Queen Elizabeth is ‘still grieving deeply’ and ‘could not wait to get away’ to Balmoral

Day Three of The Royal Windsor Horse Show

No one in the British media knows what they’re supposed to do about Queen Elizabeth these days. Liz has gotten a new lease on life this year, even though some bad things have happened to her or around her. She hated the pandemic and she missed being seen and doing events. She hated losing her husband but she’s having fun and keeping busy following Philip’s death. Charles is desperate to assume more power and formalize some kind of “soft regency,” but Liz just keeps truckin’ along. The courtiers are hellbent on building this into a storyline too: devastated, widowed Queen is so sad because her grandson is writing a memoir.

A “tired, grieving” Queen has gone to Balmoral in a bid to rise above the scandal caused by Prince Harry’s book revelation. The monarch, 95, made her first trip away from Windsor since Prince Philip’s death.

Meanwhile, it was claimed yesterday that Harry struck a four-book deal, with one to be released after the Queen’s death. We can also reveal insiders fear he has been making his own recordings and keeping documents to back-up any claims.

The Queen went to Scotland after telling aides she wants to avoid London as it holds painful memories of Philip, who died in April. Our source said: “She could not wait to get away. She is still grieving very deeply and wanted to head to Balmoral to escape from things. She is also incredibly tired. The announcement of Harry’s book, and the new claims that he could release four books, are the last thing she needed. It is only just over three months since Philip was buried, so the book announcement is incredibly insensitive and seems another two fingers to the monarchy.

“But Her Majesty has told her family and staff that the only way to deal with it is to rise above it. She has actually surprised some staff with her restrained reaction to the book — although the suggestion another could be released after she dies has not helped.”

Pals of Harry and wife Meghan say they are keeping “receipts” and documents to back up any claims that are published. It comes after private conversations with Princes William and Charles were leaked earlier this year to CBS host Gayle King — a friend of the Sussexes. Harry and William have texted but barely spoken in 18 months. Charles refused to speak to Harry on the phone during the “Megxit” talks last year — sending letters instead. An insider said: “There have been worries for some time that the Sussexes could keep records of what would usually be expected to be private family conversations. There are concerns they could go straight into the memoirs.”

[From The Sun]

I can imagine the Queen sitting back and chuckling with the knowledge that her favorite grandson isn’t going to attack her in his memoir. And this trip to Balmoral isn’t the first time she’s left Windsor – she was in Cornwall for the G8 Summit and she went to Scotland for a week full of events. She’s also christened boats, gone to horse shows, attended Ascot and she’s just starting her one-on-one meetings with the prime minister in person too. My point? The courtiers definitely want people to believe that Liz is wretched with grief, but mostly she seems like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She’s fine. She’s probably just really happy to spend the rest of the summer in Scotland.

As for the stuff about Charles, the letters and “leaking” – nothing was “leaked” to Gayle King. Harry told Gayle about the calls he had with his father and brother. And yes, Harry and Meghan made it abundantly clear that they kept receipts. Charles should be afraid.

Queen Elizabeth II plants Duke of Edinburgh rose

The Queen And Prince William attend the ceremony of the Keys in Edinburgh

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42 Responses to “Queen Elizabeth is ‘still grieving deeply’ and ‘could not wait to get away’ to Balmoral”

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  1. Red Snapper says:

    She’s lost weight.

  2. Merricat says:

    The expectation that you would keep quiet about the abuse you’ve suffered because your abuser thought you would respect his privacy is bananas. The rf should stop pretending to support mental health programs.

    • Merricat says:

      Also, I think the queen is having the time of her life. Who wouldn’t want to be in Scotland, away from palace intrigue?

      • Lori says:

        For 95 yrs she has taken her summer vacation in Scotland. Why do they feel the need to drum up an excuse for it. Government is not in session, she on f&$@ing vacay.

  3. Amy Bee says:

    The Queen is probably relieved that Philip is gone. Their marriage was over for at least 20 years before his death. It seems the Queen is enjoying her semi-retirement and is probably encouraging and supporting Harry behind the scenes.

    • JT says:

      Yep. It’s easy to enjoy life when you know you’re not the one about to get dragged. The queen supports Harry because she knows SHE has nothing to worry about. She has been supportive of H&M since the beginning and she’s tried to make it work. It’s her idiot heirs who are f*cking up all over the place. Chuckles and Will-Di Amin caused this mess and they’re the ones who will have to deal with the fallout. She’ll go out as beloved while the future kings struggle to maintain her legacy and keep the monarchy from falling apart.

