Prince Harry uses a luxury airport-service to get through LAX quickly & privately

Prince Harry of Belair? Prince Harry gets interviewed by James Corden on Tourist bus in Los Angeles

One of the Daily Mail’s gossip column, Talk of the Town, had a completely bizarre attempt at shade for Prince Harry. Harry, as we all know, lives in Montecito. Whenever he flies anywhere internationally, he has to go to LAX, one of the largest and busiest airports in the country. If you’re rich and you don’t mind paying a $4500 yearly fee, wouldn’t you spend the money to make the airport experience a little bit easier? I would. So would Harry.

Prince Harry’s days of nipping around London in his modest Audi must feel like ancient history now he’s making full use of the flashy opportunities up for grabs in California. I gather Harry has gone full LA-lifestyle by making use of an ultra-exclusive and lavish private airport service called The Private Suite. It sent a luxury gas-guzzling Chevrolet SUV to whisk him away when he landed at LAX from London earlier this month.

The PS service, which has been described as ‘the most VIP way through the airport’, is one step up from first class and one step down from using a private jet. Members, who sign up for $4,500 (£3,250) a year and then pay another $3,450 per trip, are invited to exit the plane on their own private stairs before any other passenger, then are loaded into the back of their own SUV and driven to a private terminal where they get to collect their luggage and go through passport control in splendid isolation.

The PS website describes itself as ‘a private airport experience’ and says: ‘PS reimagines the airport experience for the seasoned and discerning traveller. It is run by Gavin de Becker, who has been widely reported as running Harry and Meghan’s security at their home in Montecito. He is known as the ‘bodyguard to the stars’ and his discreet company is known to hire former staff from the Israeli secret service Mossad.

Perhaps Harry is learning that life without plodding Met Police protection officers is much more flashy – after all, PS guards have black wraparound glasses and conspicuous earpieces. But then Harry is in a whole new world now. One of my LA sources describes him as a ‘baller’ – slang for those with great wealth who don’t mind spending it.

She says he runs with a non-famous crowd of tech billionaires. ‘He’s not in with the showbiz lot as people would expect.’ Rather than spending time with Adele or James Corden, Harry and Meghan are hanging with the LA rich set: owners of big companies, jet-set types with private planes. ‘He spends time in Malibu, Montecito and Beverly Hills. Harry seems really relaxed being the star in the room. He’s usually the only famous person at the parties he goes to, and it seems to suit him that he’s the one everyone flocks to.’

PS: As IF to prove that money can’t buy taste, when Harry arrived in Kensington for the unveiling of the Diana statue, he broke the cardinal sartorial rule: never wear brown in town. Thanks to his appalling choice of suede brogues – in a colour that should be worn ONLY when in the country – gentlemen across the land are still recoiling in horror at the memory of his flying visit.

[From The Daily Mail]

This column was a mess. They’re trying to shade him for paying extra for privacy and speed (through his private security) while they’re mocking him for lacking the princely accoutrements of his former life in the UK. Yes, he doesn’t have taxpayer-funded security anymore. Now he pays for his own (much-needed) security. Yes, he doesn’t have access to royal-use planes anymore. Now he spends his own money on a luxury airport service in America. And? (Also: don’t bitch about gas-guzzling American cars unless you have the same energy for Baldingham’s private helicopter.)

I do think it’s interesting that Harry is hanging out with the CEO set as opposed to the celebrity set. The British papers were worried that Harry would go to LA and become super-famous. They didn’t predict that he would go to Montecito and become a major power player. LMAO.

Prince Harry arrives in Victoria, BC to meet up with his wife Meghan Markle

harry armchair2

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red and Instagram.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I’m laughing so hard at the last line about his clothes for the statute unveiling. I’m not going back to look, but is the issue that he wore brown shoes with his suit? Or brown shoes in general? bc we see William wear those stupid brown suede shoes all the time. OMG. The pettiness.

    As for the rest – yeah it sounds like the writer cant make up his/her mind. Are they appalled that Harry is using this private service? Appalled that he can afford to pay it (if I could, I would!) Since when have we seen any of the other royals waiting at the airport for any of their flights? Is it a problem that Harry doesnt hang with celebrities, or is a problem that he’s famous?

    Really it just sounds like the problem is that Harry has moved on and is happy and successful away from the BRF.

    • Amanda says:

      Suède brogues!!! Quel horreur!

      • Tom says:

        A Chevy SUV! Living’ large, Harry my man.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Tom – as compared to his modest Audi before!!

      • GRUEY says:

        This is the saltiest most incoherent tantrum I’ve ever read!!!!!

        He’s a snob now but we’re the ones shading him for wearing brown shoes, unlike posh gentlemen.

        He’s all Hollywood but only hangs with actual non-famous business people (because he wants to be the only star in the room lol)!!! And what about our English Hollywood stars like Adele??? What about them Harry???????????

        Oh and all that prince shit he did in England was musty and not that great compared to the baller perks of Monticito (whoops thought they weren’t ever supposed to admit the Sussexes got by far the better life). Lol this is so funny!!!!!!

