Angelina Jolie wants to sell her share of the Chateau Miraval wine business


Last week, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd had a dinner date at Giorgio Baldi in LA. There was a lot of confusion about how they know each other and whether this was a real “date” or more like a business meeting. A lot of unnamed sources have said different things about it, and Us Weekly is one of those media outlets trying to figure out the enigma known only as The Joliend. Us Weekly’s source says the dinner date was purely platonic and “Angelina and The Weeknd had a business meeting. It had to do with their HBO shows. They got along great, but there is nothing romantic happening between the two of them.” Okay. So we’re still free to ship Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina, right? Because those two need to get back together for-real.

Meanwhile, there’s a rare update about the financial side of Angelina and Brad Pitt’s divorce. There is so little reporting on the financial stuff, but I tend to believe there was just as much drama around the money (and real estate, art, jewelry, child support and alimony) as the custody dispute. Their finances were commingled all over the place, and one of the biggest joint operations was the Chateau Miraval and the Miraval wine business. TMZ had the update:

Angelina Jolie is running to court so she can shed one of the last remnants of her marriage to Brad Pitt — including the wine business they owned together, which she wants out of ASAP. The actress just filed docs asking a judge to lift a restraining order on the transfer of their assets, which was put in place automatically when their divorce paperwork got underway. The asset she’s particularly interested in unloading is Nouvel, LLC, their French winery company.

It’s a standard thing courts do in cases like these, but now Angie’s saying she needs the freeze removed immediately so she can sell her portion of the biz to a third party … a deal that’s apparently on the table, but needs the barrier removed to go through.

Her attorneys note they contacted Brad’s legal team over this as well in hopes of resolving things without needing a formal hearing, but she says Brad’s lawyer said he’d get back to her on it. Angelina says she was worried about losing the deal in the meantime so she went ahead and asked the judge to intervene. Nouvel appears to be the LLC started to operate the chateau/vineyard in Provence that the former couple snapped up in 2011 … for a reported $60 mil or so. Unclear how much the company is worth now … but the booze biz has been booming.

A judge has yet to sign off on Angie’s ask.

[From TMZ]

Yeah, the wine business was always more of Brad’s baby. I’m not sure Angelina ever cared. For what it’s worth, the Miraval wines have been very successful. It’s not surprising that Angelina was able to find someone to buy out her share of the profitable business. It is curious that… there is still a restraining order on their jointly-held assets though. That shows that as slow-going as the custodial issue has been, there’s also been a huge hold-up with the financial part of their divorce.


Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Darla says:

    Oh there is that purple/lavender bow outfit that so many here hated but I am in LOVE with. I don’t know who I ship her with really. I’m not that into JLM. I’m not sure. Imagine her with Idris? If he were single of course.

  2. Lily P says:

    He’s such a POS – it’s just more and more control. She obviously wants to cut ties with him and she has every right to sell her assets. If he doesn’t want to buy them, then let her sell them to someone else. Let her go.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      There’s yet ANOTHER example of someone living rent free in another person’s head

    • Myra says:

      It sounds like he doesn’t want to let go and wants to have some form of control. Until how long can he keep up with this. It’s like he is punishing her for leaving him.

    • Sister sister says:

      She is running out of money hence she is selling. Otherwise why would you sell an investment that is bringing in regular money with their annual sale of products?

  3. Mcmmom says:

    When I still drank wine, Miraval was my go-to wine. I started drinking it before I knew its ownership – it was highly recommended and it’s the house rose in a lot of restaurants I used to frequent (pre-Covid).

    • TeamMeg says:

      I have an unopened bottle… saving it for something special. Maybe I’ll crack it open when their divorce finally comes through, LOL.

    • TQ says:

      Yeah, it’s really good. Not too sweet as some rosés can be. Good for her cutting ties with this jacka**.

      • dj says:

        Yes. Almost like it is … emotional abuse. I am so done with Brad Pitt. He has really “showed his ass” as my mom used to say!

