Prince Harry & William won’t spend ‘family time’ together over the holidays

Diana's 60th birthday

Remember the hilarious story about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will *possibly* visit the UK in September? That story came out soon after the fakakta statue unveiling on July 1st. The unveiling had been hyped to a crazy degree, and there were millions of stories around this one hour situation between Prince William and Harry. Harry did his thing, was charming and happy and he honored his mother, then he got the f–k out of Dodge. End of story. Except that the tabloids need a new “date,” a new event which they can hype and wring their hands over. Which is why this September date was invented, the idea being that Harry, Meghan and the children need to come to London for another event around this same Diana statue. Weird we haven’t heard anything else about that. So now Us Weekly’s royal expert is being a sad-sack about whether William and Harry will even see each other for “the holidays.”

Small steps! Prince Harry and Prince William may have made progress when it comes to mending their relationship, but they likely won’t be spending major holidays together, royal expert and London correspondent, Jonathan Sacerdoti, exclusively told Us Weekly.

“It’s perhaps unlikely that they’re going to be spending what we would think of as quality family time together at Christmas and New Years and birthdays,” Sacerdoti explained to Us about the families coming together.

While the recent birth of Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle‘s daughter, Lilibet, brought everyone a little closer, there is still distance that exists between everyone.

“Just remember that the queen hasn’t met her latest granddaughter. It doesn’t seem likely that she’s going to anytime soon. She’s barely seen Archie for quite a while,” Sacerdoti noted. “On a human family level, forgetting them being the royal family, there’s already quite some frostiness and distance there. So I suspect if things can go well, [then] maybe they’ll have the occasional meeting, but I don’t think it seems very high on anyone’s agenda.”

Although William and Harry aren’t as close as they used to be, Sacerdoti explained that there isn’t “animosity” between the siblings.

“It’s like any family. Sometimes we keep a closer contact with people than other times, and some people we stay more in touch with than others. So I think just the very distance between the United States and the United Kingdom and the complications of either parts of this family being able to travel means that jetting backwards and forwards isn’t necessarily going to happen though,” he clarified.

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t know why these royal experts can’t keep their stories straight about the animosity between the brothers and, honestly, their wives. Sure, I was also surprised by how non-confrontational William and Harry were at the statue unveiling, but just because two 30-something year old brothers were able to NOT punch each other for an hour doesn’t mean that there is “healing” or “peace.” It just means that they were able to be mature in memory of Diana for an hour. And that’s it. Harry understands William now, and perhaps Harry always understood his brother. There’s a reason Harry got his family as far away as possible. So no, they aren’t spending f–king Christmas together.

Diana's 60th birthday

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  1. Britt says:

    Nope, sorry tabloids. You won’t be getting leaks about conversations and descriptions of the Sussex kids either. They won’t be there to walk, so you can get photos either. The desperation is palpable to get all them to England. Also, it’s perplexing to me that some don’t accept that these men are almost 40, they have their own lives and families. It’s like some fans and media people still see them as children and it’s creepy.

    • macko says:

      Exactly! They really like to freeze the whole notion of Harry and William in fairly tale like amber as perpetually little boys who need to come out and play together again.
      They’re no different than millions of brothers and sisters who make decisions for themselves based on their own likes, love, need and desires. The idea that somehow its okay for Harry to support William’s life and love and career as monarch but take marching orders from his brother about who, when and how he should marry, is f-ed up. Well Harry made it clear to William, that he will choose his own path. Williams opinions are not edicts to be followed.
      There is this fantasy among royalists and even written by someone these so called experts, that Harry just needs to ditch Meghan and all will be forgiven and as always. Harry being a third wheel to William and his wife Kate. The very nerve to think that Harry’s happiness is not important as long as its all about William. Harry has made it very clear by his actions…….Not gonna happen.

      • Nic919 says:

        The media has been super bizarre with Harry having to support William and determine his life choices to help William in a way that they never did with Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. They never suggested that Andrew needed to run by his choice of spouse with Charles and neither did they do that with Edward.

