Megan Fox clarifies her comments about Donald Trump’s ‘legend’ status

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Is Megan Fox a Republican? Is Megan Fox MAGA? Is Megan Fox even political at all? Those are the questions percolating this week. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were in Las Vegas this past weekend, like so many celebrities. They went to see the big UFC fight, and they were seated in the VIP section with… Donald Trump and his Secret Service agents. Megan described the scene during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few days ago (I have queued up to the relevant portion):

She says, in part:

“I was in a row with Bieber, and Trump was also in my row. He had, like, thirty secret service with him. He was a legend. That arena was very supportive of Trump when he came in. I was like, I don’t know how I feel about it, because if someone is a target, then I’m like, I could be harmed because I’m adjacent to where he is. So I was worried about my own safety, that’s all I was caring about. But yeah, I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was crazy.”

She didn’t say Donald Trump IS a legend, she said he WAS a legend, and in context, it was clear that she was referring to the support that he got in that room. That being said, I understand how people thought Megan was being somewhat supportive of Trump. In any case, there was a desperate need for clarification, and that’s what she did:

It’s safe to say Megan’s comments caused some conversation online, with many Trump supporters lauding her for calling him a “legend” and others criticizing her choice of words. Now Megan has clarified her remarks, posting a statement on her Instagram story on Wednesday night insisting that she “never said Donald Trump is a legend.”

“I do not align myself with any political party or individual politicians,” Megan began her statement.

“I never said Donald Trump is a legend,” she continued. “I said he was a legend… in that arena (key part of the sentence). The arena was filled with UFC fight fans. Many of them clearly Republican based off the insane crowd reaction he received walking into the T-Mobile venue,” Megan said. “That was an observable fact. Not my opinion.”

She went on to say criticism of her comments was a result of an “uneducated, mid-evil [sic], pitch fork carrying, burn a witch at the stake mentality.”

[From Buzzfeed]

Let’s all start saying “mid-evil” for medieval, y’all. Trump is not mid-evil, he’s high-key evil. But yes, it’s clear now that Megan was referencing the support Trump got in that arena. But she could have been clearer in the interview with Arsenio Hall! Megan’s not MAGA though, she’s just… privileged enough to be apolitical when it suits her.

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22 Responses to “Megan Fox clarifies her comments about Donald Trump’s ‘legend’ status”

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Oh Lord. If you’re going to call others uneducated, you’d better spell the next words correctly.

  2. Bettyrose says:

    Huh. Just as I was starting to think there’s substance there. I would totally get if she wants to avoid the no-win game of having public political opinions, but if she’s admired how she fearlessly spoke up against Michael Bays sexual harassment, supporting the p-grabber is not a good look.

  3. ME says:

    Why is she EVERYWHERE all of a sudden? We went years with barely seeing her or any mention of her and now it’s daily. Is she trying for a “comeback”? Though I’d say her career was never red hot to begin with.

  4. Christine says:

    I think her words about Trump were taken out of context, but I’m side-eyeing everything else she said.

  5. DiegoInSF says:

    She’s actually not very bright and I don’t know why some people seem to think she is?? Yeah, she went through horrific stuff with that creep Bay but it doesn’t make her a saint. The I’m apolitical thing is just uuuugh

  6. Sam the Pink says:

    Well, its not surprising, given MGK’s worldview – he’s done interviews where he identifies as an “anarchist”, basically saying “the system is all the same, both parties are evil…” that kind of thing. Maybe Megan is sort of the same as that. Which is still a dumbass position to take in general. Yeah, I get the impression neither of them is, uh, cerebrally gifted. They both have the vibes as somebody who read one Emma Goldman book and now they “get it.”

  7. Tate says:

    So glad she can rise above it all and be apolitical while one of the two major political parties is actively trying to burn our democracy to the ground. How nice for her.

    • Chana says:

      I think its pretty clear she was describing what it was like to be in a room with the president of the united states with hundreds of his adoring supporters. Like to those losers, he’s practically a god. That must be surreal for anyone on the political spectrum.

      And I dont blame her for wanting to stay apolitical, I wouldnt want Qanon psychos targeting my family. One of her sons wears dresses, can you imagine what they would accuse her of?

      • jwoolman says:

        Yes, I didn’t get any hint of personal support for Trump or his minions from her post.

        It’s ok to be nonpolitical in public even with a fascist twit like Trump. She’s not saying he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, or that he’s the real President, or that Evil Joe stole the election from him, or that the Jan 6 insurrectionists were peaceful tourists looking for the souvenir shop. Really, that’s enough. Just because somebody is in show biz doesn’t mean they should even be questioned about politics. Do we ask them for their opinion about Heisenberg Uncertainty Theory or muons or polymerase chain reaction (PCR)? No. And for good reason.

  8. Case says:

    Being apolitical isn’t a good look IMO. I understand if celebs want to keep their political leanings to themselves, but apolitical = apathy to me.

  9. Megan says:

    I’m glad she clarified, but I can’t say I’d be surprised if she was a supporter. There definitely to be this weird, unholy alliance of the far right asshats and the far left conspiracy nut jobs (e.g. current vaxx situation). Didn’t see that coming. And mid-evil is SO cringeworthy.

  10. Fausty says:

    She never has anything interesting to contribute and everything she does is so contrived. Why is she in the press so much lately??

  11. Valerie says:

    I feel like she doesn’t know the difference between fame and infamy. You don’t really call a guy like Trump a legend, even if he was once considered one. Context, Megan! Context!

  12. StormsMama says:

    To me it’s perfectly clear that she felt intimidated and had actual fear
    Seeing how beloved he was in that crowd
    And she felt fear being so close to him
    To me it’s crystal clear is not MAGA
    but having been the target of misogyny and sexism et al for years I could see if she was reluctant to be an activist
    Especially in that arena. It sounds horrific.

  13. Green Desert says:

    MGK’s daughter is mixed and he protested last summer for BLM – Megan better check herself.

  14. april says:

    When I see her all I can think of is Morticia Gomez on the Addams Family.

  15. Impress says:

    I loathe people saying theyre apolitical. How fucking lucky

  16. Ally says:

    Oh the (white) privilege to say you don’t align with one political party or another. I don’t glorify the Democrats as perfect but they are the one force in our country left to stand for anything approaching the most basic democracy and basic human rights right now.

  17. K.T says:

    If someone is “apolitical” on racism, sexism, the imprisonment of children and the corruption of democracy then they are not apolitical they are complicit.

  18. Bell Pepper says:

    We know what apolitical means.