Wootton: The Sussexes need to say something about Gary Janetti’s ‘The Prince’?

Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson

Last week, HBO Max released the trailer for Gary Janetti’s animated series The Prince. He pitched the series for a while and HBO bought it for some reason. Janetti spent years mocking the Windsors on his Instagram, workshopping “the voice” of the “Prince George” character being snide, hateful, sexist and racist. The reason most people knew who he was in the first place is because he tried unsuccessfully to “clean up” the nastiest IG posts when he finally sold this show. To be completely clear: the original basis of the “Prince George” character, on Janetti’s Instagram, was that George “said” terrible sh-t about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex specifically. Meaning, the root of the show was racism and sexism directed at Meghan using a child as a snide “character.” The actual show – judging from the trailer – is more of a satire of the entire royal family, not just M&H specifically. In any case, the show looks tragic and unfunny.

So why are we discussing this dumb crap again? Because of Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton and his latest piece: “If Harry and Meghan are so worried about mental health why have they stayed so oddly silent about this cruel American cartoon which could scar Prince George for life?” Surely the same could be asked of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? After all, they’re supposed to be mental health advocates and Prince George is actually their child. You would think that Will and Kate would use their army of lawyers to shut this down? I’m genuinely surprised they haven’t. It seems this is their play: blaming Meghan and Harry for something M&H have nothing to do with, and something which was originally targeting them. Here’s the basic gist (I edited this, as Wootton’s editor should have done).

Four days ago, the major American network HBO launched a scathing animated comedy about the Royal Family called The Prince which casts a camp and bitchy eight-year-old Prince George in the central role. The series by the acerbic Family Guy writer and social media sensation Gary Janetti is as nasty a depiction of our monarchy that you’ll ever see in the mainstream media.

The Queen is sweary and unstable, shown shooting a courtier within six-minutes of the first episode. Prince William is portrayed as an emotionless diva who demands his servants carry him to the toilet in the middle of the night. Prince Charles is the pathetic king-in-waiting, resentful of his own mother (‘she’s had her go, now it’s my turn,’ he says of the Queen in a conversation with Camilla). The Duchess of Cornwall herself is presented as a domestic abuser who, in one disturbing scene, slaps Charles so hard across the face he plunges to the floor.

But it’s the depiction of Prince George – the main character who is on screen more than any other royal – that is so mortifying. Effeminate, camp and weight-obsessed, the implication of what Gary – a 55-year-old gay man – is trying to say about this young boy is clear for all. Janetti’s Prince George dances to Lady Gaga songs in his room, sits with his legs crossed, bitches about his hapless pals and demands royal courtiers apply moisturising cream on his face before bed. It’s a genuinely disturbing and twisted watch that I believe could have implications for the mental health of our future king, given he is coming close to an age where his schoolmates and friends will soon be exposed to this nonsense on the internet.

As we all know, Prince Harry and Meghan have been waging a prominent campaign against the media in recent years. It’s now been over 100 hours since this comedy was launched in the US on a major platform and there is radio silence from the Sussexes over this direct attack on their family, including their innocent young nephew. Given how quick they have been to blast other media organisations for far less, surely that is rank hypocrisy? After all, The Prince is everything Harry and Meghan claim to despise – a baseless attack based on mistruths in order for a media conglomerate to make a profit – so why the silence?

I know exactly why. This show is made by their new Hollywood mates – neighbour Orlando Bloom even voices the animated version of Harry. It targets their main royal rivals the Cambridges, while leaving the Sussexes themselves largely unscathed. Compared to the other royals, the way Harry is portrayed as slightly dim and Meghan as mildly ambitious is positively sedate. And their own child Archie is not featured as a main character, unlike William and Kate’s children George, Charlotte and Louis. That’s just like Janetti’s brutal Instagram account – followed by over 900,000 people, including many influential celebrities – which saved its toughest barbs for the Cambridges.

Prince William and Kate have developed, in the past five years, a far more mature attitude about how to deal with the media. They now accept that coverage of them is fair game, given their role as a future king and queen, but have tried to cultivate a positive working relationship with newspapers and TV broadcasters, while speaking out on matters that really matter to them, like William’s blistering attack on the BBC in the wake of the damning investigation into Martin Bashir’s interview with his mother Princess Diana. But the one area of their life that has been non-negotiable is the protection of their children at any cost.

They will rightly both be horrified at the HBO series, given it casts their three beloved kids as the main characters. Some of their fury will also likely be directed at the Sussexes. It’s undeniable that Harry and Meghan’s constant attacks on the royals has created such a toxic climate that allows a show like The Prince to be considered acceptable in the US when it wouldn’t be in the UK. The Sussexes want Americans to think the Royal Family is full of racist and sexist bullies who cruelly dismiss mental health concerns. As far as the American media is concerned, the British royals are now fair game.