        There is something they are not telling us as to why Harry has to live his life to support his future future king brother when they never do that do Anne, Andrew and Edward.

        And by the time Charles was 40, they were absolutely not discussing this. No one was questioning his leadership skills at this point in his life either. His personal life was a mess, but no one was saying he needed Andrew to help him be a future king.

      • Tessa says:

        There were no reports about Charles telling any of his siblings to “slow down.” Yet William thinks he can do it. And Charles and Andrew and their wives were never “required” to be Fab 4 and share the same office.

    • taris says:

      man, these ‘experts’ are tiresome.
      the windsors will reconcile when they reconcile, and healing will or will not happen in its own time. the ‘experts’ are practically foaming at the mouth for drama.
      like, give it a rest.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ taris, don’t forget IF they reconcile! There are no guarantees that there will be a reconciliation due to the fact that TOBB, CH, BP, The Grey Men, Keen Guevara and Chaz all offer up a public apology to both of them and take responsibility for their actions. Until then, nope. Not going to happen! The only purpose that Harry and Meghan come to London would be to see TQ and/or friends, family and patronages that they still sponsor. They may bring the kids some that they may meet TQ, and Eugenie, Spencer Sisters, but that’s it. Archie and Lilibet will be holed up!!

    • HeyJude says:

      Royal fans and the royal loyal media have a very sick parasocial relationship with the Windsors.

  2. BayTampaBay says:

    The “Carnival of Royal Experts” are definitely sucking for something to write about. Any CBer could have written a better and more plausible story than this Jonathan Sacerdoti person.

    Who is he? I have never heard of him?

    • MsIam says:

      Yeah such an “expert” he doesn’t know Lili is the queen’s great-granddaughter, not “granddaughter”. Sheesh!

      • Amy Too says:

        US Weekly has some awful royal “experts.” They referred to Lili as “Lilibet Diana Harrison” one time. Getting the name wrong right after the baby’s birth announcement has been repeatedly in the press for days, and not knowing that she’s a great granddaughter of the Queen is pretty pathetic for royal reporting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        This. They cannot even keep granddaughter vs. great granddaughter straight.

    • Pao says:

      Yeah who is this guy? And what is with the “there is some peace between the Cambridges and sussexes” stories US weekly has been on? They were also the ones to report that kate and meghan are speaking a few weeks back

    • UnionSnack says:

      Oh, you know, these days it’s so easy to be a Royal Expert. Just ask the derangers, they know literally EVERYTHING what’s going on inside the closed doors.

  3. Rocķy says:

    Breaking news: California is a long way from Britain. They really are running out of things to say about them.

    • Spot on summation in your last paragraph, Kaiser. However I too was amazed by the reporter’s stance on the distance between California and England. He makes travel sound as if Columbus still hasn’t set out for America! The Royals travel all over the world and California is not located on Mars. Now that would be difficult travel! Give it a break! if they can hang out on islands or go skiing, they can take a hop to visit family. However we all know that there are no invites to family lunches, or dinners from the Cambridge’s or Charles when Harry travels to England. Hell, his own father is such an emotional coward he flees to Scotland rather than making time for Harry.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        What? Columbus set out for America already? LOL. Honestly, I don’t want William to bringing his brand of stank here. I would kind of really enjoy the idea of Harry & Charles meeting up and no one knowing anything about it-especially Will & the rota cretins.

        Harry & Meghan would rather have Happy Holidays instead of Helly Jelly Christmases, it’s the worst time of the year(that’s what I called them when dealing with a satan SIL). Christmas has been different for 10 years now once my DH’s family realized she was the trouble maker and not the outsider. It’s been enjoyable since she hasn’t been there due to being not invited and the realization she was throwing her own parents under the bus for image purposes and excuse making. If the monarchy wants to survive as a business/or family, Will & Kate need to be checked down.

