied his staff. Nothing short of a full acknowledgment that no bullying occurred will be accepted.

  56. Athena says:

    They wouldn’t be asking Meghan to let it go if they had concrete evidence against her, or any evidence at all.

  57. lanne says:

    Will-di Amin is driving the royal family off of a cliff. Harry and Meghan have the right to live as they choose. If they don’t, then the royal family is a cult. If the royal family is a cult, then Harry and Meghan were right to escape.

    If Harry were the son of a cult leader, say Scion of $cientology, and he married a woman who helped him to escape, the world would be applauding his efforts. The actions of the royal family are exactly what’s cult would do to reign in an escaped high ranking member. &cientologists would call Meghan a Suppressive Person and attempt to demonize her in exactly the same way. Twenty years ago the demonization would have worked in the same way, as that church had a lot of power. Katie Holmes escape from Tom Cruise forced their hand. They couldn’t go hard on Katie because of what she knew about their Golden Child.

    Will we be talking about the British Royal Family the same way we talk about *cientology today in the next few years? If they push Harry and Meghan into telling all that they know, that could be the case. I think the Grey Suits don’t yet realize Harry’s power, as crazy as that sounds. Scientol!gists were smart enough to back off of Katie Holmes. If the royal family were Scientol@gy, they would be hounding Katie, trying to claim access to Suri. They knew the public wouldn’t support that. They knew they couldn’t risk the career and reputation of one of the worlds biggest movie stars and their greatest ambassador. They took the loss, shut up, and moved on. Sc!entology still exists, Tom Cruise still has a career.

    The royal family needs to learn a lesson from $cientology. Never thought I’d see the day when Those folks has better strategy than the royals.

  58. Tessa says:

    It is very sexist. Meghan is an intelligent woman with a mind of her own, no Stepford, and she’s derided for ‘keeping Harry under her thumb.’ Harry and Meghan are a love match and Harry likes that Meghan is smart. The women who “don’t keep” men under their thumb are women with no mind of their own and those are the ones the royals want. Diana also was proactive, smart and had a work ethic and she was derided with similar stories leaked about her.

  59. Tessa says:

    I cannot stand the comments of those who say Harry “should have brought Archie.” No he should not because it would feed into the bots comments that want Harry to take ARchie away from Meghan.

  60. Jeremy says:

    I’ll be honest, I think anyone who joins that racist classist organization bullies their staff – both William and Megan. If you are willing to become royal you think you are better than everyone

  61. Noor says:

    Lacey’s book cited the source as Prince William’s friend lent the negative statements on Meghan a high degree of trust as to its credibility since Prince William enjoyed a high status as the heir to the British throne.

    The words used could be seen as defamatory as they are targeted to lower the public estimation of Meghan and subject her to hatred, contempt and ridicule, and as someone to be shunned and avoided in society. In other words it would be fair to say that Meghan suffered reputational damage which would affect her standing in society.

  62. A says:

    So, I was reading/skimming through some of Jilly Cooper’s books the other day. For people who don’t know who that is, she’s a British author who wrote this wildly popular series of novels about a bunch of posh-adjacent people living in the Cotswolds. I only really read the first one, but that, combined with the memoir written by Baroness Glenconner and what she had to say about her husband…all of it taken together has really put me off the whole upper classes as it were, in general.

    From what I can gather, all of them, but the men in particular, are an incredibly cruel group of people in general. They treat other human beings as completely disposable, including and up to their own wives and children. They prioritize nothing but their own selfish desires, even if it comes at the cost of having normal, decent relationships with other people. They’re all in need of bucketloads of therapy which they’ll never get, bc they’re simply not interested in becoming caring, empathetic human beings. They’re essentially conditioned to become disguised misanthropes, as it were.

    So this is who is largely leaking gossip and rumours to the press. A group of people who delight in acts of casual cruelty, particularly towards those they believe are their inferiors. Imagine being conditioned from birth to believe that you’re hot sh-t, that you have the god-given right to treat people who you see as lesser like they’re dirt. Imagine being told that those people should like that treatment and accept it as the norm, and become beat down from it. Then imagine meeting Meghan, who not only doesn’t accept any of this, but also doesn’t let it get her down. She decides she doesn’t want to be a part of such a society, and leaves them in the dust. Imagine what a body blow to these people’s ego that sort of thing would be.

    So of course they’re out here spewing this sh-t. They have nothing else they can reasonably say, bc they still can’t wrap their head around it. Around the idea that someone would want no part of what they’re about. They’re so used to sycophants that this notion probably comes as a huge shock for them.

  63. Mina_Esq says:

    Is the concept of being in love with one’s wife really this foreign to these people?

  64. Vesper says:

    Trash Island? The hell?