[From The Daily Mail]

Janetti’s Instagram did NOT save the toughest barbs for the Cambridges. Janetti was constantly being gross about Meghan and targeting her on her IG. That’s why he was so popular with the Keen Crowd – they thought Janetti was one of them, and they thought his animated show would be anti-Sussex or anti-Meghan. And how in God’s name is the Cambridge mouthpiece – that’s all Wootton is – arguing that it’s Meghan and Harry’s responsibility to say something… when William and Kate won’t use their lawyers to protect their own child’s image and their own child’s mental health? This is ridiculous.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red, HBO Max.

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  1. Selene says:

    One thing the Daily Mail writers will have is the audacity. There’s this desperate thirst to publish anti-Meghan articles that are borderline ridiculous. I’m beginning to think they get some sort of bonu$, because it doesn’t seem to make any kind of sense on my head.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I’m pretty sure there are bonuses if they reach a certain number of clicks and H & M generate clicks. It’s nice that DW confirmed that over the last 5 years W & K have cultivated a positive working relationship with newspapers and tv broadcasters. Invisible contract.
      hmmm…last 5 years Who came onto the seen 5 years ago that W & K started cultivating a relationship with the media more?

    • Over it says:

      I hope people flame rotten Wooten ass for this article. It’s hypocritical and dumb as f .

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Over it. Agree. By any chance, does anyone know if Wootton or any of the “royal experts”/rotas followed Janetti’s instagram account while slamming Meghan and are now acting all aghast about the show?

      • Christine says:

        I can’t believe I can still be surprised by what comes out of Wootten’s mouth, but here we are. There is zero lack of awareness that Harry and Meghan are NOT remotely involved in any of this, he will blame them for A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Have we seen this person, are we sure it isn’t Piers writing from his basement?

    • MMadison says:

      The British Media has lost control of the imagine of the Royal Family. For so long they controlled how the world viewed the RF. Now they don’t. They have come to the realization that they can’t tell the media outside of their country what to say, print or show about the RF. So if the world begins to have a negative view of their royal family (see them as a joke) where does that leave Salty Island? They can ONLY blame themselves.

    • Christina says:

      Meghan makes them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

      • MMadison says:

        Yes she does more than the other members of the RF. But they still made money off the other members of the family. They see George as their future honey pot that is being spoiled by media outside of GB. Not to mention the lack of access to the insignificant Sussex’s. The British Press was besides themselves when they couldn’t control the narrative and the American Press when it came to Harry/Meghan.

  2. VS says:

    like baldimort said something about Archie being pictured as a chimp? the good thing there is no way, H&M pay attention to this idiot!

  3. girl_ninja says:

    Oh look! Dan Wootton not able to go a day without harassing Harry and Meghan.

  4. Snuffles says:

    They’re bored and desperate for news. Everyone is on leave or vacation. It’s gonna be a long month.

  5. Scorpion says:

    Not their child, not their problem. Camilla ‘Cameltoe’ Tominey said on ITV last week that these types of show don’t bother the Keenbridges. They love this type of ‘satire’
    Im sure if Keens are that way inclined, they can all sue.

    • swirlmamad says:

      So if William and Kate aren’t bothered…..remind me why in the hell Meghan and Harry should be? This “argument” is absolutely ludicrous and Wooton seriously has more than a few screws loose. Beyond ridiculous that he gets paid to write this steaming pile of trash.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Wootten is continuously sounding more and more unhinged in his columns. It is starting to feel like he’s not quite right. His recent think pieces on the Sussexes are becoming increasingly bizarre.

        Imagine putting your name on this bizarre drivel that’ll definitely make future historians on this period of the BRF think “this guy is utterly bonkers!”

      • GRUEY says:

        @swirlmamad, but wooton insists they are horrified. I’ve seriously never read an article that begs a question harder. If the actual parents are so horrified…where are they?? Wooton all but admits the Cambridges ain’t shit as parents and they are too cozy with the media to do anything.

      • Layla says:

        Does anyone in the KP camp have even an ounce of intelligence to realise that Tominey speaking on their behalf to say this is not doing the Cambridge’s any favours AT ALL! How thick and stupid are they?

  6. aquarius64 says:

    KP is upset this lampoon of the Windsor is playing in America. It serves to reinforce the Oprah interview. Majority US opinion must still be low of the royals must be high.

    • Mac says:

      I’m surprised it is playing in the US at all. Is there really enough interest in the BRF here?

      • booboocita says:

        I wondered about that. As it is, we’re talking about a show with very minimal reach. It’s on HBO Max, so it reaches HBO Max subscribers only. And the only subscribers who are likely to watch are either Gary Janetti/Family Guy fans, or animation fans (and the animation isn’t sufficiently unique or unusual to catch their interest), or BRF fans, or some combination of the above — a very small group. That’s a very small group of folks. This show is attracting press attention way out of proportion to its audience.

      • Becks1 says:

        @booboocita – good point. I’m just thinking in my personal life, and the people I know who are the biggest Family Guy fans are not royal family fans or followers. (the top three to come to my mind are my husband, his best friend, my brother.) the friend is actively opposed to the royal family and only kind of likes Harry because “he left.” I’m not sure my brother has HBO at this point and if he did, I’m pretty sure he would pass on this. My husband would watch it if I asked and I clued him into a lot of the jokes (he ended up LOVING the Windsors on Netflix, but def found it funnier after I was like “well so Jack actually does work for a tequila company” or whatever.) He would never seek this out on his own. And I should add that he had no idea who Gary Janetti was, so when we saw an ad for this the other day and I said something about Janetti, he said “who?” and thats from someone who watches way too much family guy if you ask me lol.