  4. Chill says:

    I’m confused. My mother has not seen (in person) 2 of her great grandchildren due to many issues (live across the country/pandemic, etc.) at all. No one is going bonkers. She hasn’t seen numerous of her grandchildren for years. How is this a problem unless you don’t communicate on a regular basis. Phones work two ways. Just saying.

  5. equality says:

    The Queen has “barely seen Archie”? How many of her other great grands has she seen during the pandemic? August possibly since he is nearby but I bet none of the others in person. And, really genius, there are complications about traveling now? Who knew? When has there ever been news of the royals spending birthdays together? The only times are for the Queen’s celebration or photo ops for a big birthday. I hope if they do travel over at Christmas they don’t do the church walk.

    • Pao says:

      The queen didn’t bother to visit archie when he was in the UK so i don’t understand why everybody is whining about to sussexes having to go to the UK to that the queen can see archie. Also, if william is so desperate to spend time with harry how about HE goes to california? Nothing is stopping him from hopping on a private jet (lord knows he loves taking them)

    • Ginger says:

      The press love to act like the Queen is some warm, caring grandmother and she isn’t. She has barely seen ANY of her great grandkids. She just isn’t that type of person.

      • goofpuff says:

        I’ve always thought the Queen wasn’t really a “children” kind of person. That if left to her own devices she would have much preferred to be child-free. She treats her children more like a duty.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She finds them more interesting when they’re engaged in something she enjoys, like riding horses. There’s some cute footage of her helping toddler Eugenie to ride a pony.

    • Eurydice says:

      Harry said that he’d been video chatting with his grandparents and that they’d sent Archie a birthday present, so I presume they saw Archie on video.

    • taris says:

      all this.
      the windsors (esp the queen herself) are famously nonchalant and non-sentimental. they all live relatively close to each other and i bet they barely spend a ton of time together outside of christmas and official engagements.

      but when it comes to harry and meghan, it’s ‘you better come back to the UK or else!’.
      aren’t these the same people who ran them out of the country in the first place? and also keep insisting that they’re irrelevant?

  6. Snazzy says:

    I mean, they will spend family time – with their chosen families. Harry with Meg and his kiddos, and William trimming roses while Kate saves the nation.

    I hate it when people tell me: “oh you don’t spend the holidays with your family?” because I don’t go visit my mom and my sis. No, I spend them with my chosen family, people who actually love me.

    • Piratewench says:

      I relate Snazzy, as someone who is estranged from abusive family.
      Holidays now do NOT include the inevitable blow-up about what some poor random family member did “wrong” to “ruin” the holiday. Personality disorders man, they are rough and almost impossible to have peace with.
      Megan would surely have done everything “wrong” at Christmas anyway so she’s better off skipping it. That’s what I do now. Protecting my kids from that kind of narcissist dysfunction and I have had such peaceful holidays ever since. People have their opinions but unless they have been in our shoes they don’t know what it is like when family brings nothing but sorrow and stress. Nobody makes the decision to stay away from family lightly, it’s always at the end of a lot of effort and a lot of heartache.

      • Moxylady says:

        Omg we could be siblings. Exact same to my situation. Exact.

      • Well said, PirateWench…..” People have their opinions but unless they have been in our shoes they don’t know what it is like when family brings nothing but sorrow and stress. Nobody makes the decision to stay away from family lightly, it’s always at the end of a lot of effort and a lot of heartache.”

      • Jaded says:

        Yup — my holidays were fraught growing up because of my BPD mother and NPD sister. When my parents moved to Mexico and sister moved to the other side of Canada I rarely saw them and it made SUCH a difference in stress levels.

  7. GrnieWnie says:

    wow what a name, Sacerdoti, takes me back to college Latin (sacerdos, sacerdotis=priest).

  8. JT says:

    How often does the royal family spend actually being family? Don’t they mostly get together for public events anyway? They don’t seem like a warm, close knit family that has a big Sunday dinner every week. Harry has to make an appointment to see his granny. Charles was an absent father, who now spends his time giving Harry the run around. William spends his time gardening and raging, while Kate….invents early years. It just seems like people are mourning a relationship that never was.

