Khloe Kardashian: True wants a cat but I want another dog


Khloe Kardashian needed some parenting advice so she did what any parent would do, turned to social media for the answer. I guess Khloe is moving. I didn’t know that but I think that’s on me, I’m sure this is well known in the K-circles. Khloe said that after losing her dog Gabbana a little over three years ago, she’s finally ready for another dog in her life. However her daughter True Thompson is a big cat lover and wants them to get a cat instead. Since Khloe is anxious about how the move will affect True, she thought a new pet would be a nice bridge to help True with the adjustment. The problem is, Khloe doesn’t know if she actually wants a cat. Thus, the quandary posed to Twitter.

Khloe Kardashian is opening up about the dilemma she’s having right now with her three-year-old daughter True.

“My fur baby Gabbana passed away when I was 6 months pregnant. Emotionally, I wasn’t ready for another fur baby. But now that True is getting older I figured I would get her a dog once we got settled into the new house. I desperately miss my Goober Broken heart it’s been over 3 years and I’m finally ready. I know a dog would be a great addition to our home. Buttttt Miss True has a love for cats and wants a cat. I have never owned a cat before. I don’t know anything about cats. I’ve been researching for weeks (literally). I’ve been trying to persuade her to get a dog but she’s not falling for it. Sooooooooooo does anyone know of any good kitten rescues in Los Angeles,” Khloe tweeted.

She added, “I have a few more months until I move. So I’m trying to look into shelters and still do a little more research until then. I’m sure a move can be a little jarring for a three year old, so I’m trying to get the kitten around move-in time so True is excited for the new house.”

Khloe joked that she wishes True was old enough for her to tell her “she’s allergic to cats. My mom told me that my entire childhood. I never questioned it. Genius move!!”

While responding to fans, Khloe revealed that she’ll likely get both a dog and a cat.

[From Just Jared]

I’m having trouble with the leap from I’ve never been around cats so I don’t know if I like them to does anyone know any good kitten rescues? Maybe go hang out at some shelters. Or if that’s too pedestrian for Khloe, perhaps she could find one person she knows who owns a cat. I would suggest fostering a kitten, but I recognize it would be hard for True to understand why she has to give the kitten up after a while. But Khloe really needs to answer the question if she wants a cat before she gets one. The fact that she is trying to find excuses for True not to have one is an answer.

In her tweet thread, Khloe maintains she doesn’t dislike cats, she loves all animals, you guys!, but thinks of herself as “more of a dog person.” It sounds like the cat aversion trickles down from Kris if she was perpetuating a false allergy narrative among the girls in their youth. Which is interesting, because that’s exactly the excuse Kim used when she gave her kitten Mercy away almost a decade ago (RIP Mercy!). At the time, Kim claimed she never knew she had an allergy, but Khloe is telling us they were lied to about having one so Kris didn’t have to have cats in the house. I suggest Khloe adopt a sweet little puppy at her house and Tristan adopt two kittens (they do better in pairs) for his house, thus True can have the best of both worlds. But they all have to sign affidavits that these pets will be loved and properly looked after and not forgotten.




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  1. Dandun says:

    why dont they just get a kitten and puppy?! its not like they wont have the space or somebody else to look after them

  2. minx says:

    She mustn’t have much to do. “Research for weeks?” Go pick out a cat, end of story.

    • Nina says:

      Uhm, she said herself that she never had a cat. What’s wrong with thorough research? I find this very responsible. With all the irresponsible things the Kardashian family has done when it comes to pets, this is a good thing.

    • Elaine Stritch says:

      I think she just means mulling it over, doing random searches, etc. I thought about it for months before I got a cat. It’s a living being, you should be 200% sure before you bring it into your life…

  3. Tammy says:

    I never thought I was a at person until I got one. Now we have two and they are such fun.

    • minx says:

      Aren’t they? We have cats and a dog. We lost two 19 year old cats over the past year and just got a new young cat a week ago. He is a riot! I’m thinking about getting another one.

