Wootton: The Sussexes better not write about palace staffers’ incompetence!

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wears a pale pink trench dress by House of Nonie as she visits the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at the Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall in London with husband Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Dan Wootton is back to one of his favorite subjects: how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are awful, because reasons. The particular backstory for Wootton’s latest Daily Mail column is as follows: Jason Knauf set up a failsafe smear against Harry and Meghan, for use “in case of emergencies.” The emergency came when Salt Island learned about the Oprah interview, and Knauf and Prince William openly and gleefully went Full Clown, smearing Meghan as a habitual bully who abused office and household staff during her time in the Windsor cult. Keep in mind, Meghan was only a married-in duchess and under the Kensington Palace banner for about one year. And what a year it was, only no one has ever given literally any specifics about just what Meghan did that was so terrible.

Back in March, Buckingham Palace decided to throw their hat into the clown show by announcing a splashy investigation into Meghan’s “bullying,” and post-interview, various reporters and historians have returned to the subject. Meghan and her lawyers want to participate in the investigation and they’ve already prepared briefs and timelines and wouldn’t you know, the palace is running scared. But please allow Wootton to combine that mess with the “Harry is writing a memoir” story. Some highlights:

Former staffers want to tell all: Furious former staff members who worked for Prince Harry and Meghan during their time in the Royal Family are hoping the Duke’s tell-all autobiography will finally allow them to speak out against the royal couple without the fear of repercussions. The small band of staffers – the so-called ‘survivors’ – and royal courtiers are currently considering the ramifications of Harry’s decision to write about his life. They keep in touch on a semi-regular basis to swap stories and discuss the latest in the world of the Sussexes.

The false narrative: Most royal staff are bound by understandably draconian confidentiality provisions, including the Official Secrets Act. However, some of Harry and Meghan’s ex-staffers have become increasingly incensed over what they believe is a false narrative being promoted about how they were treated by the institution.

These idiots think Harry is going to settle scores: Last night my royal insider revealed: ‘Harry and Meghan’s former staff members are convinced that this book is being written to settle scores and will likely include a lot of detail about their time within the Royal Family. Based on the Oprah Winfrey interview, some of these ex-workers simply do not trust that a full and accurate picture will be presented. Conversations have already started about what steps they might be able to take to protect their own reputation and that of the monarchy post-publication.’

So much confidentiality: It remains unlikely that there would be any official overturning of the confidentiality rules because of their importance in protecting members of the Royal Family from damaging leaks over the years. But an insider added: ‘There may be a provision given to staff members to respond to any claims that they consider to be inaccurate. Maybe a blind eye could be turned if staff members used friends or family members to correct the record on their behalf. These are the sorts of conversations going on at the moment and, of course, legal remedies are always available too if the book smears any individual staff members unfairly.’

These poor morons have been silenced: Another royal source added: ‘These are, on the whole, very good people who wanted the best for Harry and Meghan. But many of the secrets they know are explosive and would blow up much of the victim narrative so carefully crafted by those two. For example, some of these staff members were aware of commercial conversations that were going on when they were still full-time royals – they were clearing the way to make millions long before Megxit was revealed. The way they tried to publicly discredit staff who they took against has been particularly distasteful and left a bad taste in the mouth of many courtiers past and present. All options have to stay on the table because we are in unprecedented times. There is literally no precedent for this situation.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Oh, now *this* will surely bring down the monarchy and/or the Sussexes. Apparently, former staffers have some piping hot tea that Meghan and Harry were exploring their business opportunities before they left? Haven’t we heard that ad nauseum for months? It’s almost as if Harry and Oprah inked their deal more than a year before the Sussexit! And again, do not bring me unnamed sources complaining about how they’re hampered by strict confidentiality clauses. These people have Dan Wootton’s number on speed dial. Truly, in three years, we’ve never heard anything specific about Meghan other than her mere presence made white women sob and lose their damn minds, and that Meghan expected people to actually work.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  visited the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  visited the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Snuffles says:

    Dan, if Harry is going to take a flamethrower to anyone’s ass, it will be you and your RR compadres. That staffed leaked to the press on the daily.