    • Pao says:

      Tho i have no doubt harry loves his brother, i really don’t think they were ever that close. Harry joined the flipping ARMY of all things to get away from everybody and everything. He would rather be in combat than in London with his family. They had to drag him back to the Uk for the sake of williams wedding FFS

      • Ainsley7 says:

        Harry joined the army because that’s what male Royals do. He didn’t have the grades to get into a university. He wasn’t trying to escape anything. He was following the same plan that Charles, Andrew, and Edward all followed. Edward wasn’t cut out for it and left early, but still. Harry was just doing what was expected of him by joining the military.

      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        Ok yeah…..a young 20 (20!!!) year old Harry started his military career, in the first instance, because that was a right of passage for a royal. But!…..

        EVERYTHING that came after that…….the length of time he stayed (10 yrs); the exams he took and passed: (1) to become an Apache Helicopter pilot (2) to achieve the rank of Captain, were all done ON HIS OWN INITIATIVE, DRIVE AND PURPOSE.

        As H told Dax Shepherd in that podcast, he ALWAYS felt different and did things differently from the other Windsors and he credited his mother’s influence for that. So no, H didnt stay in the army and achieved what he did, simply because it was “expected of him.”

        Everything in his life, up to this moment, flowed from those decisions he made 2004-2014.

        There. Are. No. Coincidences.

      • Jaded says:

        @Carmen-JamRock — thank you. There seems to be a faction of Harry haters who think he’s stupid and useless and only chose the military because he couldn’t get into uni. Well the shoe’s on the other foot now isn’t it…Invictus, Sentebale, TMYCS, Travelyst, etc. etc. William? Crickets.

      • Tessa says:

        None of the royals are really scholars, even Prince Charles who had so so grades at University. But he is interested in the world around him, unlike William. In many ways, Harry is smarter than William. A University degree does not necessarily mean the person is more “intelligent”. Computer geniuses sometimes did not go to University at all or dropped out.

      • Persephone says:

        @Ainsley7 Respectfully disagree. Harry himself said that he wanted to get away from England and preferred being in Afghanistan. So in that respect, I think Pao is correct.

      • Feeshalori says:

        And he was committed to staying in the military but his location in Afghanistan was outed and his life was at risk, most likely by BP so he’d have to come home and also wouldn’t have a higher military title than TOB.

      • Tessa says:

        William started with his degree in Art history then changed over to Geography. Supposedly the degree in Art history was “challenging” for him. I don’t think William is an Einstein. He did not study astrophysics or rocket science.

      • aftershocks says:

        The responses to @Ainsley are on point. It’s a fact that Harry always wanted to be a soldier. He’s said as much in video interviews. This is true regardless of entering the military being a royal family tradition. Remember 8-year-old Harry’s absolute glee when he got to wear a small military uniform and ride in a tank when he visited a military base with his Mom! Young Harry couldn’t wipe the huge grin off his face. He also had black camouflage stripes under his eyes. Honestly, Harry Wales was born to be a soldier, regardless of his status as a British blood royal prince.

        There is an old interview on YouTube of Harry on the occasion of his 21st birthday. He was asked why he didn’t join the Navy like his father, grandfather, etc. Harry responded that joining the army was something he knew in his bones was right for him. He said how much he enjoyed the grit and the rough and tumble of being in the army, and how much he felt like ‘one of the guys.’ In recent years, Harry also revealed that, “My family doesn’t understand how much being in the army allowed me to feel normal and to learn what it’s like to live a normal life.”

    • Beach Dreams says:

      The RF don’t spend much time together at all. It’s been said that they hardly see each other outside of the family events and they like it that way. Some family members might be close here and there, but overall it’s a distant family for sure.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, I don’t think anyone (or very few) in the family are sitting around thinking “gee I really miss hanging out with Harry all the time.”