      • L4frimaire says:

        They weren’t even suede because Harry’s fans always are dragging his ratty suede shoes, so were quite impressed that he wore new leather shoes. Quite the discussion about it at the time on Twitter. Next time he should wear Ferragamo loafers without socks

      • deering24 says:

        Didn’t know Chevy had a luxury line. Learn something new…🤣🤣 And exactly how much more gas-guzzling are those cars compared to Hummers and Rolls-Royces?

      • Scorpion says:

        😂 I know right… Harry is looking good these days. I hope Meghan has been rubbing Jamaican castor oil on his Bald spot.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @Scorpion SCREAMING

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Just desperately casting about for the next nothing to be horrified about

    • equality says:

      That was extremely silly. It’s kind of like the wearing white and labor day thing. Snobbish and stupid.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Oh FFS, that terminal is available to ANYONE who wants to pay for it. It also has private suites (of different sizes) to wait for your plane, with showers, beds (for a rest/layover) stocked fridge/bar with your choices, flat screens, wireless sound system, etc. Is it expensive, sure, but if you’re needing to fly that way, chances are quite high that you (or the company you’re working for) can afford it.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I don’t know why they’re trying to make it a big deal. You can even reserve it for a one off trip if you can afford it. I don’t know, do people see the royals walking through Heathrow and standing in the security lines when they travel? When you travel 1st class on some airlines like Singapore Air or Air France, they will send a car to drive you on the runway right up to the plane, without going through the usual terminal. Regardless, Harry is paying for it with his money so it’s his business.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        My husband’s firm has an account and he uses it to speed through security for business. These people need to get a grip, a a clue, and some sense.

      • joan says:

        Harry is a rich dude. The rich are different… Ha Ha

      • joan says:

        Harry is a rich dude. The rich are different… Ha Ha

      • joan says:

        Harry is a rich dude. The rich are different… Ha Ha

      • joan says:

        Harry is a rich dude. The rich are different… Ha Ha

      • Bananapanda says:

        Also, doesn’t that service get you away from the hordes of paparazzi who stalk LAX? I can’t imagine being jet lagged and having a pack of crazy people yelling at you, flashing cameras and blocking your way to your car.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m picturing fancy gentlemen all across the UK recoiling and then fainting upon seeing his brown shoes. A true tragedy and national nightmare.

    • Chelsea says:

      That’s a good point: how tf is an Audi considered more modest than a Chevy? Do these people even know what a Chevy costs? (Spoiler alert: a lot less than a freaking Audi)

      • Kelsey says:

        I was very confused about that also. My broke ass drives a Chevy. Audi’s MSRP values compared to Chevrolets isn’t the point this “journalist” thinks they’re making.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        A sporty little Audi is probably cheaper than a big ass Chevy Suburban. I think the Suburbans are around 70k. Not sure because I only drive modest Volvos.

      • LaraW” says:

        I would say Chevy makes sense for a lot of business reasons:

        1. They most definitely have a fleet. Less likely that someone will break in and steal a Chevy.
        2. Space for multiple people and lots of luggage.
        3. One of the most generic cars out there. Your eyes slide right over them.
        4. Easy to make modifications (tint windows, bulletproof windows and doors, rip out the inside and add nicer interior— this is probably what they’re referring to as “luxury”)
        5. Way less expensive to maintain or make repairs. Luxury cars need luxury parts when they break down. Luxury cars also need high octane fuel, which is more expensive.
        6. Cheap to replace and design is fairly consistent from year to year. Luxury brands put in a lot of effort to have a distinct silhouette.

        The point is anonymity, so yeah, Chevy SUVs make sense.

        ETA I looked at the cars used for presidential motorcade and such and GM has the contract. They likely sell a special line of SUVs with the mods in.

      • Christine says:

        HA! Yes.

    • Shadeau says:

      This is all coded English class snobbery. A “modest Audi” is classy, a big American SUV is gauche. You can’t be *seen* to be spending money, even if you are. That’s the sin.

      • Eliza says:

        Thanks! That is a super helpful explanation. It’s hard when you’re outside the culture to get all the nuances.

      • Feeshalori says:

        It’s like Anne’s shabby sitting room, de rigueur in aristo circles.

      • Christine says:

        I am so glad I saved this article for AFTER my son went to bed, because I have died from the laughing. This is so utterly batsh*t absurd.

        Hi, my name is Christine, and I live in Los Angeles, and when I land at LAX, I call for a Uber or Lyft. My driver could show up in a Prius, or a Land Rover, and I am still not a terrible person for deigning to sit in a SUV.

        I would absolutely pay for perks, if I had “LAX perks” on my budget. Harry has LAX perks in his budget, and he’s earned it, for carrying his cranky brother on his back for decades, if nothing else.

    • Yvette says:

      @Becks1 … They’re appalled by the fact that they can’t hound him, or hire Trolls to hound him, through the LAX terminal at their will and for their gain.

