Kate Beckinsale on plastic surgery: ‘I haven’t had any… I just literally haven’t’

Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kate Beckinsale is 47 years old and she has the line-free, youthful visage of a woman half her age. It’s insane. Some women win the genetic lottery and some women spend a lot of time and money taking care of their skin and their bodies properly. I believe Kate is all of the above – good genes, and she takes care of herself, she hydrates and moisturizes and uses expensive face creams and stays out of the sun. I also think she’s gotten some good-quality help from a surgeon or dermatologist along the way. There’s no shame in it! Whatever she’s done, it’s been pretty subtle. But Kate wants us to know that she hasn’t had any surgical work done. And she claims she’s never had Botox, and she doesn’t get facials. WTF?

Kate Beckinsale has had it with plastic surgery speculation. The actress, 47, set the record straight on Sunday, sharing that she gets “pissed off” when people assume she’s gone under the knife.

“I haven’t had any [work done],” she told The Sunday Times. “I’m not against people having it. [But] I do get pissed off. It’s sort of a given that I’ve had it, which I just literally haven’t.”

The “Underworld” actress inherited her filler-free philosophy from her mom, who is so “suspicious” of cosmetic treatments she “wouldn’t even get a facial.”

“I’m frightened of paralyzing my face. My mum’s voice is in my head, very loud, at all times,” the actress explained, adding that she’s never been tempted to try injections, either. “I know if I did do Botox, I’d be the one that would get the droopy eye and my mum would go, ‘I f—king told you! See? You should never do that.’”

It seems good genes are partially to thank for Beckinsale’s ageless beauty, as she gushed about her mother, Judy Leo, saying the 76-year-old still “looks f—king radiant and amazing.”

Although the star has stayed above pressure to get plastic surgery, she admitted that aging in the public eye comes with its challenges. “I think, when you start out, people perceive you as attractive it’s helpful at first. If people start thinking that’s your main thing, I don’t think that’s helpful to anyone, least of all you,” she told the outlet, adding that all women – not just Hollywood superstars – are subject to constantly shifting beauty standards.

“I think women are damned anyway,” she added. “You’re seen as too young, you’re too old. Where is the f—king sweet spot for women? At some point you just have to go, b—tch — this is me.’”

[From Page Six]

Do you believe her? Eh. I do not. Again, whatever she’s done, she hasn’t overdone it all. But you can tell that it’s not all natural. Her forehead, her eyes, a little pull at the jaw. She looks great, no doubt. But it’s not just “washing her face with soap and water” or whatever. It’s her business, completely. But I find strange that we’re supposed to believe a 47-year-old is *supposed* to look 25 years old, and then the same 47-year-old tells us that she looks like a 25-year-old naturally. GMAFB.

Actress Kate Beckinsale arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at the Wallis Annenberg Cen...

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  1. Case says:

    It makes me angry when they blatantly lie like this and set unreachable beauty standards. How irresponsible. She’s clearly had fillers or SOMETHING done and is telling a lie of omission.

    • Maria says:

      It’s not even a lie of omission, it’s just a lie, lol.
      Which, whatever, but it’s a bit rich to claim it makes her angry.

      • elle says:

        @Maria… she has to “claim” it because you won’t be able to tell by the expression on her face!

        I don’t recognize her unless her name accompanies her photo, because she looks nothing like she once did. Here, I’d have guessed Natalie Portman.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Yep, when they obviously lie it’s offensive on two levels: first, it means they think the public is blind and/or stupid. Second, it’s saying that OTHER women need surgery and botox to look good, but *I* am sooooo genetically superior that I don’t need it.

      I mean, I get that her looks are all that she has (she’s a terrible actress, who seemed to get most of her acting jobs from her husband). But the public is neither blind nor stupid. Just own up to the surgery and fillers.

    • Christine says:

      I am 46, and I have all the lines on my face that you would expect. I’m especially proud of my laugh lines, because every laugh I have ever laughed is written on my face. I’m not sure who came up with the idea that middle aged adults should show no signs of not being 20, but I hate them.