      The bit in the interview about Harry and Meghan going to lunch with Eugenie and Jack and the Queen and Andrew and Fergie was actually really surprising to me because it seemed so normal – just going to lunch at the cousin’s (minus the whole “curtsey to my grandmother” thing.) I wonder how often that actually happens, I don’t get the impression its a regular thing in that family.

      • SueBarbri says:

        Yes Becks1! There were a lot of things that made me raise my eyebrows during the Oprah interview, but the story about them hanging out with the Yorks in KP might have been the biggest shocker for me (besides the racism, of course). I loved that little bit because it gave us an insight into the RF that we hadn’t had before. Plus, I thought it was so telling that Fergie was the one who taught Meghan how/when to curtsey and not Kate or one of the courtiers or protocol people or whatever. Fergie is a mess, but I thought that was a real, nice, sweet, thoughtful “auntie” thing to do for Meghan and Harry. It made it seem like Fergie and the York girls were rooting for M&H, which I’m sure they appreciated.

      • Tessa says:

        I have wondered why the Yorks did not deny the Meghan upstaging with pregnancy announcement gossip. Mike Tindall said they already knew apparently.

      • SueBarbri says:

        I’ve wondered that, too. But of course, the curtsey lessons had to be a full year (or two) before the wedding/pregnancy announcement, so maybe the announcement triggered some animosity between M&H and the Yorks? We can only speculate, of course.

        I’ve always felt that a lot of the anger we currently see in the family occurred because there was such a vast difference between the “celebrity” world that H&M and the Yorks live in (SoHo house and jets and foreign locales and glitterati experiences) and the Sloaney life of Will and Kate. I think Harry/Meghan and the York girls live maybe 90% of their lives in a similar fashion to the global elite around the world, and only spend 10% of their lives living like “traditional” members of the royal family. Meanwhile, Will and Kate can’t be bothered to befriend anybody but aristos.

        Like, do the Lamebridges even go out anymore? I remember years ago, when they were frequently spotted out at hot spots around London. But that’s been years. What do Will and Kate do? Where do they hang out? Kate is seen shopping a few times per year (sigh), but William is never even papped out at all these days, and that seems strange to me.

      • zinjazin says:

        Right? I have thought about that to, they are never seen or even rumoured to go out and do something together or with friends. Are the always just lurking in anmer hall, plotting against their family members all day? I mean so many oportunities for fancy restaurants and clubs or lunches or something in London? Most upscale restaurants have private rooms to. But it is never heard of for example a couples dinner at a fancy japanese restaurant or some such which would be expected imo.
        Here in Stockholm the royal family are constantly seen out and about town.
        I know atleast four people of the top of my head that have both seen and briefly interacted with Victoria, Daniel and queen Silvia. This has been in botiqyes and various establishments.* ( the have all been nice and friendly, they say hello and smile and greet people and are not scared of talking to people, its normal and expected that they act graceful and polite amongst the people, and are seen amongst the people. What else would be the point?
        But I have never heard about for example william taking a stroll in london and interact with someone. Weird imo..

      • SueBarbri says:

        Exactly, Zinjazin. When William and Harry and Kate were in their early twenties, the RR were almost breathlessly reporting the clubs and bars and restaurants they visited. As a matter of fact, I remember going out of my way during one of my first trips to London just so I’d have a chance to wonder by Club Boujis or whatever it was called, because it seemed so hip and happening. Even now, I know people who’ve only heard about SoHo House etc because of Meghan and Harry.

        But after Will and Kate got married, those stories dried up. They continued to pap Harry and report on his every move, as usual, but not Will and Kate. I know they were living in other places while he was “training” for his “military work”, but they’ve been back in London for a while now…

        As you said, the Scandinavian royals are practically famous for their low-key interactions with the public. I know royal watchers like myself who have run into Fred in Copenhagen, and I had a friend who sat near Felipe and Letizia at the movies a few years ago in Spain.