  2. FancyHat says:

    If I had the money, I’d pay for that service too. Airports are a nightmare. I can’t see anyone caring about this

    • Pippi says:

      +1000! I hate travelling (love it once I’m there, but planes terrify me and I hate airports – so stressful). I’d absolutely create a line in my vacation budget to pay for this private service.

    • Chaine says:

      Not to mention, it’s best for someone as high profile as Harry to pony up some $$$ for extra security. If indeed he is paying extra for it… Could just as easily be comped the services by Gavin de Becker in return for leaking to the press that that’s the service he uses. Great stealth advertising on their part.

      • L4frimaire says:

        Can you imagine the mayhem that would happen if he and Meghan got out at the curb at LAX and was waiting in line at TSA with everyone else? They’d have news helicopters out there, massive crowds and flights would end up being delayed. Let’s be realistic. I don’t get these people who act as though Harry is just some regular dude who is only throwing these perks in our face because he’s not humble enough for royal tastes.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        chances are his security company has an account with PS and it’s part of the security costs.

    • BeanieBean says:

      LAX is especially a nightmare right now, what with all the work they’re doing. If I could afford this service, I’d use it.

    • lucy2 says:

      Me too! Especially during the pandemic, I’m always looking to avoid as many people as possible.
      Harry has security needs most of the world doesn’t, so the service makes total sense. If he didn’t use it, there’d be an article about him trying to fake being a regular person, foolishly putting his security at risk, and being stingy despite have 163 bathrooms or whatever.

    • Over it says:

      Fancyhat , I would pay too. Plus there is absolutely nothing cheap or modest about an Audi. These people are nuts, what did they want him to do? Hitch a ride In a donkey cart?

  3. SarahLee says:

    Well, he’s got the money! (after being cut off financially by his family). That’s what they’re really pissed about.

    • Britt says:

      Yep. They’re mad America hasn’t “turned” on them despite all efforts. They’re mad they have no access and they’re successful and they’re stuck with boring dull royals and now they have to depend on American news outlets and whether Harry and Meghan will return to the UK once in a while, which could be months or years at a time. They have nothing and it’s frustrating. They can’t even go in on William like I’m sure they would want too because they’ve been gagged for all intents and purposes.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    Cue another Cambridge Flybe stunt.

  5. missskitttin says:

    I would do that too. LAX is crazy and must be avoided. And what’s with the brown brogues? They come across as sooo out of touch…

  6. Nina says:

    So are they going to be appalled every time when he buys something with his own money?

    Also, they always mention how H&M said they wanted privacy. Now that Harry does something to protect his privacy, he’s criticized for that too

    • Britt says:

      Yes, they’re going to be forever salty about not being able to use Taxpayer/Frogmore against them. I don’t know if the palace or media, maybe both, deluded themselves into thinking Harry and Meghan wouldn’t be successful but they seem to go crazier with every announcement from the Emmys, Netflix, Montecito etc. They were not supposed to win and they did.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, and they will continue to win because their issues are the issues that need addressing to. They have the ability to use their platform for the good and what needs attention. Harry and Meghan were able to secure these deals as they have a proven track record of doing the hard work and showing up. And if they are unaware of how much their work is appreciated, just look in the England and the sorrow felt by their patronages when they lost Harry and Meghan.

      • equality says:

        Some idiots on Twitter have been going on about paying back PC for helping fund them. I guess, next it will be paying back PC for having a home while he was a child.

  7. HaHa says:

    Oh no! Brown shoes in town. The horror!

    • Christine says:

      Can you imagine the horror on their faces when they realize LA is flip flop territory? I imagine Harry only wears proper shoes when he is in England now.

  8. Lizzie says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Harry has been wearing brown in town? Excuse me while I go reevaluate my life. *eyeroll*

  9. nutella toast says:

    Since when are Range Rovers, Bentleys, and luxury Audis carbon-neutral electric vehicles designed to save the planet? Also: the uproar of brown shoes just proves that these courtiers need a LIFE and some perspective. Sit down and shut up.

    • SarahCS says:

      Never mind that, if I’ve read this correctly, it’s the car that drive him from the plane to the private terminal. I know LAX is big but that’s hardly road trip across the US style ‘gas guzzling’ which I think was also part of their dig at him.

  10. Britt says:

    They’re so mad they have to search for scraps now,lol. They’re mad that there are no leaks. The bitterness is real because Harry was supposed to come back, not become successful and work with big tech companies.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    The piece is just embarrassing and since when is an Audi a modest car?

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      It’s not. My little sister has an Audi SUV that’s more expensive than my Volvo and they’re both considered luxury cars. The Chevy SUV would actually be considered modest because it’s a domestic car.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      It’s the upside-down world where Audi is modest and Chevy is luxury lol

  12. Mina_Esq says:

    They are so obsessed with this whole “LA lifestyle” thing. Like yeah, LA has a lot of rich people that prioritize security, so these services exist to streamline it for them. And for a country that likes to call Americans “ignorant” they sure don’t seem to realize that Montecito is not in LA. LA is what they seem to call any and every part of California. Invest in a map.