    • SKF says:

      Yeah, I watched her in a movie a couple of years ago, and she was very very funny; but her lack of facial mobility was off-putting. Like, she couldn’t move it at all. Her forehead didn’t move once. And when she was younger, it did move. If it’s not Botox it’s something similar. We’re not stupid and the human eye tracks the uncanny very well.

      • Trillion says:

        she can truthfully claim she’s never had Botox. . . Because she prefers Dysport.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    She….knows we all have eyes, right?

    I remember the photo she posted of she, Michael and newborn Lily in the operating room just after Lily’s birth. She clearly has had a nose job.

    I mean Kate, come on now.

    • kelleybelle says:

      That much is obvious. Why do they need to lie about such things?

    • Andie says:

      I agree she did something to her nose based on old pictures BUT…

      My face, including nose, swelled up like crazy during the end of pregnancy. And then even more during delivery (no sleep, IV fluids, in some cases pushing hard…) so I wouldn’t use a delivery room photo as proof of changing facial features.

      Tons of older pics though, yeah her face looks different.

      Also she probably uses some other type of filler. The whole I dOnT uSe bOtOx statement is an actor lie of omission when they’re using dysport or juvaderm or whatever

      • TIFFANY says:

        As I have never been pregnant, that is fair.

        But her earlier tv work, her nose is not the same and that nose is not from a decent makeup job.

    • LilacMaven says:

      Yes. If you look at pictures of her from her earlier British work, she had a completely different face. Different teeth, different nose. And she’s clearly had both fillers and Botox.

      She looks great, but she’s lying. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, fine. Just say no comment. Why bother to tell such obvious lies?

  3. milliemollie says:

    She has that typical rich lady plastic face. That’s totally fine, but don’t lie about it.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      Rich lady plastic face is exactly what it is yes I agree totally. she says she diesnt use botox, so she is probably using something else. The nose obviously was tweaked in asubtle way and you know, they all work out extensively, but im sure there’s a little bit of lipo here and there. this is image business – we all know the truth.

  4. questions says:

    She looks very different from when she was younger. She’s pretty in both versions, but the younger version did look more authentic.

    Her face does look a little frozen to me. I’m not saying that in a bad way, but her face doesn’t have those expression lines when people move their faces.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    First of all, Kate Beckinsale is white, the lack of melanin means that her age will show in her face. Secondly, the photo at the top of this post shows that she’s had botox and fillers. It’s obvious for everyone to see so why lie about it? She’s ridiculous.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Like Kim K trying to tell us her tits are real and Khloe saying her huge ridiculous butt is from working out, sure Kate.

    • Heygirl says:

      “First of all, Kate Beckinsale is white, the lack of melanin means that her age will show in her face. ”
      What does this statement even mean?

      • Calypso says:

        It means that Black don’t crack.

        It means that melanin does offer some protection against against because of the protection to sun damage, and that darker skin shows age less (inasmuch as “age” is defined by characteristics that show up in white faces, like wrinkles).

      • MariCe says:

        Not necessarily. I’m a derm and I’m Black and in my experience and practice it’s not the skintone – studies show that black skin only provides a spf factor of about between 7 to 12 depending on the depth, so not that much relatively – but the natural oiliness of a skin that dictates how soon it will wrinkle, especially once things such as suntanning habits are removed or taken into consideration. Oilier skin tends to be thicker, and thus obviously more lubricated, so avoid wrinkles for longer. In general Black people do tend to have oilier facial skin, but so do certain white populations, especially around the Mediterranean and North Africa for example, and their skin will obviously “age better” (a phrase I hate as it makes just living in our own skins a competition that most of us cannot win) than their drier counterparts but its entirely feasible, if not predictable, that an oily white skin will “age better” than a dry black one. Now, also, most Black people won’t fry ourselves trying to catch a tan, which adds to the Black don’t crack myth, but other races are also catching up on this. Plus, it’s worth saying, there is no shame in aging. Healthy skin can be aged or wrinkled, of any race and any age: it is not a failing to have wrinkles or to have age show in your face.