  4. lucy2 says:

    The is the longest and most convoluted divorce. They’ve been divorcing for almost 5 years, how on earth have they not been able to divide all this stuff up already? I can’t imagine being locked in a business with an ex for years and years like that.

    • Noki says:

      Why on Earth is it taking so long? My eyes water at the thought of the legal expenses.

      • Erin says:

        The longer it drags on the more opportunity for the kids to age & then not have to abide by a custody arrangement.

        One of the two parties is trying to do this. I can’t write who because Celebitchy will delete my comment.

        That tells you everything.

      • Michelle says:

        It tells me pitt is a pos still trying to punish & control Angelina. For last two years she’s been trying to get this sorted but he won’t budge. It’s half her business & he’s been pissing their money away trying to make miraval an artist commune for him & his friends while shutting her out. Not to mention bringing his paid escorts to the place. As for your custody theory, the courts & child services have always been in charge while his weinstein fixer puts out the poor brad narrative. He’s the douchebag in this situation.

    • Kkat says:

      I’m in southern california
      My sister filed for divorce about the same time angie did.
      She is STILL not divorced.
      My BIL didn’t even get a lawyer, he’s signed off (literally) on my sister having full custody
      The house was originally my grandmothers, it is in trust for my niece.
      He signed off on what money/stuff he gets
      my god it is taking forever, Angelina’s might be super complicated but my sisters isn’t.
      My sisters couldn’t be any more simple.

      My family lives with them (it’s a big house) because my BIL is an abusive drunk who snorts coke when he can scrape up the cash. My husband, my older 25 year old son and I make sure things keep in line.

      But holy f#ck this needs to be over

  5. Noki says:

    She obviously needs the money and wants to cut any unnecessary ties with him. J.lo is always mixing her business with her partners too and Brad and Jennifer managed to still continue with Plan B. I think Angie is just so sickened with him.

    • Lady D says:

      He ruined any good memories Angelina and their children had of the place when he brought his 25yo side piece there, and made sure the whole world knew about it. He knew what kind of effect that would have and now he’s forcing her to hang on to it too? Damn, ain’t Brad Pitt some kind of hero

    • Greta says:

      Why do people keep insisting that she “obviously” needs the money? There’s nothing wrong with needing money, and she “obviously” needs money to live, support herself and her kids, she’s said as much. But why is that automatically the narrative, when she asks Pitt to pay proper child support which was 50% of the kids expenses , and not the millions more she’d be entitled to ask for. When he’s asked to help pay 8 million for a 25 million house where both their kids will live 5 minites away from him, after living in rentals for months. Or when she sells a painting she no longer wants, that was a gift from her ex husband for 4 times its value etc? If Angelina needed money so desperately, she’d take on more jobs, she hasn’t. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be in business with her ex husband and be his “unwilling business partner”. Why isn’t that automatically the narrative, that she’s cutting all ties and making a clean break? (She also didn’t ask him for spousal support at all). She gave him first option and negotiated with him for more than 2 years, and he still couldn’t buy her out so she went and found someone willing to.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        You are right Greta! Angie just wants all ties that she has with him out of her life. She has plenty of money and she does work, though she is a working mother like so many of us. For Angie it’s especially hard for her given that her jobs take her to far away places for long periods of time.

        As for Pitt sitting on her requests, it’s time for the judge to give his approval since Pitt keeps his attorneys from replying. This is has gone on too long. You mentioned people taking so long to divorce, it’s especially hard when one of the spouses is a complete POS. Look at Britney Frankel, whose marriage last a quarter of what her divorce period was. And her ex was absolutely horrible to her, along with his parents. He is an abusive POS and tormented her and her ex beau for over a year.

