Duchess Meghan is still listed as having ‘one child’ on the Windsor’s site

Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit army families

It seems clear that Buckingham Palace was genuinely trying to make some kind of nasty, racist point by excluding Lilibet Diana from the line of succession for as long as possible. For weeks after Lilibet’s birth, barely anyone mentioned the fact that the line of succession had not been updated. Then, last week, it became more of a story. The controversy began picking up steam when several outlets (including this one) pointed out that on Lilibet’s seven-week birthday, Buckingham Palace still had not updated anything. As with everything having to do with this incompetent clownshow, these dumbf–ks didn’t predict that it would become a global story and yet another example of institutional racism. After finally adding Lilibet’s name on Monday, Buckingham Palace tried to do some damage control:

“The Buckingham Palace website gets updated periodically,” the Palace said in a statement to E! News, “and that update happened today.”

According to The Sun, William and Kate Middleton’s son Louis was featured on the page 12 days after his 2018 birth, and Harry and Meghan’s son Archie was featured on the page 15 days after his 2019 birth. The outlet also reported that Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son August was added to the online list 61 days after his February birth and that Zara and Michael Tindall’s son Lucas has been included on the page since his March birth.

[From E! News]

So, with the exception of August Brooksbank, all recent babies have been added to the line within about two weeks. Are we to believe that Buckingham Palace employees are so lazy and incompetent that they only get around to updating the line two months later, and only now, this year? Doesn’t wash. Also, while they were doing updates, they forgot to change Meghan’s DoS profile on the site. They say on the official royal-government site, that Meghan and Harry “have one child.” On Prince Harry’s section on the Royal Family’s site, his two children are not even mentioned. Imagine having this kind of hatred for two innocent babies.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    The pettiness. the racism. Just add her name to Meghan’s profile. Add both to Harry’s. Stop taking your rage out on CHILDREN.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      This is a perfect example of the fact that children are not beloved in this family, they only exist to be exploited as weapons or sacrificed as shields to their nasty parents. And their racist attitude towards these two kids makes me pray they never touch English soil.

      • bettyrose says:

        To be fair, Meghan isn’t listed as his wife either, so it’s not like it’s just the children they hate. For comparison, here’s Will’s bio:

        “His Royal Highness is married to The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, with whom he has three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.”

        Now the only mention of Harry’s family: “As announced in January, The Duke and Duchess have stepped back as senior members of The Royal Family. ”

        One wouldn’t believe if it weren’t spelled out so clearly.

    • terra says:

      While they’re at it, why don’t they go ahead and re-edit Archie’s English birth certificate to include Meghan’s NAME again? That one still pisses me off, so I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for Harry and Meghan.

    • Eurydice says:

      But, but, but that would be bullying the staff and they have tender feelings.

  2. Chaine says:

    I love how they pretend that updating a website’s text is such a monumental task that they only do it every few months, lol. We are not all as nontechnical as we used to be, we see through you,

    • Lemons says:

      Exactly @Chaine! We see you! We all know how this works, and we know it doesn’t work over the course of two months.

    • My3cents says:

      Either way they come out looking really bad. If they are saying that this was not racist and spiteful than they just look so incompetent and lazy, I guess I can see why they got all shook when Meghan actually asked them to work.

  3. Caroline says:

    The Roayl Family is an embarassing, shameful, racist mess.

  4. Pao says:

    I mean they really couldn’t get their point (and their wish) across more clearly could they?

  5. Abena Asantewaa says:

    This is shameful, God only knows what nasty things go on in these palaces, I shudder to think. No wonder they are ready to muzzle Prince Harry. The Queen / Prince Charles, are really preciding over a dad’s army of a household; simply put: a clown show!

  6. Jessie Quinton says:

    It literally taxes 30 seconds to update text on a website. They update it all the time for the circular; they can update the other pages at the same time. They’re obviously trying to make a dumb point and as usual it’s blown up in their dumb faces.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Right. Wasn’t Will & Kate’s meeting with Gordon Brown quickly added to the circular after it made the news?

  7. Merricat says:

    The British monarchy is determined to ruin their global reputation for all time.

    • Jan says:

      What Global reputation?
      Robbing the commonwealth, especially the West Indies and Africa and leaving them destitute.
      Belgium and Germany made restitutions when is England going to.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Their global reputation is the damaging impact imperialism and colonialism had and continues to have on countries around the world. That’s the BRF’s legacy. They can go to h*ll.

  8. JustMe says:

    Are Mr. Tudball and his dumb-as-a-post secretary Mrs. Wiggins in charge of updating the oh so Royal website?

  9. Over it says:

    What a bunch of dumb ass racist fucks. Like yeah , on behalf of people of color everywhere, F off. Being so unhinged towards two babies is beyond despicable

  10. Jais says:

    I’m finding myself repeating the same line on every post lately. These people are terrible. More could be said but I must be tired. So saying again: these people are terrible.