    • Chaine says:

      Right?! It’s not even a suburb of LA. If they went to California one time and did the drive from LA to Santa Barbara they would understand it’s worlds apart. Completely different vibe.

      • likethedirection says:

        THIS!! The drive from one to the other is an hour and a half *if you’re lucky* and odds are you won’t be.

      • Anne Call says:

        Yeah I live about 10-15 minutes from H & M and we’re lucky if we get to LAX in 2 hours. You can take flights from Santa Barbara airport and we’ve taken flights to Europe from SB with changeover in another city like Salt Lake or Dallas to avoid that drive. LAX can be a real mess. Also brown shoes with suits are the fashion these days. Look at any wedding party and everyone’s wearing blue suits with brown shoes. Very stylish.

        Also who they’re hanging with seems like wild guesses. There’s some famous Hollywood people in Montecito and a few tech types in SoCal. A lot more in Bay Area. With delta variant spiking and two small children (obviously unvaccinated) at home I bet they’re not seeing many people. I know we’ve hunkered back down again…

    • lucy2 says:

      I know! That bugs me every time they say he’s too LA now or whatever. HE DOESN’T LIVE THERE.

      • Mina_Esq says:

        But God forbid any of us would mistake the Tower Bridge for the London Bridge. And that’s just one stupid bridge.

    • Anne says:

      Also, there’s no such thing as a “LA lifestyle” — that’s called “rich people lifestyle.” Rich people all over the world pay for luxury services and treatment. Harry is paying for it with his OWN MONEY THAT HE EARNED.

      As opposed to the multiple homes/palaces/full-time live-in nannies/staff that Lord LazyBones and his wife have at their disposal that are paid for by UK taxpayers.

      • Becks1 says:

        Right? I’m sure some of the wealthy people in the UK have lives filled with perks and privileges and luxuries. I know its considered gauche to show it in some circles, but its still there.

    • Reece says:

      As a born and raised Angeleno, it never stops. It’s irritating to us as well.
      All of Los Angeles is not “Hollywood” and all of California is NOT Los Angeles!

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Reece, I finally came to the conclusion that the BM uses LA for everything because 1) they have no idea how large and diverse California is and they have no intention of reading to learn something; and/or 2) 99.9% of people in England have no idea how large and diverse California, etc. So, the BM simply reports about what people think they know. Biopic perhaps, but I don’t think they care.

  13. Amanda says:

    As opposed to a luxury gas guzzling Land Rover SUV that the royals drive ALLLL the time and even have a special deal with the company? That they photograph George in front of? Let’s talk about flashy, who has a gold piano? Who has a stolen diamond in her crown?

    • Britt says:

      They clearly tried to turn into a controversy and it didn’t work. I don’t think they realize that going after Harry and Meghan has reached its expiration date.

    • Becks1 says:

      If Harry was a true royal, he would take a helicopter from LA to Montecito, you know that’s what William would do.

      • Anne Call says:

        Montecito outlawed helicopter pads in Montecito although a bunch of rich people tried!

    • Sandy says:

      But the brown shoes!!!!!! Aargh I’m fainting!

  14. equality says:

    If Harry is (during a pandemic) attending anything it is likely related to his position with Better Up or the contracts he has with Netflix and Spotify. Chevy SUV’s come in hybrid and electric form also and, in California especially, my guess would be that is what they use. I hope, if that is the case, the airport files a complaint about the article.

  15. Mel says:

    What’s the problem? He’s using the money he’s EARNED to avoid dealing with Paps and to get through the airport without a lot of hassle. Who wouldn’t do that? Oh and how gauche to wear Brown shoes in the city. When they write these kinds of stories, do they realize how ridiculous they sound?

  16. Mcmmom says:

    This is stupid. Global services (the highest level of frequent flier for United) essentially does the same thing with the private door, gate, etc.

    The “brown in town” nonsense is so dumb – firstly, social fashion rules have loosened. Secondly, I don’t consider Brits as being terribly fashionable or hip. The Italians, sure. Definitely the French. But the Brits? Seriously? No.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mcmmom, I guess we’re supposed to come away from reading that article believing that the British aristocrats are simply an odd sort of people, who make up rules so that they can differentiate themselves from the masses. Interesting.

    • SarahCS says:

      Oh it’s totally a class/snobbery thing.

      A guy I’m coaching who’s on track to become a CEO was taken to a private dinner by his mentor this week that had various MBE/OBE/CEO’s around the table and was hosted by a former (tory) MP. As it’s really warm in the UK at the moment after the initial ‘welcome’ the host suggested something or other ‘rules’ for the dinner which basically means men can take their jackets off. As my coachee went to a super posh private school (though he was the only brown guy there) he was one of two people round the table who knew what that meant.

      This stuff is gatekeeping pure and simple.

  17. My3cents says:

    Much more embarrassing to own a gold plated piano while living off people, or caught on camera peeking from a door at a pedophiles home.