        But the lack of stories in this regard shows us that one of two things are happening. Either: 1.) William and Kate NEVER leave the house in London to shop, to eat, or for entertainment (quite unbelievable, even in a pandemic), OR 2.) there’s such a media blackout on the Cambs that the usual “light-hearted” royal stories (what they ate, where they go, etc) aren’t allowed to be published anymore.

  9. AD says:

    From what I have noticed, they make shit up all the time and recycle the same lies over and over again. It had subsided some until the 2 nominations came out. Now they are back to making up stories. The can’t keep the Sussexes name out of their thin mouths.

  10. Roserose says:

    Trust me, no one wants to visit the UK given the Covid situation here.

    • Jan says:

      60 thousand fans in a stadium twice, I know they claim they were all tested for Covid-19, now the numbers are going back up.

      • Seaflower says:

        And about to be 120-140k at Silverstone this weekend for F! allegedly.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        People are so obsessed with the tests and pretend they are 100% accurate. You can get false negatives easily. Especially with the rapid response ones. The test is really only good at the time you took it. You could get a negative result only to test positive the next day. The virus takes an average of five days to start showing signs that you are infected. Some people don’t show for 14 (hence the original quarantine length). If you test negative on day 5, you could just as easily test positive on day 6. Sorry, I just find it all so frustrating.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        The UK is going to be in quite the state in a couple of weeks. All of those reckless gatherings throughout the Euro Cup…

  11. MsIam says:

    If my sibling was said to have called my spouse “a b*tch, narcissist and a sociopath” and has not issued any kind of denial about saying it, let alone issued an apology? Uh no we ain’t spending no “holidays” together, nope! These people! In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if William said some of these things right to Meghan’s face.

    • Jan says:

      Princess William is a coward, he does what cowards do, talk behind the person’s back.
      You know if he said any of that nonsense to her face, light skin Harry would use him as a punching bag, and rotten rota would still be writing about it today.
      What the BM don’t understand about stepping down and back, they are not coming to the opening of an envelope and unhappy family get togethers.
      The Sussexes have to work and I’m sure they’re quite happy to do, without hearing how much their bloomers cost the taxpayers.

      • Kalana says:

        Can we please stop with the Princess William thing. Why are we insulting women like this?

    • Becks1 says:

      YUP. why on earth would Harry bring Meghan back there? For something dealing with his mother or grandmother – that’s a different story (IF M wanted to go and traveling was okay etc.) Meghan isn’t giving up her pretty California christmas to hang out at Sandringham, be separated from her children, and have to look William in the eye – and Harry isn’t either.

      • Jais says:

        Agree. I think Meghan and Harry would like Archie and Lilli to meet the Queen at some point, but hopefully it will be on their time table. I cannot see them making any plans for their kids to be in the same room as uncle Will and auntie Kate. That’s actually horrifying to think about.

      • booboocita says:

        President Biden did invite the Queen to visit. If she’s of a mind to travel and her health allows, she could come to the White House and H & M could meet her there with kiddies in tow. Willnot and Kannot can stay home and keep Chucky company, and someone else — maybe one of the York princesses — can accompany TQ. That’s my favorite fantasy, anyways.

  12. Midnight@theOasis says:

    What a load of crap. Who is this person? Guess anyone can call themselves a “Royal expert/correspondent” and create fan fiction and the tabloids (both BM and U.S.) will run with it just to sell copy and generate clicks. CBers can come up with more plausible stories than this clown.😂

  13. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Question because I am really curious
    Just HOW many “royal experts” are there? It seems like every time a new story comes out there’s a new one.
    I mean, there’s the usual suspects but this name isn’t familiar

    • Jaded says:

      I think they’re like “consultants” — anyone can call themselves a consultant without really being a professional. “Royal Experts” crawl out from under rocks.