    • Pao says:

      Right? I want him to dish all about that invisible contract between the palace and the media. Would make for a very interesting read

    • Amy Bee says:

      Oh yes, Harry is definitely going to talk about the Palace leaking his exit plan to Dan Wootton in the book.

      • Pao says:

        I try not to make predictions about what harry will&won’t write but for what its worth— i don’t think he will talk about staff or will go into great detail about why they left. They mostly covered that in the O interview already. The fact that staff is panicking tho is telling.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Pao: The book is going to talk about why he left the family. It’s in the Random House statement. Part of the discussion of that situation would be the leaking of his plan to leave to the press. He only briefly spoke about the leaking to the press in the Oprah interview. Like it or not, in an effort to explain why he made his announcement to leave the Royal Family he will talk about the Palace leak. Tom Bradby said he made the announcement the way he did because the Palace leaked to Wootton.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Amy Bee, that wasn’t specifically in the Random House statement. The time period is covered. So, we can guess it might come up in the book. Harry was pretty clear in the Oprah interview about why they left. Discussing further about the “invisible contract” and leaks would be interesting-not just for that time period but throughout his life.

    • HeyJude says:

      Hey literally just admitted it here by saying staffer might leak to family and friends. No, that’s what they already did.

  2. lanne says:

    Woot woot should remember that Kensington palace refused to comment on their diversity numbers, and the only palace staff photo was nothing but white people. They should be worried about the receipts that Meghan kept, and keep their mouths shut. Those staffers forget that they are royal adjacent, not royal themselves, and when push comes to shove, the royals will save themselves, not them. In fact, they are giving the royals the perfect opportunity to scapegoat them: “we weren’t racists, it was our horrible staff people! I thought we could trust them!” Who cares if the royals bounce a comms staffer? Will-di Amin won’t think twice about firing staffers to save his own ass.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      This! PWT has loyalty to no one but himself.

    • Pao says:

      The staff doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Meghan and harry have thus far never even mentioned staff, so why these people think harry would write about them is a mystery. Unless, they’ve done something worth writing about. Classic wootton, he left enough bread crumbs in this piece if you can read between the lines.

      Personally i don’t think harry would write about KP staff. But if he did, I highly doubt he would put something in there that he can’t prove legally. By now he knows these people.

      And am i a bad person for saying that I actually double dare the staff to take harry to court? A lot will come out.

      • Mac says:

        It’s clear staffers are shook that their racism towards Meghan is going to be exposed.

  3. Becks1 says:

    It really does just keep circling back to “the black duchess expected the white people to do their jobs.” I remember a quote from Omid Scobie in one documentary about them, and about how having regular meetings, where you had to be prepared, probably seemed like a lot when you were used to one meeting a month.

    It says a lot too that we didn’t hear one peep about bullying once they switched to BP. My guess is that in general, BP and CH have a more professional staff and are more used to working, and following a schedule, and showing up – and all of that was over the line for many at KP.

    And as to this whole “well they may have to respond this is unprecedented” well its unprecedented that staffers accused a royal of bullying with NO specifics and it prompted an investigation. No one seems that concerned about Andrew’s tantrums or Charles yelling at staff or Sophie screaming at her bodyguard.

    • Pao says:

      It all really circles back to william being an incompetent leader.

    • Snuffles says:

      “I remember a quote from Omid Scobie in one documentary about them, and about how having regular meetings, where you had to be prepared, probably seemed like a lot when you were used to one meeting a month.”

      I remember that too. The Cambridges set the standards SO LOW that their staff was shocked when they actually had to work. They were shocked that Meghan was READY to work. They were used to laziness. It doesn’t excuse their behavior one bit but they probably felt they had to go from 0 to a 100 in a short period of time. They knew they weren’t capable and decided to deny their own personal incompetence and claim bullying.

      And I agree about Clarence House and Buckingham Palace. Charles may be an ass and Betty may keep her head in the sand when conflict arises, but they both WORKED.

      • North of Boston says:

        But *they* didn’t actually claim bullying; that was JK making accusations that Meghan bullied staffers … with no details (beyond “she sent emails early in the morning”) and no proof, and now, apparently no investigation,

        I imagine there was some petty grousing going on about how Meghan was “uppity” and “who does she think she is, asking US to actually do work on HER projects”. But it doesn’t seem like any of those employees actually went to HR or anything (because, obviously, going to HR because you’re being asked to do the job you’re being paid for would be ridiculous)

        This is just Woot Woot and the BM banging one of their self-made anti-Sussex drums. Also , Wooten is unhinged and given to spinning threats and lies, so nothing new.

