Pamela Anderson shows off her debt-ridden ass

ANZFW 2009 - A Muse By Richie Rich Catwalk

ANZFW 2009 - A Muse By Richie Rich Catwalk

When Pamela Anderson made an appearance in New Zealand on Friday morning (there), she decided it would be classy to show everyone her ass crack. Because we’ve never seen it before, I guess. Maybe that was her rationale, that we need to see her ass every few years, just to remind us what “sketchy” looks like. I’m not sure if what happened could be considered a “wardrobe malfunction” because it seems like Pamela preplanned it. She was wearing one of her own designs (“You too can show your plumber’s butt”) for her fashion line A Muse. Oh! She was also wearing some kind of dingy, saggy thong that didn’t really hide anything. So. Gross.

Anyway, I hope Pam’s fashion line sells well, because she’s up to her sketchy thong in debt, according to Star Magazine. According to their sources – who sound pretty legit – Pam has a “mind-boggling total of liens filed against her” by multiple construction companies, and the state of California. Her total debt is $1.2 million, and it comes from doing multiple extensive renovations of her five-bedroom, three-bath Cape-Cod style Malibu home.

“It’s a bad situation,” Bruder Construction’s boss Jay Bruder tells Star. “A lot of people are owed a lot of money.” His lien again Pamela, filed in June, totals $674,043 for the cost “labor, materials and subcontractors to remodel main house, construct swimming pool and foundations for guest house” all in 2008-09.

Pamela’s problems are compounded by a lien filed in March by California’s Franchise Tax Board that claims she owes $252,360 in unpaid income tax from 2007.

If these claims are valid, Pamela may have to sell her house – valued at $6 million – to cover her debts.

“Her creditors do have some recourse to get their money back,” says Steve Cron, a random attorney. “That cold include going to court and having the property foreclosed on, forcing her to sell her house to pay them off. It’s a long, cumbersome process, but it can be done.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 5 2009]

The article goes on to say that Pamela barely has any money coming in. In the past two years, she’s had her brief E! reality show, a few appearances in low-budget movies, the Australian Big Brother, and the now-cancelled Kath & Kim. But! Pam does have a perfume coming out this November – so, mark your calendars if you want to smell like cocoa butter and tragedy. And she’s got this fashion line. Ugh. Maybe it’s time Pam got her real estate license.

ANZFW 2009 - A Muse By Richie Rich Catwalk

ANZFW 2009 - A Muse By Richie Rich Catwalk

ANZFW 2009 - A Muse By Richie Rich Catwalk

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26 Responses to “Pamela Anderson shows off her debt-ridden ass”

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  1. Firestarter says:

    I am so bored with this old bag prancing around half naked-naked all of the time? Pictures I have seen up close, her body is NOT that great to be running around and showing it off. It isn’t the body of a 20yr old anymore, and frankly, no one really wants to see it.

    How proud her children must be of their mother acting like an old hooker off the Vegas strip all the time.

  2. DoMaJoReMc says:

    What the hell is she thinking? Does she not give a damn about her boys? I can’t imagine how messed up her sons are going to be as they get older. I guess it’s all about HER GIRLS.


  3. Dorothy says:

    What is that supposed to be? a scarf? this is a clothing line? WTF???!!!

  4. SixxKitty says:

    Pam, It’s over honey, get a grip.

    Just make the damn porn movies your gunna make now, not when your 50+ like you plan!
    Yuk! And why did New Zealand fly you there first class? I would have flown in buyers to purchase the goods, not you to make us forget why you were there…

  5. Ash says:

    It looks like she just woke up off of ecstacy and can’t get out of her bed sheets. Tacky bed sheets.

  6. Shelly says:

    Although Pamela Anderson is gaining in age, she looks FAB.

    As with any actress, there is nothing wrong with a public stunt to draw attention to your “Name for Fame”.

    I think we have all come to expect things from Pam Anderson, this is no different.

    I would rather see a rear end shot, then watch her and Tommy in a nasty DVD.

  7. susan says:

    you would think that the designer would have untwisted the thong before he sent her out there. what a mess

  8. QB says:

    I loved how people use to say how Pamela was a great mother because when she was with her kids at the beach she used a tiny dress instead of a bathing suit. Her kids are old enought to go on the internet and see their mom acting like a skank , plus kids are super cruel they most be going throught hell is school with all the kids teasing them because of their mother.

  9. giggly says:

    What is the name of her new perfume, “Stench”? It will have an intoxicating aroma of Tommy Lee’s sloppy seconds, faded beauty and decomposing implants. P.U.

  10. crash2GO2 says:

    This is everything that is wrong with Hollywood. Or almost everything. She probably fancies herself today’s Marilyn Monroe or some such nonsense.

    Cocoa Butter and tragedy – you hit the nail on the head with that one Kaiser.

  11. gg says:

    So is “sketchy” the Magic Word today?
    Sketchy implies “iffy” – Pam and Greasy Bear are hardly iffy, they’re full-on wretchingly nasty, without doubt.

    lol @ giggly – It smells like ‘tang fished from a shrimp boat and left on deck for a couple days.

  12. Just a Poster says:

    Oh Pam.. why?

  13. Firestarter says:

    Hahaha! @Giggly- That was funny!

  14. Green Is Good says:

    Why not just walk out stark naked? It’s not like Hagzilla is leaving anything to the imagination.

  15. Heavenbound says:

    She can always go live in the trailer park with her boyfriend the electrician, she will fit in just fine.

  16. ! says:

    mark your calendars if you want to smell like cocoa butter and tragedy


  17. Butch says:

    I’m sure she looks better naked than most, if not all, the people posting here, so …whatevs.

  18. Jamie says:

    old, has-been with no career. Just prances around at her designer friends’ fashion shows to make some kind of a statement. You are past your prime Pam, so just go back to Malibu already and go frolic on the beach with your kids–that’s about all your good for now adays.

  19. maddie says:

    It’s really sad how she is behaving.

    Shades of Sunset Blvd.

    If they ever do a remake she can play Norma Desmond the faded actress who does not realized that her time has come and gone.

  20. fizXgirl314 says:

    You know it seems like when women get to a certain age and they start to fight the aging process by getting too much plastic surgery and working out too hard instead letting a little fat creep on, they start to look even worse… unnatural and unsexy… sad.

    but she’s beyond all that, she’s just looking gross… how do men find her attractive? do they just not have standards or are we women just more critical? I NEED TO KNOW DAMN IT :-p

  21. j. ferber says:

    I am so not into hating on Pam because she’s a blond bombshell past 40. Why in the world can’t Tommy Lee pay off her debts, anyway? He must be a gazillionaire, she is the mother of his children and they do have an on-off thing going.

  22. maddie says:

    “Why in the world can’t Tommy Lee pay off her debts, anyway?”

    Because there not his debts, why should he pay for her not managing her money better, she knew she was not working as much and should have not had all that work done.

  23. cmolha says:

    Her body is over the top and over done. BUT if she had an ounce of class, we’d probably think she looked okay.


  24. Aspen says:

    I feel really sorry for her…because I can’t imagine how she got where she is.

    She’s tragic. For a woman her age, she is (even still) so beautiful, but she makes herself ugly with the overdone hair, unflattering clothing, caked makeup, and desperate “look at me” thing she constantly needs to participate in.

    She’s a mess…and it’s sad.

  25. B says:

    It’s just kinda sad to look at….an aging sex icon still trying so hard…obviously she is hurting for money..why else would you do this? She’s in denial..yes she looks better than alot of people her age…cosmetic surgery helps..but she still looks saggy skinned and rough lately…just sad.