Mila Kunis & Ashton joke about bathing their kids for ‘the fourth time this week’

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The current, disgusting dialogue about (white) celebrities and how dirty they are began with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’s crusty asses. Mila and Ashton appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast two weeks ago and the three of them (Mila, Ashton and Dax) bonded over the fact that they rarely use soap and rarely bathe or shower properly. Not only that, but they bonded about how rarely they bathe their children, with Mila proclaiming “I wasn’t that parent that bathed my newborns — ever” and “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.”

Well, Mila and Ashton know that they’re Dirty Ass Trendsetters and they think it’s funny to joke about how they actually do bathe their children every so often. Ashton posted this Instagram where their kids are in the shower and he’s yelling at Mila: “You’re putting water on the children?! Are you trying to melt them?! This is ridiculous! What’s going on? That’s like the fourth time this week!” Mila jokes “it’s too much” and Ashton says: “Their body oils are gonna be destroyed! What are you trying to do?”

Again… bathe your children. It’s that simple. Don’t create some complicated rationale for why your children should stay dirty in a pandemic, or ever. I also think it’s completely bizarre that two couples – Mila and Ashton, Dax and Kristen Bell – who are known for putting so much emphasis on their children’s privacy are the same parents who are telling the world that their kids are dirty and smelly.

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  1. detritus says:

    I remember when the cute thing was showing your kids in the tub

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Did Mila and Ashton post a black square on Instagram last year?

  3. Case says:

    This is cute.

    I kinda got the sense that they were on the joking end of the “haha we don’t shower” spectrum and some other celebrities (looking at you, Jake Gyllenhaal) took it a bit too seriously.

  4. Eurydice says:

    I don’t think this has anything to do with bathing. These people are social media hounds – they say things to get traction. And the summer is boring and there’s not much out there to talk about. So they created a bandwagon of what, a total of 5, and 4 of them are the ones who were part of the original interview (Kristen by association). So, that means they managed to add Jake G to the dirty white people bandwagon. And then a couple of other people said “no, we actually bathe.” So, how is this even a thing?

    • equality says:

      I agree. They seem to just jump on whatever will get them attention.

      • projectmindy says:

        I expect the over-sharing from Dax and Kristin but I’m disappointed in Ashton and Mila for keeping this going. It was fun to talk about for a day but we’re all over it now.

  5. JEM says:

    They’re almost annoying as Dax and Kristen. Almost.

    • Veronika says:

      I guess they loved getting this attention.
      Personally I’d find other ways of getting attention so I’m not known nationally as a crusty stink ass.

  6. Calibration says:

    Being this obsessed with people bathing or not is so weird. I have a close non-white (since you’re making it about white people which is also distasteful) who showers about every 5 days and never smells. His microbiome is used to it. No one ever guesses he rarely showers.

    • Chrissy says:

      I feel the same way. I think the conversation became about race when in fact it should be about education. There is no need to shower everyday, unless you want to and that makes you feel good. Culturally, my European family did not shower everyday for a myriad of reasons. One was socio-economic, water waste. It takes energy to heat the water and that costs money. The other was the belief that it is, in fact, very bad for your health and your immunity.
      As a matter of fact, there is a whole school of scientific thought around the microbiome of the skin and how over-cleansing is unhealthy due to the removal of healthy bacteria and necessary oils that protect the skin.

      Please check out this article by the Harvard Health Publishing:

      And, when I had my son, I bathed him three times a week max as there was no need to – he wasn’t sweating or rolling around in mud. As he ages, sure, we bathe more because he is running and rolling around at the playground.

      But, this whole “white people” are dirty and not showering every single day is a gross display of white privilege and uncleanliness is really not very forward thinking and only helping to cause more divides that should be repaired.

      So, let’s spend more time understanding one another and less time ostracizing and making more division.

    • emu says:

      Yes, thank you.

      And it’s not like they’re saying people NEVER bathe, they just bathe when they need to.

      Everyone who says that people don’t smell themselves when they’re dirty and should shower everyday … apparently a lot more people don’t shower EVERY DAY (not never) than they thought and they hadn’t known it until now, then guess what… not a big deal then, huh?

  7. Eenie Googles says:

    I don’t have kids. How often do you need to bathe them? I did not get daily baths as a child.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      Not that often. It’s not necessary and, frankly, there’s often not enough time in the day when you have multiple young kids. This whole thing is crazy (but I get it depends what the weather is like where you live, esp in summer).

    • Cate says:

      I agree, kids do not need a full bath every day unless they are getting filthy. I was not bathed daily and my son isn’t either. We bathe him every other day and…we don’t use soap on his full body (he does use it to wash his hands after using the toilet, obviously). My husband and I both have sensitive skin and most soaps and body washes are drying and irritating to us. Kiddo is the same.

    • Veronika says:

      I was raised with the practice that if children are still in diapers (not infants) they should be bathed every day to ensure the skin in those areas didn’t become irritated & lead to moisture breakdown.
      I continued that habit with my family.

    • Swiz says:

      Now my daughter is 18 months I bathe her every other day as she’s into everything and gets filthy. Ever day is too much.
      As a newborn, the advice (in the U.K. anyway) is to not bathe them at all for the first week then after that only bathe them about twice a week. 🤷‍♀️ Worked for us- our baby didn’t do much at first so didn’t get dirty!

    • Cookie monster says:

      It depends on the kid, my son played hard and would smell. He was 3 when he started wearing deodorant and he loved to bathe and shower.

  8. Lightpurple says:

    I have been up since 5 this hot morning. I have had 2 showers already. I will have at least 2 more as I have a doctor appointment late this afternoon and I need to sleep clean on hot nights.

  9. Lucky says:

    My kids (and I) do not shower that often because the habit got built when we lived in a place with poisonous water. I started spot cleaning them with water from a five gallon bottle that we bought a plastic camping tap for. But, if I’m honest, buying bottled water (for cooking and drinking) was so expensive and made all of our other bills so hard to pay that I really wasn’t able to afford to wash them more than “camping showers.” To see these amazing bathrooms, with (I’m assuming) good water – and then people laugh about not showering. I just don’t know.

  10. molly says:

    Details of cleanliness aside, Mila Kunis is gorgeous. She’s so naturally pretty.

  11. swedish chef says:

    So there are kids that get bathed every day and others a lot less…. and they all survived. How much longer do we have to focus on this?

  12. MangoAngelesque says:

    I think it’s a cute, funny video.

  13. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    They’re trolling us lol.

  14. Yoke says:

    Camp « give it a rest already » as well. And yes, stop making it about the race? I’m white and shower daily. I also had a black roommate who didn’t wash her hair because it was braided. Guess what I didn’t do about it?

    • ToLiveLikeWeRDying says:

      You’re so sensitive! If the shoe doesn’t fit calm down! And your roomate washed her hair when she took her braids out. But i see you couldn’t be bothered to be interested. See how u took it there? Didn’t judge much? Lol I’m white so you can’t hide your closeted racism with me.

  15. Krystina says:

    I’m First Nations (Native) and come from a Reserve in Canada that did not have access to clean water. So, if we were lucky enough to have enough water, we’d bathe once or twice a month. That’s carried over into my adult life occasionally, even though I’m no longer on the Reserve. For multipe reasons, including trauma. Y’all gonna shame me too?
    Enough with the gatekeeping of bathing schedules.