Is a ‘Friends’ movie coming?

Rumors have resurfaced that a “Friends” movie, based on the hit NBC sitcom that ran for ten years, is in the works. “Friends” has been off the air for five years and it seems like we’ve been hearing stories of a big screen version ever since. Last year, The Daily Mail claimed that a Friends movie was forthcoming, and that it would be produced by Warner Brothers, a claim that Warner Brothers promptly denied. Now News of The World has a new interview with James Michael Tyler, who played cute bald barista Gunther at the show’s coffee house, Central Perk. Tyler allegedly confirms that a film is underway, and that everyone has signed on, including presumed holdout Jennifer Aniston:

Hugs all round – because we can reveal that Friends is back for a big-screen version of the hit sitcom.

Studio bosses have got together for an oversized mug of coffee to prepare a script for a film version of the series.

And they are ready to break the bank with a multi-million package to get the main cast on board.

In an exclusive interview with the News of the World, James Michael Tyler – who played Central Perk oddball Gunther – confirmed: “Friends: The Movie is definitely on. I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and they say that they are really keen.”

The film comes in the wake of the big screen version of Sex And The City which took an astonishing $408,921,925 at the box office.

The cast have always made no secret about a desire to do a film and Lisa Kudrow said: “It would be so fun to be with all those people again.

“But our show was not like Sex and the City – ours was multi-camera, in front of a live audience.

“It’s a completely different feel. You’d have to bring the tone down, and I don’t know how it would be. I’ll just stay open.”

Meanwhile actor James, 47, who is in London for the launch of a Central Perk themed coffee shop in Soho, is keen to reprise his role as Gunther on the big screen.

He said: “The one thing I can tell you is that I am definitely on board to do the film.

“I really loved my time on the show and I am looking forward to meeting up with the old gang again.

“I just hope we can do justice to the show in a film.”

[From News of The World]

Jennifer Aniston is just about the only castmember who seems busy and successful enough to want to avoid a film version of “Friends.” She’s been gracious to the show that helped launch her career but has said several times that she’s moved on and doesn’t want to do a movie. Aniston has her own production company and according to IMDB she has three films in post production and a whopping seven films in development. I doubt she has the time or inclination to remind us yet again how well she plays Rachel Green. Courtney Cox has a new sitcom, “Cougar Town,” that premiered last week and is doing well in the ratings. (I saw it and thought it was goofy and trying too hard, but people seem to like it.) She isn’t that booked and would probably gladly do a “Friends” movie. The other cast members, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, have all kind of floundered in their careers post-“Friends” and would probably love to a do a film.

That said, it’s possible that News of the World is either making this up (they’ve been known to fabricate entire interviews) or that they’re twisting Tyler’s words to make it sound like a movie is in the works when all he said was that he’d be open to it. It seems like all the latest films are based on old ideas and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in the works, but I won’t believe it until I hear confirmation from a reliable source. “Friends” was a great show, though, and I would definitely go see the movie if this is true.

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    meh. no need to do a movie, IMO.

    I liked the show, it was funny, but I don’t see the need to do a big screen version. does anybody REALLY care what the six characters did after the show ended?

    I mean, didn’t Joey have his own show to follow him post-Friends? And we all see how much people cared about HIS story…

    • Fer14 says:

      YES, we do care! I’m a major friends fan and I totally want to see wat happened with all of them:) a friends movie would be great! The only problem would be trying to live up to expectations, however it would be fine if all they did was sat in central perk and drank coffee. Seeing them all in the same room hanging out together is good enough:)

  2. DarkAngle says:

    YAY!! Hope this is true! I would love to see a friends movie!

  3. Oi says:

    No NO no…Is this a new twist in Jennifer A’s publicity crew?

  4. viper says:

    Oh god… reminds me of a bunch of old farts gettign together and remincing of ‘back in our day’

  5. Firestarter says:

    The ONLY movie I want to come to the big screen based on a small screen show is Deadwood, anything else I have NO interest in.

  6. - says:

    @oi you are really sick because this news came from “gunther” so what has jen’s pr have to do with it? Unbelievable. Get over her.