      • Pusspants says:

        @Marice, thanks for sharing your professional input on this topic. That made a lot of sense & certainly tracks with my dry, white skin-having self, lol.

    • goofpuff says:

      Well ok – I am not white nor black, but I am 46 and I look 25 due to really good genes (my mom looked ridiculously young at 55 with no surgery). I have not had any work done with fillers or surgery (because I develop keloids and am terrified of getting them on my face). And botox freaks me out.

      I have little to no fine lines. I only get the “jowls” around my pre-menstrual time and then it goes away. It is possible to look young without surgery.

    • Cait says:

      Scientists figured out black people look younger longer because our bones tend to lose minerals at a slower rate than White people. But I think melanin does also play a part as well

    • Gigi says:

      Kate is of Eurasian descent on her father’s side btw…

  6. Lala11_7 says:

    She dosen’t look like she looked in “Cold Comfort Farm”…one of her earliest & one of my faves…so…

    Okay Kate 😝

    • TIFFANY says:

      RIGHT ???!!!

    • Twin falls says:

      Lol I loved Cold Comfort Farm. It’s the reason I know who she is.

    • Natters says:

      I love that movie! She was very much an English rose then. She had her gums done, her lips done and definitely her chest. So she HAS gone under the knife. Plus she has food issues. One of my neighbors was her personal chef for a movie and she said that not only did she have eating issues, she was passing them onto her daughter.

    • LilacMaven says:

      Exactly! I love that film. And if I hadn’t seen some of her other work over the years, I never would’ve guessed that the woman pictured above was the person who starred in Cold Comfort Farm. She looks nothing like her original self. Which is fine, but don’t try to gaslight us about it.

  7. Leskat says:

    I can see her lip filler migration moustache from here!!! Celebrities think they’re being smart by saying “no plastic surgery” because it’s all fillers and Botox and non-invasive/non-surgical procedures. You’re not being smart- we all have eyes and access to millions of pictures of every celebrity for years on end to compare and contrast. They all tweak their looks, doesn’t mean they’re “all natural” or “eating purple potatoes” because a scalpel hasn’t touched their face.

    • april says:


    • Julia says:

      I made a similar comment about this on another site a while back. I also wish she would acknowledge the fact that looking good has been a major focus of her ENTIRE ADULT LIFE. No shade: that’s true for any successful actress. I just wish more of them would discuss the sacrifices it takes to maintain those appearances. She probably hasn’t gone a single day without restricting calories, working out, and doing an elaborate skincare routine since, like, 1994. I’m always irritated when we prize “effortless beauty”, particularly when it’s the furthest thing from effortless. Maintaining her looks is a job that she’s obviously worked damn hard at; full props to her.

  8. Velvet Elvis says:

    She looks younger now than she did years ago, so don’t give me the “I’ve had no work done” crap. We all have eyes. These celebrities must believe that we’re all idiots.

  9. Astrid says:

    And what about the perky “girls”. That doesn’t happen naturally at 47 LOL. I”m fine with anybody wanting a little surgical intervention but don’t say it’s all about hydrating to our face.

  10. Seraphina says:

    May be she uses the words touchups and not plastic surgery – like when we taught our kids to say potty instead of bathroom – and of course I am being silly here, but come on. I agree with you all who are annoyed for the mere fact of setting unreachable standards naturally.

  11. Is It Lunchtime Yet says:

    REALLY seems like multiple procedures.

    • Wilma says:

      Yes, if you look at those there’s a point (I think when she’s 38) where you see the beginning of wrinkles around her eyes and on her forehead and then those are gone on later photos.