        Maybe some of Janetti’s IG followers will watch it but I really think its going to be a small percentage and I’m not sure there are enough Janetti/family guy fans who will watch a show, even a parody, about the royals.

      • GraceB says:

        I think that’s the whole point. If people in theUS con’t care either way about the royal family, they’re probably not going to get defensive about the way their favourite is depicted. They know enough to make it funny and that’s what works.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @booboocita, HBO Max is part of my HBO cable package. I’m not a Janetti/animated show/BRF fan. Like gossiping about them and sometimes defend things I don’t believe to be true. I like Harry & Meghan.

        Watched 6 episodes. Main reasons, curiosity and a comment on a different thread that someone posted about anti Meghan/Sussex people being disappointed/mad at Janetti. And, am happy they are disappointed.

        KP’s upset that Will & Kate look more foolish than they were anticipating.

  7. Oh_Hey says:

    Why is the black person who’s been harassed nearly to death being asked to fix this? This is why H&M trademark their kids names and hide their appearance and why workshy willie should have. The palace has enough lawyers for false bullying investigations they can pull one of them onto this.

    • Nyro says:

      I honestly hope Harry and Meghan take the Kerry Washington route and don’t show them at all. I love that we haven’t seen an official clear shot of Archie’s face in over a year. I love that we still haven’t seen Lili. William and Kate wanted the Sussex kids to be their kids’ whipping boy and now that’s not happening and it serves them right. Archie and Lili are off limits and the whole world knows it. Gary Janetti and the producers of his little show knew better than to come for Archie. It’s the future king and his littke siblings who are unprotected cannon fodder. Welp! My, how the tables have turned.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you, Oh_Hey! I agree 100%.

  8. Leonelda says:

    This show is gross. The Daily Mail is gross. It’s all gross!

  9. TIFFANY says:

    Yeah, Keen and Cain already went to Wootton about this and this is the result.

    They are upset that the show didn’t go harder on Harry and Meghan like the account did. If the show did, they are okay with it being at George’s expense.

    That is who they are.

    • Becks1 says:

      BINGO. This is KP’s response – to blame the Sussexes for not defending George. It’s ridiculous, but there we have it.

      ETA also my guess is that KP tried to send lawyers after this show and were laughed out of the room, so this is their last resort.

      • LaraW” says:

        Honestly, I was looking forward to them attempting to file a lawsuit. That complaint would be a beautiful thing to tear apart and would never survive a motion to dismiss. Hell, I would shell out money to buy the hearing transcript just to read the judge’s extreme skepticism and the Cambridge’s lawyer make a valiant attempt to say between the lines “Your Honor, you know this, I know this, my team did our best to advise our clients about the futility of this course of action, but here I am now before you at oral argument doing my best because my clients may be morons but I am going to be a professional.”

        I mean, what remedy would the Cambridges even try to demand? An injunction on further dissemination of the show? Monetary penalties on HBO? Treble damages? There is no remedy they could seek.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Meghan and harry and damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If the Sussexes issued a “statement” they would be crucified for getting into the Cambridge business and not “coming home” to support the Cambridges.

        Where is Charles’s “statement”???

      • Nyro says:

        Becks1, I think that’s exactly what happened. They tried to royally flex on the big boys in Hollywood and got laughed at. Those titles mean nothing here and the British royals and aristocracy have no power here. HBO told KP to kiss their asses and it’s hit them that it’s Harry and Meghan who have all the power and the clout. That’s why they ran to Dan W. to blame this on Harry and Meghan.

      • LMR says:

        Ha. Stings doesn’t it? I wonder if they tried to demand a “this is fiction” disclaimer be aired at the beginning of each episode.

        The visual portrayal of Wills in this cartoon fits right in with the PWT moniker that some here have given him.

    • February-Pisces says:

      The clip in the trailer makes the Keens look worse than harry and Meghan. All it showed of harry and Meghan was them moving into an apartment, whilst it showed Willie not even being able to wipe his own ass. I think the Keens thought it would be entirely Sussex’s dragging, but they now realise they all will be dragged.

      The Keens have no sense of humour, remember the baftas when Margot Robbie read out brad Pitts speech, didn’t Willie kick off afterwards via his mouthpieces?

      It’s funny that the Keens have no problem their son being open to humiliation and bullying like this, as long as Meghan gets dragged. But as soon as their own fragile egos get hurt, they they are outraged. Well if the Keens can’t ‘take a joke’ then how do they expect their own 8 year old son to handle it?

      • GRUEY says:

        Once Janetti started scrubbing his insta it should have been obvious HBO was trying to save their investment and wouldn’t be going after the Sussexes. Popular opinion has radically changed. Tweets riding for Meghan and Harry have hundreds of thousands of likes. The Windsors continue to make asses out of themselves and the Sussexes haven’t.