  7. HEB says:

    I know Jennifer Aniston has been doing a lot of films lately but still I don’t really feel like she’s that sucessful…I dont know why, maybe its all those tabloids that blare how miserable she is every week..

  8. Diablo says:

    For the love of Christ, PLEASE don’t let them make a Friends movie.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    They can make it; I won’t watch it. I sat through 5 minutes of one TV episode and that was five minutes too many.

  10. Lem says:

    ‘gunther’ has always said he’d do it. I think if it ever does get made, it will largely be due to him. He just keeps putting it out there.

    I think Schwimmer is doing very well. He’s returned to theater.
    Aniston is obviously the most public.

    I imagine it’s hard to turn down multi-millions. Even when you already have multi-millions

  11. Lem says:

    has it only been 5 years?

    (admitting I still catch myself thinking Thursday ‘must see t.v.’ for a split second)

  12. Just a Poster says:

    I could see a “made for TV” type movie, but not the big screen.

    Okay lets play with Plots here..

    Ross finally comes out of the Closet

    Joey ends up in Porn

    Chandler/Monica splitsville.. kids end up in rehab due to an over controlling Mom

    Rachel becomes this cougar and marries a rich young Count.. the scandal of Europe


    Phebie has a normal wonderful life with 4 kids, marriage intact and becomes an author.


  13. Ash says:

    Joey ends up in porn….in his living room recliner.

  14. Beth says:

    I can’t imagine Friends as a movie. Sex and the City did well because it’s tv format made it easier and more realistic for a film. It’s funny but after the show ended everybody said no way to a movie. For the last couple of years a lot of them have been saying they would do a movie. Although Jennifer is in movies, she’s not a moviestar. Unless she’s second fiddle to a major comedian, her movies fail or make a tiny profit. She’s trying hard for a movie career so I think she would do “Friends” in the hope it would lead to some hits.

  15. - says:

    @beth i you like it or not but jen is a moviestar. you don’t have to like her movies but it is stupid to say she is no moviestar.

  16. she tanked herself says:

    I used to really like Jennifer, lately I’m just sick of hearing about her. Her movies are tanking big time, maybe this is why she’s wanting to do a Friends movie. When some of the cast wanted to do a movie before she laughed at them, she was doing quite well back then. She needs to quit sulking about her past, really she has no reason too, no kids and she filed for the divorce.

    • Fer14 says:

      I don’t rlly think she’s sulking at all, I’m pretty sure the tabloids are making all that crap up. Usually when she’s in interviews she seems very happy and well upbeat, I’ll admit she could be faking it but I doubt it

  17. snackstick says:

    Cheyenne: I thought I was the only person on earth who didn’t understand the appeal of this show. Glad to know I’m not alone, LOL.

  18. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Doubt it. The ship has sailed in this people. They can’t even get them to show up for an obligatory reunion clip show. Even the out-of-work actors from the show don’t want any part of it.

    Move on !!

  19. Stephie says:

    I like Friends but I don’t think a movie would work. What would be the point? Besides, I think the characters are best in half hour increments. 2 hours of certain quirks can be annoying.

  20. an says:

    Heil NO!! if we want to see 2 hours of Rachel flipping her hair, just go and rent one of her frigging movies!!! and i agree with the person who said that rachel..uh jen is in movies but that 40 year old woman is NO MOVIE STAR.

  21. mollination says:

    I’d go see a friends movie if film allowed it to be edgier, or more dramatic. But a sitcom film? No thanks.

  22. Gistine says:

    I hope not. That show was so overrated.

  23. Statler says:

    Second the Deadwood idea. Amazing show.

  24. truthSF says:

    A Seinfield movie could work. A Friends movie, not so much.

  25. Who Cares says:

    Worst career move she could make. She’s already thought to be playing Rachael in every role, and this would play right into it.

    However, if everyone else wants to do it, she looks like a jerk for turning it down since it made her famous and very rich.

    If it is true, she’s in a bad spot.

  26. 4Real says:

    No please, the storylines at the end of the series were getting lame anyway. I guess they figure if Sex and the City can do it, why not. It’s the old Hollywood way, milk the shit out of stuff until people turn off the tv or stop going to the movies.