  11. Myra says:

    So they update the website periodically and still forget to update that part? Either they are very incompetent or they are very spiteful. Have a feeling they are a little bit of both.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    The slowness to add Lili’s name when compared to the other births of the last 3 years was petty racism but it is also a fact that the Palace is very slow to update overall. That’s just down to rank incompetence and poor management. Everybody knows that Harry and Meghan have two children so the website being wrong is not a big deal. At this point the Harry and Meghan pages should be maintained but there should not be a direct link to them. They’re no longer working royals so their pages shouldn’t be featured on the site. If you want information on Princess Diana you can find it on the royal family website but you have search for it. They should do the same for Harry and Meghan.

    • anotherlily says:

      The Duke of York’s page is featured and he is no longer a working royal. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are also featured and they have never been working royals.

      The featured pages show the Queen’s children, the Queen’s first cousins and the children of the Queen’s heir. When Charles is King, Harry’s status will increase. He will be 5th in line of succession and the 2nd adult in line. Until William’s children become adults and have children of their own Harry will remain in a prominent place.

  13. Sofia says:

    It took them weeks to add Lili’s name so I assume it’ll take them weeks to change bios. It’s incompetence and laziness all around. It takes 1 minute to update bios which they could have done the same time they updated the line of succession.

    • anotherlily says:

      They’ve finally changed the bio. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now officially recognised as having two children.

  14. Lizzie says:

    This extreme pettiness proves to the world that Harry and Meghan are telling the truth.

  15. lucylee says:

    This is a demonstration of the high level of incompetence that exists in that institution.
    Racism, lack of coordinated response to issues, and pettiness rule the day.

  16. Lori says:

    It looks like Maj shouted “Get it done” and tipped the F out the door for her vacay. And left the chickens scrambling with their heads cut off. Bahahaha

  17. Snuffles says:


    “And they have a bunch of white supremacists angry at them for adding Lili into the line of succession.”

    I saw that! They REALLY thought they spoke for “the people” and that The Firm would bend to their will. The Firm couldn’t even if they wanted to. One of them was so angry, she threatened to go to Balmoral and kick the shit out of the Queen. I hope she gets a visit from Scotland Yard!

  18. taris says:

    as well, meghan’s bio on the royal website is offensively short.
    FFS, she did soo many things pre- and during her working royal tenure!
    i swear to god these people would time travel to 2018 and stop her ever marrying harry if they could.

    • taris says:

      for reference, check out kate’s bio.
      how tf did they manage to make 10 years of doing nothing into … all those many words? huh?!

  19. Jay says:

    This, posted just after the unhinged screed from Dan Wooten that nobody should DARE question the royal staffer’s competence is just…*chef’s kiss*

  20. Vivica says:

    To be fair, I run and edit my company’s website and when we had to furlough everyone (but me and my boss) I stopped doing some of my lesser tasks to take on greater tasks that belonged to another coworker. Then I point blank forgot a few things in the confusion that has been these last 16 months. That being said, it does only take seconds/minutes to update and it should have been handled knowing how sensitive the entire subject is.

  21. Catherine says:

    The other act of social media pettiness was when they moved the Sussexes down the list of royals instead of removing them. Since they aren’t working royals they shouldn’t be listed at all. That would have been a completely justifiable removal instead they moved them down so that they’re below the not so magnificent seven but above the queens cousins. That makes no sense other than they wanted to try and make a point. It was stupid though because the result was alleged pedophile scandalous Andy was moved up. Which just highlight the hypocrisy. Also I agree with the above comment that their bios should no longer be on the site either. The fact that they’ve left them up but refuse to update them is clearly an act pettiness so vile that is simply highlights what Meghan must have been dealing with behind closed doors. They are well aware of the message they’re sending.

  22. bettyrose says:

    Before reading the comments I decided to educate myself on how the royal biographies are presented site wide: e.g. do they all list the names of children? And, uh, yeah, Camilla’s children from her first marriage are listed on her bio. CAMILLA’s CHILDREN!

  23. Jem says:

    I read that it took years for Zara’s daughters to be added. (Something like 5 and 2 years) Maybe Zara and her husband just didn’t care?
    This is just to say that not everything has to be because of racism, it can be simple indifference/ incompetence.

    • Jules says:

      Lol, @Jem royalist are we? What a pathetic lot of Karens. Kindly do not show your faces here and dismiss and minimise racism. Good day to you.

    • anotherlily says:

      Where did you read that? Zara’s children were each added soon after birth.

  24. Sunnyvale says:

    Goodness me 🤦🏽‍♀️these 🤡s are determined to PROVE Harry and Meghan right. The more they act like this the more they expose their racist history & how they behave behind closed doors

  25. Nicole says:

    @Simone I was on Quora and let me just say that its a question they are all asking themselves how come Lillibet was on the Website now.
    I did have my fun poking them to be sure. I got comments that my statements were badly punctuated and un interesting. I had to remind some one that I was not her entertainer