        TBH if I were the windsors THIS is what I would be worried about. HBO thinks they can get away with dunking on the RF because they are clowns, but not the Sussexes.

    • Nic919 says:

      There is a statement prior to each episode saying that it’s a parody and not based on real people. So HBO was smart enough to protect themselves.

  10. sa says:

    So the outrage is: “How dare Meghan speak up about something that is harmful to her and her family!” But also: “How dare Meghan not speak up about something that I don’t like!”

    • Cessily says:

      That seems to be their logic.. classic abuser that starts every sentence “But you” so essentially every issue is ultimately “your” fault…

  11. Miranda says:

    …and if the Sussexes had decided to say something about how nasty it was to George, I’m sure Wootton or one of the other sycophants already had a draft prepared of an article saying “how dare Harry and Meghan speak for the Cambridges?!” It’s never NOT their fault.

  12. Sofia says:

    ??? If people have a problem with “The Prince”, they need to direct that to The Prince’s parents. Why should H&M speak up when George’s own parents aren’t speaking up? And a reminder that Janetti got this show in the height of his Instagram fame aka when he was still dunking on Meghan. He had to clean up and backtrack after the BLM protests but had that not happened, the show would have focused on hating Meghan a lot more and it would be these people who wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  13. ML says:

    It’s been a cool, wet summer here in northwestern Europe. When that happens, the slugs and snails creep out and leave their slime everywhere. This is gross. And it sells. And depending on the article, lots of people in Europe believe this crap.

  14. LaraW” says:

    Fixed it for Wooton:

    “The Royal Family is full of racist and sexist bullies who cruelly dismiss mental health concerns. As far as the American media is concerned, the British royals are now fair game.”

    There is no “Sussexes want Americans to think.” Also the RF have always been fair game. They’ve just never been targeted like this before. The US holds nothing sacred— much of the time to the country’s detriment (see: cold hard facts about covid and the rampant denial among a good portion of the population, who have the f-ckin gall to co-opt pro choice language to defend their decision not to be vaccinated).

    And wow homophobia: “Effeminate, camp and weight-obsessed, the implication of what Gary – a 55-year-old gay man…”

    I understand the adjectives are supposed to modify “implication,” but the “55-year-old gay man” breaks up the sentence and makes it seem the adjectives describe Janetti. I don’t care for Janetti at all, but if you’re going to fuckin criticize him about something— however obliquely— it shouldn’t be his sexual orientation. It should be his racism.

    • Amy Too says:

      Yeah the homophobia jumped out at me. The character is coded as stereotypically gay, but being shown as a gay person is not what is going to screw up George’s mental health, and it is not what is offensive or horrible about the show. The offensive part is the way he treats everyone and talks about everyone, how everyone is disparaged, the violence, the cruelty, the depiction of his family as all hating each other and being horrible people who shoot courtiers.

    • Ann says:

      Seriously, holy crap. I didn’t know Janetti was gay, didn’t need to know, don’t care. It’s irrelevant. This Wooton guy is the WORST.

      • Over it says:

        But isn’t Danny boy also gay? He certainly comes across that way to me and the way he goes after Meghan and Harry I would think he was mad jealous that Megs got Harry and he never had a Chance because Harry doesn’t bat that way, try will if you haven’t already.

    • GRUEY says:

      The homophobia part of this is the clearest example of why this hot garbage should NEVER have been made. Of course it is horrifying to project sexuality onto a young child. If he were a skirt chasing Chad it would be no less disgusting. Signifiers of sexuality and young children do NOT go together.

      Side note, I get yucked out when people called my babies “flirts” or say they’re going to have a lot of girlfriends. Like, stop sexualizing social development. My child is not fucking flirting with your 42 year old ass.

      • Nic919 says:

        I have seen a few episodes and George isn’t really portrayed as gay or straight, outside of the effeminate voice Janetti uses. The show is harsh on the adults but not so much on the kids. George is portrayed as spoiled, but not entirely awful. They save their worst for Charles, William, the Queen and Philip. Kate is also shown to openly disdain Meghan. Harry is shown as in the trailer, generally dim and unable to adapt to normal life and Meghan is generally portrayed as someone just trying to make the news life work. It’s not the nicest portrayal but then again there are shows that have her stab Kate so the standard portrayal of Meghan was already pretty bad.

    • Tour malinn says:

      Exactly this!
      Bringing up someone’s sexual orientation in an argument is just as gross as making fun of someone’s ethnicity or of a minor. Who is btw a public figure by now – whit all its positive and negative consequences – and it is entirely his parents making. I bet W&K never consulted a child-psychologist before they made those decisions for poor George.

  15. ABritGuest says:

    “want Americans to think the royal family is racist and sexist”. Firstly why does he care so much about what Americans think. When cbs camera was part of the pool at Archie’s photocall Dan went ballistic saying it’s the British royal family so Britain & CW countries should be the priority.