      • Becks1 says:

        @North – they didnt claim bullying, that was Knauf, but those staffers are the ones leaking to Rebecca English about how Meghan left them in tears, or leaking all the stories about Meghan making them shake in fear or whatever. The narrative that Meghan was so mean and abusive to staffers was leaked by KP for 18 months before the Oprah interview.

    • Sofia says:

      It definitely says a lot that there’s no bullying accusations from BP. They can jump in anytime to accuse Meghan but they haven’t (yet). And that’s probably because, as you said, BP and CH have staff that know what work is. Charles, Anne, Queen, Edward, Sophie and so on all have faults but they at least work so the staff there know what to expect.

      Whereas the KP staff are probably all too busy reading Tatler and instead of planning meetings or engagements, they’re planning their next night out at Annabel’s or 5 Hertford Street.

      • Pao says:

        Letting william have his own household is the one of the worst decisions the royals could have made. He’s clearly not fit for it. Wasn’t there also a story a few years back that BP was scared william was surrounding himself with yes men? Well i think a lot of trouble stems from that.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Pao – it really was. They should have kept him under BP or Clarence House. Giving him his own office/staff was a huge mistake and I think we are seeing that playing out even now.

      • Sofia says:

        @Pao I agree. Even if Charles tried to rein him in now, it would be virtually impossible without William throwing explosive fits

      • notasugarhere says:

        They tried moving William and Harry back under Clarence House years ago. Worked for about a year, then William jumped ship and bullied Harry to follow him.

    • LMR says:

      Sophie screamed at her bodyguard? Sophie HAS a bodyguard? Would any bad guy even know who she is?

      While upsetting, it must have also been refreshing to see an actual change in her facial expression.

      • Becks1 says:

        @LMR it was a few years ago, just before Will and Kate’s wedding (at that point she still had full time taxpayer funded security). Maybe “screamed” is the wrong word but there was an “incident” in public.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was when she was getting fitted for her outfits for the royal wedding iirc.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I remember a picture of Sophie berating her protection officer in public, but don’t know if it was from that time.

    • No one also seems to bring up that they expected Meghan to WORK, didn’t they? Am I right in thinking it was said that the men in grey said they could not “afford” Meghan or her security and she had to keep acting and paying for herself? But then they smear her with “And she was exploring business ventures!?”. I mean, was she supposed to support herself or not?

      • Becks1 says:

        Great point @Laurelcanyoner. They said in the interview that they were told there wasn’t enough money to support Meghan (or provide security for her) so she was supposed to keep working and support herself. I really don’t think Charles paid for her clothes or anything.

    • AnneSurely says:

      When my firm started noticing that things were going bad in our London outpost, they sent my boss in to turn things around. She instituted daily morning meetings with action items for each team with daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly benchmarks. The staffers later cited this as offensive bc they felt like the firm didn’t trust them to do their jobs, which they didn’t bc they weren’t doing their jobs. Suddenly making them accountable was seen as abusive to the staff. That’s what I’m assuming happened here. I’m sure, like with our firm, Meghan trusted the words that were spoken by her staff, but when she saw that they weren’t actually getting things done, she put a framework in place.

  4. Merricat says:

    Dan Wootton is the punchline for 90% of the jokes made by actual journalists. I have a pie chart!

  5. L84Tea says:

    And like clockwork, they are already telling on themselves. Harry isn’t even needed–the book could probably write itself.

    • LaraW” says:

      Every headline thusfar: “the palace/Charles/Harry’s friends/staff/unnamed palace sources/William are concerned/worried/alarmed/totally over it/enraged/fed up with/afraid that Harry’s memoir will contain ___ which is totally untrue and a vicious falsehood and all lies and it will force them to retaliate and he’s such a hypocrite because they’ve kept all his secrets omg how dare he spill theirs about ___.”

      Public reaction: “soooooo… you’re saying ___ terrible thing you did/said is true.”