      • Humbugged says:

        And Marvel and Disney are paying her money

    • Grace says:

      Pitt bought Jennifer’s part of Plan B out in 2005.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think Jen sold her stake in that company when they split.
      I wonder how long Angelina has been trying to sell this. I can’t imagine she wanted any parts of it when they separated, I just don’t get why they can’t sell stuff like that after nearly 5 years.

      • Ad says:

        Two years,she offered him first but could not agree on the price & payments + Pitt did not continue to communicate so Angie’s lawyer from Luxembourg found a buyer on her behalf who agreed to pay what she was asking. as there was restraining order on selling their assets Angie’s lawyer had to ask the court to lift the order for the sale to go through which Pitt declined. But I think Angie’s lawyer has re applied again & that’s when the hearing is on the 9/22/21. So hopefully the judge grant for the order to be lifted! I guess with Pit’s new future busines partner his business behaviour has to changed because he would’t manipulate them as he did with Angie where he controlled everything not consulting her!

  6. Greta says:

    This tmz article doesn’t even cover half of what the court filing actually states. Angelina retained Luxumbourg lawyers in 2018 because of “material disagreements in the running of the business and substantial expenditure based on the unilateral directive of Mr Pitt” and how she didn’t want to be his unwilling and disregarded business partner in short, riveting reading really.

    She’s been trying to get out for years. She offered him the chance to buy her out, and they tried to agree a price for 2 years, they couldn’t agree on price terms, a non compete and non disparagement agreement. So they finally terminated talks and her lawyer found her a third party buyer who wants the business, but wants her to sign an exclusivity agreement asap so she doens’t shop the business to others. Except Angelina needs a stipulation from Pitt because of the ATRO and he refuses to sign off on it, and ignored her lawyers. Even though Nouvel LLC isn’t a marital asset and is solely hers, a point he concedes and shouldn’t be subject to the ATRO, especially after 5 years and she should be able to sell to a third party. So he’s blocking her from selling her own property to a third party.

    It does seem like their finances are no where close to being sorted, if there’s a dispute over assets both parties note don’t form part of the joint estate, but she still can’t dispose of like she wants? A mess. Imagine the dispute regarding assets that were jointly purchased and owned. So they’ll probably be a lengthy trial about finances too, and this divorce will never end. Just like he wants, control over Angelina for many many years.

    • Thanks for the informed comment, Greta. Very insightful. Brad Pitt has sadly and truly aged into his asshole status. Not so much the golden boy anymore, but then I never bought that image anyway.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Thanks as always for researching and giving us the goods, Greta.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes Greta thank you!! You always have the details that are needed!

      • Greta says:

        Luxembourg, I can spell I swear. My pleasure. I like reading court documents, give me good legal arguments, case law, unfamiliar court rules and procedure. An interesting case, and if I have time I’ll read court documents for free. I’m obviously an Angelina fan, but facts matter and all these tabloids do is lie, tell half stories twisted to make Angelina look insane or bad. Tmz is a god awful outlet, and i hope Harvey Levin pays for his crimes one day. And in this climate we need to push back against lies aimed at unfairly making women look like lying crazy bitter shrews, when in fact they have legitimate cases before broken courts who will constantly screw them over.

        These court documents are obviously written by her lawyers, but when you read the documents in this case from both parties, they more often than not paint a totally different picture to what the misogynistic media and Pitts PR tabloids try paint. It’s annoying to see lies parroted everywhere. This is a gossip site, we don’t know them and we’re all speculating, and not everyone cares enough to read and research, but facts when possible matter too. I’m happy to agree to disagree with informed people who know what they’re taking about, and know the basic facts of the case. Or those who have opinions based on experience, personal and professional.

    • Cindy says:

      This is impressive! Thank you!!

      Only thing I’m confused about now is that signing an exclusivity agreement is an advantage for the buyer and NOT the seller. To imply that an exclusivity agreement would prohibit a transaction from moving forward is not true. Why is an exclusivity agreement being discussed at all?