  14. Scorpion says:

    Every other day, we are treated to the musings of another royal ‘expert’. Talk about an over saturated market. Next, this fool will be telling the sky is blue, water is wet and fire burns…

  15. Amy Bee says:

    I’m going to bet that Harry is never going to spend Christmas with the Royal Family again. I could imagine Christmas at Sandringham weren’t the most enjoyable times for Harry especially after his parents separated and Diana died. Not to mention the regimented way in which they celebrate Christmas. Just awful. As for Queen not seeing the children, Harry has said she sees Archie over zoom all the time, I’m sure that hasn’t changed. But look out for the press to be unhinged about the Harry and Meghan keeping the children away from Charles and Queen especially this first Christmas without Philip.

  16. Miranda says:

    Aww, that’s a shame! I’m sure we all wanted William and Kate to meet their new nieces, Lili and Emmy.

  17. Mandy says:

    Why is it always Harry and Meghan that need to take the first step by flying over to the UK whenever the tabloids and family want them to for these “dates”? Why must it be the Sussexes who make sacrifices for the sake of the queen, Charles or that family? If you’re so hurt at not seeing Archie or Lili then get on a freaking plane and go see your grandchildren/niece/nephew. Nothing is holding you back. Geez.

    Anyway, realistically speaking, the logistics around Harry and Meghan flying in and out of the UK this year isn’t feasible to the kids or to them. Especially in a pandemic. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t go back to the UK at all this year. But you know the media will make a big deal out of their potential absence at Christmas and use the Queen again as a tool to beat the Sussexes with.

    I hope the day they visit the UK again, they don’t say anything until after they’ve left the UK. Say hi to the Queen, see some friends and family that aren’t backstabbing them and then bounce.

  18. Seaflower says:

    Is it just me or are W’s suits looking like they don’t fit properly lately? He’s supposedly so “elegant” and obviously all his suits are tailor made on Savile Row (or wherever), but lately they look like sacks that button awkwardly, are a bit tight and short. JMHO

  19. Sofia says:

    All these fake tears on the Queen’s behalf that she hasn’t seen 2 great-grandkids out of the 9 others she has. Do these people really think that the queen goes round visiting all her great-grandkids once a week or something? She probably sees them once a month other than holidays max. If that.

  20. S808 says:

    It’s July and they’re starting the holiday whining already? They really have nothing else to report on.

  21. GuestWho says:

    The Christmas holidays with the royals seem just grim. Who would want to travel half way around the world to NOT spend the day with their children, but instead adhere to Victorian traditions including multiple outfit changes throughout the day (just try getting me out of my santa jammies on Christmas morning!!). And the family relationships being what they are…big nope.

  22. Dee says:

    Former Co-worker Who Left Toxic Workplace Doesn’t Plan to Attend the Company Holiday Party. There’s your headline, royal rota. How desperate.

  23. macko says:

    Here’s a thought, if William really wants to mend fences and show that he is not the asshole and douche bag the world is witnessing, how about going to see his brother and wife, in California. Wouldn’t that be a revelation. Of course, that is what many families show and mediate how they really care to get over disagreements and fights they’re sorry for. It will never happen, its always expected that Harry needs to be the prodigal brother and son who runs back to Britain and make nice. If William can go to LA for BAFTA, as he has in the pas(2011), he can go see his brother and make nice.

  24. Eurydice says:

    When was the last time the Fab 4 spent Christmas together – in 2018? And wasn’t that also the first time? And just for one day? That’s all I remember, maybe others know better.

    • Duch says:

      Twice – 2017 right after engagement, and then 2018, when she was pregnant with Archie.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think 2017 was when Charles/Queen forced W&K to house Harry and Meghan for Christmas. Looked good for the tabloids, kept the Middletons away. Harry tried to make it sound like a great Christmas, but I never believed it. Like Meghan, he is often too nice when talking about his family. I’m sure they were treated like intruders on ‘family time’ by W&K, esp Meghan.