  18. Sophie says:

    I’m surprised he doesn’t fly out of Santa Barbara airport. It’s the most pleasant airport in the world. And it flies to more than 2 places nowadays!

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      He likely can’t get a non stop flight to London from there which is why he goes to LAX.

      • Anne Call says:

        We’ve flown to London leaving from SB airport but you have to connect. It’s worth it not having to go to LAX.

  19. Simone says:

    OMG thankyou for the laugh Kaiser. This is the funniest thing I’ve read today. I found this link: Apparently there’s a never wear brown in town rule for the “gentlemen of London’s financial district.” I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Prince Harry wears a collar most of the time. Rarely is he seen in a t-shirt – usually a polo shirt instead. That’s how aristocratic & old money he is. However, according to this article he is a gauche nouveau riche LA type? F”£$ing hilarious!

  20. OriginalLeigh says:

    This article contradicts itself in so many ways. First he’s putting on airs by using the Private Suite but then he’s a peasant for not knowing that he shouldn’t wear brown in town?

    Also, how is using the Private Suite at a cost of $4,500 per year more “baller” and “flashy” than being accompanied by her majesty’s secret service every time you leave your home (which costs millions)? Do they think their readers are really that stupid?!

  21. Snuffles says:

    LAX is pap central. My friend used to date someone who worked there who would sell information about celebrity arrivals and departures. So, if you’re a pap magnet and want privacy and can afford it, then go for it.

    As far as who Harry is hanging out with. Well, he’s got a foundation to get off the ground. Networking with millionaires and billionaires is par for the course. I doubt he’s going to things just for the fun of it. It’s part of his job and he’s good at it. He did the same thing for the monarchy and the UK, now he’s doing it for his foundation.

    • booboocita says:

      That was my reaction. If you’re trying to raise funds for charitable initiatives, you go where the money is. There’s movie and TV money, of course, but it’s not nearly as much as tech money. And movie and TV money might come with strings attached, like a requirement to make appearances or cameos on TV. Tech money is both bigger, more powerful, and more private. Harry truly is the smarter of Diana’s boys.

    • Eurydice says:

      Exactly. I work with non-profits and the money is with corporations and wealthy individuals – they’ve got foundations and giving programs. Hollywood is when you need publicity for an event. I’m sure Harry will enlist his Hollywood connections when he needs them.

    • equality says:

      “Owners of big companies” are likely the types of clients BetterUp is trying to sign on. He is quite likely doing part of his job.

  22. girl_ninja says:

    Harry is a ROYAL and is born wealthy. I know I’m as broke as f**k but I don’t think of Audi’s as modest. They need to stop acting like he didn’t live well before.

    Re: I do think it’s interesting that Harry is hanging out with the CEO set as opposed to the celebrity set. The British papers were worried that Harry would go to LA and become super-famous. They didn’t predict that he would go to Montecito and become a major power player.

    Listen. Harry father left him out to dry in every way possible. Thank goodness for the money his mum left him. He is NOT about to go through that again and he knows he needs to hustle to secure his future and family.

    Like Mr. Carter said:

    I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! Let me handle my business, damn!

  23. Theothermia says:

    To be honest, celebrities and royals are just the little playthings and b*tches of the 0.001%

    It’s the billionaires who don’t need fame that control everything. Think about the fact that Conde Nast (Vogue, GQ etc) is owned by ONE FAMILY. Think about the family that owns the railroads. They have an unimaginable amount of power and don’t live in the public eye because they truly don’t care what the public thinks, we’re just the biomass that makes money for them. Harry and Meghan are probably rubbing shoulders with *those* people.

    As for LA “sets”, I’ve lived there while working for top people – there is no real upper echelon tech set in LA (they’re farther north in the Bay Area, LA is entertainment).

    The neighborhoods the DM mentions don’t make any sense either – you know what’s REALLY in Beverly hills?? empty investment properties owned by firms and Saudi princes. Ancient white dudes and no good coffee shops. The DM don’t know anything about California, or Harry.

    • Snuffles says:

      They don’t know their geography, the social sets or the scenes like they know in the UK. They’re fronting because they have no connections and they wouldn’t be let in even if they offered money.

      This reminded me of a Korean Drama I watched that was partially set in California. They got the geography SO bad it was laughable. The protagonist went to school in Redlands (which is Central), lived in a Malibu mansion and in one scene he was running from thugs in Santa Monica only to arrive in Hollywood minutes later – ON FOOT.

      The lazy royal rota fuckers can’t even be arsed to look at a map.

      • goofpuff says:

        LOL!!!!! That is so funny.

      • TheOtherMia says:

        Spot on, @Snuffles – ‘Fronting’ is exactly the word, and the average UK reader wouldn’t know.

        the DM is so constipated with conservatives that they see themselves as gatekeepers to class – but no fancy people would actually want to hang out with them, because they’re just the dogs that reinforce the violence done by the status quo (i.e. racism).