    And if they don’t want to be perceived as racist/sexist don’t have racist employment policies, don’t praise women for being silent & act like it’s a problem for a royal bride to have opinions. don’t be silent when royal wives face lots of racist & sexist crap etc. Don’t blame Meghan for Harry’s actions. Don’t treat their children differently eg Lili name furore given most of her great grandkids have big Liz’s name

    George’s parents are mental health advocates too or is he saying they don’t have the weight on this topic?Harry & Meghan should speak out on the Prince as soon as Kate & William speak out on the racist abuse Meghan, Archie & Lili have faced 😬

    • Cessily says:

      We already know they are racist and sexist. We are not a monarchy here and truthfully most think of the Royals as boring window dressing to an archaic mindset and government.
      Timing wise for the show it seems dated, like it was put together around the time that they first came to California. (Meeting a new neighbor you are doing a voice for might have be awkward for Mr. Bloom).
      The Sussex’s have done an amazing job to keep their children out of the media and taking precautions, if a IG account was discovered with their child’s photo image being rude, racist and sexist to others it would have faced legal action. The Cambridge’s, the firm and the BRF did nothing when this was happening with PG’s photo image. I even read that Royal reporters liked the horrible posts about Meghan and Archie.
      This entire show is just twisted, and the British tabloid reaction is so bizarre.. if the Queen, FK and FFK are not releasing a statement or having a legal notice sent why would the Sussex’s? They have no authority over extended family.
      They have made numerous statements over the past five years regarding their racist harassment on social media and tabloids so I think we all know where they stand on the issue of this series.. they have been very clear.
      I do not like that they used the real kids images and names at all, if you want to make snarky off color humor use imaginary characters like “Stewie” even if they were loosely based on the Royals hopefully there will be no demand for more episodes and a this will fade into bad tv hall of fame. I do not think this show has any fans.

      • Over it says:

        If it looks, acts , walks and smells like a racist, then it’s racist. The windsors made their racist, colonizing, slave owning beds, so enjoy your nap.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    The royal rota and the cambridges had no problem when Meghan was the target of Janetti, why should the Sussexes jump to the defense of William and Kate now? And why would the royals want to be defended by people that they have labeled bullies, liars and disrespectful the Queen?

  17. WintryMix says:

    His articles literally read like parody to me at this point. It’s so hard to accept that there are people in the UK who are taken in by this kind of illogical, utterly transparent clownery.

  18. Becks1 says:

    First – this part:

    “which saved its toughest barbs for the Cambridges…”

    We all know that’s a blatant lie. The toughest barbs were for Meghan, always. And that’s why the derangers liked it so much.

    Second – “The Sussexes want Americans to think the Royal Family is full of racist and sexist bullies who cruelly dismiss mental health concerns. ”

    The royal family IS full of racist and sexist bullies who cruelly dismiss mental health concerns. And did people think otherwise before Oprah? Sure, the Sussexes pulled back the curtain, but I think most people would have assumed the royals were racist, sexist, didnt care about mental health, no matter how much the Cambridges talk about it.

    And finally – why shouldn’t the royal family be fair game? They’re supported by taxpayers. They represent the UK. Why shouldn’t they be fair game?

    • Over it says:

      I am sorry but this article really makes my blood boil, these racist asshats racially abused and smeared Meghan for 4 years if not longer, and now you want her to come to the defense of the same people who stood silently by and participated in that same racist abuse and smear campaign.like are these people f—-Ing stupid on purpose? When this Garry person was attacking her with his cartoon that was fine, but now that George who isn’t her child is being portrayed in a bad light she should come to his defense? Well f the monarchy and the British media, this shit is all on you not Meghan

  19. russianblue says:

    You just know if they spoke out the headlines would be along the lines of “Thin-skinned Meghan LASHES OUT at satire show”, lmao.

  20. Eurydice says:

    If Will and Kate have developed “a far more mature attitude” than H&M about to deal with the media, then why don’t they deal with this issue in their “far more mature” way?

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s kind of funny, right? Wootton is blasting the Sussexes for not being as “mature” as the Cambridges when it comes to things like this, but then also blasting the Sussexes for not coming to the defense of George (i.e. being “immature” and attacking HBO.)

  21. lanne says:

    Why don’t Cain and Unable put their empty heads together and make their own mental health statement?

  22. Ginger says:

    Kate Middleton is a self proclaimed early childhood expert. The fact the Cambridge’s haven’t said a word about this show is proof that Kate doesn’t care one bit about early childhood development. When George gets older he will see this show and probably wonder why his parents didn’t defend him.

    These two use lawyers for everything. William’s affair and the Tatler article to name a few. But nothing on this show that uses their son in such a degrading way.

    This is a Cambridge problem. This isn’t a Harry and Meghan problem.

    • GRUEY says:

      @ginger I can’t believe I haven’t seen more people pointing this out—it’s such a great and obvious point!! Kate is miss mummy expert. Where is she if she’s so horrified about something that would damage her own children. Not even a statement?