    • Me says:

      Yup—Phil was ornery, resentful, and completely unfaithful. He never would have looked at her twice if she hadn’t been an English princess with all of the money and status he did not have as a destitute, negligible Greek/Danish princeling. No matter how much you think you love someone like that, they always manage to wear out their welcome. I imagine she’s actually very relieved that the marriage is finally over.

      • Nivz says:

        Ah. It finally clicked. I wondered why I had this sense of déjà vu with Beatrice and The Mozz.

      • MBush504 says:

        Oh man, I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking Bea and Mozz is a sus replica of Liz and Phil.

      • Isabella says:

        Elizabeth was awfully pretty. Phil probably was attracted to her when she was young. She also had charm, money, a sense of humor and lots more money than he did. She would never have married a Mozz.

      • A says:

        I’ll bet he was all of those things you mentioned. But he was also her support from the beginning of her reign, the father of her children, someone she can rely on to administer the tough love in the family, and someone who, all things considered, was deeply invested in sustaining the institution he was a part of, even if it was only bc it was a way out of his poverty and the means through which he got the stable home & family he greatly desired, after years of wandering through the homes of various relations to whom he was parceled off to.

        I imagine that, deep down inside, the Queen maybe knew that, even if he couldn’t be counted upon to remain faithful, his need and desire for stability, his poor prospects outside of his marriage to the future Queen of the UK, would ensure that he’d stay by her side out of devotion to his duty, if nothing else. He was the Kate Middleton of his day, except not a commoner, although just as hungry, with just as much of a scheming parental figure pushing him into the path of the future monarch. The idea that the Queen wanted love and fidelity out of this marriage, rather than a dependable partner who’d have her back on matters pertaining to their family + the monarchy, someone she can lean on for support and strength in those issues, is the real stretch here, if you ask me.

    • MMadison says:

      Phillip retired and spent his remaining years with another women. IMO, she feels great relief that she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. Sure she loved Phillip but The Queen has been alone for a very long time. She’s 95 and sadly she still believes she was born to be better than the rest of us and born with mystical blood that happens to be basically the same as everyone else in the world. I bet the Courtiers are worried about that secret phone she carries in her purse. What troubles will she cause while at Balmoral?

  4. Chaine says:

    She doesn’t seem to be grieving. This year she seems the happiest she’s been in years.

    • lanne says:

      Reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s quip in Importance of being Earnest: “since her husbands death, lady Harbury looks 20 years younger. It seems her hair has gone quite gold from grief.”

  5. Laura says:

    Doesn’t she always go to Balmoral about now every year?
    They have bbqs and walks and family usually visits. I would think if anything Balmoral has more memories of Philip as it was actually the two of them alone for long stretches there. Also if I’m not mistaken, one of their last photos was taken there, casually sitting on a hillside or moor..

    • Duch says:

      @Laura, If it’s the picture they recently re-released, that was taken early in 2000s by Countess Sophie. “Best picture ever” someone hyped. They did look happy then.

  6. Becks1 says:

    The queen is going to Scotland because she always goes to Scotland and Balmoral this time of year. Even the most casual royal follower should know that, or anyone who has seen the Crown. It’s Balmoral season lol.

    I still cannot get over the hypocrisy of accusing Harry of leaking private conversations about the talks being “unproductive” – first, it wasnt a leak, it came directly from Harry, and second, thats in the midst of an article FULL of royal sources and insiders leaking what the queen and the rest of the family thinks.

    Finally – of course Harry and Meghan are keeping receipts and of course Harry is going to be able to back up everything in his memoir .

    • Sofia says:

      Exactly. There’s nothing to see here. She’s always gone to Scotland around this time so it’s not like “that evil Harry” sent her now when she normally goes 2 months later or something

    • Over it says:

      All you said Becks, plus william gave Robert Lacey entire chapters to update his book , but Gayle one line of a conversation she had with Harry and Meghan us the problem,. These people are all full of bullshit. Harry and Meghan can talk to who ever they want, they are free of any obligations from the monarchy and it’s racist crap.

  7. Kitty says:

    You know none of my friends care much or follow de Royals, but everyone of them recently said they have never seen the Queen this Happy and funnily enough all Pro Sussex !!!!!

    • Merricat says:

      Lol. Well, it could be all the recent photos of the queen grinning from ear to ear. Were those photographers “Pro Sussex?”

    • Feeshalori says:

      Hopefully her happiness will add years to her life and a kick to her step and further plague Charles and William.

  8. Over it says:

    Well she looks perfectly happy to ,e, I would go so far as to say Philip death has given her a new lease on life. Chucky will be waiting a while longer. And enough with the Harry book will make the grief stricken woman sad. She goes to Balmoral every damm year. If the palaces wasn’t full of racist bitches, then they would have nothing to fear. I hope Willy and Chucky are tossing and turning every night. Receipt bitches….