        That’s hilarious! I love Korean dramas, they’re so great and I love that they’re self-contained – none of this dragging on forever that USA TV does. Itaewon Class on Netflix’s main female lead is so pretty I can’t even look at the screen – it’s like her beauty wasn’t meant for mortal eyes lol. It says a lot that K-Dramas are obviously fiction, DM is a ‘newspaper’ and they hold the same amount of actual information lol – it’s almost as if the Daily Mail makes money from farting lies…

      • Anne Call says:

        Ha, my son went to Redlands and it’s in SoCal, about an hour east of Pasadena. They used to have a day called sun to snow or something like that, where kids could surf in the morning and then ski at Big bear in the afternoon.

        I get really bugged by shows when I know the location. The Politician was supposedly set in Santa Barbara and they never shot one scene here, I read. Halt and Catch Fire had the show move to Silicon Valley Palo Alto area and they obviously were still shooting in Georgia or whatever. Really distracted me.

    • BeanieBean says:

      True, true, all true. These British tab writers are such poor journalists. They don’t know how to do basic research, let alone write a convincing argument. Well, ok, they’re not really journalists.

  24. Jan says:

    Rob Lowe is thirsty for attention from the Sussexes, claiming that the long lines at Starbucks is their fault, a nosy reporter went to Starbucks to find if that was the case. A Barista said Covid-19 was the reason for longer wait times, and they’ve never seen Rob at Starbucks.
    The reporter also visited the Supermarket and a few stores, and was told they don’t see the Sussexes.
    First Rob lied about Harry with a ponytail and now Starbucks.

  25. TheOriginalMia says:

    Umm…what? Damn, this is the very definition of saltiness. Sheesh. If most of us could afford private service, we’d do it too. As for the brown shoes, I mean…who gives a flying f?! My goodness.

  26. GuestWho says:

    Aside from the airport angle, didn’t they publish this same article last week – complaining about his shoes and kvetching about the tech billionaires he and Meghan are hanging out with? They’re recycling things from, like, 10 days ago. Bottom of barrel has long since been reached.

  27. Matthew says:

    I really am so embarrassed for the UK when I read columns like this.

  28. TheNorthWing says:

    I used to work for a high-net worth individual in LA, and yes, you bet, if you can afford it you use The Private Suite at LAX, if only to avoid the paps. It also means you don’t have to get to the airport 3 hours before your international flight (my boss used to time it to the last possible moment), and you don’t stand in line at Customs/Immigration when you return. It’s kind of a no-brainer if you’ve got the $$.

    Still scratching my head over the “he’s too upmarket with his fancy airport arrangements/he’s too downmarket with his brown shoes” nonsense. Someone needs to make up their mind, or at least split this into two articles so as not to look like an utter wanker.

  29. Woke says:

    Also not surprised he’s hanging out more with the non famous wealthy people instead of the Hollywood crowd even though he’s comfortable with that crowd too.

  30. Chaine says:

    The whole “brown shoes” fake horror reminds me of the uproar when President Obama wore a tan suit. Tells ya a guy is decent and upstanding when all the press can find to get outraged about is their supposed fashion “missteps.”

  31. Mrs. Smith says:

    LAX is hell. It’s huge and packed with people. A gate change can mean having to make a very long walk to a different building (it happens to me EVERY time I’m there!). It would be impossible for him to do this any other way but the private option. It’s a no-brainer security issue. It’s totally worth $4500 per year. I wish I could do it!

  32. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    When I lived in America, I lived in Los Angeles for 3 years before moving to Atlanta. LAX is the most miserable airport I’ve ever been in. I hate it. So whatever Harry needs to pay to not hate his life, he can and should pay it.

  33. L4frimaire says:

    First of all, Harry wore leather, not suede shoes, and were very appropriate for the season. Maybe the English still have these old sartorial rules and don’t wear white after Labor Day either. As for that private terminal at LAX, it’s not like it’s that big a deal. The Points Guy talks about it on his travel blog and Chrissy Teigen mentioned using it in one of her Twitter posts about 2 years ago ( different times eh Chrissy). Anyway, this seems like random info cobbled together to try to get story. They’re talking about his clothes, his security wearing sunglasses ( imagine that in sunny SoCal- the nerve), the private terminal (which has a ton of YouTube videos), and who he may possibly hang out with. Also, they have no idea who he uses for security and speculating about who he is using is really problematic. Throwing in Mossad is not some random fact but to rile up the usual conspiracy theory, racist trolls as well. They seem miffed he’s not out with Hollywood types, but rather tech bros? Wasn’t he spotted having lunch with a major LA philanthropist/society doyenne? They have no idea who he’s hanging out with. Its cute how they have a little dossier on Harry based on speculation and snippets of info.

  34. Digital Unicorn says:

    But it’s still cheaper than having you own private helicopter that is used for shopping trips to London, trips to see Mummy in Berkshire and trips to trim the Rose Bush. And the best bit is that UK taxpayer ain’t paying for Harry’s airport service – i know who gets thumbs up from me.