      If it were my kids, medieval torture devices couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

    • Inge says:

      Hear hear. Well said. Poor George(and Charlotte, I read she’s the subject of fat jokes? Wtf)

    • Marivic says:

      @ Ginger . ITA. Kate is never an expert at anything. She’s a mediocre all the way. That’s why William doesn’t respect her. He shows his disgust with her, without fail, every time they’re together.

  23. Nic919 says:

    The gaslighting is unreal. George’s parents would be the only ones who would have a right to control his image in the first place, not his aunt and uncle who have no legal guardianship of him whatsoever. But it looks like this show is protected as a parody and so they wouldn’t be able to stop it anyway. It’s already aired.

  24. Osty says:

    I watched the show which although is tragic , unfunny , rusher ( they even add Dani lovato saying she is binary) etc but it’s not as bad, neither was it bulling George or will scar him for life as the nosie makers are making it to be . Its actually mild as compared to what he posted on IG which they all laughed and praised him 4.
    Also how is portraying harry as someone who doesn’t know how a fridge works etc slightly dim ?
    And lastly when will William and his pple realise that Harry and Meghan are not in competition with him ?

    • booboocita says:

      I watched the first and last episodes. What tedious garbage. The queen is violent and drops a lot of f-bombs. That’s the joke. Philip looks like death warmed over and says very little. That’s the joke. Charles is weak and jealous of the queen. That’s the joke. There’s nothing there that hasn’t been said a million times, and more humorously.

      And George is basically Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Really, the most offensive thing about the show is how lazy its makers were. Old, tired jokes, stale caricatures of well-known persons who’ve been lampooned to death by better writers and comedians … yeesh.

  25. Appalachian says:

    Oh look, a bunch of white people expecting more emotional labor from a biracial woman. Don’t you all know? She’s just not doing enough to fix all the wrongs in the world.

    Why is this Meghan’s problem? Because she talked about mental health for a time? She washed her hands of these people. This is an issue for Will and Kate and I think we all know Will doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to tread these waters.

  26. Nilber says:

    The Cambridges will sue if and when the show starts in on Baldimort’s keeness for trimming neighbor’s rose bushes.

    • swirlmamad says:

      EXACTLY this. The legal slapdown will come so fast everyone’s head will spin. But until that happens, we won’t hear a peep from W&K.

      • LaraW” says:

        I welcome said attempt at a legal slapdown. They still won’t win, and they don’t have the cultural currency to make HBO back down. William will react foolishly and disproportionately and THAT will be worth talking about.

        That being said, I thought HBO dumped all the episodes at once and are dumping the show.

    • Nic919 says:

      If this was a UK based production I would agree but this is an American program and William can’t get a super injunction about his affair in the US. Also the show states it is a parody and so any hint of that would fall under that exception.

  27. Keri says:

    So insinuating that George is gay is somehow worse than calling Archie a chimp? Self hatred much Wootton?

    The Cambridges can’t legally touch this crappy show but they and their stans were willing to look the other way and cheer Gary on when the target was Meghan so they deserve what they get. The only people who don’t deserve this are the Cambridge kids.

    Funny how the Cambridge lawyers can get involved when it comes to Botox, rosebushes, and Tatler, but they can’t be bothered when people attack their minor children. Sure they can’t legally do anything but they can speak up. The thing is, someone must have told dumb and dumber that speaking up now would make them look like big asshats since they were all silent when Meghan was much more cruelly targeted by this guy and their own stans.

    It’s like Karma and the universe are aligned and are intent on giving the Royal family the public lashing they deserve. I hope the building press avalanche destroys the monarchy.

    • LaraW” says:

      The thing is that this is the perfect opportunity to launch a campaign to rehab their image.

      Start with defending George, then continue by apologizing to H&M and defending M against racist attacks. Sure, they’ll be accused of hypocrisy for a while and their statements will be met with skepticism (and rightly so), but if they stay the course and keep defending her, maybe even doing more about that whole “problem with racism in football” thing, they’d show the public that the RF is capable of change and are trying to address the deep seated issues.

      But Will and Kate are the instant gratification types, so this kind of slow image rehabilitation would fail before it even got off the ground.

  28. Over it says:

    Sure Dan, Harry and Meghan will get on this as soon as Willy and Katie keen and the rest of the royals get on all the media including you who have abused Meghan and her son . Remember the monkey comparison Danny? No no you don’t. Well Megs can’t remember anything now , she is currently suffering from baby brain. You and the keenbridges are on your racist own.
    The nerve of will and Kate and Danny boy to have the audacity to racially abuse Meghan, and her children and then expect her to fight their battles for them. White peoples loves to beat you down and then expect you to go to war for them . Well f it. George is a Cambridge, not a Sussex. The Sussex’s are finally doing what these asshats have wanted then to do for years. Never complain. Never explain.Harry and Meghan don’t owe these bunch of colonizers a damm thing. And definitely not one ounce of solidarity or compassion or kindness. Not after they all stood silently by for years and did or said anything about the racist sexist abuse they and they media put Megs, Harry and Archie through. F them all to hell

  29. Lauren says:

    This tv show has been in the works since waaaay before the Ophrah interview and all the rest. If Cannot and Willnot really agree on the fact that their kids are off-limit they would have shut down this bullsht way before it made it on tv. This is 100% on them. They can now go fck themselves on it. George is not the Sussexes child, they have two children that have been viciously attacked by the media without so much as a word of sympathy from the RF, their duty is to them, not George.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It was developed before H & M announced they were stepping back and ordered up by HBO Max not long after that announcement. Orlando Bloom and others were cast before Harry & Orlando became neighbors. January 21, 2020 from Deadline..