    • Jane says:

      I looked at this and can’t see any noticeable changes aside from hair styling and makeup. Plus, she seems to smile more freely now. There’s one picture in there where they say she must have started injectibles here because her forehead is completely smooth. If you go back a year, it looks exactly the same. I’m sorry, but all this series of photos show is a beautiful woman seeming to grow into her looks.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        My thoughts exactly. If anything, this set of photos made me think she hasn’t had any surgery or fillers.

        I do think she has probably had the laser treatments that even out skin tone and spur collagen production. But those aren’t surgeries.

      • questions says:

        It’s possible she’s not done anything but something about her looks artificial which I can’t quite put my finger on.

      • lucy2 says:

        I’ve always assumed she’s done a lot of stuff because she looks so young, but looking through that…maybe not? She doesn’t look that different when you see the photos in order.

        I would say maybe a little smoothing/filling, but nothing major. Some people act like she’s reconstructed her whole face, which she clearly hasn’t.

        I’ve always thought she was absolutely stunning, and she’s quite funny too.

      • Brontë says:

        I think she admitted to being a smoker a few years ago. Even if she has fantastic genes –which she obviously does–there’s no denying smoking really takes a toll. Wouldn’t she have had to do “something”over the years to keep her skin looking good? I mean, doesn’t (mostly) everyone in Hollywood do everything they can to keep their looks?

      • HME says:

        Well one thing that she absolutely HAS had done is her teeth, she’s very obviously had several cosmetic dental procedures, way more than just whitening. Its interesting how many people don’t count cosmetic dental work as having “work done” though. I’m not sure on the nose job, if she’s had one it was quite subtle and very well done, but what you can’t tell from still pictures is that her face doesn’t move properly anymore. So yeah she’s 100% using botox or something that does the same thing as botox but is not called botox so she gets to honestly claim she doesn’t do botox. Plus come on, she’s trying to claim that she doesn’t even get facials!! The lady doth protest too much!!

  12. Jen says:

    I’m 47 almost 48 and haven’t yet developed any wrinkles… not to say I won’t. (I don’t look as good as Kate). My sister is older than me and only has a few around her lips from recently having braces. I stay out of the sun, sleep as much as my toddler will let me and hydrate. I don’t have a skin care routine but I have never worn makeup. I also sleep on a satin pillow case (have since I was 20). Please don’t hate or post mean comments. I’m a sole parent who works full time, life during a pandemic has not been easy:)

    • AlpineWitch says:

      That was my case too at your age but the wrinkles arrived all together. 🤣🤣

      Having said that, none of us can compare to actresses who are forced to wear makeup for years due to their job. Makeup always made me seem 10 years older.

      Concerning Kate, in Total Recall she had wrinkles, how did she achieve face smoothness 10 years later? She’s clearly lying.

    • questions says:

      I don’t think it’s the lack of wrinkles that are odd. I think her overall look is just very polished in that artificial way that makes it seem like she might have done something. Her face doesn’t really seem that expressive which I think could be a giveaway of something artificially done.

  13. L84Tea says:

    She looks like Natalie Portman here. Kate, stop lying.

  14. intheknow says:

    All anyone has to do is google her before she was famous pictures.

  15. MaryContrary says:

    That’s not her original nose, she has had lip fillers, her teeth are veneers and she’s botoxed up. Does she think people are stupid? Or blind? Like I don’t care-that’s what they all do-but to get all self righteous about how you’re “natural” and “not lying” is absurd.

  16. Becks1 says:

    I dont believe her.

  17. SM says:

    I think she may be having some issues, a sort of a midlife crisis at best. She is dating men who are younger that her daughter, trying to act like she is in collage or something. She clearly has work done, but will lie about it to everyone’s face like a kid who ate the candy and knows everyone knows it, but will deny it anyway. She will turn up to an envelope opening wearing something over the top, again like a teenager who will do anything for attention.

  18. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Dang Japanese potatoes strike again! It’s not surgery, honest guvnor!

    • detritus says:

      Japanese potatoes, no sugar and great genes! Such nonsense. And it feeds into unrealistic expectations for everyone about how women should look and age.