  35. BeanieBean says:

    Wait, they started with pretending he was a regular Joe ‘nipping around London in his modest Audi’, and now he’s gone all Hollywood? He’s a prince! A member of the BRF! There’s hardly ever been any ‘regular Joe-ness’ about his life. And gas-guzzling SUV? Has that writer not seen the number of cars the BRF travels in for official engagements? How much gas do those big ol’ Bentleys burn? What a load of codswallop.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Ok…from now on I am going to work the word “codswallop” into a sentence at LEAST once a day…
      That.Is.The.Most.Epic.Word. seriously.

  36. iconoclast59 says:

    Harry would be a security risk if he went through the main airport, not only to himself but to his security detail and possibly innocent bystanders. IMO, paying for LAX’s private service shows awareness and consideration on Harry’s part.

    I literally laughed out loud when I read the part about the brown shoes. Those reporters would have a stroke if they went to a Catholic Saturday evening mass in the US. It’s shorts and sandals all the way! I’m surprised they didn’t lean even more into the “Harry’s become a gauche American” narrative. Man, Brits never forgive ANYone who tells them to sod off, do they?

  37. Roo says:

    I also suspect the airports prefer for high profile/high net worth folks to use those services so that the security issues for the airports themselves are contained or discrete. I would certainly prefer that if I were responsible for security at an airport.

  38. Amber says:

    LAX is a damn catastrophe. It is absolutely the worst airport I have ever been to, but I have to fly out of it a lot because I’m based near LA. They’ve been doing construction for a while and so I can never remember where anything is because everything is shifting around; the gates at least in the Delta terminal are so close together that there aren’t enough places for people to sit while they wait for their flight, so you have to stand for hours. They don’t have good food options. They don’t have many accessible electrical outlets or charging ports. There’s only one water bottle fountain for the entire Delta terminal so if you want to refill your own water bottle you can wait for half an hour. If I traveled all the time and I could afford it, I would ABSOLUTELY pay to bypass all of that stuff.

    • Bettyrose says:

      When I lived in San Diego, LAX. was usually the best option for international flights. But the shuttle flight to/from San Diego often required crossing like the entire damn airport on 30 minute layover. Would I pay to avoid that stress given the option? FKN A I would.

  39. GRUEY says:

    Will somebody please think of Adele???????

    • Jan says:

      Adele is fine, a bro is taking care of her, LOL.
      Her potty mouth also helps.

      • GRUEY says:

        Yeah she was just spotted shopping at a target near Palm Springs with her boyfriend. Of all the funny shit in this whinge fest of a column, that line was the funniest to me for some reason. Like, dude, he literally just did a TV spot with James Corden do they need us to show them that rope climb again??

    • Merricat says:

      Gruey, lol

  40. Rai says:

    I’m fascinated that anyone would be surprised he’s more comfortable with ceos, esp tech billionaire ceos, than Hollywood folks. Those are his people…let’s get real. What on earth is more .001% than folks wondering if they need to literally bow down to you…

    And Harry’s gonna be a star in whatever room he’s in…just ask William about that.

  41. Bettyrose says:

    Call me when Harry misappropriates Archewell funds to build a penis-ship for a 10 minute space flight.

  42. Chelsea says:

    This srticle came out before the memoir news. They have had nothing to run on from the Sussexes so they just pulled this story out of their asses based on pap pics of Harry leaving his flight last month. I dont doubt he hangs out with tech execs as he now is one himself and lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country but all of the rest of this is made up because for one: if Harry was running around Malibu partying and making it rain he would have been caught on camera. Malibu is notorious for being a paparazzi hive; a star as recognizable as him would not go undetected. They’re just pressed that their dreams of Harry and Meghan being starf**kers desperate to be seen out with Hollywood A-listers didn’t come to fruition because Harry & Meghan ARE the A-listers. Womp womp

  43. ME says:

    As long as he’s paying for it and not something that’s free for celebs, then who cares?

  44. Mooney says:

    And he deserves all this. He has earned it after all,no more sponging off taxpayers. Just wait when he steps off from his OWN private jet, along with his family. I’m eagerly waiting for that day 🙏💸💸💸

  45. Over it says:

    I absolutely loved Harry brown shoes with his suit, in my opinion it made him look hotter and put together and just damm good. Yes an Audi is so very modest. His big gas guzzling suv is just over the top. You know especially when it sits next to George Range Rover shot. Say hi Windsor. These people are mental. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have seen the keenbridges waiting in line in the airport security and check in . What did you say? Opps I must have just missed them getting off their helicopter to transfer to the Range Rover on their way to the private jet. Silly me. Harry happiness is causing ulcers in the British press.

  46. Merricat says:

    Boo-hoo, Harry made his own money and now he’s spending it! If he were truly royal, he’d be sponging off the taxpayers like a real class act.

    Honestly, these people are idiots.

  47. Sofia says:

    How is using a private suite any different than being escorted by your own personal bodyguards to your private jet/helicopter in a private suite of Heathrow that the royals do?