    • Blues clues says:

      Thanks Greta. I had read a lot about the case on a fan site. The mainstream media and most people grab headlines and move to gossip. His good ole boy image has carried him but this time Angie is fighting back

    • SarahCS says:

      I LOVE the members of the CB community and everything they bring to the comments.

      Thank you for sharing this Greta.

    • TQ says:

      @Greta – thanks for this very helpful analysis!

  7. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    This is just abusive on Brad’s part to keep Angelina tied to him like this. He seems dead set against her moving on with her life.

    • Carmen says:

      He is never going to forgive her for leaving him. That’s what this is all about. He can’t move on with his life and he will be damned if he will let her move on with hers.

  8. Cindy says:

    Is this a hit piece from Brad’s side? Because it makes Angelina sound like she’s lost her marbles. No one on earth is letting an ex sell part of a jointly-owned asset without thoroughly vetting the deal first themselves. LOL. Not going to happen.

    Come to an agreement on assets, settle the divorce, and then you can start selling things.

    • Michelle says:

      He’s been making miraval plans and spending their money while shutting her out of their jointly owned business. He’s made it an artist commune, she never wanted that & refuses to let her have a say.

    • Oh boy... says:

      Except it’s not joint property. They both have separate LLCs. She wants to sell hers.

      And frankly it makes it look like he’s lost his marbles. He’s spending a ton of money in Miraval and isn’t consulting her (a co-owner and business partner). He shouldn’t be allowed to do that if she can’t sell her part. He’s the one acting like the business they both own is all his. Selfish child closing in on 60. Pathetic, really.

      • Ad says:

        That’s true & honest opinion, Pitt plain nasty to people who love & cares for him! No respect but give his all to friends etc,

  9. Blues clues says:

    @noki Angelina doesn’t need money. But wish on. I guess we are beginning to see who the problem is.
    I figure someway people would spin this to blame her AGAIN.
    And Pitt did Jen Aniston dirty with Plan B. She got three movies out the deal! A mess. He is a louse.

  10. Lena says:

    I’m sure she DOES need money! That’s not hard to imagine. Only about 5% of all divorces go to trial and are not settled out of court because of the prohibitive cost. And they’ve gone to trial now several times and one big one is coming up. A 3 judge panel will hear her appeal on the joint custody decision this week I believe?

    • sunhine says:

      no. The hearing tomorrow is regarding the disqualification of the judge. I am quite surprised that they didn’t throw out the petition for writ of mandate in the beginning. They hardly get to the oral argument stage.

    • Ad says:

      Whatever her reasons that fulfill her satisfaction is good enough for her.

  11. Lowrider says:

    Angelina needs money and that is not an embarrassing thing to say. She also appears to want out of any business with Pitt.

    • Blues clues says:

      So Pitt doesn’t need money? It’s always the woman. Do u think she would be continuing on if she was broke? Be realistic!

      • Zut Alors says:

        @ Blues Clues
        As lowrider stated, there is no shame in needing money. She has assets and wants to liquidate them. It’s not as though she’s doing something illegal or shady. As an added bonus, she would no longer have to deal with her ex. Win win for her.

    • Lily P says:

      Exactly! And the assets are hers to have. Plus, if she really is in desperate need of money as team Brad are spinning it then golden boy is actively blocking the mother of his children from having financial security whilst maintaining her dependency on him.

    • #clueless says:

      Angie out here buying Audi’s, apartment furniture for her 17 year old son. Buying Tesla’s, shopping for apartments in NY, shopping every other day, cleansing everything that she has of him and some of Pitts stans say she is scraping by. Lol dead at the Ignorance.

      • Oh boy... says:

        She’s been trying to sell for upwards of 3 years now. Even if she “needs” the money, it’s clearly not an urgent need. Maybe long term she needs it for something specific like a house she wants to buy or a donation she’d like to make but she’s not running out of money anytime soon for her day to day.