      Everyone Worried About What Harry Will Say: “No no we’re not saying it happened but we’re saying that if he says it happened we’ll be forced to say other stuff happened.”

      Anyone With Two Brain Cells: “you’re not helping your case. But please, carry on with shooting yourselves in the foot.”

      Also Kate has been mysteriously silent in all of this.

      I find it strangely telling that everyone is obsessed with what Harry might say about them… instead of stepping back and considering that maybe Harry might want to talk about his own life. Which doesn’t revolve around theirs. Clearly they thought it did, which says a lot about how Harry was treated by everyone, if they all thought he was there to cater to THEIR needs.

      I think it explains some of the bitter jilted (abusive) ex syndrome— like everyone thought Harry was a mirror whose purpose was to cater to their emotional needs and make them feel better about themselves, rather than seeing him as a real person.

      • Pao says:

        @laraw: i was wondering where kate was in all of this as well. We haven’t had some middleton pr in some time. Camilla Tominey hasn’t been trotted out either in a while. Wonder whats going on. Maybe the crises managers finally got everybody on one page pr wise?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes LaraW., the habitual game of, “we were told_____, but that isn’t true!!” As opposed to, “we were told otherwise and here are the TRUE facts…”. Another day living in the heads of royal 🐀 as twisting the truth to justify their consistent lies fed by TOBB, Knauf and the lazy, inept royal TOBB ass kissers of total delusion.

        Certainly feel free to come out with your so-called actual need to set the record straight before Harry has put a book out so the so-called staff can finally be free of the NDA’s to counter any accusations that Harry makes?

        Get over yourself deranged Wooten and accept the fact that their so called delusions of “truth” handed down to the staff at BP, created by TOBB and Keen Doucheness, will never stand up to an actual independent investigation. Go FU Wooten and all of these “sources” willing to fight the battle for TOBB and his equally vile, jealous and disgusting wife.

    • FancyPants says:

      Yes! Why would they be worried about Harry’s book “being written to settle scores” unless they were aware of specific “scores” he might want to settle?

    • North of Boston says:

      Harry could release a 1 page “book” next year, with a page with the word “Psyche!” on it and I would LOL because the RF, the palaces and the RR would have already damaged themselves horribly with all their ridiculous claims and lies.

      They are digging their own graves with this panicked craziness.

      Oh, and then he could wind them all up again with a press release that says “Volume II coming next year”

  6. MsIam says:

    Wasn’t Dan involved in the “paying for information” drama with Christian Jones’s boyfriend? If so, I hope that gets a prominent place in Harry’s memoir. That @ssh0le! I hope Harry burns him and Piers Morgan bad!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yeah. With the way the KP staff continually ran to the press to leak stuff about Harry and Meghan one would think that those confidentially clauses aren’t that draconian – or that they had the express permission by their boss, Harry’s brother.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes ArtHistorian, as we all know the truth behind these bullying accusations as nothing more than TOBB taking aim at Harry and Meghan to suit his lack of work ethic and/or his precious ego. TOBB and Keen Doucheness are too fragile to be shown as the petty/lazy grifters that they actually are, including KP staff and managers. I am looking at you Knauf!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Yeah. With the way the KP staff continually ran to the press to leak stuff about Harry and Meghan one would think that those confidentially clauses aren’t that draconian – or that they had the express permission by their boss, Harry’s brother.

      It is especially that Wootton of all people is writing about “draconian confidentiality clauses” since he literally went on record to say that it was the Palace that leaked on the couple.

  7. Jan says:

    Poor Dan, the well is empty, Cain and the courtiers spilled their guts already.
    By now, BP, KP and CH should realize that threats don’t work with Meghan and Harry.
    They thought they could put out lies, that Meghan was bullying staff and she would let it slide like all the other BS they said about her. Then her lawyers said show proof, they are like pigs digging for truffles.

    • Pao says:

      I want meghan to take them to court over those bullying accusations.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Me too!! It’s time that they show up or STFU with their habitual lies and continued smear/lying/leaking campaign, all at the direction of TOBB!