      It’s interesting to see this approach vs Jacob’s. Women are judged for being anything less than artfully naturally perfect.

      I’d feel more empathy for that struggle if her and JLo and others didn’t profit off of their comparison to others

  19. Zut Alors says:

    I watched The Widow and it was pretty obvious she was using Botox. She could not frown to save her life. Just be honest and admit. We know the industry you’re in and the insane demands it requires of its female actors. Maybe if more people spoke up, women will be allowed to age naturally.

    • KLO says:

      I was convinced she was using Botox years ago. In one of the later Underworld movies she clearly had a duck lip going on… To be fair I don´t care, I think she`s awesome how she is and it`s a pity she feels so badly about herself that she thinks she needs to lie.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Maybe she simply saw something nasty in the woodshed.

  21. Keri says:

    Aw, I guess I’ll be one of the few voices of dissent here, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I believe she had no plastic surgery to stop the aging process like Botox, fillers, facelift, etc. Her face does look different so I do think she may have had a nose job, cheek implants, but nothing to fix aging. The plastic surgery to make her features more Hollywood happened after Pearl Harbor, when the sleazy director said publicly that she’d never be considered a bombshell or something to that effect. I just thought it was sad that she caved and felt she needed to fix her features.

    I believe her because her dad was half or part Asian. Don’t underestimate the power of melanin. I think the WOC here can concur from personal experience to varying degrees. I’m Asian, and look half my age. I’m not bragging, it’s simply genetics and luck. My mom who is 72 does not look a day over forty. It helps a little that we both exercise and and eat well and I’m sure Kate does too with her access to private chefs, nutritinists, and trainers.

    So yeah, it’s possible she never had anything done to fix the aging.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree because I’m not seeing the lip fillers and nose jobs that everyone keeps referencing. Her face is very polished so she definitely goes to the dermatologist and who knows perhaps her skin has been “refreshed” but I doubt that she’s gone under the knife. The nose looks exactly the same and in her younger years, I see full lips. Actually her daughter, who looks alot like her father also look a ton like her mother and also has full lips (which she did not inherit from her father).

  22. Margo says:

    I think it’s a situation where she probably had ‘dental work’ that required she have some kind of lip injections or ‘sinus surgery’ that required her to have a nose job. Technically, she can say ‘I didn’t have plastic surgery but she did have surgery. As for her skin, well she can laser off any lines and then cement her face in place with lotions and potions. I heard her on an interview and I liked her.

  23. Mer says:

    This is why celebrities should never lie about their age or plastic surgery because then everyone just dissects your appearance way more than they would have had you said nothing or had you just admitted it. That’s why when I’m older I’m going to lie about my age in the opposite direction, so that I look “awesome at 60,” rather than a “rough 40.”

  24. molly says:

    It’s 2021. Botox, fillers, and work are all FINE. Every rich suburban mom I know gets botox. It’s no longer the early 2000s when you have to claim “deviated septum!/surfing accident!” to get a nose job. She looks great. Whatever she’s had done (or is doing) is clearly working. Let it be.

    • Astrid says:

      Sure, it’s all fine but the person shouldn’t go around saying “all I do is drink water and stay out of the sun” while having had some “procedures” done.

  25. D says:

    I’m her age and have seen her in films since we were late teens/early 20s. First of all, she did what Nicole Kidman did to her skin to lighten all the freckles. Kate was full of freckles when she was younger and now you can’t see any. Second, I worked in film and know producers who worked with her in the early 2000s and she had gotten breast implants around that time. I’m pretty sure she also had something done to her nose because it used to be a little more turned up. She’s gorgeous now and she was gorgeous then so who really cares, but the lying is ridiculous.

  26. MoP says:

    It’s the blood of virgins.

  27. Eenie Googles says:

    She has very clearly had Botox

  28. Miss Melissa says:

    She could barely move her mask-like face in that series “The Widow.” It was a distraction, frankly.