      In one of the episodes, Kate is on the phone discussing serving divorce papers. Owen the butler overhears and walks into the room and says some things about her future queening. She changes her mind and later says something to Will about her previous plans. A few other things are said and then they discuss how they need to take action to be king and queen sooner than later. Sounds like what Wootton, BM, Carole & Uncle G have been saying.

  30. Jeery says:

    The cartoon itself centers around heavily use of exageration think SNL and Family Guy. The show is not that bad and it had its good moments.

  31. Mel says:

    He’s not their child and his Parents should handle this.

  32. chisey says:

    I haven’t seen the show, but my impression was that H&M wouldn’t talk about portrayals in obviously fictional media, like the Crown or like this stuff. They do get pissed when tabloids print lies that they claim are true. You can argue about whether that’s a fair line or not, and I’m genuinely sorry if George or the other kids get crap about it. I do think they should’ve stuck to the adults. But it all seems perfectly consistent to me.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      You can tell in the Oprah interview Harry didn’t want to talk about The Crown. I’m with them on getting pissed about tabloid lies that are claimed to be true. Or, “royal experts” that claimed they were invited by Harry to KP to be interviewed and decided to lie their way to give their book credence. Like Angela Levin’s that should have been titled. Harry: My Imagined Conversations With a Prince. She sells the idea that Harry “invited” her to interview him and accompanied him (more like she was a rota member possibly present) on engagements almost as hard as Hilaria Baldwin sells herself as being Spanish. I’m dubbing Angela – Angilaria. She really screwed herself when she did an article for the Mailonline when she said that Harry said to her, ‘I’ve seen you following me about and wondered if you would like to ask me any questions? But first, have you seen The Crown?’. Yea, right, Harry’s asking someone that writes for the rota in 2017 if they would like to ask him any questions after he put them on blast in November 2016 for their hideous&awful coverage of Meghan and then trying to say he brought up The Crown to them. Interview didn’t happen Satan, didn’t happen.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Harry was forced to talk to that beast. Charles had to force him. He didn’t want anything to do with her.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I agree Harry didn’t want anything to do with her. i disagree that Charles was involved or forced Harry to sit with her-the only one outside of Harry himself that would have influence to interview with a member of the rota, imo, is The Queen. When he left the army, through credible sources, Harry had always stated his duty was to her. Don’t believe any interview happened. Outside of any personal speculation on Levin’s part, there wasn’t anything in her articles that couldn’t be found in real interviews he gave or previously reported stories. There are too many inconsistencies in Levin’s stories. Especially timelines. At best, Harry was civil to her at a rota palace party and she ran with it. Levin’s problem is that she wants to be more important than she is. At least some of the other “royal experts” didn’t try to sell themselves as a personal biographer to an unauthorised biography. Levin is similar to Carole Middleton. They grew up thinking the royal life was greater than their own lives and would do anything to be royal adjacent. CarolE succeeded in her quest. Angilaria keeps trying and lying. Back in 2017 when she tried selling the idea that Harry brought up The Crown she wrote that he said, “It’s great but I wish they’d stopped at the end of the first series. They absolutely must not move on to the younger generation.”. (which Harry would not say to anyone in the rota) Then, after Harry & Meghan left in January 2020, Levin had different articles popping up. She started writing/saying that in her “interview” with Harry he said, “I’m going to make sure I stop it before they get to me.”. Coincedentally when the Netflix rumors were out and about. LOL. Ironically?, she also said she spent a year with Charles leading up to his 70th bday. With no new exclusive info other than following him around. I’m curious about the Charles ‘forcing’ him sitch. Why do you think/say that? On an aside, after seeing a picture of Dan Wootton and the deranged sister Samantha’s recent interview…Samantha is morphing into a cross between ingrid Seward and Angela Levin.

  33. J ferber says:

    Why? They didn’t make it or have input. Why are they being blamed for this? They should absolutely not say anything because they are not responsible for it, though clearly the salty Brits are digging for more click bait.

  34. S808 says:

    I just have to laugh at all of this. Everyone was kiki-ing and gave this man a huge platform when duchess meghan was getting abused but now that that’s no longer cool and she’s completely out of the equation folks wanna make the pikachu face of shock about the show. Oh well *shrug* if his parents are mad enough they’ll find a way to get it shut down. I don’t think HBO is gonna do much with it anyway they quietly released the trailer a day before the premier.

  35. one of the Marys says:

    I think it will be a cold day in hell before Harry goes to bat for anyone in that family after the way he and his family have been treated. The royal family can fight their own battles.