  8. Amy Bee says:

    Talk about running scared. Both the family and staff have a lot to hide and are afraid of what Harry (let’s remember it’s him writing the book not Meghan) will say in his memoir. The reason the bullying story came out before the Oprah interview was to discredit Meghan and to guard against any accusations of bad behaviour by the staff that they thought were going to come out. Like the fools that they are, they couldn’t wait until the interview was aired and now they have embroiled the Palace in a bullying investigation which will probably expose the Royal Family and staff’s racism, neglect and ill treatment of Harry and Meghan. I’m predicting that the findings of the bullying investigation will be published just before Harry’s book is released.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Amy Bee, that investigator will never see the light of day IF the actual truth was recovered and reported!!

      • Jais says:

        Hmm, do y’all really think the investigation won’t see the light of day? I mean I hope it does and think Meghan’s lawyers will keep pressing. But could the palace actually prevent anything happening with it at this point? Or prevent its findings from being made public? I really don’t know? Just don’t think MH will let that slide. It’s been reported they have pages of evidence. Maybe if Meghan’s name is not cleared, they will go public with their evidence?

  9. Harla says:

    “we are in unprecedented times. There is literally no precedent for this situation “. Who wrote this??? This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

  10. Lizzie Bathory says:

    So…Jason Knauf & everyone else involved in the wedding mess, leaking, nasty names, etc are terrified. And I think the concern about being bound by NDAs to “protect members of the Royal Family” translates to, “they know Will & Kate won’t have their backs if any of this gets out.”

    • Rnot says:

      Bingo! That’s why all the angst and hand-wringing. Those staffers know that if the truth is revealed the royals will disavow them and they’ll be socially and professionally radioactive.

  11. Sofia says:

    What do you mean, they’ll know have permission to leak against the Sussexes? They’re doing that exact same thing right now and have done so for literal years (even before H&M started saying). Nobody has ever stopped the staffers/royals from speaking out through the press. And whatever NDAs were signed have clearly been violated already with leaks about Meghan’s 5am emails and how terrible she is.

  12. equality says:

    So the people who have been consistently leaking information and are still running to the press aren’t allowed to without measures being taken? Sounds like an excuse in the making for when they don’t defend themselves. What is it they are afraid will get out the fact that they called Meghan nasty names and made fun of mental health issues? They’ve already outed themselves on those. It would be kind of hard to deny that now after leaking it themselves.

  13. GuestWho says:

    Wait – so these incompetents are meeting up regularly to talk about M&H? That is tragic frankly. MOVE ON!!!

    What false narrative? Have M&H actually said ANYTHING derogatory about ANYONE who worked for them publicly? Did I miss that?

    Do the incompetents truly believe that Harry is taking the time to write a book about THEM?


    Me thinks Danny boy has a lot more to be worried about then some ex-staffers who couldn’t do their jobs properly.

  14. Mina_Esq says:

    Re: commercial dealings – how DARE H and M plan ahead in a responsible way to ensure their ability to financially support themselves post-exit? Didn’t they get the memo that they were supposed to fail and come crawling back to the Queen? The funniest part though has to be the threat of lawsuit if any individual staffer is named…lol these people really do think very highly of themselves.

    • Pao says:

      They are saying it as if its some sort of disgrace. Meghan and harry have said themselves that they had been discussing leaving many months before they actually left. Of course they’re going to discuss their next source of income before their exit was finalized. I know kp is used to doing things half-assed but meghan and harry are thorough.

      • one of the Marys says:

        @Pao, I also think companies and brands were coming out of the woodwork to team up with M&H after the Oceania tour. Oprah solicited an interview years ago. I bet it gave M&H great comfort to know they had other options. And having other options gives you new insight and power, it balances things. My God was no one paying attention? Unbelievable the palaces working against each other led to this.

      • Becks1 says:

        We also don’t know if the deals were “commercial” or not. William talked to streaming companies about his sad nature documentary. Meghan talked to Disney about the elephant documentary. That wasn’t “commercial,” it was Meghan using one of her strengths and getting a donation to elephants without borders in return. My guess is if they were talking to Netflix etc while still working royals, it was for projects like that, not to make millions for themselves.