    • LadyMTL says:

      We had a dog when I was a kid; both my mother and father swore up and down that they were not ‘cat people’. A few years later they split up, and my mom got us a cat, and he was great! (He was also batsh*t crazy, but in a fun way lol.)
      Heck, not too long ago my father actually built a little “warming hut” for some feral cats that were roaming around near a cottage where he worked. Cats are awesome. Heck, dogs are awesome too!

    • SarahCS says:

      My boyfriend was the same then when my grandmother died four years ago and I inherited her cat (side story – she’d always had dogs then when her last one died she realised she was too old to get another and thought that was that until a few years later my aunt decided she needed company and pretty much dumped a cat on her! fortunately they worked things out although he still he still behaves more like a dog in some ways). Initially my boyfriend was all ‘I’m allergic’ but you can’t trump the dead grandma card and now he couldn’t imagine not having Tigger in the house. Plus he was able to stop taking the allergy medicine after a few weeks, it was mild anyway and he acclimatised.

  4. Sarah says:

    On kittens – RIP mercy kardashian 🐱

  5. OriginalLala says:

    The Klan is terrible at taking care of animals – rip Mercy the cat.

  6. Bellah says:

    I’m an animal lover but I’m allergic to most animals. My hubby had a cat when we were dating and that cat almost killed me. There was just no way we could live together. I had mixed feelings when she died at the ripe old age of 21.

    We now have a cat and a dog that are both “hypoallergenic” and I no longer need a rescue inhaler. The cat is a Devon Rex who thinks she’s a dog 😃

  7. psl says:

    This family is awful with pets. Please don’t get any more.

    I cannot even look at photos of Khloe anymore. She is just so ridiculous looking.

  8. Natalie says:

    If she truly researched it, she’d know that cat are very social creatures and especially kitten (that should be seperated from their mother no earlier than 12 weeks) require another kitten for their social needs and to grow up allround healthy.

    Yes, it’s unfortunately still very common to only have one cat – this is NOT appropriate according to new research and animal protection thankfully starts raising that issue too – and cats can be re-socialized, it takes patience, a good eye for body language and trust.
    Also, before everyone comes at me: Kitten that show extreme anti-social behaviour towards other cats are very rare. Humans make cats anti-social through isolation, that’s not the standard.

    So, if you new to cats and want one: Take two. If you’re unexperienced and insecure, an adult pair from a shelter is usually good for easing into living with cats.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      Oh, puh-leez. Lifelong cat owner/lover here. I’m getting really tired of the shelter/rescue fanatics coming up with more and more “rules” that set the bar so high, it’s almost impossible for folks to adopt an animal.

      Yes, cats are more social than most people think, but a solo cat will do just fine if a person is at home for a good chunk of the day. I do think 2 or more cats is better if everyone is at work or school all day, but that’s more for the owner’s benefit — a bored cat can get into all sorts of mischief, and a playmate takes away some of that temptation.

      Owning a pet isn’t cheap. A single vet visit can be several hundred dollars or more. Many people simply can’t afford multiples, and I don’t think they should be deprived of animal companionship because the shelter zealots insist on the magical unicorn pet owner. Better to be a solo cat with a loving, caring owner than spending extra months or even years in a crowded, noisy shelter.

      • Mandy Purr says:

        +1! My 12 yo rescue cat is happy as hell chilling in her private catio with 2 parents home everyday. I’m certain if I got another cat she would riot.

  9. rawiya says:

    Who is that in the photo that’s being used on the main page? The one with the green background? Every day their faces change. This family is something else.

    • ME says:

      Their ethnicity also changes based on how they’re feeling. I think sometimes they truly believe they are WOC. The new Kylie Jenner 24K Birthday Collection ad is hilariously bad. It’s like can’t they ever just look like themselves? Do they hate being White that much?

  10. J ferber says:

    That baby is everything, especially when her mom is kneeling on the ground with her in three pics. Oh my God!💕

  11. Ana says:

    Khloé is just afraid the kid will mistake the cat for auntie kim the whole time.

  12. Trish says:

    Wasn’t Tristan a dog enough for her?

  13. Miatagal says:

    Every time I see photos of Khloe and True, I cannot understand how True doesn’t get scratched and her eyes poked out by those awful fingernail daggers. How does a woman like that wipe her butt? The dirt that must collect under them! Just gross!