  36. L4Frimaire says:

    This is the worst sort of concern trolling and clout chasing. Everyone knows that the only reason Janetti got this show was because he was using the George alter ego to be incredibly nasty, racist and sexist toward Meghan snd his followers ate it up. Then George Floyd was murdered and he couldn’t get away with constantly trolling the only black person in the BRF, an American, and he started scrubbing his feed. This isn’t the Sussexes problem and hey, First amendment amirite? George has his parents and the whole palace apparatus to defend him and they will be way more effective than the Sussexes. MThey’re pissed Janetti can’t target Meghan in the cartoon and the Sussexes are ignoring both the tabloids and this trash show. Also, is Harry friends with Orlando Bloom? His partner Katy Perry, who is working with Prince Charles on some charity btw, doesn’t exactly think very highly of Meghan. Sending a text to your neighbor and meeting them does not a friendship make. This already is old news, the show sucks, and as usual, Wooten doesn’t know his facts and is being deliberately misleading and his usual bitchy self.

  37. Over it says:

    If the keenbridges are so fiercely protective of their children at any cost then they should get on those lawyers. And that other part about the royals are now fair game in America. Ha. This must be a lot like how the American biracial duchess was fair game in the uk . Only Meghan attacks and abuse was a million times worst.

  38. Isabella says:

    The Sussexes are no longer working members of the royal family. They live in the U.S. They don’t have a reason to comment.

  39. Isabella says:

    The Sussexes are no longer working members of the royal family. They live in the U.S. They don’t have a reason to comment. I doubt many people will watch this crappy show.

  40. MerryGirl says:

    Oh boo hoo hoo Wootton, you and the Cambridge fans loved Gary Janetti when he was using George to abuse and crudely insult Meghan. You didn’t think that it was inappropriate then and Will and Kate never spoke out against their son’s image being used or their sister-in-law being on the receiving end of this sick man’s ‘jokes’. But now it’s the other Royals getting the negative spotlight, you want Harry & Meghan who the Royals never defended from this crassness to speak out? LOL I’m just gonna look the other way on this one Mr. Wootton.

  41. Ann says:

    If it were not for the fact that this show targets a young child, I swear I would watch it just to help its ratings, because the more successful it is the tighter Wootton will twist himself and his words into salty little pretzels.

  42. equality says:

    There are plenty of SM pages that bill themselves as “parody” or “satire” and are actual hate accounts toward H&M. That is fine with their haters, because “freedom of speech. You can’t have things both ways. I would like to see the so-called “satire” that crosses lines taken off SM, same as this show using a child. Didn’t Wooten say H&M should shut up about their royal relatives? Now they should talk? Again, isn’t that they claim H&M want things “both ways” when it seems the haters are the ones wanting that.

  43. jferber says:

    So any criticism of the royals coming from America is the Sussexes’ fault and responsibility to fix? Delusional harassment. But turnabout is fair play. Why don’t William and Kate publicly tell their prime minister that he’s spending more time f-cking than fixing their nation? After all, it’s their responsibility. Fix it, Will and Kate! Come back from your taxpayer paid multi-vacations for the summer and get cracking. There’s work to be done!

  44. jferber says:

    But the thing is, Ann, I don’t think they really are going after George. The character is such a generic type that is all over television this season and so far from what anyone really knows or thinks about Prince George, that I don’t really see that they are insulting the real child George. Not sure if that makes sense, but I watched the first season and could tell that the Kate and William bit was very dead-on (and funny), but the George caricature feels harmless since it is so obviously a fantasy creation that has nothing to do with George. Similarly, the Charlotte and Louis characters are not satire either since they are so clearly made up and based on no reality. In any case, the royal family should have no beef with Harry and Meghan over this. Nothing to do with them.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I said on the other post/thread that when watching I took the pov of the George character being William. As Ken Wharfe said, a spoilt, arrogant, sly little boy. The George character did show moments of decency, something I really haven’t seen much from William. It’s unfortunate for Wootton to make it sound like a little boy dancing in his room to Lady Gaga is something other than a little boy dancing around in his room regardless of what song. I better let my grown up nephews know that their dancing around in their rooms to music by popular female artists at that time held more meaning. They will laugh. Meghan’s character is pretty tame. The worst thing you could say is that she rolls her eyes and gets frustrated with Harry’s character’s dumbness. Which is obviously not true in real life. The BM have labeled him that way most of his life and he’s proved them wrong with his success, accomplishments and compliments from his time in the army/outside the army. The Queen & George character’s spit out the most F bombs. The Queen’s ‘flummery tart’ thing gets a little old after a while. Wooton’s outrage isn’t about George’s portrayal. It’s about how some were gleefully hoping Meghan would be portrayed and W & K were made to look foolish. William moreso than Kate. As someone else said, “Suck it b*tches.”. @Ann, it might be worth it to watch just to hear Kate’s character say there isn’t enough alcohol in the world to make William tolerable. Something like that.

  45. nina says:

    Maybe Janetti can teach a class called: How to Mess Up Your Bag.
    The mysoginistic, racist douche nozzle would be a professor emiritus in no time.