      • MsIam says:

        I think that if they had information about any commercial deals we would have heard about it straight away. I think that anything substantive that the Sussexes worked on was with their own hand picked staff at BP that were loyal to them and not those fools at KP. So Dan is just making noise banging his gong.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    Dan Rotten and the rest of the BM coven are afraid they will be outed for taking orders from Baldimort to smear Meghan and name their KP staff snitches. Harry probably know who they are. This along with the threat about Harry’s friends spilling tea if they are exposed shows KP is very afraid. And TOB and Keen will throw the staff under the double decker bus if exposed. BTW keep this up Windsors; you’re boosting book sales.

  16. Mrs. Smith says:

    Kate gave the press photos of George to run on his as promised. In return, the RR are leaving her alone this week, while Kate’s on a beach somewhere.

    • Mrs. Smith says:

      ETA: photos to run on George’s birthday

    • Becks1 says:

      Bingo. She’s at the beach (probably left immediately after the euro finals) and we won’t see her again until she’s papped in Balmoral with the queen to show how “close” they are and then we won’t see her again until September.

  17. Lauren says:

    Harry clearly said in the Oprah interview that they were considering leaving in 2019 before Archie was born so I’m not surprised that they exploring business opportunities to support themselves, so what more tea can they possibly have on that? Now, about the staff’s incompetence, I want to know more. Because many of the staff around Harry and Meghan in the months before and after their wedding were grossly incompetent, I would like to know who placed them there.

  18. Harper says:

    What a snooze of a Wooten column. Harry drops a bomb about releasing a memoir and Wooten’s only scoop is that the KP staffers are worried Harry will tell on them. It’s hilariously bad how Wooten tries to take up the cause for the two lumps Jason Knauf and Melissa Toubati. So now Wooten is reduced to taking down the cell number for Knauf’s brother and Mellissa’s favorite aunt to get some quotes next year. The real problem that these staffers are crying about is that those confidentiality clauses prevent them from cashing in and writing their own books. Oh, boo hoo.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Don’t forget the other two lumps that disappeared after England lost in the Euros Final.

  19. Agreatreckoning says:

    On March 4, 2021 Rebecca English/DM had a story with a header involving former staffers ‘finally being able to speak’ their “truth” with the “bullying investigation”. Let’s see, since then no “truths” have come out, Meghan & Harry have receipts, the “bullying investigation” report has been postponed until June 2022(a couple weeks after the Queen’s Bday party) and now said ‘furious former staffers’ are waiting for Harry’s book to come out in late 2022 to finally maybe have a chance to reveal their “truths” in some obscure new provision way?. Wootton is kind of saying the “bullying investigation” is dead in the water and they’ll be going the rubbish to publish way-again. If the former staffers were so cowed by Meghan and Meghan is no longer there-KP/Will could easily give them jobs again in some way, shape or form, if working for Will & Kate/KP was such an enjoyable experience. Meghan was never the problem.

    • Shawna says:

      Smart theory – this is as stalling tactic! Is it too smart for them to have thought up?

    • MsIam says:

      Exactly. Why did Jason not ask his master Wilbert to hire poor, dear Melissa back to restore her “shattered” confidence? That story has got to be a doozy because they keep dancing around why she was let go. I wonder if Harry can legally reveal the truth about that?

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        It has to be a doozy involving W&K/KP. 1. It was revealed in the court documents for Meghan’s MoS case that she was dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’. 2. ALL the tabloids reported she quit/resigned/left on her own. Which of course KP never corrected because they were/are in collusion with the BM.

        KP had a personal assistant job opening at end of March this year….she could of come back if she was that amazing and left on her own free will(instead of gross misconduct) to spend her days drinking tea and playing Go Fish or the ironically named British Version-Happy Families?. (in the case of the Windsors at least)

  20. Liz version 700 says:

    Or what? What will you do if they roast the staff or gasp… the RR? You almost drove Meghan to self harm! What do you think you have left to threaten them with? Keep telling us everything folks lol

  21. BnlurNforever says:


  22. Myjobistoprincess says:

    The Royal family’s team is a bunch of circus incompetent amateur clowns. They can’t even keep up with a web page and update it at key moments – how can you expect them to do real work at the right time? Meghan probably emailed them at 5 in the morning so they would do something by 11am and hopefully before 4 o’clock tea.