  25. Over it says:

    Well if I was referred to as that woman by my brother in law, hell would have to literally freeze over before I spent any time with his diarrhea ass. No Megs, no children and no Harry. But happy Christmas to all of you. With sunshine from California.

  26. bub244 says:

    Why would they???

  27. Lizzie says:

    If Harry and Meghan went to spend Christmas with the queen you can be sure that Elegant Bill would spend the holidays with the Middleton’s. He is too cowardly to be alone with Harry. Harry will defend his wife from lies and probably let him know he owes him a bloody nose.
    Also I’m sure Keen will never be able to face Meghan again.

  28. Tamsin says:

    If I were a so-called royal expert, I don’t think I would be able to face myself in the mirror. It’s such a degrading way to make a living, writing fiction or having fantasies about real people in order to earn a dollar. Ugh! They would be pathetic, if they weren’t so disgusting and vicious.

  29. Sunnyvale says:

    No way Harry is bringing his family back to toxic racist England. They’ll likely travel back next Yr just before Queen’s platinum celebration & I’m certain we’ll see them either renting or buying a property.
    I’m almost certain that this was leaked to give the tabloids false hope and maybe buy some time for keen & bulliam who’s unable to feed their apatite. I bet they’ll finally arrange that keenbridges family photoshoot when the date is near. Ots also interesting that earlier today I read that they might not share bday pictures of George.

  30. MangoAngelesque says:

    I do imagine H&M will bring the kids over to see his grandmother, considering her age and the fact that they spoke quite warmly of her, and especially if the reports of her visiting with Harry at Frogmore (without her courtiers, Charles, or William knowing ahead of time to be able to leak it!) were true. Whether or not Charles with have made any move toward reconciliation by that point is extremely unlikely, though possible, if he’s dead determined to rehab his image before becoming King. But William won’t stop seething and raging long enough to let dust settle between now and then, guaranteed. And Kate definitely won’t have given up her quest to be the fetchest Toff in the burn book, so she’ll have needed to throw her SIL to the back of the bus a few times by then, as well.

  31. Curious says:

    i wonder if the situation is the same as it is today , with Charles/William still being evil towards Harry/Meghan and their children, that when the Queen dies that the 2 heirs will refuse to have Harry/Meghan attend the Queen funeral.. The Heirs are very evil minded ,Queen gone, they rule who gets to come..

    • Lizzie says:

      The Queen’s funeral. Harry will be there wearing a suit and Edward will be in full dress uniform covered in medals. The entire world will be watching and the entire world knows Harry served in Afghanistan . Most don’t know Edward exists but those who do know he quit the military a few weeks in. The rf will be a world wide joke.

  32. Saucy&Sassy says:

    What I find the most interesting is that they’re reframing the narrative. This article makes it sound like the issue between the brothers are just the types of issues that anyone might have. It’s almost benign in its way. (No, not really, but comparatively speaking.) I don’t know if this is just to appeal more to the US or if there’s a push to try and tone down what Willie Wonka has been reported as saying (I’m sure he did say all of them). Also, since this is a new “expert”, is this an attempt to cater to the US by not using the usual “experts” who have made it clear that they will say anything as long as it’s a negative about the Sussexes?

    Does anyone else see what I’ve tried to explain?

    • Eurydice says:

      I got you. I think this is just another angle they’re trying to see if it will stick. On one side we have nauseated, constipated William, who is so outraged he’ll never forgive Harry until Meghan is either divorced or dead, on the other we have, “hey bro, what say we get the wife and kiddies together for Christmas.” Which narrative will create the most interest?

      I don’t know about this particular expert. I suspect that Americans can’t tell difference between one royal expert and another.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Thanks, Eurydice! I can see this as a “clean up” after all of the vitriol that Willie’s friend spilled to Lacey. Wow, talk about closing the barn door after the cows got out is putting it mildly. I don’t see how he can erase that from people’s minds. This could become interesting.

  33. Lizzie says:

    Well this is a real Nostradamus prediction.

  34. notasugarhere says:

    wrong spot