  9. Trillion says:

    To each their own, of course, but I can’t believe someone with that much money would repeatedly vacation in a place that seems so dreary.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      I think routine, traditions and protocols is the only thing keeping these peoples arses on thrones, so in the spirit of that they keep going to the same holiday destinations. If change is being embraced then why would you need an outdated monarchy? Same old same old means monarchy continues.

    • Amanda says:

      Okay I feel like I need to defend Scotland now lol. There’s a great wild beauty to the country, and it’s summer. It’s a lovely time to visit. Also, we are in a pandemic, and she’s 95. She can’t very well bounce to Capri anyway.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Amanda – I think she meant Balmoral specifically, not Scotland in general, since by all accounts Balmoral is physically cold (like the house is supposedly not very well heated), driven by traditions and protocol, etc. I would love to go to Scotland but Balmoral does seem kind of dreary lol.

        But, for the queen, its what she has always done and she must love it, so its not a surprise she’s going back again like she has done every summer.

      • Merricat says:

        Scotland is a beautiful country.

      • Feeshalori says:

        It was often said of Elizabeth that had she not been queen she would have loved to have been living on a farm estate. So Balmoral is definitely right up her alley.

  10. Myjobistoprincess says:

    The Queen has continued her business as usual life after Philip’s death. She couldnt wait to go back to her summer vacation where she probably has less courtiers around her which is why she likes Balmoral so much – the courtiers also want her to go, because they also need their break from all the drama they created and arent able to fight back becuase they’re so stupid. At this point, I think the Queen is zero nervous about Harry’s book. She doesnt care and possibly all for it at this point. I think the Queen is another Britney spears trapped in a monarchy scheme instead of a conservatorship. Anything Harry does is a finger to her courtiers and she is happy for it, and she is happy not to say a word about it. The filthy courtiers are the unchosen mouthpieces she is stuck with.

    • The Hench says:

      This reminded me of an observation about Taylor Swift which I think applies beautifully to the royal courtiers as well. It was that “she persists in playing the victim of the drama she creates’.

    • LMR says:

      HMMM…tinfoil hat here, but when you mention her being apart from the courtiers, it makes me wonder if they will be bugging all the rooms at Windsor so that they can listen in on her burner phone conversations when she returns. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  11. Eurydice says:

    I love the passive voice – “it was claimed” – yeah, you’re the ones who claimed it. And if they’re so worried about the Queen’s feelings, then maybe they shouldn’t “suggest” that there’ll be another memoir after she dies when they know full well that the “suggestion” is false.

    I also love the image of the “insiders” cowering in fear that Harry can actually back up his claims. Did they think Harry would put Charles’ letters through a shredder right after he read them?

    • Feeshalori says:

      Yeah, I’ll bet Charles wishes he took those phone calls instead of writing his letters. The written word doesn’t disappear.

  12. Snuffles says:

    From where I’m sitting the Queen be like “95 and finally ALIVE, bitches! Where’s my gin?”

    • MBush504 says:

      Frankly, if I had to feign a blissful marriage to a philanderer like Phil for over 70 years, I would be doing the same thing!

  13. taris says:

    i thought it was quite interesting that buckingham palace actually issued a statement (to people magazine of all!) about harry’s memoir last week, and it wasn’t at all snappy or petty. hmm…

    the recurrent whining about harry “leaking” is really just panic that the royal narrative is escaping the firm and its rota lackeys. they’re very much aware of how much they’re losing their grip on how they’re viewed around the world and they can’t stand it.
    a few honest commentators have even said so.

  14. Catherine says:

    They are so desperate for her to fulfill the broken grieving widow stereotype and so frustrated that she isn’t. It’s really disturbing. I think the courtiers in the family who are loyal to Charles would love nothing more than for her to do a Queen Victoria type withdrawal and have Charles placed ad official regent. And courtiers loyal to William would welcome a Charles regency because it would increase his perceived power. But the Queen is basically putting them all in their place by getting back to work and looking happier than she ever has in public. She’s has re- emphasized her place/role as monarch in the aftermath of Philip death. Remember there were some RR’s who a few years ago were suggesting she would abdicate after her 95th birthday or after her Jubilee. I think she sending a message that she is not going anywhere.

  15. ChattyCath says:

    Aristocratic marriages don’t follow the same format as middle class marriages. They were contracted originally to consolidate property and provide heirs. It’s a modern notion to want everything from a relationship. Anyway the Queen has always gone to Balmoral with the wider family. Love and grief take many forms.