  23. Over it says:

    Does it offend rotten boy toy Danny that the beautiful black duchess is thriving despite all that they throw at her? Well too f-In bad.Harry and Meghan are just getting started, die mad you racist bitches

  24. UnionSnack says:

    OT, but how inspired, interested and pretty Meghan looked while first few months in RF. No wonder Harry fell for – it’s hard to pass by such a woman. Her eyes right after Archie’s birth (in the peak of smear campaign) – it was hard to look at. I am glad Harry took the decision to move to USA. Hope Meghan feels much better now.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s really sad to me to look back at her over the course of her time in the royals. She started out so happy, so full of life and light and plans and an excitement to make a difference that was so obvious. then she was attacked from all sides and it was never ending and by the time Archie was born, there was a difference in her eyes. Even during the South Africa tour we could see it. You could see how she was changing how she dressed, how she wore her hair, everything to try to make people happy.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I remember watching when they presented Archie and she just seemed a bit sad and deflated. Maybe she was just postpartum tired but I also got the same impression, that she just looked like she wanted to get it over with but was trying to sound upbeat.

  25. Jay says:

    Imagine the gall of reading that Prince Harry – born into a dysfunctional family, experienced tragedy and has achieved a lot in his life so far — is releasing a memoir and assuming it will be all about you!

    I can’t predict exactly what he will choose to say, but I’m pretty confident he won’t be settling scores about petty office squabbles.

  26. Mich says:

    Wootton manages to be both a vituperative viper and an extreme bore at the same time. Quite an accomplishment, I guess.

    The idea that a man from the top ranks of royalty, who lost his mother at 12, travelled the world, served in the military for a decade, started multiple charities, struggled with depression and anxiety, and found true purpose in life by stepping away from the confines of the system he was born into would dedicate his memoir to tittle tattle about staff is ridiculous. And shows how self-important the staff and courtiers consider themselves.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I hope that whatever he writes about the staff at KP, it is compare and contrast to the staff he is able to hire himself and in the context of workplace culture, especially in regards to the work he does with BetterUp. Also, put in in a legal context in that the royal households don’t have to adhere to employment laws in regards to racial and sexual harassment,as well as the disrespect and leaks. As for the rest, their lawyers are already on it.

  27. Eurydice says:

    How many years has it been, now? And in all this time, with all the leaks, with the tabloids scouring the landscape for crumbs against H&M – they still only have emails at 5:30. This isn’t the stuff that goes into memoirs. If the “investigation” is ever concluded (or even started), then there will be something concrete for H&M’s attorneys to work with and receipts will be produced – but I’ll bet we never hear again about the investigation – next year is Jubilee and everyone will be happy, happy, happy.

  28. Rapunzel says:

    Cue Carly Simon: “You’re so vain. You probably think this book is about you. You’re so vain…I bet you think this book is about you. Don’t you don’t you?”

    • bettyrose says:

      Perfect, but it sounds a bit more like “you’re so [guilty], you probably think this book is about you, don’t you don’t you . . .”

  29. Shawna says:

    Is the threat that the palace might have some copyright / financial interest in anything that was cooked up using Crown resources? Threatening that they should be getting a percentage?

  30. L4frimaire says:

    There is a blog called Zelo Street that completely drags Dan Wooten and calls out his lying was and the fact he paid off Christian Jones’ boyfriend to get info o the Sussexes and leak news like them stepping back. So many people wanted to have partnerships with the Sussexes before they left, remember that blurb the Quibi wanted to do something with them, and the Disney documentary happened before they left, as was beginning the MeYou Can’t See. I think the Sussexes had lots of ideas and projects they would have done as royals for charity, but when they left, they took their ideas and intellectual property wit them. I remember a line from finding Freedom that palace staffers were joking that Meghan would have to come out with a beauty line to support themselves, so obviously they didn’t think they had any prospects at the time. Wooten acts like he’s some big threat while he trades in innuendos and lead balloons.

  31. AmelieOriginal says:

    Lol we’re supposed to clutch our pearls in horror because Harry and Meghan were exploring business opportunities before they left as senior royals? I’m sure H&M have fudged timelines here and there. I noticed it during the engagement interview where Meghan and Harry were kind of fudging how long they’d been dating and such but who really cares, that’s private information anyways.

    Not the revelation the courtiers think it is.