  48. paddingtonjr says:

    It’s so much fun seeing ths RRs tie themselves in knots while H&M just live their lives. The RRs were all set with their “Harry will never make it on his own” stories and then Harry gets a job with a startup, signs deals with Spotify and Netflix and writes a memoir. Then, the RRs get their “Harry is partying with celebs” stories ready and then it comes out that he’s mostly hanging out with un-famous billionaires. The RRs don’t know what to do since Harry’s not playacting their script!

  49. GRUEY says:

    Final thought: I would seriously feel like I won at life if my ex talked about me this way.

  50. Premadonna says:

    I feel like the ‘brown in town’ was also a racist dig (as in, dont bring Meghan whenever you come to London) in addition to being absurdly snobby

  51. Scorpion says:

    Oh the infamy…. Go Harry go, I’m rooting for you. Here’s to success, wealth and happiness for your family 😁

  52. FancyPants says:

    Okay, don’t yell at me, but… those prices are not really outrageous? Like I could technically afford that myself (but I would absolutely never waste my money on it!) and Prince Harry probably makes more than that in interest in a week on whatever trust fund he has. I would rather see him using a service he pays for himself and be kept safe than be hounded by rabid paparazzi or be beholden to his father for anything.

  53. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    Does his previous car, the Audi, tip us off that he had the integrity to opt out of the RF deal with Land Rover, where they supply cars for them as an endorsement deal?

  54. Eurydice says:

    So much cognitive dissonance. They make such a big deal about the monarchy, about how rarified and special and exalted and anointed and blahdy, blah, blah, and then they forget that Harry grew up that way, too. He’s traveled everywhere, become friends with presidents, met zillions of people, with zillions more who want to meet him. Of course, he’s the center of attention; he’s a frikkin’ prince, pretty much the most famous prince on the planet. And sure, he wants to devote his life to helping people, but he’s never going to be a “man of the people.”

    • Calibration says:

      Every article is full of cognitive dissonance. I used same expression re memoir. Junor: He’s too young! And boring! But junor already wrote one about him?

  55. Sarah says:

    This article is hilarious. First and foremost, I’m going to assume that he uses this service because it was recommended to him by his head of security because it makes absolute sense if you don’t own your own private plane to use a service such as this because it allows you to avoid 1) The paparazzi 2) The large crowds and 3) Anyone who would look to attack you for no other reason then you’re you. LAX is notorious for paparazzi and they will hound celebrities, everyone knows that.

    I can see him hanging with tech CEO’s and wouldn’t be surprised if someone blabbed and that’s smart of him because we have already seen where tech is going so if you’re in with that crowd, you can get in on the ground level of any new and innovative ideas to invest. This lets me know that he’s no dummy. Also, yes in a room full of folks that no one knows, he is the main attraction but doubt that he’s relishing it, just know that when he steps in the room he’s the most known in the room.

    The brown shoes……. I hated them with his outfit but that’s just someone needing to fill an article with words and using that.

  56. JanetDR says:

    I’m glad to know that this service is available for them. I assumed there was something special for those wealthy enough, but it’s cool to learn some details. The British press needs to take a look at themselves and what they are turning into, because the article is ridiculous!

  57. Lisa says:

    Sorry but I used to travel multiple times per year via LAX. It is the most miserable experience ever. My company pays for some things like TSA pre check etc, but yeah, no, no Private Suite Service. I wish they did. Go Harry, and good for him. If I could afford it, I would pay the $4500 for the service.

  58. Feebee says:

    Travel services aren’t worth bitching about, I mean… what?!

    As for the brown shoes, wasn’t he wearing a blue suit? The blue is more key than the town.

  59. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    If Gavin De Becker is heading this security outfit, they are beyond wise to use it. If anyone has not read Gavin De Becker’s “The Gift of Fear,” they should do so.

  60. TheFarmer'sWife says:

    Didn’t “Kate the Practically-Perfect-Nearly-Professional Photographer” just post a picture of her oldest posing in front of a Land Rover. Am I mistaken in believing that a Land Rover is a big ass honking SUV? How many liters does that thing guzzle, at 1.55 EU per liter no less? And, if we talking about people being gauche, how much did the UK Royals pay for that Land Rover? Nothing. Because the family has had a “relationship” with the company, (along with Jaguar), since Queen Liz’s father accepted one “as a gift” way back when. AND, it’s very much the norm to wear brown shoes with a blue suit during the day, at least here in Canada. My god, our PM showed up to a G7 event in the UK earlier this year wearing a grey suit with brown shoes! I’m so embarrassed…I might apologize…not!

  61. AmelieOriginal says:

    I am not surprised he’s hanging out the CEO set. The CEO set are the ones with true connections in the philanthropy and charity world, they are the main drivers of those kind of things. Generally big name philanthropists are not Hollywood celebrities. I worked in fundraising for a year and we never contacted Hollywood celebrities for donations. Harry is cultivating business and philanthropic relationships. While a lot of celebrities are involved in charity, not that many are known to be super generous. Plus Harry is not all about the flash and narcissism that tends to pervade Hollywood. Not to say it’s not there with the tech CEOs, but they tend to be more discreet about it.