      • lucy2 says:

        I’m sure she’s quite comfortable, financially, and can afford the things you mentioned, but that estate and the wine business was a huge investment, and probably ties up a lot of her wealth. Her cost of living has gone up in the past few years, and her legal fees must be insane. Selling that business would probably be a nice windfall for her.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Plus she just sold a painting she thought she was going to get $3.5 mil for and ended up getting $11.5 mil b/c of who she is. That’s more than all six kids college tuitions. My goodness.

        I honestly think the price is right and she wants out b/c he’s mismanaging the business and b/c she’s done w/ him. BP has been holding it up, everytime his team comes out w/ something, I say to myself this is about him not her. He’s been lying the whole time, it’s him who can’t move on. Not her.

      • Ad says:

        @# 🙏🏼

  12. Mireille says:

    She has abided by all the court rules, disclosed all her financials, and contacted Brad’s lawyers to sell her half of the winery. Brad has delayed submitting his financials, fought her and the courts on child visitation arrangements that THE COURTS decided, fought her and the courts on family therapy, fought her on letting the kids have their own counsel separate from her and Brad, and ignored her request to sell her shares. THIS IS ALL IN THE COURT PROCEEDINGS. She’s not running to the tabs to explain anything — Brad’s aggressive PR team, who formerly (and possibly still…who knows?) represented Harvey Weinstein is running to tabs, slamming her, plugging any decision that’s made in his favor as a “win” in custody.

    And btw, during this whole time, he’s had supervised visits with the kids as mandated by the courts, not Angie. She lives five minutes away from him. She has made it easy for him to see the kids.

    She’s done with all of this. He’s dragging it out.

    And let’s now cue those who complain “this divorce is dragging on…I wish it would end already” or my absolute favorite ….”My prayers for this kids …Team kids … I feel sorry those kids…” Those kids don’t need any of that. They have Angie. And she’s fighting for them and their rights. Brad can keep Miraval, his wine, and all that.

    As we seen with what’s happening with Britney, cronyism seems to be rife in the California court system…it appears misogyny is not far behind.

    • #clueless says:

      @mirelle if they were so concerned about the kids they wouldn’t be flying to social media calling their mom all kinds of names and wishing her dead. The mainstream media wouldn’t be printing lies put out by his PR. Don’t they think those kids see that BS and no doubt have become very protective of their mom!
      Angie’s has had the unfair advantage since 2005.
      Pitt is toxic and his friends are toxic.. those kids are smart and capable tho.
      Yes to those go to social media and gossip sites and put the facts on display.

  13. Yati says:

    I actually really like the rose, I first had it at the Rotunda in SF when they were together. I go out of the way to buy it. Shame me all you want!!

  14. Jayna says:

    If anyone would have ever told me these two would have such a long divorce process regarding all sorts of issues and that’s still ongoing, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are.

    • #clueless says:

      @Jayna you could see it a mile away. I don’t know why I thought that. Even from the wedding photos Angelina was very sad looking. In many ways I feel she thought she was trapped with the kids, bad press they would receive if she left, and knew he would fight her. Probably warned her if these things. But the hitting of a child was enough. She has had a long battle while at the same time trying to help six kids through this wtf has he done besides whine, lie, and gaslight her.
      Ask Aniston if he won’t do it but then he has Jolie taking the hits for his lame azz.

  15. Sidewithkids says:

    We actually don’t know if she wasn’t a big part of the wine business tho, it just is made to look like BP is doing so much more but we all know he makes things look like that vs how they really are. It’s like the production company. Dede is all over that and he just does photo ops.

  16. LOL says:

    Doesn’t matter if Angelina Jolie was involved in the day to day vinery business. She is legally entitled sell her share in the house ,vineyards and the business. It’s pathetic that despite her letting Brad know of her intentions to sell for years, and her giving him and option to buy her out, he’s still refused to do so. Controlling her financially and emotionally to something she wants nothing to do with anymore. It’s coercive control by Brad Pitt , just shamless behavior on his part.