  32. Athena says:

    These people thought the interview with Oprah was going to be about them now they think Harry’s book is going to be about them. Harry and Meghan’s world does not revolve around the KP staff. All this is rather telling, why do they panic every time? The more they come out with these stories the more it cements the fact that the staff behaved badly towards them and specifically towards Meghan. If you have a clear conscience you are not concern about what someone has to say.
    They’ve told us all the names they’ve called Meghan and Harry but not one specific fact about how she bullied them.

  33. bettyrose says:

    The uproar over the book rumor is so strange. Like, they’ve already been on Oprah. Clearly, when they have something to say, they’ll say it. If they wanted to drop receipts on all the people who seem worried, they can go on any talk show they want. Or use their podcast. Or send a tweet heard round the world. Why would he/they spend two years thoughtfully composing a book just to serve up a hit job? Surely it will be a reflective memoir on the events of Harry’s life that have shaped him into the person he is today. The h8trz are outing themselves. Harry doesn’t need to bother.

  34. Marivic says:

    Never thought that a first world country like the UK is primarily run by the gossip and gutter tabloids. Plus these tabloids are treated by Royalty like gods. The Royals even entered into an invisible contract with them stooping to their gossip level making both of them equals now. The British people, who are supposed to be educated by the best global universities, take the word of the British gossip tabloids like they are the word of God. What ever happened to UK? How can they let their country be run by gossip mongers? No wonder their prince and his wife left that little island. No wonder UK is losing its prestige in the global stage.

  35. Gk says:

    That’s it? That they were planning business deals while still working as royals. Am I missing something here? Cause I thought they all did it. And I guess I thought the secrets would be screaming matches, cheating or at least nude swimming (I think prince Michael’s daughter former boyfriend’s reported that he did that). I was hoping for juicy stuff.

    • MsIam says:

      Right, isn’t that what Andrew was doing, although doing it with shady characters and bags of money no doubt? Working on commercial deals with that Pitch at the Palace thing? And he had the Queen’s blessing. Now that’s the book that probably needs to be written, lol.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Would they be OK with H and M’s business plans if they’d gone through Pitch at the Palace, and Uncle Sexo got a cut? Yeah, probably.

  36. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    They keep threatening receipts. Drop them! Where are all the staffers with their horror stories they keep talking about? If they had the goods they would use them. It’s clear they don’t. So at this point it just looks weak and silly.

  37. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    If these dopes (if they even exist, and aren’t fictitious) will probably only get a mention in the context of the systemic abuse of the position to make side money by leaking to press.

  38. ElleE says:

    Long day @work, listening to the wrenching Capitol police testimony, and came here for:

    “Jason Knauf set up a failsafe smear against Harry and Meghan, and…Knauf and Prince William openly and gleefully went Full Clown… Keep in mind, Meghan was only a married-in duchess…for about one year. And what a year it was…”
    @Kaiser ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Elle says:

    I am not accusing DW and his PWT boss of strategy and foresight, but to me this reads kind of like an attempt at covering bums because they know there’s nothing to the bullying. “It was so bad you guys, we can’t even tell you because of the Official Secrets Act. Yuh.”

  40. nina says:

    I’ve always said these fools are so arrogant, they think they are royal and have forgotten that they are the help.

  41. Lizzie says:

    That staff should worry much more about Meghans lawyers and the bogus bullying investigation than they do from Harry’s book.

  42. Sarah says:

    Sooooooo let me get this straight, Harry is writing a memoir on HIS life and staffers think that they are going to be in it with specific names listed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  43. Margaret says:

    You know I find it strange that all of the traumatized staff who were shaking with fear of the mean, bullying black woman, weren’t so scared of her to call, their employer, names like sociopath, degree wife, damaged goods, me Again, mememe, and a host of other names. That bunch sound so fragile and abused, I can’t imagine them taking any direction from her, as they were all crying and in fear of their safety. Give me a break, they should be afraid now, as there is no support from their co conspirators.

  44. Noor says:

    It is really absurd that the investigation into the bullying allegations has not be completed. Surely such investigations cannot take more than 2-3 months to complete. Meghan’s lawyers should press for the investigations to be completed. It cannot continue to hang over her head into the new year.