    She clearly uses a lot of fillers and botox. Why lie? Better to not answer than lie if she’s ashamed of it.

  29. Jules says:

    great acting, she deserves an oscar for this interview!

  30. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Sure Natalie Portman.

  31. Dani says:

    I don’t know why this denial rankles me so much. She CLEARLY has had surgery (breast augmentation, rhinoplasty) and lip fillers and botox. I understand the pressure for a middle-aged actress working in Hollywood, but why not just refrain from commenting? Why the blatant lies? She’s going to have such a hard time when she is in her 60s and doesn’t look like a 30 something ingenue.

  32. Daisyfly says:

    One of my favorite movies is Much Ado About Nothing, starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. Guess who played Hero?

    Google it and behold her original nose.

    Girl be LYING.

    • KLO says:

      I actually believe her about the nose because I have the same kind of upturned nose and it has gotten much slimmer as I age, as have my cheeks, once the baby fat has gone (I´m 36).
      I was heavier for a few years a while back and my nose changed completely when I gained weight and lost the weight. And it was even smaller than it was when I was a teenager. So go figure. Small noses are weird like that.

  33. Annaloo. says:

    I STAN Kate Beckinsale, I fell in love w her and her cats over quarantine. Protect her at all costs, she can lie about whatever superficial in Hollywood as long as she continues the cat videos…that’s all I gotta say bout it

  34. questions says:

    She’s very beautiful. But I think her face lacks the “life” that some faces have. Maybe that’s why people think she had plastic surgery. It’s not the lack of wrinkles — it’s kind of the dead lifelessness on an extremely beautiful face.

  35. Snappyfish says:

    It’s obvious. Why lie? No one cares & she looks good.

  36. Juxtapoze says:

    Google “Kate Beckinsale nose job”. Enough said.

  37. Anna says:

    Ugh. I absolutely hate when women lie about that stuff. I just watched an interview with her and her forehead DOES NOT MOVE. She clearly had Botox. Liar.

  38. questions says:

    She once posted a video of herself to her Instagram crying. Her face looked kind of frozen in that. You could see she was crying, but her eyes weren’t moving much.

    She’s always been beautiful and I never come away disliking her, but appearance-wise she looked like she had more “depth” when she was 25. On the surface, she “looks” more shallow now. And i know appearances can be deceiving etc. but there is a certain influencer look that does tend to look a bit empty no matter how attractive the person is. She has that look at the present moment. She makes up for it with her personality though. I guess I have the same impression of Elizabeth Hurley as she is currently. I don’t associate her current look with “gravitas” but she has a nice personality, so I’m not bothered about it. She also looked “deeper” when she was younger but I think she’s done less to her face than Beckinsale. The only thing I’d assume she’s done is her lips. Everyone’s lips, including that of 18 year olds, look weird to me nowadays. The lips have this swollen look that I find distracting.

  39. Kaykay says:

    What a f*cking liar.
    I used to like “Shooting Fish” from 1997 before she was considered cool and her ego got to her head. Going back, looking at pictures from that time, it’s SUPER CLEAR she has fixed her teeth, and she has at least had lip injections. Maybe she hasn’t had botox, but I doubt it. *insert Khloe Kardashian screaming “Liar!”*

    You don’t need expensive creams though. All you need is retinoids, sunscreen, and a good moisturizer.

  40. Abby Benedict says:

    She is very careful to cover up all the stretch marks from a horrific boob job years and years ago. The fillers thing is such a lie it’s not even worth entertaining. But the boob thing I think gave her a shame complex.

  41. Züri says:

    She may not have gone under the knife, but she is clearly a close friend of Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm.

  42. Sammiches says:

    Im sorry but she looks like she’s wearing a mask of her own face. How in the world is this subtle lmao

  43. L4frimaire says:

    She may not have had surgery or Botox, but she’s definitely had other stuff done. There are other injectables and fillers out there, all types of lasers and peels you can do. There is some amazing non-surgical cosmetic technology out there. She definitely does more than hydrate and facials.